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  1. Pogo says


    There you go with all your thinking and writing — stimulating thoughts and questions in other minds. You don’t fool me. I see what you’re about; you would have everyone thinking.

    Damn, it happened again! Another question forced its way into the world because of you:

    who rebuilt the library of alexandria after the fire

    Questions need answers, and will have them:

    The Story of the Library of Alexandria Is Mostly a Legend, But the Lesson of Its Burning Is Still Crucial Today

    “…Alexandria is, in that telling, a cautionary tale of the danger of creeping decline, through the underfunding, low prioritization and general disregard for the institutions that preserve and share knowledge: libraries and archives. Today, we must remember that war is not the only way an Alexandria can be destroyed…”

  2. Pogo says

    @What’s next — body doubles and spider holes?

    Once upon a time, in Floridanam, the name of the capital was changed to Ho desanti$ Minh City, to celebrate the defeat of the woke mouse that had been pooping on the white go-go boots worn on The Long March of the Dear Leader to $ell her fat red book. The fat read book was carried everywhere by the Dear Leader to gather green lettuce$. The Dear Leader was made to weep by nosey mice watching her gather the lettuce$. So her friend$ made a law to $hield her from being followed:

    “,,,Citing an increase in public records requests for the governor’s travel schedule, Florida legislators are advancing a bill that would shield from the public any information about how and where Gov. Ron DeSantis and other state officials go. The bill would impose the first-ever public records exemption for the transportation records held by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the agency that handles the governor’s security. The exemption would take effect retroactively, prohibiting anyone from scrutinizing how DeSantis has used his state travel in the past and as he prepares for a likely campaign for the Republican nomination for president…”
    Read more at:

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