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When a County Commissioner Calls The Supervisor of Elections A “Bitch”

| August 19, 2014

Flagler County Commissioner FRank Meeker and Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks as they campaigned two summers ago. (© FlaglerLive)

Flagler County Commissioner FRank Meeker and Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks as they campaigned two summers ago. (© FlaglerLive)

This is the most distasteful piece I’ve had to write in a while. But I can’t justify not writing it.

I was on the phone with Flagler County Commissioner Frank Meeker Monday afternoon, asking him when he’d be sending in the answers to follow-up questions in his candidate interview. Later that evening, he said. I then mentioned the county commission meeting scheduled for 5 p.m., and that I’d heard Kimberle Weeks, the supervisor of elections, might be back to make further issue of the county’s campaign sign policy.

“Oh,” Meeker said, “the bitch is back.” He then immediately said not to use that.

pierre tristam flaglerlive editor's blogI think I physically recoiled in my seat. There was a very brief pause, the mental equivalent of a double-take. “Frank,” I told him, “you can’t be saying things like that to me.” We had not been off the record—not that abusing that binding standard as a veil for slurs would have made the statement any less offensive.  Not much later I headed to the Government Services Building and spoke with Meeker just before the commission meeting. I asked him what difference there was between his statement and a derogatory statement about, say, a black person, that inappropriately referred to that person’s race.

Meeker didn’t hesitate. “None,” he said. He gets it. He knows. It was, as he said, “a slip of the tongue,” a reference to the Elton John song by the same name.  He apologized repeatedly and sincerely, and I believed him. I respect Meeker. His politics aren’t mine. But that’s irrelevant. He’s engaged, he debates, he experiments with ideas, he’s immersed in the community, and he always returns calls no matter how difficult the issue, even when he’s on the spot. He showed that grace again yesterday, after he spoke those words.

Nevertheless he said an ungraceful thing. We all use foul language in the abstract, and I don’t fault politicians for doing so. In its proper context, foul language is poetry. But a four-letter word is not a slur. To identify and characterize a woman as a bitch is, and attempting to justify a slur by confusing it with generic cussing gives the unacceptable a fake pass.

Meeker’s phrase was a slur. Whether it’s quoting a song or betraying a slip, it was the reflection of a mind a little too unsuitably at ease in an indisputably formal context: I did not overhear the statement at a bar or at a party. He was not among friends. He was speaking directly with a reporter, about Weeks, during a conversation about official business—Meeker in his capacity as a commissioner and incumbent candidate, me in my capacity as a reporter. He made the statement about a constitutional officer (not that saying it about any woman would have lessened the gravity of the phrase). And he did so in the context of an ongoing political controversy involving the commission and the supervisor. The layers of offense—to Weeks, to her office, to women, to me, to any man with sense enough to know that 1950s cooler chat is over—pile up, eliminating whatever hope I’d had of rationalizing silence on the matter.

Meeker justly called out his opponent Dennis McDonald’s “negatively charged” method of politicking. It damages discourse and does nothing to advance discussions. But the casualness of Meeker’s remark about the supervisor is itself a reflection of the same corrosive attitude. That it was so casual is the problem. It reminded me of the time in 1994 when I interviewed Gaston Caperton, the governor of West Virginia at the time, as he was hosting the National Governors Association convention at the ultra-posh Greenbrier. I asked him why the convention wasn’t held at a place closer in style to the West Virginia he was trying to show off. His answer: If the NGA “were being held in New York City, I suspect that it would be held in one of the downtown hotels, not in the middle of Harlem.” He had no idea of the racism behind his comment. He didn’t think it was news.

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Nor did Meeker. And though this sounds ridiculously sanctimonious, Meeker spoke the words with a degree of presumption that also offends me and my profession, beyond the offense to Weeks: that among us he could say such things, as if our knowing each other for several years and having had a perfectly cordial relationship would loosen certain reins of propriety. I have no doubt that many reporters here and elsewhere develop that sort of familiarity with their sources and apply different standards to different people depending on their closeness. They love the clubbiness. They don’t want to lose access. It’s what rots journalism, local journalism especially (though Bob Woodward is exhibit A in the perils of chummy sourcing at the highest level). Meeker even said what I’ve heard innumerable sources tell me in one variation or another, usually when they’re facing a difficult situation: “I thought I was talking to a friend.”

We’re not friends. We’re in an adversarial relationship, however cordial. Without it no reporter is worth a notepad. That doesn’t mean we’re waiting for politicians to screw up. It’s enough to cover the daily beats to know that there’s plenty there to keep us all busy. This election season has been particularly unpleasant in that regard. But we’re not here to be protective of public officials, let alone be team players or cheerleaders. We’re readers’ eyes and ears. We err too, often, though we do so in print, for everyone to see, judge and correct.

I doubt too many people dispute that Weeks can be a royal pain. I just got done criticizing her over it in my last column, and she just got done firing back on the air on WNZF Friday. But a difference of opinion is not disrespect. My guess is that most people will sympathize with Meeker’s sentiment, but I hope not his way of expressing it, whatever the context.

Frank Meeker and Kimberle Weeks were invited to provide statements. Meeker provided his last night, and was forwarded to Weeks. Weeks’s statement follows Meeker’s. 

In my response to FlaglerLive regarding one of my faults, I commented that my biggest fault is “my personal frustration level interferes with my ability to think cogently and wisely when I’m not on heightened alert” and then went on to give some examples.  I didn’t mention off handed comments.  It’s happened to other folks in glass houses; presidents, senators and house members, movie stars and even basketball team owners.  It came back to whack me while driving back from a meeting listening to Sirius radio’s 70s on 7 and returning a call from the editor of FlaglerLive regarding when I’m going to be submitting my response to the second round of questions.  So I go from Eagles and the Carpenters to politics, and during the conversation, he mentioned his belief that the Supervisor of Elections would be coming back before the board this evening, to bring up the subject of signs at the polling stations,…again.  I don’t know about you, but I was getting tired of pedantic discussions regarding the SOE and the City of Palm Coast’s Community Center, or the SOE and the size of the rooms for early voting, or the SOE and the need to litter public property with more political signs.  In a moment of frustration, thinking I’m being funny, and foolishly taking a line from Elton John blurted out, Oh no, the bitch is back.  Yup, foolish it was, and silly to have said it during what feels like a private, informal conversation with a reporter where we all know nothing is really off the record unless the two agree.  But I said it, and now I’m apologizing, specifically to SOE Kim Weeks, and to any others that would be offended at my momentary lapse in judgment, fueled by my personal frustrations.

–Frank Meeker

Kimberle Weeks’s statement:

This email you sent me is very disturbing and shocking because as a former Palm Coast City council member and current Flagler County Board of County Commissioner one should be unbiased, and fair.  Mr. Meeker has been a frequent flyer in the elections office just as other Candidates and all are treated with the same respect and courtesy.  Would Mr. Meeker have made the same comment if the SOE was a man?   This sexist comment apparently came from a man who has a 50’s attitude against women, who is prejudiced, and who does not have respect for women. People don’t say things they don’t mean, so Mr. Meeker’s comments apparently are a reflection of his feelings.  It appears that when Mr. Meeker realized that his comments were not going to be kept private between  you Pierre and himself he attempted to cover up the sexist comment by using lyrics from a song; which was a weak cover-up.

Mr. Meeker can call me anything he wants, but he must remember he should be willing to pay the price for what he says.  Mr. Meeker’s so called apology was his way of apologizing to the press or Pierre, but he has not apologized to me, Kimberle B. Weeks. People who can’t accept females holding public office, and who don’t respect women are sexist and make such statements.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Meeker does not have the same regard for our voting rights and doesn’t share my belief  that elections should be fair, and voter must be allowed to vote without intimidation, and inconvenience.  Every voter should be able to conveniently and easily access the polls to cast their vote.  Because Florida Statue 101.71(5) allows for tax-supported buildings (not the picking of a room(s) by the City Council or BOCC with or without the threat of a fee, or other conditions on parking limitations etc.) to be made available for use as polling places upon the request of the supervisor. If the current laws and citizens’ constitutional rights were respected and followed I should not have to bring issues before the City Council or BOCC in order to carry out my duties and responsibilities of serving the voters and providing to them the convenience and easy access they deserve and are entitled to in order to vote. The provision in Florida Statutes 101.71(5) and 101.715 is confirmation that voting, access to the polls and parking is what the voters are entitled to, and that voting is a priority over bridge games, birthday parties, meetings, etc.

Mr. Meeker is right. I have been before the board many times.  I will continue to go before the board when I feel the voter’s access is being limited or impacted in a way that will not allow a voter to vote with convenience and ease or if conditions are preventing elections from being fair.  I was elected by the people, I work for the people, I am accountable to the people, and I will make every effort to provide the voters with the best service possible—even if I have to face those as Mr. Meeker who are prejudiced.

If Mr. Meeker would like to apologize, he can direct a written apology directly to me.  Whatever Mr. Meeker decides, I will continue to treat him with the same courtesy and respect as I have demonstrated in the past, which is also how I treat all others.  I also welcome Mr. Meeker to the elections office, and hope his opinion of me won’t prevent him from continuing to be a frequent flyer of this office.

–Kimberle Weeks


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75 Responses for “When a County Commissioner Calls The Supervisor of Elections A “Bitch””

  1. concern says:

    this makes me want to vote for him more

  2. tulip says:

    I’m wondering how many people secretly agree with Meeker’s opinion of Weeks?

    So he had a slip of the tongue and expressed his true opinion. I’ll bet money that Weeks has expressed some very derogatory thoughts along the way about politicians and candidates.

    Granted, calling her a bitch to a reporter was not the thing to do, but we are all human beings and I can only imagine the pressure, anxiety and tenseness of being a candidate in such a hostile political environment. How many of us have said things off the cuff in a moment of frustration and regretted it later?A lot of us, I’m sure.

    Frankly I don’t even know why this became a story at all.

  3. Robert Lewis says:

    We were all thinking it. He said it.

    Let’s not make this more then what it is.

    Too funny. More comical relief.

    • Genie says:

      I’m sorry, Mr. Lewis, but I have to disagree. This is highly unprofessional and degrading to an elected official.

      I have been watching Mr. Meeker for 12 years. This is how he does business. I will NOT be voting for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt all you meeker fans wouldn’t be so quick to agree with him or have the guts to say it to her face , especially if her husband is present

      • just saying says:

        Having known her family for 30 years, Big Dwayne knows how she is. She fits the definition posted of that word perfectly and then some.

  4. Lin says:

    Mr Meeker should have quit after the radio and getting too relaxed with Pierre explanations

    When someone says I shouldn’t have done it but you …. — And then gives the supposed missteps of the other person to deserve the name then they are not sincere

    Not shocked at all but not nice

  5. Frank Zedar says:

    It’s pretty amazing to me that this incident is “news.” Not only news, but the core of a moral diatribe! Yes, it was not a nice thing to say, yet was it a real, pointed “slur?” Was it really cause for one to “recoil in one’s chair?” This excerpt seems a bit much: “Meeker spoke the words with a degree of presumption that also offends me and my profession, beyond the offense to Weeks: that among us he could say such things…” In the context of how this was reported, it seems much more like “ill advised banter,” than “a negatively charged attack.” The degree to which we have risen, with the waving flag of political correctness, is just so disconcerting…

    • Nanci Whitley says:

      Mr Zedar, would it be a slur if he had said the n word in talking about an African-American public official? Well that’s how women feel about the b word. If you don’t understand that, perhaps you should think about it. These words don’t just “slip” out. He won’t get my vote.

  6. Let's see now says:

    Pick your toys up and leave the sandbox, both of you. Go play somewhere else, we really do not have the time or money to tolerate such immature behaviors. Honestly.

  7. JG says:

    And the gravamen of the underlying dispute is whether we need more election signs closer to polling stations?

  8. Bunnell Native says:

    Well said Frank Meeker!!!!

  9. PC LOVER says:

    I think it is wrong, foul, and sexist. Prejudice is prejudice period. Also, the lame conver up…an Elton John song, really! LAME, I will vote for anyone else except him.

  10. Andrew O'Brien says:

    Frank clearly made a mistake here. But his biggest mistake was doing the interview in the first place. What a shame.

  11. Tom says:

    If she didn’t act like one all the time, there wouldn’t be any slip of the tongues.

  12. Weinstein says:

    I have a “slur” I could use about you, but I will save it for the day you REALLY piss me off !!!!

  13. KMedley says:

    Mr. Meeker’s reaction to the name, Weeks, is not a reflection of a 1950’s “attitude against women”, it’s more of a reflex shared by many, including other women.

    According to Merriam-Webster online, the definition of the word includes, but is not limited to:, “a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse” or “something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant”


    If a woman can refer to another woman with this word, then; in the spirit of equal rights, seems to me if a woman chooses to exhibit the qualities associated with the word, then a man should be able to use the term, too. To quote Jim Croce, ‘don’t tug on Superman’s cape”. If a woman does not want to be referred to in this manner, then stop acting that way.

    Mr. Meeker has already delivered a written apology to Weeks in his response. It’s up to Weeks to accept it; and, yes, she has uttered a few chosen words regarding both men and women who serve this county.

    Just speaking for myself, I am not offended and completely understand the utterance.

  14. The Truther says:

    All of you Kim Weeks haters are all in the dark. Do you all know what the word TRUTH and Honest means? Kim Weeks is all about the truth and honesty. She works VERY HARD for the tax payers of Flagler County. Some of the residents, county commissioners and the county administrator do not like her because of her honesty and she holds them accountable. They do not know what the word HONEST means.

  15. buylocal says:

    I’ll give him a pass on this one.

  16. Enlightened says:

    Another male speaking what’s on his mind. Most men in this County cannot handle a strong minded women. They still believe women should be at home barefoot and pregnant. As a women who moved worked with all men, it is hard to adjust that attitude. You need to watch your tongue Mr. Moreover. You are in public eye. As a women I for one will not be voting for you because of this article. You would of made it an issue if she would of called you a certain part of the male anatomy.

  17. ogrethetop says:

    how’s that saying go? oh yea. Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your stupid, then to open it and prove them right


    Can You Feel The Love Tonight between Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters? I guess it’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

  19. Carol M. says:

    Thanks for your article, Pierre. I don’t think we help ourselves any by overlooking off-the-cuff comments from our officials that reflect disrespect for someone who is endeavoring to protect the rights of voters. This is, after all, the job she was elected to do. Mrs. Weeks takes the responsibilities of her office very seriously and I appreciate that. She is taking a lot of guff for protecting my rights. If the initial action had been to ASK HER what the requirements were on many of the issues we keep hearing about regarding the elections in this county rather than trying to run rough-shod over her, the negativity could have been avoided. As for Mr. Meeker, it’s a shame if he doesn’t take this incident of exposure to reflect on and improve his own prejudiced attitude. There is too much ego and not enough integrity in people who are trying to run things, unfortunately.

    • Biker says:

      Look up Histrionic personality disorder in the dictionary and you might just find a picture of one of our elected officials

  20. Sunflower says:

    I dealt with Ms. Weeks on several occasions during the last election and this I can tell you. She is one very efficient and moral elected representative. It does not matter which side of the aisle you are on. This county should be proud we have her as the Supe. Concerning Frank Meeker, this should not be in a news report. People ALL need to remember that PIERRE is not your friend. This has been a down & dirty election. No wonder we have voter apathy. They are tired of lies, reckless spending and stupid decisions. Whoever gets elected, put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and get to work for the people!

  21. Moon Unit says:

    I have to agree with Genie. I talked with Frank for at least a 1/2 hour and he didn’t look me in the eye. Calling another person that in an interview is “unprofessional” at best.

  22. Jennifer says:

    If the word is so offensive, then why was it used in the title of the story? If a racial slur is used, then typically it is not repeated by the author to add further insult to injury. Therefore, the term “bitch” even without the quotations would not be deemed a slur since it was used repeatedly. It was used as the title because it would create a reaction which is what Mr. Tristam wants. It creates a controversy in which another elected official was given an open platform to respond. As to Mrs. Weeks response, I don’t think she got to her position by playing the wilting wallflower and it does her no service to act that way now. Mrs. Weeks, who I do not agree with for continuing to hold municipalities hostage, has I’m sure seen more offensive letters in her tough as nails reaction when it comes to election. Do I think Mr. Meeker made a mistake….yes, it was in voicing a stupid mistake on the phone with a reporter and then fueling the flames by letting that reporter get additional comments. The best advice to give to any candidate, official or anyone quoted by the media is to watch your words carefully when speaking to the media, they are never your friend or ally when their job is to increase clicks on a page, sell papers or commercials. As Don Henley sang in “Dirty Laundry” – Just give me somethin’, somethin I can use, People love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry.

  23. Will says:

    I agree with KMedley.

    This is overblown and certainly not a reason for people to decide an important vote, one way or the other.

  24. Frank(ly) speaking says:

    He is one of those who espouses white male privilege = misogynist. He projects it unabashedly.

  25. Joe says:

    At least she doesn’t feel like she is being lead by the nose Frank, and you do have the right to dislike her, you also have the right to like her, but you degraded her, that is awful and wrong! You would have been let go at my work place for an infraction like that! I would never vote for you!

  26. Seminole Pride says:

    It’s a male thing. When I was in the work force, I use to say that to many of my colleagues in the heat of our opinions. In this day and age it’s know big deal. Tes, I came from a white collar background. Grow some balls, Pierre, you’re going way overboard..

  27. Steve Wolfe says:

    OMG…Dirty Laundry has been a fav of mine forever. It has remained relevant since it first played.

    Meeker can say whatever he wants to anyone he wants. But assuming that the media loves his persona enough to allow him to casually espouse his contempt for a woman, any woman, shows clearly he lacks the temperment for public service. It also shows that he has that “insider” mentality. How many of us does he also disrespect? Judging by the number of his votes for tax increases and that flaky hospital purchase, while maintaining that he is too smart for the room…..maybe all of us “mere subjects.”

    BTW, Flagler County’s sign policy is at odds with other Florida jurisdictions. The problem with less signage is that it favors incumbents. Imagine that.

  28. confidential says:

    I am so glad I didn’t vote for Meeker…I knew it!
    The current SOE is disrespected by the current FCBOCC’s and need a public apology from the whole county commission and Meeker needs to resign and abandon his campaign over verbal aggression to our elected constitutional official. What a shame, what a show of abuse of power disrespecting a lady SOE that was elected by over 61 % of the electorate and is our constitutional official now. Even worst that shame is that KMedley that pathetically lost against Weeks in the primaries didn’t even make it to the general elections in 2012 and being a woman, takes a low shot by siding with Meeker against an honest and excellent performing SOE Mrs. Kimberle Weeks.
    Witch hunt alive and well and the reason is that they are trying to get rid of an honest government official because is just one of the very few. Slip of the tongue, overblown insult, me a break you all crooks!

    • KMedley says:


      I have seen the “malicious, spiteful, overbearing woman” up close and personal and can testify to the behavior she exhibits on a regular basis. She makes a conscious decision to act in this manner and is not by any means a demure woman who has been arbitrarily, verbally insulted by Mr. Meeker. When a woman chooses to act in this manner, and if we are to believe in the demand for equal rights, a word easily found in the English dictionary, albeit not a particularly attractive word, is available for use. Sometimes professional approach after professional approach will not succeed in getting a person to take a look in the mirror. Mention this word, and necks snap around faster than a whiplash victim. If Mr. Meeker would have referred to Weeks as the “difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant” SOE, this conversation would not be taking place as the “news” story would have never made it to press. By the way, can the author of the story state he has never uttered the word when referring to an elected official or candidate for office? There are times to fight for issues that concern women and other groups, and then there are times to accept the incident for what it is, a sign of complete and utter frustration with the actions of an “overbearing woman”.

  29. Ashley says:

    At least he was honest which is a whole lot more than she will ever be

  30. w.ryan says:

    This speaks to his character. What’s he thinking as he’s talking to my face. Two Face! This predicts his politics.

  31. Sally says:

    Frank Meeker doesn’t like it when a female constitutional officer stands up for what is right. There is a place for men like you Meeker, and it’s not on the County Commission. You owe the SOE an apology, and you owe the other commissioners an apology, this is an embarrassment for them and our county.

  32. Will says:

    Kimberle Weeks self inflated ego is greater than the Goodyear blimp that visits our skies. When a government official or body doesn’t kowtow, she bristles like a roll of barbed wire. Although his chioice of words was not good, I don’t think there was any disrespect to gender intended, as so vehemently espoused by some above. The lack of respect was earned by the person in the SOE job.

  33. Steve Wolfe says:

    What does it say about women who side with Frank’s use of the “B” word? Is there any depth to which they will not sink for politics? There should be universal condemnation for a sitting commissioner who utters such a reference. Where does a “public servant” get off saying that about ANY woman? Certainly, for all of Frank’s presumed qualificationsn and his “studious approach” to problem solving he can think of a better way to describe even a political opponent. So why haven’t any of you sounded off about the “war on women?”

    And even in a story about this slur, Kim Weeks takes the opportunity to represent the people. Commendable.

    • KMedley says:

      It says we are intelligent enough to not be so quick to pass judgment on any person for the use of one word. One which provided an accurate description of Weeks.

      Mr. Meeker used a total of 6,915 words to answer the questions from The Live Interview. This count does not include the questions and/or Flaglerlive’s comments. By the way, Mr. Meeker responded to those additional comments and provided answers.

      Mr. McDonald was allowed to present two question to Mr. Meeker. Not only did Mr. Meeker reply, he did so with an incredible amount of insight and accuracy. He used a total of 4,317 words to answer McDonald.

      In contrast, and I mean stark contrast, McDonald provided less than impressive answers using 1,033 words; but, the six words used throughout the interview were:

      “Dennis McDonald refused to answer the question”. (The Live Interview)

      Flaglerlive states the reporting of this incident was necessary as it occurred in the setting of official business; yet, the premise for the comment initiated by Flaglerlive was based on hearsay. Flaglerlive had heard Weeks, “might be back to make further issue of the county’s campaign sign policy.” Was Weeks on the agenda? There is a process in which county ordinances may be addressed. Has any of that process taken place, or was Weeks simply going to take up Public time at the meeting and then bemoan the fact she was only given three minutes?

      Frank Meeker is a human being. As a voter, I for one will use his 11,232 words directed at specific issues that concern this county, rather than one word, uttered in a moment of frustration in response to hearsay, in order to continue to offer my support as a voter.

      • Steve Wolfe says:

        “It says we are intelligent enough to not be so quick to pass judgment on any person for the use of one word. One which provided an accurate description of Weeks.”

        Wanna rethink that one? Is it more civil to disparage someone with multiple or borrowed words?

        When will you be satisfied that you got your pound of flesh since Weeks demolished you in your race with her?

        Here’s another “B” word: Bitter.

        • K says:

          That will never happen Steve Wolfe. Ms. Medley is completely obsessed with cyberstalking Ms. Weeks in every corner of social media and local forums. I almost pity her. She must scour the internet for opportunities to pounce.

          What a fulfilling life that must be.

  34. Ray Thorne says:

    Weeks appears to be a very by the book person and passionate about her job. Meeker doesn’t have a bad track record. Hope both can put this behind them.

  35. Diana L says:

    Calling a women a bitch is what some men do when they can’t control a women. It is unprofessional and Mr Meeker should be above that. For God’s sake, why would any one think this is proper? Thank you Pierre for exposing this sexist remark. I am so tired of people treating women so poorly.

  36. lb2kool says:

    Politicians, they insult someone with their true feelings…..than apologize. When they lie….. they say they misspoke. Governors take the 5th, 75 times, but take no responsibility, and still get elected.
    But nobody seems to notice nobody seems to care, we just go to the booth and vote for the next opportunist in line, and think this is still a democracy. These are the ones making decisions about our lives, but as long as we have our cable TV and 24 hour news shows, we don’t ask the questions we should be asking, just the way the politicians like it. We’re going down, loosing this great idea of freedom.

  37. Jim O says:

    Frank Meeker has now earned my vote… WOW – you have said what we are all thinking….
    She is so full of herself I am not sure she can fit into a room.
    On top of all the qualifications you have wisdom is now added.

  38. Nancy N. says:

    This comment section is so typical of the way that female politicians are treated by most male media and male politicians. Instead of discussing their qualifications and accomplishments, their hair and wardrobe, childrearing and “disposition” are targets.

    This discussion should not be AT ALL about whether Ms Weeks “deserved” the slur. It should be about a male elected official showing a complete lack of disrespect for a fellow elected official and stooping to the depth of using a slur in a professional communication with a reporter. THAT is the story. But instead, it has, as usual on these issues, degenerated into personal attacks on the victim.

  39. Steve Wolfe says:

    Let’s give this insult the perspective it really deserves. Frank, how would you react if a candidate for public office referred to your bride in that manner?

    And what position would his defenders take towards the offending party?

    I’m ready to call hypocrisy here.

    • Nancy N. says:

      The true measure of how egregious Mr Meeks’ actions are is that Steve Wolfe and I actually agree on how terrible they were.

      • Steve Wolfe says:

        As for all the other issues, let’s just hug it out. ;-)

        I really have nothing against you, Nancy. We both have strong opinions about various topics. I wish we could all have civil discourse with open hearts. It’s often the hard hearts that snare us. Case in point….the subject of this article.

        • Nancy N. says:

          I thought you’d like that Steve. :) I have a great appreciation for civil, spirited discourse. Bringing different ideas to the table and meshing them to create something better is how problems get solved. Like you said, though, it’s the hardened, empty hearts that seem to dominate so much of today’s political discourse that I can’t comprehend. You know…the ones whose attitudes towards the suffering of other people is stuff like “well if they can’t afford healthcare then fine, let them die. Maybe it will teach other people to work harder.” It’s one thing to disagree over how to solve a problem. It’s another thing to not even recognize there is a problem – and I see way too many of that callousness these days.

  40. Jan Reeger says:

    Pierre, I have always been a big fan of yours and your writing even when I might disagree with you. But I find this diatribe disappointing and disturbing.
    As a woman who knows Frank Meeker very well, I can attest unequivocally that Frank has great respect for women and is not at all prejudice in that regard. He is an admirable person who will always have my vote.
    I continue to be amazed at the unrealistic and enormous expectations of the voting public. Candidates have never been and will never be perfect.

  41. Can't say says:

    I for one have to agree with Mr. Meeker. I have no love for the city of Palm Coast. However I think Kimberly Weeks is completely out of control and I hope and pray that all the heartache she has given to them (PC), the County Library and the Sheriff’s Office over the last couple of months does not get ignored by the voters. She needs to go. Manfre and her might want to get engaged since they both think they are God.

  42. Rob says:

    Those who follow Meeker won’t see anything wrong with his comments and will vote for him.

    Those who can objectively evaluate another’s behavior will do just that and arrive at a logical conclusion.

    Me, I am not affliated with the party voting for him. And if I was, I won’t vote for him, largely based on both of his records. His offensive manner of speech is just final confirmation.

  43. Genie says:

    “All you Kim Weeks haters”….kinda sums up Palm Coast in a nutshell, doesn’t it? So much hate in such a beautiful place. Reminds me of the words to an old song in “Oklahoma”:

    “Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, pick, pick, pick, talk a lot, pick a little more…”

    We live in paradise, yet we choose to tear one another apart. Thank you, Mrs. Weeks, for having the strength to rise above all of this, to represent us through all this.

  44. wolley segap says:

    So what’s the difference between calling someone a “bitch” and calling someone a “royal pain” as you did in this article?

  45. ConcernedCitizen says:

    We have enough low life behavior in Flagler County. I did not have any opinion of either Weeks or Meeker and still don’t have one of the people. As we tell kids, you’re not bad, but what you just did was. Mr. Meeker’s behavior was despicable behavior for a person in a position of authority, and a terrible example. However, we can accept his apology and form our own opinions of him and whether we trust him.

    I do think it’s newsworthy, but BTW, this is an editorial. Freedom of the press.

  46. tulip says:

    Apparently there are a lot of you “perfect people” out there who have Never had a slip of the tongue or casually said someone was a b–tch, bas–rd, pr–k, or worse. How many of you men out there call your wives or others bitches out of frustration sometimes and wives call their husbands a few choice words at times for the same reason and it has nothing to do with disrespect, just a momentary feeling of anger and stress.

    I hear people use the F word all the time as part of their regular vocabulary and don’t care who they say it in front of. I’ve heard people call others a F’n A–hole right in front of others . Those are the people who have no control of what they say and are ill tempered. Meeker did not call her a bitch to her face.

    I believe Meeker called Weeks a bitch in a spur of the moment thought of utter frustration and not because he disrespects women or anyone else. He is not perfect, but neither is any of us and “stuff happens.”

    I wish people would look at both sides of things before jumping to conclusions and I would like to know why this story was even written because it just adds to the unrelenting hostility and negativity that is already present in this election.

  47. Ron Boyce says:

    Last year I attended a candidates forum and witness our S.O.E. She was rude, offensive and nasty. I have no problem with people that speak the truth. Frank Meeker does speak the truth, is that a crime. But the man is very passionate about his work and the people of Flagler County. I wish that was the case of our S.O.E. I will vote for our Commissioner Frank Meeker in this years election. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  48. Steve Wolfe says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Pierre provided a clear rationale for reporting this. All the vitriol of us common folk aside, one standard a candidate must uphold is to uphold good standards when talking to the press. I wouldn’t assume any candidate an angel, but good grief, when you talk to a reporter, one should assume that “this mic is hot.”

    Of course we cannot assume to know Frank’s heart intimately from this. But he was pretty careless to provide such a bad impression. Each of us will draw our own conclusions.

    And this was never about what Weeks “deserves.” Defending Frank’s remark like that is just callous. Think about your mom, sister, or wife. You’d be livid.

  49. Richard says:

    I’d just like to know which version of “The Bitch is Back” Mr. Meeker listens too. The original Elton John, the Tina Turner cover, or the one sung in “Glee” last year.

  50. David Sullivan says:

    Genie the song you mention is from
    “Music Man” not “Oklahoma”. Small point
    but if we are going to get picky we should
    Be accurate. I like the songs from the classic
    Musicals and they get their message out
    without using rough language.

  51. James says:

    Way overblown, I will vote for Mr. Meeker

  52. Sherry Epley says:

    The kernel of Mr. Meeker’s attack against Ms Weeks is that an elected, well paid (with our tax dollars) leader of our community has shown his utter contempt for another official (regardless of gender) with whom it is his professional responsibility to interact in a reasonable way. The compounding factors are that he was speaking to the press, his language was incredibly, personally offensive. . . and he has not apologized to Ms. Weeks directly.

    In my mind, he has shown himself to be a fool for conducting himself in this way, regardless of anyone’s personal opinion of Ms Weeks. He has acted with great disrespect for his position and for the people in our community who have trusted him to make unbiased, reasonable decisions in their behalf. In addition, I would characterize any person that resorts to such offensive name calling to be chauvinistic, unprofessional, offensive and unfit for public office.

  53. Jack Howell says:

    What is done, is done. I think you folks have picked all the meat possible from the bones of this horse so lets give it a rest. Frank’s statement was wrong. He knows it, you know it and by now the rest of the county knows it. It is now the decision of the voters to determine forgiveness as well as the SOE.

  54. jennifer Lopez says:

    Well, I can vouch for him somewhat MR Meeker, I went today and vote early.
    I got the ballot and noticed towards the end that it had Palm Coast, people there Joel Rosen, Woody Douge, and I had to vote on that tickets. Then, I asked and they said “oh yeah , oh well, its too late you have to vote on that one.
    Then, Ms Weeks came out and said oh, sorry about that !

    • Will says:

      Jen – have you just discovered a BIG problem?

      Are all Bunnell ballots printed to include Palm Coast candidates?

      Will the vote counting machines record votes for Palm Coast candidates cast in Bunnell or even FB as if they were valid Palm Coast votes?

      Does that need an investigation ASAP to avoid a ballot blowup on election night!

  55. carol bennett says:

    Mr. Meeker, shame on you.
    Do the right thing and step down from office before you are voted out.
    Your behavior and discrimination against women is unacceptable.
    Step down immediately like a true man.

  56. Michael says:

    Weeks I believe was born with that attitude she carries around like a Coach handbag. She has brought so many negative comments on herself from her own Holier than now attitude, she thinks she is above everyone because she was elected SOE. You hold a title, same as any other politician, you are no more intelligent or more suited for the position, you were elected, not promoted, get over yourself Ms. weeks. Now with that said, Mr. Meeker is no better to make that statement knowing he is in a political position; we have been cursed in Flagler County with voting for incompetents, not incumbents.

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