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  1. JimboXYZ says

    Trillions of Cicadas will die in 2024, Global Warming, it’s the end of the world. Biden needs to pass legislation to fund saving the Cicadas. Where is Fauci when you need him most, to shut the nation down again ? Wear a mask, get your vaccine booster shot.

  2. Joe D says

    Florida should consider itself lucky. After growing up in Pa. and Md. most of my life, before retirement, they are an annoying nuisance.

    They don’t sting or bite, but the sound is deafening! It’s been compared to the sound of a jet engine taking off ( they aren’t kidding).

    • Laurel says

      Joe D: Where are you in September? The cicadas are here every year, and yes, they are deafening! They sing in waves. A couple start out *singing* and are immediately joined by all in the area.

      The article didn’t mention cicada wasps. We watched one drag a huge cicada up an oak tree.

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