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Donald Trump’s Funeral

| December 11, 2015

donald trump funeral

Donald Trump in Des Moines in June, a portrait by John Pemble.

Imagine if Donald Trump were to drop dead tomorrow. It’s not unthinkable. He’s 69, and narcissists are known to tax their arteries more than ordinary mortals. The chance of that happening is at least on par with moribund Jeb becoming president, which is not quite zero. But Trump’s funeral week would tell us everything we know about the state of this presidential race and the increasingly odious character of the United States.

pierre tristam column flaglerlive It would be a story of altered states. Democrats would grieve most. They’d have lost their best chance to win the White House in a cakewalk, assuming Sarah Palin mutants like Ted Cruz or Ben Carson weren’t to resurrect Democrats’ better fortunes. Hillary Clinton is not beloved, and her baggage would immobilize an airport carousel. But no one expects her to rule America as a Mussolini in pant suits. More like a duller, leftier Thatcher. And it’s not as if her first stint in the White House didn’t coincide with the country’s last best decade. Her husband had a little something to do with it, and unless he drops dead, he’s not likely to be a ghost in his old private study.

A departed Trump would have more of a schizophrenic effect on Republicans. Candidates would have a hard time containing themselves, or at least balancing their private celebrations with public tributes and admiration for the fallen neo-fascist. They’d celebrate because they’d be rid of the only man to have led their pack almost exclusively since he descended into the bowels of the Trump Tower last June to begin his daily smashing of the American mosaic.

He started by calling Mexicans and the rest of the Latin world rapists and drug addicts. That took care of roughly half a billion people. Black lives didn’t matter to him as much as roughing up those who speak for them. That took care of the black vote. His reference to Megyn Kelly’s period put quite the exclamation point on his hopes of winning women’s vote. He had no problem ridiculing the disabled. By an inexplicable miracle he’s managed not to offend the LGBT community. Not yet. Then it was onto the rest of the world. A Berlin Wall on the Rio Grande aside, at first it was just Syrian refugees he wanted to ban, Christian or Muslim. Then it became all 1.5 billion Muslims, with registrations and round-ups of home-grown ones.

It was only this week that his fellow-Republican candidates finally mustered some indignation at his nostalgia for FDR’s internment camps and an update of the GOP’s 1924 Immigration Act, which closed America to most Asians. But condemnations were tepid and inconsistent, especially among presidential candidates, not one of whom has disavowed Trump, as they all should have in June. Instead, they’ve triangulated, playing for his supporters while exploiting the same fears and bigotries that gave Trump his rise. They’re humping his coattails. He’s not an outlier. He’s their mascot. At his funeral, he would be their hero. They’d all be there, as prostrate as Muslims at prayer facing Mecca. They’d all find a way of paying him tribute with that endorsement of small minds: “He said what many of us think but don’t speak.”

There’s good reason for repressing bilious vomit. But this isn’t the age of repression, except for civil liberties. Republicans have been verbalizing the same mixture of racism, bigotry and xenophobia as Trump long before Trump abandoned his Apprentice throne. They just haven’t done it as vulgarly.

They’ve been demeaning Mexicans and dehumanizing “illegal” immigrants for years. Islamophobia pre-dated Carson’s declaration that he doesn’t think a Muslim should be president, though according to a good segment of the GOP electorate we’ve had a  Kenyan-born Muslim president for the past seven years. Cruz introduced a bill to ban all non-Christian Syrian refugees. Jeb Bush agreed. Gov. Rick Scott is among the 31 governors, almost all of them Republicans, who want to ban refugees from their state. And of course every single GOP candidate thinks a new crusade in the Middle East is preferable to the Muslim president’s more cautious, less Bush-like repeat of recent American catastrophes over there, with three lost wars and counting. Don’t ask them for an exit strategy: they’ve made their peace with perpetual war.

A funeral for Donald Trump, or at least for his presidential run, would appear to be the end of a fascist nightmare in the making. We won’t be so lucky. Live or die, the Trump run has re-defined America as a nasty, brutish and short-sighted leviathan. That Trump’s fellow-candidates are readier to ape his  demagoguery than denounce it tells us where this country is headed, assuming Republicans can bank enough rage and hate for ballots. They certainly could not win without either.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. follow him on Twitter. A version of this piece aired on WNZF.

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55 Responses for “Donald Trump’s Funeral”

  1. Of course it matters says:

    We are only pandering to idiocy. The population of voters who support this flagrant disregard of reason are just as worthless as well. The scourge of our society… the only real solution to our problems would be their sudden absence from it

  2. Outsider says:

    Hate to burst your bubble, but my mother-in-law, a life-long liberal and Democrat is voting for Trump should he win the nomination. I’m certain she’s not the only one. Once again, you prove that the elitists in both parties just don’t get it. The masses are tired of being lied to and itheir wishes being ignored. Donald Trump understands the voters better than any of you elitists, and therein lies his appeal. I would also remind you that Hillary Clinton is roughly the same age as Trump, but leads him In the health scare sweepstakes, leading Trump one to nothing in strokes. Maybe you should write Hillary’s obituary as well.

  3. Freddy says:

    So Trump is 69 and Hillary is 68 so you are now practicing gender discrimination? Did banning Muslims really got your goat, Pierre?

  4. bob says:

    you liberal scum bag our country is being surrounded by wicked muslims
    who want to produce more and more people so they can dominate. i guess
    you dislike someone exposing truth for a change since this anichrist is office
    coddles terroists. mr. pierre they are here for dominance with this false
    cult allah ready to take control because america has let the devils in.
    i beg you repent sinnner and bow to jesus christ as your lord and saviour
    before it is too late. you liberal fool we are living on borrowed time.
    jesus christ is lord

  5. Jim s says:

    Does a world view get more dangerous ? Pierre’s ? Or Donald’s? As I understand history, Pierre’s.

  6. says:

    Hard to believe what is happening to this country. Carson, Trump, Cruz, anti science bigots spreading hate and fear and their ignorant followers. , “bob” above is an excellent example of the type of people who fall for their lies and rhetoric.

    At least now they have exposed what the Republican party really stands for.

  7. ScotchRox says:

    Pierre is the pussification of America personified…

  8. Jon Hardison says:

    What the actual fuck? <- that's not something an elitist would say…

    Why do seek out business men as leaders in this country when it is common knowledge that their tendencies are contrary to those required in governance or the service of others?

    Why do we seek out the men and women that 'understand us' or worse, would do as we do, in this country when we know all too well (or should) that we would make the worst possible leaders?

    Why am I asking these questions?
    We have commenters that say, "You liberal scum bag… jesus is lord". Of course they're going to "go with their gut".

    Do us all a favor. Trump has said that if he doesn't get the nomination he's run independent. By all means, VOTE FOR HIM! Vote to your ignorant, hateful heart's content. Vote till your gad damned fingers bleed because at the end of the day you'll only be casting a vote for the candidate you like the least.

    Ha ha, jokes on you.
    I'm going to set up a charity called Kleenex for Dipshits. You're welcome.

  9. beachcomberT says:

    Washington Post ran an interesting piece about the GOP establishment having a power lunch in D.C. and plotting how to work an anti-Trump strategy at a brokered Republican convention. Two problems, though — first, the insiders still haven’t decided who the best Anybody-but-Trump candidate should be. Secondly, a rigged convention overriding primary vote results would certainly trigger an independent bid by Trump. That in turn could lead to an electoral college stalemate. And someone would inevitably file a lawsuit challenging whatever is transpiring. So we could end up with yet another election decided by the Supreme Court.

  10. Field of Dreams says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with “elitists in both parties”–regular old common folk like me understand clearly. Donald Trump is a phony and American media are selling this phony 24/7 so they don’t have to talk about the other serious candidates on both sides. It disgusts me. It disgusts a lot of people I know, Democrat and Republican alike. Not everyone is a sucker.

    But that’s okay, you don’t have to believe me. You do have to believe math, much as you don’t agree with actual factual things like “numbers”. Donald Trump is not going to win the GOP nomination, and even if he did, he would gift-wrap the White House to the Democratic candidate. He’ll do it either way, because he’s stupid enough to run as an Indie if he doesn’t bully enough GOP voters to matter. But make no mistake, I’ll be laughing at Trump’s supporters until the day I die. Anyone who thinks that a megalomaniac multi-millionaire who owned his own government officials, regularly, to get things done–just like the other rich jumokes that own a piece of Uncle Sam–is going to “go to Washington and clean things up” is living in fantasyland.


  11. m&m says:

    Trump is the only person that can try and save this country. The last 7 years of Obamaship has brought us to our knees and close to distruction. This has been his goal and he’s getting closer. Him and his wife HATE the USA and want to distroy it. Trump may be the only hope we have left.

  12. Woody says:

    I guess if Trump wins you {Pierre} will be packing your bags and going back to Your homeland.SEEYAAA!

  13. confidential says:

    Bob, you need to leave Jesus name out of your insulting evil rhetoric because is an abominable sacrilege to use God’s name in vain. You are ridiculously worried more about control by any minority of white America than you are worried about terrorism.Lets concentrate in preventing terrorism the right way and not with another type of terrorism like the one spewed by your words above. Lets support and help our FBI, CIA and Law Enforcement doing their work investigating, analyzing, preventing and catching terrorist in the civilize manner in which our USA is trying now. For sure it shows to me that our compassionate Jesus Christ is not your Lord.

  14. Jadobi says:

    Bob, how did the Kool-Aid taste, you seem to have had it many times. While Trump may, in his own twisted mind, have good intentions to fix problems, his delivery of his message is way way off. It’s his delivery that scares me. If Trump wins the election, prepare yourself for WW3, WW4 and potentially WW5. We, America are hated by many ’round the world. This tv personality is only going to make it worse. Let’s just elect Jerry Springer and let the differing points of view duke it out on stage. At least he has some previous political experience.

  15. ken says:

    Pierre, please explain why illegal immigrants is a dehumanizing term.
    Our country has laws governing how people legally come to our country.
    Some people violate those laws.
    They come here illegally.
    What’s the problem with calling them illegal?
    The analogy of someone breaking into your home and living there is an apt one. Would you consider that person to be an undocumented resident of your home or would you consider their occupancy of your home illegal?

  16. Geezer says:

    Bob loves Jesus but calls people scumbags.
    How positively entertaining!

  17. Sherry says:

    Well Pierre. . . you knew your words would bring out the underbelly of our society to defend that narcissistic megalomaniac fascist who has now put us in grave danger by putting us at odds with 1.6 BILLION people from almost every country on the planet !

    Take a look at how the good people of the UK feel about him. . . over 500,000 (yes that is over five hundred thousand) UK citizens have signed a petition to ban Trump from their country:

    Remember. . . the UK is our biggest ally! Apparently they clearly see just how incredibly dangerous Donald Trump is to all of Western Civilization. . . he’s outrageous, bigoted rhetoric no longer a just ridiculous laughing matter from a “reality show”.

    Considering his level of support in the polls. . . Insanity, fear and hatred is rearing it’s very ugly head in the USA!

    A VOTE AGAINST Trump is a vote for sanity!

  18. Jon Hardison says:

    Ken: I don’t think the problem Pierre is pointing out has anything to do with calling illegals, illegals, rather what happens once we do so. It’s one thing to address the issue of illegal immigration. It’s an entirely different matter when these people are saddled with blame for the state of our Union. This political tactic has proven so effective it has been a staples of American political rhetoric as far back as most can remember.

    Yes. We need to deal with the issue of illegals for many reasons but them because the cause of a families inability feed their kids, inability to get a job, inability to drive a nice car, buy a big house? No. There is no metric that connects these two things.

    Politicians like Trump place blame for our problems on illegals because it’s easy. It is our inevitable hate for them, based on these lies and exaggerations that is dehumanizing and illegals aren’t the only ones paying for the bad checks these politicians are writing. Americans that “look like” illegals are are threatened and beaten every day in this country for the political gain of dangerous men.

    Of course, I can’t speak for Pierre, but that’s how I took it. Hope that helps.

  19. Bc says:

    If we ever needed someone like trump it’s now after the last 7 years of Obamas lies and his failed policies the USA is seen as a week country. We need a strong leader who will close the borders and vet people that want to come here.

  20. Sheila Skipp Zinkerman says:

    I, Sheila Skipp Zinkerman, do hereby demand that Donald J.Trump take his narcisstic wrath and his senselessly emotional band of angry white supporters to his Trump Towers where they can Pledge Allegiance to one another. There, they can live in a world of idiotic bliss and torture one another with their fear mongering until they are all too willing to destroy themselves. R.I.P. Trump’s Campaign.

  21. Kendall says:

    Our most staunch ally is the UK. Has anyone here noticed that the citizens of the UK want to ban Trump from entering their country and the Prime Minister and Parliament have also criticized him?

    If this man happens to win the nomination, let alone the election, our alliances will be at risk. The only world leader interested in entertaining this blowhard is the other xenophobic warmonger, Netanyahu.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Pierre is just waiting for the US to become the new Far East. No government, no freedoms just a country made up of people who are scared to face facts and be a slave to leaders and the media that want to control how you live your life. Your freedom of choice will be over if Hilliary Dillary Dock gets in office. Again in a presidential election we have NO candidates on either side that support the Constitution of the United States. Its pick the best of the worst.

    And regarding illegal immigrants, ask the Native American Indian what they think.

  23. Dave says:

    Again in a presidential election we are yet again faced with picking the best of the worst.

  24. Hammock says:

    How about a Hilliary Clinton funeral piece? A new email was released after a 2 year lawsuit that proves the military had assets fired up and ready to go hours before the 4 died. Hilliary pulled the plug because it didn’t fit the Obama narrative that we are winning the war on terror before the election. She lied to the families of the dead. BTW, nbc, cbs and abc had zero coverage of this.

  25. William Moya says:

    Good piece, I was not sure where you were going in this “what if” scenario. A couple of observations, in reference to Hillary Clinton I’ll remind you that in the early 1990’s when she took on the health reform issue and became the standard bearer, she was considered to be to the left of her husband, and what was said of her then became a prelude to the way she is portrait these days. While she vote for the Iraq war let’s keep in mind that some humans evolve, it is certainly my case, in those days was very much a neocon.

    As to your last paragraph, I will add that this dark side of America has been with us since the beginning, and what is disturbing about Donald Trump are its followers, who seem to be no different than their predecessors.

  26. Knightwatch says:

    The only good thing about Trump is that we now know just how deeply racism is embedded in this country. It has its own political party … the GOP. And we know just how fragile our democracy is. The majority of republicans apparently would replace our democratic form of government with an autocracy headed by a rich, neo-fascist demagogue so long as he is “decisive”, bigoted and wholly politically incorrect.

    American exceptionalism, indeed.

  27. JonQPublik says:

    I don’t know what bothers me more; that there are so many bigoted, racist, deluded, xenophobic sheep within a 15 mile radius, or the guilt that I feel for judging them. It’s seemingly borderline psychopathic to support such a villainous prick, especially when he expresses no contempt nor remorse for his inappropriate prespectives and comments. He’s just another Hitler. The actions and words of my “neighbors”, those who support such a tyrantanic maniac, is embarassing and worrying. I expect better of the human race, but it never lives up to my expectations.

  28. Sherry says:

    @Hammock. . . do actual facts matter?. . . didn’t you know. . . Judicialwatch is a site run by conspiracy theorist Larry Klay. . . notorious for idiocy such as:

    This from mediamatters. . . Larry Klayman, a conspiracy theorist and WND columnist who has been at the margins of the conservative movement for decades, is behind a dubious lawsuit accusing Hillary Clinton of racketeering. Klayman is utterly lacking in credibility, having filed numerous far-fetched lawsuits targeting the Clintons over the years. He has also repeatedly suggested the Clintons “orchestrated the murders of several of their associates in the 1990s.”

  29. Anonymous says:

    @ Sherry,

    500,000 isn’t even a drop in a bucket for the UK’s 64 million population.

  30. Anonymous says:

    @ Kendall,

    The citizens of the UK? As Sherry pointed out the number is 500,000 according to media reported numbers. What about the other 63 and a half million?

    BTW, our alliances have really been tested under the current regime.

  31. Rick G says:

    Pierre its no surprise that your great piece exposed the overwhelming ignorance or the voting public. The one thing that got me was the guy who said his life long liberal democrat mother-in-law would vote for that windbag Trump. I know quite a few liberal and progressive Democrats and none of them are voting for that idiot. The current leader of the Republican Party’s Presidential Candidates is a sorry excuse for anyone other than those who look to exploit, devour and obfuscate truths which he has done throughout his sorry career. I wonder how many of those creditors he cheated when his companies filed those multiple bankruptcies will vote for him?

  32. Dan potter says:

    I have spent several years in the Mideast and Asia. The problem is Muslims cannot tolerate any criticism. Any act of separation of them from the rest of the world is considered noble unless that separation consists of the possibility they are alienated because of a trait they possess other than one of perfection.
    It’s apparent to me that Trump made that statement of banning all Muslims from entering this country as just a means to buy some time in order to rebuild our ignorant immigration laws.
    We all must stop on a project occasionally and rethink our plans. To be able to repair a car engine of an internal problem you must temporarily shut the engine down, fix the problem, then restart the engine.
    Most Americans, to include folks in the Muslim community, believe that radical Jihadist attacks will continue, some will be by radicals presently living here, but some will be by radicals not yet here. In these times of mass violence we need to be confident that the people we let into the country are here to serve the American Spirit.

  33. footballen says:

    Not often I agree with you Pierre but I do on certain terms here. Too right even for me, I honestly want middle ground here but I know I am tainted by right wing conservatism I just wish you Democrats could open your eyes to the same truth.

  34. Dan potter says:

    You have a different style of expressing yourself , totally different from most professional writers. You can get your point across more easily by leaving some of the weird adjectives out. Otherwise I don’t agree with most of your conclusions but I still enjoy your attempts at trying to relate certain points.

  35. Liberal he is says:

    Pierre is probably concerned Trump will deport him.

  36. Fredrick says:

    Pierre!!! You did it!! You actually used the term “illegal” immigrants??? I am so proud of you!!! You called them what they actually are. That makes up for the rest of the lunacy in your article. Did you put the quotes around “illegal” to point at that you are now finally ready to admit that is what they are and that they should be treated as such? Be careful. Before long you will be writing an article about all the lies that Hillary keeps telling…

  37. mel guillory says:

    Another wimp whining about their feelings being hurt, I say go, Donald Trump! Sick of the career politicians myself and think it’s time for someone that stands up for America, I would vote for Donald Duck if it wasn’t for Donald Trump. Just more propaganda in an attempt to stop the unstoppable Donald Trump and making America great again!
    Pierre, this would make a great story for the Muslim times,

    Mel Guillory

  38. Brian Riehle says:

    Pierre…’re correct about everything you’ve said concerning Trump, and you could have stopped there.
    But you never pass on an opportunity to bash America. It’s ridiculous to jump straight to the “odious character of the United States”, then claim that the Trump run defines America as a “brutish and short sighted leviathan”. And of course you had to throw in the “Crusade” canard as if what’s going on in the middle east today compares historically with what transpired in the Middle Ages.
    Bashing all of America because there is what you consider to be a bigoted idiot running for elected office speaks volumes about your sense of objectivity. After all, even your beloved France has Le Pen.
    Wait until after the election to blame America (if Trump gets elected.)
    I’ve been reading your stuff for nearly 15 years now and more and more it seems to me that the only thing you like about America is the Freedom you have to hate it.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      Brian, if I’m correct about everything I said about Trump, and polls show 44 percent voting for Trump in a head-to-head contest with Clinton, and 68 percent of Republicans willing to drop their party for Trump should he opt for a third-way ticket, the problem clearly goes beyond Trump. What are we to do about the virulence behind his campaign, sing hosannas to America? The point is that whether he gets elected or not, he’s revealing the worst in this country (have a look at the comments in this thread), just as the Le Penistes do in France, where nut-case Marine has a real chance of making it to the final round of the presidentials in 2017. That doesn’t make France any less beloved in my eyes, nor America. But isolating the problem to Trump, while convenient (it would absolve the Republican Party, after all, for midwifing him) ignores the larger problem. Your last line is just silly coming from someone who’s read and written me for for 15 years and ought to know better (unlike the majority of commenters here, you actually read the pieces through), so I’ll just say thanks for the loyalty.

  39. Sherry says:

    @ anonymous . . . the UK Petition was just started on Nov. 28th. . . in only 16 days well over 500,000 good citizens of the UK have come together against a dangerous tyrant ! Your refusal to even acknowledge the global impact of such an event speaks volumes about your own close minded religious bigotry.

    I have great faith and hope that “true” Americans will abandon their single minded, insane support of fear and hate mongers. . . and “I’d even vote for Donald Duck” stupidity. . . and come to their rational senses when they are actually filling out their ballots.

    The hate Donald Trump and others is spreading is a cancer of internal “terrorism” in our society. . . it is literally killing our nation. Mix in the “tools” the NRA members are rapidly selling and we are on the path to self destruction!

    We need to have the courage to resist the fear and hate mongers and embrace American values of love, compassion, peace, ethics, integrity, honor, fellowship, caring! Love thy neighbor, nurture the children, help the weak, assist the poor. . . remember what Jesus would do!

  40. Hammock says:

    @Sherry.. You would not have ask me about facts mattering to me if you would have read the link I provided. It was a release of document the government had on Bengazie but would not release till they had to sue to have released.

    Yes Judicialwatch is conservative. Mediamatters is totally progressive and funded by George Soros. Which puts out a lot of whoppers. I could state facts about Clinton scandals all day long.

  41. emmit says:

    Please don’t elect President buisness, he will bring the Kragle…

  42. Fredrick says:


    ” What are we to do about the virulence behind his campaign, sing hosannas to America? The point is that whether he gets elected or not, he’s revealing the worst in this country (have a look at the comments ”

    So what does Ms Clinton’s lie after lie after lie…. say about the other side of the party. Does that make you want to sing hosannas to America? While I think the “Donald” is an idiot, he at least he speaks his mind and does not give a crap what others think. Why not call the popularity of the “Donald” what it is. People are tired of the BS of politicians.

  43. Brian says:

    He speaks the truth.

  44. JJ Graham says:

    Pierre, you’re like Jim Bowie with a keyboard, keep stabbing away. Don’t stop ever, put in a knife right in the side of Bob’s bogus misbegotten concept of Jesus.

  45. Trumpster says:

    Just want to take a second and give a Thank You to all my friends in Palm Coast

  46. Sherry says:

    GREAT NEWS! I am praying US voters come to their senses also!

    PARIS – Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front collapsed in French regional elections Sunday, failing to take a single region after dominating the first round of voting, pollsters projected. The conservatives surged against the governing Socialists, changing the political map of France.

    The failure of the National Front to gain any of the six regions where it was leading didn’t stop the anti-immigration party from looking to the 2017 presidential election — Le Pen’s ultimate goal.

    Le Pen had been riding high after extremist attacks and an unprecedented wave of migration into Europe, and the party came out on top in the voting in France’s 13 newly drawn regions in the first round a week ago. But projections by France’s major polling firms suggested the party lost in all of the regions Sunday, including decisive losses for both Le Pen and her popular niece.

  47. Sherry says:

    The latest on the debunked “conspiracy theory” regarding another Hillary email. . . this to the tune of the Beat Goes On. . . “the witch hunt goes on”:

    Republicans on the House Select Committee on Benghazi have implicitly admitted that conservative media were wrong to suggest that a newly-released email contradicted then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s statement that an immediate military response to the September 11, 2012, attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities was not possible.

    On Monday, conservative journalists uncritically promoted the conspiracy that a Department of Defense email from the night of the attacks proved that the Obama administration could have helped the Americans under fire during the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, but deliberately decided not to, and that Leon Panetta had lied about the effort during 2013 congressional testimony.

    Fox News has since declared the email is a “smoking gun” proving that “the only thing standing between the terrorists who overran the compound and the four Americans who lost their lives was a green light from the State Department.” Predictably, they have also used the supposed controversy to attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  48. Dan potter says:

    So much emphasis is placed on the petition being signed in the UK. There are millions of Muslims living in the UK with almost 3M in England alone. Maybe the many Muslim good friends of mine in the UK want the radical jihadists eliminated from both US and UK. If I was them I would praise Trumps proposed plans. Help tell the World that radical Muslims are not real Muslims after all.

  49. Stephani says:

    Wow you arseholes who bring up someone’s heritage to make your nasty points should be ashamed.

    Pierre, I wish you’d write about Bernie. A fresh alternative to the hateful right, not bought and paid for like Hillary, and with more grassroots support than Obama at this stage of his campaign. His positions on guns, labor unions, and the importance of decent values woo more former republicans daily. Not as fluffy as Trump but you can’t beat the human interest appeal. ;)

  50. Dave says:

    Don’t worry Pierre, Ted Cruz will save you from Trump.

  51. beachcomberT says:

    Harry Truman famously said “The buck stops here” but Hillary said “at this point, what difference does it make?” Hillary or Obama could answer that question by telling us what the State Dept, or the Pentagon, have done since Benghazi to beef up security at our hundreds of overseas embassies, consulates and military bases (or our Western-owned oil wells since that’s what we really care about — diplomats and troops are dispensable).

  52. Ghost of Joe Pyne says:

    Looks like Pierre struck a nerve.

    Does truth hurt?

  53. Sherry says:

    @beachcomber T. . . It takes “money” to make our embassies secure. FUNDING for embassy security is NOT controlled by the State Department or pentagon! It is controlled by our Republican Congress. . . which is proud of cutting as much as the Democrats will allow.

    This from a press release put out by the House Appropriations Committee:

    Washington, Jun 16, 2014 –

    The House Appropriations Committee today released the fiscal year 2015 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill, which will be considered in subcommittee tomorrow.

    The bill totals $48.3 billion in both regular discretionary and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funding. This total is $708 million below the fiscal year 2014 enacted level and $277 million below the President’s request for these programs.

    This from “The Hill”:

    By Alexander Bolton – 09/18/12 10:41 PM EDT
    Republicans have sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars slated for security at U.S. embassies and consulates since gaining control of the House in 2011.

    Democrats are scrutinizing the GOP proposals in the wake of attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates in the Middle East, one of which saw Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans murdered.

    “This is a disturbing example of the Republicans’ meat-ax approach to cutting every aspect of the government, no matter how essential,” said Senate Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Charles Schumer (N.Y.) in a statement to The Hill.

    Also BeachcomberT. . . You are taking Hillary Clinton’s words completely “out of context”. . . She said “what does it matter at this point?” regarding whether the Bengazi attack was motivated by a political demonstration or not.

    As in all terrorist attacks. . . they are motivated by extreme emotions of FEAR and HATE. . . emotions Trump is massively creating across our country now!

  54. Cindy C. says:

    How low class & tasteless can you be to make a story up like this……………DISGUSTING!!!!!

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