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Sheriff Embroiled in Questionable Calls, Complicating Case of Walker’s Death; Suit Filed

| February 6, 2012

A street light shone over the intersection near where Francoise Pecqueur was struck the evening of Nov. 10. (© FlaglerLive)

When Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming’s son was arrested for illegal possession of Xanax in late 2010, the sheriff had the case treated as any other: deputies booked William Fleming in jail and the department put out a press release about the arrest. Nine months later, the younger Fleming entered a diversionary program. Last fall, when Angela Wray, the wife of a Flagler sheriff’s deputy, was being investigated for embezzlement, the case was farmed out to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to ensure objectivity, as Wray’s husband would have had to be interviewed by investigators as well. Wray was arrested in November. The court case is proceeding.

When Flagler County School Board John Fischer’s wife, driving her PT Cruiser one early evening last November, struck Françoise Pécqueur, 76, as she walked her dog in Palm Coast’s C-section, the sheriff was not quite as hands off regarding his friend, John Fischer. Fischer initiated a call to the sheriff on his cell phone 12 hours after the accident, and the sheriff responded with several calls of his own: in all, three calls from Fischer, three calls from the sheriff in the space of three days, though the sheriff, in a letter to the editor published in the News-Journal last week, claimed: “I had two telephone conversations with Mr. Fischer in connection with this incident—not two telephone calls from Mr. Fischer, as reported by the News-Journal.” Yet cell phone records provided to the newspaper clearly indicated six calls in all. There is no mention of conversations with Jamesine Fischer.

Diligent reporting by the News-Journal’s Frank Fernandez revealed, first, that Fleming had followed up on Fischer’s 5:30 a.m. call with three calls of his own between 12 and 14 hours later, those calls lasting between two and six minutes. Fleming then received two more calls from Fischer’s phone on Nov. 13 and 14. Fleming is known for being generous with his cell phone number—and his advice to people when they call which (as was the case with Fischer’s initial call) means immediately calling 911 if it’s a law enforcement matter. It’s not clear why Fleming’s assertions about the number of calls with Fischer contradict the record: he subsequently said through a spokeswoman that he would no longer be addressing the matter.

The issue continues to be relevant because Jamesine Fischer is under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol for her role in the Nov. 10 incident (not the sheriff’s office; the FHP investigates all road homicides), and the timing of the calls may play into the timeline of what, precisely, happened and why. It was only after the call from Fischer to Fleming that Fischer called 911, and only about two hours after that call that the highway patrol went to the Fischer home and impounded the PT Cruiser Jamesine was driving.

Had the accident been determined at its origin to have involved Fischer, the accident scene would have immediately been turned into a crime scene, evidence would have been collected, photographs taken, witnesses interviewed, the vehicle immediately impounded and its driver tested for alcohol or other substances. Instead, it wasn’t until Pécqueur was seen by physicians at Halifax Hospital that she was determined to have been the victim of blunt-force trauma, rather than a mere fall.

Week after week, the Florida Highway Patrol and the State Attorney’s office—where the case would be turned in and the decision made on whether to pursue criminal charges—have said that the matter is still pending.

Pécqueur died of severe head trauma at Halifax Hospital two days after she was struck on Columbia Lane, a narrow, poorly lit residential street without sidewalks near Colechester Lane. There is a street light at the northwest corner of Colchester and Columbia.

Nine days ago, Catherine Vyvian, Pécqueur’s daughter, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jamesine Fischer in Flagler County Circuit Court. John Fischer is not named in the suit. (See the suit below.)

Where Pecqueur walked routinely until Nov. 10. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

According to the suit, Jamesine Fischer—the school board member’s 55-year-old wife—at one point hovered over Pécqueur as Pécqueur was lying unconscious in the road. There is no evidence of Fischer herself making a call to 911, or, when authorities arrived at the scene, informing them that she had struck Pécqueur. A driver who was passing by called 911. In that haunting recording, which the sheriff’s office has released, the caller, who is unable to revive Pécqueur, tells the 911 dispatcher that “there’s another lady here,” but that person is not identified.

It is also not clear when Fischer got out of her car to look over Pécqueur—if she did so immediately after she struck her, or if she drove on and returned later, as one early account had it. According to the sheriff, when John Fischer called Fleming, Fischer said his wife thought she had hit a dog. Pécqueur’s dog, Molly, was not injured. The dog is a tiny poodle whom Pécqueur walked regularly in that same neighborhood, a few hundred feet from the home of Pécqueur’s boyfriend. The PT Cruiser’s windshield was cracked on its right side, from top to bottom, by the force of strike.

Jamesine Fischer, the lawsuit charges, “owed a duty to operate and maintain her vehicle in a safe and prudent manner, to maintain proper look-out, to maintain control of the vehicle, to exercise due care to avoid colliding with any pedestrian and to obey all traffic regulations and rules of the road.” The suit also charges that Fischer “breached her duty” to Pécqueur in one or more of 10 ways (driving too fast, failing to sound the horn, failing to keep a proper look-out), including driving “while ill, fatigued or impaired.” Judging from the timeline, however, and the 12 hours that had elapsed before FHP’s interview with Fischer, by then it would have been impossible for authorities to establish whether Fischer had been fatigued or impaired at the time of the collision.

For Fleming, regardless of the substance of his conversations with Fischer, the matter raises thorny issues of probity and perception in an election year, when he already faces three opponents (two in his own party; Fleming is a Republican). These opponents may have difficulties going on the offensive against the sheriff’s administration in an environment of declining crime and static budgets, leaving them hunting for peripheral issues to exploit. This could be one of them.

Francoise Pecqueur-Jamesine Fischer Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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69 Responses for “Sheriff Embroiled in Questionable Calls, Complicating Case of Walker’s Death; Suit Filed”

  1. margaret says:

    Yeah ok and I heard the “good ole boys” attitude and ways were done around here. BULL HOCKEY Thought this was called hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident or something to that affect……grrrrr NO SPECIAL TREATMENT If this had anyone else they would of already been arrested and been going through the “judicial process” here. So discouraging.

  2. says:

    if a deputy ahd been sent at the very beginning than none of this doubt would be happening now. law enforcement needs tp respond to all medical calls and not leave it up to dispatchers if it was a fall or not . that was a big mistake

  3. dontbesoparanoid says:,
    Do you know how many medical calls there are daily? Deputies do respond to med calls when the med unit requests it. I’m all for them responding to all med calls as long as you’re all for the hiring of more deputies (tax) to take on the extra call volume. Sadly, the outcome would not have been any different as medical help (the help she really needed) was sent when she was first discovered.

    Although truer than not, is the thought invoked by this article that some may use this for political gain like this woman is merely a pawn in a game strategy. Sickening thought isn’t it?

    • Layla says:

      Pawn? In what why? How do you use the death of a friend in the streets for political gain?

      Explain, please.

      And then I want the Sheriff to explain. I don’t think the people of Palm Coast care that this is an election year.

    • Riley says:

      You must be kidding about not enough deputies. I was at Staples several months ago, there were three deputies questioning a little old lady in front of Beall’s. Not enough deputies you say. Or it could be that they were on their way to Dunkins Donuts at the Shell gas station and took the call on their way there. The sherrif’s department has over two hundred fifty people working there.

  4. Oneofthe10%whovoted. says:

    This Sheriff needs to be removed for impeding an investigation. Mistake doesn’t even begin to describe it. He broke protocol.

    Sheriff needs to be investigated and replaced.

    • Emilie ROMANET says:

      Good friend of Sheriff thinking they are above the law . It’s corrupt and it’s sad . Simple resident as me . Sheriff will come and put me in jail even throw the key away . I don’t know how long Francoise was laying in the ditch …12 hours later , all M. Fischer done is talked to his friend Sheriff .It’s very sad . Good Christian ???? it’s a shame to pretend to be a good Christian .
      – some criminal running lose because they think the justice don’t have enough evidences
      – some innocent get locked up also because they don’t have enough evidences …

      So anyone can commit commit crime as soon they makes sure of themselves don’t leave behind scene evidences .
      Just go out get drunk and kill people …. make sure don’t leave evidences or witnesses behinh .

      I don’t even let my daughter go jogging anymore on the road .

  5. John Smith says:

    It does NOT matter all of the BS that these people are putting out there about how innocent this women is by calling to get help. There is a DEATH and SHE IS THE ONE that hit this INNOCENT women walking along the road. She needs to face the punishment as anyone else would have.

  6. palmcoaster says:

    A deputy was not send to the commands of the Sheriff. I was told by reliable community sources that is well known by the first witnesses to arrive to the scene, that Jasmine Fisher was drunk and that is why probably the Sheriff refuse to send deputies so she would not be requested to have a breath analyzer test.
    The Sheriff lied regarding how many calls he had with School Board Member Fischer known as one of his drinking buddies at their gathering club in Bunnell. If any of us here would have done what this woman did, we would have been seating on jail ever since. This cover up needs to end and this Sheriff needs to go given his participation on it. Having a Republican crook in Tallahassee now, will be a difficult task to achieve as, only the Governor can remove a constitutional (elected) official. Rue and Ziffra will have to prove criminal wrongdoing. These lawyers need to find out where this Fischer woman was coming from. Francoise needs justice! Otherwise we are all endangered in the County by cover ups.

  7. palmcoaster says:

    I am concerned as well that jogger Josefina Reid, killed also sometime ago by a driver “going off the road” has gone without proper punishment and should be reopened as well. The driver had a Portuguese last name and lets do not forget that the Portuguese community in this county overwhelming Republican affiliation, campaigned and voted for this Sheriff. I suspect that Fleming and State Attorney Larizza make up a risky combination.

  8. agnese says:

    Sounds like every incident has its own set of rules, or am I mistaken ??

  9. roco says:

    Cover up also makes sense.. In fact all the other posting make sense.. Hmmmm. Can we all be wrong??

  10. Martha says:

    I am shaking my head at these comments. I will wait until the investigation is complete before I cast any judgement. Florida Highway Patrol is the investigating agency not the Sheriffs Office. Even the lawyer for the family said in an article that this is not a race and investigations could take months. Justice is not always swift. I also do not believe the sheriff and FHP are in cahoots to formulate some cover up as suggested in the comments here. Palm coaster, I wonder if you have even read any of the articles on this incident… You seem to have a different idea of the chain of events than what articles have provided. By the way I don’t think it matters one bit to FHP what someone’s ethnic political stronghold is as you claim in Josephina Reid’s death. Your comments are apalling to me. May the families of both somehow find peace.

  11. That’s the “good old boy network” at its worst…totally corrupt. Poor lady. I hope her daughter gets a million dollar judgement.

  12. Geezer Butler says:

    The sheriff’s account of what happened that day stinks to high Hell.
    Thanks to Frank Fernandez for having the gonads to persist about this issue.

    Reporting such as this is glaringly rare around these parts.
    A pleasant surprise coming from the lowly News-Journal.

    Hopefully this story can continue on the front burners.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ palmcoaster:

    Totally off base with that comment. How about the guy has a clean record, never been in trouble before, grew up here as a productive citizen, is and has been raising his children all by himself. I think that’s worth giving the investigation a chance to sort things out.

    • Layla says:

      Not off base at all. That is what investigations are for. It seems there are many more aware of the circumstances than previously thought.

  14. Angie says:

    I saw Mrs. Fischer the evening of the accident. She was parked on a road in the F section. It struck me odd that she was parked there. She wasn’t on the phone. She was just stopped right on the street where no houses are. Not knowing at that time anything about an accident or anything much about Mrs. Fischer, the first thing that came to my mind was that she might be trying to sober up or something. It was just a passing thought when I saw her. I don’t know enough about her to know that she drinks or not. It was just a sense I got from the behavior I saw and even that wasn’t much.

    I feel bad for everyone involved. I’m sure it is tearing the Fischers apart inside. No rational person wants to be the cause of someone’s death like this. But I have to side with Francoise’s daughter. Her mother deserves justice, not this circus.

  15. palmcoaster says:

    @Anonymous. I can’t tell really how much off base I may be. My suspicious were revived by the fact that I was told couple of days ago, by very reliable sources that the first witnesses arriving at the hit and run site perceived Mrs Fischer to be drunk and or impaired quite a bit.
    Also that there is an investigation regarding the car and driver killing of Mrs. Reid and an ongoing investigation, I just learned thru your words now. Lately we haven’t heard a word ever since and that feels very akward to me. We should all be concerned…Same with the death of Mr. Taylor while riding his bycicle in Rte 100 and just in front of the Justice center and no perpetrator driver found yet? Hard to believe
    nowadays! If irreponsible, agressive, careless and/or worst, substance impaired drivers are going to get away with killing men, women and children while walking or bicycling in our roads, then we better all fear for our lives!

    • SSDD says:

      @palmcoaster & Layla

      Why are the two of you hell bent on the accident involving Mrs. Reid with charging the driver with being impaired? He was distracted by his children. I’m sure neither one of you have ever been driving and have never been distracted with your kids or phones or changing the radio or something like that because you are both so perfect. It was a terrible accident that happened. I personally know a neighbor of Mrs. Reid and they have spoken with the daughter that is living in her house. They understand that it was merely and accident and are not going after Mr. Castanheira as accidents do happen. Is it sad, yes. Very sad that a distracted driver did ended her life before it needed to be.

      As for the Fischer case, I agree with everything everyone else is saying.

  16. shoregal says:

    I’m not surprised to hear about the “conspiracy theory”. I notice that it is the same people who keep posting over and over again about anything related to our city government. Let me ask?? Do you also believe in the Chemtrail conspiracy or the HARRP conspiracy???? Come on people….Do something more constructive with your time instead of dreaming of conspiracy theories.

    • TLC says:

      Shoregal. Thanks so much for providing us with an example of a Flagler County resident who walks around daily with their eyes firmly closed. Where you in Pink Floyd’s music video The Wall?

  17. I'm not Saying....I'm Just Saying. says:

    Time for the resignation of both Mr. Fischer from the School Board and Sheriff Fleming.

    John Fischer is all about law, order, and discipline. Just not when it involves his wife, however. What kind of example is he setting for the kids he is supposed to be representing?

  18. Anonymous says:

    @ palmcoaster: my response was to your comment about this statement

    “The driver had a Portuguese last name and lets do not forget that the Portuguese community in this county overwhelming Republican affiliation”

    Truthfully the guy driving that car is a deputy’s brother. If he’s not getting protection for being that, he’s not going to get it because he has a Portuguese last-name. I agree with you on everything else.

  19. palmcoaster says:

    @Anonymous Thank you. Seems like you are well informed. I sincerely did not mention the language or the ethnic background out of being prejudice. To the contrary I like our Portuguese community as well as all the others. I did it only as a bare fact, fueling my suspicion arisen from the tragedies lately of our pedestrians and or cyclist killed in our streets and being of not much significance for our law enforcement as reported so far. Mr. Castanheira may be a good person but for some reason his distraction while driving cost a resident her life and should not be lightly taken, even if his relative is a deputy as you say.
    I am sad to see that after these several deaths little or nothing has been done to improve safety in our roads including planning or building expeditiously some walkways along the heavy volume traffic and tragic roads. We should have money in this county to provide teens with free inexpensive reflector lights for their bicycles and put in place an ordinance to enforce that they use them or be fined and also proper penalties enforced by law for drivers causing these deaths.

  20. Anthony says:

    As a former police officer in NYC, the SOP is that any person found unconscious in the public that exhibits the possibility of trauma or foul play is to be investigated. A crime scene would be established and detectives called. What bothers me is that the ambulance personnel did not call the Sheriff upon evaluating the scene of this woman with apparent life threatening injuries on the side of a road. It is apparent that this county needs a Sheriff with “big city” experience and not one with “crony” investigatory ties!

  21. TLC says:

    Hello fellow Americans. Please understand that as I write this email I find myself deeply saddened by the state of some of our public officials. I am in fact a disabled US Army Veteran and a retired Law Enforcement Officer. I do not speak on behalf of any of the announced candidate for local office as I have not heard anything yet that could make up my mind. But truly….If we speak of changing federal politics and corruption it is really sad that we cannot even clean up our own local county officials. Obviously, Fleming called his attorney to represent his friend…a fact he is now hiding. Obviously, Fleming’s new Chief Deputy O’Brien was only picked for that position because he is in bed (literally) with none other than our own County Commissioner Mellissa Holland. Obviously Fleming had knowledge that there had been a fatality and as our own “Top Cop” he is paid $100K + a year to make sure that he has his finger on the pulse of our county. Please WAKE UP fellow Americans. LET’S STOP THIS!! Fleming is a corrupt cop and if we can’t even see through the smoke that he sends up than we are all truly lost.

  22. says:

    Anthony, i could not agree with ou more. i said the same thing you had stated. unconscious, blood from the mouth and everyone assumes that it was a fall especially a dispatcher miles away. crappy invwestigative job.

  23. dontbesoparanoid says:

    TLC says: “Shoregal. Thanks so much for providing us with an example of a Flagler County resident who walks around daily with their eyes firmly closed. Where you in Pink Floyd’s music video The Wall?”

    Atleast she isn’t seeing things….

  24. sally says:

    So let me get this straight. I may be confused but I have read this article three times and I keep coming up with the same questions. If Sheriff Fleming does not cover up his own sons arrest people are assuming that he is going to jeopardize his job for Mr. Fischer? Is blood no longer thicker than water? My other question is if the phone records of Sheriff Fleming were pulled and the time line shows no communication between Mr. Fischer and Sheriff Fleming until 12 hours after the alleged incident which is when Mr. Fischer proceeded to call 911 what premise do these news reporters and the citizens of Palm Coast base their cover up theory on? Maybe it is true what one of the above comments said – that Sheriff Fleming opponents are hyping up the situation to gain the votes of the people.

    • Layla says:

      I understand that the sheriff’s personal phone records are being scrutinized in the investigation. If there is a coverup, it will be found.

      What opponents?

  25. Martha says:

    You’re not confused Sally. Unfortunately people don’t realize that until the investigation is complete, all reporting is speculative. Speculation + imagination = the theories some have come up with here. These are the same people that claim to have a “reliable source” in an attempt to lead others into believing they have an inside scoop. The truth always comes out in the end and these people will just move on to something else to complain about.

  26. Martha says:

    Well at least until November right Geezer butler? I’m disgusted by what this has turned into here.

    • Layla says:

      Martha, the disgust here to most of us is the fact that there has not been an arrest yet in this case.

      That’s a logical question and one the Sheriff is not responding to.

      • dontbesoparanoid says:

        The Sheriff would not be responding to any question of arrest. It is not his place as it is not a Sheriff’s Office investigation it is a Florida Highway Patrol investigation as mentioned numerous times in the articles written.

  27. Martha says:

    TLC, Can you back your statements? Calling someone a “corrupt cop” is pretty strong. Maybe even slanderous…

    • Oneofthe10%whovoted says:

      Martha, Looks to me like your own bias may be showing here.

    • TLC says:

      Well let us define corrupt then…..”made inferior by errors”
      Would anyone reading this story argue that perhaps Fleming had an error in judgement in this case? I rest my case to an obvious Feming supporter.

      • Layla says:

        This shouldn’t be about “support”. It should be about protocol. Very simple. Takes the politics out of it altogether.

        It appears he did make a serious error in judgement, one that compromised the possibility of a thorough investigation. I just don’t see where politics comes into this.

        Did the Sheriff behave and react appropriately? Simple question.

  28. palmcoaster says:

    @Martha the reliable source is not “an insider cop” but a resident of the area were Fischer struck Francoise. Also the concerns here have nothing to do with politics or an incoming elections, but instead about public safety for us all and the enforcement of the law in a fair to all and a “non selective” manner.

  29. palmcoaster says:

    @SSDD no one said that Mr. Castanheira “was impaired” that was said and in in the lawsuit as per witnesses against Mrs Fischer. Regarding Mr. Catanheira I said was distracted and that “had gone off the road” while driving and should not be taken lightly when caused a death. You may want to go back to my post above. If Mr. Castanheira has been excused by deceased Mrs Reid, daughter, nowadays is very unusual and he is a very lucky man….

    [Note: the wrongful death lawsuit does not state that Mrs. Fischer was impaired. It claims, among 10 charges, but without substantiation, that she drove “while ill, fatigued or impaired.” The nuance is important.–FlaglerLive]

  30. Martha says:

    My own bias? Why? Because I won’t speculate like everyone else? Because I’ll wait until the conclusion of the investigation before judgement? Bias? No. Fair? Yes.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Fleming had his son deliberately busted, staked out by two separate deputies and pulled over, no random stop. He was caught with a small amount of drugs enough not to go jail but enough to force him into rehab. What most people don’t know is Fleming had to make it go public to make it go away otherwise someone else was going to expose it. This wasn’t justice at it’s finest this was the only way he could beat his critics to the punch! Remember when O’Brien’s brother was staked out and fingered by FDLE picking up Marijuana producing equipment from the same place the guys that had three weed house operations in his neighborhood also got their equipment and even lived on his street. O’Brien was covineenatly getting training in DC when the bust went down so not to have to face embarrsement when they picked up his brother. His brother got a slap on the wrist for possesion. Had that been a local investigation we would have never heard of it even so he had enough time to clean house. FDLE spared the locals, happy with the three houses they took down.

  32. Bullgator2410 says:

    This is pure character assasination in preparation for an election. This poor dead woman and the school board member are just pawns in t he game. How sad. Our Sheriff has impeccable integrity.

    • Layla says:

      It’s nice to know the Sheriff has such strong support from his friends. However, that should have absolutely nothing to do with the investigation going on here. This isn’t character assassination.

      Mrs. Pecqueur was a friend and neighbor to many of us. She lost her life, maybe because this case was not handled as it should have been. If there is any politics going on here, I think you’d better ask the Sheriff about that.

      You seem to be overlooking that fact.

  33. palmcoaster says:

    Thank you for the clarification FlaglerLive…
    In few words, that Mrs Fischer may have been impaired, is without substantiation until proven in court or by the FHP investigation. Then we have to wait! I sure know one thing, if were any of us the perpetrators of the hit and run, we would have been in jail for a while or still until now. Otherwise look at the case of jeweler Mr. Ferrena in the European Village. He was handcuffed and charged and jailed based in a lie of a crook that has a criminal background , until the state attorney was shown his innocence with a revealing video.
    Even a witness was ignored by the deputies and prevented from testifying about the truth for the Ferrena’s. This is the scary bias environment we are subject to in this county now, regarding our law enforcement.

  34. palmcoaster says:

    And this is just the first outcome, the criminal charges investigation of the FHP proceeds:

  35. dontbesoparanoid says:


    With regard to Flemings son he did not have to make it go public so it would go away. I don’t know how you get that with what his stance has been on pill mills. Also, an arrest was made and he was booked into the jail all of which is public information.

    With regard to Obrien he was in the FBI academy when his brother was arrested. Don’t know how that was convenient as one has to be picked by the FBI for this and it takes months of preparation.

    All the guess work here is astounding.

    • Anonymous says:

      @dontbesoparanoid: Yeah sure, your simplifying it. You know what I’m talking about. Proactive not Reactive. But that’s job security for you Deputies.

  36. dontbesoparanoid says:

    I’m not simplifying it.. i’m factualizing it.

  37. Begonia says:

    @TLC & dontbesoparanoid, I just spoke with a friend who is an officer re this case. He brings up some interesting questions:

    Who calls the Sheriff at 5:30am to tell him his wife may have hit a dog? Fleming flip flopped on whether it was am or pm. Why?

    Was he trying to remember whether the call was to his cell phone, subject to FOIA or his home phone, which is not?

    Gathering all these phone records should answer the question of what did he know and when did he know it. Simple, nothing political in any of that.

    All we want to know is was there a coverup of some sort? Why have no charges been filed against Mrs. Fischer?

  38. Begonia says:

    @TLC & dontbesoparanoid, I just spoke with a friend who is an officer re this case. He brings up some interesting questions:
    Who calls the Sheriff at 5:30am to tell him his wife may have hit a dog? Fleming flip flopped on whether it was am or pm. Why would he do this?
    Was he trying to remember whether the call was to his cell phone, subject to FOIA or his home phone, which is not?
    Gathering all these phone records should answer the question of what did he know and when did he know it. Simple, nothing political in any of that.
    Why have no charges been filed against Mrs. Fischer?
    These are reasonable questions.

  39. palmcoaster says:

    Dear Begonia, if were you or I the perpetraror, other than the Fischer woman, we would have been in jail ever since the tragic hit and run or out on a high bail. That is the problem we have here. Not any politics!

  40. Begonia says:

    @palmcoaster, know exactly what you mean. But the questions are simple. Why are we not getting any straight answers?

  41. JUST WONDERING says:


  42. dontbesoparanoid says:

    It may be Begonia, that it’s because in a case like this there really is no obligation to answer or offer any more information to anyone outside of the investigation while it continues.

  43. palmcoaster says:

    @dontbesoparanoid. This investigation is taking too long as some others before. Reminds me of the last toxicology test to be published that never did, when the family of former FCCOC President Kevin Henderson and family were found dead inside their Hammock Beach millionaire condo with their heads covered tight in plastic bags and Kevin was deemed a murderer and that committed suicide over their financial dealings and investments that took a hit for their investors. I knew that family well. Kevin never, will never harm his 12 year old adored daughter or his wife Melinda, when she told me herself how lucky she was when Kevin arrived in her life and how good of a father and family man he was. Whatever happened to the toxicology test, if there was one? Because the information was that he “may” have drugged wife and daughter and then suffocated them with the plastic bag while they were passed out and afterwards he killed himself by placing a bag on his head suffocating as well….Not at all the family we new, donating funds and time to the Flagler County Auditorium as she was or not in the Board, donating and fundraising for the Boys Scouts, Big Brother, Big Sister and many other community organizations as well as Kevin was one of the friendliest officials ever to the small businesses members, while being President of the FCCOC then. They were also very loving of their dog Leona that was found with them on the crime scene, enduring and sharing the tragedy alone with her murdered owners for days until were discovered…..
    Just few days before the tragedy, a smiley Kevin took Leona to her groomer, as well as was normally seeing by friends working out at the gym…?

    • Anonymous says:

      @ palmcoaster:

      heard directly from an emergency guy who was at the scene” No way that could have been a just murder suicide”. For days after canine and cops searched for something outside the building???

      • Martha says:

        Emergency guy at the scene? At death calls they go in and pronounce and are out of there in minutes. The cops are there for hours on end but yeah let’s go with your emergency guys 2 minute observation.

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      I remember that day. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. In a case where criminal charges are pending, an investigation should take as long as needed. This is a good thing as certainly no one wants to see an innocent person go to jail or a guilty person go free because of a rushed investigation in any case. It may even seem longer to some because they are waiting to hear of an outcome. I don’t blame people for wanting to know but some patience could be exercised. Let FHP do their job. It’s their investigation not the Sheriff’s Office’s. There seems to be some confusion here among some commenters as to which is which.

  44. palmcoaster says:

    @Anonymous. Thank you for the input that adds to what other residents suspect as well. Their pet Leona was never even mentioned by the report release by the Sheriff’s Debra Johnson, when adjacent neighbors saw Leona given by deputies and taken away by Melinda’s older daughter that found her parents and half sister dead. The Henderson’s I knew well, did not end their lives with a murder suicide. Something more sinister took place that was not brought to light yet. That is why I always say that we need the FBI in this county. If I was mentioned by some outstanding long time residents, that maybe will be better to let this tragedy to rest and avoid to risk one’s safety, because anyway the Hendersons can’t be brought back to life, imagine how Melinda’s daughter in St. Johns County may feel.

  45. dontbesoparanoid says:


    There was an incident that weighed heavily on my mind for years (the death of my father). The circumstances surrounding it that were reported seemed unreal to me. After many years I decided to reach out to the investigating law enforcement agency to request the report they had taken of his accident 25 years earlier. I still had some questions in my mind after reading it but I did get some closure. Reading your posts I gather these were very good friends of yours. You could go to the Sheriff’s Office and request the report they did It’s public information. It may not answer every question as other law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation but it may help bring closure to know what they (and the other agencies) did.

  46. Dave says:

    I hope that the EMS people that responded to this call have been required to be re tested in their skills as paramedic’s and emt’s after such a botched up job on a woman found laying on the side of a street with blood coming from mouth, maybe a suit should be launched against them as well for a very poor assessment on their roll that ended in the lost of a life, everything about this case just seems so wrong in so many ways, As for the good sheriff his actions seem very odd by not coming forward with all the facts of his roll play in the very beginning to the public, May everyone get the peace of mind that is needed here.

  47. Martha says:


    Flagler is fortunate enough to have some of the best EMT’s in the world.

  48. palmcoaster says:

    @Don’tBeParanoid. I did request information about the Henderson’s family case after a long while to our State Attorney’s office back then and they said the investigation was still ongoing and the toxicologist was still to be reported….and never heard back from them.

  49. David says:

    All traffic accidents where there is a fatality are investigated by FHP, not the local Sheriff Dept.

  50. Jerry says:

    The Sheriff should be Investigated with the same vim and vigger he placed on all people under him that have lost there jobs through political BS during his term of office. I’m sure they will uncover the “GOOD OLD BOY ” network is alive and well. I have no doubt the Sheriff is involved very deeply in all of this. For him to lie and not give an honest account of his phone records proves to me he is heavily involved and he feels he is truly above the law. I think the Sheriff should resign and not even think about re-election. Shame on you Mr. Fleming , is this any way you lead by example ? Your just a big bag of wind. Time for you to move on.

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