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Transgender Indecency

| May 24, 2016

Lebanese artist Nada Sehnaoui

Lebanese artist Nada Sehnaoui’s installation, ‘Haven’t 15 Years of Hiding in the Toilets Been Enough?’

What passes for conservatism in America has taken an oddly smutty turn since the Reagan years, when that obsession with men and women’s private parts started shaping national policy: Abortion, homosexuality (in and out of uniform), contraception, even urine tests, for god’s sake. Usually white, ostensibly male, oddly Christian lawmakers can’t keep their head from other people’s most private business.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive Now they want to police our bathrooms.

I suppose if as recently as 1986 a Supreme Court majority could call homosexuality “a disgrace to human nature” and “a crime not fit to be named” (though it had to rear back to the pre-Revolutionary era to find the quotes from William Blackstone) it shouldn’t be a surprise that some people using one bathroom over another might be seen as a threat to western civilization, the American way of life, the family and, of course–let’s not forget the children–every child from here to Neverland.

We probably shouldn’t make too much of this, and for many years, we didn’t. The recent history of this country has been one of rights gained, not lost. Justice Antonin Scalia’s Blackstonian dissent aside, that 1986 decision was overturned in 2003, and  a decade later the court declared same-sex marriage legal. We have a black president. Aside from the usual bastions of Catholic indecency and the odd hobby store, access to contraception–which the same court only legalized in 1965–is not an issue. It’s even free under Obamacare. Urine tests are still the rage, but that’s because while we may growl about police powers at the swipe of an iphone, we limply submit to the corporate police state, two-ply in hand, especially in Florida, where Rick Scott in one stall and Pam Bondi in the other have had our ‘hood boys and girls surrounded for six years.

Which brings us back to that other bathroom outrage. It wasn’t an outrage, or a political issue, until lawmakers decided to make it one. I’m not referring to President Obama’s order to schools across the nation to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. I’ll even concede–for argument’s sake–that the order was overreach. But I am referring to those bills that have been foaming out of legislators’ mouths in one-party states such as Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina to make bathroom use contingent on showing your papers at the door: if your birth certificate declares you of one sex, that’s the bathroom you use regardless of how you identify or where you are in your transition to another sex.

In public bathrooms, lawmakers are predators to fear most.

Those laws emerged because, to use Ted Cruz’s creepy phrase, “men should not be going to the bathroom with little girls.” (I wonder where Ted Cruz’s outrage was when the Catholic Church was revealed to have been enacting William Blackstone’s quotes on little boys all these years. But anyway.) Cruz is making the obscene comparison between transgender people and pedophiles, which is really an update of the old and finally discredited comparison between gays and pedophiles, or the more idiotic assumption that gays and transgender people have anything whatsoever to do with each other.

Ignorant prejudice aside, there is zero evidence that making access to bathrooms more just to all puts anyone in danger. Some 200 cities and 18 states have non-discrimination laws that protect transgender people. None has seen a spike in sex crime. None.

But there is evidence, and plenty of it, that discriminating against transgender people is deadly. As it is, 41 percent of transgender people attempt suicide at one point in their lives. The proportion rises above 50 percent when it comes to more aggressive discrimination, including denying them the right to use the bathroom of their choice.

The Cruz-like image of predators set loose on our little girls is powerful and visceral, however baseless. What parent won’t respond with outrage to the first hint that an adult–or anyone, for that matter–could harm one’s child in a bathroom? But here’s what we all know at one level or another: making bathrooms justly accessible to transgender people isn’t going to change the fact that public bathrooms have always posed at least a minor danger to safety–not just to children, but to anyone, and not because of people whose sexuality gives you instant PTSD, but because of good old-fashioned pervs (from Larry Craig to Mark Foley to Dennis Hastert, for example: lawmakers all) who prowl the wrong places for their jollies. But that’s also true of churches, schools, libraries, and of course senate cloak rooms. It’s not by putting on a wig and a skirt that a predator will gain access to prey. It’s by being a predator. So sex crimes will continue. But don’t get excited. They won’t go up. At least not by ending the crime of dehumanizing transgender people in the name of trumped-up fears.

Let’s also not get too googly-eyed over the kind of public bathrooms we do have in our binary tyranny. They’re not exactly the sort of thing you’d want highlighted on a Voyager-like interstellar Golden Record (I’m not making up the name) for other civilizations to know us by. When I go into a public bathroom, whether it’s at Magic Kingdom or at the Government Services Building, it’s not pervs I’m worried about. It’s the guy next-stall and the catalog of sensory depravation I have to endure (or inflict on others) as if suddenly we were all in the same foxhole. What deviant designs these places and why can’t rest-rooms be a little more like rooms and a little less like rush-hour subway cars with urinals? So if transgender people end up being the catalyst for greater privacy–and, ultimately, unisex bathrooms that restore the civil in engineering for all–then call me transgender.

As for that until then part: For several years cities and schools, including Palm Coast and the Flagler school system, have taken a pragmatic, enlightened approach to non-discrimination, either by making private bathrooms available or making decent arrangements on a case-by-case basis. It’s not perfect. Universal acceptance is best. But we’re not there yet. We were getting there–until those lawmakers decided to invent a crisis where there wasn’t one, mostly for political reasons. That’s why Obama felt compelled to issue an order that was, until then, unnecessary.

Now we have an ugly controversy where previously we had common-sense pragmatism. Now we have again demonized transgender people by comparing them to freaks and criminals where before we were at least slowly learning that a human being’s sex is not as simple as “boy parts” or “girl parts,” in the embarrassingly juvenile phrases of people who call themselves adults.

The result is smutty politics at its slimiest. The problem isn’t predators in our bathrooms. It’s legislators. The solution isn’t new prohibitions. It’s less bullying and bigotry crossdressing as law.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here or follow him @PierreTristam.

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33 Responses for “Transgender Indecency”

  1. Ron Gross says:

    To the author of this article…I am ashamed that so called intelligent writers, consistently over dramatize every aspect of every single issue. You made the comment that there was a comparison made between Transgenders and Pedophiles. In fact you identified what was said, that men should not be going to the bathroom with little girls. That statement in itself holds very little drama for your purposes, and in fact is a statement that most would agree with. So you had to take it to another level by twisting what was said into something that was not…that there was a comparison being made.

    I agree that men or boys however they identify that are biologically male, should not go into the bathroom with girls. Call it old fashioned, call it morals, hell call it whatever you want, but do not state that a comparison was made when it was not. I could care less what an individual identifies as…what I do care about is that I have a certain standard and set of values/morals that I am raising my daughter by. No more than I should force or push those values on anyone else, neither should the transgender community, gender confused community or their supporters expect to push their values, moral beliefs or standards on me or my children.

    You say that the lawmakers created this problem. I beg to differ…the fact that transgendered individuals, and gender confused or whatever the term is..started demanding access is what created this problem. In many instances, facilities such as schools have introduced a gender neutral bathroom offering a solution, and that solution was refused. So I ask who is creating the problem.

    Lets say John, identifies as Jane. I assume the main reason that Jane does not want to use the boys/mens restroom or lockers is because as a person who identifies as a woman, she would feel very uncomfortable in the restroom with people of the opposite sex. Well in fact she wouldn’t be with the opposite sex, but I concede. So lets take Suzie, who identifies as female and wants to be called Suzie, Suzie does not use the mens room because she would feel uncomfortable using the restroom in the presence of persons of the opposite sex….wait lets see…when John/Jane is allowed to come into the women/girls restroom…they are biologically a male..and therefore most every girl in there would immediately be uncomfortable.

    I have become extremely disappointed with a society that is so determined to create inclusivity and be politically correct, that they throw out common sense. You propose to negate the rights of 85% of the population to appease the rights of .5% of the population…doesn’t that seem a little crazy to anyone else.

    Let me be very clear, I did not ever say or suggest that we negate the rights of the .5%. I feel that gender neutral facilities should be provided for their comfort and privacy. I refuse to allow my daughter to be subjected to the ignorance of political correctness that has warped the common sense of way too many individuals.

  2. Lin says:

    It wasn’t lawmakers, conservative or otherwise, who made this an issue, it was the president with his almighty pen again. I heard no outrage before Obama and his latest threat to our school districts.

    This is not a law, this is just another fascist overreach. Our children in schools are not some experiment in progressive versions of social justice. It is outrageous to open school bathrooms and showers to those who are in transition or confused or identifying with the other gender, or whatever. These other kids are children for goodness sake and may not be ready for this situation. There are still male and female, no matter what Obama says.

    Private stalls and showers and locker rooms are the only way to guarantee privacy. This striker of the pen again is fundamentally changing the USA and taking away our rights and those of our children to privacy. Little kid in bathroom or school shower or store bathroom now confronted by anatomy they don’t understand because Obama says so.

    Really, there is a Congress to make laws, courts to enforce the laws and the executive branch.

    Can’t wait for November/January. This was a sovereign country of laws and now open borders, suing Little Sisters of the Poor, the many suffer now for the rights of a few. We have now a tyranny of the minority.

    Just a note here. Those children or adults with sexual identity issues should have private facilities as they should also be protected.

    And when I was in Europe (as opposed to those who say there were common bathrooms) – I saw many private stalls and single gender in public facilities. Here even the schools aren’t private and only by decree.

  3. Yellowstone says:

    A problem where no problem existed before. Sounds a lot like ‘the party of no’ first creating a problem – then blaming someone else for the results.

    Can I ask any common sense, well adjusted male or female: “What law(s) has kept you out of the wrong gender bathroom?”

    What law has prevented females from alluring young males – and vice versa?

    Now another interesting situation: Suppose there is a cross gender female who identifies herself as male. She has a monthly ‘need’ to use the women’s room. There are no facilities in the men’s room. Will there now be a law that says she cannot go there dressed as a male?

    So, now we enforce the new law by stationing the Identity Police Officer by each doorway asking for proof of gender. One count a misdemeanor. Two counts you are off to a psychiatric ward.

    What a great world our leaders created for our future generation! (All for the sake of distracting us from the real problems.)

    Liberty and justice for all – my foot! May God bless this once great nation.

  4. Fredrick says:

    ” I’m not referring to President Obama’s order to schools across the nation to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. I’ll even concede–for argument’s sake–that the order was overreach.” Wait just a minute….. Obama only provided “Guidance” not an order, at least that was the back pedal that the administration took after starting this stupid shit storm.

  5. sick of failures says:

    While I could go into excruciating line by line detail using Ron and Lin’s own written words not only to justify but easily exemplify the reasons we are, #1 “discussing” this topic to begin with and secondly and more realistically… all going race to our keyboards, with frothing agape mouths in tow, to hate-peck-n-post against FlaglerLive, Pierre, or those who choose to comment in some inclusive and in some, albeit rare, dignified manner- attempt to contribute to the healthy aspects of furthering the discourse of this public engagement… I will relinquish, for tonight, with this: A REAL WORLD, EVERY DAY personal experience.

    Soak that in for a moment or two… REAL WORLD, EVERY DAY personal (and therefore absolute legitimate rationale- in that it actually happened ) experience.

    While blessed to be the auntie of many nieces and nephews I can for one- unequivocally state- the most terrifying moments I have lived through when I was entrusted on my own as their guardian- in and of itself a PERSONAL indicator that I had proven myself in some capacity to not only keep myself alive, but a +1 or more (for at least several hours)- , occurred when it came time to use a public potty.

    Me being a diminutive female, on my own, I had rarely had to think twice when selecting a receptacle to enter… my only stop and pause for thought came from those cheeky situations where you run a fact check for a moment, such as instances where interpreting what a “Shelia vs. Bloke” actually means insofar as taking action.

    When with my nephews, regardless of the oh so visually obvious random bathroom users’ genders- birth certificate in hand or no, it has been extremely unsettling and made me feel completely unnerved by sending a grade school aged male child, into a MEN’s restroom on his own.

    Not only because it would be totally socially reprehensible and inconceivable if I, the adult and a true FEMALE – based on what my mom has been telling me for, like, so, so many years now, where her understanding is based on what the doctor who ushered my way into existence as such thus declared on entry — and forced me to create this shared space with the likes of Ron, …- were to follow my nephews into a male restroom… well, I guess we both deserve what may come from that scenario?…

    Truly, I am asking… what should I feel like, as an adult, while acknowledging and following societal gender conformities, be prepared for while sending my young nephews, or better yet, followed them in to the bathroom… how would you prosecute me? As a member of my peers… I truly need to know.

    I ask you to ask yourselves before ranting about the nonsense, regardless of your political leanings… when is the last time YOU felt the social implications of either being forced to use the “wrong” bathroom, or better yet, openly sending in an innocent, unvarnished child into the same???

    Personally, I am way more comfortable with someone, a person -who, as Ron so universally writes off as “whatever THEY identify with”… entering the bathroom that naturally aligns with their identity than with those not interested in, not least of which for their own sake, have a vested security interest in “passing”. I have for many years, on multiple occasions, been pre-occupied with the “MALES” that enter into male restrooms, if nothing else, for the sake that it is a territory in which I do NOT enter and as such have no clue as to the inner workings of such.

    After all, Ron & co…. I could just shut my mind off to your perspective since you are so blatantly and openly advancing the male pedophilia bathroom agenda. What other conclusion is a reasonable response to that…????

  6. Geezer says:

    I like the picture of the lined-up commodes. It reminds me of the image
    in my rear-view mirror when I moved out of Brooklyn, N.Y., some twenty-years ago.
    (only difference–these toilets look clean)

    I remember drinking pitchers of ale at McSorley’s Old Ale House in Greenwich
    Village, NYC back in the seventies. The bathroom was unisex, and with lots
    of kidney-filtered beer going down the sewer pipes, keeping things moving…….
    I don’t recall any incidents in the rest rooms, but then again my memory was suspect
    having consumed large quantities of ale. I do recall my friend putting his cigarette
    out on some obnoxious raincoat-clad nerd’s face from “Jersey.”
    If the victim were to color his new mole pink–he’d look like Robert De Niro.

    I hear that there’s a ladies room now in addition to the unisex scheme.

    I would say that smoking is verboten there now.
    Too late for the Jersey guy and his new mole.

    What fun times–it sucks getting older.

  7. footballen says:

    Amazing! This is just amazing.

  8. Tired of it says:

    It is not one bit surprising that you and your liberal distorted mind would publish such a piece of trash. You are advocating boys/men who think they are girls/women to be in the same bathroom as my granddaughters. Over my dead body. I believe you have said in the past you are a Christian. What the hell is wrong with you? Oh that’s right I forgot. You are a Obama/Clinton supporter. That explains it all.

  9. mcsmiley64 says:

    Recently while in Honduras I entered a busy men’s bathroom and the clean lady was in there cleaning away…I was taken back for a moment, but everyone was just doing their business and nothing perverted was going on as far as I know. it did feel strange because it was not my norm, but no one else seemed to think twice about it.

    As for transgender in the schools, it is already there and has been for awhile. I imagine that there are transgender students in all all three school levels. It’s not a big deal because the district has something in place that is acceptable to all. The students are not shocked by it because they are there amongst it and it is not taboo, in fact, they are friends and classmates and support each other.

  10. Resident says:

    “It’s not by putting on a wig and a skirt that a predator will gain access to prey. It’s by being a predator.”

    Thank you for this. People who are uncomfortable with people of the opposite sex (but same gender) in their bathrooms are afraid of the “other”, and of potentially being harmed (though with no data to back that up). So many parents are outraged about this (like Ron up there), yet fail to realize that predators will predate no matter what. Not only that, but they fail to realize that there are plenty of same-sex predators for whom these bills means nothing.

  11. Geezer says:

    Come gather ’round people where ever you roam
    And admit that the waters around you have grown
    And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone,
    For the times they are a’ changin’!

    –Robert Zimmerman

    The times are always changing, unless you’re dead.

  12. Dave says:

    All I know from all the years (27) I have worked in Law Enforcement (Clark Cty NV.) and now retired, I have never had a reported problem with transgender bathroom use. Obama made it an issue as did some politicians. Smutty politics at its slimiest well if it wasn’t for Obama our bathrooms would have remained as they were which allowed transgenders to pick the one they wanted to use, it gave them a choice. Now its an enforced choice, big difference. When you go to Vegas men have no issues with a transgender coming in and “yes”” standing at a stall next to them, and women have no issues with a transgender using their bathroom.. Schools had No issues. And there was No deviant designers of a men’s bathroom. That’s a little overreach Pierre. .

    Interesting the great Transgender of them all – Caitlyn Jenner recently took a pee in the womens bathroom at Trump Towers in New York. And her entrance was taped .

    Jenners comments”
    “Oh my God, a trans woman in New York, I gotta take a pee,” Jenner, 66, said in a video posted on Facebook. “Oh my God, Trump International Hotel, I love this.”

    Speaking to the camera, Jenner added: “OK, last week Donald Trump said I could take a pee anywhere in a Trump facility, so I am gonna go take a pee in the ladies’ room.”

    Pausing at a men’s room inside Trump Tower, Jenner then said, “Not anymore,” before making his way into the ladies’ room.

    After exiting the ladies’ room, Jenner said: “Thank you, Donald. I really appreciate it. And by the way, Ted, nobody got molested.”

    So if America or some in America would not have made this some political thing, it would be a non issue.

  13. happeningnow says:

    One question. How in the hell does a kid know in grade or high school what gender they want to be? Just because you have FEELINGS doesn’t mean it is a REASON, to change. Transgendered Jenner wants back.

  14. Just a thought says:

    We should give them their own bathrooms. Their own water fountains. Hell, they should ride in back of the bus. We could even call it 1960.

  15. Common Sense says:

    No, it wasn’t the President sho made thiis an issue. He responded to what Republicans have been trying to do with their absurd laws.

    This another Republican created crisis to divert attention from the serious issues they haven’t done anything about, immigration, the economy, foreign policy, etc. Repubicans are focused on their war on women, sex in general and think that they can legislate morality. They have tried to convince the public that being transgende is the same as being a pedophile. Shame on them.


  16. Cyd Weeks says:

    Thank you Ron Gross. ” Lets say John, identifies as Jane. I assume the main reason that Jane does not want to use the boys/mens restroom or lockers is because as a person who identifies as a woman, she would feel very uncomfortable in the restroom with people of the opposite sex. Well in fact she wouldn’t be with the opposite sex, but I concede. So lets take Suzie, who identifies as female and wants to be called Suzie, Suzie does not use the mens room because she would feel uncomfortable using the restroom in the presence of persons of the opposite sex….wait lets see…when John/Jane is allowed to come into the women/girls restroom…they are biologically a male..and therefore most every girl in there would immediately be uncomfortable.” There ya have it.

  17. Veteran says:

    Right on “Tired of it”, you said it all. By the way, why not have on bathroom for everyone. Half the idiots in this country don’t know what they are anyway. If a person is a male and thinks he’s a female then he better get that thing between his legs removed. Until then stay away from my daughters and granddaughters.

  18. Jim says:

    I think I am seeing a pattern here, and it looks like the same one other minorities have followed as they join American society. First, a new idea pops up and lots of folks are outraged and upset. Then it becomes part of the public debate and people start thinking about it more. Then more and more talk and people begin to get used to the idea. Finally, after the idea has been out there long enough (possibly even a generation or two) a majority come to accept it. Think civil rights movement. Think gay and lesbian rights. It is hard on the people affected today but it pays off for others in the future. This too shall pass.

  19. Sherry says:

    Speaking of not noticing any “outrage” until President Obama once again stood against “Bigotry”. . . I guess we have some citizens who only pay attention to what suits “their” particular agendas. Take a look at just some of the attempts to pass discriminatory laws against our transgender CITIZENS over the past couple of years. . . remember North Carolina was (at least temporarily) successful in passing their completely stupid, bigoted and disgraceful legislation. . . this from Wikipedia:

    In Arkansas, the Governor Asa Hutchinson spoke in favor of gender-segregated bathrooms

    A bathroom bill was introduced in Arizona, but it failed to pass after it was withdrawn by its sponsor, John Kavanagh, in 2013.

    On March 19, 2015, Victoria Dooling, a Nevada state representative, proposed a bathroom bill that would apply to public schoolchildren in the state.[9] It later died in committee.

    North Carolina
    Main article: Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act
    On March 23, 2016, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, a bathroom bill that applies to students at North Carolina state schools, into law. The bill also overturns an anti-LGBT discrimination ordinance that had been passed by Charlotte, North Carolina, prevents local governments in the state from enacting similar ordinances, and prevents cities from raising their minimum wages higher than that of the state.

    South Dakota
    On February 16, 2016, the South Dakota Senate voted 20-15 to approve a bathroom bill that, had it passed, would have been the first in the country to require public schoolchildren to use facilities that match the sex they were assigned at birth.[12] On March 1, 2016, the governor of South Dakota, Dennis Daugaard, vetoed the bill.

    On April 6, 2016, the Tennessee House Education Administration and Planning Committee, which is part of the Tennessee House of Representatives, passed a bathroom bill applying to public schools and colleges in the state; it must be heard by another House committee before the full House will hear it.

    Two bills were filed in early 2015 by state representative Debbie Riddle, that would have made it a crime to enter a public restroom or locker room not designated for a person’s sex assigned at birth. Two more were filed by freshman state representative Gilbert Peña that would permit a bystander to sue a transgender person who used a prohibited bathroom for up to $2,000 USD, in addition to being eligible for compensation for “mental anguish.” Neither bill was voted on for consideration.

    In November 2015, Wisconsin held a hearing on a bathroom bill that would make the state the first in the country to require public schoolchildren to use facilities that match the sex they were assigned at birth. According to critics, the bill would also violate the federal government’s Office for Civil Rights’s 2014 statement that federal nondiscrimination law covered gender identity. The following month, the bill was revised to allow public schools to offer gender-neutral bathrooms.

  20. Donald Trump's Tiny Fingers says:

    Well Cyd, we certainly wouldn’t want someone to have their comfort trampled by the rights of others, would we?

  21. Dave says:

    Just add a whole bunch of porter potties and after they ( all sexes) use these for a while in the hot Fla sun, there would be NO more issues with any gender using the restrooms. . I worry more about people texting and driving detracted and the number of people killed doing that than someone taking a pee.

  22. dave says:

    Veteran, Transgender means they did have the thing between their legs chopped off, that’s what we are discussing here, Transgender not cross dresser. Why would a cross dresser use the opposite sex bathroom? That’s makes no sense

  23. Lin says:

    Dear Sherry
    The definition of a bigot is someone intolerant of someone else’s opinion. I express mine and get called a bigot. You’re the intolerant one. It is not just my agenda to have private facilities for each sex and another facility for those in transition or confused. It would solve the problem in a non-offensive way instead of being in-your-face so to speak to everyone most notably our children. Instead of putting this progressive (I have to stop using that word which is really a compliment I don’t mean) agenda up for a vote Obama used his pen and decreed his way or the highway and threatened pulling school funding if the whole darn country didn’t fall in line. Fascism. There will always be differences between the sexes no matter what Obama says.

  24. Lin says:

    Dear sick of failures
    Please reread my comment.
    I, in no way, can be connected with the hate you present. Please try to be open-minded to another viewpoint.
    I am not any … Fill in any other name

  25. Knightwatch says:

    I really have to laugh at conservatives, particularly of the evangelical persuasion. Instead of marching in the streets against poverty or injustice or underfunded schools, or spousal abuse or gun-based murder and mayhem, or pedophiles in their churches and a myriad of other issues we need to deal with, they are most concerned that transgender men or women will somehow prey upon someone’s child in some bathroom somewhere. Makes no difference that no one can point to a specific instance of such abuse or that transgenders have been using the bathrooms of their choice since, well, there have been transgenders like… forever.

    I laugh because conservatives will pour their hearts and souls, and their fears, their bigotry and their paranoia into this issue, only to lose as they’ve lost on all other social issues. The majority of Americans have indicated over and over again that they’re not going back. Not to 1950, 1850 or any other year conservatives dream about.

    I know these folks are entirely sincere in their ignorance even as they’re annoying and disruptive. But I forgive them because they’re always good for a laugh or two.

  26. Dee says:

    Dave, must correct you – Bruce has not had his chopped off yet, but he has been identifying as transgender for some time now. Sounds like he may never do it.

  27. Sherry says:

    Right On “Common Sense”. . . If TWICE ELECTED President Obama could get any cooperation at all from the Republicans in Congress (you know, those who have vowed to stop him at every turn, no matter what). . . then it would not be necessary for him to step up against blatant bigotry and discrimination.

    Passing laws, as they did in North Carolina, requiring people to use the toilet according to their “birth” gender is nothing short of ridiculously, outrageously, discriminatory! Talk about fascism. . . those on the far right are ready to have “toilet police” requiring us to carry our birth certificates (AKA “papers”) to gain access to public toilets! While some commenting here are advocating that actual private parts be checked to make sure all the surgeries have been completed. Install private booths, and get it over with!

    Meanwhile, truly important issues go unaddressed by our completely OBSTRUCTIONIST Congress! Political distraction, by using emotional hot buttons equals complete manipulation of the public . . . the New Reality!

  28. Sherry says:

    Dear Lin,

    Again. . . I have not called you anything. . . if you insist on putting on all the shoes that you say don’t fit, then you are bound to inflict pain on yourself. Then again. . . if the shoe fits. . . you need to either refrain from trying them all on. . . or just wear them. In any case. . . please do feel free to stay out of my particular shoe store, unless I extend a personal invitation. Thanks!

  29. bob says:

    judgement upon sodomy in america do not be deceived god is not mocked
    whatsoever a man sows so shall he reap.gal6-7. perverted society which
    judgement will come to america. repent america hell awaits .

  30. karenjj2 says:

    The “NC bathroom law” that was rushed through a special session has the successful red flag for the media to ignore the ACTUAL PURPOSE of the law:

    House Bill 2 declares that state law overrides all local ordinances concerning wages, employment and public accommodations.

    The city of Charlotte, Raleigh? had JUST passed a $15/hour ordnance that had to be crushed and prevent any other municipal government from doing so in future.

  31. Diane Evanac says:

    The problem is President Obama is not talking about transgendered people. He’s talking about transgender ‘identity.’ Sorry, but you’ve got it all wrong. And when it comes to our schools, they were functioning just fine before all this nonsense came about. I suppose you’d want your daughter or granddaughter to have boys in the locker rooms changing with her because the boy ‘identifies’ as a girl? Adults have a fine way of screwing up kids’ lives. Shame on you and shame on President Obama.

  32. KrazyKansasKat says:

    Since that sad day in November 2008 America has been experiencing FUTURE SHOCK, we are going to HELL with ourselves or to be more direct…..a man came to the White House & HELL followed with him.


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