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Panic: On the Prospect of a Trump Presidency

| September 23, 2016

trump presidency panic pierre tristam

Trump among friends at Republican Party Headquarters in Palm Coast last May. (© FlaglerLive)

It’s time to panic, at least for people like me who have any one of what in Donald Trump supporters’ eyes would be considered leprous types: Liberal, immigrant, member of the media, Arab, and not entirely, absolvingly white-skinned. I’m a quint of heresy in those eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the yellow badge reemerged, adapted and trumped up not just for Jews—though I’m part that, too—but for all apostates of the Gospel according to Donald, kind of like the church applied the badge to all non-Catholics in the 13th century.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive I spent the past year making fun of Trump and taking it for granted that Hillary Clinton would demolish him. I didn’t take into account her fabulous skills for self-destruction or the country’s ripeness for mass delusion. So the joke is on delusionals like me. As things stand today, Trump could very well be president by Nov. 8.  It makes me feel exactly like what Orwell wrote right about this time in 1934: “This age makes me so sick that sometimes I am almost impelled to stop at a corner and start calling down curses from Heaven like Jeremiah or Ezra or somebody.”

Even my money would be on him, if I weren’t counting my pennies to see if I had enough for a four- or eight-year exile on one of the rings of Saturn. As it turns out I don’t, so my only hope is that Mayor Milissa Holland will institute a forgiving sanctuary in Palm Coast for refugees of the Trump regime.

It’s not really the lying, the vulgarity, the narcissism, the thuggery, the amorality, the violence, or the false piety that bother me about Trump. Those things are problematic to be sure, but all they tell me is that the man whose chief attraction to his hordes is his claim not to be a politician happens to be more of a politician than Machiavelli’s wettest dream. Passing himself off as Joe Six Slugs is just another deception.

We have a way in this country of getting outraged at the strangest things about our presidents, or at least pretending to be outraged, like the fact that some of them have sex with women other than their wives, that most of them are self-aggrandizing narcissists who wear one mask or another, or—shock of shock—that they lie, as if lying weren’t as essential to their job as pretending to believe in God and lip-syncing the Pledge. Kennedy had the Bay of Pigs, Johnson had the Gulf of Tonkin, Nixon had Cambodia and Watergate, Ford had Nixon, Reagan had Iran-Contra, Clinton had Lewinsky and Bush had WMDs, all of which were gigantic lies and, with the exception of the White House blow jobs, violations of law or trust that cost the country immeasurably. And those are just the big ones. There are enough everyday unspoken lies we end up discovering a generation or two later when papers or tapes are declassified, the routine foreign incursions, the assassination plots, the domestic spying, the witch-hunts and abuses of power. In comparison, Trump’s inability to tell the truth looks amateurish, even idiotic. But for the pathology, they’d have been absolutely ordinary.

So that’s not what bothers me, or what bothers me most. No, what bothers me is that there’s nothing else there. He has no idea. No ideology. No plan. No Clue. Lies don’t crumble empires. Stupidity does. Ignorance does. Recklessness does. Take any of what passes for his proposals—on taxes, defeating ISIS, lowering crime, addressing immigration. There’s no coherence. Nothing computes. Ask him about it in person and he rambles more insanely than Tina Fey’s imitation of Sarah Palin. He is, as Garrison Keillor just described him, “the biggest con job since the Trojan horse.”

The con is all out there for anyone to see, and of course refuse to see, whether it’s his claims about being a self-made man while profiting, daddy aside, from nearly $1 billion in tax breaks, or claiming to be an astute businessman while carrying a $650 million debt, or claiming to make the country great again while failing his own businesses, or accusing Clinton and her husband’s foundation of crookedness while defrauding his own charity, or using our own eminently usable Pam Bondi to shut down inquiries into his fraudulent Trump University, or…

But this gets tiresome. Any one of these revelations should have sent Trump back to his reality show, assuming NBC rescinded his firing over his campaign-kickoff bigotry. Instead he coasts, he pushes the con further. And why not? It’s been working. His ignorance makes no difference. He’s a talking baseball bat, very much hollowed and corked, who’ll say and do anything to project power for power’s sake, with no more wisdom to wield power than the wisdom he showed running businesses into bankruptcy. He has achieved the impossible in at least one sense: he is all power and all vacuum, though hate seems to be the preferred dark matter of his barren universe.

The presidency has never had a combination like that in the Republic’s 228 years. And it seems willing to make that deranged bet. President Trump. Only in America will have a new ring on Nov. 8.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here or follow him @PierreTristam. A version of this piece aired on WNZF.

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84 Responses for “Panic: On the Prospect of a Trump Presidency”

  1. Ken Dodge says:

    Be it a small consolation, Trump would not be president until Jan 20th, so you would have an additional 77 days. And besides, it could not be worse than what we’ve had for the past 8 years, so there.

  2. Tony Keen says:

    You can always find another country to live in..I’ll even help you pack.

  3. I feel the same way Flagler Live.

  4. Trapper says:

    I worry about much the same things but come from a different perspective. The good news is that PEOPLE will prevail regardless of how the election goes so we (you and I) don’t have to worry as much as we do. I chuckled at your column and agreed with some of it. And some of the same fears you have for a Trump presidency are exactly the same as the fears I have of a Clinton presidency. Fortunately the president is not the king and so we have a decent chance of moving forwards. I tend to forget to place my confidence in our checks and balances and citizens who I believe still have integrity. I don’t think there is much integrity in our federal government and hope that will change. At least both parties seem fully engaged and since our freedoms depend on citizen participation this is a good thing. Sincerely Trapper

  5. Linda Lowen says:

    Pierre, I applaud you from afar. Funny how hate proliferates when the grasp of facts is non-existent. If I could split the world into two timelines and choose the one I’d live in, I’d hand over a Trump America to your naysayers. Because at the end of four years, this nation will either be in shambles or a police state. And still I would suspect none could bring themselves to admit they were suckered into the worst decision of their lives.

    • I would take you up on that, couldn’t wait to see you liberals figure out how to pay for all the stuff you want to give away and find a way to defend yourselves when you turn on each other or even better when all your resources are gone because you pimped them out to open borders!

  6. Veteran says:

    Trump built a billion dollar business, had a hit TV show and raised intelligent and respectful children. Why would he destroy the country? I’m more concerned about a lying, law breaking woman to whom the presidency is just another power seeking personal goal.

  7. Darin Harper says:

    Panic? A #Trump presidency is exactly what this country needs right now.

  8. Darin Harper says:

    I can’t wait to see how many people “leave the country” or cry when #Trump wins…hahahaha

  9. JonP says:

    Substitute Hilliary for Trump in this article and it sounds just like her as well. We know exactly what we’ll get if she’s elected so we’re rolling the dice with Trump

  10. Mikhail Okun says:

    Oh come on.
    You’ll be fine. Now if your girl Hillary won then we’d really have issues. Everything EVERYTHING you wrote in your article can be applied equally or greater to the Queen of mean, Slick Hilly herself.

    Trump is crude. Trump is thuggish. Trump is… Trump.
    But as hard as the media has tried, they can’t find a damn thing to stick to him. He’s not nearly as bad as you and others like you in the media wish that he was. Hillary on the other had…. well hell… even with the massive media bias, with Obama’s justice department on the take and with liberal nuts as yourself sweeping it under the rug… the crap has still floated to the surface. Now… stop whining about Hillary, take President Trump like a man and try for a minute to be a little more objective.


  11. Bruce C Shep says:

    So equating Trump to Nazi’s seems a far stretch because HIS platform is for more freedom, unlike hillary’s who is touting more government control. It is almost amusing to watch a so called intelligent person completely miss the mark. I guess you haven’t been watching hillary’s platform move. By the way, pulling the Jew card, shows just how desperate you truly are.

  12. Lin says:

    I feel that same panic when I think about Hillary as President.

    Her disqualifications are all out there for everyone to see if they have their eyes open.

    I knew it would be a close election — none of us will sleep well until Election Day (or when the recounts are done ?)

  13. Louis Dutter says:

    anybody that votes for hillary must really hate their family who else would want to force them to eat roundup weed poison knowing it causes cancer according to thousands of doctors and the world health organization and that the democrats have given your retirement social security money to IRAN or given your childs collage education to a 3rd world person who has destroyed their own country already and if you think hillarys not lying to you she lied to the fbi but wasnt prosecuted because obama needs her to win to pardon him next,think about this is the world a better place 8 yrs later? hillary equals 4 more yrs of American policy failures how many more will abandoned in Benghazi or Afghanistan or will be casualities of failed policy and corporate greed

  14. BIG JOHN says:

    Goddammit!! I hope you’re wrong Peter!!

  15. Toni Lee says:

    #neverhillary she will have a stroke before the election. #trumpforpresident cant wait for him to kickass

  16. Brian says:

    Hey Pierre! I was eagerly anticipating your inevitable desperation column, but please don’t fret – you can probably defray some of the expense of your trip to Saturn by splitting the costs with Whoopi, Joy, Rosie, Michael, George, Babs and Reverend Al. The “mass delusion” which you refer to is actually a mass awakening to the incompetent, lying, pussified, weak policies of the last eight years. Your boy Ojamba has created the laughingstock of the planet – Yep, replacing him with an indisputable liar and criminal would make everything just okey dokey. But hey – we eagerly await your left-wing spew in the six weeks until the election – I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

  17. I detest trump. He’s great for entertainment tv but not as president. I can’t take a man seriously when he’s constantly starting Twitter wars. I’m not really a Hillary fan either but #anyonebuttrump

  18. Idiocracy is alive and well in Flagler… Comocho 2016 ;)

  19. beachcomberT says:

    Pierre, I share all of your misgivings, but somehow I think the nation will muddle along and survive a year or two of Trump, or even a full term, if it comes to that. Despite the growth of the imperial presidency in recent decades, we still have a balance of powers system that should be able to curb the worst of Trump’s excesses. If he becomes deranged, we have the 25th Amendment and/or impeachment. I trust the Joint chiefs will not make it easy for him start a nuclear war on a whim, or send x number of divisions to the Rio Grande to patrol The Wall. I think the greatest cause for concern right now is that we know so little about who makes up Trump’s inner circle. You use the vacuum metaphor, and we know power abhors a vacuum. So which pols, lobbyists, academics and generals are angling for a position to become Trump’s key advisers? The media haven’t explored this in any depth. Giuliani huddling with Trump this weekend, plus Cruz’s late endorsement may give us a clue.

  20. The reason I’m voting for Trump is this is a man who didn’t have to leave his lifestyle to stand up for We the People. Like We the People, he sees the corruption in our government and the foul path that America has taken. He is driven by his love for our country, just like we the people are. We need Donald Trump, who is tough and strong, to stand up to our corrupt government.
    His policies have been noted to be the best out there. I truly believe if people would take a little time and compare his policies to the other candidates they would see that his policies are the ones that people would most agree with. I have. And this is the reason I choose Trump.

  21. ScotchRox says:

    You don’t have to “PANIC” if you’re law abiding and legally in the USA…


  22. Tina Jeffe says:

    Move over, please. I need to get in the basket of delusionals.

  23. OMG says:

    I will celebrate when TRUMP is ELECTED POTUS… Better than the lying scumbag on the Dems side who won a FIXED primary with Super DELEGATES….

    Just a reminder her first time lying to Congress under oath is travel gate when she wanted the coveted travel agency to go to her friends….

    There is no DEMOCRACY with the Democratic Party.

  24. Ed Bondy says:

    Now you are going to tell us that Obama was a great president,his legacy is that we now need to select which restroom to use, I figured it out,I look inside my pants . Hillary would continue his policies ,but add to them . The economy is worse then 8 years ago,the libs are still blaming Bush. She wants to raise corporate taxes which will raise prices on everything, only for every dollar of tax to corporations the end user will,pay at least a dollar and a half. She is the liar,she lies so much that she doesn’t remember what she lied about. There are numerous news clips confirming this. Where did she get over 100 million dollars when she has been a public ‘servant ‘ for most of life.

  25. Sw says:

    Entrenched liar or Capitalist whos a bit off center to say the least. Save us Jesus

  26. Anonymous says:

    oddly enough you speak of ignorance-but state he could be president by November 8th….

    he wont be president till jan 20th–just sayin

    just putting it out there…..

  27. Marlee says:

    I am a registered non affiliated party voter in Flagler County.

    The scary thing for me are those who know and understand what Trump is and are still supporting him and voting for him.

    All I hear and read is…”he will shake things up and he isn’t the establishment

    They cannot backup one solid proposal, issue or position that Trump has bragged about because Trump ends his pronouncements with the words…”believe me”.

  28. In the name of all that’s holy, please don’t make PC a ” sanctuary city”. Sheesh.

  29. Michael Randazzo says:

    Yea it’s going to suck being a left wing wacko for the next 4 years. I bet your God Obama doesn’t even show up to the inaugration, he will be playing golf in Hawaii on your dime.

  30. A Little Common Sense Please says:

    Pierre if Trump getting elected will make you go into exile and leave this country, I hope they elect the S.O.B. for 50 years so we are not subjected to any more of your racist, liberal BULLSHIT.

  31. daveT says:

    Well its been panic for the last 8 years under Obama, but we all know that Hillary will win, unless evil Hillary keeps telling lies and people finally see she is just there to mimic Obama Trump will ride off into the sunset.

  32. Knightwatch says:

    Deep down I’m not at all sure I want to live in a country that would elect a banana-republic buffoon for president. I always thought we were different in America. I thought we were smarter, more “democratic’, more caring and compassionate, more politically discerning. Now I’m not so sure. Now I wonder if our democracy is only an inch deep and our good citizens would overthrow it for an uber-authoritarian near-fascist leader so long as he promises them a return to our white, Christian glory days. No Mexicans, no Muslims, Blacks in the fields or back in Africa, bible toting white men with unquestioned authority delving out quick and final judgement. And women in the kitchen where they belong.

    Canada? The islands? Portugal? Hmmm…

  33. Anonymous says:

    We had an actor as a president. It can’t be that bad. Supposedly there are those who think Ronald Regan was the best thing since slice bread. Why not an egotistical, ignorant bully? That’s what is helping this country to self destruct.

  34. Duke Ganote says:

    The insane lying about government confidential materials ultimately drove me from considering Hillary toward the bloviating billionaire. No one from generals down has gotten away with such patent disregard for security protocol.

  35. Jack stewart says:

    I think the most humours part of your ranting was when you said Trump was the biggest con man…..where have you been the last 8 years..Obama will go down as the worlds best Con man ever ! He pulled the wool over the eyes of liberal Americans and half the world. Americans are feed up being told we are racist bigots , and Deplorables….put on your big girl panties Pierre and get ready to make America great again!

  36. Brad West says:

    Well said Pierre. And, yes, it is very scary.

  37. Geezer says:

    The media ignored Bernie Sanders–the one that would’ve beat Trump handily.
    They and the Democratic party overwhelmingly supported Hillary.

    Now the orange-blonde-haired chickens with tiny toes will come home to roost.
    Believe me….

    Maybe Melania Trump can be the first, First Lady to pose nude with another woman
    while in office.

  38. Mark says:

    The “yellow badge”? Give me a break. You still have time to move to a country of your liking. I hear Syria has job openings for liberals. I say liberal because you may write well but you are no journalist.

  39. footballen says:

    All you really have to wait for is some whack job liberal or another terrorist allowed into the country by Obama and Hillary to kill Trump a few months after he takes office.

  40. Layla says:

    Nothing Trump says offends me as much as Hillary’s actions. I guess that makes me a proud deplorable. I am tired of government by force, an army of illegals, terror attacks, and 94,000,000 Americans without jobs and a Congress doing no oversight. This sucks.

  41. Freddy says:

    It’s about time we get rid of the democrats form the White House. The country has suffered enough in world prestige in the last eight years. It is time to make America strong again.

  42. another vet says:

    As I said before if it gets really too hard for you here you can always go back to the middle east, oh wait they don’t let you write articles like this do they?

  43. Richard says:

    This is the last thing I expect from Pierre! Being so short sighted that he ignores the alternative. Trump’s weakness is that he is an outsider. One thing I hold against him is that he made billions and fortunes from gambling and here is one person who really suffered from the outcome of gambling.

    With all his problems, he is far less evil than Killery.

  44. Outsider says:

    I have no qualms with the prospect of a Trump presidency. I know from personal experience that he knows who and what to ask to make an informed decision. Sure, he’s a showman, but that may get him the presidency. I have no doubt he will extract all of the right information from the right people, and won’t make brash, uninformed decisions buthe will make decisions, and in a timely manner, unlike the current waffler-in-chief. You will be just fine, Pierre. I wish I could say the same for the people of Libya and Syria, among others.

  45. Coyote says:

    “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  46. Bruce says:

    Exponential improvement over a Queen HELL CoroNation !

  47. Sandra Peterson says:

    God help us all!!!

  48. Geezer says:



  49. Common Sense says:

    I have faith that the people of this country will do the right thing. They saw through the Republicans and elected President Obama twice.

    Ask those who criticize Mrs. Clinton, what lies they are specifically talking about and they can’t tell you. They just blindly follow what FAUX news tells them. Ask them what exactly she did wrong in Benghazi and they will tell you some incoherent, false narrative. Never mind that eight Congressional investigations didn’t find anything.

    Ask them about Trump’s plans and they can’t tell you anything other than he is going to build a wall.

  50. Aggie says:

    You are an idiot. If your worried about where you would stand in a trump administration leave the country like all the other so called famous people. We deplorable want someone who will protect and defend our flag and constitution too bad you as a typical liberal do not want that.

  51. “I spent the past year making fun of Trump ” Hmmmmm…. This is why the Trump Train started to roll and after what many Americans have been through in the last year? Continues to roll. The public ridicule, shame games and downright fear of job loss and friend and family compromise in debate? While we are watching the liberal side bring into play our jobs and our reputations, while many Liberals are kicking down Trump signs on private property and kicking cars with Trump bumper stickers? Please know that we are reeling from these same liberals that while attacking another’s opinion or values continue to call themselves the ” tolerant” ones and the “peace” keepers. This continuing drive, as you would call it, to the other, or as you say, to the lesser of two evils called Trump? This is just my opinion but I really do blame Trump on the Liberals as we are only witnessing a REACTION to the ACTIONS of the extremities of devaluing the importance of ALL people by selectively and continually “grass rooting” for a selective few in the very real and negative way of stripping all the others of their value by calling them POLITICALLY INCORRECT in order to “win” rather than introduce and compromise a situation to the end.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says:

    September 24, 2016 at 8:48 am

    We had an actor as a president. It can’t be that bad. Supposedly there are those who think Ronald Regan was the best thing since slice bread. Why not an egotistical, ignorant bully? That’s what is helping this country to self destruct.

    An egotistical, ignorant bully HELL that’s what we have had the last nearly 8 years!! NOT a big fan of Trump but ill take him over Hillary rotten Clinton anytime. Also maybe it is time to NOT have a life long politician in the White House???

  53. Knightwatch says:

    Hey, Duke… have you considered that Hillary did nothing wrong and that’s why she’s “getting away with it”? Ever consider innocence? Ever consider mitigating circumstances?

  54. William Moya says:

    A few month back I mentioned to my wife the even if Secretary Clinton were to win by a margin of 4 point, quite a lot in these times, I would be very disappointed knowing that so many of my neighbors had voted for a fascist, a racist, a misogynist, and an ignoramus. Reading most of your comments confirms my worst fears, your basket has been upgraded (or downgraded whichever you prefer) you belong in a basket of repugnables.

  55. Barry Hartmann says:

    I will celebrate when TRUMP is ELECTED POTUS… Better than the lying scumbag on the Dems side who won a FIXED primary.
    With all that’s going on in this country right now it is obvious to me the plan is not working! It’s time to go to the outside and get away from the political insiders who run thic country. Let’s see:
    1) Mideast a mess
    2) Healthcare a mess
    3) law and order a mess
    4) Economy a mess
    5) Foreign trade a mess
    6) jobs moving out a mess
    7) political greed a mess
    8) term limits a mess
    9) Armed forces a mess
    10) Veterans affairs a mess
    11) Respect from other countries a mess
    12) climate change a mess
    13) planned parenthood a mess
    14) TERRORISM A MESS !!!!!
    15) gun control a mess
    On and on and on
    And you people are worried about what Trump might do????
    Seriously, can it get much worse?

  56. IMO says:

    When I first moved to Palm Coast I went to a “Moving Sale.” Of course the “Moving Sale” was in reality a Foreclosure Sale.

    As I pulled up to the house the first thing I noticed was both cars in the driveway had faded Obama campaign stickers on them.

    While shopping for a home the real estate broker took me to many foreclosed homes. It was horrific to walk into a home and see most of the furniture and children’s toys had been left behind. It was walking into a world of broken dreams and shattered lives.

    Need I say more.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Hillary and Pierre…a match made in heaven. Both self centered liberals who paint the world with bull shit. Now, wipe your mouth.

  58. BIG JOHN says:

    Read Roger Angell’s column endorsing Clinton.

  59. Yellowstone says:

    OK, how long do you think it will take to impeach him once the courts tie him up in litigation? I’ll give him six months . . .

  60. Dan Potter says:

    BS. I am not surprised you are part Jew.

  61. footballen says:

    Thank God, Jesus Christ we all live in America!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Makeitso1701 says:

    I just find it amazing of how many stupid, ignorant,bigoted racist people live in a small county.
    I will be voting for Hillary, because I do love this country and I don’t want a Putin-like president running the USA and getting us into another war.

  63. Flagler4Trump says:

    Thank you, Pierre, for enlightening the residents of Palm Coast: Milissa Holland only changed her party affiliation to Republican to run for mayor, but she’s as liberal as you are. Watch out for exiting-mayor Netts’ protege, Palm Coast. Jon boy and Landon know how to keep Milissa in line.

  64. Fredrick says:

    Can we start a “Go Fund Me” account for knightwatch and Pierre so they can afford their plane tickets out of the country?
    It’s sad that these to candidates are the best we could come up with but give me the person who tells me exactly how he feels than the one that contentiously lies to my face.

  65. palmcoaster says:

    The Trump hate only promotes racism and specially targeting Latinos…to the point that in the first news coming from the murder of five in Washington Cascade Mall the media first reported that the gunman seems to be Hispanic!! One more insult, stereotype and assesine branding of our good Hispanic community men. Instead they should have said that the gunman “looked Middle Eastern” because these refugees/immigrants brought in here with all expenses paid forced on us all are the one’s that bring among them these terrorist. Now resulted that the Cascade Mall shooter is a Turk immigrant. They should apologize to the Hispanic community for their affixed wrong label. After all when have this country experienced a mass political/religious terrorist murderer that is a Latino/Hispanic? Stop the bigotry and the offensive attacks in our Latino Community, just because some of them come illegally risking the only thing they have “their lives” across the Rio Grand in to the killer deserts just following the American Dream because if they apply for visas or immigration they are flat out Denied/Refused! I figured our immigration system is crooked as in this manner they make room to bring in all these refugees and or middle Easter immigrants with all expenses paid by our pockets, some of whom turn around and shoot us dead in massive ways over and over again!
    Maybe Trump Latino hate comes from the same reason many Conservatives have and that is that until almost 1848, 1/3 of our current American Territories was Mexico and was taken away from them (though I know is in better hands since then) still is a concern added the growth of the Latino community affecting political Conservative interest..? If so, nonsense. Let immigrate to America the good people and not terrorist fix our biased immigration system.

  66. Su says:

    We need leadership and change now, we can’t continue with the same leadership that is in the White House now. Our country is still the greatest in the World, but at the rate we are going it will just a matter of years, we won’t be. So let Trump be who he has always has been a Leader in his line of business and Leader this great country, we already now what other party has done and will continue to so!

  67. DaveT says:

    Well unless people get smart by Nov it will be a repeat of the last 8 years not to mention another “recession” and more ISIS home grown terror.

  68. Wishful Thinking says:

    Here goes –
    Hillary made her millions – HOW? By sucking up and sucking money from the countries she and her Huma buddy kissed up to while cornering for big bucks at the same time?
    Trump made his millions putting people to work – his big mouth has helped his businesses succeed and running our country is running a business.
    He made his money – he does not need this ‘ agita’ in his life –
    Hillary has no love for anyone but herself.
    I gave to Killery’s campaign in 2008 – before she showed her true colors –
    “What difference does it make?” …. A big difference to me Hillary… She will be worse than Obama in my book – we need a change and we need to stop dividing anything by color other than our laundry ! Same for religion or race – we are all children of God except the Clintons – they are the work of the devil…..

  69. Common Sense says:

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised but still it is appalling to read the comments from so many uneducated haters.It seems the Trump supporters can’t write a coherent comment without resulting to insults.

    As for the last eight years, where was the Republican controlled Congress doing? What about the 80+ people that were killed in embassy/consulate attacks during the Bush afministration? Where was the outrage then? How about being outraged that Bush lied to the country to get is into a war that is still costing American lives? And the worst deceit of all, that Bush was warned about attacks BEFORE 9/11 and that he chose to ignore the warnings?

  70. Ron says:

    Donald Trump is not a racist. Demo rates continue to state it but where is the proof? Are we really afraid of getting our country back on track? Or are we really going to continue on a path of destruction. The only change that America gain the last eight years was the remaining change in your pockets. We need to Make America Great Again. I am voting for Donald Trump.

  71. Geezer says:

    Trump vs Clinton–what a tragedy for our country.

  72. Knightwatch says:

    So, DaveT, are you saying Obama caused the recession and ISIS? The Great Recession that began officially in December 2007, under Bush II, and ended in June 2009 under Obama I. And the ISIS that has its roots in Al-Qaeda which grew in the aftermath of the ill-fated invasion of Iraq. Are you saying that attacks by naturalized U.S. citizens in support of ISIS are this president’s fault and that Trump has the magic answer to monitor and control the behavior of otherwise law-abiding citizens who may be disturbed, disgruntled and disaffected?

    i just don’t get how conservative’s brains work. Way beyond me.

  73. Knightwatch says:

    Hey, Fredrick, get me two tickets to Portugal (I’ll even travel coach), maybe a little extra to lease a small apartment until Trump is overthrown in the second great revolution.

  74. bill harvey says:

    take the Integrity out of the FBI because Hillary destroyed it. she is evil, all I can think of is that she must have a lot of dirt on a lot of people in DC to escape the FBI. she probably owns them

  75. Oh WOW says:

    The past 8 years have been an absolute NIGHTMARE. Do we really need to live like this. PLEASE GOD HELP US ALL>

  76. Donald Trump's Tiny Fingers says:

    This election is really forcing me to conclude that we need a maximum voting age just we have a minimum. If trump were elected (he’s not), most of the people that would be voting for him right now are going to be dead of dementia-related complications, self-induced diabetes related complications, or other age-related illness. You really shouldn’t be allowed to take a massive, petulant, cheeto-colored dump like that on a nation and then expect the next 10 generations to clean it up just because you don’t like brown people and think fondly back on the days in which you could just hang colored people for looking at white women.

  77. Trebordadda says:

    Well said Pierre. Now that the first debate is over, let’s hope the viewers realize the reality show buffoon has no clothes, no core, no conviction, pays no taxes while advocating more tax cuts for the rich, insults our allies, our Gold Star families, our vets, (“not heroes because they were captured”) , calls a whole country rapists, insult our judges, and can’t seem to verbalized any policies coherently other than reminds us he wins! What a joke.
    Like Michelle Obama said last week: Hillary Clinton in the candidate that is the most ready, the most steady, the most stable. I’m with Her.

  78. Lucy Davis says:

    I am 76 years old and never have I seen or heard so many horrible things about our current president. When he was elected, the Republicans had a meeting and decided they would oppose any any and all policies the president proposed. As always, everybody will not benefit from all of the proposals, but if it is in the interest of making our country a better place for all who live here, we have the obligation to support the proposal. I find it disturbing that some of my neighbors and friends are eager to destroy our democracy by supporting a presidential candidate who is self centered, lyies, has little or no respect for others and looks for ways to become richer using the backs of all American citizens. I am not talking about unpaid workers, but those of us who pay for the operation of our country through our taxes. I feel afraid our country may well be headed to a war like none of us have ever imagined. Do remember that as a nation, we must strive to find solutions for making not only our country a better place, but our entire world.

  79. Richard S. says:

    Trump represents a movement – away from the old boy’s club politics.

    Some people refer to it as a new style revolution. A bloodless one.

    People are angry that Obama wasn’t even tried to be impeached by the Congress – they didn’t even TRY!

    Some people say Obama is a Communist in “sheep’s clothing” – and they are probably right when you research his upbringing and background. He’s NOT a Democrat by any means.

    Obama forgot the fiscal mess we were in when he took office (not blaming him) when he took off on an ideological quest to force an unpopular “health plan” when he should have been trying instead to fix the economy and create real jobs. All he did was to enact just another “tax” as Justice Roberts said and never brought the cost of healthcare down. (Hillary said she will continue to support this very unpopular law.)

    I could go on, but all I have to say is that Hillary has said she will continue down the same path as Obama. Many are fed up with this.

    This election is going to be about a rejection of Obama and his policies and the fear of them continuing with the thought of Hillary following in his footsteps.

    We’ve had Presidents in the form of Generals, Educators, Governors, Politicians, an Actor, a baseball team owner, a community organizer – why not a businessman?

    After the businessman, we should try a comedian – I might suggest Senator Al Franken – a Democrat.

  80. Ellen KB says:

    I applaud your position, and admire your ability to put into words EXACTLY what I’m thinking. Although I will be voting for Clinton, I am not blind to the fact that she comes with some significant baggage and has made mistakes….she is after all human, not perfect. However, IMHO she is “the best of the worst”. Trump on the other hand is “the worst of the worst”. HOW in G-D’s name can we as a people consider such a DEPLORABLE human being as our leader? Heaven help us all if he is elected.

  81. Richard S. says:

    Hillary would be a continuation of Obama and his policies of ignoring the Constitution by using executive orders instead of using Congressional approval and The People want a President that will abide by the Constitution.

    Today’s Democratic Party no longer is the Democratic Party of the past. It has been taken over by the Communists. Go ahead and laugh at this statement, but it is true. Obama , himself, told “Joe The Plumber” that he wanted to ‘spread the wealth’. This is the mantra of the Communist Party.

    I think and hope that President Trump will surround himself competent advisors and cabinet advisors that will lead him to make good decisions that will correct the mistakes of this past administration. We can do MUCH better!

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