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Grinding Down: U.S. Unemployment Falls to 7.5% as 165,000 Jobs Are Created

| May 3, 2013

The national unemployment rate ticked down to 7.5 percent in April, from 7.6 percent in March, as the economy added 165,000 jobs, a bit more than analysts had predicted. But job-creation figures for the two previous months were revised upward, with 332,000 jobs created in February (instead of 268,000) and 138,000 in March (instead of 88,000).

Obama II

| January 21, 2013

Far from a dud, as these second inaugurals tend to be, Obama’s today was bracing in its realism, and hopeful, ironically, for having finally shed the imagery of hope for hope’s sake, replacing it with an agenda for equality, little heard of since the days of the New Deal and the Great Society.

The Thanks and Reverence We Owe Undocumented Immigrants

| January 20, 2013

We’ve admitted that these immigrants aren’t going away. Let’s admit our co-dependence, let’s restore their dignity, and America’s, and admit that illegal immigration is as American as apple pie, if not as American as empanadas.

Obama’s Inauguration Sells Out

| January 13, 2013

President Barack Obama, reversing his own honorable precedent for his first inaugural, has chosen this time to have corporations pay for his second round of big shindigs. This multimillion-dollar infusion of corporate cash is a crass intrusion by favor-seeking private interests into what ought to be a purely public occasion.

Economy Unimpressively Adds 155,000 Jobs in Holiday Month as Unemployment Rises to 7.8%

| January 4, 2013

The American economy cannot shake its anemia, adding 155,000 jobs in December–not quite good enough to keep up with normal growth in the labor force, as unemployment edged back up to 7.8 percent.

Despite Sandy, Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.7%, Best Since December 2008

| December 7, 2012

Despite Hurricane Sandy and economists’ predictions of a poor jobs report, the economy added 146,000 jobs in November, for a combined 416,000 jobs in the last three months. But the numbers are still lower than what they should be for a robust recovery.

Donald Trump’s Disciples: Obama’s Victory Still Birthing Dispute in a Tallahassee court

| November 30, 2012

In a largely forgotten court case being litigated in Tallahassee, lawyers are still arguing about whether President Barack Obama was qualified to run for president in the first place.

Obama and the Southern Tradition

| November 12, 2012

Mitt Romney and his diminishing white-male-America coalition wanted to put Barack Obama in his place. He failed. But certain realities of southern tradition endure, as does a racism in American politics that coursed through the 2012 election.

Florida’s Political Petals: Where Obama and Romney Will Win Easily, Region By Region

| November 5, 2012

From Little Haiti to West Orlando to The Villages and rural northeast Florida, certain regions are sure wins for either Obama or Romney, and counties ripe for each campaigns’ get-out-the-vote ground game. An analysis.

U.S. Economy Adds 171,000 Jobs in October, Topping Half a Million in Last 3 Months

| November 2, 2012

The economy added 171,000 jobs in October, exceeding economists’ expectation of 135,000, and figures for August and September were revised upward, adding 84,000 to previous tallies, for a total of 511,000 jobs in the last three months.

Obama Clings to Smallest Lead in Florida, But His Ohio Margin May Make Florida Irrelevant

| October 31, 2012

The latest Quinnipiac/New York Times/CBS News poll–one of the more reliable polls tracking the swing-state electorate–shows President Obama again in the lead in Florida. A larger lead in Ohio may make Florida irrelevant to Obama’s path to 270 electoral votes.

Flagler’s First Day of Early Voting Brings Out 2,172, But Turnout May Be Lower Than in 2008

| October 27, 2012

The voting line snaked around at the Flagler County Public Library for most of the first day of early voting, but with one fewer voting location, four fewer days and diminished enthusiasm, it’ll take a greater surge of voting to top the 2008 tallies.

Ghost Election: Obama, Romney and The Future of the U.S. Supreme Court

| October 27, 2012

The next president could very well appoint one or two new justices. And who steps down among the justices first could also depend on who’s elected. Here’s a guide to the election and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Watch the Presidential Debates in Full

| October 22, 2012

In case you cannot get to a television–or in case you’re at work, or on a dull date, with your iPhone in your lap–we’re embedding Google’s YouTube feed of tonight’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Amendment 1: Floridians Will Get Their Say on Obamacare, But Only Symbolically

| October 14, 2012

Lawmakers have proposed a constitutional amendment that, if passed, would say Floridians can’t be forced to buy health coverage. At least in the short term, the measure would appear to have little effect, but House sponsor Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, pointed to what he sees as a “basic right” that Floridians should not be “fined, taxed or penalized for our health care choices.”

Big Bird Debate: How Much Does
Federal Funding Matter to PBS Anyway?

| October 12, 2012

The amount of tax dollars PBS receives is roughly .012 percent of the $3.8 trillion federal budget – or about $1.35 per person per year, compared to $22.48 in Canada and $80.36 in Britain. Public broadcasting is a popular target among conservatives, who’ve long portrayed it as an example of wasteful government spending.

Romney’s Foreign Policy Vacuums

| October 8, 2012

Today’s foreign policy address by Romney, to the Virginia Military Institute, was better suited for the Hoover Historical Center in Canton, Ohio. He spoke for about half an hour. He said absolutely nothing that might have told us what his foreign policy would be–or what he thinks it is today.

Obama’s Clobbering

| October 4, 2012

Mitt Romney demolished the Obama mystique in Denver while Obama surrendered: This is the Obama flincher we’ve come to know. The man of a thousand retreats. The prevaricator. The terminated.

Where Obama Fear and Loathing Comes From

| September 30, 2012

Charles Kesler’s new book on Barack Obama loathing is a window into the closing of the conservative mind, which Mark Lilla’s review opens a notch to let in a breath of wit–unusual for unusually dour liberals.

Obama Opens Biggest Florida Lead Yet As Romney Reels from 47% Remark

| September 26, 2012

Romney’s challenge is no longer to win just undecided voters–a very thin sliver–but to win back voters who have decided to give Obama a second term. The three October debates are Romney’s last chance to make a play for those voters.

Partisanship Works. One-Party States Don’t.

| September 23, 2012

They are two of the most repeated claims you’ll hear every four years: That this is the most important election in our lifetime. And that partisanship is demolishing the country. Rubbish on both counts.

Fox News Has Obama Leading by 5 in Florida

| September 20, 2012

The Fox News poll of likely voters has Obama leading Romney 49 percent to 44 in Florida, and by seven points in Ohio and Virginia. If similar results hold on Election Day, Mitt Romney will lose the election.

When Riots In Defense of Islam Are More Vile Than Any Parody of the Prophet

| September 15, 2012

“Innocence of Muslims” is a vile movie about Islam, but its movie maker had every right to make it, and it is far less vile than the murderous riots Muslim fundamentalists have launched as a result–or Mitt Romney’s political opportunism over the crisis.

In Charlotte, Democrats Welcome Crist as Floridians Wonder Whether to Trust Him

| September 4, 2012

As Charlie Crist takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention to embrace President Barack Obama, Florida Democrats are facing a question that could shape their party’s future: How much do they trust Charlie Crist? It’s part of a soap opera unfolding before partisans in two states.

Almost 27% of Flagler Residents Under 65 Are Without Health Insurance; Reform Would Help

| August 30, 2012

Obama’s health care reform would almost eliminate the proportion of uninsured, but Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to join reform’s expanded Medicaid eligibility means that many of Flagler’s 16,774 eligible residents will be shut out of the benefit.

The Tea Party as the American Taliban

| August 29, 2012

Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” features Jeff Daniels as an anchor on a cable-news program, who here goes off on the fictions of voter fraud and the not-so-fictional nature of tea parties as America’s verion of the Taliban.

Charlie Crist Bear-Hugs Obama Closer As He Excoriates GOP’s Rightward Slouch

| August 26, 2012

Ex-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on Sunday urged voters to support President Barack Obama in the crucial swing state where the Democratic incumbent and Republican candidate Mitt Romney remain in a razor thin race.

A Micro-Bump for Romney in Florida, But Obama Still Leads, Especially on Medicare

| August 23, 2012

The latest Quinnipiac polls in swing states show President Obama maintaining diminishing leads over Mitt Romney despite voters saying Obama will do a better job on Medicare. The polls reflect Romney’s pick of Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan.

Obama Crosses 50% Favorability Over Romney in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

| August 1, 2012

No one has won the White House in the past half century without winning at least two of the three states. The latest results are the strongest yet for Obama, and a worrisome sign for Mitt Romney down the stretch.

In Florida, Mitt Romney Has a New George W. Bush to Contend With: Gov. Rick Scott

| July 16, 2012

With Rick Scott’s poll numbers continuing to struggle and Florida a critical battleground in the November election, Democrats see the governor as a uniquely powerful albatross against Mitt Romney, who cannot win the election without winning Florida.


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