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Charged As Adult, Devaughn Anderson, 17, Now Faces 1st Degree Felony Over Armed Robbery

| October 10, 2017

Surveillance video, which the suspect tried to demolish with a gunshot, captured the armed robbery in progress at the Circle K on Cypress Point Parkway, in an image released by the Sheriff's Office. Click on the image for larger view.

Surveillance video, which the suspect tried to demolish with a gunshot, captured the armed robbery in progress at the Circle K on Cypress Point Parkway, in an image released by the Sheriff’s Office. Click on the image for larger view.

The State Attorney is charging Devaughn Anderson, the 17-year-old accused of robbing a Circle K at gunpoint on Cypress Point Circle in Palm Coast earlier this month, as an adult on three felonies and three misdemeanors. The armed robbery charge is a first-degree felony. If Anderson is convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison on that charge alone.

He also faces two third-degree felonies for illegally carrying a concealed weapon and grand theft, each of which carry up to five years in prison on conviction.

Devaughn Williams.

Devaughn Williams.

Anderson, who had been freed from a juvenile jail in Daytona Beach after his Oct. 3 arrest, was re-arrested Monday at his home on the adult charges, and booked at the Flagler County jail, where he remains on $35,500 bond.

The stacking of charges is not uncommon, nor is the reduction of those charges in plea agreements, which are likely when evidence includes video and an eyewitness: Anderson was not veiled or masked when he entered the Circle K (twice) near midnight on Oct. 2, then allegedly robbed the store clerk at gunpoint and shot out a surveillance monitor in the office, thinking that he had demolished the stored surveillance footage. The footage was intact. Anderson was later arrested within hours of the robbery, the morning of Oct. 3, when he was a passenger in a car that was pulled over in Seminole Woods.

Anderson is a resident of Bunnell’s Railroad Street.

The previous story is below.

Armed Robber Fires at Surveillance Monitor at Cypress Point Circle K; 17-Year-Old Arrested

Oct. 3, 2017–The call came in to 911 a few minutes before midnight Monday. “I just got robbed at gunpoint,” Philip Patterson, the 65-year-old store clerk at the Circle K on Cypress Point Parkway said.

The man who robbed him, Patterson explained to deputies, had initially walked in and walked to the soda fountain, then walked out, seeing that there were customers in the store. When they left, the man walked back in. Patterson described him as black, wearing a purple, button-down shirt, shorts, and carrying “a dirty pink and blue backpack.” The man placed the backpack on the counter. Then he took out a black handgun from it, pointed the gun at Patterson, and demanded all the money in the register.

He got about $150 out of that one. The man demanded that Patterson open the second register. Patterson did not have access to it, he told the robber. The man then asked him where the security system was located. Patterson showed him. The man wanted to know specifically where the video storage was located. Patterson told him the video monitor was it. The man shot out the monitor.

“He did discharge the firearm because he made me go back in the office and he shot at the monitor to our security system,” Patterson told the 911 dispatcher in a voice either naturally gravelly or shaky from the experience.

After the man fired the round, Patterson started joking with the assailant in an attempt to keep him calm, telling him the shot was so loud, he couldn’t hear anymore.

Before he left, the man demanded that Patterson turn over his cell phone, a $300 Samsung, and the store’s cordless phone, a $30 model, to keep Patterson from calling 911. He then left the store on foot and walked toward the Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

armed robbery circle K palm coast

Surveillance video shows the alleged suspect walking into the Circle K late Monday night. Click on the image for larger view.

Deputies rushed to the scene with a K-9 unit and set up a perimeter around the Circle K. Tag, the K-9, was not successful. But the break in the search happened in Seminole Woods, where a deputy Daniel Parthemore was patrolling in an unmarked car. He noticed a vehicle in the cul-de-sac at Seven Champions Place. There are no houses in that cul-de-sac. The vehicle was blacked out until Parthemore approached it in his car. The vehicle’s lights came on and it pulled out, driving toward Seven Wonders Trail. Parthemore “conducted an investigative stop” at the intersection of Seven Wonders and Sesame Trail, the man’s arrest report states.

At the wheel of the car was Gracemari Hyatt, 18, of Sedgefield Path in Palm Coast. The person in the passenger seat initially gave his name as Arthur Daniel, and said he was 18. That proved to be a false name, the report states, and he was later identified as Devaughn William Anderson, 17. His possessions matched the descriptions Patterson had provided: the dirty-pink back-pack, his clothing, the gun inside the back-pack.

The individual who’d walked into the Circle K had not worn  a mask. When he was taken there to be identified, the store clerk recognized him and said it was the man who’d robbed him. Anderson was read his Miranda rights and invoked his right to an attorney, shutting down any further inquiries. But Hyatt was willing to answer questions. She said Anderson had called her earlier in the evening to ask her if she wanted to smoke some pot. She picked him up at Espanola Road and U.S. 1 at half-past midnight or 12:45 a.m., then drove to the RaceTrac gas station at Seminole Woods Parkway and State Road 100. They bought some “blunts” (it’s not clear where, or from whom) and went to the cul-de-sat at Seven Champions Place to smoke them. They tried to leave when they noticed someone coming down the road, and were pulled over.

Devaughn was arrested on charges of armed robbery with a deadly weapon, felony petit theft, grand theft, discharging a firearm in public, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a firearm by a minor. Hyatt was not arrested. Anderson was booked at the county jail then remanded to the juvenile justice facility in Daytona Beach.

“I’ve tasked our team with finding ways to reduce crime and as a result of that, our intelligence unit identified a trend which allowed us to deploy special resources last night,” Sheriff Rick Staly was quoted as saying in a release issued today. “Ultimately that is what caught this suspect. I’m proud of our team for taking a proactive approach to crime and catching this violent offender in just over two hours. Now that we have done our job, I hope that DJJ will keep him in custody so he doesn’t hurt anyone the next time.”

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29 Responses for “Charged As Adult, Devaughn Anderson, 17, Now Faces 1st Degree Felony Over Armed Robbery”

  1. Just the truth says:

    Beat ya they dropped out of school and will be making crime their occupation, I guess their parents don’t care about them leaving the house at that time of night.
    What is wrong with this picture, and where did he get the gun he used? Let me guess he stole it.

  2. Sw says:

    Cant wait to see this dumbie get caught

  3. Sw says:

    Bye bye genius hahahaaaa

  4. FPC says:

    I went to school with him omg he was very annoying but funny. Would’ve never thought he’d do something like this.

  5. Peady says:

    He should have been arrested just for wearing that combination of clothes. The way you handle this clown is charge him as an adult and hit him with the 10, 20 , life law. Someone is going to die with this guy walking around if it stays juvenile.

  6. Mary Lynn Crosby says:

    another dirtbag for Rick Staley to arrest.

  7. BlueJammers says:

    Great job to Sheriff Staly and his team. Suspect arrested and no one was hurt.

  8. PC says:

    I would like to thank the Deputies for all of their hard work. Sheriff Rick Staly you have a great team working for you. I am proud of our Flagler Deputies.

  9. Veteran says:

    The start of a long, illustrious career in crime.

  10. rst says:

    Now that’s great police work!

  11. Sw says:

    Just one more “SMILE UR ON CANDID CAMERA ” hahahaaaa

  12. Reality Check says:

    Don’t throw stones. Sometimes kids do dumb things and need a reality check. The girl has great parents a good home and already graduated as you assume she didn’t. She will get back on track I have faith that she will.

  13. Yourstruly says:

    Congratulations young punk! Good luck in your future endeavors and may the wonderful criminal justice service become richer and prosperous with another addition, such as yourself!

  14. Yourstruly says:

    Correction: criminal justice system, not service

  15. EJR says:

    Wonder if the NFL players will cry about social injustice on this event.

  16. Brian says:

    The future of Palm Coast in action once again…..

  17. Me says:

    Oh and Ms. Hyatt one can’t pick your family but certainly have a choice with friends, enough said? Smh

  18. GT says:

    He looks like an adult put him in real jail

  19. presh says:

    just cause I teenager make a stupid choice don’t mean they parents didn’t raise they right … cause his mother try hard . yall swear its a parent fault but its the teenager fault .

  20. Palm Coast says:

    Sheriff Staly is the MAN… Caught this guy relaxing smoking a cigar after armed robbery down in S section within 2 hours? thats some pretty stellar police work.

  21. George says:

    Great job FCSO and Rick Staly! Now it’s up to the rest of the justice system to stop this asshat from being a lifelong criminal.

  22. woodchuck says:

    Not going to get into Harvard now.

  23. Shark says:

    Probably a graduate of drumpf university !!!

  24. summer w says:

    MY DAWGGG DJ lmao smh

  25. says:

    Nice Irish boy

  26. Born and Raised Here says:

    What does his age have to do with him being convicted and to b tried as an Adult ? Obviously he’s had 17 years to figure out what’s right, and what’s wrong.

  27. Mike Huntburns says:


  28. Random says:

    Just because he made a stupid decision don’t mean his parents did not raise him right he just made a stupid decision

  29. Jenn says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. He’s old enough to know right from wrong and he needs to be held responsible for what he did end of story.

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