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A Shooting in Woodlands Leads to Arrest, 2nd Shooting at Madison Green Does Not

| January 31, 2013

Robert Wells, left, and Jason Lambert.

Robert Wells, left, and Jason Lambert.

Flagler County sheriff’s deputies and paramedics were busy Wednesday night with two shootings in Palm Coast. One, in the Woodlands, was related to a domestic fight between a married couple, and led to the husband’s arrest. The other took place at Madison Green Apartments, injuring a man. The shooter, in that case, is still at large.

The shooting at Madison Green, a small, low-rent apartment complex in Town Center, took place just after 11 p.m. in the 700 block. of the Madison Green Apartments in Palm Coast to investigate a report of a possible shooting.

When deputies at the scene were directed to an apartment, they located 31-year-old Robert Wells, who had sustained a single gunshot wound to the lower left leg. Wells was eventually transported to Florida Hospital Flagler for treatment to what has been reported as a non-life threatening injury.

Investigators believe that the shooting may have been drug related, though no suspects have been identified at this time.

Witnesses at the scene described a dark-color car speeding out of the complex before cops arrived, and two men running out of the complex separately. Deputies searched the area, with no success.

Wells, a resident of 120 Plain View Drive, has a long arrest record in Flagler County going back to 2008, but all on minor charges, and none on drug charges: petit theft, driving on a revoked or suspended license, violation of probation, disorderly conduct, contempt of court, simple battery, failure to pay child support. He is well known to local cops.

Last May, Wells was involved in a single-vehicle crash into a utility pole on Rymfire Drive and Ryan Drive, following which he fled. He told police he left the scene after the crash because he didn’t have a valid license. His record revealed numerous revocations and suspensions and failures to pay traffic fines. There, Wells said he’d lost a tooth while being transported to jail. “The rear passenger seat in my vehicle had a blood smear consistent with someone forcibly removing their tooth from their mouth with their fingers,” the arresting deputy wrote in the police report. “While transporting the male to the Florida Hospital Flagler the rear passenger window on the driver’s side was open, and the male discarded his ‘lost’ tooth out the window on to State Road 100.” Wells was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler where, according to the police report, “he advised the medical staff that he was injured while being transported in my patrol vehicle, as his head was ‘slammed’ against the partition in the vehicle.”

The previous November, Wells had a violent encounter with police after an incident had been reported at McCharacter’s, the bar, where Wells was the alleged instigator. But it was while cops were trying to arrest Wells that matters turned ugly, as he was allegedly refusing to cooperate with deputies. “Deputy Smith and I,” a police report related, “continued to ask Mr. Wells to get into my patrol vehicle which he physically refused by tensing up and spinning. Deputy Smith and I attempted to push Mr. Wells into my patrol vehicle, which Mr. Wells was pushing back. At this point I believe Mr. Wells hit the corner of my door with the right cheek area of his face. Deputy Smith told Mr. Wells to stop resisting, which he refused. Deputy Smith then gave Mr. Wells [a] knee strike to the stomach area causing Mr. Wells to lean forward. When Mr. Wells leaned forward he again hit his face with the corner of my door. Deputy Guida was then able to pull Mr. Wells into the vehicle from the driver side. Mr. Wells was trespassed from McCharacters Bar and was transported to Florida Hospital Flagler for medical treatment. Mr. Wells had three lacerations on his face from the incident.”

While Wells hasn’t faced drug charges, his name turned up in the State Attorney’s long, 2011 charging affidavit against Brandon Washington, the gang leader eventually convicted and sentenced to four life terms, including second-degree murder and racketeering. In April 2008, Wells was among the passengers in a car sheriff’s deputies stopped on I-95, and in which they found some marijuana. Bianca Dorismond, currently serving five years in state prison on a racketeering conviction, was connected to the marijuana. Dorismond will be released next month.

In the second shooting incident in Palm Coast earlier Wednesday evening, shots rang out in the Woodlands, one of Palm Coast’s older neighborhood, once reputed for its quietude, though several and potentially violent incidents have unfolded there over the past couple of years.

The incident took place at 36 Blare Drive.

While responding, deputies learned that the incident stemmed from a domestic disturbance and that a firearm had been discharged. The victim told 911 that her husband, 32-year-old Jason Lambert, was extremely intoxicated and that he had a firearm in a holster on his hip as well as access to various other firearms within the residence. Gun-carrying laws in Florida are liberal, but drunkards are not allowed to carry or wield guns.

Lambert had been an employee with Flagler County for many years, working as a mechanic. He was fired on Tuesday (Jan. 29) for excessive absenteeism.

The victim reported that as she and her mother had gone to the home to walk the couple’s dogs. While at the residence, the couple got into a verbal argument. Lambert reportedly went to his room and retrieved a handgun. He then returned and confronted the two women, raising the firearm over his head in a threatening manner. The two women then fled the residence. While driving away, they heard Lambert fire the gun.

Deputies arrived on scene and blocked roads leading into the area. They then established a perimeter outside of the residence and notified residents in the immediate area to remain inside of their homes.

Deputies were able to approach the home where they observed Lambert lying on the floor inside, apparently drunk. Deputies made entry into the home and took Lambert into custody without further incident.

Lambert was booked into the Flagler County Detention Facility on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault domestic violence, possession or use of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, and shooting or throwing a deadly missile. Bond is set at $20,000 on two of the three charges. No bond has been set on the third.

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17 Responses for “A Shooting in Woodlands Leads to Arrest, 2nd Shooting at Madison Green Does Not”

  1. BeachGuy says:

    WOW, do cops get trained on this? “The rear passenger seat in my vehicle had a blood smear consistent with someone forcibly removing their tooth from their mouth with their fingers.” LOL, yeah I had a similar smear in my backseat once, but it was consistent with some kid having their finger way up in their nose.

  2. Geezer says:

    Jason Lambert needs to have all his firearms confiscated.
    Imagine that, in a drunken stupor firing shots into the air.

    Happy hangover big dummy.

  3. "My Daily Rant" says:

    Its amazing what has happened to Palm Coast over the last 8 years.I think if Deputies came out of hiding and actually patroled these neighborhoods we would see a change.When I say hiding I mean going after traffic violations.Places I see them hiding alot Tennis club,under hammock toll bridge,Public parking lot.
    Dont be afraid and go out and do your job….

    • REALLY?? says:

      “My daily rant”..These poor Flagler deputies make about $400.00 a week to go out and risk their lives daily. If you don’t believe that they risk their lives..try reading the daily police log. This county is full of wackos, druggies, punk kids, and New Yorkers. If I had been a cop here ( I’m already retired from the military ) I would hide alot too.

    • RNYPD says:

      Yeah where is their secret crime sense that tells them when these things are ABOUT to happen? Clowns even know when these things are happening right? It’s not just Batman that can see into the future right? Crime fighters of all breeds can see the future right?

  4. The Truth says:

    Sounds like Mr. Wells needs a long visit with the local jail to hopefully wake up. I doubt this will wake him up, unfortunately.

  5. m&m says:

    Why does our judges keep releasing these people to continue their path of distruction????

  6. Deep South says:

    This guy Wells is the worse of the worse. Failure to pay child support. How could anybody make their children suffer like that.

  7. ryan says:

    Another scumbag that is making Palm Coast a not so nice place to live. First, you have neighbors who treat you with a “not welcome” attitude no matter how nice you are, then you have people like these guys who are just looking for trouble. Pretty sad.

  8. Sad Times says:

    What is the matter with law enforcement and the judicial system? Wells should be in jail for a long time….. as he has shown many, many times that he is not willing to live in society in a civilized and legal way!!! What does it take? Why on earth does the legal system feel that it is OK to grant him bond? The chances of his not “acting up” within our community are slim to none, given his past actions. A sad, sad commentary!

  9. confidential says:

    Why do these judges let go of these tugs from jail so often? Excuse is not enough prison room.
    These jails should be sustained by the prisoners work . Have them grow and produce all the food they consume, make their own prison clothes and supplies they need. Need larger prisons? have those prisoners build them. Not some pricey developer. Put these prisons in the middle of isolated cheap country sides and have them farm the surrounding prison farm land. Our justice system does not work since our prisons have been privatized and are not to punish the criminals but to generate revenue for private entities that run them.
    Now they have those prisoners produce what we need on the outside for the profits of the prison system and unfairly competing with with local businesses, like Pride does, while promoting further unemployment of the law abiding and as consequence and out of necessity generating more criminals…

  10. concerned citizen says:

    All this crime is not going to stop. Palm Coast has some crazy people in this town. They get arrested and go to jail to have time to sit and think of their move they are gonna make next. Laws are not stricted enough, so they get out only to commit another crime. Put them to work in jail, so they won’t have it so easy.

    I have never been to jail nor do I want to go. U have to make a choice in this world…Do good or Do bad. I choose to Do good. They need JESUS in their LIFE and then all this crime will not be. Then they will know how to live..ALL POWER TO GOD…

  11. Sgt Stern says:

    Make room in our state prisons by EXECUTING all the murders, pedophiles, rapist,gang bangers. If you don’t then the petty criminals will keep committing crimes until they finally turn into one of the previously mentioned criminal SCUM. Judicial system in America has become a breeding house for making the criminals stronger, healthier, criminally smarter all on the taxpayers dime. WISE UP AMERICA !!!

  12. cindy says:

    Im not sure which idoit judge set lamberts bail so low. I bet if that judge had a daughter that has gone thru was she and her mom and dad have been thru with this drunk. He would have never let him out until trial or whatever. with all the killing of innocent women and children due to domestic violence, you would think that at least bail would be set higher. his bail was lowered to 7,500.00 he got out on 750.00 dollars. I hold that judge accountable if anything happens to my friends. they are living in fear. terrible situation. judges need to get their heads out of the sand and enter the real world of domestic violence.

  13. confidential says:

    @Cindy…that is called good old boy power!

  14. Bianca says:

    aWhat I’m not understanding is y’all actually got a suspect who shot someone and a victim who was shot and the whole report is about the victims past be real Palm Coast editors get your life together. and the police are not always right because they bleed red and breathe air just like everybody else, and all you commenters with judgements……he or she without sin cast the first stone. That’s why he is free and overcame all of those alleged cases.

    And this is the same Bianca they mentioned in the report :-)

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