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Latest 2 Proposals for Captain’s BBQ at Bing’s Landing Again Collapse as Sides Harden or Shift Positions

| May 3, 2019

The new Captain's was to be built on raclaimed land by the Intracoastal Waterway. But concerns are emerging about the location's stability, as in this image by Bill Hannon. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The new Captain’s was to be built on raclaimed land by the Intracoastal Waterway. But concerns are emerging about the location’s stability, as in this image by Bill Hannon. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The latest two proposals designed to end the deadlock over the future of Captain’s BBQ at Bing’s Landing, the county park, again collapsed on Friday as Captain’s said it would not accept one of the options unless the county paid for a sewer connection and the Hammock Community Association said it no longer supported building a new restaurant  on reclaimed land, as it had previously said it might. 

The fate of Captain’s was on the Flagler County Commission’s 9 a.m. agenda Monday. The agenda item has been pulled. Negotiations continue, County Administrator Jerry Cameron said. But he was clearly frustrated by the shifting sands under the county’s feet. 

“Both sides retreated from positions that they originally gave us was their fixed position,” Cameron said late Friday afternoon. “There was nothing to give the commission with which to make a decision on, and I’m not going to go in with them yelling and screaming at each other with no possibility of an outcome.” Cameron added:  “We will continue looking for solutions and if we can find something that makes everybody happy, that would be great. It’s a bad lease we’re in, it doesn’t work well, if we can’t get ourselves extricated from that we’ve got legal constraints.”

Here’s where things had stood when the county thought it had two viable option.

Option One would have had Captain’s build a new restaurant on the reclaimed land along the Intracoastal Waterway, requiring a pavilion there to be moved. Captain’s would have built that facility at its own expense, then turned it over to the county. (Captrain’s claims it would cost $1 million, but that’s an entirely speculative number that’s never been verified: there’s been no designs, no permits, no plans. Captain’s wants to build a 150-seat restaurant, up from the 98 it is allowed to have currently, and have a full bar. The county was willing to go with that plan as long as it did not have to pay a dime. 

Option two would have had the county build the same structure, but at its own expense (that is, at taxpayers’ expense), with 100 seats, not 150, and no full bar. 

A rendering by the Hammock Community Association of the footprint of the proposed Captain's. Click on the image for larger view.

A rendering by the Hammock Community Association of the footprint of the proposed Captain’s. Click on the image for larger view.

Initially, the Hammock Community Association was in agreement with Option Two. Initially, Captain’s was in agreement with Option One. It would have been up to the county commission Monday to decide which route to go. 

Here’s where things now stand, post-collapse. 

On April 12, Casey Arnold, a new attorney representing Captain’s (which is owned by Mike Goodman and Chris Herrera), sent a letter to the county that changed Captain’s tone and strategy. Previously, Jay Livingston, who had also represented Captain’s, had told the commission in a public meeting that Captain’s was not interested in suing: Captain’s wanted a cooperative rather than an adversarial relationship. The April 12 letter took a different turn, raising legal issues with the way the county commission had rescinded a vote on a Captain’s lease amendment.

“If the Commission moves and votes to rescind the Lease, this will be viewed as further nonperformance and considered a material breach of the Lease – notwithstanding the County’s prior actions, which would constitute a material breach,” Arnold wrote. “Captain’s will consider all remedies available
under the lease and Florida law, whether equitable or monetary.”

Captain’s also reversed its position on cost, abandoning the position that it would assume all costs of the new building. “Specifically, Caption’s [sic.] will not agree to pay for a sewer and water connection, if they incur the financial obligation of constructing a new building to their specifications. This is simply not financially feasible for a small business.” Cameron said that sewer connection would cost between $140,000 and $180,000. The only reason it would be needed is to accommodate Captain’s expansion to 150 seats. 

Click On:

Arnold left open the possibility for a lease amendment where the county would build and pay for a new building on the reclaimed land, “with the same capacity as the existing restaurant,” which means 98 seats. (See the full letter here.)

That may well end up being the county’s only option. Cameron says the existing Captain’s is simply not repairable. The county is under obligation to Captain’s, at least until 2026, when the current lease runs out (the current lease in the county’s understanding, not in Captain’s) to ensure that Captain’s has a place to operate from. Since the “bad lease,” as Cameron termed it, has no provision allowing the county to shut down the business while it builds a new facility,  the county would be under obligation to build the new building while the existing one continues to be a restaurant. The county sees that building going on the reclaimed land. That’s Option Two. And it would not require a $180,000 sewer connection.  

But the Hammock Community Association now opposes that approach. Joy Ellis, who heads the association, said engineers have examined the site and analyzed what a 150-seat restaurant’s impact would be and what moving the existing pavilion would entail. “They realized it wasn’t a good location for that size building,” Ellis said. “Even with the 100-seat restaurant we would run into the circumstance of moving the pavilion into the park and causing the same problems in the park with the pavilion that we were trying to avoid in the park, so yes, we have reevaluated.” 

Ellis said the association is meeting with the Save the Park group Saturday to discuss a new proposal that would be submitted to the county. Ellis was not ready to discuss the proposal before it was vetted at the meeting. But she said the idea is “obviously not a building of the size they’re talking about, we don’t want to damage the park, and we want it  to be controlled by the county.” She added: “We want a building that can ensure that they cannot do what they have done in the past, which is expand, expand, expand. We’re interested in keeping a small site with the county having control of it in an area that doesn’t damage the park.”

Under the existing lease, the county has no option but to accommodate a restaurant. Given various strains, Cameron agrees that the decision may end up being reached by default, with the county having to build a new building, but not to Captain’s specifications, and certainly not at 150 seats. And after 2026, Captain’s could remain there but the rent would have to go to market rates, which Cameron says would be around $5,000 a month, plus triple net responsibilities for maintenance and insurance, but still no taxes, since it’s county land. 

“That is definitely an option the county could do, they could do that without having any other option,” Cameron said. The possible downside, he said, is Captain’s position that the county signed a lease allowing 150 seats–which the county did, before rescinding that vote. “Then we have to decide in court on whether they could have rescinded that signed agreement. It’s a bad set of circumstances. But we’ve got to work through it.”

That’s assuming the reclaimed land isn’t itself structurally compromised: new concerns are emerging, as documented by a set of images sent to FlaglerLive, that the land may not be suitable for a restaurant. See more images below.

The next possible discussion date for the commission is May 20.

“For the county it really doesn’t matter which option we go to, I of course don’t want to go find the money to build one. I want the best outcome for the Hammock that we can get without compromising the rest of the county,” Cameron said. “We will continue looking for solutions and if we can find something that makes everybody happy, that would be great.”

The likelier outcome is a solution that makes no one happy, but that would more closely reflect the nature of a compromise.

(© Bill Hannon for FlaglerLive)

(© Bill Hannon for FlaglerLive)

(© Bill Hannon for FlaglerLive)

(© Bill Hannon for FlaglerLive)

bing's landing

(© Bill Hannon for FlaglerLive)

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41 Responses for “Latest 2 Proposals for Captain’s BBQ at Bing’s Landing Again Collapse as Sides Harden or Shift Positions”

  1. Lin says:

    I just don’t get why the county attorney and commissioners would sign such against-interest lease without protections for the county’s interests (that is the citizen’s interests, friendships with the principals aside). But here we are. If I had a vote here (and I guess I’m only a taxpayer, so I don’t have a vote), I would keep the restaurant as small as possible and not move it but renovate down to the studs if necessary (if I had to by the lease) with no liquor license and no new parking lot. And sewer etc are costs of building and why should the taxpayers be on the hook for that too. This gives public/private partnerships a bad name. My position would harden too. Sensitive lands? We paid already for a park and why are we building their business. There is lots of land for Captains to buy and build their own business. Why is Flagler County giving our land away?

  2. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    The real facts:
    Does the county prefer to be sued by a bunch of buddies who keep getting ‘freebees’ on land WE own or does the county prefer to get sued by US who OWN the land? Simple choice – don’t we all agree?

    Fire Al Hdeed – take his retirement pay and offer the mult-millionaires who have been getting a free ride Al’s last year paycheck…. If they have any brains they will accept and find a location to build, buy or rent a new ‘Captain’s Barbeque’… The land belongs to us – if they don’t like that deal too bad – let them sue us for lost income – they won’t get a dime because the lease doesn’t promise or guarantee ‘income’.

    The stupidity of our county attorney ( my opinion) and or his personal interest ( my opinion) is responsible for deigning this disgrace

  3. Kim says:

    Why does Captain’s think the county (we taxpayers) owe them anything? I don’t think they are in a position to make demands. Whole thing is a crap show started by county indecisiveness.

  4. Flatsflyer says:

    Get out of this lease and never enter another with any private business, We lost millions with Bobby Ginn, we lost on numerous other failed attempts. Even if the county built a million dollar facility and rented it for $5,000. per month, it would take 200 years to recoup the million dollar cost and that doesn’t include interest, repairs, etc. Our county officials are a bunch of idiots and about as qualified as all of Trump Cabinet Members.

  5. Ben Hogarth says:

    Arguably, the lease prior to the existing catastrophe from last Fall was not even entirely “legal.” The existing lease certainly wouldn’t hold up to judicial scrutiny for reasons I have addressed in earlier statements.

    I respect the current County Administrator for trying to work with both sides on this issue – as a former county employee I share the frustration of all.

    At this point, I believe the best course would be to find suitable land elsewhere to let Captains BBQ set up shop – off existing park grounds. No matter what area of that property is utilized for this purpose, it could not possibly meet the “public purpose” requirements established by the Florida Supreme Cpurt in the past 50+ years. Those opinions I have cited in prior article discussions.

    Commissioners – there obviously is no easy legal recourse for this, but it may behoove you to get an Attorney General legal opinion on the existing lease terms. Please do so before this matter goes to court and the AG would no longer be able to weigh in.

  6. Edith Campins says:

    And the Coffey legacy lives on.
    At this point the best option is to terminate the lease altogether, pay the penalties, which will be less than all the other options, and learn the lesson.
    Why is the County Attorney allowing these type of contracts to be entered into? What kind of advice is he giving the Commissioners? Think about it, the water plan, the Sears building, this mess, the Sheriff’s office, where does it end?

  7. rick says:

    What a miserable example of incompetent, if not corrupt, county governing. Free rent for how many years on publicly owned property, and not just any property, but a precious, fragile, and historic park/boat ramp?? Duped into signing for 150 seats, coincidentally the number needed for a liquor license, without any mention of that? Now on the hook for possibly a large sum of money, because of a deal made behind closed doors with political contributors who could care less about the park, as is evidenced by their new attitude and attorney? This deal was originally sold to the public as a private concern taking over the bait shop, which the restaurant operated poorly at first, and then not at all. (No legal accountability there, by the way?) I can only hope that no one will patronize this place, when and if it is ever built. What a sham, and what a shame. Bing’s Landing was a very special place, soon to be lost to greed and incompetence. I could spit, as they say in the South.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    The travesty of the FCBOCC and administrators to benefit their buddies is what is all about. Repair the current existing location and while work is done bring a couple of portable kitchen grills and keep grilling we have no obligation to keep their business going while repairing a building damaged by the last hurricanes as per that lease.This is just a travesty digging into the taxpayers pockets when Cameron says the current building can’t no longer be used. Fix the darn building and terminate this shameful burdensome lease in the taxpayers pockets by 2026. Then they should have ripped us off enough to buy their own land in the water for their BBQ.

  9. Dave says:

    We need an investigation into why the county would sign such a bad lease against the interest of the county. If the building is so bad they are in now they should be forced to shut it down right now until whatever outcome happens but they should not be allowed to operate in a building that they claim is unusable. Keep these baffons and their bar b que out of our park and out of our county

  10. John Kent says:

    Here is very simple solution: don’t renew the lease, let them go and build/rent elsewhere like every other restaurant does. How long should this theater last? Have had enough of it and our corrupt county should back off. Is this restaurant really that important for anyone? I bet if it closed nobody will regret it, not even for a second.

  11. Hammock Bear says:

    A larger seating capacity if ramps to the bathrooms are installed would allow for a full liquor license. The Pavillion that is in use at this time has been used hundreds of times for weddings, birthdays, memorials and family cookouts on the ICW. Golf groups from St.John’s county have enjoyed cookouts at that Pavillion as there is no place like this in that county. For all the time the current restaurant has been in business, we always had to buy our bait elsewhere before getting the boat in the water. This location is historic and allows visitors to learn of the past. Currently there are other places on the ICW that can be purchased and are ready for restaurants. Why mess with Bing’s Landing and remove the old Florida beauty. If it has to be built, do so only on the current foundation size.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    The BOCC should just move Captains BBQ out of the park.

    You have grounds enough on violation of lease and health department concerns. Stop being gutless cowards and let Captains fend for itself somewhere else. Like others have to. Of course this would never have happened if our BOCC had remained ethical and hadn’t accepted campaign bribes from the owners.

    It becomes a slippery slope when you accept bribes from special interests. You owe them at that point. And if that means disregarding the wishes of your consituents then so be it. You then forget that you have a duty to the rest of the county to look out for all involved.

    Captains BBQ is not a national monument. Nor is it on the registry of historical places. It’s a BBQ joint with bleh food and an over priced menu. I’ve eaten there at least 4 or 5 times in the 20 years I’ve been here and have gotten sick almost everytime. Probably from the improper food handling they just recently got nailed for.

    All it has going for it is ease of access from the water and a view. Most of which other busniesses would have to pay dearly for. But not Captains. Especially since our BOCC members accepted bribes from them. And I have to wonder about our County Attorney who refuses to protect the county.

    Close it down,move them out and reclaim the land as a park. They should have no more advantage than other busniesses who are struggling in this county. And stop accepting bribes from special interests. This way you don’t compromise yourselves in the future.

  13. Doug says:

    Steadily, business owners are chipping away at what was once a beautiful little marina. The owners of the BBQ should be grateful for what they have now and leave it alone. Bigger doesn’t mean better and you’re only infringing on the environmental side of nature. A fine example of that is the Florida Everglades. I’m a 45 year resident of the Hammock and a taxpayer. Leave it alone.

  14. Steve says:

    Will never go there

  15. susan fiore says:

    So now we FINALLY have the amount Captains SHOULD have been paying “$5000.00 per month”. How do I get one of these 87% discount on my property tax. GGRRRR.

    The ONLY answer is repair the building and charge market rate in 2026, with that kind of increase you could get a loan that would defer payments until 2026.. I’ll bet you could turn it into a habitat for Chris Herrara project oops I mean Habitat for Humanity like project and get the Hammock Community Association to donate the labor provided the restaurant is put out to bid in 2026.

    It’s a win for County new revenue stream in 2026
    It’s a win for the Hammock they keep their park.
    It’s a win for Captains they get to leave town with $400,000 of profit from unpaid rent plus whatever they profited during those 10 years.

  16. Lazaruis says:

    What a sweet deal for the captain !
    What a bitter deal for all of us citizens !!

  17. Hammock Resident says:

    What happened to the great messiah from Brooklyn, who wanted to give back to the community? Maybe he needs to get off his wallet and use his own money on land like everybody else has to do. Or maybe his wallet is not as fat as he would like everybody to believe. Maybe he’s not the “nice guy” like some people think. Thanks for the articles Pierre and keeping up on this saga.

  18. Really says:

    YOU spend an inordinate amount of time on this what gives?? Fix our roads ,improve education for all ages, bring in real Companies will Job prospects,stop the neverending sprawl, help the FCSO get rid of criminals… want me to keep going

  19. Really says:

    Its all connectrd so quit with the its not our legal entity speak

  20. marlee says:

    There are always legal loop holes…let Captain’s go ahead and sue.
    Drag it out until 2026.

  21. deb says:

    Whomever signed a lease until 2026 should have been removed from office. What a good old boy move and I find an insult to the taxpayers of this county.

  22. Percy's mother says:

    OPTION #3

    Provide “Captain’s” with a food truck, some sort of screened in pavilion (which can be used by the county after 2026), and some public restrooms (which can be used by the county after 2026). THAT’S IT . . . until 2026. Then GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

    Option #3 enables them to remain in business such that they can continue to provide the food they’ve become known for, enables their patronage to have a covered and enclosed space with tables and chairs to enjoy their food truck meals and the county can pay for the building of the public restrooms that will remain at the park.

    Option #3 doesn’t infringe on the park any further than the current building.

    Apparently the gloves are off. Their intent was to play mean and dirty right from the get-go. The County needs to do the same thing.

  23. Facts says:

    The county commission are the ones that voted and should be held liable. Captain’s BBQ will prevail in court.

  24. Doug A says:

    How could the previous commission have voted for this as no plans had been submitted for the new location. The county attorney shows zero interest in litigating this, as his statements showed at the previous meeting. He claimed he was not allowed to see their P&L statements, which I would think you would have to see to make sure they could afford to build a building. We the people are going to foot the bill for something that never should have happened.

  25. The Realist says:

    This is so simple to resolve. They broke the lease plain and simple when they expanded to a restaurant and basically walked away from the bait shop they had a lease for. If the building is in such bad shape tear it down and do not rebuild.

  26. Barrack says:

    I just wonder how many of you (who have such strong opinions) ever go to Bings landing, ever launch a boat or even eat at Captain’s. It seems like getting along is not in your nature and you just sit at home and wait for something to attack. Seriously, Flagler needs economic development. Flager is the land of parks that I am sure none of you go to either.

  27. Samual says:

    I stopped going to Bings Landing back when they first built a bait shop there. Now its the smell of BURNT PIG a 1/2 mile north and south of the place. Now they want to build a pig and beans structure to hold 150 customers and serve them liquor……Yep, just what we need here in Flagler County, another Drunk Dump !

  28. AB says:

    LET CAPTAIN’S SUE! Can they make the community more bitter? Either tear the old building down, for good, or fix it up to be the bait and tackle and sandwich to go shop it was originally leased as. Let Captain’s buy their own land, build their own building (going through the same legal procedures anyone else must go through) and pay their own maintenance and taxes. They had their run. We haven’t eaten there since this expansion mess stared. No loss. Commissioners: Stop catering to these people, who are now threatening the community. Are you serious? Send them on their way.

  29. JT says:

    This mess is due to departed Coffey and Hansen…we do seem to elect those that have great difficulty in making the proper decision for all stakeholders in the County.

  30. Agkistrodon says:

    The best place for Captains BBQ is OUT OF A PUBLIC OWNED PARK.

  31. flagler resident says:

    When did the commission rezone the land for Captain’s from park/green space to commercial? Did I miss this meeting? The County nor Captain’s BBQ can operate a restaurant on land not zoned for that purpose. Scenic A1A should sue the county for not enforcing the building codes and for being in violation of the land use designations. I wish the editor would investigate this and report it.

  32. Optimist says:

    Didn’t this whole “BBQ thing” start with a cheap lease from the county to occupy and old bait shop?
    Somebody gets a giveaway (and I mean giveaway) lease on a waterfront property to sell BBQ to tourists. Shortly after (and Superficially) it becomes a renowned establishment… of all the super free opportunities ever afforded to any “business” owner. This was a total gimme. Ya. I’d say keep the chamber of commerce deal as it was from day 1. Some guy named captain Chris sells BBQ at BINGS Landing in the local “as -is” capacity as a spiff to boost tourist engagement in the area. Ya know, the local county PARK, boat launch and historical reserve. Here’s a good question.. why doesn’t the “captains” organization just PURCHASE the ice cream/ bike shop property across the street, and build their very OWN restaurant there???? Ya know, kinda like Jt’s and many many other restaurants had to (with no handouts) Oops, yaa that would take 3 mill dollars.. what a giveaway stroke job. Hold your cards, locals. This is too much. Keep this county recreational area the way it should be. Get back to fishing charters, Captain. It’s good enough as it is. And the BBQ is in all honesty not that noteworthy to begin with. Sorry.

  33. A Dedicated American says:

    After reading and trying to digest what is now happening regarding the changing of the leases as per Mr. Goodman’s new attorney, Mr. Casey Arnold, will be explained below. Commissioner Erickson is the only commissioner now on the board when the original lease was signed. Please check the SOE information on all contributions made to all commissioners during their last elections.
    Commissioner Greg Hansen:
    Received $1,000.00 dollars from Mr. Goodman’s Attorney, Mr. Jay Livingston.
    Received $3,000.00 dollars from Mr. Goodman.
    Received $ 500.00 dollars from Hammock Business Assoc.
    (Michael Goodman, 113 Island Estates Pkwy.)
    The Past County Commissioner Nate McLaughlin also received campaign contributions from Michael Goodman and his partner Chris Herrera amounting to $2500. dollars.
    Frank Meeker past commissioner (deceased) name is on the original leases. I am not sure if he received contributions from Goodman. Commissioner Hansen was appointed by Governor Scott to replace Frank Meeker.
    Commissioner Joe Mullins received $1000. dollars from Michael Goodman.
    When this lease was passed quickly last year, all the commissioners voted yes. Their due diligence to Mr. Goodman.
    If you go back and listen to that BOCC meeting you will hear all opposition to the new lease of which my husband and myself were apart of. I brought up at that BOCC meeting the contributions made to these two commissioners then (Hansen and McLaughlin) and it went on deaf ears by our county attorney Al Hadeed, Commissioners Sullivan, O’Brien, Hansen and Erickson and past county administrator Craig Coffey. This shows that We The People vote commissioners into office to represent OUR TAX DOLLARS and their contributors take precedence and frankly do not give a damn about WE THE TAX PAYERS input. Do you think the reason Michael Goodman changed attorneys was because of the contribution made by Attorney Jay Livingston to commissioner Greg Hansen’s campaign fund? Could that possibly be a big red flag for the tax payers regarding this lease and the county avoiding any law suits?
    The amended lease that was written on April 20, 2015 and approved as to form by County Attorney Albert Hadeed was written as CAPTAIN’S BAIT, TACKLE & BBQ, LLC. (Section 2. Term. Please bring up First Amendment to Captains Bait, Tackle & BBQ lease at Bing’s Landing). I would think Al Hadeed would be writing the county leases and not approving as to form with his signature. The lease was not amended for Goodman to be able to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner now. It is about time that the commissioners read everything and understand what they are voting on. Fortunately We have you Administrator Cameron and not Coffey guiding the commissioners as to what is the correct way to protect the tax payers of this county of which Attorney Al Hadeed should be doing.
    Perhaps these suggestions can avoid legal issues for our county from Michael Goodman’s Attorney.
    1. Al Hadeed and commissioners (past and present ) were not working in the best interest of the Tax Payers. (Listening to Coffey making all the decisions).
    2. 600+ residents signed petitions against the restaurant. Along with all the residents that were there that night. That did not make a difference to our commissioners.
    3. Original and amended lease violated. (Bait, tackle and bbq not a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant).
    4. New Septic tank to be paid by the county (tax payers). Absolutely no thought by the commissioners.
    5. Where is the real report on evidence of the existing buildings condition. Was it pushed through like the old hospital (the sheriffs new building, now vacant because of what past administrator Coffey did ILLEGALLY).
    6. Our commissioners and the county attorney never did their homework. Kept listening to Coffey.
    7. The near by residents were never notified of the proposed 5000 sq. ft. Restaurant.
    8. Michael Goodman hired by Commissioner Hansen to the Flagler County Planning Board. Is that not a conflict of interest?
    9. The rent went from $450.00 to $600.00 per month was and still a give away from our commissioners and THE BIG Giver Coffey. Does the county have any idea what that BBQ brings in a month? We are all against this and the county should let the lease expire in 2021 and let Goodman go look for something else.
    From what I can see, Goodman’s new Attorney is going to push our commissioners to accept all changes they want in the lease or they are going to sue. Let them sue and hire a new attorney that will be able to make good decisions guiding our commissioners. All these changes that were made after the original signing of this lease should be voided. Goodman took it upon himself to change the Captains Bait, tackle, and bbq to a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  34. Sherry says:

    This entire LEGAL debacle and entanglement is the latest in a long list of massive ERRORS made by our “current” county attorney, as well as the (now departed) county manager. . . all with a complete lack of due diligence and oversight by the county board of commissioners.

    Question is: Why do these people still have their jobs. . . especially the county attorney? A forensic audit of just how these kinds of “deals” have gone down for the past 10 years needs to be conducted by the state. Unfortunately those who “should” call for such an audit are likely up to their own necks in the obvious corruption!

    AGAIN. . . it is likely that the tax payers will be forced to pay to extricate those responsible from this legal malfeasance!

  35. beachcat says:

    Barrack – Take stock. I stopped eating at Captain’s after trying three different, bad meals. I like the pink pig BBQ. At this point, Captain’s owner has used up his last coupon from the County, and needs to get out of the (almost) free rent business. Captain’s owner is leading County and Commissioners around by their noses. They need to stop being afraid. Repair that nice little building. If it’s so bad, why is Captain’s still open for business? That beautiful, precious environmentally sensitive land full of artifacts will be ruined if the county folds and allows any new building to be erected.

  36. Ricky Blackwater says:

    So now we’re seeing the true nature of Mike Goodman the real captain behind Captains bbq, (who by the way is on the planning board, huh?) Hats off to him for being smart enough to start this business, any one of y’all could of bid to run that bait shop, that’s not the issue i have with him, it’s good old fashioned GREED, I’ve got a sweetheart deal, I’m making literally tens of thousands of dollars a month, but I want more, if i can’t have it I’ll sue! Cook outside serve to go plates, refurbe the building your in, pay for the sewer hook up, and continue to count your blessings n profits, or just walk away, no harm no foul.

  37. Downtown says:

    From what i understand the current building is beyond repair. So let it go until it’s condemned, take it down and rebuilt a new building in the same footprint. Extend the lease to Captain’s for the time it takes to rebuild, which if the county has it’s ducks in a row shouldn’t take more than two months. It’s a win-win. Captain’s get’s a new building, park stays unchanged. Loss of revenue for Captains should be split between the County and Captain’s.

  38. palmcoaster says:

    By the way 1,900 of us against the commercialization of our parks bought with land preservation funds and the frivolous waste of our hard earned taxes to benefit the few have signed the petition against the Cpt Bbq expansion. Not 600 signatures as I saw reported somewhere lately. Unfortunately looks like no county or city officials want to pay attention to our pleas.

  39. Sadie says:

    Real simple solution…one I and everyone I know have already implemented. STOP going to Captain’s!
    DO NOT eat there! If they have absolutely no customers they do not need a new building!

  40. deb says:

    @Sadie, thats not going to work, maybe for a few locals, but the place is packed on the weekends with people that could careless what goes on there. Boaters, tourist and people that live on the “otherside”.

    The only way to fix this, Captains can get themselves a food truck, tear the place down and rebuild right where it sets, same seating capacity, new sewer system, built to code. No hard liquor.

  41. Angry taxpayer says:

    Enough is enough. End this charade that will cost the taxpayers for years. What is so critical about a restaurant in a public park? Why are some of the commissioners so anxious to help out one restaurant. The other businesses not only don’t get help, they will end up paying for this as we all will.

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