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Not My President

| May 12, 2017

donald trump not my president

More shadowy than we need. (White House)

For the past 112 days–yes, I am counting the days: aren’t we all?–I’ve lived under the pretense that Donald Trump is my president. I didn’t vote for him, but James Comey elected him fair and square, and from Jan. 20 on, the point was settled. We don’t have to agree with the man to respect the presidency he represents.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive Early on after that I heard my son say, “Not my president.” I rebuked him, saying we can disagree with Trump but not question his legitimacy, even if he’d spent several years before his victory questioning the legitimacy and religion of his predecessor, even if he’d wasted no time as president continuing to question the legitimacy of anything and anyone who disagreed with him–the press, the judiciary, union leaders, 175 million Muslims or so, Stephen Colbert, and so on.

I spoke too soon. Trump made the last four months no less a horror show than he had his campaign. This past week we endured the vomitory of his worst impulses. The presidency hasn’t elevated him. It hasn’t inspired him or given us, as his apologists assured us, a team of professionals to blunt his more dangerous convulsions. It has amplified them, along with his and their incompetence. It isn’t the rest of us who are de-legitimizing his presidency. It’s him. Every day, sometimes every hour, thanks to his finger on his nuclear Twitter. He’s exploiting the presidency rather than fulfilling it, and exploiting it as if it were still his corner office in Trump Tower from where he could vilify, fire, humiliate and throw tantrums without damaging more than his circle-jerk of sycophants. Now he’s doing it at the cost of the presidency and what’s left of the nation’s reputation, and more critically, its security, and therefore yours and mine.

Any rookie cop analyzing Trump’s evasiveness would conclude that he’s nose-deep in suspicious behavior. Any first-year psychology student would conclude from brief observation that Trump is a psychopathic personality, what Kurt Vonnegut once defined as “the medical term for smart, personable people who have no consciences.” I’m not so sure about smart and personable. But the black hole of conscience was self-evident well before his recent 180-embrace of Trumpcare and its betrayal of millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, or the poor, or 24 million more uninsured, if he has his way.

And with Trump’s stunning tangos with Russia and the mass-murdering leaders of Syria and the Philippines and now North Korea, Trump’s own allegiance is in question. Why should he take mine for granted? It was enough to see him welcoming Henry Kissinger and the Russian foreign minister on the same day, immediately after his Nixonian firing of the man responsible for the investigation into potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, to be reminded of the sadistic pleasure Trump takes in taunting his critics by toadying to the very emblems of his corruption. The only thing missing from that tableau was the backdrop of one of those ghastly Trump properties.

Analysts’ recurring echo for this week has been the Saturday Night Massacre during Nixon’s waning days as president, when he fired Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor investigating Watergate, causing the attorney general and his deputy immediately to resign in protest. The comparison is apt in some regards, not so much in others. Not so much, because not a single member of the executive branch anywhere has resigned in the wake of Comey’s firing. Not a single Republican in Congress is mirroring the seriousness of a Howard Baker or even Barry Goldwater, the Republican Senate leaders, and John Rhodes, the House minority leader, also a Republican, who became Nixon’s biggest critics over Watergate by placing nation above party and telling Nixon to stand down.

The question isn’t whether Trump will self-destruct but when, and what he will destroy along the way.

We’re nowhere near that. To the contrary. We are witnessing something more like a Jim Jones hysteria among Republicans, if you remember the nut case who dragged 900 of his cultish followers into mass murder-suicide by Kool-Aid in 1978. So far, Republicans are drunk on Kool-Aid, thinking themselves immune from political cyanide. The immunity is another one of their illusions, at a price. These are dangerous times when a president is out of control,and with no one there to stop him, the hapless Mike Pence included. We’re there. We’ve been there before.

Nixon was drunk, isolated, railing, delusional to the point of begging Kissinger to kneel and pray with him as the investigation was closing in. Kissinger had once told a White House aid that the president couldn’t take a call from the British prime minister because “when I talked to the president he was loaded.” It was the fifth night of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, which had the United States and the Soviet Union on the brink of nuclear war, and a day after his vice president, Spiro Agnew, had resigned. The megalomaniacal Kissinger was essentially the president at that point. Ironically, it was right about then that Nixon’s tax-dodging was revealed, and that he uttered one of his famous lies: “I am not a crook.” It had taken six years, or really 22 years, if we date back the undoing to his slush-fund Checkers speech in 1952.

It’s still only four months into Trump’s tenure. Give him a chance, we kept hearing. We unfortunately did. Nothing is going to change. The embarrassments, the catastrophes, the scandals will pile up, assuming he doesn’t drive an international crisis out of control. It’s not worth waiting for the next half dozen calamities to make a move. Congress and the courts surely will. It’ll be too late. The question isn’t whether he will self-destruct but when, and what he will destroy along the way.  At this rate it’s impossible to see him finishing his term. If he does, the presidency as we’ve known it will be unrecognizable. We are witnessing “the unfolding ethical and constitutional disaster that is the Trump administration,” in the words of Andrew Rosenthal, the former editorial page editor of The New York Times.

When Trump begins barricading himself at Mar-a-Lago, the way Nixon barricaded himself at La Casa Pacifica, his home in San Clemente, Calif., we’ll know the end is near. The obsessive weekend escapes to Mar-a-Lago were the first sightings of barricades. The threat to cancel all press briefings at the White House are another, more serious one. His paranoia has always been psychopathic. Threatening Comey Friday over leaking “tapes” may have been more of Trump being Trump. But we’re no longer talking about pussy-grabbing here. Trump still thinks he can adapt the White House to the puddles and piddle of his locker room. So far, no one is telling him no.

The only thing enabling Trump to still appear as if he were someone to be taken seriously isn’t, god knows,  what he does or what he says, but where he says it from. The only legitimacy he has left is his office. But when a president starts acting more like the head of a junta than the leader of a democracy, as he has with the Comey firing, as he does with his contempt for any fact, any law, any pledge, any person he finds inconvenient, as he continues to do with his refusal to be transparent about his own and his family’s shady business affairs, there’s no president to call one’s own anymore. Trump’s allegiance is to Trump. The presidency is one more means to that end. He is demolishing the institution as if it were any old corner lot in Queens he needs to bulldoze to make room for the next garish monument to himself.

My decision to no longer consider Trump my president has nothing to do with those “sovereign citizen”-like attempts to scam one’s way out of civic responsibility. It’s not even civil disobedience in the defensible Thoreauean model. If anything I believe more than ever in the rule of law, paying taxes, respecting the nation’s governing institutions and its cops, from the lowest officer on a neighborhood beat to the nation’s top cop. Basically, I respect all those things Trump, who’s making as much a conservative of me as I’ll ever be, does not. By renouncing my allegiance to him, I’m merely restating my allegiance to everything he offends, everything he is corroding and ransacking. So if one’s allegiance is to this country, as it very much is mine, then by definition it cannot be to its chief vandal.

Mr. Trump, you are no longer my president.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here or follow him @PierreTristam. A version of this piece aired on WNZF.

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123 Responses for “Not My President”

  1. Charlie says:

    Hilarious that you never felt the same way about Hillary and her obvious legal infractions. I expected nothing less from you.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      The comparison–first of many, no doubt–is as absurd as putting Bernie Madoff in the same league as a check-bouncer. I never expect more from those whose perspective predates the realism of palaeolithic cave paintings.

  2. Sw says:

    U crack me up these people would have gotten on their knees and blown him lol

  3. Denali says:

    Pierre – It has often been said that it takes one from the outside to expose the ugly truth. While I do not know your full history, I must thank you for coming to this country. The path you chose and your sacrifices in becoming a US citizen are more than most of us could ever understand. We ‘natives’ all too often take what we have for granted and need to be reminded of the duties and responsibilities the founding fathers bestowed upon us. When asked what kind of government the founders had created for us, Franklin’s response what that they had given us was “a Republic, if you can keep it”. Today, I fear for that Republic.

    I agree with you in theory that Mr, Trump is no longer my president but, given my history and my undying belief in our Republic and the Constitution that the Founders so wisely gave us, (as much as it pains me personally) I must say that until he is impeached, resigns or is defeated in an open and free election, he will remain my president.

    We are left but with one choice; RESIST ! ! !

  4. Fredrick says:

    Isn’t it sad that the democrats could not put up a candidate that could beat him? Well you tried Berny but Hillary and her collusion with the liberal elite and the media, made sure that would not happen. The liberals and media through everything they had against him and he still won. It just shows how bad your candidate was. You can whimper and cry and blame Comey but he did not set that server up, he didn’t trade cash to her and Bills slush fund for favors. He did not implement Obama care by lying and by not enforcing the laws on the books and leave the borders wide open…. The list goes on but facts won’t change your mind or the mind of the rest of the liberals (and conservatives) that just can’t accept it. Because of the misguided direction you liberals were taking this country and the crappy candidate you put up and the inability of the republicans in congress to get anything done, WE are stuck with the Donald for at least one term. If the liberals and the conservatives don’t get over it and get their crap together we will end up with him for another 4 years, or we will end up with someone else just like him. What is really sad is that HRC and Trump are the best WE could put together. The lesser of the two evils was chosen and now WE got him. Get over and put your energy to getting something done……

  5. Justin DiGeorgio says:

    If you live in America he is your president idiot.

  6. HM says:

    Sounds like you have a case of ….. ” everyone is entitled to their opinion…… as long as it agrees with mine “

  7. Seems like this article was written by someone suffering TDS (Trump Deranged Syndrome)

  8. Oh boy, can’t wait to read all the butt hurt, snow flake Trump supporters crying comments.

  9. Democrats didn’t lose because Trump was a good candidate.

    They lost because the middle class union workers rejected Obama’s anti America agenda and failed economic policies and Hillary belongs in prison…

    • Exactly. The democrats do not want to accept any blame or responsibility for themselves.

    • If they keep going in the direction their going, they’ll continue to lose more seats, which would be great if we could get the Republicans to start acting like actual Republicans…

    • Wouldn’t that be nice? What we need are term limits for congress. Give fresh blood a chance every few years. Get rid of the concept of making politics and serving the public a “career”. They get too comfortable and forget about what they’re there for.

    • The main problem is the private foreign bank that prints our money funds their campaigns so they’re all beholden to “play ball” if they want to get elected again…

    • Jim Rhyne says:

      They lost because of a rigged and gerrymandered election. Get an education.. Clinton won my several million popular votes…math.

  10. He’s the United States president. Like him or not, that doesn’t change things. Saying “not my president” is no better than a child having a temper tantrum. You don’t like him? Make sure you show up at the voting booth come election time. That’s the only time it counts. Work on changing your platform and not alienating majorities of people with your policies and rhetoric. Work on fixing the corruption in your own house, maybe you’ll have a chance next time. Until then, enjoy the next 4 years. Possibly 8 if you don’t change your strategy.

  11. Pogo says:


    Still banning the use of Trumphole (apologies to all other holes) to describe the insane TV clown’s followers?

  12. Thomas Higgs says:

    Hey guess what?? He is your president if you live in the USA!!


  14. Totally uncalled for to have this picture on the front page of your web site a title, “not my Presient”!! Shame on you!! He is the President whether we agree or disagree, just like all the rest that were in the White House, we should show respect!!!

  15. W.Ryan says:

    Pierre, Trump can peel off the toe nails of these Trump fools and I think they will still back him. What a shame that the belief in being republican can destroy this nation. Trump isn’t even a true republican but has used them to get elected.

  16. Atenrten says:

    You are one crazy lefty !!!
    I have no words

  17. Mike Townzen says:

    This person forgets they live in a county that voted I believe 65 percent in favor of Trump.

    • Not really. He didn’t win the majority of votes.

    • Gay Hasty says:

      He did not win the popular vote which means the majority of voters did not vote for him. Plain & simple. The electoral college elected him. The American way.

    • The electoral college was put in place so that huge population centers wouldn’t have unfair control over more rural areas.

      To think that a person in NYC would know what’s best for a farmer in Montana is just foolish.

    • Shari Novek says:

      That is actually not why the electoral college exists.. read your history. Hint: it has a little something to do with slavery.

    • Shari Novek says:

      No.. actually a fourth of the country voted for Trump. Check your numbers.. 62 million. Facts still matter.

    • All the people crying “popular vote ” have no idea what federalism means. Look it up. We have never been a democracy, or “mob-rule” type government. You elect representatives who vote to make decisions on the federal level. In presidential elections, electoral college electors vote for the president (executive branch of federal government), not the people.

    • Did anyone read Mikes post? He said county, not country. I did not vote for Trump (and I am okay with being in the minority in the county). He is my president, like it or not.

    • Ira Bray says:

      Harrison Bray It does not change the fact that the majority of the people did not vote for Trump. We now have a president who is very unpopular and will cause more division in an already divided nation. United we stand, divided we fall !

    • Mike Townzen says:

      COUNTY…. I was posting about Flagler COUNTY. Not the country.

  18. Katie Semore says:

    Regardless if you usually agree with the author of this editorial 5%, 20%, 50%, 75% 100% or even zero percent of the time, a truly honorable person will acknowledge that he is totally correct in this analysis of Trump’s actions so far. Who will be the first honorable conservative to say that Mr. Tristam is correct in what he wrote in this piece? Here is your chance to show that you are a sane and honorable person regardless of political affiliations.

  19. Chris Knotts says:

    Well he’s my president and so was oboma even though I wish he wasn’t. Who care get out and vote in 4 years

  20. Traveling Rep says:

    If Trump is not your president, renounce your citizenship and leave. Simple as that. The people spoke 11/8/16. Snowflakes…

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      You’re missing the point TR. Trump is a dust flake compared to my citizenship (or yours), and what it represents. And history did not stop on November 8, not even according to the Russian-Orthodox calendar.

  21. Mike Bailey says:

    I wish they would let ME write an article

  22. Gkimp says:

    Trump 2020!

  23. beachcomberT says:

    Now that we know you see no shred of hope in the Trump presidency, which Democrat do you think will make the best replacement? So far, with their simplistic strategy of “Resist,” the Democrats are not presenting voters with any alternative policies. Easy to yell and scream about Trumpcare, but where is the new-and-improved Obamacare 2.0 that Hillary vaguely promised — with no specifics — throughout the campaign? If the Democrats think Trump’s immigration policies are cruel and misguided, what is the Democratic plan? If the Democrats think Trump is being too soft on Putin, what do they propose? A NATO invasion of Crimea? The midterm election is not that far away. Democratic hopes of retaking the House won’t get very far if the election is just a referendum on Trump’s obnoxious personality. Democratic candidates have to come up with some positives.

  24. The man is an unhinged lunatic and an embarrassment to this country. His behavior reminds me of the OJ Bronco chase down the freeway 20 years ago. He’s falling apart. I can’t wait for him to blow.

    • Scott Tipton says:

      thank you for being brave enough to comment in the midst of all of these trumpers…

    • You mean like Obama did.his only saving face was legalizing gay rights to marriage. And one of Hillary’s biggest supporters sons shot up a gay club to show his content with that motion…yup we would be so much better of being ran by bigoted Dems running under the guise of unity when they have proved time and time again they are no different then their bigoted dixiecrat predosessorers

  25. rst says:

    Pierre, I agree with you, but you must be a glutton for punishment. Remember where you live (Flagler County is very republican). You must be patient and wait for “ole puddin’ ass” to implode. Be patient my friend…

  26. Anonymus says:

    If Pierre & all the other liberal cry babies did their research, they would know that Hillary was Russia’s choice for President, not Trump. Why? Because Hillary sold all that Uranium to the Russians. FYI, until you move out of this Country, he is your President. If he’s not your President, then get out of this Country & renounce your citizenship! Obama has done so much damage to this Country it ain’t even funny. What Trump did by firing Comey was within his Constitutional right & being that Obama didn’t fire him long ago like he should have, well someone had to do it. He fired Comey, not the entire FBI organization which means, the investigation goes on. If you liberal journalists are going to report a story, report the whole story, not just your version

  27. NortonSmitty says:

    When is there going to arise one honest man? A Presstitute, Politician or anyone go on the TV and tell us all the Emperor Has No Clothes? That this man is Insane and a moron. All it will take is one. Like the guy who finally stopped Joe McCarthy at the Kefauver hearings when he smeared a good young Senate aide as being a Communist. One man stood up and said “Senator, have you no shame?” And nobody ever heard of Joe McCarthy again. But Shame is an unknown concept in Politics today. They leaked Comeys after-meeting report on Trump when he insisted the FBI investigate Obama for Wiretapping him. His official report said. “the President seemed obsessed, almost crazy” This official report was reported once I saw on only one channel and was never mentioned again. Why is a question we should all be asking right now.

  28. Rhonda Welsh says:

    What do you mean he’s not your president didn’t you get the memo

  29. Also, it would seem that we have an SJW writing articles. What’s the matter? You can’t deal with the fact that someone you don’t like is the president of the United States? Well, suck it up. We didn’t care much for Obama however, we didn’t complain and freak out like you guys are now. We actually had lives to focus on. All you guys are doing is showing that you can’t deal with disappointment and that you will throw a fit when things don’t go the way you want them to. In other words, you’re acting childish. Grow up and act like an adult.

  30. Joshua Davis says:

    Well I guess you can cry for 3 years, 250 days more. Assuming he isn’t elected for another 4 years!

  31. r&r says:

    Muslims are walking among us. the are terrorists both in killing us with bombs and in publications.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      R&r if you know of a “publication” that, paper cuts aside, has killed anyone anywhere since papyrus days, please give me a call and let me know which: 586-0257. It’d be one hell of a story, not to mention the revelation of a phenomenon that may warrant a rewrite of the laws of physics.

  32. Richard Smith says:

    OMG, 112 days and it is still eating you up. It’s too bad that the liberal media can’t see the forest through the trees. We have a president regardless of what side of the isle Trump came from. Trust me if Trump had been a democrat he still would have won. It isn’t about what he stands for or what he plans to accomplish it is ALL about the failed government this country has had for years upon years through many presidents and congresses. People were FED UP and wanted a change, a complete reversal of where this country was headed. Trump is smart and his message during the campaign fed right into the majority of states allowing him to get elected.

    It’s time for the left to change THEIR message to the citizens of this country instead of spending the next 4 years crying, complaining, destroying property while protesting and acting like spoiled children that can’t get it THEIR way.

  33. Brian says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s some funny stuff! Don’tcha just love to watch the still butt-sore snowflakes cryin’ the blues! Would you really rather be watching Piggy Pant-Suit continuing the incompetent, weak, lying, do-nothing policies of B. Hussein Ojamba? C’mon Shandy – it’s gonna be alt-right!!

  34. Paul Pasternak says:

    The liberals are guilty of a lot of bad things. It started with their rolling over and playing dead when Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine which would eventually led to the Republican propaganda machine, Fox news. It continued on with not going after repeated, flagrant violations of the law and decency which led to the stealing of the 2000 election by the Bush brothers. Now we have a “so called” president and a Republican majority Congress so drunk on power that their only concern is how to protect and increase it. Meanwhile, the Democrats do little to nothing. They’re too worried at how people will perceive them. I guess we liberals need to find a celebrity that knows how to fire up a crowd, write tons of tweets. lie without self doubt, and have no sense of right or wrong. Intelligence and sanity are not required. Lack of a soul would be a plus.

  35. Marlee says:

    Thank you for expressing exactly how I feel.
    I am forwarding this everywhere.

  36. Bill says:

    The entire piece could have been written by someone on the hard right 8 years ago – just change a few phrases and data points and comparisons…and that is exactly the problem, too many from all sides believing they hyperbole stated by the opposition…as I said under the Obama government, we will survive, likely coming out the other side stronger and wiser…with a hopeful takeaway being, that the other side isn’t evil or traitorous because we disagree with them…but if we don’t make that leap of faith, this form of government will never reach the potential possible otherwise.

  37. Tired of it says:

    OK, now that you have decided that Donald Trump is no longer your president, why don’t you also decide that the United States, the country that allows you to publish your liberal crap is not your country either and leave. It is the liberal idiots like yourself that have gotten our country so screwed up.

  38. JasonB says:

    Tinkle, tinkle little Czar. Putin put you where you are.

  39. Brad W says:

    For all of those who are so desperately trying to defend this man, I would ask you to stop and consider two things. 1) Would you defend his actions and behavior if he was a Democrat? 2) If this was Obama in Office still and this was his behavior would your response be the same?

    If the answer is “no” to one, or both, you have simply placed party above country. The issues are serious offenses for any President regardless of political affiliation and are dangerous to our security. This is not a conspiracy against him. This is a President acting in contradiction to our core values and laws. Its not only our right, but more importantly our duty, to hold our leaders to account especially when they act with reckless disregard. Our Revolution wasn’t wasn’t fought for us to bow down and follow without a say. It was fought so no American would ever have to again.

  40. DWFerg says:

    Thought I was reading opinion from NYTimes there for a minute.

  41. Perhaps you need to learn the difference between news and an editorial. It’s fairly basic.

  42. Makeitso1701 says:

    I agree with you Pierre, I too don’t consider this ignorant man to be my president, and it is funny and kind of ironic that the same people who still support this idiot are the same people that consider themselves to be patriotic Americans, I ask how is that possible? How can one be patriotic and support a man who is the total opposite of what any decent American would do in his position. I am looking forward to the impeachment proceedings of this traitor.

  43. Veteran says:

    Well Pierre, 60 million Americans and me disagree with you!

  44. Jim Rhyne says:

    Respect the position, hate the actor

  45. palmcoaster says:

    Not mine either!

  46. Sherry Epley says:

    Greetings from beautiful Varkiza, Greece!

    An excellent article, Pierre. . . and one which I sent to my very, very “concerned” friends in several other countries.

    trump (note the small “t”. . . to reflect the size of his honesty, ethics, integrity, logic and intellect/education) from the beginning, has NEVER been “my” president, and NEVER will be. While I still sincerely respect the “office” of the President of the United States, the current holder of that office is clearly suffering from dangerous psychopathic delusions of grandeur.

    Meanwhile, the sycophant Republicans and cowardly Democrats in Congress and state houses are allowing a demented maniac to become fascist dictator and completely destroy our democracy!

    Those who are still sane must “ACTIVELY RESIST”! trump voters, reclaim your own character and values and REVOLT!

  47. Adam Frank says:

    Haven’t had a President this feisty and unwilling to shrink from a fight since Andrew Jackson.

  48. Frank Furter says:

    Welcome to the Resistance, Mr. Tristam. There were many of us who never accepted him as president because he attained the office through illegal means and by appealing to the baser instincts of humanity.

  49. Marlee says:

    Sadly, 62 million people chose the Carnival Barker—and now we all have to live in the circus.

  50. Capt says:

    Well we could of had a crooked lair as President that the a lot of voters just didn’t trust. but that didn’t work out so now we got what we got and of course the poor media is doing its best to destroy America from the news room in their little rebellion against Trumpy. The press and media can do what they want, its not going to change anything, we still have years to go before we get another person in office that is the chosen pied piper to the democrats and to those that think everything should be free for them. Its like who in their right mind would want to be President with so much negativity from the media and press and voters just those with a huge alter ego while being a patsy for the group supporting them, that’s who or some Bozo that thinks they can change a stubborn bunch of old dried in the wood Congressional homesteaders because they owned some darn hotels and golf courses. It not going to happen regardless of who is in the big chair.

    The only way to make America great again or a lot better than it is , is term limits for those people in Congress that are getting rich at the hands of the taxpayers while doing nothing.

    I can’t stand Hillary and I can’t stand Trump, so like they say Who’s Next, I guess we will see.

  51. Lily Sanchez says:

    Unbelievable. Evidence is mounting that Russia handed the presidency to Trump, that Trump is beholden to Russian money, that Trump and his family are grifting their way into the coffers of the United States and still the Trumpsters scream foul when one denounces the legitimacy of Trump’s place in the White House FOR THOSE VERY REASONS STATED.

    Peel yourselves away from the Pravda that is FOX news and try to understand the United States has been compromised by outside forces. Some military folk are going so far as to fly an inverted American flag so that should tell you the seriousness of what we facing. Stop thinking in Left/Right Democratic/Republican dynamics and put country over party. Please. Whatever party we belong to we all love the United States and don’t want to see Her degraded. Please.

  52. Vincent A. Liguori says:

    A truly sad piece of journalism. God bless President Trump and the United States of America.

  53. Ws says:

    What funny responses. Unless you are from a different country then yes Trump is your president. What a funny article and comments. You all have made my day! TRUMP 2020!!

  54. PTC Trader says:

    While I respect your right to have your thoughts and ideas, I find it repugnant that you cannot support the office of the President. He was clearly elected by a majority of the country. I reject the notion that “popular vote” would be valid considering that if you statistically balanced California and New York, it would not even be close. Most counties in the US voted for him.

    And for God’s sake… BE AMERICAN!

  55. Veteran says:

    Jim, Presidential elections are decided by the electoral college. YOU need an education. Gerrymandering is done in state and congressional elections. That’s how the crook Corrine Brown got elected so many times.

  56. Markingthedays says:

    During the election I said “Trump is an inept, loud-mouthed clown.” He hasn’t proven me wrong yet.

    PS the reason he doesn’t have a better cabinet is because his ego can’t handle people better than him.

  57. Markingthedays says:

    The Republicans will see. Trump will betray them too.

  58. Kathy A says:

    I really like this “web page” because it is very informative. I learn alot about the communuty that I live in. I’m not pleased however, that every once in awhile I have to see, but not read (my choice) the political rants against our president. Please just keep your topics about Flagler and our surrounding communities. Thanks

  59. DoubleGator says:

    I’m looking forward to the impeachment trial if the guys in the white suits don’t cart him away to a mental hospital first.

  60. Anonymous says:

    1: he’s your president…too bad
    2: how come you only mention Trump’s flaws? Why not dive into Hillary and what it’s been proven that she has done. Trump says mean things, so what? Very very very few things people love to claim he did have actually been proven as truth.
    3: lose the bias and try to look at the positive things he has done. Job creation for example. That’s what we are supposed to do as a country. We may fight and argue and bicker during the election, but when it’s all said and done, and a winner is chosen, we must all stand behind that person. We may not agree, but at least stand behind them.

  61. Anna says:

    It’s your biased opinion and I respect that.

  62. Smarterthanmost says:

    Nothing puts a smile on my face better than liberal heads exploding. Thanks :)

  63. Pete says:

    You’re wrong about that Pierre. He is your president. Not only in literal sense, but also in a figurative sense. For this president is YOUR creation. He is the creation of all that oppressively intolerant and righteous about the left.

    For years you wanted us to bow down and worship THE ONE. He and his administration cold do no wrong. You claimed we were intolerant because we disagreed with anything he and the left claimed was correct. No longer could good-natured citizens disagree with policy. No longer could we lead our lives free from every government intrusion into our lives, and various liberal demands, DEMANDS that we change our long-held options about what we deemed were moral and conservative points of view.

    You failed to see how difficult life was becoming in the United States. How we should be lucky if we could find two part time jobs to make ends meet, even in our retirement.

    Then you tried to force on us a Democrat presidential candidate so corrupt and flawed that it was embarrassing. Then we were told we were deplorable and EVIL if we did not accept her.

    We’ve had enough of being the fools who pay the bills and serve in the armed forces and local first-responders of this great country, and then are told we are deplorable.

    Trump was the blow-back.

    So you see Pierre, thanks to you and yours, he is very much your president.

    Thank You!

  64. Steve Robertson says:

    Trump, Trump, Trump, Comey, Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump. Tune in to CNN or MSNBC. That’s all you hear. Nothing Trump is doing is surprising to me. It is not News, “Breaking” or otherwise. He’s the President. I don’t like it. But denying the fact of it achieves nothing. If Trump left office right now, Pence would be President. I don’t see that as improvement. Believe it or not, next year’s mid-term primaries are not far away. Don’t be distracted by Trump’s antics. Democrats need to address the problems in their own house first. Only then can they provide an effective check on Trump and Republicans.

    So how did we arrive in Trumpland, this nightmare world where Trump is President, and Republicans control Congress and most of state governments? And how do we get out? The first question would be irrelevant if it didn’t provide the answer to the second.

    Despite what you may have heard about Russian hacking, or Comey’s pre-election announcements, we got here because of corruption in the Democratic party. By corruption, I’m referring not only to attempts of the DNC to rig the primary process, but also generally to the fact that Democratic office holders are more interested in Wall Street’s money, than representing the interests of working class voters.

    The Democratic primary last year was a game of chicken. Bernie-or-busters (myself included) were betting that if they pre-announced their intentions for November, they could get substantial reform within the party. They were hoping to return the party to one that Franklin Roosevelt might recognize. Hillary and her voters were betting that we were bluffing. They believed we would vote for Hillary without the party making any substantial changes. They were mistaken. Trump won and down-ballot Republicans rode in on his coattails. That is how we got here.

    How we get out of Trumpland is by eliminating the afforementioned corruption. Democrats must win elections. There must be, as Hillary’s people keep saying, Unity. But there will be NO UNITY WITHOUT CONCESSIONS. We don’t have to get everything, but we have to get something: free college, re-negotiation of bad trade agreements, break up of too-big-to-fail banks, OR perhaps most importantly single-payer, … something. I’ll be using the same voting strategy next year. I won’t be voting for Republicans, but if Democrats running in November act too much like Republicans, then I’ll not be voting for them either. I think lots of people will continue voting that way, and I think it will affect the outcome. The only way we can effectively “protest” Trump’s antics, is by first “protesting” corruption in the Democratic party, by nominating candidates who support a progressive agenda, and then electing them. That is the way out of Trumpland.

  65. Joan Whittemore says:

    I will soon tell my great grandchildren a story beginning, “Once upon a time in a land called the United States of America, people respected one another’s right to differing opinions on any number of topics. They didn’t always agree, but that was what made the country strong, resilient and kept them on course. People were honest about what they saw, cared about one another and sought to govern the land in a way that benefitted the most people. That was a wonderful time….”

  66. Richard Smith says:

    Obvious from the number of posts that this is a HOT BUTTON and most likely will break the all time record for comments on a article written by our one and only Pierre. Too bad the people on the left crying the woes in this comment section can’t help themselves from calling people on the right all sorts of names and then even threaten to impeach the president. You people are a joke. Those that are even remotely thinking that may happen, well you are living in a dream world. Not one sitting president in history has ever been removed from office by impeachment. Most of you probably don’t even know what it takes to even consider an impeachment. Look it up and learn something.

  67. Makeitso1701 says:

    Trump 2020? Now that’s hilarious. Maybe that’s the date in which he starts serving his jail sentence.

  68. Makeitso1701 says:

    Impeachment does not remove a sitting president from office, but treason, money laundering and God knows what else is out there will.

  69. Shark says:

    It doesn’t take much for the deplorables to come out of the woodwork. How do you like the wall and your trump care ???????????

  70. NPA says:

    I’m not affiliated to any party and try not to tip my political balance but completely agree with Pierre. Mr. Trump said he was going to destroy the Republican Party and funny enough is how people here defend him. Just wait and see, Trump supporters!

  71. Jitters says:


  72. Betty says:

    Pierre, you are an idiot. Go home if you don’t like the USA.

  73. Ben Hogarth says:

    I think it’s important to make a significant distinction here. All too often the mainstream media simplifies topics and issues to reach the largest audience. The American people owe NO loyalty or fealty to any sitting President. A President’s mandate and legitimacy are only as strong as the character and integrity of the man.

    The American people do however, owe their allegiance to the balance of power and the offices to which maintain and distribute those broad powers. A President, just as with the entirety of Congress is not owed allegiance exclusively – nor any man or woman who is entitled to such office from time to time.

    The American people should only concern themselves with loyalty to balance among the three branches of government and the offices themselves. Any man or woman who holds a title or position of office and who threatens that balance or more.. deserves not loyalty but open resistance.

    President Trump IS currently the sitting President, but he is not owed my loyalty nor your own. The office of the President is also not owed your loyalty exclusively… the balance of powers IS however, owed your allegiance and devotion.

    Unfortunately the majority in Congress and this sitting President represent a direct threat to that balance and thus, must be resisted and tossed from office entirely… less we lose our fair Republic.

  74. NortonSmitty says:

    Actually I prefer Tpumpanzees

  75. Katie Semore says:

    I am greatly saddened by the pure unadulterated stupidity and bigotry that nearly half our country is infected with, and even worse is that they are so stupid they don’t even know it. An ignorant person can learn but the stupid on the right can’t even see that they are going to be trampled over! Maybe we should call that trumped over. They are too stupid to realize that they voted for and support an ingrate against their own interest.

  76. YankeeExPat says:

    My opinion of Trumps Presidency can be summed up clearly from the clip below.

    From History of the World, (circa 1981)………….”America has hired an unemployed stand up philosopher”

  77. another vet says:

    In the 45 plus years that I have been voting not all of my choices for president won,that being said I tried to support the office as best I could. I even supported a certain peanut farmer who ignored the military so bad that as a petty officer first class in the navy I was eligible for food stamps because our pay was so bad.In this country we have the means to cleanse the sewer that is DC by voting every 4 years,if your guy didn’t win you can,t fix the problem by whining.Since only a fraction of eligible voters turn out we get what we deserve and there is the problem.Put up a good candidate and VOTE! Otherwise as has been said in the past anyone is free to leave here also

  78. a tiny manatee says:

    Hey veteran, what’s it like to be a military veteran that voted for a Russian mole? And you’re still defending him. It’s too bad military courts don’t follow discharges and retirees.

  79. Pogo says:

    @Steve Robertson

    I voted for Senator Sanders in the primary. I voted to save the world in the general.

    Do you actually think our country in the tiny hands of an insane ignoramus and the bottomless pockets of the fossil fuel fossils of the current John Birch Society is an acceptable price?

    I guess truth really is stranger than fiction:

    Tralfamadorian speaker: We know how the world ends and it has nothing to do with Earth, except that it gets wiped out too.

    Billy Pilgrim: Really? How does it end?

    Tralfamadorian speaker: While we’re experimenting with new fuels, a Tralfamadorian test pilot panics, presses the wrong button, and the whole universe disappears.

    Billy Pilgrim: But you have to stop him. If you know this, can’t you keep the pilot from pressing …

    Tralfamadorian speaker: He has always pressed it, and he always will. We have always let him, and we always will let him. The moment is structured that way.

    ― Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Slaughterhouse-Five

    Trump is so much stranger and appalling. What’s worse? The Trumpholes. And there’s no cure. They’ll be there even after Pence pardons him and allows him to take his family to Russia.

  80. Pogo says:

    @Richard Smith

    Look up Richard M Nixon.

    FYI, Nixon was pardoned – not commended. Learn something indeed.

  81. Richard Smith says:

    @uninformed – only two presidents have been impeached “by the house” but acquitted by the senate – Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Plus to actually impeach AND remove a sitting president they have had to commit treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Bottom-line Trump has to actually commit a worthy crime which he has not unlike crooked Hillary. That would have been a REAL joke for this country if she had been elected president and then immediately impeached and removed for her crimes she had clearly committed but Comey gave her a free ride. So those waiting to see Trump serve time you have a long eight years ahead of you, HAHAHAHA suck it up people!

    Plus all of this most recent bullshit about Trump colluding with Russia from the left and mainstream media, which there isn’t and never will be a shred of evidence supporting that claim, that just confirms that they don’t have a clue. Typical left wing liberals grasping at straws once again instead of creating a rock solid platform which the citizens of this country can depend and rely on getting done instead of their typical political ploy of promising the world and delivering shit.

    And for those uniformed people posting about the difference between popular vote and electoral vote I guess you want all of the loonies living in California and New York to decide who becomes president. Which means that the other 48 states might as well not even cast their ballots and waste their time standing in line. You people are a joke!

  82. Pogo says:


    Well spoken. Well spoken sanctimonious nonsense. Your ilk has no monopoly on military service, employment in law enforcement, or anything.

    The only thing real about your well spoken fit is the blind anger, fear, and rage. It displays, among other things, a root cause for the current national epidemic of Opioid abuse deaths, hate crimes, science denial, and desperate acceptance of lies described by glib liars as alternative facts. I say a cause – not the cause. I’ll leave inappropriate use of absolutes and superlatives to Trump and those who drink his poison.

  83. Markingthedays says:

    To everyone saying “But what about Hillary?”, she lost. Get over it.

  84. Pierre Tristam says:

    There’s what, a dozen references to Hillary so far here? Remind me again who’s not moving on and addressing the here and now?

  85. Richard Smith says:

    @Pogo – so what is your point and what has Richard Nixon got to do with anything being discussed here? He wasn’t impeached, he wasn’t removed from office, he resigned and later pardoned. Old news! Oh, by the way, you and others on the left have plenty to learn about in the next 8 years.

    @Shark – the wall is looking better than ever and should be a major deterrent to illegal drugs and illegal immigrant criminals entering our country with one purpose in mind to cause harm to Americans. Plus what can anyone say about the Obamacareless health plan that is dying a quick death. You can now count the days before it will expire completely gasping for its last breath if air. I will take whatever the Senate & the House comes up with for a Trump Care replacement as it will be 1000 times better than what Obama lied and promised us then delivered shit!

  86. Instigator says:

    I’ve never seen such poor losers in my life. Shame on you. Three years and change to go in his first of two terms. Then the first female President, Ivanka Trump will be elected. Show some dignity. He IS your President..

  87. Vincent A. Liguori says:

    The diatribe exuding from both sides of the spectrum is amazing. Where are you people at city and county meetings? Answer: NOWHERE. Give me a break.

  88. Knightwatch says:

    I have to add my thoughts. Trump is a disgrace as a man and as the alt-president. His lying, narcissistic bragging. schoolyard bullying and mindless assaults on our laws and the conventions of our presidency are beyond disturbing. They are frightening. He and his followers threaten our democratic form of government and our national mores. In just about four months he has made America into the laughing stock of world powers… unmanaged, unstable, unpredictable and a danger to world peace.

    Trump is a pig. I wish for him the ultimate humiliation of rejection and impeachment.


  89. Bob Lippee says:

    The Trump era is basically a backlash to the overwhelming PC elitist ideology that dominates the majority of the media. In less than 10 years, a literal blink of an eye, we expected the nation to accept gay marriage, a growing (70+) list of new genders, tolerance to a religious ideology that is at odds to the core values of western culture, a list of words that are no longer acceptable to use (eg. retard), safe spaces, etc..

    Think of this… The Obamas and Clintons, in their own words less than 10 years ago, stated that marriage was between a man and a woman. Now they’ve changed their minds, and to think differently is considered bigoted. So in 10 years, it’s fine to state this opinion, but now if you are a leader and you say this same thing, you’ll be boycotted, labeled a homophobe, etc.. Is this fair? Not, it’s not. This is why we have Trump. Thanks, idiots.

  90. Bob Lippee says:

    BTW, to show how confused liberals are, watch them react to Stephen Colbert’s news about Comey’s firing, then watch Colbert “correct” them.
    I also want to say that I consider myself liberal, however the party and the party line has gone so insane in the last 10 years that I am considered right leaning.

  91. Veteran says:

    Great comments Richard Smith.

  92. a tiny manatee says:

    You aren’t liberal if you’re voting based on party and not ideology.

  93. RickG says:

    Pierre, you must have written a pretty good piece. With all of these responses and convulsions by the uneducated you have definitely hit a hot button. Thanks for your efforts and to all of you Orange Man supporters you too will be soon cursing the day you voted for this non thinking, self aggrandizing, ladle of corrupt soup.

  94. He is our president. says:

    Thank you so much for declaring he isn’t your President. First of all if he isn’t your President then the police force is not your police force. You have no right to call them, but they can still enforce rules on you. If he is not your President don’t even bother engaging in anything political due to the fact you refuse to get behind your own country. Having bigots (on both sides) has drown this country. Is it really the president or is it the people who won’t get behind our president? I got behind Obama, if found little to like about him, but I still looked for the positive.

    Shape up America!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Makeitso1701 says:
    May 13, 2017 at 3:20 pm
    Impeachment does not remove a sitting president from office, but treason, money laundering and God knows what else is out there will.

    True BUT since Hillary rotten Clinton is NOT the president those things will not come into play.

  96. Pogo says:

    @Pierre Tristam

    I’m proud to agree with you.

    Not surprisingly, Trumps supporters – like Trump himself – can dish it out with a shovel, but can’t take even a drop of their own medicine. They’ll never know (and wouldn’t believe it if presented with the proof) the much higher standard you set for yourself and others who disagree with them. And I get it that two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Of course, that’s not the point of what you said. OUR country; its reputation and its existence (and ours) are at stake. Nothing less.

    Trump’s supporters are quite a crowd. We know them well: The men who murder their wives and girlfriends when they try to break up with them, “She said she loved me. And now, just like that, she don’t!? It’s not fair!!! If I can’t have her – nobody will!!! I’ll show her! I’ll vote for Trump and we can all die!!!” And some are just spoiled brats. And some literally “know not what they do”. And others – like Trump himself – are fools for flattery, nonsense, and exaggeration. Exaggeration is what they call lies they tell and/or believe, even when they know better.

    Walt Kelly (Pogo’s creator) said it all, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    And better still:

    “…A similar statement was actually used by Kelly many years earlier in his introduction to The Pogo Papers (1953) which he closes with these comments:

    Traces of nobility, gentleness and courage persist in all people, do what we will to stamp out the trend. So, too, do those characteristics which are ugly. It is just unfortunate that in the clumsy hands of a cartoonist all traits become ridiculous, leading to a certain amount of self-conscious expostulation and the desire to join battle.
    There is no need to sally forth, for it remains true that those things which make us human are, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blast on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us.


    And More:

    Good day.

  97. bill says:

    Trump was NOT in my top 4 or 5 picks but sure as Hell Happy that Hillary Rotten Clinton is definable NOT my President.

  98. Makeitso1701 says:

    So The Washington Post just published an article on Trump sharing classified information to the Russian ambassador and minister, if this turns out to be true, I wonder how many of the trumpsters are going to chant “lock him up “

  99. A tiny manatee says:

    None, you can’t talk with your mouth full of cheeto dong.

  100. B says:

    You are bleeding from everywhere. You must have Trump derangement syndrome.:)

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