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Fatal Irresponsibility:
How Palm Coast Willfully Ignored Street Lights And Sidewalks For 10 Years

| April 8, 2017

palm coast street lights sidewalks pierre tristam

Even with a number of headlights, it was dark on Lakeview Boulevard as a state homicide investigator took pictures of the car that struck and killed Michelle Taylor,. as she walked along Lakeview, last month. Her death prompted Matanzas High School students to act as Palm Coast government has refused to do for 10 years. (© FlaglerLive)

It was heartening to see Matanzas High School students not only present their research findings about street lights and sidewalks to the Palm Coast City Council Tuesday, but to demand that the city act on their work.  The city may finally be listening. It’s about time. It hasn’t listened for 10 years. And no, it had nothing to do with the recession. The money was there. The city chose to spend it on luxuries instead of necessities. It shouldn’t have taken the death of Matanzas student Michelle Taylor last month, the latest of many, to finally get the city’s attention.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive Palm Coast has been ignoring the need for street lights and sidewalks because they’re not sexy like medians spiffed up like the gardens of Versailles, or a city hall to satisfy government vanity, or a golf course to pander to a microscopic minority or, for that matter, opulent nature trails. Any city should rightfully be proud of those, but not before lining busier streets with sidewalks and lights, which aren’t amenities but mandatory minimum services even for third world cities. And I’ve been to a few.

Instead Palm Coast government spends an obscene amount of time patting itself on the back, parading its “awards,” marketing its “brand” as if it were a corporation selling sneakers or uppers rather than a city responsible exclusively for services and citizens. The city’s branding logo, “Find your Florida,” at least concedes that the way isn’t clear, and that the burden is on you to find it.

In many ways the city is well run. It’d better be, at the prices we’re paying. But in critical ways, it’s not been run at all. It’s been pretty clear what makes management salivate and what makes it shrug. So it’s been with sidewalks and streetlights, a black hole Palm Coast inherited from ITT and out of which it has done little to emerge. As the sheriff told me this week, “I’m on patrol at night, and it’s really dark.”

kirt smith

The scene the night Kirt Smith was struck by a car on Seminole Woods Boulevard in 2011. He later died. The city has since built a sidewalk along the road. Click on the image for larger view.
(© FlaglerLive)

Michelle Taylor was killed last month. Kelvin Smith, 16, was killed last New Year’s Eve while biking on darkened Old Kings Road. Kirt Smith, 15, was killed while riding his bike on darkened Seminole Woods Boulevard in 2011. Yes, the driver was drunk. But the city was just as bombed for not having a sidewalk there. It has remedied that negligence only recently, but too late for Josefina Reid, 54, who was killed while jogging on Seminole Boulevard a few months after Kirt’s death. And there was Francoise Pécqueur, who’d been a friend of mine, killed as she walked her dog on Columbia Lane the same year. She was almost 77. And those are just the ones I can remember. Don’t expect our self-congratulating city to put up a memorial to them.

And don’t buy the no-money bunk. The city has about eight sources of money for capital improvements. Not all of it is usable for street infrastructure. But plenty of it is, including property tax revenue. The city could have used revenue from the local-option sales tax. It could have used revenue from federal block grants (it was Obama stimulus dollars, not the city’s foresight, that finally built Belle Terre’s sidewalks). It could have devoted a fraction of revenue from property taxes, or even raised property taxes a fraction and more than have doubled the 3,000-some lights along city streets in a matter of a few years. Systematically going the LED route (instead of the inexcusable on-demand approach the city has in place right now) would have saved substantially on the $120-a-year it costs to keep a light on, helping pay for the additional lights.

Instead, the city did nothing.

Well, not nothing, exactly. By choice, the city in the past eight years spent $10 million to build a city hall, boasting all along that it never needed to raise taxes for it, that the money was in the bank, that it was entirely affordable. And it was. But that cost alone could have lit up Palm Coast. The city knew it. It didn’t care. The city council and City Manager Jim Landon wanted their little city hall the way insecure middle-age men want their red Miata The city has spent close to $8 million on its golf course and counting, a golf course that was failing when it acquired it, is failing still, and will continue to fail as the city masquerades as its own golf management company in the next few years.

The city has spent untold millions on medians and marbled Palm Coast signs no matter how redundant (that insecurity at the helm again), and on landscaping and nature trails, though nothing illustrates the city’s back-assed approach like trails that need cars to get to: building sidewalks first, enabling walkers and bikers to get to the trails without burning gas, would have not only made more sense. It would have addressed need before gloss. So much for the city’s hollow boasts of being a green city.

And just as we’re finally getting rid of red-light cameras, the city is spending a projected $1 million on a ridiculous “traffic signal optimization” project that includes high-definition video cameras at intersections. (And no, the system won’t synchronize traffic lights, because that would make too much sense). On top of that, the city is about to spend nearly $8 million on a new community center.

All of this lavish spending is discretionary, a choice, in a city that still claims with a straight face that it couldn’t build sidewalks and install street lights because it was short of money. Some of that spending may be needed as amenities. But none of it was needed before the essentials of sidewalks and streetlights were taken care of. No one held a gun to the city’s head to build these luxuries before necessities. It’s pedestrians who walk with a gun to their head, Russian-roulette style, with the city cynically chambering the ammo as it sings another jingle to itself.  Find your Florida? Michelle, Kelvin, Kirt, Josefina and Francoise sure did.

Good thing high school students have a more honorable moral compass and sense of priorities than our city leaders, assuming our current batch follows the students’ lead and put an end to the last 10 years’ miserable inaction. “I can’t go back and undo the decisions of councils past but I can certainly advocate and take a strong position going forward, and this will be a priority,” Mayor Milissa Holland told me Friday. “You’re going to see a very different discussion from this council moving forward, and it’s being taken very seriously.”

Let’s hope the number of new lights and miles of sidewalk in the coming year outnumber the roadside memorials.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here or follow him @PierreTristam. A version of this piece aired on WNZF.

palm coast street lights

Kirt Smith’s roadside memorial days after he was killed. Click on the image for larger view.
(© FlaglerLive)

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53 Responses for Fatal Irresponsibility:
How Palm Coast Willfully Ignored Street Lights And Sidewalks For 10 Years”

  1. Realist says:

    This city has continued to decline due to a terrible city manager and incompetent elected officials. I go back in this town a VERY long time.

  2. John F. Pollinger says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis as well as the comments listed in the article. When I ran for sheriff five years ago, I made it a recurring comment around Palm Coast. I have never seen a supposedly modern city with the lack of street lights as I have in Palm Coast. In fact, I have never seen a city or town so DARK in residential areas as Palm Coast. In addition to the safety issue as outlined, it should be noted there are three things that criminals do not like; noise, light and spending time while in the commission of a crime. Citizens can lower the crime rate and their chances of being a victim by locking their vehicles as well as decent locks on their homes. Only the city can install the street lights as a further deference to crime as well as the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists alike. High pressure sodium street lighting is effective, relatively cheap and will go a long way to reducing the carnage as well as the crime rate. In my previous home town any citizen could request a street light. We would send out a member of the traffic unit to evaluate and make his or her recommendation. If I approved it, it would go to the city manager for final approval. We had the third safest city in the United States for towns of our size and I firmly believe street lights were a major factor for that ranking.

  3. The Ghost of America says:

    Look Pierre, are you really surprised? If the Dalai Lama’s nephew getting run over in the hammocks and killed wasn’t a wakeup call for increased lighting and sidewalks, I mean, what is? You’re talking about a city that chose red light cameras over and their associated increase in traffic accidents over the well-being of their residents.

  4. Leslie says:

    I disagree with almost everything that Pierre Tristam has written, so I am totally surprised that I agree with him this time.

    Since this Palm Coast planned unit development became a city, I have not seen much responsibility from the elected officials and don’t get me started on the City Manager. All they want to do is make Palm Coast a “showcase”.

    If it weren’t so serious it would be comical to watch the medians get planted, torn up, replanted, paved, repaved and torn up and replanted. It would also be comical to see our local government think they are responsible for the golfers and tennis players in this town. I know no tennis player and only one regular golfing couple. I know I don’t have a huge circle of friends but out of the 500 or so Palm Coasters that I do know, more of them are concerned with safety than with golfing and tennis, or with pretty medians and fancy street signs.

    In years past I attended a few council meetings and was astounded at their arrogance and their lack of concern for what the constituents want. In one case I questioned a very large expense related to eminent domain. I said the property was worth X and they were paying X plus 50%. They told me that they wanted it and that was that. They offered what they did because it they could. No consideration of taxpayers or anything else. I hope Holland is different than her predecessors with their supercilious attitudes. Kudos to the high-schoolers who have more common sense than the politicians

  5. W.Ryan says:

    Being Incorporated most city’s look out for the big cash flow. And like all Corporations, they want profit over anything more. Because it helps their growth which in turn create a means for more money through the ability to tax more and price more for permits and fees that will continue to feed their growth. Greed! Safety came second to PC because no one is watching anymore. Citizens are so fed up and discouraged that change hasn’t come despite the voice of the people. Hard working people get side tracked and bamboozled by nonsensical rhetoric that pits side against side or feed the pockets of the have. Redlight Cameras, City Hall, Tennis Courts, 7 million dollar rehabs, etc. This breeds mediocrity and drones. It’s heartening that our kids, whom are constantly groomed for drone-hood has shaken off the spell and are challenging this city that only look out for big rollers. Palm Coast, give us streetlights and sidewalks and stop ignoring our needs. Thanks for again raising the stakes.

  6. Jimbo says:

    There are zero street lights from European Village to Palm Coast Pkwy. One-half mile. If you walk this stretch you must use your cell phone light.

  7. Fredrick says:

    APPLAUSE!!! Excellent editorial Pierre.

    That’s two I have agreed with you on in the last month. It is truly the end of times…..

  8. woodchuck says:

    While I don’t agree with obnixous amout of lights, increased speratic insallation is a plus.Red light cameras and pissing away the profits was top pritoirty,the black hole of golf coarses and the tennis complex shines bright.You know what they about Palm Coast drivers”if you don’t what to get run over get off the sidewalk”{if there is one]

  9. anon2 says:

    I have seen the plans for Old King’s Rd for the addition of lanes and sidewalks on either side. Kudos for that. I think that along the more well traveled areas of Palm Coast (Palm Coast Pkwy, Palm Harbor Pkwy, Kings Rd. Belle Terre, soft lamplights (like the Hammock has) should be put in which only cast light below, not above (no light pollution like in Daytona or Atlanta, or Orlando or Miami). I love that I can see the sky and stars so clearly from my back porch, but we do need sidewalks down the main traveled roads (and that includes roads like Cimmarron, with so many walkers, Clubhouse dr., Florida Park, and other connector roads.

    But let me keep my stars and clear sky and ability to see rocket launches from Cape Canaveral.

  10. Pat Patterson says:

    I agree 100% with this article. Doubtful we will see lights and sidwalks added to Palm Coast during my life time. Oh, but it would be so nice to be wrong.

  11. Watching Closely says:

    As someone said, the median thing is a joke. I like a beautiful city, don’t misunderstand. But this constant digging up, flattening out, replanting is nothing short of amazing. I threw up my hands and called our power company and had a street light turned on near my house. I don’t mind spending the small amount of money each month to do that because it’s worth it to me. Any citizen of this city can do the same. The thing is, WHY do we need to do that? And this light only helps me, and my close neighbors on this street. As soon as you leave this little area, we are back to DARK. This is just insane. I wasn’t surprised to see the number one comment on the city survey was a need for streetlights. I sure wrote that, and it looks like a whole lot of other people did too. So, city of Palm Coast, LISTEN TO US!!

  12. Howard Duley says:

    Mr. Tristam, Sir: Excellent article. I tip my hat to you.

  13. suzy mendenhall says:

    When we first moved to Palm Coast in 2005 I asked about street lights since the streets were totally unlit. I was told that a street light would be installed if we paid for it monthly. I found this absurd since we do pay taxes. Since we have lived in other communities in our lifetime this would be part of the tax base and we were wrong. I believe that if every taxable property was required to pay an additional $5 a year the whole community would be lit up like a Christmas tree and pedestrians would be safe as would be the animals. “Come on folks…loosen your purse strings and make Palm Coast a better place to live!

  14. Kim says:

    I’ve recently been studying the World Health Organization’s document “Measuring the Age-Friendliness of Cities”. Accessibility of the physical environment, of course, is a key area. This includes Neighborhood Walkability, Accessibilty of Public Spaces and Buildings, Accessibility of Public Transportation Vehicles, Accessibility of Public Transportation Stops, and Affordability of Housing.

    Palm Coast considers itself a retirement area, but reading this document I don’t think we are doing very well in most of these areas.

  15. Veteran says:

    Palm Coast has done nothing for the L section.

  16. RayD says:

    Well said. Its just not a priority because it won’t increase the tax base or otherwise create profit. Besides, no room for sidewalks due to the existing ditches instead of storm sewers. Some areas, L comes to mind, will probably never have adequate lighting and sidewalks. The golf course and tennis center is an issue that defies conventional reason. I mean but a few benefit from the tennis center. There are courts around town. Only a few who live near or on it benefit from that lousy golf course. In the classic dilemma of the many or the few, the few benefit. The many still live on dark streets with no sidewalks. However, Mr Landon retains his plush job. Makes no sense.

  17. Anonoymous says:

    Ten years ago would be 2007. The Housing Bubble burst in 2008. Palm Coast did not escape the Foreclosure Crisis. Was not the time to even consider raising property taxes for streetlights and sidewalks.

    What makes me angry is that while driving at night you still see teenagers walking in the streets in dark clothing or riding bikes you cannot see until you are right on top of them.

    Streetlights and sidewalks are not going to be built overnight. So I suggest parents assume the responsibility for their children and purchase better clothing, lights and especially put lights on bicycles if they are going to allow their children to be out past dark.

    For pete’s sake a small high beam flashlight can be purchased for $19.95 and lights for bicycle tires are less than $20.00. Just go to Amazon and it has a ton of stuff that will provide safety to your children.

    Aren’t your children worth a few dollars?

    Now i have an assignment or the High School students? Next project is to create a plan to pay for their streetlights and sidewalks. They can start by interviewing their own parents and asking “How much extra property taxes are you willing to pay to build sidewalks and install streetlights in Palm Coast?

    Would love to hear the parent’s responses. I know what my answer to my child would be. “If you are willing to give up your allowance I will pay that in increased property taxes; you can get a job.”

  18. Anonoymous says:

    How does one get a streetlight in front of their house?”

    Contact Florida Power and Light. If you have a light pole in the proximity of your property, you can request to have light to be installed on it. Of course, there is a monthly fee for this service but it is a common arrangement that shouldn’t require an “act of congress.”

    I believe the charge is $10 a month. So for 4 neighbors it would be $5 a month.

    Now what do you think will provide more safety as to crime. The $39.00 a month you are paying to ADT or $5.00 for a streetlight.

    P.S. We could all keep our front of the home outdoor lights on at night instead of turning them off to save a few pennies.

  19. PCer says:

    Sidewalks are built by communists and socialists. If you want sidewalks pay for it yourself. #keepvotingGOP

  20. Old Lady says:

    the fat cats line their pockets and tear up medians just to plant new flowers. It’s time to wake up and smell the responsibility!

  21. Flatsflyer says:

    Don’t forget the sales, the “C” Section pays the most in taxes and gets the least in return, no sidewalks, no streetlights and constant water in poorly designed sales. Palm Harbor Parkway has the worst landscaping of any major road in the entire City.

  22. Pedro Andrade says:

    I’ve been living in Palm coast now for 5 years , the first thing that I thought to myself is that I couldn’t believe how Palm coast had no street lights and sidewalks . Every neighborhood I drove to is so dark I almost hit two people because there’s no sidewalks for people to get out of walking the streets that is so dangerous in the day and so much worse at night , how many more innocent people have to die until they have no choice. Streetlights and sidewalks should be mandatory!! What’s a city with no sidewalks and streetlights ?

  23. palmcoaster says:

    Well said Pierre. Palm Coast government has been wasting our tax dollars by the hundreds of millions just benefiting developers so did the county…other than using our to pay for our infrastructure as it should be.
    Both governments. building Tajmahals, Justice palaces, City, County Halls, Town Center CRA’s, Town Center Infrastructure of south Old Kings Road, New Public Works Buildings, Not needed yet new Community Center. Putting all those Capital projects before sidewalks and street light that could have been achieved with request for help from federal and state government grants as well.
    For the past 17 years Palm Coast and County should have demanded that every single new development in its boundaries comes with sidewalks and lightning (like Town Center) or NO APPROVAL, as simple as that….We pay enough taxes and the problem is that our funds are wasted in benefiting the few, other than serving the ones that pay the bill aka US the People.

  24. Leisa says:

    I agree 100% with what was stated in this article.

  25. AL says:

    Everyone, myself included, wants streetlights and sidewalks, but how many want them in their own front yards? I pay FPL for a streetlight. Recently, because a neighbor complained, the light was cut down 50% and blocked out on one side as a compromise. My $10 a month charge remains the same. Be careful of what you wish for.

  26. brad says:

    Note to parents, your kids shouldn’t be riding bikes at night without reflectors lights on front and back and light clothes. If there isn’t a sidewalk they shouldn’t be in the road, if you don’t do this bit of safety you should expect to lose a few, its just a mater of time.

  27. Heading North says:

    Once again, to my surprise, I find myself in total agreement with Pierre!!
    Well written, factual and moreover, to the point.
    The city powers just plain don’t care! Too busy feeding their own egos, and preening their own feathers!
    But, on the same note, they keep getting elected, keep getting raises, and keep wasting the taxpayers money, so who is to blame??
    Again, well done Pierre!

  28. MB says:

    It took them forever to complete the Seminole Woods sidewalk. Seminole Woods is the most neglected part of Palm Coast by city officials. Always last on the list to get anything.

    Several months ago I sent emails to the city manager, mayor, and code enforcement regarding a serious danger on the Seminole Woods sidewalk at Citation. It involved two metal trap doors in the sidewalk that had collapsed and would have injured anyone who had fallen on it. To this day they have not repaired it. Instead, they put an ugly sheet of rusted iron over the trap doors and coned it off. Also used yellow crime scene tape. This is the city’s answer to a repair. It’s ugly and unsightly. Do you think they would have used the same technique near city hall or up on Palm Coast Parkway? It’s time Seminole Woods Residents unite and form a political action committee to get rid of our incompetent leaders.

  29. Veteran says:

    If you pay $39 a month for ADT then you most likely pay sticker price for a car. Have had ADT for 8 years. Every time they try to raise my rates I threaten to cancel. I pay $23.50 per month.

  30. Bc. says:

    Pierre your starting to scare me I have agreed with your post the last few times good article

  31. BILL HARVEY says:

    excellent article pierre and a big thank you to the very observant high school students as to what is happening here. too much money on putting flowers in the medians and only to have idiot drivers run over them and the newly planted sod. we have to keep all the landscape contractors in business with tax dollars. I wonder if any of those contractors that are doing all the plantings in the medians are related to any city officials

  32. Vincent A. Liguori says:


  33. David S. says:

    You can thank the former mayor Nettis and Landon!!!!!! Total B.S.

  34. Concerned Citizen says:

    Excellent article Pierre,

    To those complaining about raising taxes and wanting your child’s allowance or get a job isn’t that a bit harsh? Shouldn’t we encourage our youth to look forward and try to help make things better?

    The change actually starts with us adults and that begins at the poles. We need to get a city council that listens to it’s constituents. Not one that bickers and calls names or has a mayor that invests money on a useless radio program.

    That change also starts at home with parenting. Teaching your child to be safe and proactive and helping them get the necessary equipment to be visible. I understand things cost money but an inexpensive light or reflective vest might mean the difference in coming home or not. And step up the game and say you don’t go out safe in proper clothing you don’t go out!! No reason to gout in black jeans and dark shirts at 9PM at night.

    If you’re worried about expense why not have them cut grass or wash cars to “earn it”? And some things are legally required btw like lighting for bikes which can be gotten very reasonable.

    I’ve also seen teens out pretty late for school nights. Growing up we had to be in by a certain time and were never out after dark. I guess times have changed though.

    Change also starts with adults doing what the kids are doing. Get those petitions going and email the crap out of our politicians. Call the state and hound them too.

    We need lights more than nice medians. City Center and Town Center don’t need to be lit up like a runway when you head down parts of Palm Coast Pkwy and Florida Park Drive and can’t see.

    I’m not a Palm Coast native and sometimes catch crap for voicing an opinion around the “older generation” However I have lived here 12 years and consider it home.

    I would like to see change and voice my opinion to try and make it happen. If everyone did that and pulled together we might just get somewhere.

  35. Josh says:

    This was a very well-written article. I couldn’t agree more… get us some sidewalks!!! Sincerely, the S-Section.

  36. Jeff Gonzalez says:

    I think the idea of more lights is ridiculous. It already takes 20min to get anywhere in town more stops wouldn’t accomplish anything. More side walks makes perfect sense as it takes care of the clear and only real issue; pedestrians on the road. If a pedestrian had a place to walk outside of the road on every street what worry would there be for more lights? If you look through out palm coast you can see that just about every major intersection has not only one layer of lights but two! The flow of traffic here is Insanity, the speed in which people move and get to their destination is near sloth levels.. stop talking about lights and start talking about more lights and start talking about how we can make our roads more efficient for cars and legs!

  37. YankeeExPat says:

    Put a sidewalk in front of Grandpa’s house and when the first Kid rides by on a bike, Pops will have a problem with it.

  38. Lou says:

    If you want sidewalks and streetlights why did you purchase or rent a place without sidewalks and streetlights lights? Just curious.

  39. Born and Raised Here says:

    Years ago I wanted a street light in front of my house. I was told, at the time by the Palm Coast Service District to contact FPL. I did and I had to purchase it from FPL and was required to make monthly payments and use age fees. I think that’s what the citizens should have to do if they want a street light. Pay for it themselves and not depepend on the City.

  40. Debbie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Somebody finally addressed this issue! I lived in Palm Coast for 7 years. I’m a walker and I walked almost every day up to 4 miles or more each day. I never understood why I had to traverse unpaved roads to get to the “shared use paths.” Nor why there were so few, if any, street lights. It’s a damn shame so many lives had to be lost to wake up this city to the need for sidewalks and lighting. One other thing. If you’re going to restrict the height of signs in the city, then trim the damn foliage so that you can see and read the signs that are so low you have to be almost on top of them to see and read them.

  41. Chris says:

    As an owner of property on Reybell Lane, the approach, intersection and general area is dark beyond belief.
    We made a request for a street light and after 2-3 months it was installed. It was installed by mistake in the wrong neighborhood but after a few more phone calls it was installed in the right location.
    Advice…Call the city and argue that you want a street light for safety!

  42. Flatsflyer says:

    Don’t forget the swales, the “C” Section pays the most in taxes and gets the least in return, no sidewalks, no streetlights and constant water in poorly designed swales. Palm Harbor Parkway has the worst landscaping of any major road in the entire City.

  43. palmcoaster says:

    Mr. Gonzalez above…we are talking about street lights NO RED LIGHTS. Street lights at least one in every corner of our city and maybe one if affordable every half block. But at least start with one on every corner or every block length.

  44. B says:

    I never agree with Pierre either. However, I do agree with.some of his comments this time. Now, he did not mention anything about personnel responsibility or situational awareness. We.were.taught at a young age to wear light clothing when walking at night. Our bikes had to have reflectors also. Peirre, your comments showed a lot of anger towards city government. I think it.will take a while to install street lights so why not a crusade to make sure in the meantime, everyone takes their own precautions​ and is personally responsible for themselves and others and not teach them that the city is.responsible for everything!!!

  45. Mary says:

    I relocated to Palm Coast over a year ago and have been complaining about the lack of street lights and sidewalks ever since! It is very obvious that the city government needs to be totally restructured and acountability should be first and foremost. The city’s claim that there is no money for street and sidewalks is ridiculous when there are literally millions of grant dollars available to improve the basic infrastructure of cities, such as streets, sidewalks, etc., at no extra cost to taxpayers. It seems to me like we have a social club sitting up at city hall who have no strategic plan to IMPROVE the quality of life for it’s citizens/registered voters, but rather decide to waste money on “beautification” of a few medians, etc. It’s about time to clean house at city hall and get rid of the waste. Thank you Pierre for your right-on editorial!

  46. TwoLameDucks says:

    I guarantee the recent work on Belle Terre’s median(s) far surpasses the golf course costs. They have been planting various things since January.

  47. Sherry says:

    A TAX By Any Other Name! Why in the world does Palm Coast not have the funds to put in well lit side walks? Why is it that local citizens are required to pay separately for each of the street lights that keeps their neighborhoods safe? There is something terribly WRONG with the political priorities in Palm Coast!!!!

  48. John dolan says:

    Palm Coast had not ignored pay raises for all big shots. They shoved red light cameras down our throat with a billy club.If they didnt know it was unconstitutional they should have. Easier to receive forgiveness than get permission.Mz Holland are you going to drain the swale?

  49. John Brady says:

    Pierre, I agree 100%. That was the point of my campaign, in a word SPENDING well a second word, refinancing existing loans. It is time to put safety ahead of aesthetic concerns.If you heard today’s City Council workshop there is money for 41 neighborhood signs at $10,000 each.
    Another item was $400,000 plus for shades for playgrounds. This is being done because people have complained that the playgrounds and equipment get to hot to use in summer,
    I think safety trumps shades

  50. Buck Troesch says:

    Thank you for researching and publishing this article. It was far more eloquent then my letter, same subject, to the Palm Coast Observer. Far too long the city managment has ignored the basic needs and services of its citizens. I have attempted to bring another very critical matter to their attention met a brick wall. What is it, Egresses in and out of Palm Coast neighborhoods to facilitate evacuation in the event of natural disasters. Most of the lettered sections have only one way in and one way out. A massive problem with no one watching the ship. Again thank you for this article and know you speak for so many of us who unable to reach those we elect and those who’s salaries our taxes pay. Buck Troesch

  51. We the People says:

    Ten years ago, the City of Palm Coast Fiscal Year 2006-2007Annual Budget Report told us that our government’s mission was to “Protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Palm Coast.”

    The City’s 2017 Annual Budget Report tells us that our government’s mission is to provide government services in order to improve the quality of life, grow the local economy and protect the natural environment.

    The public records of the City of Palm Coast provide undeniable, written proof that what Mr. Tristam says in this article is true.

  52. Troll says:

    Good article. I would use the trails more if I didn’t have to risk my life to get there by bike, or leave my car for the thieves to break into.
    PC officials are greedy and vain.
    Golf course? What a joke. Hope they go golfing in a thunderstorm.

  53. Annonymous says:

    Cimmaron Street in the “C” section is a main street that feeds multiple streets off it. It is impossible to walk or ride a bike on Cimmaron with out fearing for your life. We also have school buses with lots of kids, we have all been worried that it is only a matter of time until a pedestrian or cyclist is hit and killed. I spoke to our last Mayor, Netts, who told me nothing could be done because of the drainage sways – really ?! If you only added 18 inches to each side of the road, then off set the center line – you would have a 36 inch walk/bike lane
    which may save a life !

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