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Flagler Unemployment Creeps Up Again, to 9.4%, But Labor Force and Net Jobs Grow

| March 28, 2014

Flagler County’s unemployment rate again rose in February, to 9.4 percent, a decimal-point increase over the previous month and some 80 more people went on unemployment. But The county’s overall employment went up sharply, by 364 (for a total of 31,976), and the county’s labor force went up even more, by 442–both signs of growing strength in the local economy as more workers seem encouraged to join the labor force, and more workers are actually finding jobs.

Economy Adds 175,000, Reversing
Early Winter Plunge; Unemployment at 6.7%

| March 7, 2014

Despite successive cold spells and snow storms in the east, the national economy added 175,000 jobs in February, reversing a two-month trend that saw job creation fall. The unemployment rate, however, ticked up a decimal point, to 6.7 percent.

How Obamacare’s Enemies Turned a Victory For Workers’ Freedom Into a “Job Killer”

| February 9, 2014

The prediction that Obamacare will lead to the equivalent of 2.5 million fewer jobs has nothing to do with businesses cutting the workforce and everything to do with workers being finally free of job-lock, now that they don;t need to stay in a job to have health insurance. That’s a good, and very American, thing, not the job-killing catastrophe Obamacare’s enemies make it out to be.

Unemployment Falls to 5-Year Best 6.6%, But Job Creation Weakens to 113,000

| February 7, 2014

The national unemployment rate continues its steady downward fall, to 6.6 percent in January–its best showing since the 6.5 percent rate recorded in October 2008, when it was on its way up–but for the second month in a row, job creation fell far short of expectations, to 113,000. It was a revised 75,000 in December, the worst successive two-month results in a year and a half.

88,000 Floridians Lose Emergency Jobless Benefits Today as Congressional Deal Skirts By

| December 28, 2013

The emergency benefits, begun in 2008 under President George W. Bush, were created to help unemployed workers who had exhausted their state jobless benefits during the economic recession. But about 1.3 million Americans’ unemployment checks weren’t part of the bipartisan budget deal passed by Congress last week and signed by President Obama on Thursday.

Deloitte Defends Work on Florida’s System for Unemployed as It Faces $15,000-a-Day Fine

| December 23, 2013

The $62.8 million Connect system went live on Oct. 15 and continues to pose problems for many users and headaches for Florida officials. Deloitte Consulting contends its contract “has surpassed the performance of the unsustainable systems it replaced.”

Unemployment Falls Sharply to 9.2% in Flagler, But County’s Workforce is Thinner By 1,000 Over the Year

| December 20, 2013

There were 92 fewer jobs in the county over the month, and 82 fewer unemployed people. But the labor force lost 174 people over the month, continuing a worrisome trend that has persisted for more than a year.

Employers Would Be Barred From Using Applicants’ Credit Reports or Firing Pregnant Women

| December 10, 2013

The Florida Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee gave support to both proposals on Monday, even though a number of senators expressed concern about limiting an employer’s ability to use a credit history when judging a potential new hire for a non-financial or non-managerial role.

Unemployment Falls to 7%, Lowest Level in 5 Years, as Economy Adds 203,000 Jobs

| December 6, 2013

The national unemployment rate fell to 7 percent in November, the lowest level since December 2008, when it was 6.8 percent. The economy added 203,000 jobs over the month, continuing relatively strong growth since summer despite the 17-day government shut-down in October.

School Enrollment Stabilizes But Remains Below Last Year’s, With Decreases Projected

| December 4, 2013

As of the end of November, the district had 12,794 students. The good news is that the district saw enrollment rise for the past two months, but the number is still 100 students below last November’s, with projected declines of 1 to 2 percent between January and May, which may have ripple effects on the economy.

State Website for Florida’s Unemployed Still Plagued By Flaws, Delaying Urgent Checks

| November 27, 2013

Claims by jobless people that are flagged for investigation or are under appeal continue to be a major hurdle to correct. The Department of Economic Opportunity’s goal is to complete the remaining conversion issues by Dec. 20.

Flagler’s Unemployment Down to 9.4%, But Labor Force Is Shrinking; Florida’s Rate at 6.7%

| November 22, 2013

Flagler’s lower unemployment rate is not being driven by an increase in the number of people with jobs, but by a significant decrease in the labor force, which has shrunk 4 percent over the year. The number of Flagler residents holding jobs declined by 343 between September and October, and by 821 people over the year.

What Government Shutdown? U.S. Economy Adds 204,000 Jobs, Beating Expectations

| November 8, 2013

The three-month tally of 605,000 jobs is the best three-month total in almost two years, though the unemployment rate still went up by a decimal point, to 7.3 percent as the labor force shrank by 720,000 in October, a reflection of the government shutdown.

The Other Disastrous Government Website: Florida’s Unemployment Portal Still Kicking Users

| November 5, 2013

The state’s new, but troubled $68 million unemployment website, intended to provide a more modern, user-friendly method of access for people who receive benefits, has instead been a nightmare for many of its 200,000 users and may have a few months to go before it’s fixed.

Shutdown-Delayed Unemployment Report: Rate Down to 7.2% But Only 148,000 New Jobs

| October 22, 2013

The September unemployment report due on Oct. 4 was released only at 8:30 this morning, delayed by the 16-day government shutdown. But it could have been predicted, as it follows the pattern of most reports of the past three years: anemic job growth, very slow decline in the unemployment rate, and checkered signs of improvement (or retreat, depending on your point of view) ahead.

Palm Coast Data Parent Warns Grimly: Don’t Expect “Profitability in Near Term Or at All”

| September 17, 2013

In the most sobering annual report to investors to date, Palm Coast Data parent Amrep Corp. raises numerous questions about the long-term viability of its operations as debt, recurring losses and competition burden its prospects–and those of what was once Palm Coast’s largest private employer.

Aveo Engineering Set to Sign 40-Year Lease for Flagler County Airport Sites

| September 16, 2013

Aveo Engineering, which plans to hire some 300 people by 2016, will pay $1,089 a month per acre, and intends to build two structures on up to a dozen acres at the south end of the airport, including a design and manufacturing plant.

Unemployment Rate Ticks Down to 7.3% But Job Creation Is a Hazy 162,000

| September 6, 2013

The 7.3 percent unemployment rate for August is the lowest rate since December 2008, but job creation remains anemic, and June and July figures were revised downward by 74,000 jobs. The economy is still generating barely half the jobs necessary to return to pre-recession health.

Florida Unemployment Stuck at 7.1% For 3d Month, Flagler’s at 10.3% On Low-Pay Jobs

| August 16, 2013

The national economy, Florida’s and Flagler County’s might as well be the three twins of lethargy: all three economies are mirroring each other in fitful but anemic activity, adding some but mostly low-paying jobs as Florida’s unemployment rate remains at 7.1 percent for the third straight month and Flagler’s continues in the low double digits, at 10.3 percent.

Unemployment Falls Slightly, Job Rolls Grow Slightly, Austerity’s Anemia Persists

| August 2, 2013

There’s nothing terribly bad about the July unemployment report, released this morning. There’s nothing terribly good about it, either: the economy added just 162,000 jobs, and the 7.4 percent unemployment rate is the lowest since December 2008, but improvements are at a crawl.

We’re the Most Educated Young Adults in American History, Yet Many of Us Can’t Find Work

| July 31, 2013

What happens when we can’t find work and can’t pay our loans, asks Colleen Teubner. We invest about four years of our lives and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in our education, and then spend the next decade trying to get out of ever-increasing debt.

Again in Flagler, Gov. Scott Headlines Aveo Co.’s 300-Jobs Groundbreaking at Airport

| July 30, 2013

If the 300 promised jobs are produced, landing Aveo Engineering in Flagler County will prove to be the largest single gain of private-employer jobs in memory, and an unqualified success for the county administration’s new economic development department under Helga van Eckert. But the company is getting generous incentives beyond the $150,000 in cash for jobs retained.

Flagler’s Unemployment Back in Double Digits While Florida’s Stalls at 7.1%, Mirroring U.S.

| July 19, 2013

Flagler County’s unemployment rate shot back up to 10.2 percent as 830 fewer people had jobs, one of the sharpest drops of the year, though seasonal fluctuations account for much of that drop. Florida added just 2,300 private sector jobs.

Despite Adding 600,000 Jobs in 3 Months, U.S. Unemployment Remains at 7.6%

| July 5, 2013

The U.S. economy added 195,000 jobs in June, and revised numbers increased April’s and May’s totals by 70,000 for a combined three-month job creation of nearly 600,000 jobs, but the unemployment rate remained at 7.6 percent, only 0.6 percent lower than it was a year ago.

Floridians’ Consumer Confidence Hits Post-Recession High as Personal Finances Improve

| June 26, 2013

Stock market gains for the first part of June played a role, while perceptions of current buying conditions are at a post-recession high of 93. The last time it reached this level was April of 2007 when it was 97. Four of the five overall components that make up the index rose while one stayed the same.

Flagler Unemployment Ticks Up to 9.5% and Florida Sees Net Loss of 6,200 Jobs

| June 21, 2013

Flagler County’s and Florida’s jobs picture in May reflected the nation’s as the economy appears to sputter more than to gain momentum, though longer-term trends remain encouraging, including a 2 percent jump in Flagler’s labor force over the month.

Flagler’s Jobless Rate Drops to 9.3% as Local Employment Grows; Florida’s Falls to 7.2%

| May 17, 2013

Florida’s unemployment rate fell sharply from the previous month, to 7.2 percent in April, as 17,000 jobs were created statewide, bringing the unemployment rate to its healthiest level since September 2008, when it was 7 percent. It also brings Florida’s rate below the national rate of 7.5 percent. In Flagler County, the rate fell two decimal points, to 9.3 percent, spurred by growth both in jobs and in the local labor force.

Florida Loses Out on Amazon Deal, and Up to 3,000 Jobs, Over Sales Tax Fumes

| May 16, 2013

In a statement issued Thursday, Gov. Rick Scott’s administration implied that if Amazon were to locate in Florida and begin collecting taxes, that would amount to a tax increase on Florida residents who use the popular shopping portal.

Despite Snubbing Obamacare, Florida Gets Thousands of Jobs and Cash from Health Act

| May 13, 2013

Even though Florida officials tried to block the implementation of the Affordable Care Act at every turn over the past three years, the state will gain millions in grants and hundreds of new jobs this year from its implementation.

Grinding Down: U.S. Unemployment Falls to 7.5% as 165,000 Jobs Are Created

| May 3, 2013

The national unemployment rate ticked down to 7.5 percent in April, from 7.6 percent in March, as the economy added 165,000 jobs, a bit more than analysts had predicted. But job-creation figures for the two previous months were revised upward, with 332,000 jobs created in February (instead of 268,000) and 138,000 in March (instead of 88,000).



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