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How Obamacare’s Enemies Turned a Victory For Workers’ Freedom Into a “Job Killer”

| February 9, 2014

marc chagall over vitebsk

He just got his Obamacare. (Marc Chagall’s ‘Over Vitebsk’)

When your boss tells you you no longer have a job, you’ve been fired. Or laid off, if you prefer to put a kinder face on it. It’s never a good thing, because it’s not your choice.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive When you walk into your boss’s office and say you are voluntarily resigning, you’re not losing your job. You’re quitting. You may have a whole lot of reasons. You may be taking another job, starting your own business, choosing to work part-time, or quitting the rat race altogether. Whatever your reason, it’s your choice, and more often than not, it’s an indication of your freedom to do as you please, if you can afford it. In other words, you’re not a prisoner of your job, or at the mercy of what’s commonly referred to as “job lock.” It’s a good thing. A very good thing.

Last week the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a routine update about the federal budget outlook that included some very good news about the federal budget. It included some startling news no one paid any attention to: the deficit is plummeting to levels last seen before the Great Recession, something even the Congressional Budget Office hadn’t predicted to see this soon. Too good to spin into invectives, the reigning inquisitors ignored that one altogether.

There was another bit of very good news in the same report, that one about the Affordable Care Act. Surprisingly, everyone paid attention to it, mostly because of the way it was portrayed. The media, of course, where numbers are often as suspect as reporters and editors’ IQ, portrayed it as very bad news. I’m referring to the CBO’s prediction that there would be 2.5 million fewer full-time jobs over the next 10 years, and that the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is to blame.

Naturally, the prediction was catnip for those who’ve sworn death to Obamacare since its inception. They’ve been calling it a job killer, and now they had their smoking gun. They felt vindicated. I must admit, even my pinko liberal socialist eyes did a double take when I saw the CBO numbers attached to newspaper headlines. But then I looked at the report itself. And wouldn’t you know it. The numbers were right. But the interpretation was, if not a total lie, then at least a complete reversal of what we understand to be the meaning of freedom, of the freedom to work especially, or not be enslaved to a job, and the freedom to tell one’s boss, in the unforgettable words of Johnny Paycheck, to take this job and shove it.

Because the fact is that while the CBO predicts a drop in total jobs created, it does not predict a rise in unemployment. So how do you supposedly lose 2.5 million jobs without affecting joblessness? It’s a simple answer really. While Obamacare will unquestionably cause some immoral businesses to cut employees back to part-time status to avoid giving them health insurance, the majority of those so-called job losses have nothing to do with that. They have to do with the new freedom Obamacare gives people who were otherwise held hostage by their job, because that was the only way they could get health insurance—or not lose it—to finally get away. To choose for themselves how or whether and when they should work at somebody else’s account.

This isn’t just me interpreting the report. It’s made explicit in the report itself, which states: “The estimated reduction stems almost entirely from a net decline in the amount of labor that workers choose to supply, rather than from a net drop in businesses’ demand for labor, so it will appear almost entirely as a reduction in labor force participation and in hours worked relative to what would have occurred otherwise rather than as an increase in unemployment (that is, more workers seeking but not finding jobs) or underemployment (such as part-time workers who would prefer to work more hours per week).”

If there isn’t going to be a net drop in businesses’ demand for labor, it’s irrelevant whether some workers choose to leave the workforce. Jobs will still be there for those who want to work. Jobs aren’t being killed. If anything, they’re being created, or at least shifted, in favor of those who may want to work more than those who, until now, were forced to work. Who would you rather have on your payroll?

Obamacare gives workers that freedom and peace of mind, neither of which they had before the Affordable Care Act became law. And many will choose to do just that. Either stop working, or work part-time, or take a break from work, spend more time raising the children (imagine that: having the freedom to be more family oriented without fearing to lose one’s health insurance), or do whatever they can afford to do. How can that not be a very good thing, and a very American thing?

That seems to me pretty straight-forward. But all we’ll hear from the very people who claim to speak for workers’ freedom to choose is—job killer. I’ll take those gauze-tipped bullets over the prison chains of the old boss-powered system any day.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here.

CBO Outlook

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50 Responses for “How Obamacare’s Enemies Turned a Victory For Workers’ Freedom Into a “Job Killer””

  1. Outsider says:

    Yes, some will be able to work less if they desire, primarily because of the “subsidies” they will qualify for by NOT working. The “subsidies” will, of course, be paid for by those who continue to work; they will have to work more or take home less money. As the CBO said, there is a disincentive to work, which is par for the course for government programs designed to “help.”

    • barbie says:

      To hear some of you, there’s “Some who will not work because Government Handouts!” on every street corner on every mile-marker on every major two-lane highway in the Continental United States. And that is, to put it bluntly, A LIE.

      Dear God, it’s a relative handful in a population of over THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE, no matter what some News Report or some Government Report told you otherwise. Do you really want to stop helping your friends, your family or your neighbors stay healthy because you’ve been trained by national news propagandists to bark a certain talking point every time the opportunity presents itself? Because “Somebody” might commit fraud? Can you stop all this mindless blathering complaint-whining about Takers long enough to realize how well-trained you are? That’s what you’re doing here and I am tired of this idiocy pervading the minds of otherwise good people.

      This nonsensical “complaint” in its current incarnation has been around since 1981 and I am absolutely TIRED of it. These propagandists “turned a victory for worker freedom into a job killer” and they based it on BS and sophistry. And way too many of you keep falling for it, at the expense of a secure society. WHY do you think there is so much mindless crime? It’s not just “all about drugs”. It really isn’t.

  2. A.S.F. says:

    Some people are so intent on seeing Obama’s legacy fail that they would sink our economy under the boggy weight of their own paranoia, even if they have to twist positive facts into the catastrophic fantasies they would prefer to see. Any success they have in defeating goals that might lead us forward into a brighter future is worthwhile to them, as long as they can comfortably cling to a past that has no hope of sustaining us in the long run.

  3. downinthelab says:

    Funny but I used to be able to work 60 to 70 hours a week, with overtime and paid vacation, and of course health insurance. Then my employer decided to go with two people working 30 hours a week, no vacation and no insurance.

    How’s that working out for me and my family now??

    The Obama premiums are more than one of my paychecks, and the deductible is now more than I make in three months.

    Thanks a lot, but I didn’t vote for this.

    • A.S.F. says:

      @downinthelab says–I would suggest to you that your employer is the one you should have an issue with. Employers should have a sense of responsibility towards the workers who make their success possible. Perhaps, they are entitled to be incredibly selfish because they are “THE JOB CREATORS” and, therefore, a special class of people, according to Conservative Republicans, who deserve all sorts of incentives and special considerations. Their workers (which is most Americans), not so much. I am SURE that your employer was only too happy to see you work yourself to death in the past, and only offered you the wonderful benefits you spoke about because it was in THEIR best interest to do so…Not because they were so concerned about being good to you. If business, in our country, doesn’t value its own workforce or have any concern for the welfare of the peon workers that ensure their existence, I would suggest we stop worrying so much about THEIR concerns and start tending to our own, “Trickle Down” is bullsh*t…Always has been and always will be. Also, I see that you have NO concern at all about the thousands of people who were uninsured and underinsured before the ACA was passed. If your wonderful employer decided to lay you off one day, for no reason at all, where would you be without some of the government protections you have now? MEMEME doesn’t always work and it should not be the only definition of Democracy.

      @Outsider says–I know some people who have worked hard and saved for many years so that they can retire but, because of medical conditions, were not able to even think about retirement before the ACA, for fear of losing their insurance. These are people who were simply not old enough to qualify for Medicare yet, and they are not in the “safe zone” provided by COBRA. Now, they can move on with the next part of their lives although it may not be cheap…at least, it is possible. Most of them don’t qualify for any subsidies. Still, they are grateful to have choices that they never had before. It is really too bad the way that Conservatives like to label all people who don’t believe what they believe as lazy and unpatriotic.

      @anoun says-Because Obama is a big bad Black Socialist out to ruin our country and sell us out to the Muslim Brotherhood on the strength of his fake birth certificate, right? The GOP leadership just LOVES it’s paranoid prejudiced base. Their ignorance and fear makes THEIR power and success possible.

      @Paul Anderson says–I would just LOVE to know where you get your “facts.” Gee, let me guess…FOX news? Rush Limbaugh? Sarah Palin–perhaps, she let you read the “facts” off the notes she writes on her hand when she makes her ridiculous speeches?

      @Concerned says–I don’t qualify for subsidies. Many people don’t. I know I will be paying full freight and very few people will pay nothing, which is what you suggest might happen, as though the ACA is a welfare program of some sort. Perhaps the people you should more afraid of, in terms of money coming out of the pockets of working people, are all the people who receive entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. By far, those entitlements are the biggest drains on our economy. Or maybe you feel that there should be different classes of people in our country who get judged and treated one way, and others who get judged and treated another? Oh, what do you know–We already HAVE that problem–and SOME people think we shouldn’t do anything about it because that would be COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, UNAMERICAN (fill in the blank.)

      @justwondering says–I guess you think that Obama and the Democrats have a magic pixie dust that they sprinkle over all Americans once they are elected in, causing some of our citizens to become Socialist Zombies who no longer feel the necessity to work– Leaving Republicans, who are magically immune to the pixie dust, to have to sweat and slave, just to save the known world. Or, maybe you think a little too much of yourself and not enough of other people.

    • The Truth says:

      You honestly believe this happened because of the evil Obama don’t you?

      This isn’t due to the fact that corporations have, each and every year, been cutting people from full time and working overtime to part time positions because they realize that it costs them less in the long run. Fox News likes to make you believe this just started happening but it’s been happening for a long time now and will continue to happen.

      The evil Obamacare actually penalizes companies who do this, but I’m sure Hannity didn’t tell you that did he?

    • Outsider says:

      “The prediction that Obamacare will lead to the equivalent of 2.5 million fewer jobs has nothing to do with businesses cutting the workforce…”

      The above from the teaser below the article’s title. Obviously, downinthelab, you are mistaken, and if you had only read the above caption you would know you are wrong. It’s right THERE!

    • barbie says:

      Did you vote for Rick Scott for Governor? Because if you did, you most certainly voted for this.

      Sounds to me like you make too much money for Medicare but you don’t make enough to pay for ACA level premiums without a subsidy to offset. Tens of thousands of Floridians are in the same boat, because Rick Scott refused to expand Medicare. Because of his avarice and greed we are ALL paying more than we would have otherwise.

  4. anoun says:

    Bottom line Obama care is a bad law.Who cares what the CBO says and how the GOP or Dems put their own spin to it.The bottom line is it a bad law.So Pierre if Obama care has worked for you great.It did not for me.Trying to shift the blame on the bad law to the GOP is what you Liberals do.

    • barbie says:

      So here we have another Scott supporter who doesn’t have enough information to make the connection between “Florida not expanding Medicare per the ACA” and “A bad law”? It’s a bad law insofar as the Supreme Court gutted it when they allowed states to opt out of the expansion.

      Pierre, is that in your byline here? If it isn’t, it should be. People simply do not GET this part of the equation.

  5. Mary Cannady says:

    One of the happiest days of my life was when I quit my job and retired early. I am no longer working for “the man.” Obamacare will allow others like me to have some say in how one spends the rest of their life. Regarding the misinterpretation of this report, I wonder what media outlets will correct their headlines and their misleading article. Don’t hold your breath.

  6. Diana L says:

    This is right on, or at least, for one person. Because of the ACA, my husband was able to retire. Being a kidney transplant patient, getting insurance on his own would never have happened, pre-exist condition. They might have written him, but we wouldn’t have even come close to being able to afford it. Because of the ACA we were able to purchase a policy so he was able to retire as of Jan 31st. Thank you ACA for allowing him to retire instead of working until he died. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

  7. Paul Anderson says:

    This is website is run by out and out communists sympathizers. That is a fact. What you are leave and go live in Russia? Get a real taste of your beloved communism.

    • barbie says:

      This is the most hateful thing of all–Americans, throwing around the word Commie because they heard it on TV. Mindless regurgitation of LIES. That is not a Fact, Mr. Anderson–the FACT here is that you got yours and the rest of us can drop dead.

      Be honest.

  8. Concerned says:

    What the writer failed to mention is that these workers’ “freedom” to quit their jobs are being subsidized by those of us who will still be working. After all, someone has to pay for their free or reduced-cost health care.

  9. Bunnell Resident says:

    I am all for freedom to walk away from a job or the ability to tell an employer “take this job and shove it.” The problem is the ACA ignores reality. Let’s give an example of your so called freedom. Person A makes $200,000 a year and is economically a very conservative person. Over the years person A has saved two million dollars and is 55 years old. Person A plans to work until age 65 until reaching the age for Medicare in order to qualify. Person A now decides to make $30,000 a year freelancing part time and qualify for a subsidy under Obamacare. Person A now makes 300,000 over the next ten years instead of two million. Person A now pays no federal income taxes over the next ten years instead of 400-500k in taxes over that same period. The out of pocket cost for purchasing Obamacare is less than Person A paid for employee share of health care premiums under an employer. So, Person A with 2 million dollars in the bank now qualifies for government subsidies to purchase health care to the tune of about $10,000 a year compliments of you and me the taxpayers who really need an income more than we need Obamacare. Yes, freedom is sweet but it should not come at the expense of others. It must be earned. There should at least be a means test before subsidies are given away by the government on behalf of those who must work.

  10. justwondering says:

    “Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, or if they will work,” said Jay Carney.
    Anyone else notice how many folks on unemployment immediately find jobs when their benefits run out.
    Out country was built on a strong work ethic.
    This administration is intent on destroying that.
    As more and more people are freed from the bondage of work, those of us who do work pay the bills of those who are free not to work.

  11. ugh! says:

    I could really care less either way at this point… I just want the rich to stop getting richer off our backs!

    I work full-time, my husband works 60-70 hours/week and we still struggle. we are making, just like everyone else, the same amount we did five years ago but everything costs more! Big deal mtg rates go down when the cost of gas & milk keep going up. Forget about paying the health insurance premiums when we can barely afford day to day expenses…

    • Steve Wolfe says:

      ugh, you are exactly right about that.

      Obama campaigned to make “the rich pay their fair share” (while in fact they already pay the lion’s share of all taxes). Meanwhile, Obama parties with the rich, gets huge campaign donations from the rich, and his Federal Reserve Chairman’s policy is to just keep printing money, which goes to—the rich. The only place for the Fed to dump all the cash is Wall Street. Who do you think benefits from that? The rich. And remember where some of that cash is going—back to Democrat campaign coffers, as a quid pro quo.

      There is no sense of fiscal responsibility in this administration. Spend, spend, spend, and by all means, spend some more and never stop! We can’t run out of money, we still have ink and paper! Meanwhile, those who live in fear of government benefits running out will vote for only one party, just as that party has long planned. And they toss out more candy– more benefit programs means more votes. Never mind the unsustainable burden created by the ever-growing recipients on an ever-shrinking tax base. We need pro-growth, pro-American worker policies, the kind of policies Democrats abhor.

      • A.S.F. says:

        I guess Republicans have not read the good news about the slowing in growth of the deficit or it is just too inconvenient a fact for them to believe. There is Kool-Aid out there for the drinking and the Koch brothers will be only too glad to shove it down your throat if you won’t drink it voluntarily. Of course, some people, with the minds of gluttonous children, just LOVE their Kool-Aid and can’t get enough.

        • Steve Wolfe says:

          Ugh… not you again….JUST KIDDING! OK, let’s have another go….

          If you look at the graph accompanying the CBO’s report on a shrinking deficit, you will notice that it is a sine wave, which indicates that it will likely increase again. I would submit to you that any reduction in deficit would be due to the marginal effect of pressure from House Republicans to SPEND LESS MONEY. The sequester was likely the instrument. Bless them for that.

          I agree about gluttony among children, but the greed seems to me to be on the part of those who want to take other people’s money and blow it on a fattened idol called government, hoping that some of it will end up in their own hands. They ruin the economy, and in a repetitious cycle, voters get tired of it, and vote in the grown ups to straighten out our house again.

          You’d better stock up on Kool Aid. You’ll need some after the next election.

          • A.S.F. says:

            @Steve Wolfe says–Yup, it’s me again! I hope your prediction that the deficit will “likely increase again” won’t come true but, if it does, it may well do so because we elect another Republican into office who will run up the deficit like they all seem to do. Case in point: George Bush & Co. who blasted our deficit into the stratosphere with a disastrous and unnecessary war. By the end of his time in office, our economy was sinking faster than a ship whose cargo was loaded with lead weights. Voters DID get tired of it. That’s one reason why Republicans have lost the last two elections…and, from the way it looks today, they will continue their losing streak. Hopefully.

  12. RHWeir says:

    I am so unimpressed with Obamacare, that after 43 years as a democrat, I am now an independent. I will be voting the candidate and the issue next election for the first time. I voted for Obama twice. I have over 30 years in state in state level Medicaid policy. The ACA is the most short sighted, ignorant, ill advised collection of legislation that I have ever witnessed. My wife was tossed from my pension health care due to Obamacare, we got her a policy for $170 a few years back, the policy now costs us $310, my deductible went from zero to $850, my co-pays from zero to 80/20 up to $2500 and my premium increased 46%. I will vote for whoever will reverse this disaster of a health policy.

  13. m&m says:

    Obama had one item on his agenda when elected and that was to destroy the US.. So far he’s reaching his goal. With three more years to go he should be able to reach HIS goal.. He promised CHANGE and we are sure getting it..

    • barbie says:

      FlaglerLive, if you’re going to refuse to post something because of cussing or otherwise insulting language, you need to add this kind of mindset to your list of “unacceptable commentary”.

      There is nothing fact-based about “Obama had one item and it was to Destroy America”. NOTHING. I’m not a super Obama Fan Girl but this is ridiculous. It’s an an egregious, inflammatory lie. Shame on you for letting it past your moderator.

  14. EYEONFLAGLER says:

    Obama care is a bad law.Who cares what the CBO says and how the GOP or Dems put their own spin to it.The bottom line is it a bad law.So Pierre if Obama care has worked for you great.It did not for me.Trying to shift the blame on the bad law to the GOP is what you Liberals do.

  15. tom jack says:

    Thanks Pierre for spouting the democratic line. Lets blame this turkey on anyone by the democrats who passed this loser with no, 0, zippo republican votes in the house or senate. Hang on tight Pierre, because YOU own this piece of crap. I would expect nothing less from you but the straight democratic spin.

  16. barbie says:

    Nobody can be a resident of Florida and realize the full benefit of the Affordable Care Act. Nobody. Not one person. Not ONE.

    Florida’s current government opted out of expanding Medicare, which shot millions of Floridians’ ability to get affordable health insurance right in the foot. Too many folks are barely getting by, yet they make too much to qualify for ACA subsidies because there is NO EXPANSION OF MEDICARE.

    In short, those of you complaining about “The High Cost of the ACA” simply do not have all the facts you need to make that determination and you DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Period. If you did, the hateful commentary here wouldn’t be so hateful, you’d understand this is the fault of the government in Tallahassee which refused to expand Medicare.

  17. Raul Troche says:

    The Obamano Care Act is definitely a job killer Pierre. Your article is really contradictory. You admit that many workers have been switched to part time, secondly people unless under contract do not have what you call “job lock”. They could have said “I ain’t working here no more” any time they wanted to. Third I have a hard time believing the CBO when they say the deficit is dropping quickly. Actually it is getting to the point where I have a hard time believing in anything a Congressional group says, although I do believe the part about the millions of job losses due to Obamano Care. He, his wife,his friends and political contributers are getting richer over this while the average man pays. Why are some unions and our politicians not subject to the same laws? This do as We say not as we do attitude is totally wrong, it reeks of corruption)? Fourth you same some “immoral” businesses are cutting people to part time to avoid getting insurance. I don’t think that’s immorality but rather a business decision because the AFA often is the UCA (Unafordable Care Act. Better to reduce hours and keep people working than to have to shut the doors and lay everyone off. You also say jobs are not being killed. That’s BS and many that aren’t killed are being wounded by the shift to part time. That is ruinous for our tax base. Then you sat it gives workers freedom and peace of mind. More mallarky. How about the freedom not to be forced into an insurance program or the lie that you could keep your old insurance? I must agree with one of the other commentators said. Basically that our lying, demonic, Muslim president is hell bent on destruction.

    • A.S.F. says:

      That “lying, demonic, Muslim” President, eh? I am sure that, if Obama suddenly walked on water, you would say it was because only Socialist Commies can float.

    • Geezer says:

      “our lying, demonic, Muslim president is hell bent on destruction.”

      Well look at the bright side – you’re well represented in the oval office.
      Keep smiling, and turn that frown upside-down.

  18. confidential says:

    Barbie I think you confused Medicare with Medicaid….

    • barbie says:

      Confidential, you are correct about the wrong word. However, bear in mind that error does not change the other facts in place here.

      “Obamacare was supposed to make health coverage affordable, or even free, for low-income Americans. The law’s official name is the Affordable Care Act. However, the Supreme Court tossed a huge obstacle in the path of that goal in 2012, ruling that the states could opt out of one of Obamacare’s crucial provisions: The expansion of Medicaid coverage to anyone making less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level, or about $15,300 a year for a single person. Since the court’s ruling, 24 states, including Florida, chose not to expand the program.” (numerous sources for these facts, if you want the actual sources, let me know, but this stuff takes 30 seconds to easily-Google).

      Those people complaining about “higher premiums” are seeing them because there’s no Medicaid expansion for people in twenty-four states, including FLORIDA. Therefore, millions don’t qualify for ACA subsidy at all and the other twenty-six states are picking up the slack in the meantime. This PLAN was designed to work with the participation of ALL FIFTY STATES. People who need this help the most still aren’t getting it. The people busting their butts for minimum wage, who have kids, who have sick relatives, who couldn’t get insurance because of pre-existing conditions before January 1st–in short, People Who Are Not Takers–are still not being helped.

      On the other hand, Super-duper poor-on-paper people, some of whom might actually remind you of Reagan’s Welfare Queen (who was just not as prevalent as she was made out to be–again, look it up), people who Might Be Stealing From The Government are still getting help. Way to go, GOP.

      The Supreme Court screwed this all up, not the President. Not even Congress, though certain members of Congress are the reason the Supreme Court ruled on it at all. Again, I am no fangirl of the man, but how is this Obama’s fault? You mean because he wanted to try and fix our broken health insurance system and our broken sick people and stuff outside his control stopped him? Yeah, sure, THAT’S all his fault. that yardstick, we’d never try anything new because it would ALWAYS be doomed to failure.

      Worse yet in all this, in obvious pandering for his re-election campaign, Governor Rick Scott tried to reverse himself to make that total 23 states, and get Floridians opted in to Medicaid. The GOP Legislature turned him down flat.

      Lesson ONE: Now that all fifty states aren’t participating, people have a right to be angry because it costs more because….not all fifty states are participating.

      Lesson TWO: if you voted for Rick Scott, you most certainly “Voted For This”.

      So if you did vote for Scott and now you’re all butthurt because your premiums are unaffordable or you don’t qualify and it’s Bad Old Obama’s fault, kindly shut yer piehole and take a long look in the nearest mirror. This thing WOULD HAVE WORKED a whole lot more along the lines of its original intent if all fifty states were IN. This is a mathematical fact, one those of you here that still don’t understand that yet would do well to go back and review, and stop mindlessly blaming this stuff on Commie Plots. Good grief…

  19. Brian says:

    Republicans will say anything no ,matter how stupid it sounds to get rid of Obama Care , they lost big big bucks in the bribes they were getting just for the pre existing loophole they`ve not only been paid billions for over the decades , but killed millions of Americans born with deceases or got cancer and couldn t be insured , how anyone can agree with these greed driven murderous thieves is beyond me , They shut down the government and held it for hostage to the tune of 2.9 billion, Boehner came out shaking his fist , they`ve been taking bribes and kickbacks so long, they no longer think of it as illegal its bonus money to them , and did you notice when they weren`t on the job ripping Americans off ,gas prices dropped like 95 cents a gal , but as soon as they came back, they shot right back up , somewhere alone the way they forgot they work for WE THE PEOPLE, their only interest now is pleasing big business like the Koch brothers , Insurance , Pharmecutical and Oil companies, and the bribes , I mean bonuses they get from them, I just read an article that if you buy solar panels for your house to use for heating , cooling and electric the gov has allowed the Koch brothers who formed some commitee something like ALLEC, to charge you a monthly fee for not using their resources, senate and house seats need terms just like the president ,, years of the same people in them seats leads to no change no matter what president is in office, and they need an internal policing agency to keep an eye on and keep a record of everything they do while sitting on a senate seat, Greed by the rich has gotten way out of control , Scott is another that needs to go the republicans starting two wars at once , actually lying their way into the Iraqi war ,destroyed our economy, cost many millions their jobs and homes , Obamacare was meant to help those people , but greedy republican Gov`s 39 to be exact , are not fully participating , not extending medicare even though it cost their state nothing for the first 3 yrs, that right there is hurting ACA like any insurance, the more members participating, the cheaper the rates, now people that needed the insurance the most are not getting it , again it takes bribe money out of greedy politicians pockets , one can only pray President Obama uses his mighty pen to write an Executive Order, ordering all states extend medicare ,so the poor people that are sick or in pain or will die , don`t do it ,so some republican making 200.000 a year with a 180 days vacation time can put a couple more hundred thousand a year in their pockets, Don t listen to any of their ridiculous lies , like a person would really actually rather stay poor to keep their insurates down a little , then to grow and prosper so they can buy a house and raise a family , its pure ignorance on their part , they are desperate , they grew into them bribes they need them , might not be able to go on vacation 20 times a year now ,its disgusting how greedy they`ve become and I`m glad the Pope is callong them out on it too, one idiot said Ronald Reagan was more Godly then the Pope and he says trickle down economics work , lol Reagan went to palm readers and psychics for Presidential advise , that is how desperate they`ve become

    • barbie says:

      The Pope may be The Peoples only hope. The irony, it BURNS. I love the man, and I’m not even Catholic. He’s so RIGHT. I swear, that’s one reason all these greedheads have kicked up their timelines a notch–to hurry up and steal everything so they can go underground and live without us proles, and try to hide from their religious consciousness.

      That’s not gonna work, either. HAHA!

  20. NortonSmitty says:

    This argument about Job Losses being shoved down our throats by Fox News and the Rethugs infuriates me. Worse still is that the DemoIdiots and the rest of the media do not even try to put up a rational argument using the facts as it was spelled out in the CBO report. Let me make it personal:

    I have a cousin who is 55 years old. She has cancer, and has been in and out of remission for 8 years. She would love to quit working to stay home and marshal her strength to fight this disease, but she can’t because she would lose her insurance. If she quits her job, losing her medical support would be a death sentence. If she keeps working, it’s just a slower sentence. When the ACA kicks in, she can quit her job, stay at home to fight the disease, and another person who wants to work and desperately needs the job will take her place. No net job loss.

    Now, how hard is that to understand? And why is it nobody on the TV tells you this story?

    • Brian says:

      @Norton Smitty my whole family died of cancer cause they couldnt get insurance , my g/f had a job at a nursing agency, she got sick ,at first they thought it was a stone in her salivary gland , but when it turned out not to be, her job made up bogus reasons and fired her ,knew it was cancer, she had floor of mouth and tongue cancer , luckily before her insurance ran out she was able to get the surgery done , but then she was paying for months of chemo and radiation 800 a month for cobra on at first unemployment , then disability , but she was soon not going to be able to pay 800 a month for treatment and her mortgage ,car payment ,utilities ,she was going to be screwed big time , but she started on Obama care in Jan, is able to keep her Mayo Clinic Dr`s and probably her life , I have no idea what kind of people live in this world these days that think children born with deceases and people who get hurt and fired on one job especially here in Fla or people with cancer should have to die because Insurance companies pay off people in Washington to keep these loopholes going , how do they live with themselves knowing they`ve taken money that ended up killing millions of poor people who couldn`t get insurance and how do republican citizens back them , this used to be a country of unity all for one and one for all , now its everyone out for themselves its disgusting, I thank God every night my g/f was able to get insurance and survive , Thank you Mr President for taking on the greedy republicans and insurance companies , but please dont stop there, I am so busted up and in so much pain , disability acknowledges all my injuries ,acknowledges they owe me 1130 for working my whole life , said I can never do work Ive done my whole life , but deny my claim , say I`m smart enough to get desk job , I have no college degree`s and 300 other people are trying for same jobs , they are not going to hire the busted up 53 yr old over the 30 yr old college student , now Scott made it impossible for me to get insurance by denying to extend medicare , hes a multi millionaire doesn t need help , hes turned down every penny this state has been offered to those of us who lost our jobs and houses , now he`s made sure the people who need insurance just as bad as cancer and other deceased patients can t get it , I think about hanging myself everyday , cant afford my Dr or my meds , only reason I`m here is to help take care of g/f ,again republican politicians are repulsive greedy heartless garbage, they need 4 yr terms and out!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      @NortonSmitty says–Answer to your question: FOX news and other Conservative Republican outlets answer to the Koch Brothers; that’s why.

      • barbie says:

        So does our government. All of it. Koch–and entities like it–own the United States government and (to varying degrees) that of all fifty states. Before we can change anything, we have to understand that. They don’t care about “by the people, for the people”. It’s “by the corporation, for the corporation”.

        The Old Rules no longer apply. Get that through your heads, NOW. All of you, so we can get past all these invented propaganda “differences”, need to turn off your da*n televisions and hate radio and WAKE UP.

  21. confidential says:

    Finally after a long time without work and health care coverage my child has Obamacare now and peace of mind. Also at the same time found finally work and thought does not pay benefits or medical she does okay because she can afford to pay her own Obamacare. Regarding all those that oppose it, I can say one thing; one can only take a horse to the water… but can’t make it drink . They are doing the same that was done to Social Security and Medicare in the beginning…just plain bash it! Finally Health Care for all Americans is here to stay! Lets support it and preserve it, as well as Social Security and Medicare.

  22. confidential says:

    To all those bigots posting here things like demonic , lying, hell bent on destruction president; I can only remind you that no matter your ill, libel offensive innuendos we elected Obama twice and you need to digest it already! Feel lucky that his term is only 8 years…he may have been re-elected longer. The GOP is bound to loose again in the next midterm and presidential over fraud a la G. W Bridge and Sandy funds, gerrymandering, voter suppression, women and gay rights denied, eyeing on privatization of the SS, Medicare and our Postal Service and , denying Medicaid and, Food Stamps to the poor, denying comprehensive immigration laws passed, anti workers unions, denying unemployment insurance that workers contributed thru years of labor and many more reasons. Who’s going to vote GOP only all the bigots?

  23. confidential says:

    I can only give Brian and Norton one like …otherwise will give them hundreds! Well said we need to stand together to get back America to be the land of opportunity and rights for all!

  24. General Pat says:

    They should call this web site…” Commie Corner “

  25. Outsider says:

    I’ve said it many times before; I have no problem financing a safety net for those who, through no fault of their own, need assistance. I think we have done that in the past. If there are holes that need to be filled, then we can do that. The problem is, when you make all benefits available to anyone who asks, then the program itself becomes unsustainable as more non-contributors are created. Nancy Pelosi just stated that this law will “free” people from the burdens of work so they can pursue their passions, meaning if it is your passion to meditate, play the guitar, or stay at home and do nothing they will force those who pursue more lucrative pursuits to finance your “passion.” Remember, it was liberal policies that made it so two drug dealers who have a shootout on the corner over ten bucks get whisked into the emergency room for millions of dollars of emergency care, while apparently, some who are more deserving can’t get any. The real solution is to tweak the prior healthcare system where necessary, but primarily we need to get the economy growing to provide good jobs, which will support a safety net for those who need it. The fact is, Obamacare is killing job growth, as evidenced by the fact they just delayed implementation of the employer mandate, primarily for political reasons. They know that mandate will stifle job growth even further, and play havoc with the people who currently have employer provided insurance, and they don’t want that happening before the election.

    • A.S.F. says:

      What Nancy Pelosi MEANT was that people who wish to retire but were afraid to before now, for the sole reason of needing to continue their employer-based healthcare benefits, can now feel free to make their own arrangements to take care of their those needs and not feel shackled to a specific job to do so. Other people, who have stayed at jobs that no longer suit their physical or personal needs, can feel free to pursue other employment options. No one in our country should be shackled to an employment situation that has become a form of indentured servitude, simply because fear of losing health insurance benefits has given them no other choice. As for the drug-dealer argument, I don’t know where you live, but in any place I have ever lived, drug dealers and drug users ended up in the ER long before the ACA was even a gleam in Obama’s eye and we all ended up paying the bill–just as we did for anybody else without insurance. One thing I think we all agree on is that healthcare reform is going to require a lot of tuning up in the years to come in order to achieve an equitable and reasonable implementation across the board. To do nothing, however, to try to reform our broken healthcare system is quite simply unacceptable.

  26. Ginger Grant says:

    This pretty much tells it like it is! What an outrage!

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