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No Longer in Juvenile Court, Jesse Fisher, 18, Faces Aggravated Assault Charges Over Pointing Shotgun at Family

| April 25, 2017

jesse fisher

Jesse Fisher.

Jesse James Fisher turned 18 four months ago. He’s had a long history of arrests, including felonies, going back to 2013, when he was 14. None of the incidents had involved firearms–until late last November when Fisher allegedly leaned out of a car in Palm Coast’s L-Section and pointed a shotgun at another car occupied by a family of three. The truck Fisher was riding in followed that car a distance, then turned onto another street. Fisher knew at least one of the occupants of the car.

When Fisher was first charged over that incident, the charges were filed in juvenile court, where his case was proceeding. But at a pre-trial Monday, the State Attorney’s Office transferred the case to adult court and started felony proceedings against Fisher as an adult.

That afternoon Fisher was booked at the Flagler County jail on three felony charges–three counts of aggravated assault (one for each of the persons in the car at whom he was allegedly pointing the shotgun) and a first-degree misdemeanor count of improper exhibition of a firearm. Before noon today he had posted bail on $16,000 bond.

The alleged incident took place the evening of on Nov. 23 outside a house on Leidel Drive. A young man who had been visiting his girlfriend there was outside the house with his girlfriend, waiting for his mother and his aunt to pick him up. Fisher and Fisher’s girlfriend drove by in a maroon pickup truck, with Fisher’s girlfriend at the wheel. As the alleged victims described it to Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies, Fisher yelled out from the truck, “Yo, Robert, you want to fight?” He then reportedly yelled an obscenity and sped to the end of the street.

After the young man’s mother and aunt had picked him up in their Nissan Altima, the three people in the car described to deputies Ficher and his girlfriend following them in their pick-up truck after passing it on Lee Drive. The maroon pick-up had been idle on the side of the road. As the pick-up truck was following the Altima, the witnesses all said, Fisher allegedly leaned out and pointed a rifle at them. A neighbor had witnessed the scene on lee Drive, saying she witnessed “a young white male in a pickup appear to be shooting at another vehicle, a smaller black Nissan Altima, with three occupants,” according to the arrest report.

That evening deputies were not successful in locating Fisher. They searched the roads in the area and found no evidence of shots being fired. But he was subsequently arraigned in January. His previous arrests, as a juvenile, have included charges for giving false name while detained, theft, burglary, domestic violence, aggravated assault and criminal mischief. His first set of charges, when he was 14, were burglary, criminal mischief and grand theft.

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20 Responses for “No Longer in Juvenile Court, Jesse Fisher, 18, Faces Aggravated Assault Charges Over Pointing Shotgun at Family”

  1. BlueJammers says:

    This puppy needs some time in the dog house.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never really liked the guy but I knew him in Highschool

  3. Sw says:

    Haha another one we will be paying for in prison.

  4. Finally says:

    Yes he finally got what he deserved!!!! And got tried as an adult. What a punk!!!

  5. August says:

    Somebody raised him.
    Prison, will not make a law abiding citizen of him.
    Unless he can fight, he will lose everything.
    The Florida Prison system is a BUSINESS, you can- BUY STOCK IN IT, think on that one.
    I find no humor in Poor upbringing,Prison, Inmate Rape, Guard Abuse or a life wasted .
    I didnt see the words-Lloaded– shotgun, was it? Asking.

  6. FlaglerBear says:

    Does he not realize that he’s not the only “stud” residing in Palm Coast that owns a shotgun? He needs to watch himself, lest he ends up in the ground.

  7. Lazaruis says:

    Krazy kid

  8. Brian says:

    Yes, August, you are correct – prison will not make a law abiding citizen of him. But it will keep law abiding citizens safe. That is the main point.

  9. GT says:

    Put him in the Marines they will turn him around

  10. Ben Dover says:


    The marines won’t waste 5 minutes of their day with this guy.

  11. RanknFile says:

    it doesn’t matter whether it as loaded or not the charge is the same

  12. Shawn says:

    The day will come when we will be reading most likely on this same site the news of this habitual offender has shot and killed someone or many or he himself was killed during the commission of a crime. It is very clear that he will only get worse as time goes by and yes he will get out as he is now once he has served his time if that in fact what happens and no one will be able to stop it, period!

  13. Komodo Dragon says:

    This young man does need to be caged. He has been well briefed on consequences. He understands that his freedom is at jeopardy of being taken away. He’s had many breaks and the behavior continues to escalate. He was bonded out delaying accountability for his crimes. He needs time to think about what he wants for the remaining years of his life. Yes, he was raised and right away the parents are blamed. No one knows what the parents have had to go through to raise this bandit. He’s got to face the music and not get bonded out anymore. Believe me, I know it works.

  14. LawAbidingCitizen says:

    @ sw
    yes we will be paying for him in prison. But would you rather him not go to prison and possibly point a gun or shoot a gun at one of your family members next time……????

  15. LawAbidingCitizen says:

    @ August
    Does it matter if the shotgun was loaded or not. I don’t think it does. What happened if the family swerved off the road and died, would a loaded gun have made a difference then. I don’t think so.
    Bottom line, this kid commit a crime, I don’t care about his upbringing, his size, his fighting skills… he should pay for his crime

  16. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, he has been coddled by the juvenile justice system and. for whatever reasons, his parents and teachers were not able to get through to him. He will now find out just how tough he is when he has to deal with the bigger dogs in the yard.

  17. Dee K Griggs says:

    Has this ” Boy” ever been March Man acted for psychiatric evaluation , been provided counseling, even if court ordered by junville authorities. If the answer is NO , then the system failed him. Why is his junalive record being made public ? I am not defending his actions they were clearly wrong, and the situation could have resulted in tragedy. How did his life get to that place at barely turning 18 years old ? If no bullets were found , had the rifle been fired? Where is the full story ? Do you realize what is going to happen to this 18 year old locked up in prision, and then the rest of his life will be destroyed ? I hope the community will look inside themselves and realize this kid needed help he appesrently did not get, and not getting it has ended like this, and without that being realized and corrected this boy’s life will be forever ruined. People do need to take responsibility for their own actions, however somebody did not do something to help him earlier and now is he going to ruined for the rest of his life, and most people know what I mean by that. And if he is sent to prision from this jail cell you will be destroying his life, and perhaps really creating a person that will come out of prision so damaged that he will continue a life of crime, and perhaps actually fire off a weapon at people at another time. Do not through him to the wolves,transferring him out of jumville to adult is not the answer. How about transferring him to mandatory psychiatric help, place him at least in protective isolation if your going to have him with adults I the jail or prision. He is a child turned 18 years old. HE IS NOT A MAN. He is a kid in bee of real help. For the record I do not know him, or any of the involved people or their families. I am saying this because his juvinelle behavior and the incident of picking up a rifle and pointing it at a car age 17 is not Normal Behavior. You just don’t go around doing something like that.

  18. Dee K Griggs says:

    Reply to Brian that says prision will not make a law biding citizen out of him but will keep people safe. If prision does not help correct people’s life, then the system fails as it is termed Department of Correction; that means it is suppose to correct behavior, not create hardened criminals. I just went back up and was reading replies, which stated ” you dont know what the family has been through, and he has been given chances, throw him to the Big Dogs, . If he has put his family through a lot and the story reads as though he has, it sounds like he is a real candidate for a brain CT, and full evaluation. Then make the decesions. However prision should not be throw him to the Big Dogs, for what a dog fight, and other activities of abuse in prision.

  19. Ya Mamma says:

    That you folks are actually conned yourselves, into thinking the prison system will let out a better person, is vastly pathetic, that you know so little about what goes on there.A meaner, full of lying untrustworthy,man, where there once was a dumb kid- whos brain hadnt formed the area of cause and effect of actions– YET. Well, youre wrong. He will be growing up in a system that forces you to lie cheat to survive, what you get is worse than what went in, sadly.

  20. Ya Mamma says:

    Brian-In the times of early man- spears were rasied and men yelled as ceremony . He just didnt think through the consequences of his actions, especially if they were fueled with alcohol.Kids make VERY dumb mistakes.

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