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That Other American Exceptionalism:
Right-Wing Terrorism

| June 19, 2015

hate terrorism don't tread on me

The Confederacy’s new colors. (© FlaglerLive)

Dylann Storm Roof, the accused killer in the latest mass massacre of blacks in our nation’s unending history of carnage against blacks, this time in Charleston, South Carolina—proud home of the Confederate Museum—is white. He is blond-haired, and possibly, though we don’t need to know, blue-eyed. He’s what Malcolm X in his old Nation of Islam phase would have called the prototypical white devil. He’s what the law is calling a hate-crime suspect. He’s what an awful lot of people are calling a “crazed racist,” with the word crazed already marking off his exclusion from membership in the Cracker Barrel authentic Americanness Roof represents.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive What he isn’t, so far, is a terrorist. Most white Americans have a hard time applying that term to someone who looks like them. They have no problem applying it to an Arab who roams the wrong way, or to anything with dark skin that scares them or talks funny or doesn’t belong to the NRA. But turn the tables and have a white guy kill Muslims or blacks or migrants, and suddenly it’s not terrorism anymore.

Maybe it’ll change in this case and Roof will be charged as a terrorist, or at least referred to as one in the mob zones of talk radio. Whether he is or not though Roof is not really the issue with this country’s ignorance of the kind of terrorism that should be of most concern, though he’s certainly one of its glaring symptoms.

The issue is that for years, law enforcement, the federal government and human rights organizations have known that the real terrorism problem in this country has little or nothing to do with ISIS or al-Qaeda, and everything to do with right-wing extremists, anti-government nut-jobs and bigoted Anglos who think not wearing a white sheet will fool us. And the issue is marrying that strain of lethal hate with that other foundry of American exceptionalism: guns.

I suspect that hardly anyone listening now ever heard of Robert James Talbot Jr., arrested in Texas by the FBI and accused of plotting to blow up government buildings and kill cops  in the name of what he called “absolute freedom by doing the will of god.” Or Frazier Miller, a 73-year-old Army veteran, Green Beret and anti-Semite who opened fire at a Jewish retirement community in Overland Park, Kansas, killing three people, including a grandfather and his 14-year-old son. Or Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda, a man with an odd physiognomic resemblance to Roof who was an acolyte of the radio conspiracy loon Alex Jones, and who murdered two police officers as they were having lunch in Las Vegas, then dropped a Swastika and a tea-party “Don’t Tread on Me” flag on the cops’ corpses before killing a third person at a nearby Walmart. The couple then killed themselves. Or Larry McWilliams, who fired 100 rounds at a police station, a Mexican consulate and a federal courthouse in Austin, Texas, before he was shot dead by police.

All four of these incidents took place just last year. None made headlines of the kind that greeted, say, the attempted attack at an anti-Islamic conference in Garland, Texas. And those are just four of the hundreds of similar extreme-right terrorist cases the Southern Poverty Law Center has been documenting for years, going back to Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

So it was no surprise that when the Police Executive Research Forum last year surveyed 382 law enforcement agencies across the United States, 74 percent cited anti-government extremism as one of the top three terrorist threats in their jurisdiction, almost twice the proportion of al-Qaeda type extremism. Charles Kurzman, a sociology peofessor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University, made the point in a Times OpEd two days before the Charleston massacre.

They had numbers to back up their point: “Since 9/11, an average of nine American Muslims per year have been involved in an average of six terrorism-related plots against targets in the United States. Most were disrupted, but the 20 plots that were carried out accounted for 50 fatalities over the past 13 and a half years. In contrast, right-wing extremists averaged 337 attacks per year in the decade after 9/11, causing a total of 254 fatalities, according to a study by Arie Perliger, a professor at the United States Military Academy’sCombating Terrorism Center. The toll has increased since the study was released in 2012.”

There’s the matter of definition. Not every politically motivated murder is a terrorist act. Not every extremist has a nihilistic organization behind him. But by the same token, not every act of terrorism blows up buildings or kills people. The Confederate South, the South Roof probably longed for—the South of an obscenity whose flag still flies at the South Carolina Capitol—was nothing if not a terrorist regime whose white-laced gentility depended on keeping blacks terrorized by the usual means of terrorist regimes: serial torture, rape, extra-judicial killings. If your neighbors still have the indecency of flying that flag, and they do, nostalgia for the inhumanity it stood for isn’t far behind, and at its worst, nor is the context that enables killers like Roof.

So if there’s room to better define terrorism, there’s more room for context. If you’re not interested in going back so far—and that’s a fair point: there’s only so much blame we bear for our founders’ sins—let’s at least look back over the past few years. We’ve been fighting two wars abroad supposedly to keep us safe from terrorist hordes, only to uselessly shed blood and enable broader wars. Meanwhile one mass killing after another fills graves at home, and, to quote Jon Stewart, “we still won’t do jack shit.”

Racism motivated Roof’s attack at the black church, and maybe a perverted sense of history, considering that the KKK bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Church, where four little girls were murdered, and the bombing or arson of black churches is a recurring Southern pastime going back generations. But racism, hate and terrorism are not mutually exclusive. They are co-dependents. There isn’t one without the other. And for all the attention and wasted blood spilled on ISIS and other Middle Eastern follies, the real terrorist threat is neither far away nor foreign. It speaks English. It’s white. It’s American. It’s barbaric, as all fundamentalists are. And of course, its weapons of choice are made easier to acquire and sanctified by that most beloved of American institutions, the National Rifle Association and its liturgy of guns today, guns tomorrow, guns forever. The massacre in Charleston is merely the latest example of Anglo-white terrorism we’ll soon ignore.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here. or follow him on Twitter @PierreTristam. A version of this commentary aired on WNZF.

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172 Responses for “That Other American Exceptionalism:
Right-Wing Terrorism”

  1. Bob says:

    More trash from the radical left wing media!

  2. Richard says:

    What a bunch of left wing garbage. Black on white crime is far greater than white on black crime. The Confederate Flag has nothing at all to do with this tragedy. This writer doesn’t have a clue about what he writes, just more far left wing blather.

    • a tasty bacon sidedish says:

      The confederate flag is a symbol of treason. There’s your southern “heritage.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes it could be seen as that and maybe that’s why we DONT see the Confederate flag anywhere.

        • a tasty bacon sidedish says:

          I see it on cars and trucks all of the time, hilariously enough right next to an american flag and a NRA sticker. Make up your mind folks, are you an american or a confederate? You can’t be both.

          • Anonymous says:

            You do NOT see the Confederate Flag. Look up what the Flag of the Confederacy was and you will see it is not what you think it is.

          • Richard says:

            The new nation which was formed in 1861 was The Confederate States of America. Maybe you meant to say you can’t be a US Citizen and a Confederate Citizen at the same time, but I’m not even sure that would be true today had the CSA survived. Many US Citizens are dual citizens, citizens of the US and another country.

      • Richard says:

        Using your logic, the US Flag is a symbol of treason to the English. Secession was and still is legal.

        • IlanaDavita says:

          Yeah, Richard, except the U.S. won the Revolutionary War. The Confederate States of America lost the Civil War. Big time, dude. They lost big time. Please don’t equate a flag that–for the most part–represents equality, tolerance, and peace with one that undoubtedly represents hatred and the systematic enslavement, torture, rape, and killing of an entire group of living, breathing, and feeling human beings. Using YOUR logic, sir, England is now one of our biggest allies. Slavery and oppression are not.

          • Richard says:


            So had the British won in the late 1700’s, the US flag would be a treasonous flag? And had the Confederates won and the Confederates today were a strong ally of the US, the flag would not represent traitors? Is that what you are saying?

            The flag in question was never a flag of the Confederate government, it was General Lee’s flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

            The CSA didn’t lose big time, Lincoln thought the war would be over in less than 6 months, the CSA hung on for 4 years. Had England or France recognized and supported the Confederacy (they almost did), the CSA would be around today.

            It may represent hatred to you, but not to me and tens of thousands of other Southerners who ancestors fought and died for that flag and the CSA. Are we not allowed to have our ancestry and celebrate it? Are we the only group in the US who are evil?

            Slavery was on the way out, even in the south as modern technology was taking over many of the jobs that slaves did. And don’t forget slavery was legal in all 13 original states in the beginning. And who brought all the slaves to the US? I believe it was norther ships sailing out of Boston and other Norther ports. Ever hear about the golden triangle. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Not one single slave was ever brought to North America under any Confederate Flag, they all arrived under the US flag.

            You also might like to know that some of the largest slave owners were free blacks. Who sold the slaves to the Boston shippers to bring to North America? Their fellow Africans.

            Who in this group knows that slavery is still legal in the US to this very day? Read the 13th amendment and you will find out.

            • Steve Robinson says:

              Richard, even with so much venom being spewed in these comments by people twisting themselves into knots trying to avoid the issue of this country’s “original sin,” your posting cries out for a response. You sound disappointed that France and Britain didn’t actively support the Confederacy which you say, as if reporting on the Super Bowl, “didn’t lose big time.” No, sadly, the war went into overtime–or maybe it was sudden death. While recent events in Charleston apparently have you feeling all teary and sentimental about your grey-suited ancestors, here are a few facts:
              Your forebears probably didn’t own slaves–most Southerners didn’t–but they marched off to war believing that their right to own fellow human beings was a cause worth dying for. They felt so strongly about the right to own slaves that they were willing to sunder a republic that, less than a century old, was still a fragile toddler among its fellow nations.
              “Slavery was on the way out…” Really? Let’s set aside empty utterances like that and examine the facts that reveal the South’s true ideals. With the end of Reconstruction and the withdrawal of federal troops from the former Confederacy, the southern states began waging their own war of terror on freed blacks, followed by passage of Jim Crow laws that to a great extent held sway in the South until 1965. Read that again: 1965. The South couldn’t re-enslave its blacks, so, for 100 years after Appomattox, it did what it viewed as the next best thing: Segregation, discrimination and disenfranchisement, with the occasional lynching thrown in to cheer up the fans after they lost the big game.
              A lot has changed in the South, but, as your comment illustrates, a lot has not. For every decent Southerner who sees the Confederate battle flag as a stain and an insult to so many of its citizens, there are those who fly it proudly–fully aware of its true meaning as a symbol of hate.

              • Richard says:


                Your write as if slavery was only practiced in the US. It was practiced all over the world and still is in at least 3 countries in Africa today.
                Yes, I am very disappointed that France and/or England didn’t enter the war on the side of the South. I think the South was right and both the USA and CSA would have been better off had the South won. The USA could have used the competition.
                The war was not about slavery. Abe offered to let the South keep their slaves if they would just come back in the Union and pay their taxes. At the time, the South paid about 75% of the revenue into the federal treasury and the north spent most of it on northern infrastructure. The fat cats in the north were yelling about “who will pay our taxes?”
                At the time, it was illegal for free blacks to live in Illinois and many other northern states.
                The Southern slave owners provided for their slaves from cradle to grave, something liberals would love today. Well, thinking about it, maybe we do provide for many from cradle to grave now.
                In the north, blacks (in the few places they could find work) were worked to death by the northern factory owners and if the man became sick or injured, he was just tossed out on the street and the factory owner would just hire new replacements. No need to worry about the men who couldn’t work anymore.
                I believe separate but .equal to be the better policy, multiculturalism hasn’t worked out so well has it. We’ve spent billions and billions trying to make it work and things are worse now than before 1965. The bar has been lowered in schools and so many other areas to try and make it work and it still just doesn’t work.
                Blacks were free to leave the south and Jim Crow anytime they wanted, why didn’t they? Maybe because they weren’t welcome in the north.

  3. Janet Clark says:

    I can not believe that you have lumped all white people terrorists category, we are not , just as all black people are night haters of whites. We do not all go around chanting , “kill whitey ” or “death to all that are white.
    Sad and horrible as this crime was , it was not an act of terrorism an act of terror is something that is politically motivated and this was a very sick, delusional man. I am not in any way shape or form defending him.
    We as a country, all of us , white, black, or any other, need to stop this hate mongering, and stop letting the media form are opinions for us, they are trying to make every terrible act about race and hatred, and we let them twist our minds. ” Together we stand ” and “divided we fall “…
    This is a great country we live in and we need to keep it that way. Do not let a few who are trying to start race wars succeed, we are better than that. God Bless America…J.C.

  4. Knightwatch says:

    There’s a sickness in our country driven by the toxic race-baiting of extremist conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and the Fox talking heads. That’s not to mention the bloviating Donald Trump and his recent diatribe against immigrant “rapists and terrorists”, or Republican legislators who almost daily denigrate poor minorities with insulting new laws to further add to their pain and suffering. Their thinly disguised racist retoric referring to “takers”, leeches” and “welfare queens” helps to nurture hate and fear among the ignorant people who listen only to these trolls. We should not be suprised that a 21-year old citizen of an an extremely conservative state with a history of racial discrimination internalizes this hate, easily gets hold of a semi-automatic weapon thanks to the insanely permissive gun laws underwritten by the NRA, and kills nine innocent people simply because thay are black.

    This madness will end only when America honestly confronts extant racism and enacts sensible gun laws like every other civilized nation in the world.

    • Richard says:

      The sickness in the country is from race hustlers like Al $harpton (how can a guy like that get a national TV show to spew his hate?), Je$$e Jack$on and many others.

    • Derf says:

      That race baiting comes from the other side also and by not admitting that in your post you make it worthless……. Our Dear Leader is one of the worst race baiters there is followed by the most honored Reverend Al and Jessie…

      Enforce the gun laws we have before just making more…….

  5. Wow it must be such a burden to live life with such a chip on your shoulder.

    I will not even argue with you over the untruths you spew. I will state some facts though for you.

    The NRA was started to make sure blacks in the south could own guns to defend themselves.

    Democraps promoted and ran the KKK. One of the grand exalted leaders was Robert Byrd the Majority leader of the US Senate for years.

    LBJ said when passing the voting rights act of the 60’s “I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next 100 years.”

    Put that in your leftist pipe and smoke it.

    • Knightwatch says:

      Hey, troll. The National Rifle Association was first chartered in the state of New York (no KKK there!) on November 17, 1871 to “improve citizens’ marksmanship” following the Civil War. Seems a few former northern Generals decided it took too many bullets (1,000) to kill each confederate soldier. What a fine and noble beginning to the NRA!

      And, for your further enlightenment, racist southern “Dixiecrats” evolved into today’s conservative Republicans in response to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The original bill was called for in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy, not Johnson. After Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson pushed Congress to pass the legislation. The strongest opposition came from Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina (yes, THAT South Carolina).

      So, watch a lot of Fox, do you??

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Mikey boy, bone up on your history, or stop getting it from Rush and Shaun. What LBJ actually said was “We have won a great victory, but at a high cost. I fear we (Democrats) have lost the South for a generation.” And he evidently forgot the proud Southern ode to stubbornness, Never Fergit’, as it’s been three generations so far and you fools seem to just finding your groove.

      Take that Truth Suppository and stick it where the Sun don’t shine.

  6. It is not the guns. It is people who have lost their minds. Do you really believe for one moment that criminals will not have guns and not continue to kill people? In Britain guns are severely banned. Yet people run down the street slashing people with machetes. The tools used by the insane, crazies, and just bad to the bone people may change the crime will not. I hope no one ever needs to defend against a criminal act. The police are very good at crime investigation. If they were real good at coming to your aid at the second you need it there would be very short investigations. The police will tell you this. However that all said, don’t you dare blame me for this sick coward’s action. I am white, but he is the other white meat, a real Pig. I am not a pig now nor ever. There are a lot of people like him out there, always has been. Not just in North America in this Republic of Laws and constitutional rights. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran. Will you now cast spit upon me again because I became drafted instead of running to Canada? Perhaps Jane Fonda can become the national voice for gun control. Evidently there are people who agree we as Americans have too many rights and that is bad for business.

    If you ever get a chance to walk the entire line of headstones in a U.S. Military cemetery do so. After that if you do not understand what those brave souls died for then perhaps this Republic is indeed lost. It is sad times we live in. God bless the Republic.

  7. w.ryan says:

    [Selected as the Comment of the Day in the June 22 Daily Briefing.]

    Just the other day I commented on a post on FaceBook which depicted a photo of the Confederate Flag flying high in the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot of FPC posted by my dear friend Jon who took the picture. We were both outraged that this flag can fly without any action from the school that punishes Black students harsher than their counterparts. More of us joined in with further comments. It’s not news to people of color that the double standards and play with words exists. Complaints are fielded and bounced back to us as if we’re stupid. “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes”‘ The politics are obvious drenched in intentional denial. Dequan behaves bad but Billy is a good kid. We’ll just talk to his folks cause he didn’t mean to do what he did. We’re all complicit in some way, form or fashion. Some of us both black and white perpetuate the lies by supporting policies in school or in the voting booth. I can name people of color that just carry out the orders to punish without questioning the system.(This brings to mind those of us that cursed their lineage by the sale of their people). We buy products and support organizations that spew lies and claim that freedoms such as flying a flag wreathe with murderous, oppressive history and treasonous history is protected by the constitution despite the fear it imposes. What other history does this flag possess than one about traitors waging a way to keep an apartheid system in place to further wealth and a way of life depriving others. We have the Eichmann syndrome in this country and the term terrorism is only good for Dequan Omar and anyone of color. Everyone else didn’t really mean to kill or they were doing their jobs and feared for their safety. He must be mentally ill killing 9 blacks in a church after sitting with them for one hour clutching on his gun and his beliefs which came from somewhere, but we don’t know where…cause Johnny is a good kid. Thanks for the article Flaglerlive!

    • Richard says:

      w. ryan,

      Nine out of ten Confederate soldiers didn’t even own slaves. Do you really think all those yankee whites would fight and die to free the slaves? They were fighting to save the voluntary union of states. What type of voluntary union is it when it can only be held together at the point of a bayonet? Slavery was legal in all of the 13 original states at one time. Even Abe Lincoln is quoted many times saying the black man is inferior to the white and that blacks should never serve on juries or marry whites. Abe and many in the north were against slavery, but they wanted the slave population sent back to Africa. Lincoln was a member of the American Colonization Society most of his adult life whose purpose was to do just that. The war to prevent Southern Independence cost the lives of over 620,000 men women and children. More lives than all other US wars combined. It was a needless war. Lincoln refused to meet with peace negotiators which would have prevented war.

      • w.ryan says:

        What do you call the Confederate Army of the Civil War? They call them the “Rebel” army. That’s because the south formed a “Rebellion”. Ummm! As always, the fight for your interest continues. Low wage, no unions, harm to our environment, not wanting healthcare, and thinking that whites are the original occupiers of this land. Seems that this is a flaw in the thought processed regarding Southern Heritage.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where do you and all the other far left wing nuts get that he or any conservatives want the BS you say ( Low wage, no unions, harm to our environment, not wanting healthcare, and thinking that whites are the original occupiers of this land) I know of nobody on either side of politics that want those???

          • molly ann says:

            Then stop voting for the GOP, because “low wages, no union, harm to our environment and no health insurance ” is their policy.

            • Anonymous says:

              laughable totally laughable the GOP and Ds both want low wages one by being slightly closer to big business and the other for wanting open boarders, Rs do NOT want an end to unions well maybe government ones, they want to harm the environment? one they also live in more scare tactics of the extreme left, no health insurance?? when did any ever say they want to do away with health insurance?? just more of the scare tactics of the extreme left.

        • Richard says:

          What Civil War? All the definitions I can find of a civil war is when two or more political or military groups are trying to gain control of the same country. I can assure everyone that Jeff Davis, Robert E Lee, etc. had no desire to take control of the US government. They just wanted to leave in peace. Lincoln refused to meet with any of the CSA peace delegations to prevent an unnecessary war. Under your definition, the patriots (or traitors as the British would call them) 1776 were rebels.

          How about we call it Lincoln’s war to prevent Southern Independence.

        • Richard says:


          First look up the definition of “Civil War”, it doesn’t fit. Who is “They”? The South didn’t form a rebellion, the legally seceded from the US and became a new country. Your other comments have no relations to our disagreement.

      • NortonSmitty says:

        Richard, every thing you said is fact. Some open to interpretation, but fact. One of few here, and I thank you for it. Google Liberia to confirm what sounds outrageous.

  8. Tom Jacks says:

    So Pierre, I assume you didn’t know or conveniently left out of your article that the kkk and southern governments of the civil war era were democrats, or as you would call them the terrorist left. You are the first person to demonize anyone for calling all Muslims terrorists, but here you are falling into the same trap. Hypocrite, today they name is Pierre.

    • a tasty bacon sidedish says:

      So Tom, I see you conveniently left out the fact that the political ideologies of democrats and republicans switched some time during the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. There’s ample historical reading on the matter, you might want to educate yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        NOPE that’s a falisy the extreme left like to put out. most Rs are still in favorer of the rights of the individual over the state. Its ds who want Government to run and tell one how to live.

  9. a tasty bacon sidedish says:

    Decent article, but I have to take exception to the following statement:

    “What he isn’t, so far, is a terrorist. Most white Americans have a hard time applying that term to someone who looks like them. They have no problem applying it to an Arab who roams the wrong way, or to anything with dark skin that scares them or talks funny or doesn’t belong to the NRA. But turn the tables and have a white guy kill Muslims or blacks or migrants, and suddenly it not terrorism anymore.”

    I think that’s an unsubstantiated generalization about “white” people. Excluding the tea party dingbats and the handful of white racists that I have to deal with on a daily basis, pretty much every white person I know has no problems classifying the likes of Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist. I do agree that when it comes to the actions of a lone gunman (or two) that are driven by some pale facsimile of islamic ideology, the prosecution has a tendency to pursue charges of terrorism – like, for example, the beltway sniper. I think this is less about endemic “white people” racism and more about prosecutors trumping up charges that look really bad so that they get convictions that can be used for political advancement. It’s racism for sure, and morally reprehensible, but it’s evolved to be that way from systemic racism and I don’t think you can say in good faith that their actions represent the beliefs of “most white Americans” today. I think you are falling into the same trap that many others fall into, and mistaking the actions of the loud, obnoxious ones for the beliefs of the majority.

  10. Amom says:

    This is a wonderful,true and informative article. Unfortunately the people who should read it won’t. They are busy watching FOX and listening to talk radio.

  11. Infamous Amos says:

    You left out alot in your article but what was left out is how many domestic terrorist from the left side that have killed people or the numbers of how many black terrorist who kill white people daily, who rape white woman, who get white girls hooked on drugs so they can hook them out. You left out facts of how blacks are beating little old white ladies and how they rome in gangs and play the punch out game on un suspecting white people.

    Im not condoning the shooting at the church or trying to write off any right wing terrorist but you have to admit You didnt write the whole truth either or facts at all and your sources lol there all leftist.

    • Nancy N says:

      Wow, did you leave any of the Fox News boogie men in the closet?

      The thing is…boogie men aren’t real. There is no epidemic of black on white crime. Most crime is interracial – committed within races. Some interracial crime is the result of relationships between the perpetrator and victim – it isn’t random street violence.

      In fact, the only real epidemic of intraracial violence in this country is being committed by law enforcement on blacks…but that doesn’t fit with the Faux News scaremongering so they won’t tell you that.

      • Richard says:

        Nancy N,

        Check the FBI statistics on interracial crime. You will see that white on black crime is rare and almost none existent. While black on white crime is extremely high. It just never makes the news because the news is controlled by the PC left wing press who gave up their duty to report fair and balanced news years ago. I suppose you still buy into the “Hands up, don’t shoot”, which even Eric Holder’s Justice department said never happened. And all the other resent cops shooting of black criminals. The major problem is blacks need to be taught to obey the police. If they are innocent, they will be set free.

    • IlanaDavita says:

      I don’t know, dude, not once have I even been catcalled by an African American male, let alone raped or physically harmed in any way. Only white guys have made me worry for my safety walking around campus, night or day. Only white guys have screeched profanities at me from cars speeding by. Only white guys have made me flinch as they followed behind me on the sidewalk, whispering disgusting things. Only white guys have invited me to fraternity parties, most likely with drugging me in mind. My grandmother hasn’t been attacked once in her life–if you don’t count the atrocities she and her family faced at the lily white hand of Nazi forces during World War II. Just a few observations, sir.

      –a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 18-year-old German American girl

  12. m&m says:

    We are watching FOX to get the real news and FACTS.

    • Nancy N says:

      You’ll be waiting a long time for them. Research shows that voters who watch only Fox News as their source of information are the least well-informed on political issues of the viewers of any network.

      Want real information? Try watching The Daily Show on Comedy Central. It’s viewers polled as being the most well-informed of any television source.

      • Anonymous says:

        that explains a lot!!! the extreme left see COMEDY shows as the place to get information.

        • Nalla C says:

          Both of you seem to need a certain amount of enlightenment. If you wantcomedy, watch comedy. But if you want “news”, don’t watch The Daily Show or FOX. What I end up doing is reading as many newspapers and magazine articles published worldwide (not just US sources) as time permits, which often allows one to piece together something of a more “common sense” realistic narrative, depending on the story..

          I would submit the biggest terrorists in this country are the six corporations that control virtually everything we see, hear or read, which is why I go outside the sphere of influence to get some actual news, unfettered by opinion or nonsense. We are lied to daily by ALL OF THEM, including the venerated Daily Show. While funny and timely (and often pretty damned accurate, op-ed wise), it’s not a substitute for real news.

          And for God’s sake, when do we drop this “far right/far left” crap? It doesn’t help ANY OF US. Knock it off!

  13. Pierre Tristam says:

    Michael Randazzo, you should have also mentioned Strom Thurmond, Howard Hefflin, Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, Theodore Bilbo, Richard Russell and innumerable other leading lights of our tolerant society who were at one time or another Democrats, or alas remained so, and also noted that LBJ called the Civil Rights Act the nigger bill, or called Thurgood Marshall his most usefully recognizable nigger, or called his maid a nigger and compared her to his wife Lady Bird, in front of company no less. So I’m not sure what your point is (not a first, between you me and the fundamentalist foxes next door) other than that bigotry is one of our truest lasting bipartisan traditions in this country, though some bigots tend to be a little more useful, when it counts, than others. LBJ may have been an even better liar than Nixon (though he never tried to subvert the nation’s government) and as impressive a racist as the South can produce, even for Texas, but he also advanced this country’s civil rights more than anyone before or since–not because he was a Democrat or gave much of a shit about “nigras,” as he called them when visiting his Lone Star garrison, but because he thought it would secure his place in history. He’d have passed an electrification bill if it’d have done the same. (Actually, he did, as a novice House member, though the measure didn’t have the same charge as the Civil Rights Act). So again, not sure what your point is, though thank you for underlining mine. As for my pipe, I tend to stuff it with Latakia tobacco, which is of Syrian origin (that’s just a bonus from me to your ISIS conspiracies), though since my business with that little illness in my throat I haven’t had the pleasure, and crack doesn’t do it for me considering how much of its effects I have to deal with in FlaglerLive’s comment section.

    • Some great people, including myself were once Democraps. True. Way to inflame a conversation too Pierre by continuing using language that only rappers and self hating blacks use. Talk about gratuitous use of a word to sound more important, but hey if it’s ok for Obama and LBJ, I guess it’s ok for you.

      Thanks for noticing me Pierre, I never knew you cared. I must have hit a nerve with my truths. Let’s have a coffee together someday, Beach House maybe. As opposed to some commenters here I don’t hate anyone who has a different opinion, I just will not be silent about mine.

      More truths can be seen here:

      I am just going to sit back and watch the liberal heads explode now. Have a great week everyone.

  14. L&G says:

    Its funny that I started listening to Alex Jones with an open mind to disprove his ideas and views, but the more I listened and watched the news the more he started to call the mainstream medias play book before it even happened play by play. He Says in his shows that the narrative has already been written this summer, the new enemy isn’t ISIS its the vets that have already risked their lives for this country and people who want to stand up for the constitution, and they want to start up race wars in order to divide the country, and blame the tool and come after the guns. After reading this article this once again proves Alex Jones is right.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Alex Jones and the InfoWars website is a disinformation propaganda outlet designed to deflect inquiry and give reason to ridicule people who actually have legitimate questions about the official Government and Media propaganda.

      • Nalla C says:

        Perfectly-stated. He puts out just enough fact that’s often real, but disguises it with so much garbage, you can’t take it seriously. That’s INTENTIONAL. Norton, you get it exactly right.

  15. Dave says:

    Pierre, (A native of Beirut, Lebanon, who became an American citizen in 1986). You write a column with so many holes you left out the Kansas Columbine shooting, the Sand Hook shooting in Connecticut , Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the Beltway sniper attacks and these were black shooters in October 2002 in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. 17 dead 10 injured These have nothing to do with South Carolina or a flag. And lets not forget Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh 168 people killed, black and white and all nationalities. .

    Hate is not tied to a state in the US. Its home grown throughout the US and the failure of parenting at home and the lackluster laws on the prosecution of gun crimes that would put people that committed crimes with guns in jail for a long time instead of out for good behavior in a few years.

    In the US , all over the USA I might add, hate crimes related to race, out weigh all others. What is interesting, in 2011 the FBI noted that half of all the hate crimes in the nation are committed by people between the ages of 15 and 24.

    Hate comes in all races, black & white and these 15-24 year old’s were let to run rampant at home and at school, failed at education, influenced by poor parenting, divorce, drugs, the media coverage of crime which has done nothing but sensationalize crime to bring in ratings and maybe those shoot and kill video games and the continued violence shown on TV each and every day.

    I say turn on the TV and watch the news, so many young black men committing crimes against their own in our local TV news viewing area of Orlando and Daytona and yes some white commit crimes as well, but the majority are committed by black and I feel that’s throughout the USA.

    This punk kid Roof could have been in any place USA, but instead he took his hate to a church of worship and took precious lives. This 21 year old, should get the death penalty, but no doubt our justice system will let him plead guilty because he was insane and he will be feed, clothed and taken care of with tax payers dollars. That right there is another problem, a weak justice system.

    • wtf says:

      You do realize almost every example you used was a “white” person who did the shooting?

    • Nancy N. says:

      I find it very telling that you are obsessed with making sure everyone knows that Pierre came from Beirut but don’t know that Columbine is in COLORADO and that it’s SandY Hook Elementary.

  16. Kendall says:

    Well Pierre, your commenters are validating your comments about radical right wing ideologies. They are turning this world into an ugly place.

  17. Knightwatch says:

    I am disturbed, and somewhat frightened, by the less than subtle bigotry I see in some of these comments. Clearly some respondents, while offering the usual sorrowful platitudes on the deaths of nine innocent people, seek to “soften” this clear act of racist terrorism by dismissing it as mere insanity. Even more egregiously, some actually caveat the offense with “but overall, black on white crime is worse”.

    I also note with concern the comment by “Dave” in referring to Pierre, “(A native of Beirut, Lebanon, who became an American citizen in 1986)”, which, not-so-subtly dismisses him as obviously less than full American, maybe even Islamic?

    We have a serious racial divide in this country which seems to have been fully exposed by the election of our Black president. Let’s talk about it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a NUT job. I agree that he could be called a terrorist as I believe he said he hoped this would start race wars in this Republic. But he was mistaken because of the who he went after he went after decant people. Who loved others! just look how yesterday family members say they FORGIVE him. BUT in this trash piece we SEE the true left who vilify all who he politically disagrees with. its “HATE” to have the Battle flag of northern Virginia BUT fine to have the black power or panther one that’s not hate BS.

  19. Frank Zedar says:

    Pierre, I know you don’t see it this way. You can’t, because it’s not who you are. But your version of “The Truth” is a hateful in its own way, as the hate spewed by neo-Nazi idiots. You disguise your version better, yet it is just as insidious…

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Frank, you left out the part where you compare Pierre to Hitler! Never leave out the part where you compare someone to Hitler! It’s our best part!

      Your Pal,
      Karl Rove.

  20. Footballen says:

    Well that worked out well.

  21. Footballen says:

    So if I be white and southern born and raised as well as a Republican I should utilize one of my many weapons of mass destruction and kill myself before the hate within me gets out? Got it.

  22. Mark says:

    Pierre, you are the next Rev Al.

  23. YankeeExPat says:

    “As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except negroes.’ When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read ‘all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

  24. common sense says:

    Leftist, far right… both taken to extreme as the author here is are wrong. Hate is wrong, differences of opinion are not. Guns are not wrong or evil, but laws that release or poorly prosecute criminals are wrong. Remember ’10 – 20 – Life’, or ‘3 strikes and your out’ – Judicial system is a joke and for certain that leaves the left to blame.

  25. Knightwatch says:

    So, now I’d like to hear our local right-wing nutcases defend the NRA board member who blamed the shootings in South Carolina on the dead pastor. In an interview Friday with The Associated Press, Huston attorney and NRA principal Charles Cotton confirmed writing that “innocent people died because of Pastor Clementa Pinckney’s position on a political issue.” Cotton said that Pinckney had voted against a concealed carry measure as a South Carolina senator, but a search of legislative archives could not immediately find any such measure.

    So that’s the NRA … lie and then blame the victims for their own tragic deaths. How sick is that and how sick are NRA supporters.

  26. karma says:

    12 killed and 56 shot over the Memorial day weekend in Chicago this year. Maybe we will be reading an editorial next week on how these killers are really just the victims of not having good jobs.

    • Knightwatch says:

      O.k., Karma … explain to me what anything in Chicago has to do with the church shooting in South Carolina. Are you suggesting that it’s an even trade, that if, as you imply, Blacks can kill in Chicago then its o.k. to kill Blacks in SC? Is that what you’re saying? Don’t be afraid to say what you mean. You have plenty of equally racist people here to back you up.

  27. Rev Hal says:

    Until American citizens change their disgusting moral values, and anti-religious demons find GOD, there will continue to be EVIL and TERRORIST HUMANS from all nations and races continuing to destroy the planet. Only when all humans find GOD will there be PEACE !!!!

    • Nancy N says:

      Apparently you need a history lesson because you are blissfully (or purposefully) ignorant of the fact that virtually every major war in human history had at least partially a religious basis.

      Oh wait…I’ll bet you meant when everyone finds YOUR God….because heaven forbid (pun intended) that someone should think/believe/worship different than you.

      As for finding peace through religion, I’m an atheist. And of course have plenty more in my circle of friends. We are without a doubt the most loving, inclusive, caring, and PEACEFUL people you could hope to know. The only reason we are in conflict is because of people like you, who deny our right to exist peacefully. We will not be silenced, sidelined, or told we are lesser because we don’t believe in your God.

  28. Pierre Tristam says:

    I recall as anyone here would that the knee-jerk response whenever those hopeless Arab terrorists get one off is, from every right-wing nut from here to John Birch country, to call on every one of the world’s 1 billion Muslims to denounce the attacks (as if 1 billion Muslims minus a few of their nut jobs don’t do so already; they do, but ideological illiteracy is also deaf and blind in this country). So here we have a right-wing nut job pulling one off, and every other right winger here finds every possible way not to denounce him but to feel yet again aggrieved. It’s as if white-power assumptions have been unduly questioned, by a native of Beirut no less (as if the commenter didn’t think I’d hear his under-the-breath implication of “sand nigger”) or, in the case of people like Frank, who reacts as if his masculinity is questioned every time I mention guns in less than a worshipful way, a columnist critical of neo-confederate bigotry is equated with a confederate mass killer. That’s where we are. Don’t denounce the terrorist–speaking of fundamentalists next door–but find every possible way to excuse, to deflect and worse, to blame the victims, as with that reflexive reach for Chicago’s black killing fields–with which our racially broken apple pies have nothing whatsoever to do, naturally. I’d be depressed if it weren’t for the demonstrable certainty that this lunatic fringe is in its death throes, or at least desperately holding on to its assisted living demographics. Thanks to recent immigrants and to its involuntary ones, and of course to the the irrepressible forces of liberalism, this nation has been on a trajectory more hopeful than dismal, more tolerant than bigoted, more diverse than Fox. Extremism is a panicked reaction, not an augury of a new order. That’s what has our right-wing nut jobs freaking out. Let them have their last hurrah. Too bad they can’t have their parties without body bags.

    • Knightwatch says:

      Pierre, keep up the great work. You have exposed the “dark matter” in some people’s brains … prejudice and bigotry, mostly unspoken in polite company, but deep-seated and insidious. They’re angry at anybody that looks, thinks and worships different from themselves. Unfortunately, that anger exacerbates the racial, ethnic and religious divisions throughout this country. But, by pushing their buttons you’re at least getting a glimpse of how their minds work, and perhaps this discussion will help lead some toward introspection and enlightenment.

      Umm … maybe not.

  29. pleasejuststopyouracist says:

    Wow Pierre, not only are you a vile racist you’re also biased and ignorant beyond belief, do us all a favor and save what little is left of your reputation and just stop posting opinion articles.

    • Will #1 says:

      Calling Pierre a vile racist is bizarre, as is calling him ignornant. His reputation is growing among people who are intelligent and well read, regardless of political party. I can’t imagine wanting to spend time or do business with someone who believes what you said. God forbid the future of Flagler County is in the hands of people who have a worldview such as you demonstrate.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I hope that this will, at least, serve as a wake-up call to the parents and friends of anyone who appears to be struggling with mental health issues and addiction. His parents were obviously clueless, even though they might have been well-meaning. If Dad didn’t actually give him a gun (as some reports would have it)–who in their right mind would give a kid on Suboxone, who is trying to kick an Opiate habit, money enough to buy one–even for a birthday present? Supposedly, he had no driver’s license but he had a car. This kid seemed to have just enough rope to hang himself, after taking out his rage on the world.

  31. I wish I shared your optimism, Pierre… I hope you are right, I truly sincerely do, because if you are not, living here for another second is unbearable, and sadly, this here immigrant can’t just pack up and go.

    I’ve watched the commentary on this all over the place for the last few days, and yet again, the comments on this piece are some of the vilest I’ve seen. It saddens me that you, bigoted, compassion-less assholes are my neighbors. I have your precious little fucking rebel flag flying in my neighborhood in the Z-Section. My offspring gets to listen to likely your pasty white offspring spout how all them niggers are finally getting what they deserve when he goes to school, FPC, Florida’s proudest freaking campus, occasionally fronted by a pick up truck with a Rebel flag on it. Fuck you and your bigotries, and your excuses of mental illness for every white piece of shit with an agenda and a weapon. Fuck you and your blissful ignorance of your own history and the sad history of that sorry flag to which you cling… As a human being, sharing this tiny little planet with you, I hate your fucking guts and your perpetual willful self-righteous ignorance.

    And lastly, that Beirut born AMERICAN is a hell of a lot more American than any of you would ever be, but alas, to know that, you’d actually have to know your damn history…as it was, not as a perverted lost cause myth you prefer to tell yourselves.

    • Knightwatch says:

      inna … I wish I could have said it as well as you did.

    • L.M.N. says:

      I have to agree Inna. I wouldn’t quite use your words but I know exactly how you feel. As an American born, of Hispanic origin, I have met my share of bigots in my area, same area as yours by the way. I have several neighbors in my little cul-de-sac that are friendly enough but behind closed doors they will judge who you are and where you are from. People pretend they like you however, deep down, they don’t want to be around you and hate that you are in their neighborhood. I have no issues with these people so long as they keep their bigotry in the closet and they don’t take it out on me and my family for being different.

  32. Concerned says:

    Seems to me there’s an awful lot of folks here going pretty damn far out of their way to defend an indefensible position. After the Civil War, Grant and Lee burnt the Confederate Flag in the hope that the stain of slavery and the brutality of what it represented would never again be seen. That lasted until Brown vs. The Board of Education. Take down the Dixie Swastika everywhere, let us start to recognize racism for what it is and exorcise it from our culture once and for always. Look in the mirror you bigots and you will see Dylann Roof staring right back at you. Read his manifesto and hear your own hate filled words. And then just stop it. Stop being the problem. Pierre is not the problem, hate is the problem and each of you who spoke so harshly to Pierre personally are the haters. Shame on you, shame, shame, shame!

  33. Conformed Lib says:

    What a bunch of liberal garbage.

    • wtf says:

      If you want further proof that the conservative media attempts to divide this country all you have to do is look at Fox News website the last few days. While every major “news” outlet makes Charleston it’s top story and focus on their website, Fox News has either had something about Hilary Clinton, democrats in general or something else as the focus. The Charleston story has been rlegated to just another news story to click on. I wonder why that is? It’s because they know their readers don’t want to hear about what themselves.

  34. mike says:

    Gosh Pierre – can you curb your enthusiasm about this white guy killing these black people? When you got the news, was your mouth watering? When you sat down to write this garbage, were you wringing your hands and chuckling? Just another quick question: If this would have been Muslim trash going into the church and carving the victims heads off, and with each whack shouting “Praise Allah!” and “This ones for the Prophet!” , what would the lead story be today? Maybe a follow-up to the Palm Coast male prostitute story? We will be listening – with your beloved and impotent “pussy-in-chief”, it’s only a matter of time…

  35. john l says:

    Too bad no one else had a gun, the story would have had a completely different headline. You can not legislate morality. As for me the only one to thank for my life is God and not tbe government. Attempt to harm me or my family, I will aim to help you meet my God. The imposter in chief and the gang in Devil Center would love nothing more than us fighting amongst ourselves to give them reason to further enslave ALL OF US. Race game is just a tool to stir ua against another while they ateal everyone’s liberty and wealth.

  36. Footballen says:

    Why won’t anyone just acknowledge that this is the parents of that whack job’s fault? They must have been insane to give a kid that age (and with an obvious problem) a freaking gun for his birthday. You can all be ignorant and rant that this is all southern white people then complain when you or your family is bundled up into some hate group based on some similarity that is just as ridiculous. And to Knightwatchman, I will not kill myself or anyone else for that matter.

  37. Sherry E says:

    There are often times when wonderful, hopeful Pierre must feel the way President Obama now sounds. NOTHING the least bit reasonable, healthy, or logical can excuse the bitter, ignorant vitriol from many of those who have commented here. Obviously, Pierre has raised the ire of our local HATERS of humanity by really “telling it like it is” and essentially calling them out.

    Horrific RACISM and BIGOTRY thrives in Flagler county. If you are looking for the evil worst of humanity. . . please, just pick up a mirror. . . Yes, it really is YOU!

  38. Rob says:


  39. Robert L. says:

    To the French Fry (I mean Iranian A-Hole) Tristam…were you born Stupid or did you work at it? Were you born an A-Hole, inherit it from your family, or did you go this route all by yourself? Dumb Fuck!

    • IlanaDavita says:

      He’s Lebanese, actually. And I’m German. And you’re likely of some European descent as well. But we’re all Americans. And, most importantly, we’re all humans. We’re all made of the same stardust. And if you don’t agree with that, you need to re-evaluate your life.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      That’s American asshole to you, at least since the year Iran-Contras broke. Speaking of which, happy Father’s Day Robert.

    • Amom says:

      You are a perfect example of an ignorant racist hate filled right wing nut!
      I hope you don’t call yourself God loving, or American! You are an embarrassment

  40. Anonymous says:

    Another example of the left trying to divide America during a time/era when we need to come together. Obama set the example and his lemmings follow the game plan.

  41. Florida Native says:

    1 John 3:15

    Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

    Matthew 24:12

    And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

    • Footballen says:

      I am a 9th generation Floridian myself, my daughter makes it ten now. The slaughters of the local natives that took place at the hands of the Spanish and British was atrocious but fortunately some survived and avoided being hauled away to Oklahoma thus making my family possible. Thanks for the scripture.

  42. Brad W says:

    What happened in South Carolina, and the racial violence throughout our history is most certainly terrorism carried out by terrorists. This Roof person, the KKK, McVeigh, so forth and so on. We like to label things as a society because we are lazy. It’s convenient to put each of these issues into their little buckets and then systematically assign our level of outrage. It is easy to be outraged at that which occurs thousands of miles away, but we don’t like to talk about our own dirty laundry right here in our own backyard. Racism, unfortunately, is still alive and rampant in our country. It is no real coincidence that the level hate-filled rhetoric and violence from these extremists masquerading under the veil of “for freedom” occurs when we elect our first African-American President. But we don’t have to go as far as Washington or South Carolina for examples of extremist racism when we have people like Mark Richter (who is once again running to try and sit on our County Commission) who seeks to silence the press with attempts to use fear of one having a Muslim-sounding name.

    Great article.

  43. Mike says:

    I am not sure what is scarier, this authors ignorance of history, his ignorance of current events, his perversion and distortion of facts, or the fact that there are actually enough people reading his column to allow him to keep his job! I am not sure what is scarier, this authors ignorance, distortion, perversion, and blatent lies about history or the failing education system that allowed him to reach adulthood believing this garbage and allow his readers to believe it. The same libereral, left wing ideology that believes all gun owners are evil, racist, caucasion mass murders and believes that disarming good people will make bad people harmless and the same left wing, liberal ideology that believes that good people have no right to defend themselves with a firearm is the same ideology that believes that it is OK to kill an unborn child as a matter of convenience. The same group of people who try to rewrite history and claim the confederate battle flag is a simbol of hate, who fail to realize that there were black confederate soldiers as well as black slave owners. These same people who preach tolorance yet believe it is ok to force their liberal agenda down the throats of others regardless of the others beliefs, all the while trying to pervert the plain English that the constitution is written in to back up their stance and disregarding it when they are unable to twist it around to fit their agenda. These people try to rewrite history when they do not even have a basic understanding of the actual history. One example would be the author’s reference to the gadsden flag as a tea party flag. The gadsden flag was one of several flags, used before the Betsy Ross version was officially adopted. This one was used by General Christopher Gadsden, who spent his own fortune to fund his command during the American Revolution. An interesting side note is that he was actually held as a traitor and charged by the British crown with treason for his role in the revolution. I am a conservative but to call this a “tea party flag” shows ignorance, if not plain stupidity, and insults the sacrifices made to establish this once great nation! As far as modern times and current events are concerned, to call the NRA a racist organization is just ignorant. The lead spokesman, many ranking officials, many, many members, and many outspoken supporters are people of color. To call the shooter from Charleston a terrorist, rather than a common criminal/murder is a matter of preference, call him what ever you choose, but, he is not a terrorist any more than the looters in Ferguson or Baltimore or the thugs in Detroit, Chicago, or LA that commit black on black crime every day and calling him one only shows your lack of vocabulary and proves your ignorance. Finally, as a combat veteran of operation Iraqi freedom, I find it insulting for you to compare this thug/pussy/coward in South Carolina to the enemy weworked so hard and sacrificed so much to defeat. I would also like to remind you that we had defeated that enemy until YOUR dear leader walked away from our hard earned gains and made it all for nothing. He gave it to his Muslim brothers on a silver platter. As far as calling this terrorism, you call Muslim terrorists what they are and admit that Islam is a terroristic ideology and I will consider calling this terrorism, until then, I will call it what it is, the act of a coward who went to a place where he knew there would be no armed resistance to his act of horrific violence, which amounts to nothing more than common street crime. Please, do yourself a favor and your readers due justice and learn something about history before you try to teach it, otherwise, you make yourself look like the ignorant ass you are and make your readers look even worse!

    • Knightwatch says:

      Yada, yada, yada! Your almost incomprehensive screed is all anyone of even moderate intelligence needs to identify you clearly as the problem in American society – a conservative font of hate, prejudice, fear, bigotry and historical ignorance.

    • Richard says:


      Thanks for a great read.

      Why is it that when a black kills a bunch of whites simply because they are white, it never get’s reported by the left wing main stream press? Actually, even FOX news doesn’t report black on white crime often.

  44. Amom says:

    An I missing something? All thes people blathering on about left wing race baiting …….do you even hear yourselves?
    This was a shooting by a right wing fanatic. He shot them with a gun. Those are facts, no matter what your media tells you!

  45. Amom says:


  46. A Genuine Conservative says:

    5 words… Muck Raking Sensationalized Yellow Journalism

  47. Anonymous says:

    The author of this story would be the first to separate Muslim terrorist from law abiding Muslims, but he is the first to try and link mentally ill people and extreme racist to the Republican Party and law abiding conservatives.

    Brad – violence against African Americans has been around a lot longer than Obama, although I do agree its time to end the use of the confederate flag by States that claim it is a symbol of their heritage.

  48. karma says:

    Knightwatch- I encourage you to read the last sentence in the editorial. My point about Chicago is; this is where we are with black on black crime, everyone will forget about it. As a matter of fact, it’s rarely reported and even less often will it make it to the national level. Every large city in this nation has the same problem and it barely gets a one minute spot in the local news. Last night in Detroit: 1shot dead and 9 wounded at a block party. Again, in Philadelphia: 9 shot at a block party including 3 kids. Where’s the outrage? Where’s Al? Where’s Jessie? Where’s Pierre? You are outraged for these crimes in Philly and Detroit?

    There is no questions about it, what happened in SC is a tragedy, and that kid should get the death penalty. The TRUTH of the matter is most murders are not committed by right wing extremist. I would be willing to bet most murders are committed by people that consider themselves to be a Democrat. Oh, and by the way Knightwatch; have you ever wondered way no one has attempted to cause trouble at a NRA convention? With the hate you and others have for them, you would think they would be a big target. I can tell you from just pure logic why.

    • Knightwatch says:

      Say what!! Most murders are committed by “people who consider themselves to be a Democrat? Where did that come from, Fox?

      And “Black on Black” crime somehow excuses, or mitigates, or should divert our attention from the racial horror in SC?

      And more and more heavily armed gun fanatics is the best answer to both Black on Black crime as well as mass murder?

      Guess I just don’t get it.

      • karma says:

        Stop cherry picking, and comment on the whole written response. Think outside your narrow little box. You completely missed the point about “black on black” crimes.

      • Bob says:

        80% of prisoners are black and they only make up 17% of the population, and guess what , 90% vote democrat. That’s how we ended up with the racist asshole in the White House for 8 years

  49. Garry says:

    Well stated Mike!

  50. m&m says:

    You’re right. The hood and sheets are coming out. I thought we were getting along good until Obama arrived on the scene. He indorses and promotes the blacks to rise up against the whites. If you want a fight bring a lunch because it will be an all day job..

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Why do you think that is MM? Has it possibly crossed your mind that you never noticed it because the racist shit wasn’t mentioned while we had an idiot white drug addicted DUI convicted Re3publican fool in the White House, so there was no reason to bring the subject up? Is that possible? But lets elect a pseudo-Liberal Negro and even though he toed the Noe-Conservative police at every turn, more Bush than Bush, the Nigger is a commie and killing Ammurica!

      As for the fight challenge, Candyass, I want a fight. I’m a proud progressive liberal Veteran who accepts you digital challenge. Yo9u want a fight? Lets go Bitch. Bring whatever you need, it won’t be enough. I’m tired of playing nice with you Nazi Poltroons. Fuck you in you ear! I’m Smitty, I live In Flagler Beach. Come ask around any bar, I’m not that hard to find. And as far as your pack a lunch bullshit, I guarantee you I will knock your dick in the dirt before you can crunch down a potato chip. There is the glove slap across your face. If you don’t accept, and your life will change if you do, trust me, then we all know just what a Klansman pussy-assed bitch you are. And you posts are just dumb.

      I’ll wait. A long time I’m betting.

  51. Sue Mendenhall says:

    When the fish smells, it smells from the head down. If you think about race-baiting, this White House has allowed it to go on inside and outside.

  52. mike says:

    Thanks Gary – notice that Pierre had no response? The left wing loonies WISH that things were different, and they passionately hope that things will change, but DANG, facts are stubborn things…

    • Nancy N says:

      If Pierre took the time to answer every comment here that disagreed with him, he’d never actually get any articles written.

  53. Mike says:

    Amom- your right, he shot them because they ate black, but your still failing to make a connection. What does that have to do with me, the other 80 million gun owners, or the other 150 million white people in the united states who have not committed murder or any other crime for that matter? There is a such thing as evil and this act of cowardice is a shining example of it but it has nothing to do with white people in general and nothing to do with gun owners. If your so concerned about saving lives, why are you not callingfor prohibition of alcohol? Alcohol causes about 400 times the number of deaths as guns do every year, does that mean that anyone who drinks is a bad person? Guns did not cause this and white skin color did not cause this. This was a tradgedy, an inexcusable crime of hate, but that does not mean that you have a right to blame me or punish me. I am a White American citizen who believes in the constitution. I know, for a fact, that black Americans commit more violent crimes than white people do. I know, for a fact, that racism is as alive in the black community as much as it is in the white community, but I do not believe that punishing or blaming all blacks for the crimes of a few is justified anymore than punishing all whites for the acts of a few is. We live in a country, founded on the idea that all men (man kind, don’t start with the femenism bull shit) are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these, life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. In order to ensure all of these for everyone, everyone needs the ability to defend themselves against acts of violence just like this one. As the war on drugs has proved, outlawing something does not work to keep it off the streets so the idea that another gun law would have prevented this is nonsense. Some crimes can not be prevented with law, only punished by law, after the fact and considering the fact that murder is already illegal, no additional laws are needed, we only need to enable people to defend against psychotic people who wish to harm us. This is the thing liberals can’t understand, sometimes the best offense is a strong defense and when someone shoots at you, they are far less effective if they are dead so the best bet, if you find yourself the victim of a mass shooter, is to keep calm and return fire.

  54. Concerned says:

    All you bigots have so much to say about protecting your 2nd Amendment rights, and yet not one of you can defend Pierre’s 1st Amendment rights? Do you not find that rather pathetic? And military personnel who claim the Commander in Chief is not his Commander in Chief – isn’t that even more pathetic? I’m sure that position has nothing to do with the amount of melanin in the president’s blood. Anything to hang onto your hate, huh guys? Just proves the point that you cannot be rational with irrational people. Take down the damn flag!

  55. Anita says:

    ” Most white Americans have a hard time applying that term [terrorist] to someone who looks like them.” THAT was what Pierre wrote. I find the number of you who interpreted that as ALL whites very interesting, and even more, the number of you who took it personally.

    To those who cited black-on-black crime, completely ignoring the curiously under-reported murders committed by white terrorists reported in this piece, the naked defiance of a Federal Government agency by Cliven Bundy and his hooligans, you all seem just fine with these. KARMA, if you have a problem with Chi-Town’s homicide stats, I’d suggest you take it up with Rahm Emmanuel because it has no place in this discussion unless you labor under the illusion that because black people kill black people, whites should have the same option. Is that your point?

    MIKE (6/21:11:21 A.M.) You, who spent a lot of time telling Liberals what they think about gun owners who have the temerity to want tightened restrictions on gun ownership, may be able to explain why Mr. Cotton, NRA spokesman proclaimed the murder of Pastor/State Senator Clementa Pinckney responsible for his own death because he voted down a law to allow guns in churches. Is this YOUR answer to those who disagree with your barbaric insistence on inserting guns into every level of society, including god’s house? And yes, MIKE, this white man (at 21 you can legally drink, vote and go to war without parental permission and I wish he had done so and not tried to start one) is both a racist and a terrorist who sat for 45 minutes with a group of peaceful black Americans before he slaughtered them. I DO choose to call him a terrorist because he was trying not only to make a political point (his flag patches and his words give him away) , but to start a war.

    To those who go out of their way to demean OUR duly elected (by an overwhelming majority) President who tried to get Americans out of a war we should never have become enmeshed in, if the Iraquis want Democracy they can fight for it. I have a relative who saw action in Falluja and will be scarred for life and no, it was not worth it. But if you feel so strongly, MIKE, then re-up.

    Finally, thank you Pierre, for your lucidity, you eloquence and your optimism. You said what had to be said. It’s just a pity those who should be paying attention aren’t listening.

  56. Lin says:

    There’s so much hate and anger stirred up here — I just don’t see the point much anymore of these articles Pierre. Where are the people building bridges?

    We are all Americans. I’m not going to string a bunch of cherry picked facts together to prove a point. And what good would that do? I live in Palm Coast today with you, my neighbors and hope and pray that all this vitriol stops

    Pierre you are not helping

  57. Concerned says:

    Lin, the point is that racism is alive and well and has been swept under the rug for so long that there’s nothing that can be done except carry the damn rug out in the open, and to the burn pile. Unless we finally do that we will never as a nation be relieved of the burdens of slavery and our racist history. Pierre is trying to do that, against great resistance from those who believe it to be their birthright. We need the Pierre’s of this world now more than ever before. If you want your republic you must be willing to stand up for its principles and the First Amendment is pretty damn important. Without a free press what have we got?

  58. Kathy says:

    Let’s just get the 2nd Civil War started and finish it the RIGHT way this time !!!!

  59. molly ann says:

    You folks who continue to refer to American media as leftist? The minute I see that, I laugh out loud and go on to the next post. Our media hasn’t been leftist since the late 1990s, when President Clinton updated the Telecommunications Act Of 1936.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Racism has not been swept under the rug, its been dealt with daily for a long, long time. There are so many examples of racism being the most dominant political/social topic in America and theses days you don’t have to flip too many channels or read that many news publications without racism being mentioned.

  61. Knightwatch says:

    This “discussion” can go on forever and no one on one side will change the mind of anyone on the other. But there is hope for America. The old white bigots, many of them on this site, will soon either die out or will be too feeble to get off their barcoloungers and vote for the crazies. Studies show that the next generation coming up (milennials) is much more progressive in their thinking. Soon, and it can’t be soon enough, the white population will be in the minority, and a more diverse group of open-minded voters will determine the direction of this country. I’m betting that we’ll see freedom of choice in all aspects of life, freedom from religious intimidation and yes, responsible gun control. It’s going to happen conservatives, so vent all you wish. But you can’t stop the history train. In fact, if you check the demographics, you’ve already lost.

  62. Will #1 says:

    Well said, Concerned, about Pierre and the first amendment.

    Something else has been on my mind these two days. Why is is that so many people who take the time to write here are calling Pierre nasty names instead of arguing against the ideas he proposed?

    Did they miss the class in school about making an effective argument and backing it up with facts? You discuss the issue, not the person, to be successful in making your point.

  63. Will #1 says:

    Andy Borowitz said it well today:

    “In the aftermath of the Charleston tragedy, GOP hopefuls have shown tremendous sensitivity in not saying anything that would offend racists who might vote for them.”

  64. w.ryan says:

    I can’t let these charlatans get me down Pierre. Keep shining the light so that eventually the path to enlightenment bring us all to a better place.

  65. Sherry E says:

    Thank you Concerned says. . . and thank you Pierre! Pointing out the sometimes horrific flaws in our culture and society IS the responsibility of a GOOD journalist. Who else is really going to call a spade a spade? Our teachers and ministers and parents should be joining in on resisting human’s inhumanity. Where are they?

    Each of us have an opportunity to condemn the racists murders and express the need for compassion and loving our neighbors. . . sadly, very sadly, I read very little of brotherly love in these comments. Those spewing even more hate should be ashamed, very ashamed!!!! The trouble is that they simply don’t seem to be. . . and THAT is the terrible point!

  66. Lancer says:

    The headline, basically, calls racism “radical rightwing”. That’s a complete misnomer and diabolically intellectually dishonest. Pierre and the rest of the left who believe such nonsense is to show their complete lack of historical comprehension. This lie starts with what is considered “right” and “left” in Europe and has no basis in the United States.

    In Europe, “right” is socialism and “left” is communism. For example, Nazi Germany was known for the racism. They also attempted to control most aspects of the German economy, enacting national healthcare, gun control and even controlled aspects of marriage and sexual reproduction in their quest for racial purity. Hitler despised communism for one simple reason, they did not respect national borders. Mostly, individuals were wards of the state.

    In Europe, communism is left. For them, it was determined that the government, centrally planned, was in control of every aspect of their economy and there was no private ownership. Individuals, from cradle to grave were wards too the state. All belonged to the government in a quest for the perfect “workers” state.

    What we have here, in South Carolina, is an introverted, mentally unstable kid who was allowed to sit on his butt and fill his mind with vile filth via the internet. He then, proceeded, to attack a church, a place of sanctuary and sit, welcomed by the attendees, for an hour to massacre fellow, peaceful African Americans.

    In the United States “left” is socialism and “right” is a belief in small and limited government. The United States is based on the rule of law and our constitution strictly outlines what is the role of government and what is not. The left has done everything in their power to pervert the constitution and grow government.

    The people in this forum who bring the American unCivil War into this are completely mindless. Slavery has existed and, still does in some parts, in every civilization in the world. The Africans who were brought here were largely enslaved by fellow Africans and sold to Europeans, for a hundred years before “Americans” started the practice. Over 600,000 Americans died to end slavery in the US and, I believe, we paid a heavier price for the blemish in our history. 600,000+ dead is a heavy toll.

    This isn’t political, Pierre, this is judicial. The fact that you’re trying to make it so, twisting history and stirring decisiveness within our community is classless, Sir.

  67. groot says:

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Who needs ISIS? We have crazies blowing away citizens in theaters, high schools as in Chardon, Ohio and now this unspeakable horror in Charleston. I’m not sure collecting all the guns will remedy this. We have a sick society. Parity for mental health could help. We need to pay attention to the warning signs. The whole white people are crazies and black people who shoot or assault are thugs doesn’t hold water. Reasonably well adjusted people don’t shoot or attack others and play knock out or murder. There are no easy answers, things took a long time to get this screwed up. I’m not sure it will ever get straightened out.

  68. NortonSmitty says:

    I have seen some really stupid shit in the comments section here before, but this post brought out the worst in all of you. Left and Right. Again, I have to remind all of you that every day we are relentlessly bombarded by a full spectrum propaganda juggernaut that Josef Goebbels (Hitlers Minister of Propaganda) gets a woody in his grave in admiration. Do you think it is a coincidence that our People are divided down the middle 50/50, Conservative and, well, not Conservative as there is no real Liberal anymore. If we are divided down the middle, anybody can sway or steal the 2 or 3 percent to win any election or debate.
    This is no accident. I believe it is all part of a Grand Plan. Listen before you start the Conspiracy Theory knee-jerk as you’ve been programmed. We have the Right-Wing outlet, Fox, which is going to tell you every minute of the day what a Real American Patriot thinks on every given subject. Fox is run by an Australian/Israeli dual citizen named Rupert and owned by a Saudi Arabian Prince of the Saud family. Then we have the Looney Left outlet, MSNBC, formerly owned by General Electric, the worlds largest defense contractor (Does that sound Liberal to you?) and sold a few years ago the Viacom, owned by Sumner Redstone (formerly Sumner Murray Rothstein) a Right Wing Likudnik Israeli citizen.
    Then we have our two illustrious Political parties. And we all have heard how the Dems are beholden to a certain Mr. George Soros, an Israeli citizen who made his money the old fashioned way, by manipulating currency’s and breaking the treasuries of entire countries like Thailand. And the person who owns the Republicans at the moment is Sheldon Adelson, a “Gambling Mogul”, Pfft.. he’s a Gangster. And he just had a “Political Rally” at his casino where every Republican Presidential candidate came to kiss his ring and promised to actually go down on Netanyahu behind the podium so he wouldn’t get bored during his next Stalin-like standing ovation next time he addresses Congress. For the right price, of course. Because they are not Cheap Whores. Well, except for Santorum.
    Jokes aside, does it bother anyone here but me that the Left and Right wing Media outlets as well as the Left and Right politicians are all controlled by foreign citizens? And do you really think that four Israelis and a Saudi that spend Billions to tell us what to think and who we vote for have your best interests at heart as a middle class American citizen?

    Wake up people, we’re being played.

  69. Lin says:

    It is all day every day about race
    We all know about the awful thing in Charleston
    The name calling, generalizations,seeing everything through the prism of race doesn’t shine any light on anything and I think makes it worse because if my neighbor thinks I’m a racist they become angry and the circle of hate is perpetuated. I think of people as people — let go of the past sins that your neighbor did not commit and get on with your life

    Articles like this and all the comments about grievances don’t shed any light.
    Recently I read a post on social media from an old friend (we didn’t really discuss politics) that said republicans are racist.
    I called her on it and she said I didn’t mean you.

    Pierre has the power of the keyboard and is using this power to prove his anger and that of like minds is justified. This charleston incident makes me angry too. But I get upset when I hear cops are killed, when I hear demonstrators say what do we want, dead cops, I’m upset for ALL of it. It needs to stop

    We are not stupid and don’t need to be told any racism is awful and wrong. ALL racism

  70. jane says:

    Boy, do you need to crack open a history book. While you are at it, why don’t you read about the Gadsden Flag and why it was created.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Ask 100 Tea Baggers about the History of the Gadson Flag. You won’t get two who know it. I flied the thing over my cabin in the Allegheny National Forest when I got back from Viet Nam in the 70’s. It pisses me off to no end you Tea-Bagging fools let you hijack it to serve corporate interests. I want my flag back from you foolish right wing poltroons.

    • w.ryan says:

      History is written by the power that rules! History book???Please!!!

  71. Lin says:

    Just one more thing
    How many of the over 100 commenters have changed their opinions after reading this article?
    Or do they feel more righteous, more it is the other guys fault, more angry, more into justifying behavior and less likely to reach out to the so-called other side without rancor?

  72. Freddy says:

    “Accentuating the irrationality of the Charleston news, the paper puts an ad for a gun shop on the front page today,” he notes.

    But again, what’s irrational about it? I don’t think it’s irrational — or insensitive for that matter. I bet that anyone of those nine victims wish they had a gun when 21-year-old Dylann Roof began opening fire in that church. Why? Because they would have had a chance to defend themselves.

    Anti-gunners will say, well, “More than wanting to have a gun, those victims would have wished that Roof hadn’t had access to one.” But that line of reasoning is naive. Laws don’t stop criminals from behaving badly or taking innocent lives. Laws work retroactively in that they give guidance as to the severity of a crime so that an appropriate punishment can be meted out after the fact.

    What would have stopped Dylann Roof dead in his tracks? Two to the chest and one to the head. That’s right, a gun and a good guy that knows how to use it. In my opinion, placing a gun ad on a newspaper in the wake of a mass shooting not only reminds one that evil exists in the world, but also that if one chooses one can take action and learn how to optimally defend against it. That’s not being irrational or insensitive. That’s being honest and direct about the world we live in.

    Yet, not surprisingly, Jim Romenesko, the media reporter for the Charleston Post & Courier apologized for the ad, saying, “the front-page sticky note that was attached to some home delivery newspapers on the same day as this tragedy is a deeply regrettable coincidence. We apologize to those who were offended.”

    No one should be offended or ashamed of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It exists primarily so that we can defend ourselves and our country from evil — be it a tyrannical government or a crazy man with a weapon.

    • wtf says:

      Freddy – Civilization as we know it might as well cease if we have worry about defending ourselves at church, restaurants, schools, work, etc with weapons. 30-40 years ago people were not advocating to arm themselves in public like they are now. What changed? I guarantee other countries must sit back and laugh at us.

      For the person who said they became a racist after Obama became president…oh ok keep telling yourself that buddy!

  73. m&m says:

    Pierre, you sure opened a can of worms and threw a lot of fuel on the fire. Why are the whites always called racisis when articles like this are posted. I am white and I never considered myself a racisis until Obama came into our lives and tried to destroy America. Then the blacks joined in here we are. It took 50 years to bring us where we were and he wiped that 50 years out in 6 years. I’ll bet most of you voted for this illegal windbag.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Candy Boy, statements like yours prove you don’t have to have legal sanction to be a windbag.

    • w.ryan says:

      @m&m- Why would you personalize the content of this article? It’s within you to take offense or not! We sometimes need to step out of our skin to see what is what. And why would you feel threatened by a President that helps millions that don’t have medical coverage. Seems to me that your choices in selecting what news to believe confirms what you are. Roof’s news source is FOX. Why? Your dormant state has awakened.

    • a tasty bacon sidedish says:

      Hey m&m, how do you reconcile your admitted racism and dislike of black people with the fact that m&m’s are chocolate on the inside?

  74. Sherry E says:

    Yet again. . . . right on Norton Smitty! M&M. . . please, please for the love of yourself and for us all, please start watching PBS News Hour and try traveling to other countries to begin to understand the “real” world. . . it is NOT FOX! Please, please get yourself educated! Twice “Legally” elected President Obama is NOT our problem!!!! You are making a fool of yourself with your comments! We all know this. . . please open your mind and catch up! We all wish you the best!!!!

  75. Concerned says:

    Lin, just think how all of our black brothers and sisters are feeling right about now what with it being open season on them while walking, riding bicycles, carrying Skiddles, playing in parks, swimming or worshiping in their church. And YOU are uncomfortable with having a discussion that there might be a pattern here? Really? Shame on you, shame, shame, shame!

    • Footballen says:

      2013 FBI crime report states an 83% instance of white on white crime, 90% instance of black on black crime, 14% black on white, and 7.6% white on black in the case of homicides. You can stop asking this question now.

  76. Just a thought says:

    At this point 136 replies. I think you did a great job bringing your readers thought to the surface. Well done.

  77. NortonSmitty says:

    One more thing. I wondered from the get go how a stupid assed 21 year old redneck clown would be so Politically savvy to drive a couple hundred miles to the most respected Black church inthe South to do his evil deed when he passed dozens of other Black churches before he even left his home town. Something wrong with that. And then, his Manifesto. Read it, I’ll link it below.
    Remember this is a 21 year old redneck idiot rascist talking here. One minute he is supporting his argument with quotes from the 19th Century treatise from the cultural anthropologists Armistead and Price. The next paragraph he is misspelling words like Lens and Lern. With spell check mind you. This shooting unfolded and was covered in the media exactly like the Sandy Hook shooting. Down to the cries for gun control and the fact that despite there being so much media in town you can’t get a hotel room for 50 miles, not one credible neighbor or friend has been interviewed about this boys life on camera. And the amazing professional looking Photos that showed up immediately to support the narrative to a T. This whole thing stinks of a set up operation. Down to his same crazy eyes and bad haircut as every other Crazed Lone Gunman of the last decade. Bring on the ridicule, but I’m sticking to my guns here.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Oh yea, the link: Again, read it and tell me what 21 year old semi-educated Southern boy talks lke this:

      • NortonSmitty says:

        One more thing. Within hours of the shooting, the US House passed the legislation for the TPP trade deal to move forward. Not one word on any media outlet about it. They were all too busy with this shooting. Days later, still not one word. What a coincidence.

    • Jeannette Crabtree says:

      I’m with you all the way, NortonSmitty. This thing tripped my nonsense meter when I first read it.

      We, The People must be diverted from ganging up on Congress while they sneak that Constitution-usurping FAST TRACK TREASON through. Remember how all media was busy telling us how DEAD that was? Well, that was a lie. They’re about to give Obama even more power, as early as tomorrow.

      Shame on Bill Nelson and shame on people for believing this “terrorist diversion”–these Lone Gunmen always seem to show up in the nick of time to save the oligarchs, don’t they?

      • Knightwatch says:

        What? Am I reading your (and NortonSmitty’s) post correctly? Are you both crazed conspiracy theorists saying the SC shootings are a pre-planned “diversion” by President Obama and, I guess, some neferious Democrat and Republican legislators, to sneak through the “fast track” trade bill? You can’t possibly be thinking that. No reasonably responsible human being with even a very weak brain would connect the two. So, did I misread your posts and I’m missing a valid point, or are you merely idiotic? Help me out here.

        • NortonSmitty says:

          Well, except for the idiot part, that’s about right.

          • Knightwatch says:

            “Idiotic”, and I mean that most kindly, is the only logical explanation I have for your outlandish conspiracy theory. I do find your mindset on this very interesting, and I’m intrigued by your ability to create a cause and effect with no evidence, no hint of collaborative actions by anyone involved, not even some questionable relationships that can potentially connect the shooter to anyone in the administration or the Congress. So tell me, how did you make a connection that no one, not State or local authorities, not the investigative media, not even hate groups that woud love to blame a government conspiracy?

            Clearly, you are wired differently from most sentient beings. Must be a conservative Republican.

  78. Nancy N. says:

    “if they are innocent they will be set free.” Uh-huh. Sure. NOT.

    Spoken like a white man who has never been treated with anything but deference by a cop.

  79. Brutro says:

    That reminds me. I have to pick up the sheets from the cleaners today. Damn, what a bunch of idiots in this forum. I sure wish the South could secede from the north. You live your way. I’ll live my way !

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Yea B. Too bad y’all so damn stupid it was easy for us Yankees to come down here an’ take it all from you Mulletheads.

  80. Knightwatch says:

    For all you NRA-addled gun nuts who think that the real problem in Charleston was not enough guns, or that more guns would make us safer in any other potential mass murder situation, check out this study by non-partisan PolitiFact. The website specifically pointed to research spanning 2000 to 2014, analyzing data from 11 advanced nations. In the 10 other countries combined, there were 23 mass shootings, which left 200 dead and 231 wounded. In the United States alone over the same period, the research pointed to 133 incidents, which left 487 dead and 505 wounded.

    We have an estimated 310 million firearms floating around, at least one for every man, woman and child in America, by far the most of any advanced nation. Yet our gun death rate is three times that of any other advanced nation. Yep, we sure need MORE guns to make us safe here in the good ol’ NRAmerica.

    Screw you and your 2nd Amendment rights. We’ve got your battle flag and we’re coming for your guns!

    • w.ryan says:

      Makes me wonder what Israel would be like if the balance of power (both sides having guns instead of the stones versus guns) was even. What happens when some people have access to guns and some do not? Exploitation and domination. Is it just gun control?

      • Knightwatch says:

        What in hell has Israel to do with any of this? What do your comments mean? Are you saying we need all those guns to protect America? That’s pure nonsense. We have a robust military. You want a gun, join the Army.

        • w.ryan says:

          Don’t let you anger get the best of you. Maybe it’s easier for you if I use bows and arrows versus rifles as an analogy. Gun regulations are great if everyone can be controlled. These American militants have ways to get arms and I will not go so far as to be defenseless. I will not be so naive to think that I am safe. Speaking of joining the Army,Tim McVeigh was a military guy right?

  81. Pierre Tristam says:

    From Today’s Times: Tally of Attacks by Right-Wing Extremists in U.S. Challenges Perceptions of Top Terror Threat: “Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims: 48 have been killed by extremists who are not Muslim, compared with 26 by self-proclaimed jihadists, according to a count by New America, a Washington research center. The slaying of nine African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church last week, with an avowed white supremacist charged with their murders, was a particularly savage case. But it is only the latest in a string of lethal attacks by people espousing racial hatred, hostility to government and theories such as those of the “sovereign citizen” movement, which denies the legitimacy of most statutory law. The assaults have taken the lives of police officers, members of racial or religious minorities and random civilians. Non-Muslim extremists have carried out 19 such attacks since Sept. 11, according to the latest count, compiled by David Sterman, a New America program associate, and overseen by Peter Bergen, a terrorism expert. By comparison, seven lethal attacks by Islamic militants have taken place in the same period. If such numbers are new to the public, they are familiar to police officers. A survey to be published this week asked 382 police and sheriff’s departments nationwide to rank the three biggest threats from violent extremism in their jurisdiction. About 74 percent listed antigovernment violence, while 39 percent listed “Al Qaeda-inspired” violence, according to the researchers, Charles Kurzman of the University of North Carolina and David Schanzer of Duke University.”

    • a tasty bacon sidedish says:

      Not only that, some of there hate groups are sending their members to enlist in the military to get combat training:

      Likewise, you have to ask yourself exactly what is an actionable offense. You can’t take federal action against groups that spew hate and collect guns because you risk stepping all over amendments 1 and 2, regardless of how disgusting the speech and the beliefs are. That’s a consequence of the 1st amendment, you can say (within reason) what you want but so can other people.

      A good example of this is Waco – I think any reasonable person would agree that it was a compound filled with kooks and nuts, harboring what in all probability was some very nasty behavior (statutory rape, etc). The issue here is “in all probability”, The ATF, which is comparable to the DEA or your favorite police academy movie when it comes to ethics and competence, managed to sweet talk its way into a warrant for production of meth since they couldn’t verify the presence of illegal guns or anything else. They then completely screwed the raid up, creating a siege situation that ended up killing almost 80 people and ended up in lots of civil and criminal trials for not only branch davidians but also acts as a rallying point for just about every right wing nutbag group because of the actions of the federal government in conducting the raid. The OKC bombing was motivated by it, and 10 minutes at a gunshow near any booth selling “civil war memorabilia” will give you at least 2 conversations that mention it in a negative light.

      • w.ryan says:

        With all these groups assembled I can’t see a reason why I would want to be without a firearm as a person of color. There has to be equal access to guns if gun control happens and equal access won’t happen.

        • a tasty bacon sidedish says:

          Here’s what happens when you have equal access:

          (I don’t know if FL would be willing to embed that link, I encourage you to watch it)

          • w.ryan says:

            Did you not understand what I stated? While Blacks are arrested for gun possession Whites walk and freely assemble in their private ranges and para-military camps plotting to take over our country. Just like drugs we know who will get scrutinized greater and suffer for poor legislation and political posturing. In a perfect world we can trust fairness, but not with all the underhanded schemes that we know happens. Also, can a person of color feel good about the nature of policing today? The law usually response disproportionate based on complexion. I’m not asking for an AK47.

          • w.ryan says:

            Sorry sidedish, took a full look. My bad.

  82. Richard says:

    According to the Department of Justice, every year there are approximately 500,000 violent, interracial crimes (completed or attempted / threatened). Of these, nearly 83 percent are committed by blacks against whites.

    Every year, there are some 20,000 rapes or sexual assaults (including threats) of white women by blacks, but crimes of this sort by white men against black women are so unusual, they scarcely appear in crime statistics.

    Why does the press seem to only report white on black crimes? Maybe because white’s generally don’t loot and burn down cities! Oh, I’m sorry, looting is the incorrect term, I should have said undocumented shoppers.

  83. Sherry E says:

    Richard says. . . please post a link to the statistics you are touting as facts. . . I looked in the FBI and DOJ sites and could not verify your claims at all.

  84. Commom Sense says:

    Who knew there this many racists living in PC?

    After reading ALL the posts…

    1.Pierre, thank you for your thoughtful article.

    2. It appears there is a vast lack of knowledge, out there, regarding the confederacy, the flag, slavery and the civil war. Intelligent people inform themselves before posting comments that show their ignorance.

    3. Racism is alive and well in the US.

    4. The shooting was not a crime against religion or christians, it was a crime against blacks.

    5. The Republican Presidential candidates showed themselves for the spineless, pandering bunch that they are. They didn’t rise to the occasion, they lowered themselves further, if that were possible.

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