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“Derelict” Sheriff! Call In a Judge! Accuse Palm Coast of Larceny! Elections Supervisor Weeks Goes Unhinged.

| August 21, 2014

Parking problems have been a non-issue in early voting--almost as invisible as voters. (© FlaglerLive)

Parking problems have been a non-issue in early voting–almost as invisible as voters. (© FlaglerLive)

Flagler County Elections Supervisor Kimberle Weeks is unhinged.

Early voting has gone well, if drawing a very low turnout. There’s been not a single documented case of a voter’s complaint over parking, or handicapped parking, or any kind of parking.  Aside from minor sniping by some candidates about other candidates displaying campaign signs illegally, even the candidates have behaved rather well.

Yet in the last few days, and triggered by her perceptions of issues related to parking, especially at the Palm Coast Community Center, Weeks has again managed to distract and frustrate the highest officials in a half dozen local government agencies and boards, including a county judge, the sheriff, a city and county manager, two agencies’ attorneys, the Flagler County Canvassing Board, and the State Attorney’s office.

Earlier this week, she called Melissa Clark, an assistant state prosecutor at the State Attorney’s Office, and accused Sheriff Jim Manfre of “neglect of duty,” suggesting that he should be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor, because he wouldn’t “take a report” about disappearing parking-lot signs at the Community Center. On Monday, Weeks, of her own accounting, called the Sheriff’s Office nine times to ask for law enforcement to take a report charging Palm Coast government with larceny. (It is a misdemeanor to call for police repeatedly, and local residents have been arrested for abusing the 911 system for less, though Weeks called a non-emergency line.)

Manfre, in an interview this morning, said the city was in its rights to remove signs. Audibly impatient with the issue, he said, “We had already talked to the state attorney ahead of all this knowing what her propensity is to take things to the next level.” But law enforcement, he said, need not be involved in the matter. “This is not the time you have those issues. I assume we’ll have more of those issues in the November presidential election where people tend to vote five, six times the amount they do in these off-year elections. We haven’t seen any, we haven’t heard any complaints.”

On Wednesday, at what should have been a routine and very brief canvassing board meeting, she asked that County Judge Melissa Moore-Stens intervene and herself–using her title as judge and canvassing board chairperson–negotiate with Palm Coast to resolve the parking issue.  The meting, with Moore-Stens and County Commission Chairman George Hanns present (as well as alternate board member and Commissioner Charlie Ericksen and County Attorney Al Hadeed), and Moore-Stens taken away from her court duties, stretched to three hours in the morning, was recessed, and convened again at 4 p.m., so Moore-Stens would have had time to confer with the chief judge of the Seventh Judicial Circuit on the issue–or non-issue, as most officials see it–that Weeks was raising.

Canvassing board parameters are clear: the board is to canvass votes, oversee tabulation and recounts  and tabulation equipment, and report to the division of elections on the election’s conduct. The board’s members do not get involved in matters beyond those parameters. The judge in the hour-long afternoon portion of Wednesday’s canvassing board meeting said she would not intervene in the matter with Palm Coast, but said Hadeed, the county attorney, would mediate the matter between Weeks and the city.

“The agreement, as most contracts often are, can be subject to interpretation,” the judge said during the meeting, “and I think Mr. Hadeed’s goal is to clarify the interpretation in a way that satisfies both sides, without the need for any litigation on this matter.”

“I would think that the way the provision in the interlocal agreement is written,” Weeks countered, “that the city shall remove no election-related signage, with the exception of candidate campaign signs, leave very little to be misinterpreted.”

That’s not the case, Hadeed told her, citing the example of putting “adornments” on, say, spaces for the disabled, which would violate the law–and would compel the city to remove them, legally. And that’s precisely what Weeks had done.

The signs Weeks is concerned about at the Community Center have not disappeared. They had been removed by the city’s code enforcement, because the city considers Weeks’s realignment of some parking spaces there, ostensibly to reserve spaces for voters, improper, and not in her purview, particularly with regard to spaces for disabled drivers.  Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon had told Weeks as much in a detailed email the morning of Aug. 15, last Friday, so she knew without a doubt who had removed signs and with what authority.

“Other than activities directly associated with voting, you have no authority at the Community Center,” Landon wrote Weeks. “In the parking lot, your only authority is to enforce the boundary where, by law, campaigning is not allowed.” Weeks had improperly–and illegally–created some spaces for disabled drivers as part of her reserving a slew of parking spaces for voters at the Community Center, in contravention of city rules. “Could you imagine your reaction if someone attached another sign to your campaign boundary regulatory sign?” Landon pointedly asked her. 

And referring to Luanne Santangelo, the city’s parks and recreation director, Landon himself left little room for interpretation: “I have directed Ms. Santangelo and City Code Enforcement Officers to remove any signs or other items attached or placed on these regulatory signs or within the entire handicap parking spaces.  I request that you respect this law and stop placing signs or other items of any kind in our regulatory required parking spaces. If you do not grant this request, City staff will continue to remove such items.”

Landon went further, explaining specifically what was happening with signs, why, and with what alternative should a parking issue arise: “She has delivered your removed signs to the poll workers, only to have them returned to the parking lot. So as an alternative, Ms. Santangelo started to leave these excessive voter-only signs face-down in our parking lot and will continue to do so when we have other customers to accommodate. She has left more than enough voter-only signs to accommodate the amount of voters’ vehicles at the Center at any given time. This has worked well and she will continue to manage our parking lot in this manner.  If at any time it is reported to you that voters cannot find a convenient parking space at the Community Center please let Ms. Santangelo know and she will attempt to help make sure voters can quickly find a space.”

All this on Friday morning. So Weeks knew clearly what was happening to some of her signs, why, and how she could get relief. Nothing remotely criminal or inappropriate was taking place, other than what had triggered the minor hic-up in the first place: Weeks’s own tampering with handicapped signs, and her overly extensive and, given the minute turn-out and the absolute absence of any parking issue, extension of voter-only parking spaces.

Three days later, Weeks takes on Sheriff Manfre, appeals to the State Attorney’s Office for action, and claims “larceny” was taking place at the Community Center. In her answer to Landon Friday afternoon, she claimed the city was not upholding the terms of the agreement she and the city had signed earlier this year. That agreement was the result of three months of frustrating and contrived wrangles over who may use the Community Center and to what extent. (Weeks still contends that the building is hers to use as she wishes at election time. The city disagrees.)

Weeks was not going to win the parking-space spat. She focused on what minor property was seized from her office.

“I contacted the State Attorney’s office and said I’ve been without my property for several days,” she said in an interview immediately following the canvassing board meeting Wednesday. “I’ve asked for the property back, they took the property and it deprived us from being able to use the property. If it had been anybody else for any other thing I believe it would be considered larceny, so I want a report written.”

Click On:

Thursday afternoon, Melissa Clark, the managing assistant state attorney Weeks had contacted regarding Manfre, sent her a letter reiterating what Weeks had already been told by at least three agencies: that her dispute with Palm Coast is a civil matter, not a criminal matter, and that she should resolve it as any contractual dispute might be resolved.

Based on state law, Clark told Weeks, “it is clear that Palm Coast Code Enforcement is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the handicap parking within their city limit.” Clark referred to Landon’s email that had put Weeks on notice regarding what was taking place and why, and concluded on the matter of Weeks’s agreement with the city, which Weeks is interpreting differently than the city. “This agreement,” Clark wrote, “is the equivalent of a civil contract and as such any breach of this agreement is a civil matter that should be taken up with the City of Palm Coast and/or the civil court system.”

But that’s already happening: Hadeed, the county attorney, is mediating the dispute, such as it is.

And even the matter of the city allegedly holding the signs was resolved, and may never have been an issue. “The city either returned the signs to the poll workers or kept them at the front desk of the Community Center until they were requested,” Virginia Smith, the city clerk, wrote in an email near 4 p.m. today. “All signs were picked up by SOE’s office this morning at the Community Center. The City is not in possession of any election related signs.”

The current dispute mirrors a previous dispute Weeks had with the city, over the conduct of the city’s election and the way it enacted charter and ordinance changes that switched its elections to even years. Weeks contended that the city had acted improperly. A slew of lawyers, locally and at the state level, told Weeks she was wrong, that the city was on strong ground, and that she should move on. Weeks, who is not a lawyer, continued to dispute the lawyers’ conclusions. The same pattern is developing in the current dispute, with Weeks disputing Palm Coast’s, the county’s, the Sheriff’s Office’s interpretations, if not the State Attorney’s. The State Attorney’s Office’s letter echoes one Sid Nowell, the Sheriff’s Office’s attorney, sent weeks last week, declaring the issue a civil matter for mediation, nothing further.

But Weeks said at the canvassing board meeting that she intended to see to it that Palm Coast not hold special events, or bridge gatherings, or private parties, at the Community Center, during early voting days in the future, so it does not interfere with the election, even though there clearly has not been a parking issue regardless of what events are held at the center. Weeks had designated 22 parking spots for early voting at the center.

When Hadeed outlined his intentions in mediation, saying it would address and presumably resolve the parking issues and the return of any signs being held by the city, Weeks cut him off: “Excuse me for just a moment though,” she said. “That’s with the understanding they don’t hold bridge or some other unauthorized purpose in that building that the building is not intended for, and fill that parking space to not allow the disabled voters to have a place to park. You can’t say there’s six handicapped parking spaces in that building and that that’s sufficient when they’re holding other functions at the same time that we’re holding elections, and then allow people there for birthday parties or city council meetings or for bridge or whatever they may have going on at that time, to be able to first come first serve, take that parking and still not have the appropriate parking available to meet the voters’ needs.”

Haans, the county commission chairman and member of the canvassing board who’s had his issues with Palm Coast, seconded Weeks: “The election process has to be unhindered in that area, and just because you have the place full, they don’t have the priority over parking,” Hanns said.

Absent from the discussion, however, was evidence of any issues with voter parking.

Weeks does post evidence of turnout in early voting. Through Wednesday, the Community Center had drawn just 742 voters in 10 days of voting, an average of 74 voters per day, or fewer than 10 voters an hour, though 22 parking spots were reserved for voters.

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41 Responses for ““Derelict” Sheriff! Call In a Judge! Accuse Palm Coast of Larceny! Elections Supervisor Weeks Goes Unhinged.”

  1. tulip says:

    It looks like Mr.Meeker calling her a bitch is an understatement.

  2. Time to step in says:

    It might be time for Governor Scott to step in and remove her from office. Her behavior is disruptive to government and the elections. Ms. Weeks is clearly overstepping her bounds again and is likely violating the American’s with Disabilities Act by tampering with handicap parking spaces. It seems she might have a mental health or personality disorder because she clearly has issues with hearing from other authority figures that she is wrong and cannot accept it when she clearly is.

  3. Moe Syzlak says:

    Appears Mr. Meeker was correct.

  4. KB63 says:

    Enough, Ms. Weeks, just plain & simply enough. I have agreed with some of the stuff you have done & I fully agree that the Palm Coast City Commission thinks they can do whatever they want at any time but for goodness sake, pull up your big girl panties and pick your fights more wisely & more professionally. Calling everyone in the county because you are having another full blown hissy fit is more than the voters want to hear right now with all the other slandering going on. Do your job – be a PROFESSIONAL, no one calls the Sheriff’s office 9 times, your like a 3 year old demanding to be heard.

  5. concern says:

    SO Meeker was right?

  6. Dlf says:

    This is a surprise?

  7. confidential says:

    Can we have some peace in these current elections other than distortion, insults, signs snatching, name calling and so much disagreement? Lets take example after our voters that arrive to cast with big smiles and jokingly commenting about the absence of enough peers aka voter apathy, at the precincts. SOE probably envisioning and being cautious about what will really happen regarding parking on Primary and General Elections Day for our disadvantaged and elderly voters, as are numerous here.
    Signs are expensive and if taken out for valid or invalid reason, should be handed back to SOE. She would not be thinking were stolen if were given back to her.


    I’ve got a feeling Frank Meeker is kicking back somewhere with a cold one saying (to himself this time), “Yeah. Not Surprised. Not surprised one bit.”

  9. Derrick R. says:

    Is The Drama Queen off her meds again. The parking is for every one. In fact I saw similar signs plastered right outside of her fiefdom this past Saturday , where there were placed atop of the handicapped signage. Funnier still was besides my car an elderly couple campaigning for Mr. Fisher and the cars that belonged to the few workers the place was a ghost town. Which makes one ponder is this early voting really necessary &how much taxpayers money is wasted for it. I mean really other places have an elections and do it on one. Day from opening the polls at 0600 and closing them at 9PM. Seems like if you value your fundamental right to vote and believe in your candidate then there’s ample time to get to the polls.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was actually confused about the signage atop the handicap spaces. I have a handicap family member and went to park at the library and was like “what?”. You can’t do this, she is messing with the ADA act which the county is in compliance with. I don’t see parking as a huge issue for early voting.

  10. Percy's mother says:

    So what was the big deal about Frank Meeker’s comment? He spoke the truth. The woman obviously has “issues” everyone is aware of that. To crucify Frank Meeker the other day was just mudraking.

  11. rst says:

    I think she lost her marbles; perhaps a good candidate for a Stewart-Marchman Act.

  12. wolley segap says:

    If someone takes something from you, depriviving you of your use of it, it is theft regardless of whether she was right or wrong in the first place. She asked for a report and was denied a report from the sheriff about her complaint. She may be a little overboard but who is the sheriff to deny any taxpayer a report no matter how frivolous it may seem?

    • tomc says:

      Hurray for Landon and Manfre.
      It’s a shame they have to waste time with an airhead like Weeks.

    • anonymous says:

      The sheriff is not legally allowed to intervene in civil matters. Had he taken a report, he could be held liable for attempting to enforce a civil contract. In essence, him acting would have violated the rights of the other party in the contract (palm coast.) The sheriff is THE person who can determine whether a criminal report is taken.

      • wolley segap says:

        The sheriffs office also takes non criminal reports. Had the incident just been documented it may not have gone as far as it did.

  13. PJ says:

    Calling 9 times what is the High School????

    What a non-professional.

    Thanks Elton John for the song……………………..PJ

  14. Pride of Cucamonga says:

    This is all fairly odd. Now, that’s a polite way of saying it sounds kind of nuts.

  15. Heading North says:

    And everyone wonders why after being in and around Flagler and it’s politics, politicos, “Constitutional Officers” etc for over 30 years I moved the heck out of there????
    All these comments answer that for me!!
    Good luck to the taxpayers of Flagler County! I wish you well.

  16. Enlightened says:

    Wow! I take back what I said last week now that I know the whole story. Sorry, Mr. Meeker. You called this one. To Kimberly Weeks: You might want to change your meds. They are not working.

  17. AC718 says:

    [Note: FlaglerLive requires commenters who are directly involved in the article on which they are commenting to identify themselves fully by name. Typically, it’s public officials, and most gracefully comply, though we cannot always enforce the rule, and those who want to deceive can do so relatively easily. We also require commenters to use one handle, as using multiple handles is deceptive, and suggests that more voices than one share that commenter’s ideas. The following five comments appear to break both those rules. The five comments were submitted from the same origin under five different handles (“AC718,” “Anonymous,” “Common Sense,” “Unidentified” and “Gotcha,” within 41 minutes). We are certain beyond a doubt that they originated from county government’s servers, suggesting very strongly that the comments are originating from the supervisor’s office. We ask that the commenter be less deceptive, less abusive of commenters’ privilege, more forthcoming, and perhaps a little less rude.–FL]

    7:51 p.m.: The law (Florida Statutes 101.71(5) Public, tax-supported buildings shall be made available for use as polling places upon the request of the supervisor of elections). allows Mrs. Weeks to use the building (Palm Coast Community Center) as a polling place, so why is the City of Palm Coast scheduling anything in that building to create voters to compete for parking? The City needs to back off, stop being bullies and let this woman serve the voters.

    Resolution 2000-96 also states “Whereas, the City of Palm Coast has requested that Flagler County transfer certain real property (known as the Community Center) to the City of Palm Coast in order to provide government services to the citizens of palm Coast” so why is the City holding bridge, yahatzee, or anything else that is not a government service in that building. Sounds to me the city makes up their own rules as they go.

    As has already been reported in the PCO there is an Interlocal Agreement in place between the SOE and the CIty and the City is not to remove any election related signs, with the exception of Candidate Campaign Signs, and the City is not to interfere with the SOE’s discretion as to what is needed or deemed to be necessary tot carry out her duties and responsibilities of conducting both the primary and general elections, so again, why is the City interfering—are they trying to influence the election and control the outcome??

    The City says the SOE violated the law, but no Statute or confirmation of this exists. And really, if the law was violated I am sure law enforcement would have been called since law enforcement is in collusion at trying to derail the Supervisor.

    Today all 6 disabled parking spaces at the Community Center were taken for hours by non voters and voters with disabilities had no handicapped parking available for them. From reading Florida Statutes 553.5041(4) (c) The number of parking spaces for persons who have disabilities must be increased on the basis of demonstrated and document need. I guess we could then say, Landon and the City are in violation of the law as this was demonstrated and documented.

    Voting is for 2 weeks, it is time the City grow up and stop influencing our elections.

    The Sheriff should be ashamed of disrespecting the Supervisor and failing to protect the law. He should investigated and listened to the Supervisor and threw Landon and his company out of the guest house because the Supervisor had every right to be there, and has the law on her side.

    8:11 p.m.: The City cannot produce anything confirming they met all the requirements to modify their city charger following the 2011 elections…….talk is cheap FlaglerLive, show us the evidence, not some attorney’s opinion. Weeks asked for a formal opinion, did the city refuse to get it because they wanted to conceal the truth? Weeks may not be a lawyer but she sure needs to take these matters before the court so not so much confidence is put into what the County Attorney, Al Hadeed and the City Attorney have to say. I encourage you FlaglerLive to get the City to obtain the formal opinion so we will know the truth….why not? Put up or shut up.

    8:11 p.m.: The City needs to read their law book —

    “That agreement was the result of three months of frustrating and contrived wrangles over who may use the Community Center and to what extent. (Weeks still contends that the building is hers to use as she wishes at election time. The city disagrees.”

    Florida Statues 101.71(5) specifically states “Public, tax-supported buildings shall be made available for use as polling places upon the request of the supervisor of elections”.

    What is there not to understand about that? The city never should have given the Supervisor or Elections any flack of whether she could use the building or what room in the building she could use; she’s entitled to the building…..not just some part of it!

    The problem is with the city is they bully their way and they always get away with things that they shouldn’t.

    At least Commissioner Hanns has some common sense to state the following: “Haans, the county commission chairman and member of the canvassing board who’s had his issues with Palm Coast, seconded Weeks: “The election process has to be unhindered in that area, and just because you have the place full, they don’t have the priority over parking,” Hanns said”.

    8:25 p.m.: We don’t need to rely on Manfre’s judgment, he is the one who drove a county owned car out of state to visit family on the tax payers dime and…….you know the rest of the story! CROOKED…….google that Jim!

    8:30 p.m.: Next time maybe Palm Coast Code Enforcement will take a voting machine so they can conduct their own election or at least change the results to their desire to put on the Council who they want. No worries, the Sheriff won’t even do a report……the city and the Sheriff will act like it didn’t happen……is that also like a cover up?

    Sounds to me like the collaboration between Landon and the Sheriff is corruption at its finest!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Another person to vote out when her time comes. This election we only vote out present city and county commissioners that are running.

  19. Jim O says:

    O.K. listen up.. We are seeing a pattern here… Ms. Weeks is off her rocker.
    Come on Man. Someone call her out.

    • Biker says:

      It is clear at this point that Ms Weeks is unstable. I would hope that the powers that be are petitioning the Governors office for her removal. Regardless of whether she is crazy or just dumb she needs to be removed to assure a fair and unfettered election.

    • Brad says:


      She has been calling herself out for 8 years now and especially over the last year and a half. She has no care about voting which is why our voter turnout levels have dropped to very dangerous levels starting when she took over as Supervisor. All of this is once again using the office and wasting our $90,000+/year to pay her salary so she can carry out childish personal vendettas.

      Let’s sum it up:

      1. She cares about access to voting? In 2012 Kimberle Weeks made the conscious decision to reduce the number of early voting locations to 2 when we could have had a third – the Flagler Beach City Hall. Why? Well, she cited “not enough turnout” but in reality where would those voters most likely go next? To the Supervisor of Elections Office where she could campaign right from the comfort of her own office.

      2. She is concerned about people soliciting voters at polling locations will turn voters away? She had her own daughter and two little grandsons posted at the Library in 2012 for hours and days on end to approach and hand out her campaign paraphernalia.

      3. This past year when the City of Palm Coast partnered with the Florida Secretary of State to intervene over her behavior and that office directed her to cooperate, Ms. Weeks made statements eluding to the idea that she is “untouchable” and accountable to no one. Is that the kind of attitude you want sitting in our elections Office overseeing our votes?!

      4. This past year she held the City of Palm Coast’s elections hostage while throwing her infantile power-driven temper tantrums.

      The list goes on and on. Yes, Mr. Meeker was wrong. There are far better more polite phrase to use to describe her such as childish, delusional, waste of our tax dollars, ridiculous, and the list goes on.

      Yes, she does need to go. Enough is enough.

  20. bychoice says:

    You go girl!

  21. Will says:

    Strawberry ice cream. Marbles. Didn’t Herman Wouk write about this, changing the names to protect the innocent?

  22. Winny says:

    Anger management classes seem to be in order. To much history of emotional meltdowns with this elected official. I would hate to have to work in that office.

  23. Anonymous says:

    PC thinks they are Palm Beach with all of their uppity rules. Candidates should be able to post their signs so Voters can get a good look at their view points, i.e. against Red Light Cameras.

  24. Michael says:

    She needs to sit down, shut up or resign, simple you are the SOE not the Queen of Flagler County

  25. bunnell native says:

    Time to VOTE HER OUT!!!! Enough is enough!

  26. Robert Lewis says:

    When I first went into a voting booth, I was excited. It was a privilege to take part in an election. When I see Ms. Weeks, I see a poor public manager exceeding her constitutional authority. Ms. Weeks job is to perform the duties of the law, nothing more – nothing less. She is an embarrassment.

  27. Sherry Epley says:

    Fantastic reporting Flaglerlive!

    However, not only am I disturbed by the behavior of Ms Weeks and the offensive name calling my Mr. Meeker. . . but now the stealthy, unprofessional comments originating from the county supervisor’s office!!! It appears the dysfunction of our county government runs deeper than many suspected.

    How embarrassing and troubling for our community! Unfortunately, with awful county commissioner candidates like Dennis McDonald, our choices are extremely limited!

    I hate to say it, really. . . but although we need to completely clean out this “rats nest” of unethical, unprofessional people in our local government, it appears there is no way to make that happen in the short term.

  28. Bob says:

    If in fact all the comments made by AC718 came from the county government servers, I would be curious to know if that would be in violation of any laws.

  29. carol bennett says:

    This is exactly what we need, more people like Mrs. Weeks!!! Public figures that will stand up and fight the tyrants in this city and in local government. Don’t let anyone oppress you Mrs. Weeks. Keep it up. You are a strong woman, hurrah to you!!!!!

  30. Ron R. says:

    How can there be so much ongoing drama surrounding this relatively mundane elected position of Supervisor of Elections?

    There is something very wrong here.

  31. HonkeyDude says:

    This is a great comic. I needed a good laugh. Can’t wait to read more comments and/or articles. Flagler Elections Gone Wild!

  32. Raloh Belcher says:

    Did we have this much drama when Peggy Rae Border was SOE? Doesn’t strike me as such.

  33. KMedley says:

    At this time, I would like to address either the one person who chose to create five different screen names or the five personalities who took time to provide commentary on this subject matter, within 41 minutes, by using government servers.

    Section 101.71(5) does not apply to Early Voting. That section is specific to polling place locations for election day, not Early Voting.

    Section 101.657 outlines what is to be done for Early Voting sites. The beginning of Section 101.657(1)(a) reads as follows:

    (1)(a) As a convenience to the voter, the supervisor of elections shall allow an elector to vote early in the main or branch office of the supervisor. The supervisor shall mark, code, indicate on, or otherwise track the voter’s precinct for each early voted ballot. In order for a branch office to be used for early voting, it shall be a permanent facility of the supervisor and shall have been designated and used as such for at least 1 year prior to the election. The supervisor may also designate any city hall, permanent public library facility, fairground, civic center, courthouse, county commission building, stadium, convention center, government-owned senior center, or government-owned community center as early voting sites; however, if so designated, the sites must be geographically located so as to provide all voters in the county an equal opportunity to cast a ballot, insofar as is practicable.”

    Early voting is provided as a convenience to the voter and the SOE SHALL allow a voter to early vote in the main or branch office of the SOE. The SOE MAY designate other locations that include a community center and a public library, not SHALL. The statute does not provide Weeks with a mandate to essentially commandeer either the library or community center for the elections. She has the discretion to begin Early Voting on the 10th day prior to an election; she does not need to begin it on the 15th day before.

    Resolution 2000-96 is not the governing document for the community center; the deed is and there are not any restrictions on the deed. Your argument is based on a false premise.

    The evidence that supports the actions the City took in order to have its elections coincide with county elections is found in the City Charter and the Florida Statutes. You need to read all of the sections; not slivers.

    As reported, “evidence of any issues with voter parking” has not been provided, so Section 553.5041(4)(c), F.S., does not seem to apply.

    I realize I have provided quite a bit of information; but, perhaps if this is divided among the personalities who took time to submit comments, the research won’t take that long.

    If Weeks is in the office sending comments using multiple screen names, that may cause some to stop for a moment, think about the effort, and ultimately dismiss these as the actions of someone who, as reported, “is unhinged”.

    If these comments were submitted by others, in coordination with Weeks and/or at her instruction, then we need to ask if the folks that were in the office, after Early Voting hours had ended, were election personnel; and, if not, who was in the office, using a government server to submit these comments, with access to ballots during an ongoing election?

  34. Will says:

    Your capacity for research has always amazed me KMedley, and I appreciate that as a result of that, the electorate is better informed. Thank you.

  35. Seminole Pride says:

    With little turnout for early voting, I suggest those that want to vote early go down to the SOE office and vote. This would save money by not opening up precinct.with the small number of early voters who have turned out, only 742 voters in 10 days this should let you know Kimberle that you’re not using common sense here, and certainly not conserving your budget in the best interest of us taxpayers. If people want to vote early let them go down to your office.Kimberle you need to become more business conscious, and tighten up that checkbook.

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