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Flagler Unemployment at 4% as Labor Force Continues Steady Growth

| August 19, 2019

The Flagler-Palm Coast labor force grew by more than 200 people in July, to 48,631, while the number of people with jobs grew by about 250, to 46,701, a growth of more than 2,000 jobs compared to a year ago.

Disciplined Twice, Sued For Defamation, Trespassed, Arrested 5 Times, Builder Now Wants to Be on Contractor Review Board

| August 19, 2019

Dan Priotti, a general contractor in Palm Coast, is seeking an appointment to the Contractor Review Board months after his licenses were suspended (and stayed) and he was fined $10,000 for violating contracting laws.

Fruehan Pleads to a Felony and is Sentenced to 24 Months of Probation, With Mandatory Mental Health Evaluation

| August 16, 2019

Former Palm Coast physician Florence Fruehan pleaded to a felony battery count admitting guilt in groping a female patient, the culmination of a case that resulted in several women making similar accusations.

Ex-Dr. Fruehan Set to Plea to Felony Count in Patient-Groping Cases and Face 2 Years Probation

| August 15, 2019

Florence Fruehan, the former Palm Coast physician, is set to plea to a felony count of battery on a woman 65 or older at a court hearing Friday, the result of allegations that he sexually groped patients in his office.

In Defeat for Home Rule, Appeals Court Rejects Florida City’s Ban on Styrofoam Containers

| August 14, 2019

Siding with the Florida Retail Federation and upholding the constitutionality of state laws, an appeals court Wednesday rejected a 2016 move by the city of Coral Gables to ban the use of Styrofoam food containers.

Texas Roadhouse Breaks Ground in Winn-Dixie Shopping Center off Palm Coast Parkway

| August 7, 2019

Palm Coast’s Texas Roadhouse will be a dinner-only 369-seat restaurant in a 7,163 square foot building. The restaurants typically generate $5.2 million in annual sales, or $364,000 in state and local sales tax.

Fund-Raiser for Teens-in-Flight, the Flagler Non-Profit That Keeps Churning Out Young Pilots

| August 5, 2019

Teens-In-Flight, the flight school created by Col. Jack Howell, holds its second annual “Hangar Party” fund-raiser Saturday from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Palm Coast Elks Lodge, hoping to draw 165 people and raise $35,000.

Florida’s Hemp Industry Is Born Again As Perception of CBD as Cure-All Turns Manic

| July 27, 2019

The nationwide craze for products containing CBD is evident at supermarkets, gas stations and big-box stores, where lotions, tinctures and bath “bombs” are among the items flying off the shelves as consumers seek to quell anxiety, aches and pains and a host of other ailments.

Roma Court Academy Teacher Faces Child Abuse Charge in One of 3 Investigations at Palm Coast Child Care Facility

| July 24, 2019

Roma Court Academy in palm Coast was the subject of two DCF and Flagler Sheriff’s Office investigations in 48 hours, one of them leading to a felony child abuse charge filed against a 51-year-old teacher.

Palm Coast Wawa Re-Files Permit Application to Build at State Road 100 Site, Resuming Process

| July 23, 2019

Weeks after cancelling its permit applications, Wawa, the much-anticipated convenience store planning at site at Bulldog Drive and State Road 100, on Monday re-filed a permit application with Palm Coast government.

Flagler’s Unemployment Rises to 4.1%, Florida’s Keeps Hovering in 3.4% Range for 12th Month

| July 19, 2019

The June unemployment figures for Flagler and Florida suggest both the state and the county have bottomed out in a job market at the closest to full employment they may see in this economic cycle.

A Routine Staff Meeting Turns Town Hall on The Gardens Development, Revealing Coming Strategies

| July 17, 2019

A routine meeting of Flagler County’s Technical Review Committee drew almost 100 people and turned into a quasi-public town hall session, revealing opponents’ legal strategy and the county’s own various concerns about the controversial proposed Gardens Development on John Anderson Highway.

The Scam Behind McDonald’s ‘McTeacher’s Nights’

| July 16, 2019

The fast food giant pioneered methods of attracting school children to its stores — from Happy Meals to marketing schemes like McTeacher’s Nights, an exploitative fund-raiser that takes advantage of teachers for very little in return.

County Agrees To $680,000 Tax Rebate Over 10 Years For an Unnamed Furniture Company

| July 16, 2019

The unanimous vote capped a brief presentation followed by a nearly hour-long stream of public support and commissioners’ applause, though most elements of the package remain hidden, and, enthusiasm aside, many of the statements were speculative, exaggerated or inaccurate.

Benefits of a $15 Minimum Wage: The Non-Partisan Evidence

| July 9, 2019

The report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office finds that a $15 minimum wage would increase the wages of millions of low wage workers, increase the average incomes of low and lower-middle-income families, reduce poverty, shift money from corporate profits to the wages of low-wage workers, and reduce inequality.

Permits Cancelled For Palm Coast Wawa, But City Insists “All Indications” Store Still a Go. Just Not Yet.

| July 8, 2019

The permitting process for a planned Wawa at the corner of State Road 100 and Bulldog Drive was cancelled last week, ostensibly so the developer could switch contractors, when plans would be resubmitted.

A New Hospital For Flagler? Credibility Gap Yawns Between Commissioner Joe Mullins’s Pledges and County Administration’s Caution

| July 2, 2019

The stories told by Mullins’s hyper-optimism and the county administration’s more cautious and deliberate approach illustrate a recurring gulf between the politician’s wishes and promises and what the government administration is in fact delivering (or not).

The Gardens Project Off John Anderson Highway: The View From the Developers’ Perspective

| June 28, 2019

The Gardens is an 825-acre, 3,966-unit mixed-use development proposed off John Anderson Highway by SunBelt Land Management as a successor to a Ginn proposal a decade ago. Ken Belshe, a member of the development group, describes the scope and intent of the project.

Palm Coast Cell Tower Update: 2 of 3 Monopoles Are Up, With Carriers On The Way

| June 28, 2019

AT&T Wireless will be the first to have service on a new tower behind Palm Coast Parkway, with a tower also up in Palm Harbor and the tallest of the three going up near the tennis center.

How Palm Coast’s Rugrat Group and The Ned Brought a ‘Do It Together’ Vibe to the Local Music Scene

| June 28, 2019

Palm Coast’s Rugrat Music Group began small as The Ned, a band, and turned into “full-service music community for the independent artist” that lists 21 area music makers under the “Rugrat Family” roster who continue to influence the the local music scene.

County Prepares to Give One Company $680,000 Subsidy Over 10 Years, Dwarfing All Previous Incentive Packages Combined

| June 27, 2019

A furniture distribution company would build the largest structure in Flagler, a 250,000 square foot building, off U.S. 1 and provide 50 jobs in exchange for the $680,000 in direct subsidies over the next 10 years, an amount extrapolated from a largely speculative guess of how much the company would be taxed.

Bunnell’s Mean Streak

| June 24, 2019

The city that calls itself the crossroads of Flagler County is losing its bearings, its heart, and sometimes its mind–over the homeless, over panhandlers, over the sheriff’s office. It is becoming petty. It is becoming mean and resentful, and discriminatory.

Ex-Councilman Jason DeLorenzo, a Voice for Homebuilders, Is Palm Coast’s New Development Chief

| June 17, 2019

Jason DeLorenzo served as a Palm Coast City Council member for five years until the end of 2016 and was the government affairs director of the Flagler Homebuilders Association, two roles that will factor in his running of the city’s development department.

‘Are You Kidding?’ Deeper Inspection Finds Captain’s BBQ Building Sound and Repairable for $60,000

| June 14, 2019

In a dramatic turnaround, an inspection concluded that the Captain’s BBQ building at Bing’s doesn’t have to be replaced or destroyed and can be repaired for a small sum of money, changing a year’s worth of assumptions.

Does Flagler Beach Have a Panhandling Problem? Not Exactly, But City Will Consider New Rules.

| June 13, 2019

The Flagler Beach City Commission this evening will discuss adopting an ordinance against “aggressive” panhandling at the urging of City Commissioner Eric Cooley, a business owner in town.

Why Some CEOs Are Figuring Out That ‘Medicare For All’ Is Good For Business

| June 10, 2019

As health costs continue to grow, straining employer budgets and slowing wage growth, CEOs and others in the business community are beginning to take the Medicare for All option more seriously.

Allegations of Falsified Records and Bogus Inspections Lead to Resignation of Palm Coast’s Chief Building Inspector

| June 6, 2019

Charlie Mini, Palm Coast’s Chief Building Inspector, resigned after an investigation concluded that he was falsifying records about inspections he did not perform and favored one pool contractor in particular.

County Will take Back Control of All Plans and Construction for Captain’s at Bing’s in Major Concession to Hammock Group

| June 3, 2019

Captain’s BBQ at Bing’s will not get to build its own, larger building as the County Commission today voted to take over all future plans, whether to repair the existing structure or build a new, smaller one.

A Trust-Worthy Inspection of Captain’s Building at Bing’s Is Essential Before Any Decision

| May 31, 2019

The Hammock Community Association is urging the County Commission to delay any decision on Captain’s BBQ at Bing’s pending a reliable inspection of the restaurant building. The association is willing to pay up to $4,000 for the inspection.

Chamber’s Public Leadership Institute Seeking Applicants for Non-Partisan Training Program

| May 30, 2019

The Flagler Volusia Public Leadership Institute trains participants in business-minded leadership, advocacy and potential runs for local office. Four graduates from two previous classes are in office currently.


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