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Another Wave of Break-Ins and Car Thefts in Palm Coast Targets Mostly Unlocked Vehicles

| August 13, 2015

Some of the break-ins could not be properly investigated because the vehicle owners had disturbed the vehicles before the arrival of police. None of the break-ins yielded any arrests.

Weekend Blotter: Palm Coast Man Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend With 4.5-Foot Sword

| March 23, 2015

Charles Meyers, a 28-year-old resident of Palm Coast, is accused of wielding the sword at his girlfriend after a night out at a bar. Also, a disturbance at the Windsor assisted living facility, and more break-ins at fitness centers’ parking lots.

Sheriff’s Office Seeking Help Identifying Thieves Scheming With Credit Cards at Kangaroo Stores

| September 12, 2014

The suspects entered various Kangaroo Express stores and requested to purchase a $500 prepaid Visa credit card at each location.

Trouble on Matanzas and Rymfire School Buses, A Fight at Palm Coast’s Homeless Camp: Flagler 911

| January 15, 2013

Allegations of a racist assault on a Matanzas school bus, a fight at the homeless camp along Palm Coast Parkway, a 3-year-old girl is attacked by a Humane Society pit bull mix at PetSmart, the Mondex is the scene of an angry, bloodied couple’s arrest, and more from the blotter since the new year.

Flagler 911: A String of 10 Car Break-ins at 7 Palm Coast Locations Over 2 Days

| June 24, 2012

Cars were broken into at the Flagler Auditorium during a dance recital, at the Indian Trails Sports Complex during a lacrosse tournament, at Panera, at Frieda Zamba pool and several other places, all on the same afternoon and evening.

Flagler 911: Cemetery at Mother Seton is Vandalized, Pathways Academy Is Burglarized

| April 22, 2012

Break-in at Pathways Academy, vandalism at Mother Seton’s cemetery, and for 88-year-old Richard Deeves, a car wreck on April 6 was followed by his home being burglarized a few days later.

Palm Coast Code Enforcement Officer Tries Beating DUI Charge By Citing Ex-Cop Status

| March 23, 2012

Stephen Tilley, a Palm Coast Code Enforcement officer, pleaded with a Florida Highway Patrol trooper about his ex-cop status to get out of a DUI charge, but failed when he was arrested in Pinellas County after driving while drinking from a bottle of Jim Beam.

Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter

| October 30, 2011

Squatters arrested on Milwaukee Ave., chasing an undocumented alien in Holland Park, midnight obscenities in the Mondex, a probation violation on speed, and the usual thefts from unlocked cars.

Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter

| October 24, 2011

A son allegedly beats up his elderly mother just back from visiting her husband at the hospital, a pit bull bites a 10-year-old boy, trespassers aplenty, and again with people who don;t lock their cars then call the cops to complain about stolen GPS devices.

Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter

| July 17, 2011

A pit bull bites a 74-year-old woman and her dog, a son is charged with burglarizing his parents’ home, a Habitat for Humanity property is burglarized, vandals damage a foreclosed homes, and too many burglaries and larcenies to count.

The Live Crime Blotter, May 16-30, 2011

| June 1, 2011

A burglary at the Imagine School work site, a woman flees and eludes a cop all the way to her home, a dog licks a cop and trouble follows, a long list of larcenies from unlocked cars, and more.

Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter

| January 28, 2011

Threats and racist epithets, a stolen and recovered car, Oxycodone and death, head-butting at the Country Store on CR 305, taking a raccoon out of his agony, and more from the files of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

9 Counts of Burglary, 8 Counts of Mischief and More for 3 Men

| November 16, 2010

The three young men are accused of breaking into several cars at Westwind Contracting on U.S. 1 and at at McCharacters in St. Joe Plaza.

Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter, Nov. 2-5, 2010

| November 9, 2010

When a homeless man is robbed and another jailed for hoping for a roof beneath his head, knife-wielding during an argument, boat larcenies, numerous burglaries and car break-ins, and more.

Flagler 911: The Live Crime Blotter, Sept. 26-29, 2010

| October 3, 2010

A rash of stolen laptops all over the place, a rash of smashed up car windows and stolen purses left in those cars, an assault and battery, a suspiciously acting private investigator, and, unfortunately, more.



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