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Families Mourning Loss of Meredith Smith, 17, and Lane Burnsed, 19, Killed in Wreck

| July 27, 2012

Lane Burnsed, center, with his father, Jamey Burnsed, a captain with Flagler County Fire Rescue, and Meredith Smith, a student and cheerleader at Flagler Palm Coast High School.

Lane Burnsed, center, with his father, Jamey Burnsed, a captain with Flagler County Fire Rescue, and Meredith Smith, a student and cheerleader at Flagler Palm Coast High School. She was going to be a senior this fall.

Note: The funeral service for Lane Burnsed was scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 1, at 10 a.m., at First Baptist Church of Bunnell, 2301 Commerce Parkway. A graveside service at Espanola cemetery followed. People were then invited to Cattleman’s Hall at the county fairgrounds.

Meredith Smith, a 17-year-old student and cheerleader at Flagler Palm Coast High School, and Lane Burnsed, a 19-year-old graduate of FPC, were killed Thursday night in a wreck involving at least three vehicles on I-95 in Ormond Beach.

Burnsed was at the wheel of a Ford F-150. Smith and one of her closest friends, Tuesday Coulter, 20, of Bunnell, were passengers. Early reports of the wreck indicate that Smith was in the center of a pack of vehicles when the wreck unfolded, essentially entrapping the F150 in what followed. They were driving south, two miles south of the State Road 40 intersection, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

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Smith died at the scene. Burnsed was transported to Halifax hospital, where he died minutes after his father arrived at his bedside. His father, Jamey Burnsed, is a captain with Flagler County Fire Rescue. Smith is the daughter of Bob Smith, the public works director in Flagler Beach.

Louis Nicholas Prinzo, 22, of Ormond Beach, was at the wheel of a 4-door Ford involved in the crash. He was taken to Halifax with critical injuries, as was Doron Nirel Lyn, 30, of New York, who was at the wheel of a Chevy Blazer. None of the victims involved in the wreck were wearing seat belts, the highway patrol reports, with the exception of Burnsed.

“It is with great sadness that I must share with you the loss of one of our students,” Lynette Shott, principal at Flagler Palm Coast High School, wrote the FPC Bulldog Family this morning. “Meredith was an involved and active student and this loss will be felt heavily. I would ask that your thoughts and prayers be with her family and friends during this difficult time. Details are still pending on the accident. We will share this information as it is received and impacts our FPC family. We are a tight knit community at FPC and the loss of any of our own is always difficult, especially so when it is a student.”

A meeting of the FPC cheerleading team was set for 11 a.m. this morning at the school.

The loss of Meredith Smith and Lane Burnsed is rippling well beyond their families, a reflection of the innumerable live with which theirs were intertwined, and a shock of sorrow and empathy to any parent with children. Contacted for a different reason by a reporter this morning, a board member, was in tears, unable to contain her grief. At the Burnsed home, colleagues who have rallied by his and his wife Iola’s side, were under the same emotional jolt.

Jamey Burnsed took a moment in mid-afternoon today to speak about his son. “He was generous. A big heart. And he loved the thought of being independent,” Lane’s father father said just before 4 p.m. Lane was planning to follow in his father’s footsteps, to become a firefighter. “But he wanted to do that all by himself,” Burnsed said. “That was his plan, was to get into the fire service.” It might have been in Flagler, it might have been elsewhere. One of his great interests in life? “Shooting,” his father said. “He’d shoot anything, from a sling shot to a bow and arrow to a machine gun. He shot it, and shot it well.”

Burnsed added: “He was not afraid to challenge me in a respectful way. He made me make sure that I was right. That I knew what I was talking about. He didn’t take a lot of BS from anybody, including his father.”

Don Petito, Flagler County’s fire chief, was with Burnsed’s family through the night, leaving Halifax at 4 a.m. to return to the family home in Flagler County. “We spent the night in the hospital with him, we’re arranging for lunches and drinks to be sent over there right now,” Petito said. “We’re going to post somebody at his house and provide whatever he needs,” he said, referring to the captain. “Anything we can do for him, we’re going to do it.”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been set. They will be posted here as soon as they are made available.

81 Responses for “Families Mourning Loss of Meredith Smith, 17, and Lane Burnsed, 19, Killed in Wreck”

  1. Justin says:

    How sad and tragic my heart goes out to the family and friends.

  2. terry rogers says:

    i feel for the families of both these children we are supposed to go before they do and nothing anyone can say or do will help just pray for them!!!

  3. Courtney says:

    Gone but never forgotten<3

  4. Jacqueline cousin says:

    Lane was my daughters boyfriend and I am just so devastated and heartbroken for his parents and friends and of course my daughter. He spent so much time at my home and was here on my couch just yesterday hours before this tragedy. He was the nicest boy who always had a huge smile on his face. I was with his two best friends and his dad this morning and there are no word to describe their heartbreak. So many people loved him that alone is a testament of what a wonderful kid he was. He made my daughter smile every day. Taken too young he will be deeply missed by so many. His family is in my prayers as well as the other families of the girls involved.

    • gator says:

      god bless you and his family, it;s got to be so hard, words will not bring them back, but thay are in gods hands right now.I didn’t know him or her, but it just makes me want to cry to just think about you and his family. hugs to you .
      Hope every parent hugs the kids to night.

  5. Donna Kitchens Eichelsderfer says:

    Such a sad tragic loss, my prayers are with Jamey and Iola and all the familys involved.

  6. Close friend says:

    Its hard to read this. Merf was a great friend. Lived life to the fullest, never regreted anything… Still can’t believe this happened. Rest in paradise, sweetheart. You’ll be missed.

    • Isabella says:

      Crystal and Kenzie were very close I pray for you meff you were like a sister to me as well as kenzi I love you both but I will always remember you meff </3

      Gone Never Forgoten<3

  7. Kaitlyn says:

    Lane was such a great kid. I remember when we were really small and would hang out together :'( RIP LANE </3

  8. Geezer says:

    Those poor kids, what a terrible thing.
    I hope that all of you who are mourning, find the strength to persevere during this difficult time.

    Our hearts go out to you. Your community is here to support you.

  9. KozGirl12 says:

    Many prayers go out to the family. There are truly no words for your loss.

  10. dnaughton says:

    My sincerest sympathies to all the families involved. Such a tragic loss for the Smith and Burnsed family and such a long recovery ahead for Tuesday. I pray for all your family and friends to find strength from the outpouring of love for all these young people. Rest in peace.

    • Taylor Arford says:

      I wish I could find all the misplaced words and bring them together to describe how much Lane Burnsed ment to me. Lane was my bestfriend. We use to do everything together. Him and I were once inseperable. We were both there for eachother for anything and everything. We laughed together and cried together. Our conversations were endless. There was never a dull moment with him. He always knew how to put a smile on everyones face no matter what the circumstance was. He was always there when I needed him and would bend over backwards just to make sure I was happy and okay. I’ll never forget him. He will remain in my heart always and forever. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time.

  11. dbaylor4758 says:

    As a parent who has lost a child no words can express the pain that these families are suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with you, There is no rational reason for this tragedy, nor do I believe it was God’s will. What I do believe is God will give you the strength to help you survive this and some day come out of the dark, black place that you have been forced into. One day you will see light again, that I can promise, but until then hold close to those that give you comfort and strength and be thankful for the time you had with your child for those memories will sustain you when nothing else can. All my best. Darlene Baylor

  12. Waste says:

    Prayers to all involved. I95 is such a bad road to travel. Now know why so many state troopers are at that location. Rest in Peace to the children. I wish their families our condolences and prayers.

    WAY to young…

  13. Parker Family says:

    Iwatched these children come through there yrs and they new our children and this is just mind blowing my heart and prayers go to everyone involved and all the children that are struggling with what has happend to there freinds and families I’m So Deeply Very Sorry for all of your loss’s and Tuesday you have all of are best wish’s and prayers for your hopes of a speedy recovery And hope Our Friends ,City’s And county Can work together to HELP these families In there Darkest times and Hours May GOD be with ALL of you and we will love those gone in are hearts for ever and HOPE the best for the ones Suffering God Beless you ALL

  14. cutie pie says:

    My condolences to the families

  15. megan says:

    Lane was a great guy, not only like my brother but was family, he always made everyone smiel, its hard to lose him after everything that we have been threw! None of them should be gone,, none of them deserve it! love you Lane R.I.P

  16. Courtney says:

    lane used to come hang out with me and my friend amanda i was texting him that nite. he sent it at 9:06
    “aayyeeee (:” i had been trying to get him come hang out again i loved his company. i didnt see the txt till 9:56
    i thought that he was going to come over but when he didnt text back i just went to bed only to wake up to this… i love you lane. thanks for being the best friend EVER

  17. rebekah says:

    its hard to belive that this has really happend, im truely sorry to both familys they were both great people could always put a smile on anyones face..

  18. Jennifer says:

    This is so sad, I could never imagine losing my daughter :( My thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends, as well as all others involved.

  19. corey miller says:

    RIP MY BOY…. All three of these young people involved were really somthing special.. I have known lane for the past couple years since i moved to bunnell. He meant allot to myself and my family. we had a falling out for a month or two and just now last week really started hanging out again.. He has to wonderful parents who always cared about him and anyone he brought over. much love you will truly truly be missed little brother. The DeX will not be the same… wish i could rewind time to the day we helped tatoo the bunnies… ya boy corey

  20. fcfyrwyf09 says:

    Thoughts, prayers and sympathy to both families involved. </3

  21. The Lamders (Rod,Kristir,Sydney, Abbi, Zacj says:

    My heart is breaking for The Burnsed family….Lane
    will always have a special place on my heart…. Amd such a dad day to loose two wonderful people so young …. Jamie and.Iola are wonderful people and. My love.thoughts and.prayers are worth them…..Good Blesses You….

  22. Donna Heiss says:

    My deepest sympathy to family, friends and all who knew and loved them. Cherish the memories in your heart and they will forever live on.

    I am both shocked and devastated with this tragic loss.

  23. Taylor says:

    god bless these family’s, i’ve had goose bumps all day.. nothing is worse than loosing your baby.

  24. JL says:

    My son is 19. I can’t believe this tragedy. I can’t begin to imagine their loss. There aren’t words to express – my thoughts and my prayers go out to these families. To all of their friends and family, may their memories stay with you always. God Bless you at this time.

  25. Amy says:

    Does anyone know why they were on 95 going to Daytona?

  26. Dess says:

    Lane was a great person! He always made a great edition to my life! He always new how to put a smile on my face whenever! Anybody’s face!! He’s missed dearly! Love you lane! Rest in peace bud<3

  27. Love and Prayers says:

    Love and prayers go to all of those who have aching hearts at thsi time. I pray God will confort you and give you the strength you need at this time and for the future. These young kids will live forever in the hearts of many.

  28. Sea dog says:

    I passed that last night about 1 PM , it looked awful, My deepest sympathy to family, friends

  29. Sterling says:

    Lane was such a great kid we were in 4-h together and archery mr.jamey was right about lanes pasion for shooting he loved it. he had sponsors from differnet brands of bows sposoring him he was really good other people thought they were the best until they shot against lane he may not have been the best there is but he was pretty dang good . he has the biggest heart ever he’d do anything to help anyone in what ever way he could, he always made people smile by his jokes and just being him self. we werent like brother and sister but we were good freinds he worked with my grandpa on the farm Lane was such a good kid and he’ll always be in our hearts We Love You Lane <3

  30. AMS says:

    So very sad to hear about this tragic loss. I send my love and thoughts to all involved. May you gain the strength to push forward. <3

  31. Rebecca says:

    Meredith was an amazing girl. Every day at practice she’d have a giant smile on her face. Last night was the last time I saw her she was cheery &&’d just so much fun to be around she was an amazing person &&’d an amazing cheerleader I didn’t get the chane to know her but I know that she was a kind hearted person that just loved to have fun. Her family is in my prayers.

    Lane I met once he seemed like he was a good kid he had a smile on his face &&’d he was fun to be around. My prayers go to his family. Rip you beautiful angels. Your terribly missed

  32. melissa says:

    My prayers go out to the famalies and friends of these people! This is do sad.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I can remember when Meredith did her first backhand spring! She was just six years old! She was always out in front in all the cheerleading competitions. She made all our teams shine! She had a talent beyond all others. My daughter Whitney cheered with her for years and she was such a great kid. Always a smiling and flipping and springing everywhere. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with Kathleen and her family! There is nothing that can take your pain away! But I hope that someday your darkness becomes light! RIP Meredith Coach Jennifer Smith from PAL junior pee wee and mighty mites team!

  34. Friend says:

    Lane was cool, we miss him and be praying! <3

  35. Coach Marya says:

    I can remember the first time Meredith came to gymnastic practice. She had so much energy and wanted so bad to learn how to flip and do splits. Never once did she complain or tried to get out of doing our warm ups she just always wanted to push for more. Her smile was amazing and her spirit spoke volume. I just saw her a couple weeks ago at Steak n Shake and we talked about old times at practice @ ITMS. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents and sister. I know there are no words of comfort that can ease your pain, but know you have sent home an ANGEL that God has said I will take good care of until we meet again. Meredith you were one of our brightest stars and I know you will continue to be that bright star in Heaven. RIP
    Coach Marya

  36. william says:

    My Prayers go for both the familys and all the friends i hate to see someone as great these too go especially on the interstate im sorry PRAYERS ARE HERE <3

  37. Kathi Gamba says:

    Our family has known Meredith since she was a little girl, and we watched her grow into a wonderful young lady. Words can not describe the feeling of loss. We have truly lost a ray of sunshine. Our prayers are with the families.
    Kathi & Paul Gamba

  38. Eve says:

    My heart and prayers go out the the Burnsed and Smith family.

  39. Kimble Medley says:

    Prayers and deepest sympathies for both families, friends and all whose lives were touched by these two, too young to leave us.

  40. dnaughton says:

    Any updates on Tuesday’s condition? She will have a difficult recovery overcoming her physical injuries and more so the emotional trauma of losing 2 friends in the accident. Prayers going up for you Tuesday.

  41. Robin Hosford-Bradshaw says:

    My heart goes out to Jamey, Iola, and all the family. We will keep you in our hearts and prayers. This is such a tragedy. If there is anything you need you know the Hosford’s will do whatever we can to help!

  42. bigcountry says:

    Lane was a good kid and always fun to be around and he definitely made an impact in palm coast im praying for both families RIP Lane

  43. Lonewolf says:

    Why isn’t anyone advocating we take away drivers licenses for anyone under 25? They always do this when ever a senior citizen has a fender bender…

    • Kayla says:

      This is not the time or place for that kind of comment. This article is about the tragic loss of two very well-loved teenagers in our community. Taking away driver’s licenses for people under 25 would not solve any problems, take your negative attitude somewhere else.

    • Ray Thorne says:

      Seriously? Maybe because they didn’t plow through a store having mistaken the gas pedal for the brake!!
      By all accounts read here and elsewhere these were two outstanding kids..I feel greatly for the families and close friends.

  44. Deneen M. Wilson says:

    Lord give these families the strengh and comfort they need in this difficult time.

  45. Ally G. says:

    One great memory I have with Meredith is that she attended my baby shower 3 1/2 years ago. Now I have a beautiful baby girl and it’s moments like these that make me kiss and hug my child every chance I get. The loss of these 2 wonderful people is just devastating. My prayers go out to Mackenzie and Melohdi and the rest of the Smith family, and the Burnsed family.

  46. Isabella Torres says:

    You’re family I will always remember you and love you.
    Kenzie and Crystal (my sister) were very close.
    Melodi I love her she is going to miss you very mcuh and I know Kenzie will miss you most <3

    Gone, Never forgoten<3

  47. FPC Cheerleading says:

    Our team will never be the same now. She was one of the best cheerleaders and by far the nicest, funniest, most outgoing girl to be around. She brightened everybodys day at cheer or anywhere. She was one of those people you just wanted to be around. You left behind a great name for yourself, you were that girl that made anybody laugh, jumped the highest, smiled the brightest, cheered the loudest, and lived with absolutly zero regrets. You will NEVER be forgotten Meredith. This season is for you.<3
    First for Merff. Rip beautiful.

  48. The Mitchell's says:

    there are no words that could possibly comfort …Wendy, eddie, allister,dakota and chance are so sorry we loved Lane and always looked forward to his visits to SC our hearts are so heavy and our prayers are with yal love the mitchells

  49. cindy chambers says:

    My heart goes out to the family for their loss.

  50. Taylor says:

    RIP to all the families & friends of these young children .

  51. Russ says:

    Meredith Smith was my neighbor and was such a kind, bright, and positive person. She had terrific potential. It’s a terrible loss to the family as well as to the whole world when we lose the best among us.

  52. kelly mckay says:

    R.I.P merf and lane. Y’all will never be forgotten. Love y’all both. <3a

  53. relative of Eubanks family says:

    the waves of sorrow are being felt as far off as Pittsburgh. We are related to Haley Eubanks….we know Haley, Tuesday and Meridith were inseparable. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of these two kids, and pray that God will hold them up at this very sad time.

  54. Isabella says:

    I know everyone has heard about the Car Accident the other day. Well Meredith was my cousin. She was my best friend I loved her. She was my hero. She was my role model. She was a great person to be a round. She was out going. She always had a smile on her face and she knew how to put one on mine. I love and miss her so much I don’t know what t do without her. I cant sleep thinking that she isnt alive. It breaks my heart to know she isnt alive. When I heard she was in that accident I cried my eyes out. I couldnt sleep. Alot of people are talking about her but it makes me cry everytime I see a post about Meredith and Lane:'( I can’t stop thinking of her. I have this one picture of her it makes me cry everytime I see a picture of her or a post of her:'( I love you Merff</3 Rest In Peace Merff God Bles You'r Soul</3

  55. AML says:

    Im so sorry for the families and friends of these wonderful young people. May God give you strength and comfort when you need it . RIP angels

  56. K Stoughton says:

    Services for Lane will be Wed. August 1st at the First Baptist Church of Bunnell, with graveside services to follow at Espanola Cemetery. We will have visitors immediately follwing at the Flagler County Cattlemen’s hall at the fairgrounds.

  57. lisa says:

    To both families you are in my prayers. I know the pain you are going through. Last year my son was in an accident with his girlfriend and she lost her life. It is still very hard for me. Families all we can do is pray for our young teenagers through these hard times. RIP Lane, Meridith & Victoria God Bless all families

  58. The Emery's says:

    Rest in Paradise Meredith Smith and Lane Burnsed <3 You were both greatly loved and will be dearly missed. Our thought and prayers go out to both of the familys in this grieving time. The Candellight ceremony was just one of the symbols that they touched everyone with their beatiful lives. You will always be in our hearts Merff and Lane <3 God Bless ya'lls familys!!!!

  59. Ashley says:

    You will not leave my thoughts, Meredith.

  60. Dan Fountain says:

    Me and the W section kids raised Merf as our little sister. It just dosn’t feel real that something this devstating could ever happen to such a wonderful person. You always see on the news that “Joe Shmo” died, and you’re like I feel so bad for that family. We are all that family that those peple are saying that for now. It really does hit home when it’s someone you love. She was such b-e-a-utiful person, she treated no person differently from the last. Sometimes you need something like this to open your eyes to say this World is fragile. But it shouldnt have been this. Not her. I didnt know Lane but i give my heart to everyone that did and his family. You both will forever be in our hearts. Atleast they cant hurt anymore. We all love you both with everything we have. rip 7/27/12

    • Anonymous says:

      What great tributes to these special kids…I only knew Lane. He was in my Sunday School class in the
      4th or 5th grade…what a delight he was to me…his parents are the finest two people anyone could ever have known and I grieve deeply for them as well as the other families involved. May God bless and comfort you at this very dark hour in your loss….Much love and prayers to you, Iola and Jamey. Diana in NC

  61. Education First says:

    My deepest prayers to all of the families that had to incur such a tragedy, may the good Lord help you through this time, and watch over these great young people as they celebrate life in heaven, Peace and Love to you all

  62. Edward says:

    I have been searching for updates to this story with no success. My wife and I just missed being in this wreck, and we actually helped treat Doron. He had been ejected from his car and we found him in the middle of the road. Along with another couple, we held him in place until the medics got there. The F-150 didn’t even look very damaged, and I am sorry to hear about those who died. Prayers for the family are sent.

  63. anonymous says:

    When are we going to learn what happened?? It’s unfair to her friends that don’t know what happened- to leave them in the dark. Update.

  64. Diamond Ellenwood says:

    She is missed everyday I am a graduate from FPC I cheered with her for 3 years I still can’t believe she is gone I will always remember her and she will forever remain in my prayers my fellow cheer sister!

  65. a friend says:

    you have got lane’s info all messed up. lane was only 18 born may 20th 1994 and he was home schooled. never went to fpc
    RIP buddy i still got your back <3

  66. A friend says:

    Please update this. It’s ridiculous no one will disclose the information. If they were drinking, this needs to be brought to light so we can speak up about it and our friends will opt-out against it!! WTF

  67. ashley says:

    i just miss them wasnt close friends with merf but she was a good girl and lano was a great guy<3 miss you guys

  68. Sydney says:

    So sad my heart goes out to the family and everyone who is up in heaven from the crash

  69. Gia says:

    Parents!…teach your darn kids to drive safely & respect the rules, & this wont happen. Driving is not a joke.

  70. Mackenzie schwen. says:

    lane, you were like, my my buddy. i cant believe its been two years. we miss you
    sooooo much lano. iwish i could at least talk to you once more.
    but yoir probably having a blast!! up in heaven!!! lano, your my sunshine, and you’ll alwaysbe my brothers best friend. i know your probably upset because Taylor hasnt seen mama yet, but he will. i know he will.
    im crying just writing this!! :'( i love you lano. we all miss you and hope your having a great time up in heaven.
    R.I.P lano and merff <\3

  71. Kathleen Smith says:

    I often wondered if anybody would ever know what really happened that awful night – July 26,2012 – on I-95… the night my world shifted because the star of my life was snuffed-out. I lost my daughter, MEREDITH. I have been drawn back to this article due to other young lives lost – Katie Stecker, 19, of St. Augustine, & Victoria Sutton, 20, of Mill Town, TN on 1/9/16. My heart goes out to those families. It saddened me to find this link attached to the article, but has given me the opportunity to explain (if anybody would ever listen) what really happened that night… Lane was driving South on I-95. Just before the LPGA exit, Louis Prinzo, 22, had pulled onto the median -, the middle of the road! – at the place where it is 4 lanes wide. He says, “he thought he missed his exit.” He turned right back into traffic, into 4 lanes of oncoming traffic going 70 mph, he caused a huge chain reaction car accident. AND he got out of it without a scratch – without one single scratch! The first car, a Bronco, that clipped Prinzo went airborne, it flew through the air and landed on top of Lane’s truck, his Ford F-150. It was the Bronco’s trailer hitch that came through the windshield and smashed my babies’ skull. It was not because she did not have her seatbelt on. It was not because she or Lane were drinking. It was not because Lane was driving reckless or racing down I-95. It was because Prinzo was driving HIGH on drugs! He is now serving a 16 year sentence in Prison. I will never witness Meredith’s milestones. I did not see her graduate from FPC, get accepted to Princeton, her collegiate goal, see her marry, or bear children. I will, however, always have the memories. She was a remarkable child, she was, as everyone on this blog has said, a wonderfully loving person. She was beautiful on the inside and out, an outstanding athlete, and scholar. I miss her very much. I appreciate her friends that keep in touch with me, and share with me their milestones, and their memories of her, it means so very much to me. Please keep in touch! Do not Forget! MEREDITH IS FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS

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