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32-Year-Old Palm Coast Store Clerk Is Killed in Apparent Hit; Assailant Still at Large

| February 26, 2013

The shooting appears to have been a targeted hit.

The shooting appears to have been a targeted hit.

Updated with video of the shooting.

The last time 32-year-old Zuheily Roman Rosado had an unmerciful run-in with armed men, it happened to be with members of the Bunnell Police Department several years ago, when they illegally impounded her car on a dubious charge. That was back when the department was doing so almost routinely, and extorting money from drivers who wanted their cars back.

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Rosado, a single mother with young children, was working at a local Taco Bell and didn’t immediately have the required $350 to get her car back. She eventually had to pay $800 to retrieve it from a wrecker’s yard in Bunnell. It was called an “excess storage fee.” The incident was detailed in a State Attorney’s report three years ago that detailed how Bunnell and its police department took advantage of drivers through a policy since scrapped.

Thursday evening just past 10 p.m., Rosado, a clerk at the Mobil gas station on State Road 100, was shot and killed toward the end of her shift.

The shooting, judging from a surveillance video the sheriff’s office released, appears to be a targeted hit: the assailant entered the store, immediately went to the counter, shot Rosado, and left rapidly.

It is the second reported homicide in Palm Coast or Flagler County in less than two months. The first was reported after the discovery in mid-January of a man who’d been killed near 16 Covington Lane.

The incident was reported to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at 10:21 p.m. by a customer who entered the store and discovered Rosado on the floor behind the counter, according to a sheriff’s release. Patrol deputies with K-9 units got to the scene within three minutes of the call, but produced no suspect after setting up a perimeter launching a search.

Rosado lived at 601 Madison Green Circle in Palm Coast, the scene of a shooting just three weeks ago.

The suspect is seen on video entering the store. He is described as a light-skinned man, approximately 5’10” tall, wearing blue jean pants and a dark t-shirt. The man is seen in the video pulling his shirt up over his face. The man is then seen fleeing the store moments later and heading west towards the northbound entrance ramp to I-95.

Deputies searched the area with assistance from Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Air One but were unable to locate the suspect. Detectives were at the scene overnight with investigators from the State Attorney’s Homicide Investigative Unit and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Scene Unit. The scene was cleared after the Medical Examiner and the FDLE processed it.

Detectives are working on obtaining video from the stores surveillance system, but a sheriff’s spokesman said the quality of the video was unlikely to yield identifying information. Video was to be released
once it was available.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 386-313-4911 or call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida, toll-free, at (888) 277-TIPS. Tipsters who provide information to Crime Stoppers will remain anonymous and can qualify for a reward of up to $1,000.

The shooting took place around 10 p.m. Thursday evening at one of Palm Coast's most recognizable gas stations.

The shooting took place around 10 p.m. Thursday evening at one of Palm Coast’s most recognizable gas stations.

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79 Responses for “32-Year-Old Palm Coast Store Clerk Is Killed in Apparent Hit; Assailant Still at Large”

  1. Eric says:

    That video tells a scary story. For anyone out there that is a shooter you will see the fine details in what happened. He walked in with plain clothes (to prevent from drawing attention before and after), he only touched the handle to the door (that the next patron will touch as well) he has the shirt covering his face when in view of the cameras, he carefully scans the entire area very quickly (even the area you can’t see from outside the store that will be behind him when he turns to the clerk) first then squares his shoulders to the target and punches out with the firearm with both hands (weaver stance) immediately fires once (with both feet planted) then closes the gap with speed and efficiency never taking his eyes off the target keeping knees bent and preventing himself from bouncing. It appears he squeezes a second round off about half way to the counter with both feet on the ground. He continues to swiftly and completely close the gap firing the final round just feet away from the target. He only pauses to ensure his work is done then immediately turns and flee’s the scene before anyone sees him.If there were no MISSES and all hits to the upper torso or head then guess what? That is wet work! I don’t see this one getting solved at all. Just the sad truth. See it for yourself that guy was very efficient, not from around here. Strongest leads will come from the possible motives, that is alot of detailed searching.


    • Anonymous says:

      @ Eric: I think you have excellent observations. Except why do you think he’s not from around here? We have all kinds here, probably some with hidden abilities.


  2. ANONYMOUSAY says:

    @ glad fly says:
    February 24, 2013 at 1:24 am
    you can’t say “light skinned black” person. you can be sued. our media,like our system is broken and a person was murdered. Lord help us.

    Don’t get it? What’s your point? Anybody with skin darker than your is black??? The victim was Hispanic and I believe the owner of the gas station is Middle Eastern. Once again there are various shades of skin color in ALL races. Based of off just a straight color description you have shown that yourself and people like you would pick what you deem as a black suspect and have the cops running in circles when in fact from that video it’s impossible to tell what race he is. But than again in the eyes of Bigots all blacks look alike.


  3. Profiler says:

    Just another theory to toss out there…..could this have been a gang initiation?


    • Anonymous says:

      @ Profiler: I don’t think gang members are that well disciplined/trained. This perp had a look and stance of formal, rigid, military-type training. Even the heinous crime he comitted had the look of a “training exercise” – as if this woman were a prop in a field exercise and the objective was to get in, hit, and get back as soon as possible. His moves were too self controlled, too deliberate, too practiced. This was not his first rodeo. Therefore, I do not think it a gang initation. Something more with the mafia, maybe, or something even more formally organized, idk.


  4. Profiler says:

    I just heard they are asking for donations to help pay for the funeral and for the children at any Wells Fargo bank. I am absolutely going to make a donation….those poor little children.


  5. christina b says:

    IMO, this is either gang-related or it was another uneducated guy who doesn’t understand the word NO. My God, the brutality on the tape released by LEO–guy just walks in, takes aim and fires. Unbelievable. With all the technology we have, WHY AREN’T THESE MEGA-CORPORATIONS SPRINGING A LITTLE MORE MONEY TO PROTECT PEOPLE WITH DECENT SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS?

    That’s right, people are replaceable. Profits are not. This kind of thing is going to continue no matter how many guns you have, or no matter how many cops there are, until corporations are no longer considered to be people. It has to start at the top, and it won’t, not as long as our governments–federal, state and local–are dictated to by the almighty dollar first.


  6. Nancy N. says:

    Boy, people are sure quick to run their mouths when they don’t know what they are talking about. How many of you have actually seen the pieces of the surveillance video that were released to local media? Because if you had, you’d know that 1) the description of the shooter as being light-skinned is vague because that’s all that you can really tell on the video. All you can see is his arms and it isn’t clear from them what his race is. He could be white, hispanic, a light-skinned black, or several other races. And two, those of you yelling that she’d have been fine if she’d have just had a gun would know that it wouldn’t have mattered if you’d seen the video excerpts. This guy had his gun out in his hand already AS HE WALKED IN THE DOOR. He seems to have had clear intent to kill this poor woman and immediately pointed it at her and (from the smoke visible in the video stills) began firing. She had no chance to go for a weapon even if she’d had one.

    Pro-gun advocates like to wave them around rhetorically like they are some kind of magic talisman that prevents all bad things. But the bottom line is that in most situations, you are caught off guard. The bad person has the upper hand because he knew he was going to do something and you didn’t. He always has the opportunity to draw first. By the time you know you need your weapon, there’s already one pointed at you.


  7. jp says:

    smart ass opened and closed the door with his hand on the video….should be easy to catch….


    • oldman says:

      good luck this is flagler co. they put there finger prints all over every thing before they dust if they know how


  8. confidential says:

    I would say wether Gang, or Klan style…


  9. Anonymous says:

    i wonder how much of a big life insurance plan was taken out on her..before this hit?


  10. CHECK PLEASE says:

    So sad. Did she have a husband or boyfriend? I’m sure the police are looking into that, if it is not a personal hit then it would have to be some type of gang. He knew when he went in there that she was alone.


    • Anonymous says:

      Body language way too military for a gang, imo. Also, no colors/flags. Finally, gangs typically do not target unarmed women, especially non-gang related women old enough to be their mothers, especially a mother known to have small children. Gang members actually have respect for mothers. Even an “initiation” – that would be downright disrespectful to shoot and kill an unarmed, mother of 6 children who was no threat to them. However by all appearances, she was a threat to someone, and they eliminated it. If her testimony was about to send someone to prison for a long time, then the mystery should be relatively easy to solve.


  11. wondering says:

    On the beginning of the first video, right when he is walking to the door, it shows headlights going east on 100. At the end of that first video, it looks like it is doing a u turn. I wonder if the people in that vehicle seen anything, or if they dropped him off and was turning around to go back and wait on him. I wish we could seen more of that video, and I wish there was a way we could zoom in on him.


  12. Gerald Jacobs says:

    The shooter is a true SCUMBAG,


  13. Dave says:

    Has the world grown so cold that anyone would want to watch a video of another person losing their life? , Just reading the things that so many people have posted on here tells me there is no real reason to watch it and the only reason I would watch it would be if LEO was asking people to watch it to help solve this case, just think of the way the her family must be feeling with this kind of stuff posted , Please people think about the thing’s you are posting and how they can affect others before doing so.


    • Anonymous says:

      @ Dave: While I grasp what you are saying, I don’t think anyone “wants” to watch another person lose their life. Not the point. The other end of the spectrum is burying our heads in the sand which will not help catch this cold blooded killer. The more people who watch this video the greater the chance that someone will pick up some minute detail that might solve this crime. That I think, would be the reason for LEOs releasing the video. If it were me or one of my loved ones, absolutely I would want the video released and watched over and over and over, scrutinized by as many eyes as possible.


  14. anonymous says:

    It’s very sad..This had to happen..To A women ,who touched so many hearts..And brought smiles to so many people..Now it’s her Family,,Friends,,Coworkers,and Everyone she touched their hearts..Who feel the pain..Our Prays go out to Everyone..Weither it was A racist crime or not..No one has the right to take another person life.We’re all Brothers and Sisters under God eyes..We all need to get along..Hope they catch him..


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