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Pam Bondi’s Pot Problem

| December 6, 2013

pam bondi pot problem amendment medical marijuana florida

In the weeds. (RPOF)

The justices of the Florida Supreme Court heard oral arguments about marijuana yesterday. The question before the court wasn’t whether to legalize pot. That would have been too civilized. It wasn’t whether to legalize medical marijuana. That would have been too compassionate. The question was whether the wording of a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana is proper enough to make it to the ballot so voters could decide for themselves whether they want a nanny for a state or whether they’d prefer government got off their back on a matter that shouldn’t be anyone’s business but their own, and maybe their doctor’s.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive Pam Bondi, our panicked attorney general, considers the wording of the amendment “deceiving,” because it could allow doctors to prescribe pot not just to people with “debilitating diseases,” but to anyone with a condition a doctor would deem worthy of a little toke.

Bondi must be high on something herself if she thinks the wording is that permissive. If anything, it is too restrictive: you’d more easily get your hands on Oxycontin or Xanax, the sort of legal and too often lethal narcotics doctors prescribe like candy, than you would an ounce of pot under the current wording. But Bondi has her allies on the court, like Chief Justice Ricky Polston, who claimed—in a flash of reasoning worthy of Cheech and Chong—that the amendment would let a doctor prescribe pot to a student stressing over exams. (Memo to the Chief Justice: The drug of choice before exams is Ritalin, and nurses begin dishing it out in elementary school.)

Bondi’s game really has nothing to do with how the amendment is worded. She just wants to prevent the inevitable. Marijuana is finally being legalized in one way or another across the country. Half the states have either decriminalized pot or legalized medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington legalized it outright. Eighty-two percent of Floridians think it should be legalized for medical reasons, for good reason.
Whatever ill effects you can attribute to marijuana, they are false, minor or non-existent compared to the ill effects attributed to alcohol. I’d rather my children smoke pot than get drunk any day. Husbands don’t beat their wives because they take a puff. They beat them because they drink. A little pot would likely have the opposite effect, mellowing out most idiots who act like barbarians when they drink. Some 80,000 deaths a year are attributed to drinking. The number of deaths attributed to pot is closer to zero. No one has ever overdosed on pot, which, in the balance, has more benefits than harms: it alleviates chronic pain, it can relieve nausea and vomiting for AIDS patients or cancer patients going through chemotherapy, it can reduce epileptic seizures and diminish pain for multiple sclerosis patients, and so on. Palliative care doesn’t have to wear a white coat and cost your lifesavings.

Personally I’d make pot mandatory for anyone sentenced to life in either a nursing home or an assisted living facility. And require those facilities to devote a percentage of their square footage to pot cultivation. Talk about bending the Medicare cost curve. But legalizing pot threatens the police and prison-industrial complex. It eliminates the need to use those SWAT teams that police forces routinely and absurdly use to serve warrants on pot heads. (SWAT teams were created to handle hostage situations and mass-murdering maniacs. They’ve instead become the toythings of local—and loco–Strangeloves.) Legalizing pot would cut down on the need for jail cells and maybe even cops, who waste too much of their time and our money arresting poor shmucks enjoying their half-ounce reefers between gropes and kisses in inoffensive backseats with their significant nethers.

Anyone who claims that medical marijuana is the end game is being deceptive. Bondi is right to fear the amendment, which is a step toward outright legalization. But the problem isn’t that groups like Florida’s (and attorney John Morgan’s) United for Care are trying to legalize marijuana. It’s that they’re starting too small, when legalization of recreational marijuana ought to be the objective.

The strategy may not be realistic in Florida, where cops and lawmakers like their pot just where it is—in their bong of disinformation. But arguments against legalization are bankrupt. Pot is not a gateway drug, otherwise the millions of teens who inhaled in the 1980s would have been crack heads by now. Instead, they’re up in Tallahassee running our state. States that have legalized marijuana, medical or more—including California, which legalized medical marijuana 17 years ago—have seen neither a spike in use or misuse nor in crime or pot-induced wrecks. Marijuana, where legal, reduces traffic fatalities, because more young people are apt to smoke pot than drink, and pot behind the wheel is less dangerous than alcohol. But don’t tell that to lawmakers and police chiefs. They prefer their facts stoned.

It is a matter of time before pot is universally legalized. It’s weed’s equivalent of gay marriage: Sanctified by acclamation. The question for Florida is when. The sooner the better, because pot can also be an excellent remedy for nauseating Republican obstructionism.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here. A version of this commentary was broadcast on WNZF.

58 Responses for “Pam Bondi’s Pot Problem”

  1. Mario says:

    Outstanding Pierre … I loved every word!

  2. Bill Hazz says:

    “The sooner the better, because pot can also be an excellent remedy for nauseating Republican obstructionism.”

    So Pierre, revealing your true colors . . .? Makes a mockery of your slogan, eh?

    “No Bull, No Fluff, No Smudges
    Your news source for
    Flagler, Florida and Beyond”

    What a joke.

    • Geezer says:

      “The sooner the better, because pot can also be an excellent remedy for nauseating Republican obstructionism.” A delicious comment.

      Based on that I’m going to roll up a blunt that would make a Rastafarian jealous as an appetizer to my lasagna tonight. Afterwards I’ll tune in Fox news and see if it prevents nausea as well as treating it.
      I am filled with optimism.

      I just need to find the TV afterwards.

  3. Diana L says:

    Oh my, great article, I stood up and applauded. Thank you for an insightful column, it is right on.

  4. Florida Native. says:

    Wow! This Flagler Live thingy (newspaper,web site,whatever) is on a witch hunt for Governor Scott and his staff. Scary.

    • Cliff says:

      Yeah, I can understand how publishing some basic facts about the subject would be threatening to the governor and his staff. That is downright subversive.

    • Richard Bachmann says:

      What’s “scary” is that people like you defend the big ‘ol Medicare crook.
      You are quite the discerning voter.
      You align yourself with all the morally reprehensible forces in government.
      You call all sick and needy people “lazy” and you are against healthcare.

      Your native state is becoming a haven for rich people from other states
      to spend their money and retire here. Meanwhile “Florida Natives” are told to
      die or move away. That’s what you stand for.

      You deserve Rick Scott as your governor.

    • Geezer says:

      Rick Scott has hooves and a tail.
      He is the anti-Christ.

      Flowers wilt when he walks by.

  5. Ben Dover says:

    She need the stick removed from her rear end , but then its that same rear end getting poked that got her that job at such a young age , now all the old cheese bags she had to sleep with to get her position make her vote their way , take pain pills from the needy , medical pot ,oh hell no that might ease cancer patients pain or people like me that get excrutiating head aches ,cause the pressures in my eyes are so high they make my eye balls rub against my eyelids, if you`ve never experienced this it hurts ,feels like you got something in your eyes constantly only the only way to stop it is smoke pot or cut your eyelids off , drops have never worked for me, this little vixen needs to step down all her ideas come from the heads that were inserted into her to get her her job

  6. Gia says:

    Usually speaking when they start with that drug it’s not enough, they’ve got to go higher with something else. NO DRUG period.

  7. Ella says:

    Good job Pierre. You hit the nail on the head. And if you know anything about the lawmakers and enforcers, they enjoy a toke or two just as much as the next guy.

    • Ben Dover says:

      It`s funny how these law makers want to take pain meds from people who really need them , doesn t matter that the ones like oxycodone they took from us, now we have to use lortabs and they are more then 3 times weaker ,we have to take more they have 500 mg of tylenol in they destroy your liver gee thanks , but since they took the oxycodone away which I only had to take two a day , and believe me when you have legit chronic pain you do not get high or buzzed they just make your life bearable, but my point is since they made them impossible to get ,meth labs have exploded to what used to be a lab to make it in , is now back pack labs , micro wave ovens , heroin is back on the scene too , drug addicts and drug dealers are going to get high and do business one way or another, the only people the FDA and DEA ans Pam Bondi are hurting is people who are suffering in agonizing pain, but the two biggest drugs on the market the two biggest killers of all , are alcohol and tobacco, why don t they ban these dangerous killers , every other week some drunk has killed a baby and his parents drinking and driving , health cost are through the sky with cancer treatment, these two kill more people in one week then pain meds kill in ten yrs, but these are the drugs of choice by the hypocrites , that make people with chronic pain suffer, plus they make butt loads of money on the taxes they charge, if they get their heads out of their asses they could make triple that much money legalizing medical pot here in Florida , perfect climate for growing it ,they could fix all their roads , pay teachers a decent paycheck, build their high speed railway , plus all the greedy politicians can get their hands on more bribe money , people that smoke a joint are not a hazard behind the wheel of a car , they are mellow , in no hurry pay more attention to their surroundings , don`t have road rage , and it unlike cigarettes that cause cancer , don t have 300 cancer causing agents in them , they actually allow cancer patients to survive , most die from chemo making them too sick to eat , pot helps them eat , calms their nerves , eases their pain , makes their bodies strong enough to fight the cancer cause they are still getting nourishment , its time these so called caring , God praising politicians prove they care about the people they work for , instead of taking everyone`s medicine away ,leaving them to suffer, get off their high horses and form a three part commitee , get the Dr prescribing the meds, the pharmacies supplying the meds ,and law enforcement together , have the patients conditions proven with MRi`s and reports , when someone like me with 3 severely herniated disks in neck are pinching your spinal cord to half its size in three spots , and you`ve got a torn rotator cuff , 4 herniated diskds in lower back , degenerative disks decease , stenosis and arthritis, total blindness in one eye and bad glaucoma in both eyes , foot run over by a forklift with a 3000 lb load on it that tore ligaments in your foot and ankle , a torn calf muscle and Lymes decease , taking their medications away is torture , ,I should be able to get my medicine and my disability I worked my whole life for, but if the patient is just complaining about back pain with no mRI`s or CT scans showing damage then they deny that person ,they are looking to get high or sell the drugs , it would not be hard to do in this day and age they already have the data bases set up to check for Dr shoppers , who`s getting narctics, it just takes the pharmacist and a drug enforcement agent to go over your records , let them earn their money , it would help them in their so called war on drugs not only would they stop screwing people that really need their meds to make life worth living , it would weed out the ones getting them for illegal purposes

  8. Cliff says:

    Time does not make it right? Google “Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy”. There you will find the full text of every major government commission report on the subject from around the world over the last 100 years. Every one of them in the last 100 years has said that the laws need to be changed immediately.

    Marijuana was outlawed for two major reasons. the first was because “All Mexicans are crazy and marijuana is what makes them crazy.” The second was the fear that heroin addiction would lead to the use of marijuana — exactly the opposite of the modern gateway idea. One “expert” testified in court, under oath that marijuana could make your fangs grow six inches long and drip with blood, and that it could turn you into a bat. He was the only expert in the US who thought that marijuana should be illegal so they appointed him US Official Expert on marijuana, where he served and guided policy for 25 years.

    How long do you think we ought to wait to repeal something that was absolute lunacy from the very beginning? Google “Charles Whitebread, History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs”.

    As for “improper use” — nearly all of the social problems of “improper use” of a drug are related to alcohol. It wins all the prizes for that sort of thing. All the illegal drugs combined don’t even come close, and they never have. How about we just apply the same rules we use for alcohol?

    • Diana L says:

      Passage of time-this just might be as time passes, we become more educated.
      On the murder and violence assertions, sorry, but I won’t dignify that with a response, but with that said, guess I did dignify it, just by saying that.

    • Cliff says:

      Mark, did you catch the fact that the laws were absolute lunacy from the very beginning? You are correct, absolute lunacy does not become right just because of the passage of time. Lunacy will always be lunacy.

      And let’s see if you understand something basic. Do you understand the difference between things that are crimes because they harm another person — as opposed to things that harm only the person doing it? Prohibitionists often have trouble with simple concepts like that, so let’s just make sure you can understand basic distinctions before we continue.

    • Anonymous says:

      No but injustices can be made right over the passage of time.. Wrongs can be righted over the passage of time…we cannot make whole the lives ruined by cannabis prohibitions but we can do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

      There are zero logical arguments to maintain Cannabis Prohibition while Alcohol is legal…how many people do you see rallying to reinstate Alcohol Prohibition?

  9. knowa says:

    The prohibition industry is running scared.

  10. kenpalmcoast says:

    Marijuana should be legalized.
    Putting some poor soul in jail because they use pot is a sin.
    Not only does it stain the user’s life, it adds to our jail and prison overcrowding.
    As a result, real felons are prematurely released and once again back on our streets threatening all of us.

    • Geezer says:

      The current marijuana laws amount to a bonanza for Florida’s privatized prisons.
      Bonanza = $$$$$$$

      Legalization = means having to find another way to railroad poor people into prison.

      Incarceration is very profitable for corporate-run Florida prisons.
      This is the sticking point here folks.

      Money is at the root, as usual.

  11. Geezer says:

    There was a woman who had big teeth,
    And Bondi is her name-o.
    And Bondi is her name-o.

  12. Fleek Weebnut says:

    What’s your point? Haven’t you ever heard of a DUI?
    Please watch this ex police captain explain the obvious:

    • Johnny Taxpayer says:

      The retired 5-0 is absolutely correct. We need to criminalize the ill affects of drugs, but not the drugs themselves. If someone gets high and sits on their sofa not bothering anyone, what’s the problem? If they get high and kill someone in a car crash, then we charge them with vehicular homicide just like we do with alcohol. We spent gazillions every year on the “war on drugs” with zero effect, legalize it already and close the black market.

      • Rick says:

        Well stated Mr. John.
        To this day what I have done & happen to do now in my homefront is my business & no one elses. In their eyes whether it’s legal or not, it is without repercussions to anyone concerned.

  13. Jack Stewart says:

    Wow Pierre….a democrat that doesn’t want government to run everything in their lives….I guess we can pick and choose the way big government runs our lives…at least up to the point where we don’t agree with them…then we blame someone else…..get your head out of the sand……at the rate we are going….The government will be telling us when are where to do everything……time to wake up!

    • Reaganomicon says:

      Let’s not forget that republicans are anti-government only when it comes to banks and business.

    • Anita says:

      “…I guess we can pick and choose the way big government runs our lives…at least up to the point where we don’t agree with them…”

      Gee, Jack, isn’t that what Tea Partiers do when they demand an end to “entitlements” like ACA, Snap and Medicaid, while admonishing the government not to touch “their” Social Security or Medicare entitlements? They claim they want government out of their lives, except when it involves women’s reproductive rights, then the law of the land is just something to be circumvented. Glad to see how concerned you are and hope to see you at the next Planned Parenthood rally, Jack.

    • barbie says:

      But they’re telling you that you aren’t free to cultivate a particular plant.

      Seems like you should be in favor of the government not telling you how to do you own personal gardening, Jack.

  14. Diana L says:

    Gia, Studies show that marihuana is Not a gateway drug.
    Ben Dover, I certainly do not care for Ms. Bondi’s beliefs or her performance but disparaging her with sexist remarks is not becoming.

  15. Reaganomicon says:

    I know, from firsthand experience, that cannabis has valid medical uses – as an example, my wife frequently can’t eat because of stomach pain so bad that she starts vomiting and can’t stop until she gets a shot of trimethobenzamide. We discovered that if she’s nauseated and she smokes cannabis her nausea vanishes and she can eat with no problems, which has eliminated many late night ER visits to get a tigan shot at a huge expense to my insurance company. I myself have some pretty serious social anxiety issues and I discovered that smoking small amounts nightly will completely eliminate my issues during the day, making it so that I don’t have to take a SSRI that has ridiculous side effects.

    I guess the point of this comment is this. the LD50 cannabis, which is the lethal dose needed to kill 50% of people taking a drug at that level, is such that a person would need to smoke almost an entire field of cannabis ALL AT ONCE. It has no real negative side effects other than occasional short term memory loss (which can be handled by taking an over the counter pain reliever), although there is some suggestion that it might make people prone to mental illnesses like schizophrenia more likely to manifest the disease, and what’s sad is that the only real reason it isn’t legal is because mexicans that came to the US after the mexican revolution used it recreationally and a few politicans that hated brown people advocated to have it scheduled.

    • Rick says:

      Classified a schedule 1 no less, in there with herion & cocaine. What a joke.
      By that boneheaded brainless thinking sugar & caffeine should be scheduled as such.

  16. Bridgetender69 says:

    Yep Palm Coast needs more pot ! more shootings etc. while kids holding while on skate boards are injured, and surfers hold fund raisers. Wow Palm Coast has destroyed this county.

    • barbie says:

      The only reason there’s been “shooting” over pot is BECAUSE it’s illegal.

      This War on a Plant is what’s destroying this country.

  17. ohmy says:

    If 82% of Floridians are in favor , why does this author continue to write inflammatory articles for no reason?
    A simple explanation would be fine rather than this diatribe. The article about school nurse’s “dishing out Ritalin”—–a story of one child–

    And for a guy who wants freedom? Says “mandatory pot for anybody in a nursing home”? That goes along with “Doctor’s prescribing narcotics like candy”.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Tristam can’t write an informative article without some kind of childish “bashing”.

    I tune in once and awhile to see if anything’s changed but—–

    • Diana L says:

      Columns are written to provoke thought. If you want a conservative side of an issue, that is about 95% of main stream media as all the billionaires own most of the media, there are more than enough places to go for that. I assert it is good to read others ideas, just wish the ratio of our media was not so slanted to the right.

    • Soft White Underbelly says:

      It’s time for you to create your own blog or news service.
      The ohmy News, ohmyLive, whatever floats your boat.

      Then you will wield the power of the keyboard and practice
      your own brand of journalism. Be sure to allow critical comments like Pierre does.

      Be warned, it takes lots of work to keep a website like this relevant.
      Sharpen thy pencils, me lad.

    • barbie says:

      Because 82% is an overwhelming majority of The People, yet Attorney General Bondi doesn’t care. She’s aligned with the 28%. How is that not a problem worthy of “bashing”? I hear ya–it can be a little distracting–but it’s easy to choose to focus on the facts presented rather than the personality tics of the editorialist.

      You won’t see a ‘change’, this is what he is. Like it or don’t, but please acknowledge that he does an admirable job pointing out the unbelievable hypocrisy of this War on a Plant.

  18. barbie says:

    “Right” according to whom or what? The law?

    The law criminalizing this natural plant is, in effect, what is being changed. The law criminalizing this natural plant is a BAD LAW.

    Bad laws can and should be changed, if more information becomes available that contradicts the original intent. This bad law criminalizing this natural plant now flies directly in the face of bona-fide fact-based, researched medical information. Among other types of information.

    As Mr. Tristan notes, however, changing the Bad Law so that pot is no longer criminalized threatens the “police and prison-industrial complex. It eliminates the need to use those SWAT teams that police forces routinely and absurdly use to serve warrants on pot heads.” Do you think what THEY do should be allowed to continue, Mark? Is all this “lawful” action taken against the general population because of this natural plant something you believe to be “right”?

    Nevermind all the legal, human alcoholic wreckage that you don’t have with pot smokers, these police actions and acquisitions of spiffy new police toys cost taxpayers billions in mis-directed tax dollars, money we desperately need for more meaningful things.

    It’s ridiculous. Anyone who advocates continuing things the way they are now isn’t thinking this through in a reality-based manner.

  19. NotPamBondi says:

    Why isn’t there a downvote button? Rick Scott and Pam Bondi’s paid cronies are spamming this blog with their hatemongering.

  20. Soft White Underbelly says:

    Most pot smokers are looking for a “mellow” high. Pot relaxes people and serves as an anti-spasmodic among many other uses. One negative side effect is paranoia. (where you avoid people)

    Pot and shootings are anathema to each other.
    Fact is, a drunk, bath salts zombie, or crackhead will shoot you or run you down.

    Let’s outlaw liquor instead! That shit is a proven killer of “kids holding skateboards.”

    • Genie says:

      @ Soft White Underbelly: Never realized there were so many incapable of just getting high on life, without benefit of drugs, alcohol or whatever.

      No wonder our kids feel so hopeless, unable to envision a productive and happy future or take any responsibility for it.

      We’ve all got our heads up our asses.

      • Soft White Underbelly says:

        You don’t get high on life as a kid when Mommy and Daddy both work,
        and all you have is your cyber-buddies and cyber games and violence
        as a means to recreation.

        The future is bleak for young people and they sense it.

        As far as your last sentence goes – don’t self deprecate (on purpose anyway),
        your commentary is already an open window into your thought processes!
        That parting line is redundant. You are brave, I’ll give you that.

      • barbie says:

        That’s a little absurdly-drawn. The fact that some people wish to enjoy a beverage or a smoke even if you don’t personally do so yourself (for whatever reason) doesn’t make them “incapable” of anything.

        Please stop trying to lump people who indulge in a naturally-growing plant to drunks and crackheads–who are, in reality, most often unable to capably walk in a straight line or capably meet their own basic needs once addiction takes hold. It’s presenting an excuse based on a dishonest premise.

  21. PCresident says:


    Where are you getting your facts from? Not logical fallacies, but facts! You say that no one has ever overdosed on marijuana… EVER? I call this into question immediately as false and completely ill-logical. As human nature dictates, some dingaling (a true an accurate medical term), has at some point consumed too much marijuana and has died as the result of this action. Whether you can prove it or not, is another thing.

    The last thing I would ever want from a “News Source” (and I use that term loosely with you) is to promote the operation of a motor vehicle with an intoxicant of any sort. While you are sleeping in your bed at night, resting comfortably, it is I who is left dealing with the effects of such a horrible promotion. I have seen personally hundreds of accidents, some fatal, and other involving serious injury caused by marijuana.

    I don’t know your background or your family history, but I do know mine. I do know that recently I have seen the positive effects of medicinal marijuana and its need to cancer patients. I fully support the use of medicinal marijuana 100%, I saw it used illegally, and a tremendous positive outcome produced that no chemical combination from a big pharmaceutical company was able to achieve.

    The problem I have with your writings in general is they are editorial in nature and lack the foundation for a citizen/reader to make an educated decision because you “muddy the water” so to speak with your logical fallacies and editorial aspect of “reporting.”

    You sir, hold the ability to sway public opinion and perception on big topics like this. These are pivotal times, maybe equivalent to the prohibition days of bootlegging alcohol. If you are going to write an article, write one that is factual and believable. You don’t have to sway my opinion; I know how I would vote on this matter when it comes to the ballot.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      Before accusing others of muddying the waters with logical fallacies and the rest of it, you might want to take a step back from masking your own argument in outright fallacies: just because you find something illogical doesn’t make it so. You are flatly wrong when you assert that someone somewhere has consumed too much marijuana and has died of it as a result. “No one has ever died of THC poisoning,” Time reported in its cover story on pot in 2002, “mostly because a 160-lb. person would have to smoke roughly 900 joints in a sitting to reach a lethal dose.” You may not like the fact. But it’d be nice if you didn’t make it seem as if I was making things up while you, in effect, very much are.

      Nowhere in the piece do I advocate that people either get drunk or get high and get behind the wheel. You cynically state that I’m actually promoting driving intoxicated. If someone is using language loosely here, I don’t think it’s me. I do say—or hope I do—that alcohol is by far the more dangerous drug, scientifically shown to be so in comparison with pot. As a firefighter I have no doubt you’ve seen your share of wrecks. But you’re making one of those leaps of logic you criticize me for when you go from that to blaming pot, because as you well know, you’re not the one who makes the determination of what’s flowing in whose veins at a wreck scene. FHP does. You just treat the results, without knowing beyond guesses, however educated, what may have caused them. I’ve documented my statement that traffic fatalities are more apt to fall in states where pot is legal. You should document your claims to the contrary—though you’d not be able to—especially when you make them at the expense of another “reporter”’s veracity.

      This piece is an opinion column, but I’m not going to hide behind the opinion tag and suggest that I can—like someone I know—say whatever comes to my mind and hope some of it sticks. Opinion writers who don’t write factually and accurately aren’t worth the hang nail they hang on (which is why most columnists are impossible to read these days). If you see something here that’s factually wrong, by all means, point it out and it’ll be corrected. But don’t confuse your opinion with my facts.

      • Cliff says:

        Even 900 joints consumed in 15 minutes would not be a lethal dose. According to the US National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (the largest study ever done by the US Govt.) the minimum lethal dose for a 160 pound person would be around 55 pounds, consumed in 15 minutes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those facts are coming from peer-reviewed medical journals, which IMHO hold up a bit better than hand waving about human nature.

    • Cliff says:

      According to the US Govt. itself, there has never been a human death from marijuana overdose. Depending on which US Govt. authority you want to believe, the minimum lethal dose is either one-third your body weight, or 1,500 pounds, consumed in fifteen minutes. Obviously impossible.

      A friend of mine was the head of a university pharmacology department. He was hired by the DEA to find the lethal dose of marijuana in rats. He said he couldn’t find a dose that was big enough to kill a rat. Google “What is the lethal dose of marijuana?”

  22. Sherry Epley says:

    Excellent Article! Right On Pierre!

    As a blonde myself, I just hate it when other blonde women affirm the “Bimbo” type cast. Pam Bondi just makes me cringe. I would much prefer an attorney general I can respect. One with a modicum of open minded intelligence, ethics and integrity would be wonderful!

    • Cliff says:

      I believe that you have misdiagnosed the problem. The problem is not that she is blond. The problem is marijuana. The proof is clear. Marijuana causes stupidity and insanity. However, it only does this to people who have never taken it.

    • Geezer says:

      Even if she was as bald as a tow hitch, she’d still be a bimbo.
      She’s bimbotic solely because of what’s in her head – not what’s on it.

      “And that’s the way it is.”
      -Walter Cronkite, Jr.

  23. Diana L says:

    I did read an article about someone being killed by weed today. A ton of it fell on them. So I guess in reality we can’t say it doesn’t kill.

  24. rickg says:

    I could say so much more but all I want to say is Thank you Pierre Tristam.

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