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Distracted Driver Kills Josefina Reid, 54, As She Jogs; 6th Road Fatality in 20 Days

| December 1, 2011

The stretch of road, on Sesame Boulevard, where Josefina Reid lost her life Wednesday afternoon. (© FlaglerLive)

Josefina Reid, a 54-year-old resident of Palm Coast, was either jogging or walking south on a straight stretch of Sesame Boulevard in Seminole Woods Wednesday afternoon just after 4 p.m. It was a clear, sunny afternoon. She was killed by a driver who struck her while driving south, becoming the sixth fatality on Flagler County roads in 20 days, and the second pedestrian fatally struck by a car in a residential neighborhood.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Antonio Castanheira, 35, of Palm Coast, was driving south in a 2008 Mazda. He had two children in the back seat. He was distracted by them. Just south of Seven Wonders Trail, Castanheira told an FHP investigator, “he was distracted by the passengers in the rear,” according to the report, and “looking back towards them.”

That’s when he struck Reid from behind with the Mazda’s right front, sending Reid on to the grass shoulder of the two-lane road. Sesame Boulevard has no sidewalk. It has a broad, grassy shoulder, about a dozen feet wide along the southbound lane, and a narrower shoulder along the northbound lane.

Castanheira and the children in the Mazda were not injured. The car sustained damages estimated at $5,000. Charges are pending.

It has been a deadly month on Flagler roads. The day after Thanksgiving, Theresa Woodfin, a 28-year-old mother, was killed when her car was rear-ended by a fully-loaded logging truck on State Road 100. A week earlier, two people were killed on the same day in separate wrecks, one in a head-on crash on SR 100, one on I-95, after he rear-ended a semi truck. A day earlier, a 21-year-old woman and recent graduate of Flagler Palm Coast High School was killed on U.S. 1 when the car in which she was a passenger went out of control and she was ejected.

The other pedestrian killed this month was Francoise Pecqueur, 76, who was walking the evening of Nov. 10 on Columbia Lane in an apparent hit-and-run, with Jamesine Fischer, 55, the wife of school board member John Fischer, at the wheel of the PT Cruiser that struck Pecqueur. It was about 12 hours later that the Fischers informed the sheriff’s office that the car had been involved in the accident.

On Sept. 27, another pedestrian, Alex Taylor, who was walking along SR100 near the Government Services Building before sunup, alongside his bicycle, was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run. And on Aug. 26, Kirt Smith, a 15-year-old boy riding the bicycle he’d received for his upcoming 16rth birthday, was killed by a passing pick-up truck while riding south on Seminole Boulevard, along the darkened road that evening.

The Seminole Woods section of town is notoriously dark at night and has no sidewalks, though in the case of Wednesday’s fatality, clarity of light was not an issue. Absent sidewalks may have been.

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63 Responses for “Distracted Driver Kills Josefina Reid, 54, As She Jogs; 6th Road Fatality in 20 Days”

  1. Diumraid Yllonnoc via Facebook says:

    We Need Sidewalks Bad, I amost got hit last night while walking my Dog. and i had a flashlight So Sad To hear about this Lady RIP Prayers sent out to the Family. People Need to Watch the Road and Not Whats going on in the Car Backseat or not.

  2. dotty says:

    when is it gonna be enough for the goverment or city to do something let me guess when a family member of there dies come on it gotta stop now do something about this road put sidewalks where there need to be one put light up to who gives a crap about tress and plants that not gonna save lives sidewal;k and light will

  3. Dede Siebenaler says:

    Here we are again! Another innocent life lost, that could have been saved with SIDEWALKS!! How many lives have to be lost BEFORE the city takes notice and DOES SOMETHING? The city officials NEED to do something, before they have BIGGER problems on their hands. My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

  4. Jojo says:

    So sorry to hear that.
    Wow! This is starting to become endemic within Flagler County. Is more Law Enforcement action the answer to “Distraction?”

  5. Do people in Palm Coast no longer know how to drive??? Accidents happen but come on people!!!

  6. Kip Durocher says:


    WTF people. Look ~ think ~ get your heads out of your @sses

    You are driving a GD car. Do that.

  7. Jim Guines says:

    I feel very sorry for Fischer and his wife since she was cited in the hit and run accident, however there has been little or no news about this case. People are beginning to speculate that there is a black-out of news because John is a school board member, Having been ih his shoes as a former school board member, I doubt school board members demand that kind of protection.

  8. Susan Muir via Facebook says:

    Forget a new exit on I-95 near Matanzas! How about more sidewalks and Lighting in our roads.

  9. Resident says:

    I just talked with Mr. Boogs with traffic enginering about lowering the speed limit on the roads in seminole woods.This is the second time i have talked with him about the excessive speds on our roads.Mr Boogs informed me that they just conducted a speed analysis, the average driver goes about 52 on this road. This is a neighborhood, there is always people running, riding bikes, etc…..maybe if the traffic enginering dept. had listened to me this time Mrs. Reid would possible be still alive.

    • Pissed off mom says:

      he is full of crap…..I drive down that road now on a daily basis and the cops have been pulling people over left and right… I do 50 and there is people passing me by a lot faster then 52.

  10. Cheryl Scott via Facebook says:

    Drivers in Palm Coast are the worst I’ve ever seen. Too busy talking on cell phones, text messaging, tailgaiting, screaming at kids in the back seat. And, sadly, someone’s life is gone because of inattention.

  11. Ginny Krol via Facebook says:

    Sending prayers to the families involved, too often I see people commenting negative things after a tragic accident. If you could save your negative energy and pray for the families involved the world would be a much better place. I could only hope we will get sidewalks soon due to the recent tragedies. Rest in peace Josefina.

  12. palmcoaster says:

    You got that right Jim…something is missing here. Or maybe we have two different sets of laws to comply depending who is who?

  13. says:

    how come we do not hear any comments from our city officials about these fatalities. are they afraid to address the peoples cries in this city about wanting more sidewalks and street lamps. enough with the palm trees and flowers and sod. maybe the victims families ought to take up the flowers on belle terre and start putting them on their love ones graves.

  14. Gina M says:

    OMG i am so saddened by this news I live on Seaton Valley D i would always see Ms Josephine jogging i would stop and ssay Hi she was a lovely lady…my prayers go out to her family…this is aother horrible tradgedy..people really need to pay attention & keept their eyes on the road & not on their devices children or other distractions..RIP Ms Josephine

    • Anonymous says:

      sickning, when the hell is palm coast going to wake up and give us sidewalks, lights, reflectors , anything!!!!!! how many more people have to pay with thier lives!!! why a highway by matanzas and us nothing??? wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      mad and sick to my stomach, another live taken because palm coast cannot find it in their budget to make this area safe, my condolences to the family. this road has become a cemetary

    • Gerene Romanski says:

      I was just hoping this was not her, we live on Sea Trail and she always jogged by, the nicest lady and always told us to have a blessed day. We wondered why we haven’t seen her lately as we walk a lot as well. We are so saddened by this. People take driving so lightly and fail to watch what they should be, the road.

    • John C says:

      yes I would see her all the time when riding my bike…i now ride against traffic….the hell with the law…there should be a law for bigger road shoulders….sesame has no shoulders or sidewalk..a matter a fact seminole woods area is so over looking by this towns leaders….they hold resposibility for this accident also!

  15. Preston says:

    Enough….Enough….Enough………Put those city workers that ride around all day in their pickup trucks to work building SIDEWALKS and installing LIGHT POLES. Puts some damn guard rails up along the streets.
    What the h3ll is the matter with this city ?

  16. Ralph Belcher says:

    @ Jim Guines: I’ve seen/heard the stories about the Fischer accident in the media, and I think that there is an active investigation, where the rest of the details will likely be published.
    I hope that the situation no longer prevents him from attending his board meetings, after all, the cause he championed is on the table.

  17. Norma says:

    Seminole Woods residents, get together and start petitioning for sidewalks!! City officials do something now!! How many more must die before anyone will do something about it?

  18. Pissed off mom says:

    I’m the step mother of Kirt Smith who was hit on the Seminole Woods on Aug. 29th. I can’t say I’m an educated person, but I think it is time for something to be done about this…. I moved here 9 yrs ago and I can say this town is messed up. I have been to a lot of places in my time from my father driving truck and this place is more worried about dumping money into unecessary things then the safety of our people. I drive this town on a regular basis. I would love to have the time to stop and take picts of what is unecessary here in this state. Our people’s safety is more important then these stupid tree’s down Belle terre. HOW ABOUT all those lights in town center? Are they really necessary? NOT in my oppionion… I’m blinded when I drive through. Take EVERY OTHER LIGHT and move them somewhere they are needed. How many more people have to die for them to do something? They don’t have the FUNDS……haha the money they are making off of us from the tickets from going through the lights…where does that money go? REALLY millions of dollars for all those trees and sidewalks where they are not needed….Like Belle Terre….we already had one sidewalk there, why did we need another one? Everyone says why don’t I go to the meetings to state my oppinion…..I would be in JAIL if I spoke everything I wanted to say……..I’m so sorry for the people that have lost loved ones on this road or any road for that matter…..I feel your pain and I send my thoughts and prayers to you and your families.

  19. Russ S says:

    Not only should this driver be charged with reckless driving he should be charged with child endangerment.His inattentiveness behind the wheel is a danger to all. R.I.P Josefina

  20. merle says:

    emailed and called every city commisioner in palm coast six months ago about sidewalks in seminole woods was told we were not in the budget now thats two lives in three months i live in seminole woods feel like a true southsider we are not worth the money we need to speak out asap

  21. Angela Smith via Facebook says:

    How many more pedestrians have to pay with their lives for the misguided priorities of their local governments? There is money for a freeway exit, but no money for sidewalks and streetlights? COME ON!!!

  22. Ziggie says:

    I live on Seven Wonders Trl, and was walking my dog when my neighbors made me aware of an accident. This accident was not caused by a lack of a sidewalk, as there is a very wide clearing for joggers or walkers. The accident was caused by a distracted driver. I am saddened to hear of this lady’s death, as I saw her many times jogging, and she clearly stayed out of the paths of vehicles. Today’s society has been unindated with to many “distractions” while driving. Just last week, I was going to make a left hand turn off of my street onto Sesame, a young woman driving her car down Sesame passed me, her eyes clearly were not on the road, she was looking at her cell phone ~ need I assume she was texting. I was furious! If you are distracted by your children, or phone calls, or texts, please pull over off of the road! or better yet, if you can’t give your driving your full attention, please do us all a favor, and stay home.

  23. Anita says:

    Mr. Castanheira has already been charged in what is obviously an accident. Why hasn’t Mrs. Fischer been charged for her part in Mrs. Pequeur’s accidental death and leaving the scene of an accident? Are there two different standards for the citizens of Flagler County? If you charge one, you must charge the other.

  24. Rocky Mac says:

    I’m also waiting to hear back from the Public Works Dept (Mr. Boggs) regarding posting a speed limit sign in our neighborhood. I think we need to voice our opinions at the next city council meeting. I know the flowers/trees, etc., are enticing and may lure businesses into our “pretty” city, but if they hear how reckless some people are in this community and the epidemic of accidental/carelessness of drivers and the many victims they will not be so eager to move their families into this “pretty” town.
    Listen up! We need sidewalks and lower speed limits in our neighborhoods!

  25. Sandra Lindquist via Facebook says:

    This is horrible. So very sad, I will pray for the families.

  26. Hello says:

    We do need sidewalks on Sesame. They built a park and I would love to put the kids in our bike trailer and ride them to the park. They put sidewalks near the park that end in the grass only a few feet past the park. The speed limits are fine for the area since there arent any houses that front Seminole Woods or Sesame. I have been part of a traffic unit in a diff city for a while and I know people always complain about the speed limit. If they say the study shown 52 mph then they are talking about the 85th percentile and that is what the state / local government sets the speeds at. So 52 would be set at 50mph. Sesame is already at 45 so per the study the speed limit should be 50. MOST of the agencies set the speed limit at 5mph lower thant he 85th becuase they know a majority of the traffic will travel 5mph over the speed limit.

  27. global 3922 says:

    Sidewalks wont make any difference. Stay home if you cant drive & control your vehicle & pay attention to the road. Texting, distraction etc are only excuses.

  28. Anonymous says:

    No sidewalks, no lights. But the city loves those red-light cameras. It’s all about safety! Yeah right!

  29. Ron says:

    Ms. Reid used to live near us and she always stopped and chatted when she walked her dog. She was a sweet lady and it’s a shame that this happened to her. I don’t understand how the driver did not see her. The road is straight as an arrow where this happened – he should have been able to see her from a good 1/2 mile away.

    RIP Fina.

  30. How many times do I have to say that Seminole Woods and Quail Hollow are not treated like the other side of Palm Coast, (meaning north of SR100)??? We have city tractors and lawn equipment parked at the end of Citation almost weekly. We have semi-tractor trailers that take our roads and shoulders and use them for driver training. I have personally seen the city of Palm Coast dump their tree clippings along with other garbage at the end of Citation and in the “Dry Lake” area. Yet, the city of Palm Coast just recently found the money to install new flowers and trees all along the bikepaths on Belle Terre Pkwy. Maybe that money could’ve been used for a more meaningful purpose. When the young boy passed away a few months back the city stated that it would cost over 1 million dollars for a sidewalk along Seminole Woods alone.But yet, their irrigation, sod work, flowers and beautification seems to go off without a hitch, we never hear about a dollar amount. I believe that our childrens lives are worth more than that. We need to start a petition and get something done instead of just complaining about it. This woman no doubt was trying her best to stay healthy and fit, she shouldn’t have lost her life over it. I personally ran cross-country for FPC for years and it IS VERY difficult terrain sometimes. If you don’t run you don’t know. The sides of the road are not graded correctly there. Also, there are holes in areas and alot of it has been washed out over time, this woman was 54 and a simple twist of an ankle and/or a leg in a 54 year old woman could cause a fracture or hip break. She ran the only place she could as did I back in high school. Trying to justify NOT having a sidewalk isn’t what we as the citizens of Seminole Woods need. WE NEED ACTION!! At this point I have forbid my children to go onto ANY of our roads, this isn’t the way our children should live..we as parents need to be able to let our children go outside and be active and above ALL ELSE be SAFE. I would like to know one thing, HOW in the heck are our children who live in Seminole Woods supposed to go to the wonderful new playground with no damn sidewalk??? In my opinion this isn’t Seminole Woods anymore it’s turning into Seminole “Hoods”.

  31. rickg says:

    Once again a stupid and preventable accident occurs in Palm Coast. If the city would be more interested in citizen safety (i.e. bike paths and sidewalks) instead of suffocating residents with idiotic code enforcement issues, it could be a nice place to live. The city needs to act now and put sidewalks and bike paths in place.

  32. Kal says:

    Ms. Reid was on foot this day but most of the time she would put in over 50 miles a day on her bike. I went to her home today. I do not live in Palm Coast. Beside the need of sidewalks, there isn’t a lane for bikes. This is another important factor and needed in this part of Palm Coast. Let us all remember not to speed, not to be distracted when driving and to cherish each day. I know that I am so much more aware of what I need to change to ensure the safety of others. My heart also goes out the driver and his family. Josefina – you always had the halo and earned your wings and are with your Savior. God Bless your family and loved ones in the days to come.

  33. Truth teller says:

    I’m sure this will make some people angry, but it should be said. Everyone says put sidewalks lights blinkers make the roads safer. Also to tell the city workers driving around to do all this. You should know that the “city workers” are not the ones you do this their job is to maintain all of this, that’s why they are maintenance workers. For all of this to be done the city of palm coast would have to hire contractors. This task isint something that is just a few thousand and a weeks worth of work. It would take months of work and more money than im sure you think. However I won’t argue that it would not make for a safer neighborhood. This is the part will people will be angry, common sence could be used be use on both parties in this case the driver should have been aware of what was ahead and not so concerned of what was behind. The jogger also has about 15 to 20 feet of grass before the trees. Too many times I have driven through palm coast where there were side walks and instead of people using them they were right on the narrow shoulder of the road. The city mows and trims the side of the roads in that area so there’s room for people to walk/ ride their bikes. I am by no means saying that this was her fault, I am just simply stating that it wasent like the guy drove ten feet off the rods and ran her over. It was a mistake, one that I’m sure we have all made before. No one on here can honestly say that they have never ran off the road or have ever been distracted before. Unfortunately for him and more so for her and her family this mistake ended in a death.

  34. Ralph belcher says:

    The sidewalks on Belleterre are funded through what was federal stimulus funds, specifically for those specific projects. Landscaping was part of the project, few realize that that federal money can’t be trimmed off the project to be sent to do a sidewalk elsewhere. Go to both the tea party and moreover, the city council meetings and don’t just gripe for the sake of griping, but ASK -both- the council AND the listening taxpayers to up the local property taxes to locally fund these needed sidewalk projects. It is indeed going to get willing taxpayers and our elected leaders in TANDEM to pull this off. Use your three minutes wisely for our lamented loss of citizens. Again don’t go “spraying hot lead” for the sake of a release of anger. Be very smart, tactful, and firm in saying what you’d like to see. If you look like an ass up there , you lose a degree of credibility. Good luck!!

  35. Ralph Belcher says:

    And remember this is a growing community about 11 years, with a lot of things that of course need to be done. We can’t compare it like a traditional 150 + year old community
    Some of us have been accustomed to …. Just constructive food for thought…

  36. dot zaw says:

    ok that is so true they said theres no money for side walk but what about the the tree they just put up on bell terre i live in Seminole Woods a block from the park and i have to get in the car with my 4 kids and drive they bcause i dont want to be the next hit its so crazy how fast people have to drive when everyone know we dont have any side walks and our kids may be out on these roads No matter what they do now we have lost a lot of great people and sidewalks will never bring them back many mothers and fathers and other familys will be with out there loved ones these up coming holidays do to lack of sidewalks fast driving and its very sad. I feel for all the familys out there that are going threw this and I will bring pray that no one else has to go threw this please stop planting trees that are more in the way then nice and start putting side sidewalks where need


  37. Val Jaffee says:

    Dear Palm Coast and Flager County Gov’t Officials,

    Please read the following article in its entirety which you can access by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Citizens should love their city, but how are citizens to love their city when there is not much to love about it. You need to work on doing the things that will make people fall in love with their city.

    Why you should love your city more than your country

    Patriotism applies to countries, while ‘civicism’ applies to cities – where more than half the world’s population lives. As the world urbanizes, a new class of global cities is competing for the affection of residents and tourists. There are several reasons to welcome this development.

    By Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit / December 1, 2011

    “I love New York” is perhaps the most successful slogan in modern history. Cities around the world are copying this slogan. “I love Beijing” – in English – is commonly seen on T-shirts in the Chinese capital. It’s easy to be cynical, to say that the whole thing is driven by money… But it’s not just a slogan: Many people really do love their cities. Countries, on the other hand, do not use such slogans. You don’t often see people walking around with “I love Canada” T-shirts. And if history is any guide, one can have good reason to worry about governments that expect their citizens to express such naked, unqualified patriotism in public. Countries are too big, complex, and diverse – and potentially dangerous – to merit unqualified love.…True, cities cannot provide the rich sense of community life characteristic of villages and small towns. But residents of cities often take pride in, and struggle to nourish, the particular ways of life of their own cities”…

    My condolences to all those affected.

  38. w.ryan says:

    This is sad that many have lost their lives. My sympathy to all of the families. Surely sidewalks do help regardless of a distracted driver. We also need lights and reflectors on our roads. I have seen for myself how drivers sometimes don’t see joggers along the roads in night even when they have reflective items on. Jim… I’m not giving an excuse for the Fischer case which obviously was criminal in nature. This incident was during daylight. Sidewalks still would have helped.

  39. Elana Lee says:

    To Pissed Off Mom: I am very sorry for the tragic loss of your son. I understand completely what you mean about being told to ‘attend meetings and speak up’. You are exactly right. Believe me, if you did, you would not be the first mom in this town to be put in jail for speaking up, loud and clear, and not shutting up when you piss off the “wrong” people. But do what you have to do, and say what you know is right. If you’re not willing to fight for justice for your son, no one’s going to do it for you, just like no one did it for me. I have no regrets, and am fortunate now to be able to devote myself full time to seeking justice. May God bless you and your family.

  40. Elana Lee says:

    ^ Good advice from Ralph belcher^.

  41. palmcoaster says:

    Texting while at the steering wheel should be penalized. Also where is the technology creating a device installed and mandatory in all vehicles, that automatically will disable any I-phone when the car being use starts the engine? That will resolve many of the accidents taking place today because of “texting or phoning while driving”
    @Ralph Belcher your insult to any of our citizens that present our hot community issues to be resolved to our elected officials, in the manner they think are more convincing, doesn’t need the derogative critique of your square mind. These residents are justifiable upset of some of the way our elected ones “sometimes” misused our hard earned taxes other than providing our infrastructure were is needed the most and in general instead, use those funds to benefit a developers project. 5 millions for the Town Center CRA, that we know so far and not refunded yet, plus I believe was 5 millions used form our city utility fund for the Old Kings South widening to the never arriving Super Walmart and the millions wasted with the Coquina Desalt Plant over 2 years of plans and meetings well over 2 million cost…and the Bull Dog 2.5 million appropriations…and we can go on and on. Never mind the county waste of our taxes in frivolous projects like the cost of the Ginn hangar, Cakes Across and all those lavish castles in Rte 100, etc etc.. So Ralph you need to go beat some other drum unless, you are one of the band directors yourself

  42. some guy says:

    First is was a accedent!!! Sidewalks would be nice BUT if they are not there dont use the road and a main road at that to walk on. It is sad for all involved but all that woud need to be done is one drivers pay attention two walkers stay on the correct side and or stay off the road bikers stay on the correct side and have lights at night. If we all did this most of the accedent would not happen.

  43. Kerri says: AND

    Please take a minute out of your day to sign. WE need to stand together to get something done not just in Seminole Woods but everywhere. I agree the Town Center has all sidewalks and lots of lights and there is not much in there. Its sad that the City of Palm Coast is not willing to make our town safe. WE NEED SIDEWALKS AND LIGHTS!
    My heart goes out to all who have lost a love one.

    • Anonymous says:

      c’mon Palm coast live!!! Keep this candle lit under the ignorant asses of this city’s government officials!! the more light shone on this subject of safety before beautification will hopefully open one of their eyes!

  44. I would PAY to have some good ol’ country boys go muddin’ through the north side of Palm Coast’s medians and rip them to shreds irrigation and all. That would be the way to see how quickly the city officials could pull money out of their @sses. They have the money just not for LIVES.

    • Anita says:

      Since when did vandalism ever solve anything? The people who live in those neighborhoods with landscaped medians and lights weren’t responsible for these accidents. I’d suggest you get off your bum, attend civic meetings and speak out for what you want. Oh, and yes, be prepared to PAY a little bit more in taxes, not for hooliganism.

  45. concerned citizen says:

    Extra law enforcement would not work. Look at what we have now. They sit behind grocery stores,on the side of the road talking with their girlfriends/co-workers. Do you really expect anything to change with extra law enforcement. The only thing that will change are takes!!!

  46. PJ says:

    I really don’t know what this driver was doing or not doing but my prayers and condolences go out to the family……………….

  47. w.ryan says:

    Kerri says: Your petition has expired.

  48. Lefty says:

    I see a lot of planting, mulching and irrigation being installed around town, so that PC can be pretty and attract more businesses and residents.

    Isn’t it time that the city spend some money for the safety of the people already here?
    How about sidewalks, traffic devices, and more lighting?

  49. we need sidewalks, streetlights and for the police to start cracking down on drivers talking on their cell phones and texting. I constantly see people swerving and nearly causing accidents because they are too involved in their cell phone conversations or texts

  50. Pay Attention Drivers says:

    To Kathy Bucek: As you should know there is currently no law in the state of Florida that prohibits drivers from talking on the phone or texting.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families involved in this tragic accident. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the families of all the other fatal traffic incidents we’ve seen in the past weeks. It’s easy for everyone to get on here and complain. The same people complaining about sidewalks will be the ones on here complaining about the construction while the sidewalks are being built. The same ones complaining about the police and wanting more traffic enforcement with be the same ones at police station complaining about the tickets they receive when they become part of that traffic enforcement. Fact of the matter is MOST of you just get on here to complain and pass judgment, you’ll never go to a public meeting and speak up or do anything else besides sit on your couch and post comments so you feel better about yourselves. I think a better solution for everyone would be to pay attention and use common sense. All the drivers on the road should pay better attention to the speed limits, other traffic and pedestrians. Pedestrians can do their part as well, if you’re aware of people speeding and driving recklessly in a certain area then you probably shouldn’t run there. If you want to run on sidewalks got to a place where there are sidewalks. The county has built a 6.5 mile trail from US1 to Colbert that’s available for the public. I have one more idea for all the people who don’t agree with what I’ve written. Next time an election comes up get on the ballot, win and make some changes. You can also go to the police academy if the election thing doesn’t work out for you.

    Great reporting Flagler Live

  51. Mike says:

    This is why I’m leaving Palm Coast. There is too much emphasis on making driving easy and very little on the pedestrian/cyclist. Until you make all modes of transportation feasible, you can’t really have a livable city. Florida in general really has a problem with this. The pedestrian fatality rates are among the highest in the country. It’s statistically safer to live in Detroit with one of the highest murder rates in the country than to drive a car or walk in Palm Coast. If Palm Coast was designed more like old town St. Augustine, not only would you have extremely low to non-existent fatality rates, but you’d have a much better and more desirable city to live in.

  52. John C says:

    i ride my bike against traffic…f the law! drivers suck…and palm coast has no shoulders on the roads

  53. palmcoaster says:

    Other than getting over 600,000 at least for the airport runway improvement, Fl. Rep. John Mica needs to lobby as chairman of the Federal Transportation Committee for walkway funds along our main streets. Sure private pilots and their flying machines have sufficient $$ to pay for those landing strips themselves. Why should we?. Mica should just get the grant funds for the materials and we have them built by our county and city workers to make them less expensive. C’mon Mr. Nets no $$ for life saving walkways but you had no problems approving the useless infraestructure for the never arriving Super Walmart in Old Kings South with over 5 millions of the utility funds, that now cost a little fortune to maintain. Also 3.6 more millions outsourcing to Palm Beach Grading the addition of one more water well for “future need”. When we have here local contractors that hire local workers like Cline, for example. No way to create jobs here. … and look at the records of Palm Beach Grading:
    There is more out there on lawsuits against this contractor regarding violations of labor laws. So much for corporations background checks, that receive our tax payers out sourced contracts….
    When are we refunded the 5 million you lent to the Town Center CRA?
    No money now for the walkaways needed by the same taxpayers force funding the above…? I sure do not agree with the mayor on this one.

  54. Karen M says:

    I am a very distraught mother and my heart goes out for all of those people who have been killed by inattenive or distracted, careless drivers. My Daughter was killed by a log truck 35 days ago. She was in her car waiting to make a left hand turn. She was on her way home to her husband and daughter. About 5 minutes from home. I know how everyone feels. It is killing me. We need lights and sidewalks and more cops who are willing to stop people who are driving irradically.

    I followed a car one day on my way home from work. Using my handsfree phone I called 911 gave them the license plate #. He went down US1 to Belle Terre. I called 911 again to give directions. Then called them again when he swerved and ran a pickup truck with a trailer on the back of it and a School Bus off the road. I followed him as far as Publix giving the 911 operator directions as to where he was. I can’t tell you how many times he almost caused a fatal accident. I lost him at the light by Publix. Never saw a cop at all. Don’t know if he was ever pulled over. I did what I could to have him caught. Where was the cops? I followed him for a good 25 minutes if not more. Cop should have intercepted him somewhere along the way. I gave good directions and stayed on the phone until I lost him.

    And as far as the comments about the pedestrians as far as I remember from driver’s training, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. I am very pissed off by some of the comments on here. I don’t give a damn if Palm Coast is beautiful as long as they make it safe. Some of those trees and bushes they plant to make it beautiful are dangerous because you can’t see past them. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost been hit coming out of or going into Target parking lot because of those BEAUTIFUL BUSHES.

    I am so angry about the loss of my daughter because of this driver’s stupidity. It was a senseless death. I know all who have lost someone to the stupidity and carelessness of those driver’s are as lost as I am. I don’t go to the meetings because I too would be arrested for what I would say. There have been way too many senseless deaths in Palm Coast, and all through this state. Don’t blame the pedestrians blame the @ssholes who don’t know how to drive and then the ones who can’t even fess up to what they’ve done.

    God is watching you. And Shame, Shame on you. I hope you all feel the guilt of what you have done to all the unsuspecting people and their families.

    As for us people who are screaming about tighter laws, if I’m speeding and I get stopped then I deserve it. And why would I complain if they are putting in sidewalks for our safety. I live in Quail Hollow and we have nothing no lights no sidewalks. We moved to a house with a culd-de-sac so our children would be safe. Well so much for being safe.

    My prayers and thought are with you all and my tears are for you too as well as my daughter.

  55. oldBones says:

    his brother is a palm coast deputy…ne one else at least get cited for going forward while looking back

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