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Responding to Criticism, Sheriff Fleming Calls ex-Sheriff Manfre a “Legend In His Own Mind”

| February 23, 2012

Sheriff Don Fleming has a long history with Jim Manfre. (© FlaglerLive)

Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming was asked to respond to criticism leveled at his administration by candidates for the position in the 2012 election, particularly comments by Jim Manfre, who was sheriff from 2001 to 2005. Manfre was critical of Fleming in an article earlier this week and in announcement, in a news release, of his run for sheriff this year. (See the full release below.) After unsuccessful attempts at phone interviews, Fleming responded in writing. That response follows.

By Don Fleming

During my tenure as your Sheriff in Flagler County, I have focused on being fiscally conservative, keeping the budget stable, yet increasing professional services to our citizens and visitors alike. As the budget has decreased I have still increased the number of deputies that are actively patrolling our neighborhoods. Through intelligence-led policing, the community has experienced a decrease in in crimes, contrary to those
during Jim Manfre’s one term as sheriff.

While Jim Manfre served as Flagler County Sheriff he implemented policy that he seems to have forgotten. It was the policy of the Flagler County Sheriffs Office during the Robert McCarthy era to have law enforcement respond to all medical calls for service. Jim Manfre implemented the “no response” to medical calls policy during his term. While this practice has continued during my tenure, there have not been any issues or concerns that have been brought to my attention with the exception of the tragic incident involving Francoise Pecqueur.

Mr. Manfre’s statement about “community outcry” in regards to my involvement, or lack thereof, in this incident is nothing more than sensationalism. There were phone calls with John Fischer. I have acknowledged that. However, what Jim Manfre fails to mention is that at no time was there any attempt to influence the investigation conducted by an independent law enforcement agency. As an elected official, I regularly receive telephone calls from members of governing boards as well as citizens inquiring as to how to handle an incident that is criminal in nature. Mr. Fischer asked for direction and I referred him to our Communications Center to report the incident. That is what I would do for any person who called me.

While Mr. Manfre was in office he maintained the “friends and family” hiring practice. He hired and retained people who were closely related to his personal endeavors including his executive assistant, administrative staff, corrections officers and others who were unqualified for their positions.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office follows the military guidelines for span of control with one supervisor per seven to nine members. As the Agency has grown, despite budgetary constraints, it is only logical for the number of supervisors to increase as well. Adequate supervision is,the foundation for limiting liability exposure. As an attorney, Mr. Manfre should be aware of this concept.

Along with adequate supervision, the agency increased training to reduce liability exposure. The training program was non-existent during Manfre’s term. Upon taking office in 2005, there were 27 deputies who were at risk of being de-certified by the State of Florida because Manfre failed to provide the mandatory training. There was not a field training program which is a fundamental component to providing professional deputies for our citizens. This was also corrected with new deputy now receiving the high level of training that is required to efficiently perform their duties.

During the last four years, the budget for the Sheriffs Office was cut 4.3 percent in 2009, remained level during 2010 and 2011, and being cut again 1 percent for this fiscal year. I have returned in excess of $1 million to the county during my tenure.

Jim Manfre has built himself to be a legend—in his own mind. He has repeatedly sought public office. Manfre’s “rule by fear and intimidation” practice resulted in not only a poor working environment but also one that seeped into the streets of Palm Coast. As Manfre touts concerns for the citizens of Flagler County, his memory has failed. The citizens of Flagler County recall the many negative actions that greatly affected those he swore to serve and protect. Flagler County residents have not forgotten his calendar fiasco; his chief deputy urinating in a public park after consuming alcohol in public; or that same chief deputy resigning in the middle of the night and leaving the state. He has continuously sought public office and has failed due to his inability to communicate effectively with governmental agencies and work within the confines of the law. After Manfre’s tumultuous relationships with the Board of County Commissioners, municipal entities and the judiciary, I spent the first year as Sheriff mending fences and building bridges. In doing so, I have established a strong, professional rapport built on mutual trust and respect.

The news release Jim Manfre’s campaign circulated earlier this week follows in its original form:

Jim Manfre, former Sheriff of Flagler County, is determined to restore law and order to our community.

Jim Manfre. (©FlaglerLive)

Having been troubled over the past four years about a continued pattern of cronyism, carelessness and corruption in the Flagler County Sheriff’s office, and now observing the community’s outrage over the conduct of Sheriff Fleming and his department in the handling of the recent hit-and-run fatality, Jim Manfre is announcing his candidacy for Flagler County Sheriff.

Manfre, who held the position of Flagler County Sheriff from 2001 to 2005, indicates that the conduct of Sheriff Fleming regarding the recent hit-and-run incident is indicative of many of the problems within the department:

• The Sheriff’s office never dispatched a deputy to the scene to investigate the causes that led to a fatally injured person being left on the side of Palm Coast road;
• The Sheriff violated his oath of office by engaging in conversation with the suspect’s husband during the course of a pending investigation, an act that he repeated over six times;
• When confronted by the media with the facts of the incident, he misrepresented the details three times.

Community concern and outrage over this incident, the increase in crime in Flagler County, and many other Sheriff’s department failings—infamous overspending, excessive in-house personnel promotions, and a record of unresponsiveness to the needs of the citizens—has spurred Manfre to enter the election arena. With a background as a prosecutor, a Flagler County attorney, and former Sheriff, Manfre feels it is time to restore the high standards of law and order that were instituted and maintained when he held that office. Manfre, if elected, pledges to bring back to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office his professional, proactive policies.

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57 Responses for “Responding to Criticism, Sheriff Fleming Calls ex-Sheriff Manfre a “Legend In His Own Mind””

  1. Martha says:

    Bravo Sheriff Fleming. Thank you for setting the record straight.

  2. Layla says:

    Wish I could give you a bravo, Sheriff Fleming. But not with the drugs so bad around here, the crime up and the unanswered questions re the Fischer investigation. This woman is not even facing charges.

    Submit your home and office phone records. Clear up our questions. Prove yourself innocent.

  3. Geezer Butler says:

    It would have been better for Mr. Fleming to have kept mum.
    When it comes to public disagreements, always take the high road.

    With regard to “Fischer-gate,” this sheriff should avoid all controversy.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Manfre is a has been loser. I can’t believe he is serious about running again. Do us all a favor and fade away.

  5. Ed says:

    My issue is really simple. I have family members who are out on the street working for FCSO and barely making enough money to survive. So while the deputies are much better trained they clearly are not worth more to the community then a $36,000 a year salary. You have deputies who have been working for 5+ years making starting salary still. Who works at a job for 5 years and makes the same as someone who starts tomorrow? Oh and lets not forget about the 3% that these deputies have to pay toward their pensions combined with more expensive benefits. So actually they are making 3% less than when they started 5 years ago. Deputies have actually taken a pay cut in the last 5 years. Who is baring those budget cuts? The deputies on the street are. The backbone of the Sheriff’s Office, the men and women that are risking their lives everyday actually doing the job and protected us citizens. That’s unacceptable! You can’t tell deputies there is no money for even a cost of living raise and then promote 20 people (who all got 7%) and expect people to support your efforts. I also understand the admin has not weathered this budget cut. Not when they are walking around with the lastest and greatest toys that are unnecessary (tablets, smart phones). 20k in tablets for all admin, really? Its clear that the admin doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the men and woman on our streets. I admire my family members for the job they do out there. They shouldn’t be struggling to make a living while risking their lives. How does this administration sleep at night?

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      Ed, those electronic gadgets (“Tablets” etc…) are funded with grants not taxpayer dollars. Infact the latest hiring of deputies by Sheriff’s Office is not on the tax payers dime. A grant is paying their salaries. If you are that upset with deputies not receiving raises you should be going before the county commission to state your case and not sitting behind a computer complaining about it on a website.
      FCSO deputies are better equipped than many agencies in Florida. When I started in law enforcement I worked for a city department. All of my equipment was hand me downs. My uniforms and everything on my duty belt was already used and so was my vest!! I looked like a seasoned cop my first day on the job. My firearm was 7 years old when they gave it to me. My patrol car already had 90,000 miles on it.
      Deputies here have all brand new equipment right out of the gate. The dept. even pays for their boots. They get take home cars here…a perk they were going to lose with the budget cuts but Fleming fought for them to keep. So what more would the deputies be paying at the gas pump to get to work? I hope things get better sooner than later and salaries adjusted as I agree on the pay scale issue I just don’t agree on where the blame is being put. County Commission votes on these raises.

      you said: “dont, so you fall under the idea that the deputies are lucky to have jobs? Crazy, no one and I mean no one is going with 0 raises.

      No one? Read my post again. And no, I do not fall under the idea that deputies are lucky to have jobs. I fall under the idea that thankfully none has had to lose their job as has happened and is happening in many other law enforcement jurisdictions. We are on the same side with the salary issue but I see the fingers pointed in the wrong direction.

      • Layla says:

        don’tbesoparanoid: who do you think funds those grants? It is ALL TAXPAYER dollars. Every last dime of it, whether you are in the budget or a grant.

        • Martha says:

          What is your percentage of these federal grants?

        • dontbesoparanoid says:


          ok maybe I should have said Local taxpayers. It still probably cost you absolutely nothing. We have taxpayer money going to foreign aid landing in the pockets of people who want to harm us and you complain about a law enforcement agency trying to keep with the times?

          Thank you for your service to our country Mr. Belcher.

          • Layla says:

            dontbesoparanoid: It is ALL taxpayers. Anyone who is paying for this is paying for all the costs of our government.

            I am not complaining about this law enforcement agency trying to keep up with the times. I am all for that.

            I was correcting you as to the source of those funds, that is all. We are in agreement here.

    • Rutger says:

      Do you really expect us to have sympathy for police that make plenty of money and get benifits that no one else in this city has. As far as risking our lives, I risk it everyday out there. and I don’t have the benefit of 50 backup friends via a secret radio frequency with all the newest firearms and bullet proof vest, patrol cars, and K-9 dogs. Try walking into the Ractrack gas station at 8:00 p.m. and buy some gas. You take you life in your own hands with all the thugs and creeps hanging around asking for money.

  6. palmcoaster says:

    Only the one’s here benefiting from the current Sheriff and the one’s totally unaware of real facts can favor him. Since the Henderson’s labeled murder suicide and still unresolved, plus all the latest unpunished crimes including the bias soft treatment of Merryll Carson now, speak for itself of the law enforcement we have nowadays, thanks to his commands

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      Soft treatment? The guy is in jail.
      The Henderson case was investigated by an FDLE homicide team.
      Your frustration over that case is misdirected.

  7. palmcoaster says:

    This took place with this same sheriff! Don’t miss the video or Anonymous and few of the same old guard comments then.
    There were a lot of bullies and also women haters as well then, as now.

  8. patty says:

    I dont know how Manfre ran his office since I was not in here at that time but if Fleming says he has provided field training for his staff why do they seem to be running around like Keystone Cops rather than real cops?

    • dontbesoparanoid says:


      Care to elaborate? The description is null without providing an instance as to what what brought you to that conclusion.

    • Martha says:

      Well which is it? Are they deserving of raises or are they just a bunc of follies? Really Patty I do not care for your comment. You can bash the sheriff and any other candidate all you want… thats politics. But don’t bash the men and women who are out there doing their best to keep our community safe.

  9. Ralph Belcher says:

    Ed, also figure in that they earn a lifetime pension as well, some of which is paid through their salaries, of course, and the rest from the county. They deserve a better compensation package, indeed.

    I served in the US Military where my pay -was- dismal where civilians in the commercial sector performing my vocational duties (not the military obligations, of course) were earning far, far more money. However, I understood that in the mid or later part of my career, my pay picked up. Following that, I have a retirement check for the rest of my life… hard earned, and if I do say so myself, well deserved for being willing to step in the way of danger to support and defend my nation.

    My hat is off to all our law enforcement officers who keep us safe. As a county taxpayer, I am willing to up my property tax bill to see they have a moderate salary increase.

  10. Dudley Doright says:

    What do you folks know about law enforcement? This Fisher issue has lost focus. First and foremost, sheriff Fleming did the proper thing by tell Fisher to call 911. Second, the FHP is handling the investigation and the sheriff has no influence on the outcome. Third, do you think that the Fire Rescue unit that responded to the accident would have contacted FCSO if they felt something was not right? I know they would as they are professionals. So what if Fisher and the sheriff talked. This has nothing to do with the FHP investigation. You folks have been watching too much TV….LMN. Get a grip!

  11. says:

    now that fle fleming has seen what problems have arised due to not sending a deputy to a medical call as a first responder just in case it is criminally connected, he should reverse this policy so this does not happen again. no 911 dispatcher should make a decision regarding this type of incident.

  12. BE HONEST says:

    Ed everything you said is Totally true. I to have family that is protecting and serving and they are so worth more than 36000.00 a year. They are out there risking their lives everyday. The Sheriff does need to make some changes and fix the things that are going wrong in house. I think the Sheiff has done alot of good things but it’s time to take care of his deputies. As for Manfre please stop trying to run you didn’t do a good job the first time around and the people of this town know that and will not relect you.

  13. Thinking says:

    “As an elected official, I regularly receive telephone calls from members of governing boards as well as citizens inquiring as to how to handle an incident that is criminal in nature. Mr. Fischer asked for direction and I referred him to our Communications Center to report the incident. That is what I would do for any person who called me.”

    i’m wondering, since when is accidently hitting an animal a criminal offence that an elected official would personally call the sherrif for direction on? In Fleming’s own words, he’s saying right here that Fischer knew when he called him that a crime had been committed, common practice in this town for folks on governing boards to call Fleming and ask how to handle incidents of a criminal nature. Wow, is all I can say. Wonder if he wrote this himself, or if he had his PIO write it?

  14. Joe von Miller says:

    @Martha: Prove yourself innocent? That simply doesn’t make sense.

    Innocent until proven guilty. That’s how America works.

  15. Sally says:

    @ Sheriff Fleming, First and foremost I am sorry that you had to take time from your day which could have been much better spent on the continuing improvement of the service and protection provided to my family, myself and even the haters. Responding to Negative Propoganda at a position of your level is neccessary. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! It saddens me to think that people can be so ignorant. Do they even know that you fought for all of our freedom. Unappreciative (really bad word) .

  16. youngrepublican says:

    I think the sheriff does pretty well with what he is provided. But there are several changes that absolutley need to be instituted. The first change that should be made is during the hiring process. What other departments in this state do not use polygraphs or voice stress analysis tests during the hiring process? Second- Dash cams in the vehicles. Why dont we have them? Third- GPS on Deputies vehicles, again very inexpensive. Why dont we have them?.

    Alot of the criticsim that is leveled at law enforcement and Don Fleming here in flagler county is misdirected. Alot of it should be directed at our state attorney RJ Larizza. The deputies here as well as others in law enforcement know just how incompetent this office is. Mr Larizza picks and chooses what types of cases he prosecutes. If it appears that it is going to screw with his stats he just chooses not to prosecute. This is a man that upon coming into office, fired most of the tenured and experienced people that worked in the office, Experienced investigators and prosecutors were then replaced with far less experienced people,. His office has screwed up so many cases in the last several years simply because it has been an on the job learning experience for most.of his staff. Some of the statements attributed to him in the press are just utterly ridiculous. A State attorneys are elected to enforce all the laws of the state, not just the ones he feels like enforcing. The idea of a state attorney picking and choosing what statutes to enforce is disturbing.

    Here is an idea. Lets elect a new sheriff as well as a new state attorney. Maybe a sheriff with real experience fighting crime as well as a State attorney with less friends abd more common sense. Might just work.

  17. palmcoaster says:

    @Martha. We the one’s here that do not agree with the current Sheriff policies have nothing against our deputies that are the ones doing the real job and if they don’t do it is because they have to obey orders, not to loose their jobs! Martha could you explain the disparity shown in salaries between most deputies and some of their counterparts and brass? How come there is a deputy that makes over 84,400 a year already in 2010?
    What is that seniority maybe he is over 85 years old , bonuses ..? Maybe you could enlighten us, taxpayers?
    Also when mentioning the past hiring’s of Manfre while in office…could you explain Robert Sgroi a Republican Party active, that run unsuccessful for office in the city of PC and county and was involved in Fleming’s campaigns and afterwards shows up the in the Sheriff’s payroll? Probably many more in this list. Lets be fair and look a real facts.

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      That’s great stuff palmcoaster. I am now 100% sure you are being fed what to post here. Good attempt.
      I will be glad to answer one of your questions if Martha doesn’t mind in reference to the 84,400 a year deputy. Simple answer: You’ll have to ask the last Sheriff about that.

  18. roco says:

    Fleming I agree with you, Manfre is a looser and always will be.. I ask you, come clean on the Fisher case or if there is a third canidate on the ballot your in trouble..

  19. palmcoaster says:

    Kudos to young Republican!

  20. Elaine says:

    After reading through the comments to this publication I feel the need to respond. The Sheriff has taken so much heat from his opponents it was about time for him to speak up.

    Memories need to be refreshed as we review Sheriff Fleming’s history of drug stings (,, just to name a few) conducted, which took down the most notorious drug kings of the greater Flagler County area. Fighting crimes and drugs in an increasingly populated county has clearly been a main priority for the FCSO.

    As far as the Fischer investigation – Sheriff Fleming did clear up any questions since stating how he advised Mr. Fischer to contact the Communications Center to report the incident. This was the proper legal and professional thing to do. Do we again fail to remember when his son was arrested? If he didn’t pull out the stops for his own child what makes you think he would for any other civilian? Asking him to release his personal phone records is just absurd, an invasion of privacy, and exploiting to any persons who call him and do not wish to have their phone number publicly released (for further disclosure to reduce backlash, I am regarding his family). It seems as though individuals are using their displaced anger to nitpick and beat this ordeal to a bloody pulp.
    @Thinking – It is not your place to put words in Sheriff Fleming’s mouth. If he wanted to say what you propose he said, he probably would have…or not said anything at all. His response was blunt and unambiguous in all senses. Do you really think for a second that a Sheriff’s phone does not ring off the hook with people looking for advice or information…it is not his duty to guide them and serve the people of Flagler County? As long as it is done in a legal and legitimate manner, which it was, there was no wrong done.
    Oh and for those of you wanting Mrs. Fischer charged…here ya go:

    I would like to commend Dudley Doright, Dontbesoparanoid, and Sally (lol), on their efforts to try and clear the haze over others eyes.

    On a final note I’m glad we mostly all agree on one thing, Manfre should pack his bags, he won’t be getting anywhere in this election.

  21. James says:

    I dont know a lot about Manfre, but he represented Commissioner Nate McLaughlin when he filed BANKRUPTCY in ’08. How nice now hes a commissioner and his buddy Manfre wants to be Sheriff again. I think Fleming has done good. The drugs are everywhere. Especially here with the unemployment being high and the pill mills, its bad everywhere. Fleming made a no no with this new episode. Bad call buddy. Look up JOHN POLLINGER. I had the privilege to meet him and all he said was, check out my website and you decide. He even offered to sit down and buy me a cup of coffee and talk about my questions and concerns. Im a 29 year old male with no political ties. Check this guy out. Lets clean up the mess, people.

  22. Can Manfre be bought? says:

    Manfre represented commissioner Nate McLaughlin when he was charged and fined by the Ethics Commission in 2011. Did McLaughlin pay Manfre for services when he filed bankruptcy? Both will tell you what you want to hear. Maybe you do need to get involved in politics James.

  23. Spoton says:

    Let the games begin, seems that everyone thinks they can do a better job that those that do it everyday, of course you have employees that complain, they complain because they don’t always get their way?
    Oh well – guess they forget why they took the job in the first place – It looks like to me, if the Sheriff’s Office had an unlimited buget then everyone would be Happy? Don’t think so. The Budget is the County’s Budget – guess you need to get with them. Need we be reminder that we, the country is in a sad state of affairs.

  24. palmcoaster says:

    @DBSParanoid. Thank you about the “great stuff” which I will simply describe as “good facts research only” . But no appreciation at all to your unfounded/ incorrect words that “you know 100% now that what I post here I am being fed by someone” I do the most research that my spare time allows me and my memory of years back recall before I comment here! Simply because all the innocent newcomers don’t have any idea of what takes place sometimes in this county. If you and all will spend the time to research these issues will find out what I find. Is public record. Instead of undermining my findings take the time to see that list of Sheriff department salaries and try to explain to yourself or ask them why the disparity of compensations and why “some compensations” are so much inexplicable higher like for instance in Hillsborough County while having over 1.5 million tax contributors there versus small Flagler County with realisticly 85,000 residents, if so, given the vacant homes..?
    Can your please document your incomplete explanation of why a deputy makes over 84,400 pay? Help us here as you seem to be an insider knowing. But please do not come up with one like a lying Angie’s one, specially when public records are involved, because you may get egg in your face. If we lie we become part of the problem and not the solution.
    Manfre a “Democrat” represented just then elected Commissioner McLaughin a “Republican” on his filing error wich hunt, starting his campaign. No one complained then to the developers that donated to Abbot, a Democrat!
    Is not about partisan politics, is about a lawyer exercising his profession.
    Maybe, as mentioned here, he also represented him on his bankruptcy filing in 2008 and that was before Nate even considered to run for commissioner. Lawyers have to work to make a living also. Could not find this record yet….need some help here, DBSP. Any comic caricature of my spelling errors are welcome, lets laugh together, while we try to improve our law enforcement!

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      Please re-read my last reply to you in reference to the pay.
      As far as the rest…you’re asking me about something I did not bring up nor did I comment on nor will I comment on. Go back and see who posted the information you are seeking answers to and ask that person. Frustrating to throw bait out there and the intended target doesn’t bite isn’t it? Nice try.

  25. palmcoaster says:

    Opps! “witch” hunt and can “you” please. Sorry.

  26. palmcoaster says:

    @DBSParanoid. Wasen’t you that posted the following comment or someone else using your name?
    dontbesoparanoid says:
    February 24, 2012 at 10:33 pm
    “That’s great stuff palmcoaster. I am now 100% sure you are being fed what to post here”.
    Regarding compensations I guess as per your advise, Martha is to clarify then. Lets don’t hold our breath then.
    By the way I feed one else does it for me.

  27. to youngrepublican:
    You asked a good question: Why no dash cams?
    Flagler Beach is the only police agency in Flagler that still has them. FCSO used to have them, but they were removed. Maybe cost savings was behind the decision. But, the pubic defender’s office asserts that the real reason was because too many innocent persons charged with DUI were getting off. Personally, I recently investigated an excessive use of force TASER case against FCSO and wanted to review Dash Cam evidence to determine whether the FCSO really needed to TASER my client who was handcuffed when he was tased. SInce there was no DASH CAM evidence available I concluded it would be impossible to second guess the use of the TASER and rejected the excessive use of force claim.

    Dash cams provide evidence which cuts both ways. When there is any doubt of innocence or guilt most jurors give the benefit of the doubt to law enforcement, and law enforcement including FCSO knows it. Too bad if some innocents get swept into the criminal justice system, lose their jobs, reputation and incur needless costs.

  28. John Boy says:

    Just scanned the News Journal Salary Data Base and did see the true story,most Flagler Deputies where making anywhere from 42,000. to a high of $78,000. These are Deputies, Corporals, Investigators, Lieutenants, etc. where all much higher. Don’t pay the salary card when you don’t know what your talking about. Add in all the “perks” and benefits along with a 20/25 year pension availability, your breaking my heart with your whining. If they don’t like the salary or benefits, let them go work someplace else, I don’t see that happening, show us the statistics of these who have left the FCSO?

  29. palmcoaster says:

    @ Atty Mr.Phil Chanfrau. Thank you so much for revealing to us all, something very controversial done by the current sheriff that we were totally unaware off. The removal of costly dash cams from the FCSO cruisers that as you correctly say, provided evidence that cuts both ways. Then other than providing our justice system with evidence acquired thru advance technology as well, this sheriff moved us back to the dark ages! Sure we need change! Any other facts our residents know and ready to be shared here? Is not political instigated, but instead an issue of community fair and proper law enforcement service rendered. I agree with youngrepublican.

  30. honest and truthful says:

    Let’s face the facts people. Manfre was a totally useless Sheriif with no law enforcement experience. He cost the county big bucks with his game playing.
    Fleming has shown his colors. He does not talk the talk or walk the walk. He’s scrambling now to keep his job. He did win the job from Manfre, but that was a big mistake. Both men should be finished as the top cop of Flagler County. I do not believe that Manfre thinks he can win another election. He’s a joke as a lawman.
    I’ve taken a long hard look at John Pollinger who is running for Sheriff. Take a look at his background and his experience at running a large agency. He started from the bottom up with years of professional experience. I can go on and on about him but don’t take my word. Check him out for yourself.
    As for Fleming and Manfre, I say Bye.

  31. youngrepublican says:

    Dash cams more times that not clear honest officers from allegations of wrongdoing. And in some horrible situtaions, when the officer or deputy is unable to speak for himself the recordings speak for him, to tell his side of the story. Honest officers have nothing to fear from dash cams, only the dishonest ones do, And if you were to institute mandatory polygraghs and voice stress analysis tests during the hiring process you would further cut down on the possiblity of allowing persons whose backgrounds are less deserving of such an importannt position from obtaining one. For that matter and this is just a question. Does this department conduct proactive internal investigations? Such as integrity tests? Or does IA simply react to and investigate complaints? GPS in cars would lend more to help with deputies that may be slacking ,it would allow the department to better utilize its personel. An offficer or deputy upon finishing an assignment wouldnt be able to leave their unit out on that assignment after they have already left the scene. They might be back in service faster which would cut down on the publics perception that deputies take a long time to respond to calls.- Just a few suggestions.

    • Bullgator2410 says:

      Oh, sweet baby Jesus. I would vote for Bub Robson before Jim Manfre. Most of you have no idea what I am saying but oh well. If Manfre were re-elected I suspect D. O’Brien would stay in Paris after his honeymoon, or the Mondex Substation.

  32. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Why is is that in the late 80’s we read these same type stories about Deltona but continued to ‘let them build it and they will come’ in regards to our own county?! Jim Manfre, please go north on 95 or west on Hwy 11 to Providence Blvd. If you EVER earn your wages at 1001 Justice Ln, I believe I know lawmen who could rise from their graves and do a better job. SMH

  33. palmcoaster says:

    The following is what the current sheriff needs to release, for this county’s residents and justice to be served:

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      I think he shouldn’t release his personal phone record and I don’t think it’s a matter of hiding anything so much as I think it is a matter of what precedent it could set by releasing such a record by mere request. It would have an adverse affect on all law enforcement in this state who have rights to privacy just like everyone else.

      Also it’s funny to me that Jon Kaney is the guy who John Tanner hired to help keep one of his records SEALED.

  34. palmcoaster says:

    @DBSParanoid. When you become an elected official there are not such a thing as “private records” except your home address!! Otherwise ask it to Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and lately to Richard Steinberg of South Florida, among many others: Are you proposing double standards?

    • dontbesoparanoid says:

      I have to correct you again. An elected official’s address is not exempt from public record.

      Steinberg committed an actual crime of stalking using a cell phone from which numerous text messages were sent to a woman after she repeatedly asked him to stop. They traced the number back to him. No double standard.

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