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Jordan Marie Rineer, 25, Is Killed in Single-Car Wreck on US1, Tyler Dutton Survives

| October 27, 2015

The Toyota Tacoma Tyler Wayne Dutton  was driving. Jordan Marie Rineer was ejected and died at the scene.

The Toyota Tacoma Dutton was driving. Jordan Marie Rineer was ejected and died at the scene.

Jordan Marie Rineer had lived and gone to school in Flagler and Alachua counties before moving to Lancaster, Penn., to attend school there. The 25-year-old was visiting her sister and her grandmother, who lives in Palm Coast’s W Section.

Monday night she went to Daytona Beach with Tyler Wayne Dutton, 24, of Bunnell. They went to Buffalo Wild Wings, the restaurant on International Speedway Boulevard. They were driving back on U.S. 1 after 1 a.m. early this morning (Oct. 27) when, for reasons unknown, Dutton, who was at the wheel of a 2008 Toyota Tacoma, lost control.

Just north of South Old Dixie Highway, the Tacoma swerved onto the grass media, crossed the southbound lanes of U.S. 1 in a northwest direction and overturned several times onto the west grass shoulder of U.S.1 southbound. Rineer was ejected. Her body was thrown in the brush between the wood-line and the railroad tracks. She died at the scene, apparently of a severe head injury.

jordan marie rineer

Jordan Marie Rineer

Dutton sustained injuries to the shoulder and was treated at Florida Hospital Flagler. Dutton was a passenger in a wreck last year and sustained serious injuries in that wreck on State Road 11. The driver in that wreck was charged with drunk driving with serious bodily injury.

“We suspect drinking and driving,” a Florida Highway Patrol investigator said at the scene. “We had to get a warrant to get blood. At first he wouldn’t give it then when we got the warrant he said yeah, take it.” Dutton, of Bunnell, has had several arrests in Flagler, including a conviction for obstructing an officer in 2012 and an arrest for driving on a revoked or suspended license two years ago.

The wreck took place at 1:40 a.m., the investigator said. The Palm Coast Fire Police closed the southbound lanes of U.S. 1 until 6:50 a.m. (Between 5 and 5:30 a.m., a driver went past the barricade down the southbound lanes and had to be chased by a fire police officer.) Northbound traffic was not impeded.

The medical examiner arrived at the scene after 4 a.m. and removed Rineer’s body.


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29 Responses for “Jordan Marie Rineer, 25, Is Killed in Single-Car Wreck on US1, Tyler Dutton Survives”

  1. The Truth says:

    This is incredibly sad. Why do people continue to drink and drive? I just don’t understand. If you’re going to drink, designate someone to drive home that is SOBER. It’s not worth the risk to you, your passengers or others on the road. The unfortunate truth is this will continue to happen all across our nation because everyone feels ‘this won’t happen to them’.

    My thoughts and prayers are with this young girls family. How incredibly sad.

  2. Ghost of years Past says:

    Sorry to hear another young person dies. In my life I have had 3 friends die of drunk driving. And it still continues to this day. Wearing your seat belt is the law. I can’t understand why anyone would not wear their seat belt….Please young people STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING !!!!!

  3. Dutton Family Friend says:

    Prayers for the girls family in this time of grief but glad to hear that you are okay Tyler! You’re very lucky.

  4. jim says:

    God Bless and God Speed

  5. Dutton family friend says:

    Very sad to hear this tyler is a very dear friend to me I’m glad he is ok ….unfortunately I never knew the girl but I’m heartbroken to hear she didn’t make it….prayers to both families

  6. Leann Lawson says:

    Special prayers to Jordan’s family and boyfriend which is a close personal friend of mine. Very sad situation. God bless all involved!!!! Rip in peace beautiful Angel!

  7. The Truth says:

    Florida Highway Patrol suspects drinking and driving and your friend Tyler was behind the wheel. IF in fact this is true I hope your friend spends a long time in jail thinking about the poor decision he made. He cost a young girl her life.

  8. Katie Seamore says:

    Very sad, she must not have been wearing the seat belt since she was ejected. RIP Prayers for her loved ones during this horrible time,

  9. Dutton family friend says:

    Tyler has constantly been pulled over for driving under the influence, this was bound to happen. It’s incredibly sad and unfortunate that Jordan’s life was the cost of his stupidity. I hope he finally learns his lesson and is sent to prison where he belongs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Young people tend to think of themselves as invincible. My sincerest condolences to the families and friends of this very lovely young woman.

  11. Doyle Lewis says:

    So sad:::,,,, Jim (Bless all the people you Know). Help them and the family now. Love–Love!!!

  12. Geezer says:

    That’s terrible – to see a young life snuffed out like that.
    As long as there’s establishments serving booze to motorist patrons
    who arrive sober – they will leave inebriated the same way they came: driving.

    If drunk driving is illegal why are there roadhouses and bars that
    CLEARLY serve drivers? I don’t see patrons arriving in buses!

    I am sorry that Jordan Marie Rineer lost her life.
    She’s just another young person who received mixed messages regarding
    drinking and driving. Why would you (as a youngster) think its so bad if there’s an
    establishment dedicated to routinely “loading” drivers with booze and sending them
    on their way where they can kill themeselves or others on dark roads?

    I hope that the bar is investigated. I hope that they’re sued.
    Bars that serve alcoholic drinks to drivers bear a huge chunk of the responsibility
    when a patron dies or kills somebody due to their expected impairment.
    They can’t claim ignorance.

    Bars are no different than drug pushers. When will people realize this?

    Rest in peace Jordan, and my sympathies to all who knew her.

  13. Terri says:

    I know both people involved in this accident. I remember Jordan as a very sweet girl, she knew my children and we were all shocked and deeply saddened to hear of her passing. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends.

  14. liberal says:

    ALWAYS wear your SEAT BELTS!

  15. Outsider says:

    And also very stupid. And I’ve tempered my thoughts out of respect to the young woman’s family who was killed. This is tragic for Ms. Rineer’s family. Time to throw this loser in jail.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Its always sad when someone loses there life to such a silly action. One day people will no longer drink and drive. Sadly it will be when cars drive themselves.

  17. Greg and Denise Peters says:

    It was with tremendous sadness that we read this article. Our hearts are so heavy and we grieve Jordan’s passing. Much love and prayers to the entire Rineer family. Please let us know if we can serve you in absolutely any way.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why do people continue to drink & drive? They sadly will continue to do so thinking that they won’t be a statistic nor will their friends or whomever is in the vehicle with the individual that is drunk driving. My thoughts & prayers go out to this girl as well as her family & friends. May they find strength in God to help them through this tragedy. <3 RIP Jordan

  19. Valerie says:

    My girls went to school with Jordan and her sister Alex and I just can’t believe she has passed away. I am heartbroken for her and the family. They are such a beautiful and close family. This is absolutely devastating. Please send them prayers as I will. God bless the Rineer family.

  20. Heartbroken for Jordan's Family says:

    This is horrible horrible news. Tyler will live the rest of his life knowing he killed someone because of his rotten choices. I pray that he smartens up now that he has destroyed this family’s life in an instant.
    So senseless

  21. Amazed says:

    Dutton, sounds like a true “pillar of the community” with multiple arrests in Flagler County alone.

  22. CM says:

    Drinking and driving is NEVER ok, it puts everyone else on the road at risk including your passenger(s). Many prayers to the girls family. Such a preventable and sad loss.

  23. Bill harvey says:

    Great job dutton, your stupidity caused the loss of life and the family to live in hell from their loss for the rest of their lives, I know , am still living in hell from the loss of my brother in a dwi

  24. Shay and Ike says:

    We are terribly saddened by this news. Jordan was a very special girl with a bright future. She was loved and cherished by her boyfriend and many friends. This is a very sad day for the Shamrock family and all the lives that she has touched. Girl you had a smile that brightened the room and now you’re smiling in heaven. Fly high beautiful angel.

  25. Anonymous says:

    didn’t they just bury another friend that rolled his suv because of drinking and driving….

    throw this dumb asshole in jail

  26. Eye opener says:

    This is very sad!! This beautiful young lady lost her life to someone’s stupid actions. But, like others have said, this is not his first time. Sadly, the accident he was in months ago as a passenger didn’t teach him anything. Probably because he just got finished suing the driver from that accident. I wonder if he will take some of that money and pay for this poor families baby girl to be buried? He should!!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with the Rineer Family. God bless you all.

  27. J R says:

    I agree with you Bill. Thanks for posting. My heart aches for Toni and Rick Rineer. I am also very sorry for your loss.

  28. Anonymous says:

    tyler bought that truck with lawsuit money from his wreck as a passenger last year.


  29. anthony says:

    praying for this tragic accident of wicked alcohol that destroys marriages
    and lives. jesus christ is the only answer. john14-6

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