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Motorcyclist Seth Sistrunk Killed at Treacherous Intersection of SR100 and CR305

| June 11, 2016

wrecks state road 100 county road 305

The wreck followed a similar pattern of previous wrecks at the same intersection over the past three years. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Motorcyclist Seth Howard Sistrunk of East Palatka was killed Saturday afternoon (June 11) by a pick-up truck as the motorcyclist was attempting to pass the truck in a no-passing zone on State Road 100. The wreck took place just after 2 p.m.

It is at least the fourth serious wreck and the third fatality in three years at that intersection, not including a wreck where a horse was killed in 2013.

Sistrunk, 67, was riding alone, westbound on State 100, behind a pick-up truck hauling a 16-foot trailer that belongs to Hammock Property Maintenance (the company has been inactive since 2013, according to the Florida Division of Corporations).

According to Florida Highway Patrol investigators at the scene, the pick-up, driven by Brian C. Guidry, 27, of Palm Coast, with passenger Shawn A. Ferris, 24, slowed down to make a left turn onto County Road 305. State Road 100 is a no-passing zone at that westbound segment. Sistrunk, however, attempted to pass the truck, and instead apparently struck it first on the truck’s rear left before getting partly dragged under the front of the truck.

Sistrunk was ejected into the ditch on the west side of County Road 305. Portions of the motorcycle ended up beneath the trailer.

Two helmets were spotted at the scene, but neither one on Sistrunk after the crash. It was originally unclear whether the motorcyclist was wearing one of the helmets. A release issued by FHP in early evening indicated that he was not wearing one.

Neither Guidry nor Ferris, who were aboard a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, were hurt, though one of them was visibly shaken by the wreck.

Road conditions were normal at the time of the wreck–dry, bright, under partly cloudy skies–and the stretch of road at that intersection is relatively straight.

Flagler County Fire Rescue responded to the crash, but the response proved unnecessary. The Florida Highway Patrol is continuing the investigation, which required traffic on State Road 100 to be reduced to one lane, and County Road 305 to be closed entirely to traffic from County Road 302 to State Road 100. The Palm Coast Fire Police provided traffic control.

The intersection has a treacherous traffic history. A year ago four people were hospitalized in a two-vehicle wreck there, in an almost identical replica of today’s wreck: both vehicles were heading west, one of them slowed to make a left onto CR305, the other tried to pass it and instead slammed into it. In October 2014, two women were killed and two injured in a three-car wreck at the intersection. Jody Allen Hyde, now 28, was subsequently charged with two felony counts of DUI manslaughter, among other charges. He had plowed into the victims’ car, catapulting it in the way of an oncoming car. In 2013, a pick-up truck trailing a horse-trailer collided with an armored truck, killing the horse, injuring two people and overturning the pick-up truck.

[More images posting shortly.]

skid marks traffic crash

The motorcyclist’s skid marks trace the trajectory as he tried to pass the pick-up in a no-passing zone. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

motorcycle fatality sr100

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

chevrolet impact

A point of impact on the pick-up truck. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

motorcycle helmet fatality

One of two helmets found at the scene, though authorities were not sure whether the victim was wearing either. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

One of the county's more dangerous intersections. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

One of the county’s more dangerous intersections. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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33 Responses for “Motorcyclist Seth Sistrunk Killed at Treacherous Intersection of SR100 and CR305”

  1. Frank says:

    It’s not dangerous if you don’t pass where your not suppose to! Every wreck there is because of that! This whole thing could be prevented if he just waited 3 more seconds he would have his life! What a shame he just couldn’t wait! Impatient driving gets you no where but it’s everyday all day !

  2. observer says:

    People try to pass here all the time with similar results. I have been almost hit 3 times in the same halfmile stretch from people trying to pass even when your blinker is on. There have been around 15 other wrecks between there and Bimini ln. In the past 10 years. Everyone is in a hurry to die i guess….? Drive safer….especially the bikers . They think they own the roads.

  3. It's time to hold the county accountable says:

    It’s obvious there is a problem at this location of County Road 305 and no passing lines aren’t saving lives. If a light is not erected at this intersection then the county needs to be held accountable for any future fatalities. It is nearly impossible to turn on to 305 due to oncoming traffic at this location. Far too many lives have been lost to ignore the need of a traffic light and it would be neglegent to not immediately erect a traffic light! This again is so tragic and should have been avoidable.

  4. Agnese says:

    Such a tragedy if only we would learn to drive,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for all of the “watch for bikers” post….

  6. Leroy Tyrone Yukoshima says:

    Hold the county accountable for what? A person passing in a no passing zone and is killed is the county’s fault? I don’t think so. But prayers to the families involved

  7. Driving that high way everyday for years says:

    There is not a problem at this location. It’s a straight high way, it’s also a T intersection so if someone is stopping or slowing down on a 60mph road then here’s ur sign wait you damn turn! There’s no need for a light to be put there and certainly not the county’s fault.

  8. Jim says:

    I have posted several times about this intersection along with sr 100 and water oak. It’s a state road and the county doesn’t care to push the issue of doing anything to it. I have also brought it up the the attention of Nate McClauphin. No one cares. People die at these two intersections bc people in charge fail to install a turn lane. People will continue to die. It’s about $500,000 to install a turn lane. How much is another life worth?

  9. Jim says:

    Oh and drive the highway guy, you are an idiot. I was born and raised on this highway. And the county and state should be held responsible and be sued. That’s the only way roads in those parts of the state get improved. If traffic fatalities persist specifically in an area or at a specific intersection then it is the responsibility of the individuals who are in charge of keeping the roadways safe. ie road and bridge engineers, managers, politicians. These people are paid by the taxpayers to IMPROVE our roads and bridges. Someone NEEDS to be held responsible or more people will die. Do your research “driving highway everyday guy” and tell me how many people have died at this intersection or have been in a bad accident here….

  10. Allison says:

    I go up this road 4 times a day. EVERY DAY someone passes on the no passing zone… EVERY DAY. I cringe, hold tight and hope nothing tragic happens. Talk about white knuckles. No traffic light needed. Go the freaking speed limit and follow the rules. I think the fact that these people not only put their lives in danger but the innocent driver coming from the other side in danger is what pisses me off the most. What do they save? 20 seconds of their lives. For what? When I see them almost cause a head on collision, by 10 feet and then I am behind them at the light on US1… It is ridiculous! They have not advanced a bit and almost killed a whole family… The worst is when a cop is right there watching and they dont do a thing. Ive also been run off the road with someone in my lane passing. I have 3 kids in my car.. People please! Its not worth it!

  11. local resident says:

    This intersection IS dangerous, despite what the other comments say. People are driving along at 60 or 70 mph and there is no turn lane. Even if you use your turn signal and start slowing and tapping your brakes to warn people, they seem to get enraged because you dare to want to turn onto 305. I travel this road daily since I live on 305, and it is a terror trip each time. There are logging trucks barreling down the road and the corner of 305 is so torn up and has pot holes and ridges and this just makes it worse. It’s a choice of careening around the corner at full speed and being catapulted around from the horrible pavement or waiting out on 100 like a sitting duck, watching in your rear view mirror as cars and trucks come zooming up behind you – not slowing down. Since they decided to lower the speed limit on 302 to a ridiculous 45 mph, more and more people are taking 305 all the way to 100 instead and this is making it worse.

  12. Local Resident says:

    State Road 100 is not a race track!!! I live on SR2005, and travel SR100 daily. People need to slow down and pay attention !!! When I’m turning left or right off SR100 I have to pay attention to the crazy, speeding drivers behind me so I can avoid getting killed!!! The answer is…..slow down!!!! I pray for those involved in the accident and their families.

  13. Leisa says:

    I am sorry that this happened and send condolences to the family. What I have noticed is that on that stretch of highway people have to speed, they have to go at least 70mph all the time. The thing is people do not realize that no passing zones are put in place for a reason. Pay attention to them!!!! This is true for any highway. Pay attention!!! Did any of you actually take Drivers Education to get your Driver License?

  14. JK Drummond says:

    How is it that someone else is always responsible for the stupid actions of others. A traffic light will not help, the county is in no way responsible for someone driving like an idiot. Double line NO PASSING. its real simple it seems that the right of way does not apply to some people I see it everyday here stop signs seem to just be suggestions.

  15. Michael says:

    What if the truck didn’t signal a left turn braked and swerved right before trying the turn? Happens all the time, and you don’t have quicker braking on a motorcycle. What if the biker was trying to avoid a braking truck and trailer not using a signal and got stuck going around on the left?
    Just saying you don’t know if you weren’t there.
    Passing in a no passing zone is dangerous to yourself and others, but who knows what happened.

  16. The state and county is neglegent says:

    There needs to be a turn and passing lane at this location. This is a heavily traversed road and these tragedies could be avoided. It’s not the speed limit that is the problem, people would be killed if it were 30 mph if vehicles are turning in front of one another. It is a matter of time before fatilities occur where the Country Cooler and the new dollar store is located on 305 because the county didn’t require excell/decell lanes and cars are turning in front of oncoming traffic. It is an absolute nightmare getting thru this area of 305 and then to make it worse traffic is turning on to 305 from 302. The county seems to be selective as to which businesses they make such requirements for…SMH.

  17. Tom says:

    There is nothing treacherous about the intersection.

  18. Michelle Sistrunk says:

    Jk whats sad is how you are quick to judge other people and call them names…. we all make choices that may not always be right but we all make them. in this case My uncle made a wrong choice and had died because it so thanks for calling and idiot,I’m also guessing your a perfect driver and have never been an idiot as you say as you make comments like this. . and if people keep dieing here for what ever reason then yes the county needs to look at the reasons why people are dieing and do something different are the drivers responsible to follow the rules you bet.

  19. Michelle Sistrunk says:

    observer. again as i read some of these post, it seems to be that everyone is so easy to judge. im a biker and by no means do i think i own the roads. yes there are some but not all bikers are like this. and yes everyone needs to drive safer not just bikers.i am guessing you dont ride bike and yet you judge.

  20. Michelle Sistrunk says:

    Thank you to the people with the kind words,this was my uncle that was driving the cycle. he drove that raod all the time and always wore his helmet and for what reason on this day he chose not to and chose to pass on the yellow line we will never know. its very sad to see how people make quick judgments and especially when its a motorcycle driver. dont get me wrong there are alot of crazy motorcycle drivers out there but we are not all the same. if you do research there are more car accidents then motorcycle and to whom it concerns if there are people that keep dieing at this intersection, then its not only a county problem its also a state level problem no matter what the reasons are and noone is holding them accountable and it takes more then just one person to get this changed and the more this gets pushed to get something done at this intersection the sooner something will get done. i have a feeling things will be changing in this area.

  21. Ken Dodge says:

    Was the left turn signal on the trailer working?

  22. L.D.Ablo says:

    At that particular location I’ve noticed that most drivers don’t put on their turn signals until they are actually into the turn. Brilliant. That,coupled with a partially obscured sign warning of turning cars invites disaster.
    A solar powered blinking yellow light placed a few hundred yards before C.R. 305 and ticketing the dim bulbs who at the last second put on their turn signals would reduce if not eliminate most accidents.

  23. Debi R says:

    So sorry for your loss. I live just less tgan a mile from this intersection and it is definitely a very dangerous area. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  24. Bill Ludeman says:

    I’ve known Seth for nearly fifteen years he was a careful and considerate biker who rode constantly. I can not help but feel that there is more to this story. I strongly suspect the trailer lights did not work or the truck did not signal and that Seth attempted to pass to avoid rear-ending the trailer. When the truck turned he got whacked. There are lots of trailers without working lights. I do not know. I do know that Seth was an exceptionally careful and experienced rider. He was a great guy and is sorely missed by many. He was active in a huge number of civic functions and was a truly giving guy. My deepest condolences to all who knew him. For those quick so judge, if you were not there then you do not know.. For those who say this is not a dangerous intersection? Too many have died. A left turn lane is obviously called for. If it wasn’t dangerous there would be no history of accidents where people are dying.

  25. Bill Ludeman says:

    Sincere heart felt condolences on your loss and ours. Seth will be missed but helped many people and will be fondly remembered

  26. Bill Ludeman says:

    A quick glance at the fourth picture down will explain how this accident happened. The trailer light connector is obviously dangling down below the hitch. There is only ONE wire hanging there. It was never hooked up. No turn signal and no brake lights. No warning to a following driver. And the Florida Highway Patrol FAILS again. Look at the picture. This was NOT just an accident it was a negligent company and truck driver. Half the trailers on the hiway do not have lights or signals.

  27. PeachesMcGee says:

    The facts are simple. Said biker made an illegal lane change and paid for it with his life. There is nobody else to blame.

    FYI: SR100 is a state highway, not county.

  28. Bill Ludeman says:

    The photographer got a good shot of the trailer light connection in the fourth picture. That coupled with the long skid mark leads me to believe that Seth was not so much passing as trying to avoid rear-ending the trailer. A dangling wire can not signal a left turn or indicate the rig was slowing. Kudos to the photographer for a good job.

  29. Brittany says:

    People are so quick to judge a motorcycle driver..if you were not there then you don’t know what happened..only my uncle and the driver of the truck know the true story..but I can guarantee that he had a helmet on..he never rode a bike without a helmet.. Look at the pictures more close and you can figure out what really happened the trailer had no lights on it so he slammed the breaks to get around and his life was taken..careless driving on the people driving the truck..people need to keep there negative comments to there self

  30. Outsider says:

    I don’t think he was attempting to pass; since the skid marks start on the centerline it’s more likely he started braking as he was attempting to avoid a rear end collision. The trailer lights are definitely disconnected, but it is possible with that damage to the bumper the plug was knocked out. Who knows? Condolences to the family of the victim. My horror story at the intersection occued when I was travelling eastbound and turning right onto 305. I signaled well in advance as I knew an SUV was coming up behind me. To no avail, the woman driving slammed on her breaks seconds before she would have crashed into me. A left turn lane would have made no diffference.

  31. Connie says:

    I live on 100 and have had a death in my driveway of a dear friend turning into our driveway
    I watch the insane drivers on our road and yesterday came clise to head on collision due to a car passing I no pass zone
    I can hear specific vehicles day passing cars down by Bimini and can say what vehicle it is just by the sound as they are frequent flyers !
    I just want ppl to please slow down and realize there are residences we live in that we would like to not die while turning into our homes

  32. Anonymous says:

    What the Florida Motor Vehicle Driver Handbook says about using turn signals:
    “You must activate your turn signal at least 100 feet before making your turn. Allow time for drivers around you to see your signal before you move.”
    To help understand the practical application of this rule, be aware that 100 feet is roughly equivalent to 5 to 6 car lengths.

  33. Ken Dodge says:

    What the Florida Driver Handbook says about making turns:
    “You must activate your turn signal at least 100 feet before making your turn. Allow time for drivers around you to see your signal before you move.” Note that 100 feet is roughly equivalent to 6 to 7 car lengths.

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