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  1. Pogo says


    RE: “…“We’ll return to planet earth now and continue.”

    –County Commission Chairman Donald O’Brien at the commission’s June 7, 2021 meeting, immediately after past and current Commission candidate Jane Gentile-Youd addressed the commission with unusual ferocity…”

    Try that youtube link on your device. Do you consider the sound quality useful? If so, useful for what?

    @Jane Gentile-Youd

    Good luck. Of what I was able to hear, you’re correct. The smug response from the stuffed shirts lounging in the stuffed chairs speaks for itself.

    And why are those creeps so relaxed? Well, think about it. Who can YOU (or the rest of us) actually turn to? desantis? moody? scott? rubio? waltz? Good luck with that:

    And so it goes.

  2. MikeM says

    It looks like this cartoon shows us that minorities are too stupid or lazy to get an ID to vote. I bet the person that drew this
    is woke and white. All of my friends of color want only valid voting and are insulted by this cartoon. As they should be.

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