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Thanks to you, FlaglerLive is marking its 12th year. As always until New Year's, we're asking you to do your part for 2022. It's still not a paywall--or, heaven forbid, a mandate. It's your choice. It's also your responsibility. Extremism is targeting news media across the country, FlaglerLive included, if unsurprisingly so: Essential, bold, investigative and analytical journalism combats misinformation and answers only to your right to know. Stand up for integrity and have a voice in protecting and fostering serious journalism in your community. While 25,000 of you read FlaglerLive every day, only a fraction contribute.  Make it a decimal and contribute today, or better still, become a monthly donor. FlaglerLive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit news organization: your contribution is tax-deductibleClick now, anywhere in this box, and contribute.

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