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Weekend Mayhem: Machete Attack Over Voodoo, Child Abuse, Hit-and-Run; 3 Jailed

| July 8, 2013

From left,  Jordan Marrero, Sean Goodison and Roodlyn Mompremier.

From left, Jordan Marrero, Sean Goodison and Roodlyn Mompremier.

Three unrelated but violent incidents in Palm Coast capped a July 4 weekend by landing three of their alleged perpetrators at the Flagler County jail. All three arrests took place within a span of seven hours on Friday (July 5), between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The previous night, a victim who lives with her child on Barkley Lane would later report to police that throughout the night she’d received insistent texts from her ex-boyfriend, Sean Goodison. One of the texts read: “If you don’t answer I’m coming over.” He hadn’t lived there for over a year. The victim put the phone on silent and went to bed.

She was woken up at 6:30 the morning of the 5th. Goodison, 26, of 12 Weber Lane in Palm Coast, was banging on a window that faces the backyard, according to his arrest report. He was yelling at her to open the door. She refused. He then went to the sliding door, continuing to yell, and according to the report called her names and threatened to kill her.

The victim took her young child to a bedroom. At that point, according to the report, Goodison broke the kitchen window and went in the house and allegedly attacked her, throwing her on the ground and holding her down, and choking her. Goodison, according to the victim, again threatened to kill her. When the victim would manage get up, Goodison would throw her down again.

Throughout the struggle, the victim’s child was nearby, witnessing the violence. This, according to a police report, went on for 45 minutes as Goodison would not allow the victim or her child to leave the house. Goodison, according to the report, repeatedly called the victim a piece of shit, slapped her, pulled her hair, flipped furniture and at one point tried to pry the child off of the victim. The victim pleaded with Goodison to leave.

The victim told police that there was a history of violence between them. In May 2012, court records show, the victim took out an injunction for protection against Goodison. In 2006, he faced a charge of assaulting a Flagler Beach police officer. In 2009, a charge against him of domestic battery was dropped. Just a week ago he was charged in Flagler Beach for driving on a suspended license.

When a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the victim’s house, Goodison’s brother Lloyd Goodison was there, as she had called him for help. Lloyd told police that he believes his brother to be using drugs heavily, and that “Sean needs help before he kills someone.” The victim told cops that he Sean Goodison had told her that morning that he’d already cut someone’s throat the previous evening.

Cops learned that Goodison had been staying at his girlfriend’s house on Weber Lane, where they found him and arrested him. He was charged with domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, child abuse and burglary. He posted $18,500 bond and was released.

The second incident took place three hours after the first. Three cars were struck on the east side of Royal Palms Parkway, near Belle Terre Parkway, by a four-door tan Ford registered to Jordan Marrero, 23, of 1 Woodhaven Drive in Palm Coast. The drivers at the wheels of the struck cars were able to take down the license plate number of the Ford.

The driver of a 2000 Cadillac Catera, Marcus Smothers, 27, of Palm Coast, was not injured. Juan Mallorca, 49, of Palm Coast, was at the wheel of a 2006 Trailblazer. He was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler with neck and back pain. Rebecca Hunt, 21, of Palm Coast, was also taken to Florida Hospital Flagler. She was at the wheel of a 2007 Honda.

Marrero was located at 51 Woodhaven Drive. The 2009 Ford he was allegedly driving sustained substantial front-end damage, according to his arrest report. He was not injured. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and taken to the county jail. He posted $1,000 bond and was released. He’s been booked at the jail at least five times in the past few years, on minor drug possession charges, theft and probation violation. The address in his jail bookings is listed as 30 Russo Drive in Palm Coast.

The third incident took place around 1 p.m. the same day.

Steeve Leveille.

Steeve Leveille.

When a deputy arrived at 18B Pinehurst Lane in Palm Coast, Steeve Leveille was trying to clean the trunk of a vehicle in the driveway, even though he was soaked in blood, and a large cut on his left hand and a large gash behind his left ear.

Leveille, 24, told police that two men—Phyda Oleus, a 20-year-old resident of Renfro Lane in Palm Coast, and Roodlyn Mompremier, 29, of 85 Royal Oak Drive in Palm Coast, attacked him. As Leveille explained it, Mompremier is dating Leveille’s sister. Leveille’s family doesn’t approve. A voodoo curse was leveled on the sister, though it’s not clear how or by whom: the police report states inexplicably that Mompremier is the source of the voodoo curse.

Leveille told police that Mompremier was wielding a machete, running up to him and threatening to kill him, and striking him by making a move toward his head with the weapon. Leveille defensively raised his arm, and got cut on the hand. The weapon, he said, ricocheted off the hand and struck him on the side of the head as well. He fell to the ground. He claimed that both men then fell on top of him, with Oleus allegedly only punching him while Mompremier tried to strike him with the machete.

When a neighbor came out and yelled that she’d be calling cops, the alleged assailants fled. The neighbor told police that Leveille had been in his driveway with another man called Lonnie when a green car stopped in the middle of the road and “three black males jumped out of the vehicle and began attacking both Steeve and Lonnie with what she described as two long shiny objects which she believed to be machetes,” the police report states. The witness said Lonnie fled the scene during the attack. Leveille’s sister also witnessed the alleged attack.

It would be almost 24 hours before deputies located Mompremier, booking him at the county jail on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His mug shot shows him to have a large square bandage on the back of his head. He remains at the jail Monday, on $10,000 bond.

His record lists him as a habitual jail offender, with a previous arrest on an aggravated assault charge in 2010, and a 2009 charge of attempted murder, shooting a deadly missile and possessing a short-barrel shotgun. That case was closed in March 2011 after the attempted murder and gun-possession charges were dropped and Mompremier pleaded no contest to a charge of improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. Then-Circuit Judge Raul Zambrano withheld adjudication.

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37 Responses for “Weekend Mayhem: Machete Attack Over Voodoo, Child Abuse, Hit-and-Run; 3 Jailed”

  1. one who knows says:

    We do not need this. Throw the book at them.

    • Ben Dover says:

      Why was a habitual offender who just invaded a house beat and terrorized a woman and a child threatened to kill them both given bail , and a pretty low bail considering his record and the nature of the crime, are they waiting for him to kill someone before putting him in prison, how many chances do these thugs get, this town is exceedingly turning into the Bronx, and we have city counsel to thank for that, they build us a nice movie theater, and shopping center , then build tenements behind it , nothing but glorified slum lords , love the un matching ghetto fencing they lined Belle Terre with , looks like a mix of bicycle racks and industrial fencing , very Homey , these people need to go , now that the red light turn and them having to recalibrate the lights to what they were pre camera`s, when they rigged them to piss us off and try and run them was taken away……… they now feel they might be a mistake, ya gotta love it, what`s next, they already raised our water bills , try and fine us if a blade of grass is too long, turned our parks into crime scenes, every time they make a mistake , they make bigger ones to fix them , just because you bought too much land at the wrong time to buy it , doesn t mean you get to sell it to the first slum lord that comes knocking , but thats what they`ve done , they`ve done it consistantly too , instead of section 8`s being limited to duplex housing , they change the rules and let them in every empty house in our neighborhoods, these are drug dealers , plain and simple, they get a woman pregnant 4 and 5 times , get food stamps and free housing then bring drugs and all the residual crime that goes with it, I need all you readers to take this in and remember it come election time, get rid of these people who have ruined our city , its too late now the damage is done , just don t reward them for continuing to get paid for ruining what was once a safe, pleasant place to live.

      • Magnolia says:

        @Ben Dover, you are seeing tenements because those who own major portions of town center are losing their shirts, just like the old hospital. Why are we being told we must pay millions for that? It’s not worth it.

        Look for everything at town center to be up for sale. They guys will take what they can get. The Council should not have been allowed to do this without a referendum on the ballot re the comprehensive plan.

        We need to lose the City Manger before the whole county is ghetto. We have a large number of group homes now popping up in residential neighborhoods. The Manager and his cronies on the council are killing our property values.

    • gator says:

      it does not matter if thay throw the book at them ,thay will be out , and do it again, we need to send them back were thay came from.we never had this kind of trouble before pc came here. so what does that tell you…………..

    • Anonymous says:

      No instead we give them bond….


    Ah, but let’s not forget they were also choir boys at one time, so just give them all a slap on the wrist and release them to cause more havoc. Liberal thinking you gotta love it !

    • The Truth says:

      Why must everything be turned into a liberal vs. conservative point of view? No one, regardless of their political beliefs, believe that someone with intent to harm deserves to be let free so easily.

  3. Dr Know says:

    Voodoo…really, really. What the hell ever happened to education ? Palm Coast is turning into a third-world country with all the “stalled evolution” to go along with it. Past pathetic its America turning “TRIBAL”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you people talk about the people on the west side, look at the craz people in pc

  5. Magnolia says:

    This is going to end badly for somebody. Each of these three is a violent felon and they aren’t going to stop until they are stopped.

    Goodison, for one, should not have been released on bail. He tried to kill somebody. He won’t stop until he does.

    • Ron says:

      I agree – Goodison should have never been released. I can’t imagine what the thinking was behind the decision to let him out on bail.

      I say put him in jail and let his new girlfriend (a.k.a. cellmate) give him a taste of his own medicine.

  6. Sgt Saber says:

    America, bring back ” Chain Gangs “.

  7. Linda says:

    This is uncivilized behavior. There are some that simply cannot be allowed to live amongst us.
    If this report is accurate, then we can trust a jury to decide the same, and hope that a judge gives them the maximum sentence allowed.

  8. blondee says:

    What the h*ll is happening to Palm Coast? We need to just get a giant broom and sweep all these lowlifes over to Daytona!

  9. A.S.F. says:

    Why do these judges believe they have to grant everybody bail? At least make it an amount that the perp would be less likely to to be able to scrounge up! I wonder who the fool was who helped Goodisen with his bail? If he does hurt anyone while out on said bail, I hope whoever the vicitm-in-waiting might be will be inclined to bring a civil suit against them (unless it’s the same person who helped him make said bail…thinking, “Oh no way he would EVER do that to ME.)

  10. Dlf says:

    We could have been in Chicago titis weekend 12 killed and over 56 wounded,where is this story? Oh, I forgot that is black on black and the liberal press only reports white on black shootings.

  11. Gia says:

    It’s money talk, the system wants that way. Send that vermin to a Russian prison.

  12. BeachsideBiz says:

    I agree with Magnolia. They are career criminals. We need to get rid of these kind of dangerous menaces. Had I known inicidents like this when I bought my home this year, I would NEVER have bought in Palm Coast.

  13. David Bonner says:

    The criminal justice system is a revolving door. Their should have been no bond for that scumbag Sean Goodison. I agree, he will not stop even though their is a restraint order against him. People like him do not last long. Karma has a way of biting them in the arse. I am the victims dad , btw.

  14. Friends says:

    There are the faces of Flagler county. Maybe if we install more red light cameras crime will go down.

    • The Truth says:

      These are not the faces of Flagler County. There is too much good in this area to give that honor to these low lifes. They are criminals who happen to live in our area. They are far from what our community is all about.

  15. The Truth says:

    Once again, it seems many of us forget that we live in a community of over 90,000 residents if you include Flagler Beach and Bunnell and the outer areas of the county. We cannot avoid crime. Our crime rate is much lower than many other areas of this size. We have sites like Flagler Live that report this information for us so when we see it we just assume it’s really bad. Based on our population, we are not in as bad of shape as we think we are. We do need to have a good handle on this and I believe our current Sheriff does have this. Hopefully, our crime rate will continue to stay low but let’s not jump to conclusions.

  16. brian says:

    palm coast has turned into a real cesspool…the criminals are in charge and its getting worse day by day, if thats even possible..

  17. Outsider says:

    Now you know why I got out of Calm Poast…..aka “Loserville.”

  18. Joe Joe says:

    It looks like The Truth is one of the few in here who actually know what they are talking about. Flagler is a pretty large community and the crime rate is actually VERY low. Flaglerlive reports on all the crime, as that is what it is here for. But when people post “palm coast has tuned into a cesspool” and “the criminals are in charge” it just show how ignorant and uninformed so many people really are…you wanna see crime go to Chicago, or Detroit, or East LA…..

  19. Binkey says:

    Palm Coast has become an easy spot for undesirables. Lots of low cost rentals and people shacking up with each other. A county police force that is spread thin and a jail with little capacity. Active drug market with trading happening in parking lots of our 24 hour businesses etc. I hate to say it but, PC needs to make it more difficult to have these low cost rentals. People get into a house, pay first, last and deposit and never pay again. Then it takes 6 months to get them out and they just bounce to the next desperate landlord. They should designate no crime neighborhoods and ban convicted criminals from renting in those areas. Of course the R section might be empty then.

    Mompriemier sounds Haitian and so does Oleus. There is a voodoo culture in some of the Haitian community.

  20. AMOS says:

    “HABITUAL OFFENDER” is The Key Word that Allows our Judges to Give These Career Criminals Maximum Prison Time !!! For The “SMERK” on Mr. Goodison’s Face, A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words, Cant Wait for Karma To kick in, As Randy Travis Sings, ” It’s Just a Matter of Time ‘ We Just A Hope A Victim of His Doesen’t Run out of Time First !!! Once Again You All have to Remember That they Must be proven “GUILTY” Again, So Unfortunately A Judge Must Set Bond. ( At Least in These 3 Cases) If these 3 Continue The Path They Have Chose, They Will End Up at Lake Butler’s Reception Center & The “SMERK” will Turn to “TEARS” Because The Playground These Guys are Used to Here in The Flagler Jail is OVER!!! They Have O Tolerance, & Its A WHOLE NEW WORLD !!! We are Not Knocking Flaglers Detention Center or it’s Staff, Just Stating “FACT” With All the Talk of Cutting Police Services Lately, Our Sheriff’s Dept. Loosing Veteran Officers Who know Every inch of this County as Well as Its residents, We Do Agree that the $ Spent on Traffic Light Cameras( We hear its $7000.00 a Month Rental Per Camera X 35 Cameras) and Going to Add Many More???? Not Sure if the $ per Month is Correct on The Cameras, if Anyone Knows for sure please Post it! We Would Much Rather See Our Law Enforcement-Rescue People Get this $, Its Becoming VERY APPARENT they Cant Keep up! Thank You All for What You Do with What You Have to Work With!!!! Thank You “FLAGLER LIVE” We Didnt Even Know or Hear Anything About This Story Until we Read Your Article!!!

    • Donnalee says:

      I’m really upset that our county would put more money into these stupid red light cameras. There is so much more important areas that the money is needed in. The county is trying to use the excuse as a way to get revenue for the city but the fact is it’s the makers of the cameras that are profiting. I would like to know why so much money is being spent on beautifying the roads with so much landscaping and benches along areas that are never gonna be used. Who are the people involved in making these decisions about so much waist of the city’s money. Where and when are the meetings for residence to get more info on how the money should be used? Do the residence of palm coast even have a say in the matter or is it only decided between the county board members ? I’m not one to like politics but after living here for 17yrs and watching the developing, the waist, the crime and the corruption of the county sheriff’s office I would like to start voicing my opinion on these matters (if it’s even possible). So many changes are needed. Does anyone have any info on how to go about getting any change done. I would like to be a part of knowing what else will be going into effect to waist more money and ignoring the more important issues that should start being focused on. Any groups, concerned citizens, or anyone else wanting changes please respond and let me know, Thank you

  21. AMOS says:

    Sorry “BLONDE” Thats Not the Answer, Just Watch the SouthSide of Flagler Beach 7 Days a Week, They are pouring in Here from D-Town. Go Check out the Beach Any Day from about S23rd St. to N14th St., Its the REAL” FLAGLER BEACH HOTEL”, Tents,Towels & Bodies Sleeping or Passed Out From What Ever They Drank The night Before!!! Some “CLOTHED” Some B.A. !!!!! Word Spreads Fast About “SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT” We have Laws & Ordinances put in Place for a Reason, But When People Who Attempt to Enforce them get “Threatened” or “Ordered” to Ignore Them, Well its a No Brainer !!!!! Hey on the Other Hand We own a Large X Golf Course Down the South End of Town, How about Building a homeless Shelter there, We are Sure a Grant is out there somewhere !!!!! Its Sure Big Enough, Out of Site Out Of Mind, & Out of the center of Our City!!!!!! Geeze Why Didn’t Our City Officials think of That !!!!! Its Got Our Vote, Maybe it Will Take Some Slack Off Our PD & Fire Dept. ??????? Yaaaa think OTIS????

  22. FedUP says:

    This just adds to my changed view point of society. I NO LONGER trust in the federal government, the militarized police force, or any other state force who CAN NOT and DO NOT protect and serve the citizens. Yes, they can protect themselves but can no longer control societies “TRIBAL” instincts, those citizens are FORCED to arm themselves and make the decision of survival for their families and themselves. Seems if you follow the LAW, you LOSE. If you try and protect your family or yourself within the boundaries of the law, you lose. Only the CRIMINAL is winning !!!

  23. Anon says:

    Judges set bond because that is the system we have in place. The amount of the bond is based in large part on the number of “points” the individuals has. Thus is he/she does not have many priors, he/she will most likely have a lower bond, depending of course on the crime. Judges do not simply make up the law as they see fit and randomly decide who should get a bond and who should not, they follow guidelines.

    • A.S.F. says:

      This is true, however, a judge can set conditions upon release. I wonder what those conditions were for Goodison. I hope they were appropriate to the dangerousness that this man poses. Too many judges do not take domestic violence seriously enough and needless tragedy results.

  24. hmm says:

    Jordan is a good kid, regardless of his history. Everybody makes mistakes. That’s how we learn. However. The other two individuals, I happen to know of and know they are of the most dangerous in the county. Roodmyer is a Zoe gang member, along with Steevie. Interesting….And Roodmyer is cold hearted, along with Goodison…. Zoes and bloods remain in the area. I promise….And they say gangs are eliminated from fc….

    • Magnolia says:

      hmmm, thanks for your comments. These are some SERIOUSLY BAD dudes. What are they doing here and why are they being allowed to remain?

  25. Shania Goodison says:

    Sean Goodison is my dad
    the child is my little sister
    and the victim is my stepmom Kelly

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