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  1. RM says

    “Democracy Has to Go” by Bill Day, Tallahassee.
    The date is wrong, unless you’re deliberately misrepresenting the proposed timeline on purpose. The correct date is 2025–“The 2025 Project”

  2. Dawn Harris says

    Who is that person on the ground supposed to be??
    With the hair, it looks like it could be Trump 🤔
    Do you really think Trump would do something like that??
    The loss of democracy has been going on for 7+ years with the Dems in the lead to discredit, malign, degrade, etc President Trump and our country because they can’t handle a man who doesn’t play their games

    • Pierre Tristam says

      Dawn, you’re right, he doesn’t play their games: he’s been indicted 91 times, which suggests he doesn’t play by the rules you and I are supposed to play by, either.

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