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Palm Coast’s Michelle Taylor, 16, Is Killed When Struck by Car on Lakeview Blvd., 21 Year Old Injured

| March 3, 2017

The Honda Civic on Lakeview Boulevard after the collision this evening. (c FlaglerLive)

The Honda Civic on Lakeview Boulevard after the collision this evening. (© FlaglerLive)

Services Note: Visitations are scheduled for Friday, March 10, from 5 to 9:30 p.m., at Palm Coast United Methodist Church, 5200 Belle Terre Parkway. The memorial service is scheduled at the church that Saturday, March 11, at 10 a.m. Both events are open to all.

A woman driving a Honda Civic on Lakeview Boulevard this evening (March 2), just past Laramie Drive in northern Palm Coast, struck and killed a pedestrian and critically injured another at 9 p.m. Belle Terre Parkway becomes Lakeview north of Matanzas Woods Parkway.

Michelle Taylor, 16, a student at Matanzas High School, was killed. Elizabeth Ann Sherman, 21, who lives with Taylor’s family, was in critical condition when she was flown from the scene by Trauma One, the emergency helicopter, to Shands hospital in Jacksonville. Her condition was later listed as serious.

Yajaira Rojas Torres, 37, of Daytona Beach, was driving the Civic, traveling north on Lakeview, when she struck the pedestrians. Taylor and Sherman were walking on the east side of the road on a nearly-pitch black stretch of Lakeview, under overcast skies and along a stretch of uninhabited road, with trees on both sides. A Florida Highway Patrol report states they were wearing dark clothing. There is no sidewalk on that road, and the shoulder almost immediately slopes into the ditch.

Torres, who remained at the scene, told a Florida Highway Patrol investigator that she heard a bump and stopped; the air bag deployed in the car. The collision was severe enough that it broke but did not shatter the front windshield, which was gashed near the center of the glass.

Taylor was thrown into a seven or eight-foot deep ditch.

Northbound traffic was diverted at Lakeview and Laramie and the investigation was expected to stretch into the night. The Medical Examiner was to removing the victim’s body to St. Augustine. That was taking place after 11 p.m.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, Flagler County Fire Rescue, the Palm Coast Fire Department and the Palm Coast Fire Police were at the scene.

Late Thursday night, Flagler County school district officials were already preparing the response come Friday morning at Matanzas High School. A district spokesman said there would be counselors on hand as part of the response.

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107 Responses for “Palm Coast’s Michelle Taylor, 16, Is Killed When Struck by Car on Lakeview Blvd., 21 Year Old Injured”

  1. Terminus says:

    Yet one more reason why this town needs street lights and sidewalks everywhere. Palm Coast wants to pretend they’re a little big town, well act like it.

  2. concerned mom of teen says:

    My heart Breaks for her family. And Can our City finally provide more street lighting? Not just for those who walk but also for those who drive on our roads. This has completely gotten out of control with so many accidents and deaths that shouldn’t have happened!!

  3. Ben Dover says:

    Like I’ve been saying we need lights …get it yet?

  4. concerned mom of teen says:

    Dear Authorities in our Palm Coast City of Palm Coast (Official) Please provide more lighting in our City!! This is part of the problem with all of these accidents and Deaths.. My son and his class mates live here, kids, as well as adults have had horrific situations due to the lack of side walks and Street lights! When will our City finally wake up?? Jerry O’Gara Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

    This child is/was my son’s friend, and friends of his friends. These kids are now all crying and supporting each other right now at this very moment.. My son just came to me..”mom, she is my friend, and my friends are now crying their eyes out right now..” Dear Authorities in our Palm Coast City of Palm Coast (Official) Please provide more lighting in our City!! This is part of the problem with all of these accidents and Deaths.. My son and his class mates live here, kids, as well as adults have had horrific situations due to the lack of side walks and Street lights! When will our City finally wake up?? Jerry O’Gara Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

  5. Ben Dover says:

    I`ve been saying for a long time on here that since they got greedy and over populated this city , they needed to add street lights and side walks , screw spending 10,000 for the mayor to blow her horn on the radio show, and stop adding tree`s and shrubs blocking the view on divided road ways , do the right thing and gets some lighting and walkways in this town ….so people aren`t constantly in the streets at night, …it`s called common sense , ……try using it for a change….Prayers going out to these poor families….SMH

  6. liberal says:

    plenty of room to walk safely on the shoulder there. common sense not used here.

  7. suddenrebel says:

    The driver heard a bump and stopped? Her windshield was damn near blown off!

  8. Sw says:

    So. Sad RIP

  9. Michaela Sipes says:

    I knew Michelle Taylor, she was my friend and band family member. She was one of the greatest French Horn players ever. Grab Life By The Horns Michelle, your being missed by so many people.

  10. Old Lady says:

    It’a difficult to see at night. So sad the young ladies did not watch traffic. tragedy all around.synpathy to the victim and family.

  11. Ashlyne says:

    Someone child just passed away and you’re trying to justify their death? Were you there? Because I don’t believe you were. I’m a student at Matanzas and I’m so sick of hearing about friends of mine from school being killed because of accidents like these. Don’t you dare put blame on the victim saying they had no common sense. How rude could you possibly be to comment something negative after a life of a young girl was just taken away!!

  12. Justin says:

    It’s sad that we lost another one of our students to the same issue. Common sense or not street lighting along our neighborhoods will help a lot. Everyone should’ve gotten the survey from the city if you’re registered for your water bill. Fill it out and let them know this needs to be a priority for everyone’s safety. This can all be easily prevented instead of planting new trees in the medians every two years.

  13. No Speed Racer says:

    When will the Sheriffs office get it??? Those of us that live on long streets or where long streets exist in the L section are constantly under assault by reckless speeding vehicles. London Dr to Lakeview, we’re talking 50 to 60 mph and sometimes more. It’s the same careless people (mostly) adults. These people are so use to speeding they’ll see a mother with a baby stroller walking and speed right by them. Mornings are the worst parents bringing their kids to school or running late to work speed like maniacs tailgating like they’re on the highway. Just after five o’clock the same crap. The reason there aren’t more deaths is because the pedestrians jump in the treeline when they see a car coming

  14. Tim Radford says:

    So sorry to hear this sad news this morning.. my wife and I since we have moved here have advocated for more streetlights in this town.. and I’m sure speed played a roll in this also.. for some reason people in this town always seem to be in a hurry all the time.. this is Florida why can’t they put up solar street lights ? I have seen them in other city’s up north … let the sunshine provide us some much needed light at night.. God Bless everyone involved… but come on Palm Coast… get some street lights in our neighborhoods!!!!!

  15. JM says:

    As others have said, this situation could have very easily been avoided by proper lighting and sidewalks throughout. Instead, our City Council is arguing over a radio show for Ms. Holland to star in.. and we give tax breaks to a developer to build a gated community over here? How about finishing the existing neighborhoods in the area? So sad. Albeit we don’t know nearly any details from this article, deepest sympathies for everyone involved and their families.

    Stay safe folks and lookout for one another, it is about all we can do at this point.

  16. Stay safe out there says:

    Also contributing to the accident: walking at night in dark clothes and no personal illumination.

  17. Bill harvey says:

    Again another possible preventive death if there were sidewalks but no we need time on a radio station to advance our future aspirations in the wonderful world of politics

  18. JM says:

    As others have said, this situation could have very easily been avoided by proper lighting and sidewalks throughout. Instead, our City Council is arguing over a radio show for Ms. Holland to star in.. and we give tax breaks to a developer to build a gated community over here? How about finishing the existing neighborhoods in the area? So sad. Albeit we don’t know nearly any details from this article, deepest sympathies for everyone involved and their families.

    Stay safe folks and lookout for one another, it is about all we can do at this point.

  19. Robin Givens says:

    Why is it that the authorities are so quick to find a way to excuse this? It’s already determined the driver couldn’t see them because they had on dark clothing? She felt a bump and decided to stop? Look at the windshired, guess she couldn’t see that either? These young ladies weren’t walking in the road or even on the edge of the road. They were on the shoulder, that is the grassy area not part of the road. Driver was most likely texting, looking at her phone for some reason or speeding. Or, all three. It shouldn’t be a matter of what these girls were wearing, they weren’t in the road! The question should be “What was the driver doing on the shoulder?” A family lost their daughter last night, and people really dare to find a way to blame the child and excuse the negligent driving of a 37 year old woman? I’m glad she stayed at the scene, but her story doesn’t add up. She felt a bump…crazy.

  20. palmcoaster says:

    First I want to tell the young victims and families how sad I am for their loss.
    Second I totally agree for a call for street lightning….even if is one on every corner at least in the more important roads were traffic goes fast enough that needs a double yellow line for passing to start with as I know is a very expensive plan.
    If was me any of the past mayors or councilmen of this city I would have lobbied for that a long time ago instead of a new City Hall, Publics work building, South Old Kings Road infrastructure, Community Center, Boulder Rock infrastructure , etc etc. But what happens is that for the political correctness and special interest, city lightening ONLY benefits our tax payers residents and if ever, was placed on the bottom of the cookie jar.

  21. Walk Against Traffic says:

    It is a shame that somebody lost her life. It is a shame that someone’s child is dead. No matter how many lights you put up or sidewalks you want accents are going to happen. First and foremost you should walk against traffic. When you are writing a bicycle you ride with traffic. Rule number two do not wear dark clothing when you are walking on the side of the road and a dark stretch with no lights no flashlight with you or reflective material. I’m sorry to say but this needs to be a lesson for the next person. Please wear reflective material at night time and watch out for cars because they cannot see you.. And do not text as you walk along the side of a dark road. Roll three pay attention to your surroundings. God bless the family and my condolences.

  22. starryidgirl says:

    Miss Mayor & Mr. Landon, Why not re-allocate that $10,000 you were planning on spending for a Radio Show into the budget for street lights and sidewalks? May beautiful Michelle rest peacefully with the angels and her family find peace, comfort and love in the very difficult days ahead!

  23. Hmmm says:

    It’s sad, but you just CANT PUT YOUR LIFE IN OTHER PEOPLE’S HANDS!!! Period. Dont expect a driver will see you in the street. You vs a car…you will lose that one everytime. I see it all the time. People walk in the street like they can’t get hit. Kids sitting in the middle of the road at bus stops. And dont forget all the Lance Armstrong wannabes who think they are in the Tour de France! No one deserves to lose their life like that, but if you value your life, stay out of the street, dont gamble, cause you’ll lose.

  24. Bill harvey says:

    One more thought, if u look at all of palm harbor dr you will see sidewalks, light poles , benches , trash depositories , flowers planted , the “C” section is top priority , the rest of the other sections in the politicians eyes are the “Deplorable Sections”

  25. carol says:

    City can’t put up lights because they need the money to give the city manager a raise and pay for the city Mayor’s radio show. That is more important to city council!, not the safety of our children!!!

  26. brian horton says:


  27. Veteran says:

    I have been complaining for years about no side walks in Matanzas Woods (L section). We are the forgotten section of Palm Coast. Maybe this tragic event will get the city to act.

  28. Pam says:

    I have, many times been driving and come up on people (adults & kids) walking in the road, almost always you can’t see them until it’s almost too late. On many occasions there have been sidewalks to walk on and these people have chosen not to, instead, walking in the road. Where there are no sidewalks, we need them and where there are sidewalks everyone needs to use them!

  29. Layla says:

    This one breaks my heart. Yes, we need lights, but we also need to take precautions and responsibility for the fact that no one can see us under circumstances like this at night.

    We all need to accept the blame for these accidents. What are each of us doing to prevent them? This is going to take a joint effort, and I suggest we all think about what we can each do to make sure these tragedies don’t continue. Make Michelle’s life matter.

  30. DRedder says:

    Tragic incident yes, possibly preventable yes.
    Street lights yes, sidewalks yes. BUT…. let’s look at the the important variables A. Driver inattentive and speed unreasonable & prudent. B. humans walking in the road without proper preventive apparel or a cautionary devise. Had either or all of the variables been utilized this would have never occured. So let’s stop blaming the Gov’t, The Sheriff’s and start realizing that the first person responsible for your safety is yourself.

  31. Beth says:

    Agree with Speed Racer and Tim Radford and many others. So sorry for this family and to hear this. My heart hurts for them. It could have been prevented. None of us but all the people involved will really know what happened. Fact remains that it was TOO DARK and there were NO SIDEWALKS! Not saying it’s the kids fault at all! We came from a town 1/4 of the size of this one and is growing just as fast. We had our own police in the town, sidewalks, streetlights everywhere, and this is up north. With the weather here walking and or biking is to be expected. And there are a lot of kids. Drivers speed too much, they’re on their phones and or just not paying attention. Drivers speed around me daily to get to the same red turn light, to end up in front of me only to turn the same way and on the same streets. DRIVERS, SLOW THE HELL DOWN, CHILDREN LIVE HERE and so do we!! RIP Michelle and prayers to these families.

  32. George says:

    Yes there should be street lights, no they should not have been walking in the road.

  33. Howard Duley says:

    Lights and sidewalk Na. We need more trees and city parks with all kinds of stuff that will mostly go unused. We need stuff that makes the politicians look good like new community centers and city halls and a new rebuilt fuzz station. While we are at it how about more fast food and pizza joints. These politicians remind me of a movie called Inglorious Bastards.

  34. Richard Smith says:

    My heart goes out to all of her family and friends. I know that their hearts are very heavy now and hopefully they will find some peace and comfort in our Lord & Savior to help them cope with her loss.

    This was such a preventable tragedy too. Proper street lighting and sidewalks should be mandatory so pedestrians and bicyclists have a safe place to travel. Common sense also needs to prevail when walking or running/exercising along a road without sidewalks. Most states recommend that pedestrians should walk against traffic on the left side of a highway where there are no sidewalks provided so they can see and keep track of oncoming vehicles. Bicyclists have different recommendations.

    Parents, PLEASE sit down and talk to your children NOW in regards to the proper use of highways while walking. It just may save their lives.

  35. Marley says:

    Its so sad for anyone to loose their lives at only 16 ,prayers to the family also the other young woman prayers to a speedy recovery. I also feel very sad for the person that hit them she must feel beside herself and sick inside to know she hit these two people. One thing is at least she stayed and called it in where other people would have left the scene. God bless all that were involved.

  36. JM says:

    As others have said, this situation could have very easily been avoided by proper lighting and sidewalks throughout. Instead, our City Council is arguing over a radio show for Ms. Holland to star in.. and we give tax breaks to a developer to build a gated community over here? How about finishing the existing neighborhoods in the area? So sad. Albeit we don’t know nearly any details from this article, deepest sympathies for everyone involved and their families.

    Stay safe folks and lookout for one another, it is about all we can do at this point.

  37. April says:

    I live in the z section and while we have some street lights there’s not enough. I was driving home one night and I didn’t see a person walking till I got up close to him. He was wearing dark clothing. Scared the life out of me. Good thing I was going slow or he could of been hit. I feel so bad for both parties. I mean really who can you point a finger at? The kids for walking at dark with dark clothing? The person maybe should of driven slower with high beams on? Or the city of Palm Coast for not having a side walk and or not enough street lights? It’s a sad situation for all.

  38. Jake says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers go out to the families. When anyone walks at night they should wear light clothing and carry a flashlight like I do every night when I’m out walking my dog. I don’t have sidewalks in me area so I need to look out for my safety and bring a light. The persons that were hit Highway Patrol report states they were wearing dark clothing and no flashlights. We need to look out for the drivers that can not see us and take a little responsibility for our own actions. I am not saying by all means that it was there fault so please save your time jumping all over me on that statement. How many time while we drive at night we come close to hitting someone wearing dark clothing and swerve at the last minute with and without street lights. It has happened to me many times where I live as I’m doing under the speed limit. A few times I have yelled at some of the people to carry a flashlight so we can see them walking. We need to educate people to take care of themselves at night when it is dark. We can help stop some accidents but not all of them. Again my blessings and prayers go out to all the families on all sides, God Bless

  39. Georgette says:

    First our thoughts and Prayers are with the family of the young girls. Also to the driver, she at least stayed with them. As a mother of 2 I always worry about them on Lakeview and Old Kings Rd. Even when we would ride bicycles it was scary and that was durning the day. This is the reason why Palm Coast needs sidewalks and street lights. Lakeview is a traveled road,very very dark and is used as a race track. Last year the young man on the motorcycle crashed there. Now this! Instead of building community centers and arts center, put sidewalks and lights in. How many people must get killed before the city does something? The roads that need sidewalks are, Royal Palms, Old Kings Rd., Lakeview, Bird of Paradise, and many more. Even streetlights would help people would be seen and also lower crime.

    I guess the only way sidewalks and lights will happen is if God forbid one of the public officials family members gets hurt or worse.

  40. Skwow says:

    This is not the time for finger pointing and blaming and second guessing and coulda woulda shoulda. It’s a terribly sad time and all focus should be on praying for the victims, their family and friends. While I did not know these girls, friends of mine did and I’m willing to bet you know someone who knew them too. This is what makes up community. An invisible thread that connects us all. Now one of us is no longer here and another is suffering from her injuries. Let’s do whatever we can to help and try to take the pain away.

  41. Seriously? says:

    Prayers to all involved in this tragedy. Too y’all complaint about lights and sidewalks, I guarantee y’all will be the first ones to complain when your taxes are raised to pay for the new lights and sidewalks you’re demanding

  42. Palmcoaster 3 says:

    My deepest sympathy goes out to all. But NEVER assume people see you or are looking out for you. Too many people speed around here totally oblivious to their surroundings. This goes for people walking and driving.

  43. SG says:

    My heart goes out to the family suffering this tragic loss. Everyone keeps saying they need street lights here, this is true. However the sidewalk really should be extended. People are walking dogs, riding bikes, and exercising on this road all the time, but the sidewalk stops long before Laramie. We have sidewalks everywhere else in the city, why not along lakeview?

  44. Anonymous says:

    This heartbreaking, feel so bad for the young ladies family.
    This city has needed sidewalks and streetlights forever but it being dark out isn’t the only problem, slowing down, watching around you, pedestrian right of way, etc. I was hit in mid afternoon, facing traffic, saw weaving vehicle, stepped off the road but car headed right toward me, sun in her eyes, (no sun glasses, visor & hand in front of her face), careless and stupid, I was lucky not badly hurt, just banged up, but if I were a child, (kids getting off school bus walk the same road at nearly the same time) daily. When walking after dusk carry a flashlight cars come up to me and put high beams on totally blinding.

  45. anon says:

    I live in the L section and was driving home last night about 30 minutes before it happened. I was commenting on how dark it was up London when you get to Lee and Leaver. From Louisville to Londonderry, it is pretty well lit.

    And as someone said, there is no traffic enforcement. I hate walking down any of the streets because people drive fast and on the wrong side of the street. The streets of Palm Coast are too winding with too many blind spots.

  46. Pc'er says:

    My child was very upset this morning and she began to tell me about Michelle by saying ‘Mom, life is fleeting! Another student died last night in an accident…third MHS student since the new year’. I choked up and I quickly told her yes, life is fleeting! While dropping her off this morning she also said ‘I have all these plans for the future to study, become a doctor. But it will take me at least 10 years by the time I become a doctor and in the meantime, my life would have just gone by…life is short, it’s fleeting!’ I had to console her in those 8 minutes ride to school. Our teens have enough going on in their lives…they are still children and fragile even though society treats them as adults.
    I beg all the officials of the City of Palm Coast to do the right thing and install street lights and side walks. U’ll were quick and greedy to install red light cameras everywhere so that money could be made with those tickets. Quick to increase taxes and what do we get? Trees, trees and more trees…even at locations that disrupt our view while driving.
    Another road that is scary at night is US1 and Old Kings road…pitch dark! Oh yes animals need to be saved but what about lives of humans?
    The entrance to Island walk at the new Publix and all the other new shops is extremely dangerous. I am always worried that someone will crash into me while entering or leaving and it makes me nervous. Whoever planned it is an incompitient architect and has the City of Palm Cost in his pocket.

    City of Palm Coast stop being greedy and only think about your individual agendas! Install sidewalks and lights! We are taxed enough already and for what???

    My heart and prayers goes out to Michelle and her family. RIP Michelle.
    I also pray for the woman involved in this accident. All were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  47. A.S.F. says:

    My condolences to everyone involved in this tragedy. And i hope the injured woman gets all the help and support she needs.

  48. Doyle Lewis says:

    So sad this keeps happening just stay safe and follow the laws. The drivers in the United States need to watch for walkers all the time and stay in control of their auto’s. I have been speaking about this in this area for years. Drivers need to read the driving laws more than once. If you are over driving your sight you are driving to fast. Walkers need to walk in the shoulder of the road unless crossing the road, and do the crossing fast. Be safe and be nice to each other please.

  49. To be honest says:

    Mr Landon is WAY OVfER PAID for PC but he keeps asking for a raise and keeps getting it. And all Mayor Netts cared about was planting flowers and trees all over the place then removing life flowered plants to plant new ones, what a waste of money on taxpapers.
    The roads are so dark no wonder these deaths keep happening, we need LIGHTS AND SIDEWALKS, lower Mr. Landons salary and do what is right for the taxpaying citizens of this town.

  50. Ben Dover says:

    @Liberal…….the shoulder is where people let their dogs crap with out picking it up, and also where snakes would be , them things called swales , I cleared them two years in a row, and had to kill over 10 moccasins a day , be a cold day in hell I walked the shoulder in the pitch dark….SMH

  51. Anonymous says:

    Jim Landon this man cares about no one but himself. I really think he is way over paid. He needs to resign and let some one that’s not money hungry have his job. He is mint worth the money.

  52. Concerned citizen says:

    First of my prayers go out to the family that lost their loved one and to the family that has their loved one in critical condition and to the driver that was driving the vehicle may the Lord almighty bring you peace and comfort.
    Everyone is so quick to blame the city for the improper lighting and the lack of sidewalks or even blame the driver and cast judgment on to her that she was texting while driving or speeding. How many of you concerned citizens never texted while driving or even exceeded the speed limit. How many of you actually wrote letters to the city asking them to put sidewalks there or better street lighting. How about we start educating the citizens of our city the laws of the road and be aware of your surroundings don’t assume the driver saw you if you see the vehicle coming get out of the road and on the roads that have poor lighting and no sidewalks educate your kids on walking against traffic not with it. So if they see the vehicle coming it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is they will have time to react to it and get out of the way.
    Let’s learn from this tragetty and make sure that not another family has to go through this again.

  53. Mary says:

    I live in an area with no street lights , no sidewalks and I don’t run people down . My area is
    dark at night so you have to be that much more conscientious of your driving . Was this ladies
    headlights working? They should be investigating.

  54. Hmmm says:

    @Ben Dover…….Dont want to walk on the shoulder? Then get hit by a car. You dont have to stay on the shoulder, but when a car is coming, get off the street, and far enough to ensure your safety. Just today i saw some more Lance Armstrong wannabes 2ft and change into the road. And that was on winding Old Kings with plenty of traffic. Lights or no lights, sidewalk or no sidewalk…STAY OUT OF THE ROAD WHEN CARS ARE PRESENT. IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

  55. RayD says:

    Tragic and avoidable. We have swalesand ditches instead of storm sewers and sidewalks. That is one dangerous stretch of road, day or night.I’ve seem cars hitting 60+ on that straight stretch between Laramie and the curve. The ditch/swale system is dangerous, dirty and a breeding ground for cottonmouths. L is the poor step child with no sidewalks and above ground utilities. At least get some sidewalks and lighting up there.

  56. Sandy P says:

    Wonder if you’d think that if it was someone you loved that was hit?????

  57. liberal says:

    @ bend dover , poop on my shoe beats what happened to that girl. However at that intersection, there is 12 feet before the swale of shoulder (poop area). Back to the common sense, if there is too much danger, don’t do it. ie snakes, no lights , dark, night, dark clothes, walking on road where there are big metal objects traveling at 35+ mph. get my point?

  58. liberal says:

    @robin givins, try not to speculate , get a copy of the trooper report before you come to wild conclusions. No where is the reporters account does it say the girls were off the road when walking. But since you obviously were there, what did you tell the police?
    ps walking at night with dark clothes does matter, I dont suggest anyone try it.

  59. David S. says:

    This city wastes so much money on frivolous crap,when are they going to wake up and do the right thing for the citizens.The lady who ran these children over was speeding there is no way that her windshield would have looked like that if she wasn’t.Also her airbags went off ,she must have been flying for this to happen.What about the 500k that is going to be spent on the stupid video cameras get some streetlights instead.I feel sorry for everyone involved. City Of Palm Coast I hope that you are reading all of these comments stop wasting our tax dollars!!!!!!

  60. palmcoaster says:

    City and County should work in applying for some needed funds/grants for street lightning from DOT and the Feds even if were matching funds after we dedicate some of the local taxes to start the project other than benefiting so much special interest around here with our hard earned taxes.

  61. Just sayin' says:

    We almost hit a guy walking with his back to us late one night. Scared the literal crap out of us.

    There is NOBODY to blame but the situation. Blaming and shaming won’t bring her back or any of the others that have had to die because of the same reason.

    It’s accidents. It’s what happens when you cramp so many houses into an area. Poor, Poor planning by the City.

    The City of Palm Coast’s elected officials have much blood on their hands.

  62. Veteran says:

    Something isn’t right here. Look at her windshield. The main force was almost dead center. This means at least one of the women was hit in the center so either they were walking in the middle of the right lane or the driver went off the road and hit them. Also the driver said she felt a bump and stopped. If I hit something hard enough to totally shatter the windshield right in front of my face I would have sh*t my pants. That’s way more than a bump. Hopefully the injured lady can tell what happened.

  63. Bill Wynn says:

    The city administration as well as our elected officials have continually been told that we need street lights and sidewalks. But this has continually been ignored. Accordingly it was more important for the administration and elected officials to have a posh city hall than provide safety factors for our citizens. Also, this happened in the northern sector of the city, so it too will fall on deaf ears. Go to the more prominent sections of the city and there are an over abundance of street lights. Like on Palm Harbor Parkway. The street lights need to be thinned out and some installed in the darkest areas of the city. I had a professor from North Florida University visit my wife and I at our home in the “L” section. This professor specializes in traffic management and investigations. He also has written many textbooks on traffic management and the like and his comment of Palm Coast was, “Palm Coast is the darkest city he has ever seen.” Also, if this city had sidewalks, no matter what color clothing was being worn, if the victims were on a sidewalk this crash probably would not have happened. Like one writer said, Palm Coast wants to be a BIG CITY, Act like one.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I agree 100% with you and when driving in a very dark area what’s the first thing you do? Put your high beams on either that or she was on her phone texting and realized to late when she heard the bump. The sad part the city won’t pay for street lamps but those who own a house would have to put one and get the electric bill and pay out of your pocket!!! Seroiusly FPL???

  65. vincent A. Liguori says:

    Why does it take a tragedy of this nature for people to get involved? Go to the city council meetings and state your demands.

  66. Aaron says:

    Here’s a petition a friend of mine started to get more street lights and sidewalks in Palm Coast. please take the time to sign and share this.

  67. woodchuck says:

    We should use Landon’s raise and put more random street lights up,now that is a good use of that money,

  68. Fedup says:

    No lets spend 10,000dollars on a radio show,lets give jimbo another big raise,back to basics sidewalks and street lights .act like a big city then supply safety for your residents. Council,mayor ,and mf. Ego when you go home tonite hug hour children because you can.

  69. Cousin of LIZ says:

    They are making it sound like it was the girls fault! This women clearly wasn’t going the speed limit! The windshield and broken radiator as you can tell by the picture. The women wasn’t paying attention! This was not the girls fault!

  70. Concerned Citizen says:

    My condolences to the victim her family and friends. It is heartbreaking to keep reading about stories like this. It’s happening way to much !!

    Drivers: Start driving more responsibly. Stop driving with so many distractions and PAY ATTENTION !! Slow down and obey speed limits. I see so many times folks racing down roads with no regards to conditions or speed limits.

    Pedestrians: Please use common sense when walking at night. Dark clothing makes it very hard to see. Grab something light or even buy a reflective vest if you have to go out. They are inexpensive and while not very stylish help drivers to see. Maintain situational awareness while along the road and be proactive. And obey all laws that are applicable to being a pedestrian.

    City Of Palm Coast: We ask and demand that you start making our streets safer for drivers and pedestrians. Instead of paying 10,000 dollars for a silly and unneeded radio show spend it on infra structure. Stop arguing and insulting each other and get out there to see our issues.

    We don’t need fancy medians that you tear up every month to replant. We don’t need red light cameras that garner you money to help pay Landon’s salary. Get the state in here and get funding for sidewalks and lights. If you want to run Palm Coast like a big city and earn that salary manage it like one !!

    FCSO: How about more traffic enforcement. I am off of Pine lakes and folks are doing a good 20 miles an hour over. Belle Terre and US1? It’s like the Autobahn. And how about these cyclist and pedestrians that don’t follow the rules? Start sending messages and maybe lives will be saved.

  71. Jitters says:

    It’s tragic so sad.
    Palmcoast is worried about
    What your yard looks like.or if your trash can
    Can be seen. We need street lights
    On our streets . Why waste money
    On crap like all the land scaping.
    protect the citizens

  72. Sw says:

    It is unfortunate that such a tragedy is the thing that brings to the forefront some basic simple, common sense items that most residents have pined to the Council for many years and fallen on deft ears. Shame on you all. smh

  73. Sky says:

    So sad, we have recently purchased a home here in Palms Coast, the first thing we noticed is how dark our street was. I called the city and requested a street light be put in at our corner. They told me that Palm Coast will only put them up at bus stop in the subdivisions. So I didn’t get anywhere with the city and are road is still pitch black. Same thing we see residents out walking their dogs and nearly miss getting hit all the time.

  74. Carol Down says:

    Mary, i totally agree. Theres more about the driver that needs to be known. That car is so badly damaged…they need investigation. Michelle was my granddaughters best friend and like a second daughter to my daughter and son-in-law. While the lighting needs to be addressed, so do the driving issues.

  75. DEE says:

    I am so heart sick over hearing this news! Too many people and especially young people have been victims of fatal traffic accidents in this town. My heart bleeds for all friends and family ! While there are many fingers to point in these instances, the bottom line is, if the City of Palm Coast, will not watch out for us, we have to take every measure possible to protect ourselves, and take any and all precautions necessary!
    I absolutely think we should have more lights and sidewalks all over Palm Coast. I was infuriated when Matanzas High School was built, and the bus service was cut out for anyone living 2 miles or less (as the crow flies, mind you). There were no sidewalks or lights on Palm Harbor Pkwy or Old Kings Rd. The high school kids were expected to walk to school early in the morning on these dark unprotected roads; At the same time, the city was busy building beautiful sidewalks to NOWHERE along US 1 and in the R section.!! There is still an incomplete walk way that goes right to the high school.
    Its sad to say, but it usually takes many tragedies before a city will invest in its’ peoples safety!

  76. A Friend says:

    Let me just tell you this.
    I don’t care what you think right now of what Michelle should of done. She was the sweetest, most kindest person I know, who was NOT an idiot.
    How high or drunk or tired can you be to not feel someone hitting your windshield?? And calling it a BUMP.
    You do NOT understand what it’s like to lose a friend at Seventeen. We are KIDS. we shouldn’t be objectified to danger and stupid people because people love doing the wrong thing.
    And now I have to live without one of the best people I’ve known for the rest of my life thanks to the lady who was probably taking the smaller streets to not be caught by the police.
    I’d like to think she wouldn’t want us to be upset, and to try to fix the problem. But I can’t help but get upset when I see people here who only know what one website said, and not the emotional part about it. You didn’t know her or anything about her. So don’t talk about her like she’s an idiot. We shouldn’t be trying to argue who was wrong or right, but rather get together to make something right.
    So why don’t you get off your laptop, and go complain to the city, go make an ACTUAL difference within your short life. To save someone else’s life. Because you ARE going to die one day, so make the most of it and make a change for your life.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Could be speed, talking on cell or texting. * I always go slower on very dark roads due to deer; using high beams when possible……….I don’t see how you cannot see people unless you are not paying attention or coming up on people quickly with no time to avoid hitting them….. due to excessive speed. It’s sad; with dog attacks and all of the vehicular deaths…..think it’s safer not to be on roads; especially past dusk. Very sad; so sorry for the family as their grieving journey just begins. (I lost my child in auto crash….so I know about the journey…) People seem to lack respect for the lives of others in some cases. This case sounds like speed and distracted driving again….she just heard something; never saw something? That might be a clue that she wasn’t looking.

  78. Anonymous says:

    The night this happened, I was driving through my neighborhood coming home from the store. I came around a bend and right at that time someone in dark clothing chose to walk out in front of me. The area was dark. Knowing the road, I had my high beams on. Still At the last second I slammed on my breaks and luckily no one was hurt. The person didn’t even flinch. Just went on his merry way like nothing just happened. If I had been on the phone or distracted, he probably would of been killed. My point is I never use my phone when I drive, know the roads, and pay attention. I admit I speed most of the time, but I try to keep it to only 5 miles over the limit maximum. I know my limits. You just don’t know what can pop up at any time. You are at the controls of a deadly machine. People tend to forget that. Slow down and pay attention. I’m glad I saved a life that night. It could of been the other way.

  79. NICKY says:

    I’m praying for her and her family and my brother goes to mhs and he knew her she was in his band class in 7th grade. We all are gonna miss her 💔💔

  80. Stephanie says:

    It’s the same comment pretty much down the pg. My heart goes out to the families and I pray for them all. How MANY MORE ACCIDENTS BOTH ANIMAL AND HUMAN, DO OUR MOSTLY SIDEWALK AND DEEP DARK ROADS get to claim as casualties to keep spaces natural??

  81. Autumntree says:

    How about we see if this woman was on her cell phone? All of these accidents in Palm Coast can be avoided if people would get off of their phones and pay attention to the roads, street signs, traffic, etc. Oh and maybe lets stop handing out licenses left and right? Most people don’t even know what a solid white line means or try and get on the highway first when the car in front of them hasnt even merged yet, because theyre impatient. Dark or not, if the driver was paying attention and had her headlights on, she wouldve seen these poor girls. So sad. So infuriating. “Heard a bump”…….you heard a bump? The front of your vehicle looks like you ran straight into a brick wall. You were on your damn phone. One more thing, keep your kids in the house after dark.

  82. I/M/O says:

    Street lights will cost millions and take years to install.

    For goodness sake google flashing light your children can wear so they can be seen from the front and the back and buy your kids this necessary item.

    (5 Pack) LED Safety Light | Clip On Flashing Safety Lights for Runners, Bicycle Tail Helmet Light, Dog Walking, Backpacks and More. 3 Safety Lights, 6 Extra Batteries, 3 Bands included only costs $15.99 at Amazon.

  83. 19yr Resident says:

    I hope they check the black box on the Honda, to see how fast she was really driving. Looks to me like she veered off the road to the right and hit the women, seeing that the dents and main crack in the windshield is almost down the center. I see speeders daily driving too fast on Lakeview all the time when I’m riding my bike, and have been passed by cars while I’m in my vehicle as I’m driving the posted 30MPH. And don’t forget the cars that run the stop sign on Laramie Drive, that’s a daily event at that intersection too. Lights and sidewalks would really be a nice addition to Lakeview Blvd, and to have an up and running Palm Coast Police Force too. It would be worth it to have my taxes go up to feel safer in this city, and have a police force like Port Orange or Daytona Beach. Stop throwing city grant money away with planting trees in the already existing tree lines, and stop spending the $2.6 million a year that only provides 16 deputies to patrol our city – since the city is part of the sheriff’s jurisdiction and is 90.85 square miles total in size…….Regards

  84. The Truth says:

    First and foremost, my condolences to the victim and their family. What a sad loss of life for a young girl with so much life to live.

    I see there are many who are sharing their thoughts on this. I would simply add the following: we ALL need to take responsibility for our actions. Be vigilant and always assume someone doesn’t see you, doesn’t hear you or doesn’t care. The fact of the matter is that we do need more side walks throughout our city. Perhaps our leaders can put less focus on shrubbery that needs to be trimmed every 3 months and replaced every 6 months and instead use those funds to put sidewalks and street lights along the main streets throughout our city and eventually throughout the neighborhoods. Obviously, this is a big undertaking and isn’t something that can happen over night but it needs to be done.

    I’d much rather see a median with grass and sidewalks on the side of the street than a median filled with unnecessary flowers that die every year and seeing accidents like this more often.

  85. Shanta says:

    This is so sad. This is how my brother Kelvin Smith Jr got killed. This is carzy when will they put sidewalks and light out so people can be safe. This hurts to see another child gone.

  86. Robin says:

    I live in Flagler Beach, across the street from the post office and very near the police station. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened here yet. Everyone is in such a hurry. And seriously punch it after turning the corner and going 35 MPH by the time they get to the next stop sign, within a block. Slow down, people! There are alot of pedestrians everywhere. And, does anyone know what a pedestrian crosswalk is? Because is sure seems that no one does.

    I’m sorry for the girls’ families. And for the woman who ran into them. She’s going to have to live the rest of her life knowing that she killed a young girl and seriously injured another one. Tragic all the way around.

  87. Nelson Ferreira Jr. says:

    As a fellow student of MHS, the day was tragic. I’m a freshman of the school and I was a good friend to Michelle. She was a big part of the music/fine arts community at the school and yesterday was just awful. The MHS Chorus Choir had MPA, which I took part in, sang a song for her yesterday called “Flower of Beauty” and after we finished the song, multiple students, including me, began crying our eyes out. This is the third student this year we saw die that goes to the school and we started a petition to get Palm Coast to add street lights and sidewalks to reduce this risk on all roads and not just Belle Terre, Old Kings, and Palm Coast Parkway.

  88. Toni says:

    Please, Please put some lights up everywhere in Palm Coast. I have to carry a flashlight and a taser just to walk my dog in the evening. Even if we don’t get lights please let’s get sidewalks. It is so sad that we have to keep losing our young and we shouldn’t have too at least not this way. Matanza I am so sorry for your losses over the last year. You and the family are in my prayers.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Drive the speed limit use your brights when no oncoming cars pay attention. Walk against traffic so you can see on coming autos. At night wear light colors or reflective clothing. On a bike ride with traffic at night have lights and reflectors.

  90. We The People says:

    Who: We the People
    What: City Council Meeting
    Where: City Hall – 160 Lake Avenue, Palm Coast, FL 32164
    When: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 6:30 PM
    How: Bill of Rights of the United States of America (1791), Amendment I

    Why: To demand that the City of Palm Coast (City Council) authorize no future expenditure of public funds unless such expenditure provides directly for the Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) of the Citizens.

    More specifically, non-HSW expenditures shall NOT occur until every public roadway which is designated as “collector” or greater in use and capacity shall have installed by the City within the public right of way roadway lighting as designed and certified by a registered engineer as providing in excess of the minimum light level for safe pedestrian movement along that right of way, concrete walkways along both sides of the public right of way and bike lanes adjacent to both directions of roadway travel.

    Come to the meeting and make your voice heard. Speak for those who have no voice.

  91. Anonymous says:

    We the people don’t demand, we elect officials to work for the
    majorly and in their best interest and that of the community as a whole. The way we do it in a civilized society is by exercising your right to vote.

  92. SAD says:

    Biggest issue here is people of all ages walk in the wrong direction on roads. Surprised there are not more deaths;

    TEACH your kids to walk facing traffic. Then you can see what is coming at you. RIDE your bike with traffic sothe driver can judge how to pass you. SIMPLE SAFETY RULES THAT ARE IGNORED EVERY DAY

    Cannot tell you how many people I see pushing a baby carriage with a baby not a dog in it walking with their back to traffic. That is another fatality waiting to happen.

  93. Jim says:

    I work for a major Ins company and handle crash investigations and from just what I see in the pics I can tell you that car was traveling well over 30 mph. The other obvious evidence is that this impact was directly dead center of this vehicle so unless these girls were walking right in the middle of the road the evidence would show this driver probably drifted off the road and struck these 2 girls as they wee walking on the shoulder. I can’t imagine they would be walking in the middle of the road even when they see a car with headlight barreling down at them. I’m sure there is more to the story and we should be hearing about possible criminal charges against the driver. RIP

  94. RanknFile says:

    They, the City of Palm Coast, are to busy spending money planting shrubs and irrigating grass that needs constant care in the center median of Belle terre to be concerned about public safety. Hey Pierre try to get a $$ figure of how much we spend o the up keep for that, I did and got the royal run around

  95. Richard Smith says:

    @ SAD – Yes, it is an everyday occurrence to drive pass people walking or running the WRONG direction on the neighborhood streets. It is not a matter of IF it is more like WHEN they will be hit from behind by inattentive distracted drivers.

    @ Jim – This accident was investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol Investigation Team who were on the scene along with many other law enforcement officials and medical emergency personnel. I trust that they all did a great job in their medical care and acccident investigation. Will there be more to this story, don’t know, unless someone from FlaglerLive does some follow-up.

  96. concerned mom of teen says:

    Goodness, if you look at the photo of the car!! Not only the hood of the car is crushed in but also the windshield is smashed !! That driver needs to be investigated! she didn’t just hear a thump.. she hit and killed a 16 year old girl !! If this driver had her headlights on she would have seen anyone on that road (street lights or not) apparently this 37 year old driver from Daytona was not paying attention and speeding down the road as Michelle and her friend were walking on the side of the road. I was just there tonight and Michelle’s candle light vigil and saw the tire tracks on the shoulder of the road and tire tracks that lead off of the road. Good lord this woman who killed an innocent child should be in jail. I’m sorry… Not sorry. May our sweet Michelle rest peacefully and may her parents, friends and family find peace with her loss. xo <3

  97. Taylor Baur says:

    Will everyone stop saying ” if they were schooled on safety this could have been avoided” someone lost their life and another is fighting for hers, if these were your children your cruels words would never of been spoken. Say a prayer, if you have nothing nice to say DONT SAY IT. Your suppose to be adults.

  98. OMG says:

    Wake up. That driver is not totally at fault. Those kids were walking on their wrong side of the road. If you as a parent taught your kids to walk on the correct side of the road a f ride a bike the proper way. This kid would still be alive. She would have seen the car coming and gotten out of the way.

    I pray to God that you or any of your family never hit some kid walking on the wrong side of the road at night. Or even yet come around a bend and find some kid or worse yet an adult pushing a baby walking on the wrong side

    You want someone to blame. It’s not the city it’s the schools and parents for not pounding walking safety I to kids when young

    They sure can push agendas in school but. It road safety.

  99. Ellis says:

    Elizabeth we love you and keep fighting…..

  100. Cousin says:

    I just flew home from FL after flying down to be with family while our beautiful, perfect 21 year old angel was having life changing surgery on Monday. She is still alive, but fighting for her life daily and is still in CRITICAL condition in an ICU, and has yet to open her eyes. Our family is tramautized but our faith is strong that she will continue to fight in the long weeks, months and years ahead. The poor Taylor family has suffered an even more unfathomable grief and lost their daughter instantly because of the horrific accident. CLEARLY street lights and sidewalks are needed but more importantly EMPATY for our two families who have had our lives changed forever. STOP trying to blame the girls who were responsible and amazing young women. Blame the driver who was CLEARLY distracted driving(probably on a phone like everybody else) and speeding. STOP putting insensitive comments on here because our lives will never be the same. R.I.P Michelle and keep fighting my dear Eliazabeth….

  101. City Boy says:

    It is very sad & unfortunate that a young lady lost her life and another critically injured. I feel for the family & friends of both of the young ladies.
    I am, by no means, making light of the situation or placing blame other than against the city and/or county. Street lights are a necessity and is a huge safety factor too; not only for pedestrians or bicyclists but for drivers as well. Driving down a completely dark roadmakes it difficult to see someone wearing dark clothing. The only blame here should be with the city / county.
    Rest in peace Michelle … Elizabbeth, wishing you a speedy recovery.
    To all families affected by this incident, I pray for peace & comfort as you stride through these tough times.

  102. Kevin says:

    I have been calling Matanzas Woods (The L Section) almost Palm Coast for years. All work and improvements seem to end when you cross north of Matanzas Woods Pkwy.

  103. We the People says:

    When you compare the City of Palm Coast budgets for fiscal year 2006-07 and 2017 you will find:

    Expenditure for Public Safety DECREASED from $13.10M to $12.35M;

    Expenditure for Transportation DECREASED from $62.61M to $13.74M; and

    Expenditure for Culture/Recreation INCREASED from $7.89M to $13.09M.

    In the 2006-07 budget document you will find the stated “mission” of our government was to “Protect the Health Safety and Welfare of the citizens of Palm Coast”. In the 2017 budget document you will read that our government’s stated “mission” is to “improve quality of life, grow the economy, and protect the natural environment”. This “change” in our government’s mission is reflected in the fact that we now spend LESS on public safety and transportation than we did 10 years ago. We DO have a nice city owned golf course, a nice tennis center, a big new city hall, a soon to be beautiful new community center. Mayor Mel is on the radio talking about how our ELECTED officials are improving our quality of life while our children are dying on our streets and our Girl Scouts are getting assaulted at Walmart (as reported by numerous national and international news outlets). The beautiful but deadly City of Palm Coast.

  104. OMG says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again… EDUCATE people on how to walk. WALK against traffic and you will not get hit. you will see it coming if you are not looking down at your smart phone.

    The other day in the B section I saw an entire family walking the WRONG way. So I stopped and suggested they walk the correct way. The father with 2 teens, 2 toddlers on scooter and a wife pushing a baby carriage said, They will see it coming… He looked at me like I was a crazy man.

    Guess what. one accident and his entire family could be wiped out.


    But it is the educators and parents that have these kids in a captured audience. TEACH them the proper way and you will not have these news stories to blame anyone for the needless death of someones child, brother, sister or family member.

  105. Landon Kromhout says:

    What a shame , Palm Coast the little city that can’t , many things contributed to this horrible accident. These don’t swails contributed in the fact that there’s a hole,where a walkway path could be. So many are complacent about their driving until something like this happens. The City which is always reactive never pro doesn’t seem to make much of an effort formpedestrian safety. They’ve recently redirected traffic with these nice landscaped roadways , seems to me none of it helped and created a lot of frustrated drivers, sitting in traffic. Hell they look nice though.

  106. U don't know me. says:

    What if michelle was walking on the left side of the road like she was supposed too, and the car wasn’t in the right lane, have u ever thought of that?

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