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Is Craig Coffey Getting Fired?
Word of His Demise May Be Premature.

| November 28, 2018

craig coffey firing

County commissioners cite Craig Coffey’s handling of the $28 million project to rebuild dunes along Flagler’s shore as a signal achievement, and some of them say switching manager in mid-stream would not be wise. Other commissioners say there’s never a propitious time to fire a manager when the time comes to do it. Coffey is seen here in the rising sun of Flagler Beach. (© FlaglerLive)

It’s nowhere near a secret. Flagler County Administrator Craig Coffey’s job is on the line. Again.

Newly-elected County Commissioner Joe Mullins has been publicly discussing his intention to fire Coffey since he’s been on the campaign trail, recently quipping to the head-hunter Palm Coast hired for its own manager’s search that he’ll be needed in Flagler, too. Commissioner Donald O’Brien’s displeasure with Coffey has not been a secret either, nor has that of sheriffs–current and former, and possibly other constitutional officers, though they don’t have a vote.

“In my job, you just collect enemies. That’s just the way it is,” Coffey said.

After Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland successfully got the City Council to fire Manager Jim Landon in mid-September, O’Brien, an ally of Holland’s who shares her ideas and approach–came close to following suit on the commission, but election timetables intervened.

And it’s still not been clear who if anyone among the remaining three commissioners–Greg Hansen, Dave Sullivan and Charlie Ericksen–would provide a third vote to fire Coffey. Sullivan says he wouldn’t motion or second a motion to fire Coffey. Ericksen is opposed to a summary firing regardless. Hansen, as close to a sycophant as Coffey has in his corner since Nate McLaughlin’s departure, isn’t talking. (McLaughlin, who’s job-hunting, lists Coffey as one of his top references.)

These days few if any people in county government are unaware that matters may come to a head at Monday’s county commission meeting. Coffey himself knows it, of course.

“I’m not worried about survival. If I don’t survive, I’ll find another job,” Coffey said as Mullins was taking the dais to be sworn in last week. “I’d never plead for my job. My job is to continue to do do the work for the community.”

If it does come to a head, Ericksen won’t be there. He’s going on a four-day cruise starting Monday. “Does that ruin somebody’s plan?” he said today. Various officials and observers have considered Ericksen to be a possible third vote. Though he can be unpredictable, has voted against numerous Coffey initiatives and has had his disagreements with the administrator, he wouldn’t join a majority to dismiss Coffey.

county commissioner charlie ericksen

Commissioner Charlie Ericksen. (© FlaglerLive)

“I would be opposed to firing anybody, let alone the county administrator, if it came up, which I understand from a number of people, some of which have called me,” Ericksen said. Mullins was among those who called him, trying to line up his vote. “I told him the same thing I told you. I’ve been a manager for 30 years, and other than a person who displayed a .357 Magnum at his desk at an employee did I fire anybody on the spot without a brief period of time in which they could improve their performance.” (That incident took place in Bismark, N.D., where Ericksen was managing an insurance company. He called the cops and had the man removed after the man displayed the gun to a female employee.)

Ericksen explained: “My thoughts on firing anybody is that the first attempt is not a firing. You talk to the individual and you discuss any problems you see and you set a brief period of improvement, and then you make a final decision. I don’t think any american worker should be fired on the spot unless it’s for a scandalous type of activity.” He said he’d vote no to firing Coffey for the same reason he voted against the new lease with Captain’s BBQ at Bing’s Landing: not enough information, even though Ericksen is now the senior member of the commission, having served with Coffey as manager for six years, at least four years more than any other member of the commission.

His swearing-in aside, Mullins hasn’t yet taken part in any commission meeting of note, workshop or otherwise, though he’s been meeting with Coffey and his administrative staff and watching events unfold, as he did the recent controversy over the new lease for a larger Captain’s BBQ in the middle of Bing’s Landing. He supports the expansion. He doesn’t support the way it was carried out by the county administration (the county is the landlord at Bing’s). Mullins sees that controversy in the same light as the problems with the evacuated Sheriff’s Operations Center and the “retirement” and re-hiring of Deputy Administrator Sally Sherman in February: “I just feel there’s a very huge disconnect there,” Mullins said.

Commissioner Joe Mullins, right, in a conversation with Craig Coffey. (© FlaglerLive)

Commissioner Joe Mullins, right, in a conversation with Craig Coffey. (© FlaglerLive)

“I really think we’ve got a great group of workers, I just think we need a better environment for them,” Mullins said not long after meeting with Coffey and other top staffers this week. “The City of Palm Coast made some bold moves, Bunnell made some bold moves.” He was referring to Landon’s firing and the firing of Bunnell’s Dan Davis in April.

“There’s a lot of fear through the whole staff that I’m coming in to get rid of a lot of people, that I’m coming in to make a lot of change, and I’ve reassured them that’s not the case,” Mullins continued. Mullins couldn’t even if he wanted to: administrative staff is off limits to county commissioners, who may only hire and fire their administrator and their county attorney. Other commissioners have also said privately that Mullins has yet to understand what most rookie elected officials take time to grasp: that they’re only one vote, and that 20 percent (or 40) can easily be marginalized: the Palm Coast council’s majority of three effectively neutralized two council members for almost two years.

And Coffey is as likable as he is a master deal-maker–especially with commissioners, whose support he carefully cultivates by tending to their individual pet projects: in 2010 he survived a firing attempt by then-County Commissioner Milissa Holland, who laid out a 20-minute case against him (much as she did against Landon), but, to her surprise, fell short by one vote. Coffey and Holland went on to work together for two more years. The commissions of the last few years have not been particularly inquisitive, its more questioning members (the late Frank Meeker, Alan Peterson, Barbara Revels) giving way to less-engaged successors. O’Brien, the most strongly analytical addition of the last two years, has been isolated. That’s given Coffey a freer hand, enabling him to survive a succession of controversies that, ironically, may have been avoided–and Coffey’s better angels and strengths played up–had the commission demanded more accounting and transparency along the way.

Commissioners Dave Sullivan, left, and Greg Hansen. (© FlaglerLive)

Commissioners Dave Sullivan, left, and Greg Hansen. (© FlaglerLive)

Coffey isn’t chummy with Sullivan the way he is with Hansen, and Sullivan has had harsh words about various Coffey issues, but like Ericksen, he gives the administrator the benefit of the doubt. “I’m not going to tell you how I’m going to vote right now,” Sullivan said, but I’m prone to saying that no one could’ve pulled off that beach renourishment project the way it came about, without raising property taxes, other than Craig Coffey.” Sullivan was referring to the $28 million project Coffey cobbled together out of federal, state and local dollar sources to dump nearly 800,000 tons of sand along 11 miles of beaches to rebuild dunes lost to hurricanes Matthew and Irma. Sullivan also noted Coffey navigating the county through recession.

“I will not be the second on a motion to have him removed, without saying how I’m going to vote,” Sullivan said, nevertheless opening the door a crack to the possibility that he may join a vote otherwise. “That’s where I am now. That’s not something to laugh about. That would be a very significant thing.” Sullivan had opposed the 2013 acquisition of the building that became the now-evacuated and possibly sick Sheriff’s Operations Center, calling it a a matter of “the chickens coming home to roost.” Yet for all of Coffey’s responsibility in that deal, Sullivan found an arresting way to justify why Coffey should be the one to see the matter through: “I think that would be a terrible thing to dump on a new manager.”

It was like saying that Herbert Hoover should have been entrusted to see the nation through the Great Depression, since the crash took place on his watch. But Sullivan persisted: “Given the seriousness of the Sheriff’s Operations Center, which is very serious,” Sullivan continued, “I would be very prone not to change horses in midstream. But I hope everybody thinks it through before they make a quick judgment. And I never worry whether or not that’s going to affect whether I’m going to get reelected or not.”

Commissioner Donald O'Brien, seen here at the kick-off of the dunes restoration project with Sen. Travis Hutson and Coffey, may need the hard hat at the next couple of commission meetings: he's now the panel's chairman.  (© FlaglerLive)

Commissioner Donald O’Brien, seen here at the kick-off of the dunes restoration project with Sen. Travis Hutson and Coffey, may need the hard hat at the next couple of commission meetings: he’s now the panel’s chairman. (© FlaglerLive)

O’Brien, who now chairs the county commission, said if Mullins makes a motion to fire Coffey, “I certainly think it needs to be seconded and discussed.” He did not quite say how he’d vote. “I would just leave it as, if a motion is made I’ll consider it seriously. I really don’t want to talk about something that hasn’t happened.” He does not buy the argument that this is the wrong time. “When is ever the right time? In my business career if a change needs to be made and something needs to happen, it needs to happen. You can sit there all day and justify why it doesn’t need to happen. That almost never works.”

Mullins takes the same approach, though by having made firing Coffey a centerpiece of his campaign–he says his constituents expect it, based on his account of what he’s heard through knocking on doors–he’s boxed himself into making a move. He speaks as O’Brien does: when he takes over a distressed property, Mullins says, “I usually clean out management.” He considers county government “distressed.” He’s willing to give Coffey a chance, he says, but it doesn’t have to take long. “Does it need to take two months? Absolutely not. It can take a week.” His week has already been ticking.

“All I can do is share my feelings and my feelings are,” Mullins said, “I do not feel comfortable nor do I trust the current process the manager is using to bring things to light. And it’s either got to change or he needs to change, and I think the county, the majority I talked to, knocking on doors, is ready to see a new direction.”

21 Responses for “Is Craig Coffey Getting Fired?
Word of His Demise May Be Premature.”

  1. woody says:

    We can only hope and take Sally with him!

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    It’s time for Craig Coffey to go.

    He has been in his position far to long and has gotten comfortable and cocky with his Empire building. He does not respect the citizens of this County or the BOCC.

    From the shady and border line criminal deal of rehiring Sally Sherman to the recent Bing’s Landing debacle these are just a few of the shenanigans he has been up to the last few years. Along with Coffey maybe the County can finally get rid of Sherman as well.

    It’s time for fresh faces running the County.

  3. Voter says:

    Fire the some of a beach! There are more reasons than not to fire him. The Sally Sherman deal, the old hospital, Bings Landing and Plantation Bay are the many of few reasons to fire him, all which has cost us MILLIONS!! Ericksen likes to play the fence…Sullivan needs to man up put a stop to Coffey leading commissioners around by the nose. Coffey has not been transparent and has been out of control without any accountability. He should have been fired in 2010! His stay has already been longer than usual.

  4. Denise Calderwood says:

    As a former candidate for County Commission, who has knocked on almost as many doors as Joe Mullins and his team, I concur that action of some sort needs to be taken with Craig Coffey and I feel strongly that the existing commissioners need to wake up and understand that their role is to speak for all the citizens and not just a select few and to understand that it is their responsibility to supervise the County Administrator and the County Attorney and to fire them if warranted. The average county/city administrator lasts usually five years so Craig has had more time than most and his actions and words the past couple of years prove that he has lost his way. But he has been able to survive… but not thrive. Our County is not healthy, just like the Sheriff’s Administration Building! So Commissioners you need to understand that almost 40% of Flagler County’s population is in need and their needs are not being met ! We have long term residents here that pay taxes and can’t afford to remain living in their homes and there is very few professional jobs that they qualify for and we all know that there is a dearth of affordable housing but yet we have given away our county parks and we have entered the hotel and tourism business by having our county staff build three beautiful 2 bedroom cottages at our park while our homeless have to live in a camp behind the public library and panhandle for money and our seniors only have a congregate meal site and no place to interact with each other. Commissioner O Brien I have faith that you will do the right thing, and I hope that maybe just maybe the rest of the commissioners will see the light….or hear the sounds before the train ( ie another lawsuit) hits them.

  5. Resident says:

    Craig Coffey has been destroying this county one day at a time! The man was never qualified to be a county manager, and had no prior experience! Craig Coffey is not a hero for the beach restoration project, the money was there, and anyone could have applied for it and gotten it! We are going to learn in time that putting tons of sand on the beach is not going to stop mother nature anyway. Coffey has done far more to hurt this county than help Flagler Beach. He has been leading the board of county commissioners around by the nose since he got here. HIs employment contract should be revoked and he should NOT be given a golden parachute. Those golden parachutes should be illegal and I urge Mullins to ask the attorney general for a formal opinion on them. That is a bonus and bonuses are illegal! The public out cry has been huge that Coffey needs to go and our county commissioners better be paying attention. We have had enough. Coffey and the BOCC have authority over a very small part of the county, the unincorporated areas of the county, and the county administrator is far over paid as is his partner in crime the county attorney. There is no valid reason for these salaries to be this high for officials who over see only about 20 percent of the county. FIRE COFFEY AFTER REVOKING HIS GOLDEN PARACHUTE!!!!!!!!!!! THE REASONS WHY ARE ENDLESS.

  6. capt` says:

    Until the County Commissioners work for the people that elected them, instead of them working and letting Coffey do their jobs for them, nothing will ever change. He’s a politician first, his story changes to match the direction of the wind. And he tells you what you want to hear when you’re taking to him,. Typical politician, lining his pockets. Yep the dunes was an expensive stop gap, The Marineland Acres drainage project has been so many years in the making that we cant’t believe something is being done, to a point. Will the pipes being installed along A1A and down Bay set there, or will Coffey finally complete the TOTAL project that the lot owners are paying a special tax to get completed for years. BIngs what a under handed move by King Coffey. I have nothing against Chris or Mike @ Captains but the way Coffey handled this stinks. The county commissioners need to step up and keep Coffey in check and do whats right for the citizens of Flagler Cty or replace Coffey. ““I’m not worried about survival. If I don’t survive, I’ll find another job,” , Typical Coffey comment. Sure he will and go about fleecing another county, or city to pump up an ego.

  7. oldtimer says:

    Can anyone say palm Coast is better now than it was ten years ago for the people who live here FULL TIME?

  8. tulip says:

    The voters had a lot of time and ways to learn about the candidates and incumbents that ran for the office. A couple of them would definetely have voted to fire Coffey. True a there were some flaws in some of the candidates that didn’t get elected, but they are nothing like the flaws and scheming arrogance as the incumbents have.

    The majority voted for those that they already knew were bad news and had proven it on a regular basis, but couldn’t seem to give someone else a try, with the exception of Mullins, who will have to prove himself. People never learn—they would rather throw dirt around instead. Well now there is a big pile of it that we will have to live with.

  9. Really says:

    IMO long overdue

  10. Ben Hogarth says:

    How many tragedies must befall Flagler County before the elected officials do the right thing? “Old timers” statement should ring the loudest – can anyone who lives in Flagler County honestly say quality of life has improved in the last ten years?

    I agree with Commissioner Ericksen that typically, no American employee should be outright fired without the opportunity to improve, save for egregious examples like the one he used. But let’s think for a moment, how many taxpayer dollars have been thrown away due to poor planning and poor decisions of administration. A recent short list would include the mismanagement of Hurricane Matthew, the Sheriffs Operations Center, Sally Sherman rehiring, the new County Website (lack of ADA compliance), and Captains BBQ. But those are some of the largest and most recent direct failures and mismanagement – lets also look at the failed “successes” that administration has touted including its ridiculously costly tourism (non development) program, its investment of millions of dollars into money-pit parks/trails (including the most recent eco-cabins), and we can’t forget the purchase and acquisition of the Plantation Bay Utility and all the problems stemming from that. This list isn’t exhaustive, but talking about it for the 1000th time is exhausting.

    If this Commission fails to see reason, and to make change as the public has demanded – as reason and accountability demand, they earn every bit of retribution they receive from voters. Regardless of whether or not you believe the King has done any wrong, the people demand change.

    The Palm Coast Council finally had the Constitution to fire Jim Landon – and they are already feeling the sense of relief and weight off their shoulders. The CC and Jim Landon era needs to end – and the time is now. Voters have demanded it, Constitutional officers have demanded it, and taxpayer justice demands it.

    Get off the fence.

  11. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    Bravo to everyone above for wanting to give Coffey the ax.

    My guy feeling tells me that a forensic audit and investigation by our lazy lazy state attorney would show:

    1) Coffey made the rotten deal with the former owner of P Bay water to rip the users off by paying DOUBLE the appraised value and that the deal was made right on the same golf course with Flag County’s former manager now working for the ‘former owner’s vast empire.
    2) Contaminated hospital deal should throw him under the bus al together for paying the former owners just enough to get their mortgage paid off.
    3) The asinine purchase of the pie in the sky ‘Fire station’ prefab building he was warned could not hold a truck filled with water. Now used to store county equipment and isn’t even locked !
    4) The Motorola deal stinks – was done in the dark with no open bids . Coffey even tried to save his pals the cost of tower lighting by proposing 1 foot lower than the FAA requires for lights- my husband and I convinced the planning board to require lighting. He could care less about the safety of nearby homeowners nor the safety of pilots landing at our radarless airport under 5 miles away.
    His love affair with the ‘consent agenda’ where he shoves millions of our dollars into multiple projects
    hoping he can get away with not being ‘pulled’ for open hearing and individual

    Its way overdue that the commission give him his walking papers now – before his super severance package deal becomes effective in February when he can walk away with another $78,000 in perks for 20 weeks going away deal he got approved for himself last spring.
    We deserve our holiday present from our elected officials – clean out the Coffey pot once and for all and let’s start the new year right

  12. Laura says:

    Heave Ho! Make Coffey go!

  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    @ Mrs.Youd

    As an Emergency Services volunteer and amateur radio operator with commercial endorsments and with ample response and recovery effort I applaud the Motorola deal. Our current system is antiquated and there is minimal interoperability with outside agencies. Motorola is one of the leading industries in communications and nearly a national standard.

    Our men and women in Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue work in a dangerous profession. Our dispatchers handle enormous call volumes and need a reliable infra structure to work off of. Yes they chose their profession and yes they work for us. Do they not deserve a first rate communications system that ensures their safety and reliability?

    The current system and soon to be previous radio equipment is a nightmare. It’s time to upgrade and unfortunately that means money spent and new towers until other technology comes along. I worked over 18 years starting in Law Enforcement then moving to Fire Rescue. Nothing is worse than not having good Comms.

    A lot of folks have been giving grief over the county upgrading. Maybe you should do a ride a long and spend a day seeing what they deal with. There are areas of the county where a cell phone doesn’t work and you just have a radio. It will be nice to have a more reliable system to work with.

  14. DoubleGator says:

    Coffey does a good job. Changing Commissioners ever couple years presents a nightmare for any county administrator. We are a little Payton Place and this is another chapter in the book. Thanks to Craig for the job you do! If they fire you, rest assured your skills will land you in a better place. Pity us in Flagler County and the dice roll on a successor. But wait in 2 years we can correct the error and try again. Don’t you think good job applicants will want to why you fired someone…. there but for the grace of god go I.

  15. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    To Concerned Citizen –
    I am aware we need an improved emergency system. It is the stinking rotten in the dark procedure without affording competitors the opportunity to equal or beat Motorola’s ‘deal’. We are still paying off the system you say is ‘antiquated’ which is absurd.
    It’s about mismanagement and sneaky dealing by not opening bids in public that is the issue and not what your department needs. You need a safe place to work don’t you? Was the hospital a good deal also?
    Please don’t confuse mismanagement with reality.

  16. Taxpayer says:

    Concerned citizen—-your point is taken, however Jane is right, bids should have been taken. The way the upgrade was done is shady!!! I also must add, it demonstrates a lack of leadership for services to not have been routinely updated to begin with. Coffey learned the old Wadsworth trick of shoving things in the consent agenda, and he exercised what he learned. This is how Wadsworth mismanaged over $5 million dollars in 2007. A forensic audit is warranted for Flagler County! Coffee needs to be fired, and looking at the many public comments on so many stories on this site, that conclusion is echoed strongly.

  17. palmcoaster says:

    As a resident in this county and Palm Coast since 1991 I believed that Craig Coffey and Jim Landon are two excellent professionals with extensive experience and credentials to know well what they do day in and day out, Unfortunately they turned down many of the wishes of the local taxpayers residents deaf to their pleads against benefiting too much developers and special interest using every available loop hole to both of them. I just do not understand the real reason for that and I am scared to put it into words, because them both by doing so risked their positions. Was, it worth for them..? only they know it. We opposed real estate deals and capital projects prioritized to our services and infrastructure needs didn’t they see the writing in the wall? Sooner or later their supportive elected ones will be voted out of office and the new ones will lobby for their firing.
    Some good deeds were achieved by Coffey like the mentioned 28 millions for the A1A and dunes repair after the last hurricane and probably other good projects that I am not aware off, because the bad deals (hospital and Bings Landin, assistant out of line pay, etc.) outshine the others.
    Landon also started in the right track and his greatest deed was resolving our golf course lost to Centex and being overcome with weeds and closed, by him getting it donated to our city (us) then after 5 million painful repairs and few years of Kemper bad management till now, that city took over management. Under the good Manager Pro Tim Spangler is making money finally and we can see how busy with golfers is on a daily basis. This have saved our #1 amenity in Palm Coast and the value of the hundreds of its adjacent homes in the very center of “Old Palm Coast”. On a way for me is sad to see loosing this two city and county excellent professional managers, if Coffey also let go, but by not being receptive to the residents pleas they generated their own demise.

  18. Flabbergasted says:

    “In my job, you just collect enemies. That’s just the way it is,” Coffey said.“I’m not worried about survival. If I don’t survive, I’ll find another job,” Coffey said…

    Pretty bold statements at $187,000 salary plus benefits along with his overpaid and overstaffed administration.

    Leaders need not make enemies, however this apparently is current state of our county government, The only firm support Mr Coffey has is from Hansen a career Washington. lobbyist and came to us from political appointment.

    Commissioners please bring us a competent and professional administrator to revive our county. Mr. Ericson the 10 years plus track record of Coffey is so blemished, why now are you wanting to give him a chance to correct his behavior????

  19. Just another day with other people’s money says:

    The case for Craig
    This will probably be longer in length than most people will read in the comments section, but hopefully the commissioners will read this.

    Craig Coffey has proven to be the master manipulator of the taxpayers and the county commission over the years. Below are just a few of the situations Coffey has spearheaded that should frustrate the residents of this county, whether they have lived here for many years or recent transplants. It will give you a small taste of what goes on in our little county.

    For some reason, as this article points out, Coffey keeps getting a pass from the Commission. Hey, it’s Other People’s Money…YOUR MONEY.

    Craig’s salary and his colleagues’ salaries:

    As county residents rebound from recession, Coffey wants a 10% ($15000!) raise (but blames his staff for asking it) while other employees may get 1%

    Still gets 4% thanks to his buddies on the Commission

    Remember he also gets a car allowance and other perks!

    Let’s see how Coffey compares in pay to other in the State
    The Flagler salary is somewhat consistent, and that is fine, because that means Flagler would be very attractive to get qualified applicants as a replacement. Coffey is not the only person suitable for the position.

    Let’s not forget the Sherman rehiring debacle as the taxpayers get fleeced.

    Let’s talk about Coffey’s recent headlines:

    His push to get the Bing’s Landing vote done on the last day of the old Commission before he lost his buddy Nate’s vote:

    How about the purchase of the sheriff’s office new Palm Coast Precinct where he underestimated renovations expenses. Coffey says it will cost $100k, but in reality, it will be in excess of $300k. Again, it is other people’s money. Would you hire a project manager to remodel your house and charge you three times what you were quoted up front?

    Let’s of course talk about the old hospital/sheriff’s office operations center that has caused sick employees. Coffey just makes jokes about the whole situation, because that is what professionals due when their employees are sick. “Apparently, there’s some magic person that hears in my office of numbers I make up sleeping subconsciously,” Coffey said. One of many unprofessional statements he made regarding the building that he pushed to be purchased.

    Remember we could have had a brand new building on different land for around the same money as we now have invested in this old building. Everyone knew this was a junk deal. Pierre perfectly sums it up in this article:

    Coffey had cleaning crews enter the Operations Center to deep clean before the CDC arrives. Doesn’t even tell the sheriff’s office what he is doing. Due to Coffey having the work done prior to CDC arrival, a judge had to order that the building be preserved as evidence because the County was going to keep altering it prior to CDC testing. Side Note: Hansen proposes the county find a loophole to get around the judge’s order.

    Remember, despite having a county attorney that is paid well in excess of $200k per year, Coffey has retained an outside attorney (Roper) to handle the operations center situation (that Coffey says there is nothing wrong with) at a cost to the taxpayers. Why is an outside counsel necessary for the situation? Other people’s money, once again. At $180 per hour for partners, $145 per hour for associates, and $90 per hour for paralegals (billed in 6 minute increments of course).

    How about other times Coffey and pals overpay with taxpayer funds

    While most of the links provided are from Flaglerlive, here is some more reading material that involves Coffey and pals:

    Remember when the county dumped private information in dumpsters, but Coffey just plays it off as being able to find the information online anyway:

    How about when the firefighters, with all their leave/vacation cancelled, worked as hard as they could to stop the wildfires, but Coffey felt it necessary to leave town to go to Clearwater for a conference:

    We could go on and on, but I’ll wrap it up. It’s up to the Commissioners to vote him out especially after seeing how the voters removed Nate due to his loyalty to Craig. If a different candidate had taken on Hansen, then those election results may have been different too.

    Remember Coffey only got in by a 3-2 vote, where his arrogance was seen from the beginning as he called a commissioner “high maintenance”

    He has remained arrogant ever since.

    If the Commission decides to keep Coffey, the voters will know how much their voice matters. If Coffey is removed from the position, the County should not fear the unknown. The salary, even if reduced, would be attractive to a variety of candidates that could bring in new ideas just as Coffey did too many years ago. Through his continued arrogant actions and indifference to the taxpayers and their tax money, Coffey has proven that he will do whatever he wants…and you all will pay the bills…plus probably give him a raise.

    I’m thankful for his military service which is something that he brings up often. I found it interesting that he is quoted as saying: “If I’ve OK’d something or let something go, leadership stops with me.” Yet all these projects with issues are never his fault in his mind.

    I don’t think the people of Flagler County are being led properly anymore. Maybe in the beginning his intentions were good. But now he now sneaks agenda items on the final day of the Commission, he misjudges expenses on almost every project (with free passes from the Commission), he overpays on property acquisitions, he insults and disregards pleas from county employees, and just keep making negative headlines. This is not leadership, this is a mockery of the residents.

    As he said himself, he won’t plead for his job and will just find another job. It doesn’t sound like he is too concerned one way or another. If he is indifferent about remaining, maybe it is time to send him on his way.

    But I have a feeling, he will remain, as the Commission is too scared to send him off. Mullens will be left alone without any support for accountability from Coffey. We’ll just continue to read the wonderful Flaglerlive articles that continue to reveal to the public all the shady backdoor happenings that involve Coffey, whether his actions are intentional or not. Heck we already have over ten years worth of indifference to the taxpayers, what is another couple more at $150k plus per year?

    Just think, over 10 years the county has paid around 1.5 MILLION of taxpayer money to keep him employed. He has made his money, worked out deals for his friends, and it is time for him to go.

    Final Thought: Thank you Pierre for your continued coverage of all things Flagler. As seen by the all the Flaglerlive article references in this “comment,” without your stories, the public would not know about most of the nonsense going on. Thank you.

  20. Steve says:

    Look also about 4 or 5 positions below his they all have to go (corruption)

  21. Trailer Bob says:

    Get rid of Coffey! Arrogant and not to be trusted.

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