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Saint Kavanaugh

| October 4, 2018

brett kavanaugh saint

The saint. (Ninian Reid)

As I was writing this, the FBI report commissioned to canonize Brett Kavanaugh was senators’ favorite one-handed auto-erotic aid this morning. I didn’t yet know what it would say. Not that it was going to make a difference for 96 percent of senators and 100 percent of Americans. With a Trump courtesan like Lindsey Graham and alumni of the Anita Hill stoning like Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch lubricating the Senate Judiciary Committee, it’s been pretty obvious since his nomination that Kavanaugh would get enrobed. It wouldn’t matter if he were a liar, a lout, a lecher, a drunk and a goon. The president is all those things, minus the drunk part, and he got elected to an office substantially more powerful than a supreme court seat.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive So we shouldn’t be surprised about his choices. We enabled them. I mean, look at his staff or his cabinet, which has had almost more wife-beaters, racists, fraudsters, felons, traitors and dimwits than even Ronald Reagan’s White House managed, and that one finished the show with 138 administration officials investigated, indicted or convicted, most in history. It would have been foolish to expect Trump to nominate a Louis Brandeis or a Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. He was going to nominate a man in his image, but with a law degree and the ability to speak in full sentences. He couldn’t clone Clarence Thomas. So Kavanaugh is his man.

It appears Thomas’s title as the meanest, angriest justice of the last three decades is in jeopardy, now that Kavanagh will elevate the angry white male to judicial supremacy while also ensuring that the other kind of supremacy prevails a few decades longer. And let’s not lose sight of the fact that for all the grotesque number of young black men massacred or terrorized by cops, it’s taken a millionaire Yalie to awaken the president’s anguish that rich white men’s libidos matter.

There’s fair opposition to Kavanaugh because of his tawdry character, just as there was with Clarence Thomas. But all things being equal–there’s little difference between these men’s character and the chambers they come from or are joining–my objection to Kavanaugh predates the scandals, at least the boozy and predatory ones.

You may recall that in 1991, the Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked 7-7 on Clarence Thomas before the revelations of Anita Hill. It was Thomas’s lies and philosophy that were a problem. He was a thin-skinned mullah, an extremist ready to return the Warren Court’s progressions to the stone age, meaning back to the pre-New Deal days of William Howard Taft and Charles Evans Hughes. That, and the proof of his last 27 sadistic years, is why he shouldn’t have been confirmed.

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Brett Kavanaugh is Clarence Thomas on meth. Besides writing soft porn as a mercenary (his Long Dong Silver was the Starr Report), there’s his role during the George W. Bush administration, starting with helping Bush steal the 2000 election, then becoming part of the legal junta that included John Yoo and David Addington, architects of the war on Americans still euphemized in foxier circles as the “war on terror.” His name was not on the memos glorifying waterboarding, black sites, torture, Guantanamo and extraordinary rendition, but he was in the room, and of course he lied in his 2006 confirmation hearing when asked about his involvement in terrorism matters.

Admittedly it’s not fair to criticize a member of the Bush gang for lying in an administration that immediately signaled that truth-tellers would not be tolerated. So jump to Kavanaugh’s years on the federal bench: Abortion? Against. Obamacare? Against. Unions, workplace safety, anything with the word “regulation” in it? Against. Domestic spying? Hell, yes. Police spying on private citizens? Absolutely. A theocratic reading of the First Amendment? Why not. Brown-skin bans? Play Dixie for him. Presidential powers that would arouse even a dead Louis XIV? Strike up the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

That’s the man our college of cardinals is confirming to the Supreme Court. If you think that’s a “small-government conservative,” you might want to rethink your definitions of those three words. There’s more activism in a besotted Kavanaugh burp than in all the penumbras of William O. Douglas’s opinions. Not that any other man out of Trump’s Federalist Society seraglio would be any different. That’s the ultimate lesson of the Kavanaugh follies. Confirmed or not, whoever’s next in line would be no different. Look at Neil Gorsuch. He might be less personally sleazy, more temperamentally amoebic, but judicially? Same shill, different name.

On the U.S. Supreme Court, it’s the 1920s all over again, with triumphalic vengeance.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here or follow him @PierreTristam. A version of this piece aired on WNZF. It was syndicated by

66 Responses for “Saint Kavanaugh”

  1. Combat Vet says:

    This guy is delusional! Just another left wing liberal rant by a loser.

  2. Veteran says:

    I knew you had Trump Derangement Syndrome, but now you’ve come down with Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome. Please see a psychiatrist.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Get used to it you will have him (TRUMP)around for 6 more years and he will get to pick at lest one more justice maybe 2 MAGA TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  4. mausborn says:

    Kavanaugh is entwined in conspiracy theories. He is an embarrassment for his family and for the justice system!!!! I find it hard to believe that people believe that this is a political hit job. Did the Clinton’s even know kavanaugh 36 years ago? He hadn’t even graduated high school. How can they be after him when he was a minor? This is just right wing jackasses trying to fill the supreme Court with mindless trump supporters. If he gets put on the Supreme Court, America will lose the people’s trust!

    Cryvanaugh needs to be charged for lying under oath and for witness tampering. Vote blue.

    Kav is a national disgrace, but he does like beer!

  5. Me says:

    Pierre well written. It didn’t bother me the guy likes drinking beer, but what really bothered me is him lying under oath and attacking the Clinton’s and the Democrat’s. Not to mention his anger he showed the world on national tv.
    You are so right with all the corruption we now have in the Republican party thanks to Mr. Trump of Realty Oval Office tv show who else would you expect him to want as a judge of the highest court in our land.
    Now it comes out the Trump cheated millions in taxes. What a great example he is to the young children of our country, he is teaching them it is fine to lie and cheat.
    Please vote blue in November.

  6. Outsider says:

    I consider these pieces the price I have to pay in order to remain up to date on local events, for which I’m grateful. All I can add to that is this is your sand box and you can play with whomever, or write whatever you want.

  7. Michael Chiumento says:

    i believe we all are not being intellectually honest on this issue including this article (despite being articulate). If we REALLY believe the pick for SCOTUS is not political, then lets just look at his judicial record without political bias. Lets not look as his opinions on abortion, immigration, soft money, etc.

    However, its obvious to me that all the “jaw jacking” on this appointment is a poor disguise of one’s personal political opinions. Soooooo, if we are being honest that this is really a political fight, lets let politics govern the process. The R(s) can push it through on a simple majority and the D(s) can obstruct, complain and use it to their advantage to fire up their base in the primary. Each of them can deal with the consequences.

    Its a shame, we cannot just determine if he is a good lawyer and judge…regardless of our individual political views. I dont pick my doctor, my priest, or my wife based on their political views. Otherwise, I would be alone.

    Lets hope this does not deepen the divide among the citizenry.

  8. Pogo says:

    @Pierre Tristam

    Brilliant, eloquent, wise – and concise. The trumpholes will be totally confounded.

    Vote Blue as if your life and future depend upon it – they do.

  9. Agkistrodon says:

    That is JUSTICE Kavanaugh to YOU. YOU may not like it, but that is how THIS country works.

  10. Elaine Sepe says:

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone ~

    Pierre ~ now that your into story telling ~ let’s hear some good Democratic diddies about the Kennedys and the Clintons for starters ~ Why shouldn’t they share the spotlight?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Then there’s Obama who used cocaine, smoked weed and drank. Your point?

  12. Keep Flagler Beautiful says:

    Wow. So bitter, Pierre. This is not like you. You always have your opinions, but usually you keep a professional journalist’s outlook. This time you didn’t. Disappointing.

  13. John Conklin says:

    So now the FBI is bad, right, Pierre? They were good when they were trying to stop Trump, but not anymore! All your allegations regarding Kavanaugh’s “tawdry” character (more like character assasination) and Clarence Thomas’ “lies” are unfounded, but that matters little to leftists like you. You just spread this shit. Truth doesn’t matter to you. Funny how you never called the Obama administration out like this. Getting your way is all that matters to the fascists on the left. I’m sure Obama is organizing and Soros is funding riots for next week.And judging from how “UNHINGED” ( to use a favorite word of the left’s) you are in this editorial, the good guys are winning and will hopefully slow the downfall of this country over the next 35 years with a majority Supreme Court.

  14. Flagler Flyer says:

    Pierre – thank you for such a wonderful article! I do enjoy reading articles from those who are completely tone-deaf to what is happening in this country. And while I am sure screeds like this get kudos from all of your friends, it achieves the exact opposite of what you desire!

    As a conservative I ask that you keep up the good work of demonstrating the mentality of the left! I look forward to your election column on November 7th.

  15. BMW says:

    LOL, HA HA….

    “Sleazy”, you really do your reputation and the quality of your website a disservice with such elementary terms and delusional thought processes. This article is like watching a little baby throw a hissy fit after his bottle has been taken away.

    Honestly, you’re better than this. If this set of circumstances threw you into such a fit, imagine if you were left to defend yourself at the same level the Judge has had to do over the past few months.

    WHA, WHA, WHA…

  16. Richards says:

    Can’t wait for Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee. You can submit the same article with the name changed.

  17. Beach Guy says:

    Clinton received a BJ in the White House, by a woman who was NOT his wife!!! Kavanaugh dry humped a woman at a high school party, allegedly, long before ever being married. I don’t believe it’s right to sleep with porn stars either, if married, but if you’re trying to find a man, or woman, with a perfect track record….well, then good luck. We are all human. I’m waiting to hear from all the women who have ever whored themselves out backstage after a rock concert, with men worth MILLIONS. There was a lot of that going on, and still going on, but they don’t come forward because their is no political agenda when it comes to good ‘ole fashion rock n’ roll. Bill Cosby belongs in jail because he drugged and raped women.

  18. Makeitso1701 says:

    Just when you thought Republicans could not sink any lower, my goodness people, have you no sense of decency or morality? Is trump worth selling your soul to the devil? What a disgraceful thing that’s happening to this country. You trump people are so blind, can’t you see he’s an con artist? He has been a con artist all his life. I don’t understand it,I hope you trumpsters wake up and smell the coffee soon. God help us all.

  19. Winning is such fun, BUT... says:

    Pierre, please stick to the local reporting you are so good at, todays political climate obviously has your blood boiling. After RBG craps her depends undergarment for the last time and croaks and Trump gloriously stacks the SCOTUS even more to our liking your heads going to implode Sir… then we will all be stuck wondering what the hell is going on every time Fire flight is circling overhead instead of just clicking the Flagler live icon, learning who the perp is, what he did this time and recap how many other times he’d been arrested and probably what he ate for breakfast before committing the crime… You really have a gift for this! Hell The News Journal dosnt even mention Palm Coast most days…

  20. Dennis says:

    Thank You Mr. Chiumento. For what ever reason, some politicians think it’s a good idea to try divide in order to defeat. I’m old enough to remember the days when they used to work together and actually get something done. Your comment was spot on.

  21. Angry says:

    I wouldn’t even hire this man to mow my lawn much less be a judge on the supreme court! Sure…would you hire someone that came for his job interview and whined, complained, cried, shouted you down, was sarcastic, and talked about how much he loved beer? NOT ONE OF YOU WOULD! Yet here we go folks!
    WHAT is the GOP hiding? GOP and White house: Hiding thousands of papers never seen, holding the FBI back from a complete background investigation and making sure the fix was in on this nomination. WHY? Ask yourself WHY? What is being hid? Even a total nitwit can see this man is not fit, it is pretty darn plain. His temperament is horrible, he lies over and over again, and has real problems with alcohol and a very suspect relationship with women.. Yet, the GOP is shoving him down the American people’s throats! The BAR association said NO. His own fellow law professors said NO. The majority of the American people have said NO. Yet…the fix is in! You disgust me GOP.

  22. Ron says:

    Two thumbs up. Pierre!

  23. Robin Soprano says:

    This paper needs a either a non partisan writer or a Republican and have both sides . This is just yet another article with left lunacy or TDS puked all over it.

  24. Richard says:

    Pierre – I expected nothing less from you as soon as I saw the title of your commentary. You have not disappointed me. More of the same week after week. After awhile it becomes boring & monotonous to read the same left wing radical BS. BUT, I have gotten accustomed to it as you along with every other left wing radical living in this FREE country try to bolster the left and denigrate the right. You do realize that eventually people will become immune to your radicalism and just ignore you.

  25. Paul C Pritchard says:

    Thanks for stirring some folks up. We need to understand how much a mockery this whole process is, run by either party. Supreme Court justices should not be chosen by a process fraught with political mockery. Missouri had the first method of moving the process away from politics. Even that can be improved on.

  26. howard tessler says:

    Pierre wrote this piece ? ….. if it was on paper in front of me I’d have torn it to shreds by now . This article could have just as easily been written by Pelosi , Feinstein or any other of these liberal vermin politicians . they are all making America look like clowns to the rest of the world .

  27. howard tessler says:

    I’ve got it on good authority that pierre tristam writes his articles in a dark alley with a needle sticking out from his arm . ( who can doubt me ? )

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      Howard, good authority. My writing method is very similar to that of the great Red Smith, who said, “Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.”

  28. Annonymous says:

    After learning today that candidate for Governor Gillum has stated he wants New York State Property Tax Rates For Florida homeowners to pay for his “Promises” the Kavanaugh debate does not seem that important anymore.

  29. gmath55 says:

    The three women accusers have holes in their stories, lies, and no credibility. Democrats are a disgrace to society. Playing games and delay tactics! They just want the power and the crumbs back. Democrats are nothing more then hypocrites.

    @ mausborn – are you delusional? Brett Kavanaugh is not embarrassment to his family or justice system but the three women are! Kavanaugh accusers could face defamation lawsuits. Mausborn you need to pay attention to the news, facts, and stop giving us your BS.

    Making comments like “Vote Blue as if your life and future depend upon it – they do” is really stupid. You can’t tell people who to vote for. So, why are you making asinine comment?

    @ Angry – Brett Kavanaugh can mow my lawn any day of the week but I don’t think he would stoop to your level Angry. Anybody in his or her right mind would whined, complain, shout, etc. if accused of something and there is no evidence. What would you do Angry? Say, yea I did it. LOL

    You know what all this is causing? More Independent Voters to vote Republican.

  30. rick g says:

    Thanks once again Pierre for a spot on analysis. Even former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is saying that Kavanaugh does not have the temperament of a judge of any kind.

  31. Barbara says:

    Pierre you must have had a very bad week, this is not like you, always enjoyed your articles, opinionated yes, but professional and fair, this time not even close. Sad.

  32. Mr Chris says:

    Reading these coments it’s hard to believe we are talking about the same story. One thing is clear to me, people will see what the want to see no mater the evidence.

  33. Falala says:

    Hmmmm…meanwhile on the local front a Flagler Beach commissioner is committing continual crimes against women, even after a headlining arrest. Repeated abuses unreported, I guess that’s what doing a little beach cleanup buys in this town.

  34. Fredrick says:

    OMG Pierre you owe me for a new laptop. Reading your article I laughed so hard I spit soda out my nose all over the keyboard. I have been waiting for days for you to publish an editorial about this. If you could at least be honest and admit that all this bullshit the dems are throwing at this guy, is political and not factual I would at least take some of your editorial seriously, but when you can not even admit that, the rest your words become a joke and can not be taken seriously just as your party has nothing else. You and your party created Trump and now you are stuck with him. Get a message, listen to what America is saying. If you keep calling the other side a bunch of racists, homophobes,… blah blah blah your side will never be listened to. My suggestion is for you and your party is to get over your butt hurt and move on and get your crap together.

  35. Steve Robinson says:

    Let’s remember above all that Merrick Garland should be occupying the seat Gorsuch had stolen for him.
    Unless you’ve led a very sheltered life you have met Brett Kavanaugh many times: The entitled scion of the similarly entitled, whose sense of entitlement dictated that he could regularly drink himself into a stupor, commit appalling acts on young women, and have none of it come back to bite him in the ass.”I WENT TO YALE!!!”
    He is a liar about matters big and small and, as any judge would tell a jury, if you think he lied about one thing you can properly assume that he lies about other things too. Rarely has the country had the opportunity to see a man in his position so thoroughly self-destruct while morphing before our eyes into the mean-drunk frat boy so many of his former classmates have described. This is what happens when our gilded princes find themselves jammed into a corner by their own hand: They whine, they weep a bit as they invoke their Daddy, their face contorts into a mask of hatred and contempt as they are challenged by a mere woman from, of all non-Ivy League states, Minnesota! “I WENT TO YALE!!!”
    My only hope is that John Roberts, smug though he may be, is contemplating his legacy as Chief Justice, and thinking that maybe presiding over the systematic dismantling of the rights of the people might not earn him many pages in the textbooks of the future. Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and now Kavanaugh are beyond redemption. Maybe Roberts will temper their righteous indignation. Maybe.

  36. Veteran says:

    Winner, your RBG comment cracked me up!

  37. Michael Bolchunas says:

    Pierre… Have you no decency at all to write this garbage to suck up to your liberal readers? Disgusting…

  38. Paul Pasternak says:

    Maybe it’s time to add a time limit to the supreme court. Let’s say 20 year terms. At the end of your term, the President gets to nominate 3 judges to the judicial committee, no matter how soon the next election is. They make a recommendation, and the Senate then votes on all three (Maybe a secret ballot to stop this crap that’s going on now). Of course a justice can always resign before their term is up. If we don’t come up with a better plan, presidents will start naming even younger justices just to put a death grip on the court for the longest possible time.

  39. robert greene says:

    Nice piece, but a bit too erudite for the majority of Flagler County Trump supporters who will have trouble with the big words. It would do better in the New Yorker.

  40. palmcoaster says:

    A cheat and liar under oath, a rabid conservative bias, a women scorner and additional powers granter to this fascist POTUS and totally disrespectful to our senators in our legislative branch? Excuse me but never seeing before on a justice nomination of either party. KAVA NO! Pick a less tainted candidate!! Thank you Pierre for your outstanding courageous editorial! Keep up the good work!

  41. palmcoaster says:

    Shame a real shame and proof of the fascist/tiranny state of the current POTUS administration arresting 300 protesters against the KAVA NO confirmation when they are non violently exercising their 1st amendment right in our tax funded Capitol building. I guest we are living in a Russia style era now were maybe could even happen that some witnesses may end up like this:
    Walking back to McCarthyism?

  42. Ben Hogarth says:

    The comments reflect the same divergence we are seeing in the vocal majority of the nation.. two groups:

    The “left” which is now comprised of average, decent, hard-working Americans who simply cannot understand the sham and lack of shame coming from those who perpetuate absurdities, lies, and abhorrent behavior onthe “right.” This group now includes former, traditional Republican voters who have been horrified by their parties transition to Trump absolution.

    And the “right,” who are now a collection of homophobs, racists, apologists, imperialists, antagonists, and historical alt-right Republican voters who prioritize national security and the military-industrial complex over every other economic, environmental, and medical issue. They victimize suspects, and suspect victims. They blame shift and refute science, if such valid explanations are politically inconvenient to their dogma. To call the “new” conservative voter, “conservative,” is to entirely erode the very meaning of the word. For nothing is conserved in a group of people who have everything to gain from everything that is destroyed… Including the Constitution and basic civil liberty.

    Saint Kavanaugh is a perfect satirical representation of the bastardizarion of morality by the alt-right and now, Trump absolutionists. If there be one saving grace for this nation, it’s that the majority of their supporters have time against them. We must look to the younger generations to reestablish the morality and human decency, and higher standards to which this nation once aspired.

    I do pity the Trump supporters and new extreme right… many are indeed mentally ill and have gone untreated for too long.

  43. Traveling Rep says:

    What’s the matter Pierre? Did someone grab you by the P***y? This steaming pile of intellectual dishonesty is now becoming your stock and trade, apparently. I can just envision you slouched over a computer wearing your favorite pink woman’s march cap and a sipping a Red Bull, writing this nonsense. What a load of pseudo-literary diarrhea against a man (Kavanaugh), who has never (before now) been the focus of any media criticism – at least not until Soros trotted out a lying leftist (one in the same) psycho-itrist with an obvious axe to grind against, how did you say it? Oh, yes, “Angry White Men”. Who is the racist? Cucked by DJT again, eh!

    Perhaps the sad thing here is that Dr. Ford will now be cast away like a piece of garbage, by the Lefty-Marxist “democrats”

    #Walkaway, #trumpisstillyourdaddy

  44. Born and Raised Here says:

    Compared to some of us days in college, I say this guy was the professor’s pet.

  45. Edith Campins says:

    The facts are that he lied under oath and showed himself to be temperamentally unsuited forthe job.
    trump supporters don’t care what damage they do to our national institutions, as long as they get their way.
    For all those of you dragging out the Kennedy’s and the Clintons…intelligent peple learn from their mistakes and from history, they don’t keep repeating them.

  46. Randy Jones says:

    Did Senator Susan Collins present her essay to the United States Senate today?

    Did she call out anyone as “the bad guy” other than the miscreant that “outed” Dr. Ford?

    Did she present KV’s judicial RECORD as it relates to abortion, Executive privilege, ObamaCare and gay marriage?

    Did she stipulate that confirmed SCOTUS nominees have often ruled against actions brought by the Executive that nominated them to the SCOTUS?

    Did she remind us of the first 15 words of the Preamble to the United States Constitution?

    Did she?

  47. Kevin says:

    If Senator Collins reveres the principle of innocent until proven guilty for a job interview then ask her if she would hire an accussed but not convicted child molester to babysit her children. Of course she wouldn’t risk their safety yet she risks the safety of our justice system to this accussed. Why do we require bail or withold bail on “innocent until proven guilty” suspects? Because they still pose a risk to society just as Bart O’Kavanagh poses a risk to all of us.

  48. jake says:

    The best part of all this is lib/dem heads exploding since November 2016, smells like victory.

  49. Me says:

    Those who speak about the Kennedys and Clintons gets real old, how about talking about the NOW. Republicans in Washington don’t respect women, they don’t care that Trump lies, fabricates stories and expects the world to believe him. Trump didn’t care that he cheated our government on taxes to makes his family richer. Trump didn’t care that he cheated on all his wives, even when they were having his child and put his hand on the bible to up hold our constitution. So, lets talk about who is corrupt and who isn’t. Wait until Mr. Mueller speaks, that is when you will see the cover up that is going on in Washington the greed. They don’t care about the peoples people, wake up. He loves North Korea and Putin, what ever happened to a President of the USA caring about us. Vote in November and stop this corruption. My father said something and it is so true. The politicians in Washington make the Mafia look like alter boys in the Catholic Church.

  50. palmcoaster says:

    Can’t wait till these ladies and their witnesses take their case against Kavano to the Maryland district court for a trial and a real investigation!

  51. Agkistrodon says:

    #Me You mean like people talking about Anita Hill And Clarence Thomas? Yeah I thought so.

  52. Trebordadda says:

    Pierre—well said. These are dark times we are going through. @steve Robinson thank you for reminding those who accuse Pierre of intellectual dishonesty that the greatest fraud of all was the one perpetrated by Sen McConnell, the Majority Leader, who waited out almost the entire last year of Obama’s mandate without holding a single hearing, in order to thwart that president’s legitimate SCOTUS pick.

    Let us not now feign ignorance as to what really happened. The truth is republicans in the Senate (McConnell, Graham, Grassley, Collins, Flake, Corker) despise Trump for his sleaziness, his lack of temperament, his dalliances with despots, his intellectual shallowness and his immorality. But they sure love his willingness to do their bidding (SCOTUS, tax reform, other judicial appointments) so they hold their noses, and keep the blinders tight.

    No, you all who claim this is “normal”: there is nothing “normal” here. We are now truly turned into a banana republic. The world is truly laughing now, starting with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

  53. Richard says:

    If Dr. Ford had been nominated to the SCOTUS do you think she would have passed the same background checks with the same scrutiny as Justice Kavnaugh? Food for thought. By the way, I wonder what the Democrats will be angry about next? They seem to be always angry at whatever they choose next forgetting about what they were angry at previously. First it was Trump’s election, then immigration, then the wall, then gun control, then separating children from their parents at the border, then abortion, then more immigration, then LGBT, then more gun control, then Kavanaugh’s nomination, etc, etc. etc. I wonder when they will actually put together a platform for the future of this country which the people of the United Sates can BELIEVE in as being REAL versus just protesting, complaining, denigrating, obstructing, etc?

  54. Sherry says:

    Misogynist kavanaugh and trump, along with completely corrupt power players in Congress like mcconnell, grassley, graham, (coward) flake, (coward) manchin, and others. . . have dragged our country into their filthy, disgusting gutter!

    With no moral compass at all ,they thrive on lies, dishonest schemes and manipulation of our citizens.
    Those who still support them do not understand that those people have complete contempt for ALL citizens, and consider us to be mere pawns in their horrific power plays. They are all laughing at us on their way to cashing in on their “sick” game.

    NOVEMBER IS COMING! NO on DeSantis! NO on Scott!

    I have, today, made generous donations to the campaigns of Andrew Gillum for Florida governor and Bill Nelson for Florida Senate. I have also donated to Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign to retain her Senate seat in North Dakota because, unlike Manchin, she had the courage to vote her convictions and opposed the kavanaugh confirmation.

    I urge all intelligent, reasonable, moral citizens to do likewise, and support the campaigns of those who will help our country out of the gutter of despicable fear, hate and lies,


  55. Richard says:

    Why would I want to vote for an economy that will crash & burn, higher taxes, open borders, a non-existent immigration policy, eliminating the second amendment, unfair trade, increased regulations, more entitlement programs, higher welfare, less jobs, more socialized programs and have the government meddling into my life. Yeah right! Vote Republican!

  56. Trebordadda says:

    Richard—try this one for size: if Trump were not president, he would be incapable of getting a security clearance for any government job. This guy is so financially compromised he would be a prime target for foreign interests to manipulate. But of course, you know this already. That’s why he won’t release his taxes. What is he hiding?

  57. gmath55 says:

    @ Richard – I agree with you. You have to be mental challenge to vote Democrat! Economy doing great, unemployment is all time low, stocks doing good, 401K’s doing good, etc., etc. And, who cares about Trump’s taxes?

  58. sherry says:

    Since I still have a moral compass, and I still believe in being honest and ethical. . .”I CARE”, that we have a person in the people’s house who is:

    1. A LIAR
    3. A BIGOT
    5. CORRUPT
    6. and quite possibly a treasonous criminal

    “I CARE” about trump’s taxes because they would reveal his years of criminally fraudulent financial activities. IF he had nothing to hide, we would have disclosed his taxes just as prior candidates for president have done.



  59. Pogo says:

    @The naked truth about the true creed of crooked trump’s lemmings:

    “…etc., etc. And, who cares about Trump’s taxes?”

    Don’t only be sad and disgusted – beware!

    Tacitus, Peace, and Desolation
    By Bryan Caplan

    One of Tacitus’ most famous lines is “They make a desert and call it peace.” What I didn’t realize until I read The Agricola is that Tacitus is quoting (or paraphrasing) Calgacus, an enemy of Rome. The full speech (chaps 30-32) is awesome. Highlight:

    These plunderers of the world [the Romans], after exhausting the land by
    their devastations, are rifling the ocean: stimulated by avarice, if their
    enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor; unsatiated by the East and by the West:
    the only people who behold wealth and indigence with equal avidity. To ravage,
    to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make
    a desert, they call it peace.

    I can just imagine the Romans explaining that the slaughter was a small short-run cost dwarfed by massive long-run benefits. I’m skeptical, but don’t know enough about pre- and post-Roman Britain to speak with confidence.

    Vote Blue as if your life and future depend upon it – they do.

  60. Willy Boy says:

    So much anger. Not good for one’s health.

  61. Randy Jones says:

    I’m glad to see more and more commenters on flaglerlive using their real name as opposed to cowering behind their keyboards.

  62. jake says:

    @sherry, you have just described Bill and Hillary, yet you voted for both and still support their nonsense. You have no “moral compass”.

  63. Richard says:

    @Jake – Democrats lost their moral compass years ago when their platform went from asking what YOU can do for your country versus telling you what the country WILL do for YOU but then never followed through. Now all you hear is denigrating rhetoric about ANYONE who opposes their views which then turns to destructive actions. I am all for the Rule of Law so people are getting fed up with this BS so sane common sense people are beginning to fight back. This WILL lead to civil war so hang on to your weapons before the radicals take those away too.

  64. Sherry says:

    Jake. . . “you” don’t know me. You have no idea who I am, or who I voted for. Such personal attacks “should” be beneath citizens in our community. . . but, apparently that is no longer the case. So SAD for you to carry such negative feelings inside.

  65. Fuggetaboutit says:

    By the way, scroll back up to Richard’s comment. He summed it up accurately!

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