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2 Dead, 4 Injured, 3 Seriously in 3-Vehicle Crash on SR 100, West of CR 305

| February 16, 2018

The Chevy pick-up that ended up catapulted against the on-coming pick-up. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The Chevy pick-up that ended up catapulted against the on-coming pick-up. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: Saturday, 8:30 a.m.

A three-vehicle crash on State Road 100 west of Bunnell Friday evening resulted in the death of Ralph Pellicer, 43, of Bunnell and of Jobe Podach, 35, of Bunnell.

Seriously injured were Jennifer McFann, 48, of Crescent City, Cody Iglesias, 26, of Bunnell, and August Deberri, 19, of Ormond Beach. Miraj Patel, 18, of Ormond Beach, sustained light injuries. The three vehicles were totaled.

For one veteran sheriff’s deputy, who was first on scene, the crash is as horrific as he’s ever seen, with two pickup trucks and a compact car reduced to scrap after they collided on State Road 100 and County Road 35, just west of County Road 305.

The crash took place around 8 p.m. According to a witness who was spared but was within the radius of the crash, the woman later identified as McFann was driving a Hyundai Accent west on State Road 100. A 2000 Chevy pick-up truck S-10 that had been heading west had stopped at the intersection with CR35, waiting to make a left onto 35. Pellicer was driving that pick-up. (He was a short distance from home, on Bayberry Street.) Podach and Iglesias were the passengers.

Another pick-up, a Chevy Silverado, was heading east from the other direction. Patel was at the wheel, with Deberri as his passenger.

The GPS in Jennifer McFann's car, still on after the crash,  indicated all green, straight ahead. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The GPS in Jennifer McFann’s car, still on after the crash, indicated all green, straight ahead. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

McFann never slowed down. It appeared she did not see the stopped Chevy in front of her. She slammed her car into the truck, catapulting it in the way of the Silverado. One man who was in the stopped pick-up was ejected and died instantly, another who’d been partially ejected died as sheriff’s deputies tended to him moments after the crash. Deputies somehow, despite pitch darkness, found a third man who’d been ejected 20 feet into the field at the corner of 100 and 35, still alive, though it’s not clear whether that victim had been ejected from the smaller Chevy or from the Silverado.

Flagler County Fire Flight and Trauma One out of Jacksonville, the two emergency helicopters, were both called in and both transported the three seriously-injured patients from the scene, two of them as trauma evacuations. It is believed all three went to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach, one of them by Flagler County Fire Rescue ambulance, while a rescue took Patel to Florida Hospital Flagler.

The Palm Coast Fire Police closed State Road 100 in both directions from County Road 305 to County Road 35 as Sheriff’s deputies then the Florida Highway Patrol investigated the scene. The road remained closed for several hours Friday night into Saturday morning.

Sheriff Rick Staly, who was patrolling Friday evening, as he customarily does on Friday nights, was at the scene.

Jobe podach crash victim

Jobe Podach. (Facebook)

“Our deputies were just down the road responding to another call, they were the first on the scene,” Staly said. “One person was ejected on the road and was deceased, another individual was partially ejected.” He said the deputies were giving that victim first aid, “and actually saw him pass in front of them, so there was nothing they could do, unfortunately, for that gentleman. When I got here our Fire Flight was landing and took one of the victims to Halifax.” Trauma One landed shortly afterward.

The Chevy S-10 was unrecognizable as a vehicle, having been struck from both sides, its front end no longer suggestive of anything like a vehicle and much of its passenger side as if sheared or carved out. It ended in the eastbound lane facing east (it had been going west). The Silverado ended up on its side in the ditch at the south side of the road. The area is surrounded by agricultural farms.

About a half football field’s length of State Road 100 was all debris, shards, fluids, occasional shreds of paper or cloth, chunks of car parts. A stretch of road seldom silent from the roar of cars and semis speeding by was as quiet as if it had snowed but for the occasional sound of a boot crunching glass shards instead of snow–investigators stepping here and there, taking pictures, taking notes, collecting the data that in a few weeks or months will be reduced to the pages of a crash investigative report and, possibly, criminal charges.

“FHP is conducting the investigation,” Staly said. “I don’t really want to speculate but obviously if there’s impairment, FHP could make the appropriate charge.”

Drivers in similar situations previously, when found to be impaired, have faced severe manslaughter charges and prison time. But the FHP crash report doesn’t say “charges pending,” as it usually does when such charges are likely, but “under investigation.”

Ralph pellicer crash victim

Ralph Pellicer. (Facebook)

Allen Rose was driving west on State Road 100 moments before the crash, and had actually passed McFann in the Hyundai because she was “swerving all over the place,” he said, and he was worried about his own safety.

“I passed her about three miles ago,” Rose said as he stood at the edge of the crash scene Friday evening, within a few feet of the crushed Hyundai, still somewhat stunned that he had escaped unharmed. “She was doing about 50 miles an hour, but she was swerving. I don’t know what she was doing. But I got around her. And as I’m keeping my eye on her, I come up here and there’s a truck turning left here.” He points to the nearby intersection, at that moment flooded by white lights from fire trucks and the red and blue lights emergency lights of law enforcement vehicles. “He’s at a stop, turning left.”

Rose continued: “I wait ’till the last minute because I see she’s not stopping. She’s coming from behind me. She just doesn’t know what’s going on. I move out of the way and she hits the truck that was turning left, which shot it into this lane over here and the truck coming this way, hit that one. I was in the middle of it. It was unbelievable.”

The Hyundai could have struck him, Rose said, “if I didn’t keep an eye on her. I was watching her in my rear-view mirror, I’m sitting and I’m watching, and I’m going, this lay ain’t stopping. And that’s when I was able to move out of the way. I moved into the left lane, with the truck coming this way, thinking, I don’t know where to go. And when she impacted that one, shot it into this lane, that truck hit that and I’m in the middle of it, just…” he did not finish his sentence. Then he said: “I saw a body come out of the little truck right next to me. Cars were spinning. I couldn’t tell you which car was doing what.”

Rose, 56, had just finished work and was heading to Gainesville, where he has a home. He works in Flagler. “I don’t know if she is texting or what,” he said of seeing McFann swerving as he decided to pass her earlier. “I’m afraid I know what she was doing. I hate to say it. But she was all over the road.” He said he kept hitting his brake lights, to no effect.

The medical examiner was at the scene around 9:30 and the bodies were removed to the medical examiner’s office in St. Augustine about an hour later. The medical examiner’s van was a bit late only because it had a prior assignment in Putnam County, where at 7 p.m. Steve Kintz, 73, of Kinsman, Ohio, was killed as he was walking across U.S. 17. (He’d walked into the path of Michael Crowder, 49, of Palatka, who was driving a Nissan.) FHP was investigating that crash simultaneously with the one on SR100.

Flagler sheriff’s deputies remained at the 100 crash scene to assist well after turning over the investigation to FHP.

“They did a great job trying to save a life here and they found another victim in the field,” the sheriff said of the deputies who responded–Cmdr. Mike Fink and James Crosbee. “Paramedics got here they did a great job to triage the survivors and getting medevacs to give them a chance. The fire police, can’t say enough: they come out and help us all the time. This road is going to be closed for hours. The impact was pretty significant on all these vehicles involved, so there’s debris everywhere, and it’s very unfortunate that two people we are sure have lost their lives. I don’t know the condition of the other people, but being flown out, they’re not in great shape. But the trauma centers do a great job and hopefully they can save them if they’re that seriously hurt.”

It was Crosbee, who arrived on the scene right after Fink, who had told the sheriff: “That was the most horrific crash that he had seen.”

state road 100 crash

The Chevy. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The pick-up from the driver's side. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The pick-up from the driver’s side. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

chevy wreck

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

A woman at the wheel of this compact car apparently never saw the pick-up truck stopped at State Road 100 and County Road 35, waiting to make a turn. She crashed into the truck, catapulting it in the way of another, incoming pick-up. (c FlaglerLive)

A woman at the wheel of this compact car apparently never saw the pick-up truck stopped at State Road 100 and County Road 35, waiting to make a turn. She crashed into the truck, catapulting it in the way of another, incoming pick-up. (c FlaglerLive)

The Silverado ended up in the ditch. It had been driving east. It ended facing west. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The Silverado ended up in the ditch. It had been driving east. It ended facing west. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

chevy silverado

The Silverado. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Another view of the Hyundai. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Another view of the Hyundai. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

On the side of the road, by one of the pick-up trucks. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

On the side of the road, by one of the pick-up trucks. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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63 Responses for “2 Dead, 4 Injured, 3 Seriously in 3-Vehicle Crash on SR 100, West of CR 305”

  1. Wow! says:

    This happens alot on this 1/4 mile stretch of road. Usually its someone passing a vehicle that is in the process of turning but this soundz lime aa cell phone issue. The driver of these cars need to be held respo sible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    State needs to put in a 1/4 mile turning lane for west bound cars. That would solve all the accidents on this stretch of road. 200ft before cr305 up to bimini ln.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How terrible! May the good Lord be with the family of those who are injured and who lost loved ones and bring them peace and comfort. Was the person who caused all this texting and driving?

  4. So sad. Lives lost because someone wasn’t paying attention. Heartbreaking.

  5. I heard all the sirens. I knew something bad happened. Omg

  6. Please Jesus be with our First Responders and these patients. They are so understaffed.

  7. Joan Piper says:

    Lord please help the First Responders in their effort to help the injured.

  8. Prayers for all those involved in this horrific crash.

  9. Jess Caddell says:

    Please pray for all involved and affected by this. The family and friends are gonna need them.

  10. So Sad for all involved. Yes, thank you first responders for your training and life saving efforts. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to witness such a scene.

  11. Petty Richard says:

    As narrow as that road is, people still tailgate, speed, and drive like they’re on a race track. Even worse when they’re also distracted or careless. Sad story.

  12. Richard says:

    Totally drunk or on the phone doing something. Personally I stay behind anyone exhibiting that type of erratic driving. I get their license number, description of the vehicle and location of travel then get 911 on the phone. If you pass them YOU are now in a position of danger just as the guy was that passed this lady. Luckily she will be contemplating her future in prison for a number of years for vehicular homicide.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How many more lives will be taken before the state and county take action to make State Road safe. No we don’t want or need any roundabouts, but some lights and a some turn lanes would make a world of difference at this intersection and the worst intersection at County road 305 and State road 100. It is simply dangerous to try and get or off of state road 100 just about any where. Most people are traveling at 60-70 mph and when an impaired driver is factored there is a tragedy in the making as we have seen too many times already in the past. simply caution lights and turn lanes would be a most helpful at most of the major side roads on State 100

  14. Flagler County Citizen says:

    Before I read the story, my first thought centered on the the reality that this area is becoming more traffic intense, and that people are used to barreling down State Road 100 without having to stop for people turning. It’s a big concern of mine as I turn down Water Oak to get home from 100. I always look in the rear view to make sure people behind me realize I’m turning onto Water Oak for that reason. There was a horrible accident some years back when a semi-tractor rammed into a car stopped to turn onto Water Oak.

    This situation appears to be a driver not functional or alert. Something was wrong with HER paying attention. The road is just a rural road that is becoming busier and busier and with more people turning into the residential area. It IS a concern that there will be problems, though the problem here seems to be a distracted driver.

  15. Jenn says:

    Oh my God what a horrible story my heart goes out to those who lost their lives and to those who were injured innocent people makes me sick. I hope she is held responsible for taking the lives of innocent people whether she was on the phone or drinking and driving or under the influence of drugs either way she needs to be held responsible yes she is going to live with this for the rest of her life but she also needs to be held accountable innocent people hard working people trying to get home after work so heartbreaking.

  16. alyson sutton says:

    cassidy. ralph was my father pellicer was in the truck with your dad… im sorry for your loss

  17. Brittany says:

    So heartbreaking. So many people have died at that intersection 😭😭

  18. Jolene dehart says:

    Rest in Peace Ralph and Jobe. You guys will be missed.

  19. Algonquin J. Calhoun says:

    I’ve had a few close calls at that part of SR 100. Would it bankrupt the county and/or state to put up a few solar powered dangerous intersection warning signs?

  20. This was my father who was just trying to turn left nows he’s gone and I couldnt say goodbye becuase of someone’s reckless driving him and his two friends only one of them made it out of the three
    in the Chevy s10

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am sorry that lives have been lost in what could have possibly been a prevented accident. It makes me furious seeing reports like these.

    To those who insist on driving reckless or impaired. To those who insist on using that phone or device. What gives you the right to drive that way and possibly injure or in this case kill people? Is it really worth it? Leave that device alone and if you’ve had to much to drink call a friend or get a cab.

    Have we become so absorbed with technology that we can’t put it down for a few minutes and drive our vehicles? Is it to much to ask that people start driving a little safer and more courteous?

    That is a dangerous stretch of road and one I try to avoid at all cost. Even more so at night. It’s gotten just as bad as Old Kings Road.

    Laws and signage are great but changes on the road start with changes behind the wheel. Nothing justifies you tail gating or illegally passing. Nothing justifies you doing 20 miles an hour over a posted speed limit.

    Yes people if we want safer roads it starts with one person. And that’s the person behind the wheel of the vehicle they are driving.

  22. Idella Kell says:

    prayers to all the family’s

  23. Diane Bemis says:

    So sad prayers to their family and friends

  24. Amy Brill says:

    I can’t believe I lost my brother over some wreckless person not paying attention!! Love you Ralph RIP

  25. Trailer Bob says:

    First, so sorry to all the victims and those they may gave left behind. Pissing me off the so many drivers should not be on the road. Taking a life or two takes only a second. I drive like a race car driver..always looking around, in the mirrors, paying attention as if I were flying a plane, because that is basically what you are doing. I guess it is time to some type of sign or light to make people more alert near this intersection. So sorry for those who lost a loved one and pray that the others survive and recover 100%.
    If you are impaired, get a taxi…if you are texting while driving, shove the phone up your ass.

  26. Heather Dornan says:

    Cassidy I don’t know if you remember me I used to take care of ya all in my dayare. I am so very sorry and my thoughts & prayers are with y’all. Just know that your father loved you dearly and he will be watching over you sweetheart.

  27. Jenn says:

    At Cassidy I am truly sorry for your loss you and your family and the other families are in my heart and prayers God bless

  28. Ricky Wagner says:

    I am so sorry that this had to happened. I need you all to try to keep your head up threw this!! May Ralph & Jobe… R.I.P.

  29. Really says:

    See texting drivers all over the road every day. Even on I95 unbelievable

  30. Resident says:

    May the affected families find peace in the memories you all shared. Losing a loved one is devastating and unexpectedly is harder to grasp. I seriously hope & pray that the driver who was at fault will not only be properly charged, but also reap what she has sown by serving more than a damn slap on the wrist. May the proper authorities contact you with her court dates because they negated to do this with our loved one who was killed is a very similar fashion and the girl walked away with a mere loss of license for a few months. We found out months later that she had been sentenced “They forgot to notify us.”

  31. Flagler citizen says:

    Before people keep going on and on about how she was texting or drinking/ on drugs. She wasn’t. I know this woman personally, and she partakes in neither. For people who MUST know what was going on with her, she broke her back a few years ago, well that night her back was giving her so much trouble at work, she was crying her eyes out. They had to send her home she was in so much pain. She was trying to get home to her husband so he could take her to the doctor after work. I was with her at work, and I had to help her out of the door. I’m in no way defending the accident. My heart breaks for the families effected by this, and the people gone can never be replaced. I just can’t sit here and watch people say it was texting or under the influence.

  32. rick stevens says:

    Just a thought. Why would the witness pull into the left lane into the path of an oncoming truck if he’s trying to avoid being hit from behind? Seems like the normal move would be into the grass on the right? Maybe the description of what really happened needs a closer look. Could her car have been at rest and waiting also for the oncoming vehicle to pass? Could the oncoming car have been forced into the opposite lane, striking the first waiting car, and crashing it into the car behind it?

  33. Brian Larson says:

    Prayers to families and friends , almost bought it on that road a few times driving for FIS, it looked many times like I had plenty of time to pass, used to do Palatka , Welatka and Interlachin runs daily , a car would or truck would be so far away, looked like easy pass………but the people were hauling ass…. made it by mere inches a few times and that is only because vehicle I was passing saw , and slowed down ….think limit is 60 on there , people driving 85 easy.

  34. rick stevens says:

    Or suppose you were following a car at highway speed and the car in front of you decided to pass a car that was stopped waiting to turn, and you never had time to see the stopped car until the car you were following went to pass the stopped car and you plowed into the stopped car? Far fetched?

  35. Concerned res says:

    If you see someone swerving, driving erratic call 911 peeps!

  36. Courtney N. says:

    Such a horrible tragedy my heart and prayers to all family and knew them…

  37. Ken Dodge says:

    A near carbon copy of the January 9, 2015 crash on Whiteview Parkway at the intersection with Ravenswood at 7:30 AM where a westbound car waiting to turn south was struck from behind by a motorist not paying attention. She was catapulted into the path of the oncoming eastbound school bus she was waiting to clear, and was pushed 200 feet and subsequently died in the hospital. She was kept on life support for two days while her mother rushed from Massachussets to her bedside. The crash was reported in FlaglerLive and the Daytona Beach News-Journal. The driver of the car which struck her was never charged.

  38. rick stevens says:

    If the blood work comes back and there are no signs of intoxication or drugs, and the phone records show no texts were being made at the time of the crash, some people may feel bad about comments they made at first reading the accounting of this tragic crash. Maybe there shouldn’t yet be a rush to judgment until details are made available a bit later…

  39. Joan says:

    Absolutely, she could have been having a medical emergency. People are always so ready to rush to judgement. Prayers for all involved.

  40. Jamibad says:

    Makes very good sense what your trying to convey, I am so heart broken for ALL those involved, and some things don’t make sense, like why would the guy in front of the girl who he passed, go to the left, into the path of another vehicle, instead of going to to right, into the grass, and NO, I don’t blame him as we don’t know what we’d do in that situation, but if he moved that quick, and she didn’t have time to react, I can see how this all transpired, I really hurt for those who lost loved ones, but lets hold judgment for the lady who caused the accident, till it’s proven she was texting or drunk, as there are people speaking up for her as well! There are NO words to make the pain go away !

  41. Patrick Spurgeon says:

    I was driving the Tractor Trailer right behind her. She passed me and during that pass almost hit a motorcyclist head on just before she caused this accident. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid her and because of that I was able to stop in time for the accident. I crossed both lanes and kept them blocked to keep other traffic from the scene. My head lights shown on a person in the field which I reported to 911. I have been dealing with what I saw and have been struggling with it. She was driving extremely reckless. I secured the scene as best I could but there was nothing I could do for them. I kept traffic away and helped direct the first tesponders around my Tractor Trailer. I pray for all envolved and hope those that survived are able to make a full recovery. I thank the first tesponders and can’t understand how they can see this on a daily basis. I am changed for life. Please every drive safer be aware of whats around you.

  42. Roll on 2 says:

    Bring back the national speed limit! There were Many less fatal crashes when 55 was the law!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Big commercial semi-trucks turn in to and out of the farms on west state road 100 all the time. There are no turn lanes, so the big trucks have to often stop in the lane they are traveling in, and wait for on coming traffic to clear, and then pull in to the on coming traffic’s lane to make a wide enough turn to cross over the {county built narrow concrete bridges} without falling in the big canal with their trailer. The farms are Johnston Bros potatoes, cabbage, and cauliflower, the old Steflik farm now owned by Dennis Ross, but now being farmed by Ross/Seay farms or some kind partnership, growing greens and potatoes-I believe, Bertha farms, D C Johnston and Sons Boggin Bunnell-the mud races/pulls with mostly car and pickup traffic and some equipment trailers to haul in the monster trucks, the east Steflik farm farmed by Seay farms I believe, and Baylor/Bratcher farms where the old dairy was and now there is a cooler and ice machine to ice and cool the Broccoli where it is shipped out big semi-trucks. That is just what is on the north side of State Road 100. The South side of 100 has more public Roads’ entering/exiting and a lot of residential traffic which is part of the reason this tragedy occurred, also the Cowart farm and ranch where the fall festival is held and now I believe a Christmas program as well during those seasonal times. Also one potato farm is on this side next water oak road where more fatalities have occurred in the recent past. All of these locations being mentioned are, at times, as dangerous as the CR 305 & State Road 100 intersection. This little approximately 2-5 mile stretch of State Road 100 is a busy road with a lot of semi trucks and seasonal traffic for the many different crops and festivities that occur annually. The State and County need to consider making at least this section of State Road 100 {4} Lanes with the appropriate turn lanes, signage and lights to make the travelers of this highway safer. This area is growing everyday with more people moving to the area and the farming appears to be thriving and perhaps getting bigger in the future, with more commercial truck traffic coming and more local residential traffic as well. This will soon be a prime location to build a new funeral home if something isn’t done by the state soon. Sincerely a life long Resident.

  44. Anonymous says:

    She should have called an ambulance from work, called her husband to come get her, had her boss or co worker take her to get medical treatment or to take her home but driving in an unsafe manner killing people is no excuse of how much pain she was in. She couldn’t be in that much pain if she got behind the wheel at all instead of calling someone.

  45. Rick Kang says:

    Speed limits are TOO high all 2-lane highways! 50 mph should be speed limit! A vehicle to vehicle accident with both doing 50mph is like crashing into a stone while going 100mph! And if both were doing 75mph( a common speed I have witnessed on SR100) , then the crash inpack speed 150mph! Time for a REAL Traffic Engineering Study on SR100 and other 2-lane highways!

  46. Resident says:

    I am sorry, obviously whether it was a distraction by phone, alcohol/drugs or in this case as Flagler Citizen states physical pain, it’s an impairment and a total distraction. Someone should have called her a ride whether through a family member, coworkers, friend or even uber or the like, this woman should not have been on the road period. Her erratic driving not only put her safety at risk, but she took the lives of other people because of the distraction. This obviously was preventable and had somebody offered her a ride or gotten her a ride, two lives would still be here with their families, not only that she wouldn’t have more impairments and bodily harm then she already had previous to this night. The cause of this accident is still inexcusable.

  47. Richard says:

    @Flagler Citizen – Then maybe you should have called for someone to drive her to the doctor’s or hospital instead of escorting her to her car so she could kill people on her way home to get her husband to drive her to the hospital. Your explanation does NOT condone her actions.

  48. mark101 says:

    @ Resident , well written

  49. Bc. says:

    Drivers never turn you steering wheel in to on coming traffic while waiting to make a turn if you are hit hard from behind you will be pushed in to on coming traffic. Keep you wheels strait until you are ready to turn so you will be pushed forward and not into on coming traffic. Prayers for the victims of this crash Rest In Peace

  50. Lynn says:

    I agree that road has long needed a turning lane and light!!! Roundabout on US 1 will be a disaster this has been needed as long as I’ve lived here going on over 30 years an it’s only getting worse!

    This is where I officials need to consintrate

  51. palmcoaster says:

    Anonymous you are correct too. Not only the impaired woman driver, number one factor, but also the lack of proper infrastructure that you mentioned in that busy county road with no turn lanes, Is time that we demand that the taxes we pay are used first of all, to serve us all and not instead the same old bull.
    My heart felt prayers for the families and the recovery of the injured and may God have in His Kingdom Ralph and Jobe.

  52. mark101 says:

    I agree with Richard, the woman had options and she chose the deadly one and killed too many good souls. An explanation from above does NOT condone her actions. She had a choice and it got people killed. Until the people receive the update from the sheriff department, I guess we wait and see. But she will be held accountable in court.

  53. Jobe’s Friend says:

    Has anyone heard if the woman that caused this accident has been charged? Or what the results were of the pending blood test

  54. His moons says:

    Any news on blood work or charges I’m really thinking this is taking more time then it should due to the fact that no matter her state she took lives and should be sitting in jail

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