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Trump Taps Justices Luck and Lagoa For Federal Bench Just Months After Joining Florida Supreme Court

| September 13, 2019

DeSantis praised the nominations of Lagoa and Luck for seats on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a statement issued by his office. The governor appointed the pair to the Florida Supreme Court shortly after he took office in January.

Soon-To-Be Tropical Storm Humberto to Echo Dorian Path Up Florida Coast This Weekend

| September 13, 2019

NHC expects the weather system they’re calling a “tropical disturbance” to move over the Bahamas today and turn into Tropical Storm Humberto either later today or overnight, then head for a path up or near the Florida coast.

DeSantis Wants Federal Judge to Pause Felon Voting Rights Lawsuit Challenging Restrictions

| September 11, 2019

The Republican governor and Secretary of State Laurel Lee on Tuesday asked U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle to put the federal lawsuit on hold until the Florida Supreme Court rules in a related case.

Vaping-Related Illnesses and Deaths Rise, as Do Calls for More Stringent Regulations

| September 10, 2019

E-cigarettes devices heat liquid into an aerosol that is inhaled into the lungs. The liquid can contain nicotine, flavorings and other ingredients. The liquid can also include marijuana.

In Defeat for Conservationists, Court Rules Florida May Spend Trust Fund Money Liberally

| September 9, 2019

An appeals court Monday overturned a circuit judge’s ruling that said Florida lawmakers improperly diverted money that flowed from a 2014 constitutional amendment designed to boost land and water conservation.

Flagler and Florida Shift to Dorian Assistance Mode; Hurricane Season May Have Other Ideas

| September 5, 2019

State emergency response workers were advised that, based on meteorological forecasts, they should expect to be back within six weeks.

Groups Dispute Linking Financial Dues to Restoration of Felons’ Voting Rights

| September 5, 2019

An amendment to the Florida Constitution restoring voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences does not require payment of “legal financial obligations,” plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit challenging the law argue in a new court filing.

72 Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities Evacuated Ahead of Storm Along East Coast

| September 3, 2019

Palm Coast’s Grand Oaks Health and Rehabilitation Center off Palm Coast Parkway and Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast on Colbert Lane are among those evacuated.

Hurricane Dorian in Pictures and Video, Flagler Edition

| September 2, 2019

Hurricane Dorian has monopolized lives in Palm Coast and Flagler County. Here’s a rough visual draft of the emergency as it has unfolded over the past few days in various parts of Flagler.

Hurricane Dorian: Fuel, Telecommunications and Other Emergency Measures In Place

| September 1, 2019

Comprehensive outline of measures in place or readied for deployment across Florida in preparation for Hurricane Dorian, according to state emergency officials and the governor’s office. 

Hurricane Dorian, Day By Day

| September 1, 2019

Hurricane Dorian: an archival record of the storm’s path day by day as it impacted Flagler County and Palm Coast, with sequenced National Hurricane Center maps of the cone of uncertainty.

Here’s What You Can Do With Yourself, Dorian

| August 31, 2019

Hurricane Dorian’s fortunate shift away from the Florida peninsula must have at least something to do with the collective obscenities Floridians worn out from three years of hurricanes cussed its way, creating their own defiant weather system.

Florida Is Not Planning One-Way Evacuation Traffic on Highways, But Tolls Will Be Lifted

| August 30, 2019

Since one-way traffic for evacuations could interfered with Hurricane Dorian safety preparations, the so-called “contraflow” approach is not being considered for now.

Appeals Judges Punt on State Medical Pot Controls and Ask Florida Supreme Court to Decide

| August 27, 2019

The 1st District Court of Appeal asked the Florida Supreme Court to decide whether the state’s “vertical integration” system of requiring licensed operators to grow, process and distribute cannabis and derivative products runs afoul of a constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana in Florida.

Search for Bodies Will Continue at Dozier Reform School, Site of 55 Graves So Far

| August 26, 2019

Forensic experts are gearing up to conduct a high-tech sweep of the grounds at a notorious Northwest Florida reform school where survivors remain convinced bodies of long-lost boys are still concealed.

Gary Ray Bowles, a Serial Killer, Is Executed for 1994 Murder in Jacksonville

| August 23, 2019

Gary Ray Bowles, who was convicted of the 1994 murder of a Jacksonville man who was hit in the head with a concrete block and strangled, was executed by lethal injection shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday night.

Opioid-Related Deaths Decline By 34% in Flagler’s 3-County District in 1st Part of 2018

| August 22, 2019

The decline is far more pronounced in the Flagler region than in the state, strongly suggesting that the introduction of front-line life-saving measures, combined with stricter state rules on prescription drugs, is having an effect. 

House Democrats Seek Special Session On Gun Violence, But GOP Set to Quash It

| August 20, 2019

House Democrats on Tuesday said they’ve submitted letters from 41 representatives, more than the required 20 percent of the chamber’s 120 members, to demand that Secretary of State Laurel Lee poll all 160 legislators on the request for the special session.

Flagler Unemployment at 4% as Labor Force Continues Steady Growth

| August 19, 2019

The Flagler-Palm Coast labor force grew by more than 200 people in July, to 48,631, while the number of people with jobs grew by about 250, to 46,701, a growth of more than 2,000 jobs compared to a year ago.

State Economists Warn of Slowing Economy, as DeSantis Says State Is Prepared for Recession

| August 19, 2019

DeSantis’ outlook was more restrained than that of White House officials, when they were asked about the national economy while making the rounds on Sunday morning news programs.

Stop Criminalizing Children in the Name of School Security

| August 18, 2019

The rash of zero-tolerance felony arrests of children that the Flagler school district experienced last year unjustly makes examples of adolescents in the name of a security establishment focusing on the wrong threats across the state.

Federal Judge Raises Question on Felon Rights’ Amendment: What If It’s Unconstitutional?

| August 16, 2019

Federal Judge Robert Hinkle is raising a question of constitutionality that goes to the heart of Amendment 4 and may invalidate the entire amendment, not just its provision on financial obligations.

State Safety Panel Berates “Non-Compliance” With Armed Presence in Some Schools

| August 15, 2019

A state school-safety commission meeting got heated Wednesday as members tackled a range of issues stemming from a controversial school “guardian” program, while one panelist recommended allowing Florida pre-schools to have armed security.

In Defeat for Home Rule, Appeals Court Rejects Florida City’s Ban on Styrofoam Containers

| August 14, 2019

Siding with the Florida Retail Federation and upholding the constitutionality of state laws, an appeals court Wednesday rejected a 2016 move by the city of Coral Gables to ban the use of Styrofoam food containers.

Judge Rejects Teachers’ Claim That Education Law Violates Collective Bargaining Rights

| August 12, 2019

Unions argued a 2018 requirement violated collective-bargaining rights and equal-protection rights as the requirements did not apply to other public-sector unions.

End-Running Federal Lawsuit, Gov. DeSantis Petitions Florida Supreme Court on Felon Voting Rights

| August 11, 2019

A week after asking a federal judge to toss out a lawsuit on the issue, Gov. Ron DeSantis is seeking guidance from the Florida Supreme Court about a controversial state law requiring people convicted of felonies to repay financial obligations before they can regain the right to vote.

Deriding Focus on Trump Rhetoric, DeSantis Blames Mass Shootings on ‘Recesses of the Internet’

| August 7, 2019

Trump is facing accusations that his immigration rhetoric inspired a man who posted warnings online of a “Hispanic invasion” before killing 22 people at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart on Saturday.

Florida Senate Will Study White Nationalism and Other Factors in Mass Violence

| August 6, 2019

In the run-up to the 2020 legislative session, the Florida Senate will review acts of mass violence such as the deadly shootings this weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, along with factors such as white nationalism.

DeSantis Wants Felon Voting Rights Case Tossed, Saying It belongs in State, Not Federal, Court

| August 5, 2019

The interpretation of “all terms of their sentence” became a flashpoint during this spring’s legislative session as lawmakers struggled to reach consensus on a measure to carry out the amendment.

After 43 Years of Peace, a Joint Agreement Between FPL and AT&T On Utility Pole Uses Breaks Down

| August 2, 2019

FPL alleged that the telecommunications company did not pay about $20 million owed for 2017 and 2018. The companies have had what is known as a joint-use agreement since 1975 that has allowed them to share poles.


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