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Elections Supervisor Weeks Scuttles Latest Attempt to Resolve Elections Conflicts in Heated Meeting

| September 12, 2014

Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks, at the head of the table, addressing the audience, as she did numerous times Friday, during what was intended to be a Canvassing Board meeting. (c FlaglerLive)

Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks, at the head of the table, addressing the audience, as she did numerous times Friday, during what was intended to be a Canvassing Board meeting. (c FlaglerLive)

Kimberle Weeks knows how to play to an audience.

The supervisor of elections had one at Friday’s much-anticipated Flagler County Canvassing Board meeting, of which she is a member. Twenty three people turned up–not including two cops, two attorneys, the four members of the board and five reporters–for what would normally not get an audience of more than one or two, if that.

Weeks spent more time addressing the audience than conferring with her fellow-board members: Board Chairwoman Milissa Moore-Stens, George Hanns and Charlie Ericksen sat, stone-faced, through speech after speech that Weeks delivered, facing the audience, to repeat accusations of “interference” and lack of “respect” from Palm Coast and that the city was not complying with an agreement worked out before the election.

Weeks was “absolutely not” in favor of an eight-part protocol Al Hadeed, the county and canvassing board attorney, worked out at the canvassing board’s direction, and that today’s meeting was designed to ratify. But for Weeks, it was a no-go. The board formally rejected the protocol. Instead, Weeks and her attorney (not Hadeed) will meet with city officials to figure out how to use the Community Center. “This will free Al to do his county work,” Weeks said.

Weeks wants complete authority to run the city’s Community Center and its parking lot as she deems necessary at election time, without “interference” from Palm Coast—a degree of intransigence the city has never conceded and is not likely to concede in the future.

At one point Hadeed challenged Weeks that, following her logic and interpretation of her alleged authority to use the Community Center as she deems fit, all the activities the council schedules there during elections or early voting “are illegal.”

“Could be,” Weeks said, stunningly.

Hadeed at that point raised his voice somewhat, telling her that “in her heart of hearts” she could not possibly believe that, and that some form of collegial agreement should be the goal. Weeks then delivered another speech about her “obligation” to the voters to “do my job,” and “it’s my reputation here, not the city’s reputation, when the people feel they have been disenfranchised, or they have not been provided the opportunity of voting.”

There are no records of voters feeling disenfranchised or not being given the opportunity to vote.

Moore-Stens, a county judge, intervened, herself addressing Weeks forcefully, and by that point showing signs of frustration. “I’m sorry if anybody takes offense to that, but I would like to see you and the city work together. I don’t see why it has to be so adversarial,” Moore-Stens said. The judge went as far as saying that if no agreement is possible between the two sides, the Community Center could be eliminated as an early voting site, since there is no requirement that there should be three such sites—or that it should be at the Community Center. “if this is going to cause this much problem, we need to reevaluate whether that site is an appropriate site moving forward,” Moore-Stens said.

The judge also assertively stated what members of board seldom feel compelled to say: that with so much disagreement, she was ready to have her say with Hanns—that is, forming the necessary majority to put a matter to rest—and move on. That was more than an hour and a half into the meeting, and it was all on what Moore-Stens termed as “splitting hairs” over parking signage.

We don’t need to rehash all of it,” Moore-Stens said, noting that the whole point of assigning Hadeed to mediate the issue was to reach an agreement that takes the concerns of every side into account, but also to resolve the mater.

Today’s meeting was to be the end result of that resolution. That was not the result, as even when the judge appeared to be pointing the discussion in a more conciliatory direction, Weeks would counter with new charges, as when she accused Hadeed of removing language from the protocol about whether events should be scheduled at the Community Center on Election Day.

Numerous times members of the audience spoke up, in one case to describe how one volunteer was treated at the Community Center. “I have never worked in such a hostile environment as the community center, it is absolutely ridiculous how we were treated” there, she said.

Even before getting to the point of the protocol, it took 30 minutes to get the first item approved: not the approval of the minutes to previous meetings, but how minutes were to be kept in the future. It was a 2-1 vote, with Weeks dissenting.

Minutes are rarely an issue for local governments and have never been an issue at the canvassing board, at least not in the past quarter century, by Hanns’s reckoning. But Weeks maintains an unusual set of minutes. She has been recording meetings and, while not quite transcribing the proceedings verbatim (though the minutes include quotes), at least translating them through her perspective. Other canvassing board members were surprised that the meetings were being taped. They had no objections to the taping: it’s a public proceeding. But they were not aware that Weeks was taping them with her iPhone as a means of drafting minutes that reflect on other board members. They became aware only when one of the canvassing board members asked her how she was able to recall such detail when compiling minutes that have stretched to a dozen single-spaced pages for a single meeting.

Canvassing board meetings are not that thrilling. But under Weeks’s tenure, the elections process has turned into a step-by-step wrangle that’s ensnared numerous government agencies the elections office has contact with during an election, and some with which it doesn’t, including the State Attorney’s office. Weeks called that office in late August, intimating that Sheriff Jim Manfre should be arrested for negligence on what turned out to be a specious claim: the sheriff’s office would not write a report on elections office items Palm Coast government had legally removed from one of its parking lot, because Weeks had improperly placed them there, and was soon to return them to the elections office.

The conflict between the supervisor and the city has been at the center of the controversies taking up the time of canvassing board meetings and the city. As with previous controversies involving Weeks, the city was surprised that there was a controversy to start with, as it centered on a non-existent problem: parking issues. The city provided the Palm Coast Community Center for early voting for the first time in the last primary, and provided it, as it always has, for Election Day. Never before had there been parking issues there (or anywhere) on election days. Nor were there such issues during the primary. The problem was not that voters were lacking parking, but that Weeks was interpreting an agreement differently than how Palm Coast was executing it.

Weeks had issues with the city not allowing her to delineate the parking lot for voter-only parking spaces, exclusively as she wanted that lot delineated. That’s what escalated into violations of existing signage (and signage laws), the city’s removal of what it deemed either illegal or improper signage, and Weeks claiming that the city had no authority to do so. She accused the city of “theft” when signs ere removed. Weeks rested on an agreement between her and the city that gave her access to the Community Center, an agreement Weeks has interpreted as a blank check to use center and parking lot as she wishes. The city, of course, disagrees.

Weeks had another surprise for the board, particularly for Hadeed: seated at the head of the meeting table just before the meeting was Roberta Walton, with her name and a title on a yellow, thin cardboard name plate in front of her: “Canvassing Board Attorney.”

Hadeed thought he was the canvassing board attorney. But Weeks had brought Walton in, in a transparent attempt to undermine Hadeed. Walton, an Orlando attorney, ran for an Orange County Commission seat and came in last in a four-way race in last August’s primary. The Canvassing Board did not discuss her presence on the board, or its legitimacy, though Walton, who has not attended any of the board’s previous meetings, interjected questions and ideas several times along the way.

Walton represents an additional cost to taxpayers, out of the supervisor’s budget, whereas Hadeed was providing legal services to the Canvassing Board as part of his duties as county attorney.

It was two hours into the meeting that Hanns realized Walton was Weeks’s attorney.

“It’s kind of a hostile environment we haven’t experienced before,” Hanns said. “We’re trying to maintain some balance here and have a decision made with the best educated minds,” he continued, speaking in defense of Hadeed and describing his long service-and history—with the county. A member of the public, heavily stocked with Weeks partisans, then accused Hanns of being offensive to Weeks. Hanns was incensed. It wouldn’t be the only time that a few members of the public would rudely berate Hanns or hector the canvassing board proceedings generally.

“We need to calm down and stick to our agenda or we’re going to end this really quickly,” Moore-Stens said. Moments later, she added, referring again to the conflicting definitions and interpretations of the mater presumably at hand, “We can take this to such an extreme and make this all so difficult, which we are right on the verge of that.” She did not want the board’s function to include figuring out the logistics of voting sites.

The board ended its agenda at 5 p.m. and adjourned moments later.

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29 Responses for “Elections Supervisor Weeks Scuttles Latest Attempt to Resolve Elections Conflicts in Heated Meeting”

  1. Edman says:

    Weeks has to go! Judge Moore-Stens is a voice of reason and she should exert whatever influence she has to stop this grandstanding by a supervisor of elections who has illusions of granduer and is obviously unstable and unable to properly do her job. We voters (and taxpayers) deserve better.

    • Biker says:

      So the fact that many voters may have been disenfranchised by Weeks staff handing out the wrong ballot’s was never addressed. This is ridiculous!! Weeks is more interested in parking spots than accurate polling!! She needs to go before the up coming elections. She is clearly incompetent.

  2. Linda Hansen says:

    This Supervisor has no illusions of grandeur. She is a duly ELECTED official who is doing her job. Were you and I at the same meeting, Flagler Live?

    I have never heard such rudeness, such condescending talk coming from either George Hanns or Mr. Hadeed. This was the first time I have observed a public meeting with Supervisor Weeks addressing a canvassing board. I commend Supervisor Weeks for the way in which she handled herself today. She was clear and concise and she was fair.

    Her obligation is not to the County Supervisors in attendance or to the City Attorney present. It is to the voters and she represents them well.

    I was a volunteer elections observer for the Republican Executive Committee and our Chairman requested that we attend this meeting today and report on our experiences during the election. Ms. Weeks runs a first class operation and her employees are professionally trained. That’s why I was at the meeting. The audience was comprised of volunteers and elections workers from both parties.

    Mr. Hanns mentioned that he’d heard several complaints about misdeeds, wrong ballots during the election. When asked where he heard them, he replied, “In the newspaper.” We were in attendance to dispel that, to report on what we witnessed.

    I have seen this elected official attacked repeatedly, and unfairly. Ask anyone at that meeting what they thought and you will hear the same. There is too much manipulation and interference by the city in these elections. If they are allowed to get away with it, what is to stop the County from the same behavior? And oddly enough, both Republicans and Democrats in attendance today were in agreement on that point….NOTHING is more important than election day in this community.

    Let her do her job, please.

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Funny to hear Linda Hansen lecturing about rudeness, when she was the one telling the Canvassing Board during today’s meeting to “move the goddamn events” (from the Palm Coast Community Center) during elections, a remark that wasn’t necessary to quote in the original article until she chose, like Gary Hart taunting reporters just before “Monkey Business” bit him where the sun don’t shine, to make her hypocrisy a matter of record. In Hansen’s defense it was not the most graceless thing said during this awful meeting: the audience’s behavior, its crass lecturing, berating, finger-pointing and denigrating of the board in general, of Hanns and Hadeed and Palm Coast officials in particular, all in the presence of a judge no less, turned these proceedings into a version of those overwrought early tea party events from the summer of 2010, where grandstanding or “showboating,” in Hanns’s apt phrase today, was more important to those audiences than their alleged interest in advancing discussions or attaining workable compromises on a matter of public interest–even in this case, where hardly any compromise was needed since there hardly were any problems to speak of: even Hansen concedes that point with unwitting irony, here as she did at the meeting. She gives the credit to Weeks, though for all of Palm Coast’s alleged “interference” in the elections–the heart of today’s discussions–not one voter was inconvenienced by the distance, absence or layout of a single parking space, let alone impeded from voting or made to feel that the Community Center was anything other than a community center. That was not just Weeks’s doing. It was also Palm Coast’s. But this is how today’s mercenary partisans operate. They use the legitimacy of public events and public meetings to orchestrate big showings and make outrageous claims, however bogus, abusing the sort of populist rhetoric that has the ring of truth but radiates from a core of lies and betting the press will enable their showboating and in turn lend them legitimacy. Good luck elsewhere. Your tactics won’t be tolerated here, but they will be exposed. In that regard, thank you Linda.

      You may now return to your regularly programmed lacerations of people’s reputations. Just don’t waste your time aping your well-choreographed performance at today’s meeting in this comment section.

    • Robert Lewis says:

      Linda –

      I love your post. But only for the comic relief and double standards that you live by.
      In 2012 you posted comments on here spewing hatred of everyone but the esteemed Ronald Reagans. Yet, here you are like a rabid raccoon lost in the sunlight.

      Dare I say, you actually support a Democrat. No sensible human being, except the Ronald Reagan Wack-jobs would dare support such an incompetent public official.

      I would hope she could do her job, it seems she lacks the ability to perform without blaming other. Just an obvious example of how insecure she is.

      You’re double standards are impeccable. I expected nothing less from a classless individual who is the blogging mouth piece of the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly

  3. tulip says:

    This whole thing is one embarrassing horrible joke. Weeks bullies everyone, the judge is not strong enough or knowledgable enough to shut Weeks up and lay down the law. Hanns knows a lot about being on canvassing boards but does nothing to help solve the issue except give long dissertations on other things. Of course his term is about to end so why put any effort into anything that requires thinking.

    Also I find it very odd that no one asked this Atty Walton her credentials, or why she was really there. 2 hours later they find out Walton is Weeks atty that US TAXPAYERS are paying for and was of no use?!

    I hope the PC city council doesn’t give in to her and the judge will say that the community center is no longer needed, as stated in the article. Let Weeks go harass someone else for a change.

  4. Robert Lewis says:

    Kim Weeks had been wrecklessly performing her duties. I think it’s time the Secretary of State intervene.

    • Carol Mikola says:

      I could not agree more, Robert! “…Other canvassing board members were surprised that the meetings were being taped. They had no objections to the taping: it’s a public proceeding. But they were not aware that Weeks was taping them with her iPhone…” Doesn’t Weeks know it’s a felony in Florida to record people without their knowledge? I guess it’s no big deal for Ms. Weeks. I see her Ronald Reagan “Republican” supporters there in force and sitting with the McDonalds! Janet McDonald, Steve Nobile and Ann-Marie Shaffer, part of this disgraced group are running for office in November. If the voters are looking for people of good will, DO NOT vote for them; you have a better choice.

      [Correction: While it is a crime to record someone without that person’s knowledge in a setting other than a public setting (it is not a crime, for example, to record a conversation on a sidewalk or in public places, where the conversation may be overheard and there are no expectations of privacy) it is not at all a crime under Florida law to record public meetings, nor is it required, either of officials or members of press or public, to disclose that a recording is taking place. Weeks did not break any laws by recording the meetings on her iPhone, though as the supervisor, she did create a public record by doing so, and must now archive and make those recordings available to the public.–FL]

  5. Nancy says:

    Sounds like a piece and a crowd very much ganging up on a Supervisor of Elections just trying to do her job. Do not begrudge her legal representation in such an environment.

  6. 166 says:

    The Supervisor has been elected to conduct elections and she should be able to do so without interference. She works with the VFW, Churchs, many schools ect. With no issues so the problem here musypt be the bullying of the city. She has asked that the agreement of the city be honored and the laws be followd, as they should be. The county attorney has demonstrated that he does not elections or the supervisor in his best interest. I found his honesty and integrity to be identified when he knew the behavior of a county commissioner was not legal in a previous election and he laughed about it, and whispered it to Charlie Ericksen when he failed to report it to the canvassing board when it occured should have been a concern for the supervisor because she is responsible and that is conduct of the election that is wrong! The supervisors decision to hire a canvassing board attorney that she could trust was the right choice, and I wish all our elected officials had the integrity of Kimberle Weeks. George Hanns demonistrated the nasty person he is by speaking to a participant as he did and spewing the bs at how he has never had words with the supervisor. He publically trashed the supervisor and criticized her making statements abou her. He’s just lucky she presents herself professionally. Supervisor Weeks, you do an outstanding job and we voters (Democrats and Republicans) let this be known in 2012 when relecting you! You received the highest number of votes over any other candidate on the ballot because we know what is going on, and we have seen first hand the work you do, and know you truly work for us. The City of Palm Coast is trying to force you out and trying to frustrate you so you will not use their facility. Keep up the good work, and we will remain to be right there behind you.

  7. confidential says:

    The work of our Supervisor of elections is a very important and “sensitive one” and politicking should stay away from it. …she goes by the book where some special interest want to re-write their own pages. She is working for the taxpayers that overwhelming elected her, imagine she won for un unheard 60 plus percent of the casted ballots in 2012.
    Not all SOE’s will allow their arms to be twisted in the wrong way. If we have a particular precinct that shares space and parking space with other “non essential activities” like is our #1 that is elections, why she is not given the #1 importance by reserving some of the handicap parking for those voters ,as we have in our polls so many elderlies in walkers and wheel chairs or younger persons with disabilities. Maybe consulting here will help” Also reserve some of the other regular spaces for voters! What she is trying to prevent is what happened in the 2008 and 2012 general elections with unexpected multitude of people showing up to vote that had to wait for hours in the open sun, rain and some turned away for the wait to park due to insufficient parking and long lines. Not collaborating with our honest and Tallahassee awarded Mrs. Weeks is same as disenfranchising voters. To all casting stones here against our SOE Weeks and her poll workers I would seriously advise them to volunteer at least once to be a poll worker and learn what is like and then talk if you have any energy left and for a pay that only patriotism and love for country and fellow man justifies. Weeks is also correct the county attorney should have no business in our canvassing board bordering almost the conflict of interest.
    The Florida Statutes 2014, 102.141 , reads very clearly the Canvassing Board is composed by the SOE, County Judge and Chair of county commission …who appointed County Attorney Hadded and why or why is he there? For sure not to defend SOE or the voters rights!

  8. Brad says:

    I am always amazed over these last 6 years with this Supervisor of Elections of the comments like “let her do her job” and these claims that she is the victim of something. The truth is when it comes to our Supervisor Of Elections (Kimberle Weeks), she is the one choosing NOT to do her job and the rude attacks are coming from her. And the bottom line to it all . . .this kind of time being spent on made up problems and personal vendettas would NOT be acceptable for any other elected Constitutional Officer (collecting over $95,000 in salary of our tax dollars BTW). She has been given far more leeway than anyone (elected or not) should be given.

    What I would like to know is what “job” should we be allowing this Supervisor of Elections to do? It appears that the “job” she would like to be able to do is be Supreme Leader over all of Flagler County, but that is not what she was elected to do.

    Yes, we should have the Community Center available for early voting now that the law allows us to. Just like we should have had Flagler Beach City Hall open for early voting in 2012 because we could have and voting levels were far higher being a presidential year. Yet Ms. Weeks purposely chose to not use that location reducing the access to early voting that year to 2 location versus 3. The question becomes why does Ms. Weeks need full control and cease all activity at one location during voting when the same type of demands aren’t being made at all other locations. Our LIbrary doesn’t close down. Belle Terre Elementary doesn’t close down. The Government Services building doesn’t close down. Nor does normal operations close down at any polling location. And parking is an issue at all. All the while . . . Kimberle Weeks NEVER raises the issues she is raising with the Community Center for any of the other locations.

    This is about some personal vendetta she has with the City of Palm Coast. Just like her vendetta she played out against the County Commission. Just like the vendetta she played out against Alan Peterson. So forth and so on. And using OUR Elections Office and tax dollars to carry out her childish wars.

    We do have a problem in Flagler County. That problem is called ever declining voter turnout. It’s consistently been declining since Ms. Weeks took office and it will continue to to decline. Just think about this for a minute . . . what if the same amount of time, energy, and expense was actually put into working to build a voting culture in Flagler County? To be engaging voters? The problem isn’t parking availability because the good majority of spaces are empty (and parking has never been raised as an issue at the Library). The problem isn’t other activities continuing to go on at a location, because no one is showing up to vote there in the first place. Heck! If we are going to use big blinking signs on Palm Coast parkway to try and attract voters then why wouldn’t you want people coming for normal everyday stuff to that location giving you opportunity to raise awareness to a new location for voting and possibly boost voting?

    No, it’s pretty apparent what (and who) the problem is . . . Kimberle Weeks. That’s the problem we need to address.

    • ogrethetop says:

      ” Just like we should have had Flagler Beach City Hall open for early voting in 2012 because we could have and voting levels were far higher being a presidential year.”


      “We do have a problem in Flagler County. That problem is called ever declining voter turnout. It’s consistently been declining since Ms. Weeks took office and it will continue to decline.”

      Well witch on is it? going down or up? or you hoping something sticks? seams like your all over the place.

      I early voted at city hall, and was made super easy with parking spots and how quick it was and I vote Dem all the time. I think Ms. weeks does a fine job.

      Let’s not forget the card club who was going to donate money for a new building as long as they get priority over everything else in the COMMUNITY

      [Correction: The commenter is misinformed. The Bridge Club has no such conditional arrangement with the city even projecting forward should such a space be available, as the city reserves the authority to schedule civic and recreational activities on all its properties at all times.–FL]

  9. Brad says:

    Also . . . how much of our tax dollars were spent on this superfulous “Canvassing Board Attorney”?

  10. Sherry Epley says:

    And we wonder why there is a movement “nationwide” to throw the incumbents out. What ever happened to decorum, professional integrity and communication, while working “together” to provide excellent service to the citizens of our city/county/state/country. . . according to the “rules”.

    Was this a meeting of a government entity. . . or was it a gang war/ wrestling match or a stupid school yard brawl? I, for one, do not want my very hard earned tax dollars going towards ANY government official who conducts themselves in the manner outlined in this article!

  11. annoyed says:

    How much longer will Weeks be allowed to continue with her grandstanding? She has created needless controversy and aligned herself with a group of self-promoting allies. Rather than address issues only she really sees,, she has continually created self-promoting “in the name of the people” conflicts.
    I am no fan of the Palm Coast government, but i have to side with them on their issues with her.
    If she felt compelled to bring an attorney of her own to a council meeting because the county attorney (in effect her attorney) doesn’t side with her, she should personally pick up the tab. Stacking an audience with supporters at a normally low attendance meeting seems like another bulling tactic. (Addressing the crowd, not the council with repeated speeches.) Despite opinions from almost every legal authority (unlike her, people with legitimate legal backgrounds,) she continues with her own “quest.”
    She has made our elections department an embarrassment. November 2016 is far too long to wait for a solution.

  12. Samantha Claire says:

    Weeks appears in in a cover up mode for Reagans. That’s why they are so supportive of her. Both McDonalds are the subject of a state Elections Commission complaint about their apparent invalid Flagler County Florida Republican voter registrations. The Reagan assembly is under a cloud defending another elections law complaint same as the one they were fined for in 2012. Has Weeks been actively complicit in trying to patch up McDonalds and Reagans’ troubles? Ask yourselves why these miserable people are so supportive of every move of this off the wall Democrat spoiler?

    I do commend every single elections paid worker and volunteer worker who performed almost flawlessly while operating under the cloud of Weeks’ terrible leadership example. Worst possible working conditions. Kudos. SC

  13. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    Back in September 1987 my friend and I successfully challanged the outcome an electon in Miami-Dade County ( Miami Herald – Country Club of Miami)….for a special taxing district we didnt want…
    We addressed the Canvassing Board as the requirement of a filed “Protest of Election”.. The Canvassing Board consisting of the Supervisor of Elections,, ( Davd Leahy at the time), a county judge – ( Harvey Goldstein) and a County Commssioner ( Barry Schreiber)… Althought the County Attorney’s office with a huge staff of qualified attorneys is, and was located in the same buidling as the elections department Dade County did not send a single attorney to any canvassing board meeting – let alone our court filed Contest and election department Protest ! – Judge Goldstein and Commissioner Schreiber were both licensed ‘attorneys’ however they both served as neutral members of the board. If Al Hadeed gave his time to assist in negotiations this is a win-win for everyone – to have squandered our tax money, my precious tax money, to hire a totally unnecessary and outrageous outside attorney not even a Flagler County resident scares me as a voter dependent upon a Supervisor who appears not to value priorities in the real world… Thank you Al – although I disagree with you on a few issues – you are always giving your time to do what you think is best. Amen

  14. tulip says:

    Maybe Weeks has been kissing up to the RR people so they will support her in the next election. However, way to many people are now realizing how bad the Reagan Regime really is and if she is supported by them, it will cost her votes and hopefully she will lose. But of course, she can’t openly be one of them because they believe in depriving people of voting in whatever races they choose to close and, after all, isn’t Weeks trying to do what’s best for the voters? (lol with sarcasm)

    If she doesn’t abide by what the RR wants from her and tries to do her own thing, then they will bully her around, make life miserable, and she will finally get back what she’s been dishing out.

  15. Annoyed says:

    The RR people have taken their toll on the republican party in a big way. Weeks is doing the same locally with the democrats. The cozy relationship between them is no surprise. Plenty of grandstanding, and the ability to not accept being proven wrong.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Weeks doesn’t have to kiss up to anyone, she won in 2012 by the most votes, receiving votes from all parties. She is serving all voters, not just one party or any select groups and is fair serving all voters. Anyone with half a brain would be involved to protect our right and access to vote. When events are scheduled at the same location where voting is held that fills all but a few spaces is confirmation voters are being blocked from voting and something should be done about it.

    • Brad says:


      Can you explain and provide examples how anything over at the Community Center “blocked access” for voters during early voting? What events there during early voting filled the parking lot so much that voters did not have access? Why are activities at the Library continuing not an issue? Why is school staying in session during voting not an issue?

      Ms. Weeks specifically points out the Bridge Club. Why is that? Is it possible that it’s because the Community Center is getting funding to expand driven by the Bridge Club and something the Reaganers are against? So does any of what she is doing really have anything to do with our right to vote? No, it doesn’t. And anyone with half a brain can see through her actual selfish reasons every time. In fact, it is Ms. Week’s actions and not the City’s at all that will cause us as voters to once again lose another voting location (she took Flagler Beach City Hall away from early voters in 2012 leaving us with 2 locaitions). How is that considered looking out for our voting rights and our access to voting?

      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s . . . not an ardvark.

  17. Rita Mae says:

    Amazing…where were these people (the RRRs) when their cronies McRichter were attacking Pierre Tristan’s character? He is a democrat, same as Weeks. In all the posts added to that article, I only saw maybe 2 Ronal Reagan members, Steve Nobile and Steve Wolfe, (at least they were the only ones who used their names) and they foolishly tried to defend the actions of this group. Linda, where were you? Your silence on that situation only condones their actions.

    [Note: Tristam is not a Democrat.–FL]

  18. tulip says:

    Some have mentioned that Weeks was voted in by 60% or thereabouts. The reason for that was she had a gazillion big signs everywhere even illegally in some places.

    There were other qualified candidates but didn’t have as many signs out there. One of the candidates killed her own chances of being elected because that person was constantly saying derogatory things about Weeks and while, they were true, that candidate should’ve focused on her huge amount of knowledge and expertise and let Weeks hang herself. People say they don’t vote by signage? I bet 90% of them do. Most voters don’t even know what the candidates or people already in office look like.

  19. Will says:

    I don’t have verifiable numbers, but I’ll bet that there’s a relationship between the more noise Weeks makes and the lower the number of turned off voters who don’t vote at all.

    It’s sad that Weeks’ ego and shenanigans have ruined the excellent reputation of the office left behind by her predecessor, Peggy Rae Borders.

  20. Michael says:

    She is a drama Queen, she needs to go back to haning out car tags, she staunk at the job too, but a lot less responsability

  21. fbmrk says:

    You just can’t make this stuff up…… She does provide comic relief, at the taxpayers expense though.

  22. BLIngram says:

    Besides the continued pettiness by the Supervisor, I question why an out of town attorney is needed at the additional hourly cost including traveling time. Also, are canvassing board recordings subject to open records requests and should remain on government property?

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