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Trey Corbett, Former Elections Supervisor Candidate, Cleared of Alleged Ethics Violation

| February 1, 2013

In a footnote to one of the most contentious local elections of 2012, Trey Corbett, a candidate for Flagler County Supervisor of Elections, was cleared of ethics violations by the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Early Voting War Over as Judge, Citing “Souls to the Polls” Sundays, Refuses Injunction

| September 25, 2012

The war over early voting in Florida ahead of November’s presidential election appeared to wind down Monday, with a federal court refusing to block a portion of the state’s controversial 2011 elections law. In a ruling Monday, U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan denied a request from Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown and other black voters to […]

Obama Crosses 50% Favorability Over Romney in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

| August 1, 2012

No one has won the White House in the past half century without winning at least two of the three states. The latest results are the strongest yet for Obama, and a worrisome sign for Mitt Romney down the stretch.

Florida’s Hispanics Like Obama Over Romney By Big Margin, Dimming Rubio’s VP Appeal

| June 27, 2012

Hispanic voters in Florida, traditionally Republican, prefer Obama over Romney by a 56-32 margin, buttressing the president’s advantage among Independents.

Barbara Revels, Suzanne Johnston and Jay Gardner Are Re-Elected As Qualifying Ends

| June 8, 2012

The 2012 primary and general elections will be heavily contested in all but a handful of local and judicial district races. County Commissioner Revels, Tax Collector Johnston and Property Appraiser Gardner are among the automatic winners who faced no opposition.

Maj. David O’Brien Replaces Chief Look as Sheriff Fleming’s 2nd in Command

| February 29, 2012

Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming appointed Maj. David O’Brien, a 29-year-veteran of the department, his chief deputy, replacing Rick Look, who left the agency he’d served since 2005 late last year.

The Live Profile:
Who The Hell Is Saul Alinsky?

| January 29, 2012

Saul Alinsky: a profile of the author of “Rules for Radicals,” dead since 1972, whom Newt Gingrich names as the reason to oppose Barack Obama. But the Saul Alinsky Gingrich creates never existed. The invention is more revealing of Gingrich than it is of Alinsky. A corrective to both.

Bloodied Candidates Stumble Toward Florida Finish as Gingrich Wilts and Romney Adjusts

| January 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich was under fire from all sides at the 19th GOP primary debate in Jacksonville Thursday, looking weaker and less sure-footed than he had in South Carolina, and ceding the advantage to Mitt Romney ahead of Tuesday’s vote in Florida.

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns: A Guide

| January 24, 2012

As one of the richest men ever to run for President, Romney’s filings are enormously complex, and the subject of close scrutiny. News organizations are making their way through the returns. Here’s a guide to where to look to make sense of the numbers, including the original returns for 2010 and 2011.

My Fairest Tax Proposal: A Tax on Nonsense

| October 28, 2011

Watching Republican candidates debate taxes and creationism on TV reminds me of original Star Trek episodes featuring those low-tech aliens that nevertheless managed to speak English every time.

Herman Cain’s Mark Block Smokes Up a Foggy Campaign

| October 25, 2011

Herman Cain’s latest campaign ad, featuring Mark Block, his campaign manager, lustily smoking a cigarette, is a great send-up of the self-righteous culture of hyper-health.

Herman Cain: Myths, Facts, 9-9-9s: A Guide

| October 23, 2011

Herman Cain’s background and origins: a guide to the best coverage of the GOP presidential contender from a variety of sources, including analyses of his 999 tax plan.

Herman Cain, Calling Himself “Häagen-Dazs Black Walnut,” Gets Front-Runner Flavor

| October 13, 2011

Between the collapse of fellow-Republican candidates, his folksiness and the appealing simplicity of his 9-9-9 plan, Herman Cain is now leading Rick Perry and Mitt Romney among Republican voters.

Rick Perry Myths, Facts, Half-Truths: A Guide

| August 20, 2011

Swagger check: a guide to the Rick Perry record in Texas. The Republican contender for the 2012 presidential election has recast the race, presenting himself as a serious alternative to a GOP field of lightweights.

Donald Trump Joins Mike Huckabee On Obama’s Re-Election Sidelines

| May 16, 2011

Donald Trump won’t run for president, though he still claims he could have won. Firing people on the Apprentice was a bigger priority: NBC forced him to make a choice.


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