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Ron DeSantis’s First Principle: Do Harm

| March 10, 2017

The author's required radiation mask. (© FlaglerLive)

The author’s required radiation mask during treatment for cancer. (© FlaglerLive)

In an appearance this week on Erin Burnett’s CNN show, U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis made a startling statement when asked about a particular woman—a Republican—who says she’d not be alive if it weren’t for Obamacare, which enabled her to make it through her cancer treatment. He didn’t answer the question. Dogmatists revile evidence. But the amorality of the Obamacare saboteur was in the swerve.

pierre tristam flaglerlive editor's blog“If you remember when Obamacare was enacted,” DeSantis said, “there were millions of people who had their health care canceled. And so there are stories of people who had certain needs, cancer or whatnot, who got pushed into policies that they didn’t want, and then they didn’t have the same coverage that they had because of the broken promise. So I think this law has really created a lot of different aspects. I would say though, and people who supported Obamacare used to make this point a lot before it passed, there really is no lack of health care. If people really need it, they show up to the emergency room, they do get care, it just gets passed on to other folks.”

Cancer treatment at the ER. That’s a new one on me. I should have checked when I had cancer three years ago. Maybe an IV and some Oxycontin could have spared me two months’ radiation. We’ll get back to that one in a moment.

First, I have never seen the words “cancer” and “whatnot” used with such oblivious proximity. Clearly DeSantis must be confusing cancer with bunions. Or whatnot. I shouldn’t blame the man for that one despite his credentials as a lawyer, which suggests a basic familiarity with syntax. DeSantis is not one of Congress’ brightest bulbs. But he happens to be our bulb: he represents Flagler County, or plays that representative on TV, so we owe him at least deference to his title, even though DeSantis himself has logged fewer miles traveling this county by car than he has on foot going to and from network television cameras. Constituent services bore him and I’m not sure he’d know the difference between Espanola and Hispaniola, or bunions and cancer for that matter.

Which explains his inexplicable statement to Burnett, starting with that scene-setting premise about “millions of people who had their health care cancelled.” It’s one of those repeated lies that’s been  debunked time after time to no effect, an early version of Donald Trump’s 3 million illegal voters. Pat Roberts, the Kansas Governor, claimed in 2014 that Obamacare cancelled the health plans of 20,000 of his constituents. Some 10,000 cancellation notices had been sent out but then retracted, and the notices were necessary only because they’d gone out to people whose plans were less skimpy than Obamacare requires: they were told they needed better coverage to comply. Roberts knew that. He lied. Ted Cruz took the lie and amplified it by the size of Texas in 2016, getting a Pants-on-Fire rating from Politifacts for that one. A TV commercial by Americans for Prosperity, shilling for Marco Rubio, claimed last fall 300,000 Floridians lost their health care coverage. Same lie, different state. The lie was repeated in Virginia and, with a variation, by John Boehner, the former Speaker of the House. All proven wrong. All proffered the claim knowing it was false.

ron desantis obamacare

Ron DeSantis. (© FlaglerLive)

As now does DeSantis. He must have been rehearsing for his three town hall meetings in the district Saturday (none in Flagler). He’s a member of the House “Freedom Caucus,” an all-white, all-male herd of 30 legislative saboteurs who don’t know how to pass bills and couldn’t spell “consensus” if you flashed the letters in primary colors before them on the lower cleaves of their favorite stripper, but who are occasionally able to drop IEDs in the way of any bills they don’t like and, like camera-savvy insurgents elsewhere, selfie their way to taking credit for the explosion. DeSantis was among the House members who voted about 60 times in the past few years to repeal Obamacare. Those same no-slingers have been incapable of devising a single viable alternative. They’re exploding their latest IED against Paul Ryan’s proposal, eminently explosion-worthy though it is. But still, no alternative.

Except for what DeSantis told Burnett two days ago: there’s plenty of great health care for everyone, including people with cancer. Just use the emergency room.

Click On:

I don’t like to use myself—or any anecdotal evidence—in any reasoned argument. Cancer patients aren’t any more special than heart patients or diabetics or yesterday’s car-crash victims. But their care can be especially and very quickly expensive. Mine would have bankrupted me and my family by the time of my first zap under the radiation gun, and I had, as I recall, around 35 of those over seven weeks, twice on Thursdays (yay!). We were nearly bankrupt by the time the first batch of doctors were done diagnosing me, when we were on one of those shitty insurance plans that, had we stuck with, should  have sent us a cancellation notice, for being the high-premium,  low-benefit fleece it was.

But the evil of Obamacare was upon us: we could switch. We did. We even went platinum. We’re still paying the bills from the previous plan. But the new one not only paid for the treatment that saved my life (so far, anyway: there’s no telling how Trump’s voice is mutating billions of orange-bright new cancer cells in me), it saved us from bankruptcy. And if I were to switch plan, my “pre-existing condition,” as we now call lethal diseases, would not count against me. Sure there are problems with Obamacare, or rather the organized thievery posing as a health insurance syndicate. Between premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and the odd prescription poison we’re getting a good idea of what it’s like being a sharecropper for Florida Blue.

Still: Obamacare was never perfect, but it was perfectible in this nation where striving for the more perfect union was supposed to be applicable to something as basic and justifiable as affordable care. We’re not asking for a better tax break on our dividends here, or free tuition, or free anything. We’re asking for what’s considered a primitive human right in the rest of the civilized world, and most of the uncivilized one. But rather than perfectibility, the likes of DeSantis—who could heave the fluffiest hairballs about “first principles” in his self-published book of gothic fiction on Obamacare and the founding fathers a few years ago–preferred to wage war on the most necessary health care expansion since Medicare. (Which DeSantis also wants dismembered.)

I wish DeSantis continued good health and not a moment’s need for care, let alone see the receiving end of a linear accelerator’s radiation beams. But it’d be nice if his suggestion for the rest of us was more evolved than sending us back to the ER. Or whatnot.

Monday afternoon, March 13, Rep. DeSantis issued the following statement in an email to constituents: “I received criticism this week for an interview I did on CNN and, having reviewed the transcript, I think criticism is warranted. Serious diseases such as cancer require highly specialized treatment, not ad hoc visits to the ER. Implying otherwise is not correct as a matter of fact, not reflective of my views and inconsistent with my support of legislation such as the 21st Century Cures Act. The bottom line is I muffed my answer and should have formulated a better response. Thanks for the feedback.”

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here.

56 Responses for “Ron DeSantis’s First Principle: Do Harm”

  1. Where is Desantis going to be?

  2. Nancy Nally says:

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And it’s obvious that DeSantis knows VERY little about what it’s like to not have insurance or to have a serious health problem. That makes him VERY dangerous. Anyone who knows anything about healthcare in an ER (which obviously DeSantis doesn’t) knows that if you aren’t paying, the only obligation that they have is to stabilize your condition. This means that unless your condition is life threatening imminently, you aren’t getting any major procedures like surgery. I know of someone who nearly died from a KIDNEY STONE because the hospital couldn’t operate to remove it until it caused a kidney infection that almost shut down her kidney. Ongoing managed care for a chronic condition like cancer in the ER? HAHAHA I want some of want DeSantis is smoking.

  3. Tony Maia says:

    Oh crap. A Republican is coming to town. Go to your safe spaces now before it’s too late! Don’t forget the Playdoh.

  4. Carol Rizz says:

    A brilliant take-down of this sorry excuse of a public servant.

    Thank you.

  5. Danny Mac says:

    Our representative is coming to town, since he is supposed to represent us and our communities we should let him know what’s really going on since he is a do nothing republi-con who’s only master he serves is the hierarchy of corporate facism

  6. Make America Great Again.

  7. Bill Ludeman says:

    Speaking of dogma and evidence, I suppose you can show us where in the constitution the Federal government is given the task of providing Health Care for all.?? The federal government has over reached into virtually all areas of our lives. I can not think of a single thing that any government does well. I am an old guy – and remember paying CASH to the doctor and being able to afford to do that. All the government has done is increased costs and complexity for everyone. The feds are completely out of control and way past anything originally conceived. Please do show us where the Federal government has the legitimate authority to be meddling in health/sick care or any of dozens of other areas. Please see if you can find it. I want to know. Trapper

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      Bill, the constitution says nothing about traffic lights either, but lawmakers (and city commission members) have been finding it in their good hearts to overreach and legalize those devices so we can go about pursuing our mutual happiness without mangling each other at very other intersection, real or metaphorical. That’s a bit obvious but to be more precise about your flawed premise: the constitution is not an anally prescriptive document but a framework, otherwise it’d have died with its authors. Otherwise it’d have no room for statutory authority: there’d be no need for congress to write laws or courts to interpret them, since the constitution would supposedly tell us all we may and may not do. You’re confusing us with the mind of a dictator. Thankfully our system has more elasticity, and just as it nowhere states that governments may install traffic safety devices to ensure the welfare of its citizens, it nowhere states that government may set up a system to more fairly extend health insurance to those who don’t have it, particularly since it’s a pretty basic right if preserving life is a concern. Of course, the constitution says nothing about my “right” to use a keyboard and an electronic device to write this comment, so I may be wrong.–Hawkeye

  8. Flatsflyer says:

    Why do we continue to elect idiots whose sole intent is to destroy the fabric of America, we use to be the most highly respected country on earth, then we started to elect Republicans and look at us now!

  9. Being an embarrassment is the first prerequisite for Florida politicians.

  10. Kenyon Steele says:

    See that deadbeat? I’m sure you know the one. He’s the guy who’s motivated by the desire to not carry insurance. He’ll hem and haw and complain about the government. He’ll throw out the word “constitution” and make himself feel like a real patriot. But don’t fall for it. Underneath he’s a yellow-bellied freeloader. He’ll be the first one to show up at the hospital after a heart attack and when his bill goes unpaid he’ll expect society to absorb the cost for him. He’s a drain on society. And he’s worth less than two cents as a man.

  11. Bill Hensley says:

    I’m thinking this is going to be productive…we have officially reached the point where many if not most feel it is simply wrong to negotiate or listen to the opposition…that is EXACTLY how you get what you don’t want…

  12. Marlee says:

    I suspect that his 3 hastily planned so called “discussion” meetings today will be all about Trumpcare.

  13. educator says:

    Yes, I remember paying cash to the doctor. For stitches if I got cut, or to get checked out because I had the flu. But did your doctor have an MRI machine to check for cancerous tumors? Or did he have the equipment to do heart bypass surgery? No, because that did not exist then. My grandfather died at 58 from a heart attack in the 1960s. When he had his first attack they kept him in the hospital a few days and sent him home. Two weeks later a second one killed him. Today he would have been diagnosed and treated and lived another 20 years or more. I would pay whatever was needed to have had him around while I was growing up. That is why healthcare is expensive.

  14. Marlee says:

    This Saturday, March 11 I am hosting three Discussion with DeSantis events across the district. These events are open forums where I hope to hear about the issues that matter most to you.

    9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
    Pedro Menendez High School, Auditorium
    600 FL-206
    St. Augustine, FL 32086

    1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
    Bethune-Cookman University, Performing Arts Center
    698 West International Speedway Boulevard
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    Mount Dora Christian Academy, Auditorium
    301 West 13th Avenue
    Mount Dora, FL 32757

    No tickets or RSVPs are required. I look forward to seeing you there!

    For more frequent updates on legislation and events

  15. palmcoaster says:

    The illiterate and brainwashed about the baseless rhetoric that the poor, lower middle class and unemployed covered now by ACA, Medicare and Medicaid want and get all for free on and the well to do have to pay/sustain them then they keep voting for these neophytes well funded and lectured by the one percent, insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital groups like Columbia Health Care
    Denying my taxes to protect my fellow American in need, so far works well in election campaigns for the like and whatsnot’s DeSantis, R. Scott, Ryan and others until now. Lets see what will happen in these town halls with all their lies.
    I know so many people that now have insurance coverage with ACA that never had it for many years before ACA. The GOP’s want to do away also with Medicaid and Medicare…and this is their first step.
    Billions and billions for a useless wall and more war machine and denied health insurance for over 20 million Americans that need it?

  16. Monica Campana says:

    Points perhaps all can agree on:
    Cost is too damn high.
    Age should not be a factor in cost – many 30 year olds eating poorly and not exercising.
    No one should die or go homeless due to health needs.
    Purpose of insurance is to pool risk so all can be covered at lower cost. Why can’t we have medicare for all or at least the nice coverage our Congress has. Government must work better than you have been told.

  17. Robjr says:

    Last November there were 33,772 voters here in Flagler county who aligned themselves with someone like this.
    And they aligned themselves proudly.
    How many of them obtained health insurance via ACA?
    Do they know the meaning of screwing ones self.

  18. Mary Lynn Crosby says:

    We really need to vote this idiot out of office. What happened to the politicians that actually cared about their constituents? Because the current ones do not care at all. They only want to stick with and do what their party wants and to line their own pockets. I wrote to DeSantis about social security and medicare and never even got an answer. All I got was a form letter. I will be voting him out.

    We also need to take back their benefits and have them live with what everyone does. They need to have the current health care, not their “golden” package healthcare. They make too much money and receive too many perks.

  19. LINDA swinford says:

    Another republican that won’t face his constituents, maybe lend him the radiation mask.

  20. Mark says:

    @ Pierre,

    Maybe you should read the first amendment. And the rest of them while your at it. They are already passed so you can read them.

  21. Brian Riehle says:

    Be patient guys….DeSantis claims he’s wants 2 term limits for Members of Congress, and he’s in his second term now.

  22. Howard Duley says:

    Pierre, my man. in your retort to Mr. Ludeman you mentioned dictators. Isn’t this exactly what the two political parties have become? Each party hates the other and just wants to dominate instead of looking at a subject and coming together for the best solution possible. The sad truth is that government only gives a dam about itself and screw the people. How is it that everyone in the congress is filthy rich. You and I know the answer to this question because if you don’t your either an idiot or a lyer.

  23. RickG says:

    To those who may say there is nothing in the Constitution about health care I believe if one reads the preamble one may think differently.
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    Preamble to the United States Constitution

    Notice the “promote the general Welfare” portion. It gets downplayed much like other parts of the Constitution that isn’t deemed palpable by the Rs.

  24. Ws says:

    Go away Obamacare! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Obamacare has been a disaster from the beginning. Millions lost insurance because of it. Businesses stop hiring and cuts hours of workers. It is the biggest single disaster of a program ever implemented by any President. Please President Donald Trump get rid of it now.

  25. Ws says:

    If you want Insurance then by all means get a jor or two and buy it yourself!

  26. Bruce says:

    And yet, y’all have utterly failed to hold DEM accountable for HIS quid pro quo PROMISE (Not EVEN a public option ConPromise effedted); Exactly WHY? But, N00000! Jest B&M at teh RETHUG$ !!

  27. Fredrick says:

    Healthcare was a disaster before Obama Care, made worse with Obamacare, and will be a disaster after that fiasco is gotten rid of. It’s all about $$$. Get the governments hands out of it and let capitalism regulate the market including the insurance companies and costs will come down.

  28. Vincent Neri says:

    If you value human life then one must realize that without health coverage people become more ill and eventually die. Their are studies that show thousands of people a year die due to the inability in getting treatment. It is very difficult for someone that has always had good insurance that provided access to the care they needed to understand that the system does not work that way for all. If you had a pre existing condition before Obamacare it was nearly impossible to buy a health plan. Health challenges may very well prevent you from working at a job that provides health insurance. A single adult with no children in the past could not just go get medicaid without establishing a 100 percent disablilty. The medicaid expansion changed things because now people that would not qualify for medicaid could get it through means testing, however, Florida and other states never expanded medicaid due to a dislike for Obama. Most people that have opinions about health care have no idea how the system worked before Obamacare and how it works now. The debate needs to be structured the way Pierre wrote this article and that is around facts. The ER is not a substitute for being able to have your own doctor. Long term health care and fractured type care that you receive in the ER are two different things. The ER is for emergency treatment. Politicians that get on the news and make statements that are inaccurate should be called out because we deserve to at the very least have our debates structured around facts rather than false and misleading statements. Untruths really have no place in the discussion. My opinion is that people should receive a subsidy based on their degree of disability. Doctors, hospitals, pharma, and insurance companies must also be forced to lower their prices. The field of health care should not be one that people get involved involved with to become rich but rather to help people and save lives.

  29. Be. says:

    First article I agree with you on. I hope there is more

  30. Common Sense says:

    I bet that the ones above complaining about the ACA/Obamacare have never read the law and can afford their own insurance.For those who never had health insurance before The ACA was a lifesaver. When Republicans rant about the ACA they never really tell you what is so bad about it? That premiums went up? They were going up every years before the ACA. The new Trumpcare proposal is designed to enrich the minority and hurt the elderly, the handicapped, the poor and the middle class.
    I suggest before you support this terrible proposed law you do some research.

  31. Richard Smith says:

    Good competition for quality healthcare will drive the cost down and the quality up. Open the state borders so that all healthcare providers across this great nation can compete for your healthcare dollars. Where the federal government can do an effective job is regulating the costs of prescriptions NOT healthcare as proven my the complete and utter disaster of Obamacare. Obama lied to us, his people lied to us and then they had the gall to even call the American people STUPID. Well, it only took one year or so for us STUPID people to see through the lying and corruption being stuffed down peoples throat.

  32. Carol Fisher says:

    Thank you again, Pierre, for this article. I was trying to come up with a comment, but RickG said it so well:

    “To those who may say there is nothing in the Constitution about health care I believe if one reads the preamble one may think differently. ‘We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Preamble to the United States Constitution

    Notice the “promote the general Welfare” portion. It gets downplayed much like other parts of the Constitution that isn’t deemed palpable by the Rs.

  33. Carol Fisher says:

    Mr. DeSantis’ comment “cancer and what not” made me want to barf! Cancer and hangnails?? CANCER is a SERIOUS health care issue, and EXPENSE, and unfortunately will be for a long, long time. Apparently Mr. DeSantis doesn’t know or love anyone suffering from any form of cancer, so far.

  34. Trapper says:

    I was a bit astonished at Pierres response. Switching the conversation to traffic lights is nonsense. (Lefties are experts at the old strawman switcheroo) First the constitution and basis for our government says that those powers not specified are to be given to the states or locals. That is where traffic lights and stop signs come from NOT the feds. If medical treatment is to be a national issue it should be done correctly not just assumed. I have no issue with insuring that everyone is treated fairly but I do take issue with an immense federal mess instead of more local solutions. You make my point by your snide comments about DeSantis. He is not representing you well. Ok so you want THEM to fix it? Only a lefty would insist that those who broke it be in charge of fixing it. Personally I want closer representation.
    By the way in Many countries there are no traffic lights or stop signs – traffic circles and individual responsibility do the job. Judging from the number of fatal accidents you report on you may see that what you espouse is not working very well in your own backyard. Trapper

  35. Charles F. Ericksen, Jr says:

    I find it quite interesting how, the real culprits of increased medical costs, have gone unnoticed or talked about..
    Yes, the PROVIDERS Hospitals , physicians , and groups of physicians , raising prices , unchallenged, and regularly..Example: I had a colonoscopy a year ago ( you all know what that is, and where it occurs) Well, I had to have yet another in one year and THE COSTS WENT UP 75%…unchallenged
    Hospitals are buying up MDs and putting them under their roofs

    You won’t control hospital or physician costs, till you control them
    And don’t blame the Insurance Companies, who shell out the $$ to pay those bills,,It’s not their fault , to have to pay more out to money hungry providers

  36. Geezer says:

    I hope that I never encounter medical personnel who share the same negative and ignorant
    views of medical care for all. I guess that we should let the elderly and poor people who need care
    to drop dead and go away. Let the sick children to die! Just let babies die if mommy or daddy
    can’t pay! Do these negativity-spewing parrots have parents or loved-ones who may one day need
    medical care?

    Here you have an article by a cancer survivor who is alive to share his story because of the AHCA,
    and predictably it’s followed by cold, and merciless commentary. What kind of people are these?
    Our government is supposed to serve us, instead of the other way around.

    Who taught these dweebs that we’re subjects of the government? What the f*** is the huge military
    for anyway–to defend a country that doesn’t care if you (or those you love) live or die?

    Trump voters: you’ll be sorry, and soon enough you’ll deny having voted for those scumbags Trump
    and Pence. What goes around, comes around, you ignorant fools.

    I guess that having voted for Trump shows that you are truly willing to die for your country.
    (with an American under each arm)

  37. The Ghost of America says:

    Hahahaha, look at all of that buyer’s remorse. You guys voted in the cheeto benito and now he’s busy dismantling all of those nice benefits you enjoyed. Enjoy your RepubliCare, you’ve earned it – and I can’t wait until he starts wrecking social security.

  38. CG says:

    You are correct. This is the topic that is obvious but completely ignored in this discussion. GREED. Health care inflation has gone up multiple times higher than other price increases. Way higher!!! The only times in the last 30 years that healthcare inflation remained in check was when The Clintons proposed nationalized healthcare. Also when the ACA was created. Otherwise prices have skyrocketed wildly. Can’t you people remember back in the 80s and before. Healthcare was basically affordable. Employers offered it and the coverage was great. GREED has run rampant in this industry. Drs, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies are raping the American consumer. If you can’t see that you are a blind fool. It doesn’t matter who is in office. They are raping you. The rest of the world has nationalized healthcare. Ask a Canadian or European who’s healthcare they’d prefer, ours or theirs. They all want theirs. They don’t die in line either. Serious conditions go to the front of the line. Also, they don’t run up the bill with endless tests and Dr consultations like we do here. MOST importantly, their healthcare OUTCOMES are better than ours. WAKE UP PEOPLE. You’re being screwed royally. Do some research. Especially you Republicans. You are a gullible group.

  39. Anonymous says:

    American Greed is alive and well, flourishing in our health care system, legal system, and elected government at all levels. No simple easy fix here, until man starts to learn how to be honest and grows a conscience.

  40. Richard Smith says:

    @ The Ghost of America – I don’t have any “buyer’s remorse” as I never asked for any of Obama’s free federal handouts. It”s the freeloading LEFT that is crying the loudest and BTW, if you have any job at all, I guess all of that Social Security money you have donated over the years will be long gone when as you claim SS is dismantled. And that won’t make you upset? Yeah right….

  41. Pogo says:


    You’re entirely correct Sadly, many Trump voters like DeSantis (and his admirers) don’t know shit from shinola. That’s part of the reason they think the barefoot need shoe polish instead of shoes.

    If you really want to know what’s wrong with these GOP birds (besides the KKK, Nazis, etc) try these:

    Why I am not a Libertarian

    Why is libertarianism wrong?

    Critiques Of Libertarianism

    My mommy is Ayn Rand

    Atheists say the darnedest things*

    Good day.

  42. W. Springfield says:

    To previous commentator Bill Ludeman : The Constitution????? Really my old friend. What does the Constitution say in Article I about black Americans, (3/5 of a person for voting balance)? What does the constitution say about Women having the right to vote? Section 2 of the Constitution. The original was considered “right” by it’s authors but wrong for America and all Americans. The Constitution need amendments and it was corrected. As far as the constitutional consideration of healthcare, there was no healthcare to consider at the time of authorship. There were no hospitals. Just like some one mentioned to you there were no stop lights either. The writers considered what they had in front of them. We all need to do the same. Peace

  43. The Ghost of America says:

    Oh little richard, social security doesn’t work that way.

  44. palmcoaster says:

    It is just dictatorial, tyrannical, feudal that Trump and his GOP’s want to repeal ACA with nothing to replace it .
    The only medical that 24 million people plus, can afford and has been working fine for them and they want to do it in order to give all those billions in taxpayers funds taken away form ACA to give more tax breaks to the wealthy individuals and corporations. What a shameful travesty! If ACA needs fix because as nothing is perfect fix it but do not repeal it! Trump is lying to many of his own constituents every step of his way while bringing back racism and misery to America.

  45. Richard Smith says:

    So please enlighten me as to how Social Security works? Curious minds would like to know.

  46. OMG says:

    Did you idiots know that OBAMA care limited the number of PET scans a person can get. That is something crucial to a cancer patient. The Government’s magic number is THREE PER LIFETIME

    Want a fix for the ACA joke…. make medicare or medicaid a premium based policy contingent upon the applicants income. Then let private insurance go back to what it was.

    There I just fixed the “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it bill”

  47. The Ghost of America says:

    Here’s a helpful link that teaches you about how social security works.

  48. Richard Smith says:

    So when they dismantle the Social Security tax and the system built around the SS tax, liberal people like you won’t mind that all of your SS tax money is now gone spent by Congress and past presidents over many decades for other more important stuff versus going into a protected trust fund. You must be independently wealthy where you won’t need any SS?

  49. The Ghost of America says:

    For people under 50 it’s generally accepted that we aren’t going to get SS thanks to boomer deadbeats, hope that helps.

  50. snapperhead says:

    @ Richard Smith…hate to shatter you’re illusion that the liberal left are the moochers in this country. But it’s proven fact that red states are the biggest moochers of federal dollars by a wide margin. I know as a Trumpeter you’ll just dismiss it as Fake news.

    In the 100 counties with the highest dependence on federal aid, Mr. McCain won two-thirds of them.

  51. Richard Smith says:

    @ Snapperhead – C’mon, first of all an article by NY Times (you’ve GOT to be kidding), second Minnesota has voted democratic in the last eleven presidential elections. In fact it was1972 when MN had voted republican last. Get your facts straight before pontificating.

  52. snapperhead says:

    @ DICK Smith of course a liberal publication would report it….you think Fox or Rush Limbaugh would point out their most ardent viewers ARE the moochers they despise so much. I knew a Trumpeter would just dismiss the obvious facts. i know it hurts to know the asterisk president’s supporters are the moochers and the best you can respond with is a deflecting reply about Minnesota!LMAO….lost cause their folks.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Excellent article and assessment of Desantis.

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