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Hobby Lobby, Brass Tap Beer Bar, Moe’s Grill and 500 Jobs: Island Walk Is 84% Full

| July 23, 2015

island walk branch properties palm coast

Coming along. (Branch Properties)

The developers of Island Walk, the once and future shopping center previously known as Palm Harbor in the heart of Palm Coast, have secured long-term leases with enough retailers to fill 84 percent of its space when it begins opening in phases in 2016.

When the center is operating at near capacity, it will employ some 500 people, the project developer said Thursday. It is currently employing 100 for the construction phase. Those jobs will give way to retail jobs.

The tenants are a mixture of previous retailers during the Palm Harbor days and new retailers that Atlanta-based properties has negotiated leases with. The new shops will include Petco, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, Leslie’s Pool Supply, Great Clips and Chase Bank. New casual dining venues will include Moe’s Southwest Grill, The Brass Tap Craft Beer Bar, which specializes in the booming fad for craft beers, Jacksonville’s Metro Diner, which has expanded to six locations so far in Florida, Anthony’s Brick Oven Pizza, and of course that old standard without which Palm Coast has not been the same: Thai by Thai, one of the best Thai restaurants this side of Chiang Mai.

Thai by Thai is among the nearly dozen shops that will be returning to Island Walk after their exile from Palm Harbor during construction. It’s not a large number of returning shops, but then Palm Harbor had been hemorrhaging businesses for years, when it was under the management of Oakbrook, Ill.-based Inland Real Estate Group, a five-year ownership that left many shop owners dissatisfied with the direction of the place. It had showed. At one point the year before renovations began., there were more empty storefronts than active ones there.

Some of Palm Harbor’s old tenants opted to move permanently to other locations. Those that will continue operations without the forest of red arrows and fences include Starbucks, The UPS Store, Eyeglass Express, Coast Dental and Orthodontics, Aimee’s Hallmark Shop, Wild Rice China Express, Palm Nails and Salsa’s, the indispensable Mexican restaurant at the edge of the center that will actually be relocating to an adjoining and larger 4,700-square-foot space with a larger patio later this year.

The old Publix, the first grocery store in Palm Coast, never closed, and will be moving to its larger, 54,000 square foot venue (a fifth larger than its adjacent current one), in a seamless transition in November. Publix will account for a quarter of the 204,000 square-foot Island Walk.

“Island Walk’s high-traffic location along a popular corridor along with the strength of the surrounding
demographics made it a no-brainer for many tenants to not only join the center but also remain through the redevelopment,” Nick Telesca, president of Branch Properties, said in a statement issued Thursday. (Branch and Florida-based Michael Collard Properties acquired the center in May 2014 for $12.4 million. The property yielded $128,000 in property taxes in 2014.)

The center’s 84 percent occupancy before opening most of its storefronts is a substantial achievement that points to retail’s confidence in the city. “Based on our most recent market studies, the average occupancy at retail centers in the trade area is 90%. With Island Walk still under construction, we feel good about 84% especially given the leasing activity underway,” Telesca said in response to written questions today.

But don’t look for Trader Joe’s any time soon–or ever–at Island Walk: Publix considers it a direct competitor. Telesca was asked what other potential retailers might be coming–and was specifically asked whether a bookstore will be lured there. “We do not discuss tenants or potential uses until leases are signed,” he said. “We are in active negotiations with several national, regional and local tenants.”

The stores will be opening in phases, so there isn’t specific a target date of completion.

“Our job is not done. We are still seeking retailers and restaurants to round out the current tenant line-up at Island Walk,” Nancy Sumner, a leasing advisor with the Shopping Center Group, said. The group is the leasing agent for Island Walk. “The fundamentals that made this center a success many decades ago still exist today. Island Walk’s longevity is proven by the overwhelming response from potential and existing tenants to our leasing strategy and the opportunity that exists to revitalize this area.”

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70 Responses for “Hobby Lobby, Brass Tap Beer Bar, Moe’s Grill and 500 Jobs: Island Walk Is 84% Full”

  1. tulip says:

    Kind of disappointed. Not much variety and no department type of store.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought I heard a Jersey Mike’s was maybe going there. I hope so I was really waiting for that. The closest one now is in Ormond Beach.

  3. blondee says:

    Sheesh! Can’t please anyone!

  4. T says:

    the beer place sounds awesome… can’t wait.

  5. Nancy N says:

    Disappointed that a Hobby Lobby will be taking up so much space. Would love to have seen something else that I will actually shop at in that space.

  6. Sadie Stevens says:

    Moe’s – Yea!

  7. groot says:

    Thai by Thai! I knew he would be back! Otherwise, eh?

  8. Ron R. says:

    Didn’t I hear that Bed Bath and Beyond would be going in there, too? Has that changed?

  9. NortonSmitty says:

    Hobby Lobby? Great! Now when I’m in Palm Coast and really need to take a good shit without buying anything I know where to go. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  10. Derrick R. says:

    What no Costco ?

  11. TrixieT. says:

    So thrilled about Hobby Lobby!!!
    So tired of complaints about Palm Coast.
    Why do people stay somewhere they hate.
    Housing prices are up.
    Sale your house and move where you will be happy!

    • Geezer says:

      I DID! (we did)

      But I miss the road-ragers and the #3 decals on those same tailgating cars and pick’em-up trucks.
      Also sorely missed are the sour older men with guns in their fanny packs, and sleeveless tees
      showing once-muscled arms and pecs not needing “manzierres.”
      But the real heartbreak in me, lies within the loss of the much-loved traffic cameras.
      How will I go on.
      ——–:>( a veritable trail of tears – boo-hoo….sob———-

      Like Dora the Explorer says: “we did it, we did it!”

  12. DwFerg says:

    the former center was a dying ,decaying embarrasment for Palm Coast. The new Island Walk or whatever its name will be(legal issue on name), makes a MAJOR improvement to the local retail sector. Be happy people, Palm Coast is still a baby type, evolving city, with distinct demographics (thank God its becoming youinger with people raising families).. If you want a Trader Joe’s, a Costco, or an upscale , national restaurant chain(Ruth’s Chris e.g.), wait awhile , like when Palm Coast is about Twice its current population. The Northeast section of Palm Coast is now regaining its Vitality, with this project, the Widening of PCPkwy, the Matanzas Interchange, OLd Kings Road & Palm Harbor Pkwy extensionsand Holland Park renovations. Be Happy, Palm Coast is urban renewing and the old ITT legacy is fading Off into the Sunset !

  13. groot says:

    What no Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Brooks Brothers (not an outlet), Ted’s or a quality seafood market? Oh, this is Palm Coast. Have to drive to Jax for that stuff. What we have are 500 $8 an hour jobs. This will provide rent money for all the rental homes in the area.

  14. PCer says:

    I’d like to see a Pier 1 Imports – that place makes me happy.

  15. Scott says:

    It seems to me that these type stores are already here in Palm Coast. Not to mention available unoccupied retail space in a few different shopping centers that could of been rented. Why would I go to Hobby Lobby when there is a Michaels already here on 100? These stores are going to be out of businesse within a year. Then what are we going to have another vacant strip mall .

    • What a waste says:

      yeah it was a ghost town strip mall for so many years. the homeless took camp their and now it will provide renters with income. why is palm coast the place to be??????????

  16. lea says:

    Hobby Lobby pays way above minimum wage- I think starting is $13 an hour- also people will LOVE Metro Diner- its a Diners Drive In and Dives spot

  17. Bill says:

    Amazing how many negative comments??? If you don’t like a particular store don’t GO if you want another why not open it yourself??

  18. tulip says:

    The article says there won’t be a Trader Joe’s because Publix considers it a competition? Since when does Publix decide who moves into a shopping center?

    It doesn’t matter whether Trader Joes goes in there or not, it’s the principal of the the thing. I just wish we had more clothing, furniture, discount dept stores like Marshalls, etc .PC has lots of pizza, eating places, bars and mattresses. I guess it’s eat, drink, and sleep.

    • Jerome says:

      Actually TULIP, when companies sign contracts to lease space in a shopping center, they have the capability of making sure there is wording that states not certain competitors are allowed to lease. It’s kind of common sense.

  19. Joy says:

    Truly, so much negativity. This is a great improvement; Marshalls and TJ Max are in the Target shopping center. Personally, I would love an Old Navy.

  20. Lewis Roberts says:

    Almost all tenants sign a lease for an exclusive deal. I am sure Thai by Thai has a lease provision that says no other Thai restaurants can be in the plaza. The same as a UPS store likely has an exclusive on shipping stores. And so on and so on. So you can bet for certain that a major player like Publix has an exclusive on “groceries”.

    Publix wouldn’t go into a plaza that would allow another grocery store. And a major lessor would be foolish not to give Publix what it wants to get a major anchor tenant.

  21. David S says:

    Would everyone calm down,this is still a small city if you can’t find it here there are plenty of towns that you can go to find them pt orange,daytona,orlando area etc………

  22. Commom Sense says:

    Can’t wait for Thai by Thai. Great food, nice people.

  23. Budd Wiser says:

    By all means get those beer joints in there. County needs more DUI arrest so they can make more revenue …and the police…and the courts….and the lawyers !!! I think they need about 4 beer joints and a whiskey bar…Mo money, Mo money, Mo money !!

  24. Knightwatch says:

    Yayyy – Metro Diner, Thai by Thai (again), and a beer joint. Gotta love this city.

  25. Gladfly says:

    Yepper….more minimum wage jobs.

  26. TBG says:

    Brick oven pizza is adult pizza, and even better when it’s made in a coal fired oven. We’ve been to the one in Clearwater. Great!

  27. Nancy N says:

    Ok folks, can we get this straight? There is NOT a Marshall’s in Palm Coast. The Target shopping center contains a Ross and a TJ Maxx. No Marshall’s. The closest one is St. Augustine or Daytona.

  28. Dave says:

    Would have been nice to see a Dicks Sporting Goods, Bed Bath Beyond, or even a The Cheesecake Factory

    • Geezer says:

      Well Dave, as a consolation for not having a Dick’s Sporting Goods: just
      close your eyes and remember that there’s a lot of people in PC “sporting”
      that very name or alias. (wanted or not)

      Gotta go, my dentures are bothering me again.

  29. My thoughts says:

    What happened to the covered walkway between the stores? No need to shop here. I’d rather go more upscale and out of town for some serious shopping that trudge between stores without any shade. At least the quality of those stores is worth my while. Hopefully they will put up some awnings.

    @DWFerg – the center was strangled by the owners – got everybody to leave without getting into leasing wars. So it became an eyesore on purpose. Otherwise, the design was a lot more pedestrian friendly than what I’m seeing in the picture. I feel sorry for the older people who live in Arbor Trace. They’re going to find this strip mall is more difficult to navigate than what they had.

    • Ray Thorne says:

      Oh do say lovey…It just pains me to shop here in li’l old Palm Coast. I make a day of it and start out by taking FiFito the groomer..she doesn’t like it so much but at least after, she can sit on my lap while we make the drive to the up scale town to do our upscale shopping where there are awnings to protect us both from this dreadful Florida sun. Honestly, I wonder why I moved here sometimes…and to this town no less…Well I’d like to chat more but I’m driving and FiFi is on my lap…She can be such a distraction sometimes while we’re driving but no worries….what can happen right? lol. Tootaloo.

  30. groot says:

    Due to the closing of the Matanzas Woods Pkwy bridge over 95, hard to get there for us anyway. But, will make the effort for the new Publix and Moe’s. Speaking of that new interchange at 95 and Matanzas Woods Pkwy, the Pkwy will not be widened, the interchange is the same distance from the development area at US 1 and I95 and US 1 is a 4 lane highway. It just does not make sense to have put in that interchange.

  31. m&m says:

    An invester in banking on the future of Palm Coast and that’s all I read is a bunch of whining, compaining and second guessing from people who don’t know squat or care about the future of our city.

  32. Bryan says:

    Wish we could get a Chils here in town

  33. NortonSmitty says:

    I would like to encourage all the readers here to consider supporting locally owned businesses who invest their own money and sweat into their little efforts. And keep you money here in our community instead of supporting any of these Wall Street backed corporation whores who just siphon money out of our town and send it to New York.. And screw the out of town speculating real estate whores who are here to carpetbag us too for not offering some kind of breaks to local business people but instead put a full court press to stock the place with national chains, except for a few small local restaurants

    And that concludes my Sunday morning sermon..

    • Ray Thorne says:

      Yes so lets not support the locals who become employed by these conglomerates. We may not like it as the mom and pop type businesses fade into the sunset due to these bigger businesses, it is what it is and not shopping at these places would hurt locals employed there. There have been arguments that no jobs are here and now there’s argument to not shop where jobs are coming…albeit maybe not the greatest of paying jobs but people who’ve been unemployed will have an opportunity to re-enter the work force. I also strongly encourage supporting local owned business.

  34. Ron G says:

    There is an excellent wood fired pizza/restaurant in Deland called Forno Bello.

  35. Dawn Skeels says:

    We need a Trader Joes!!

  36. Kris says:

    I would love to see a Trader Joe’s, Marshall’s / Home Goods, maybe an ethnic eatery: Indian, Greek or maybe a vegetarian place, a JUICE bar? It’s a good thing for the city to be doing this, in my honest opinion, the location seems a bit of an odd choice but I don’t have a say. 500 jobs is 500 jobs and that’s going to help these of-age kids and old folks looking for part time work. Now, maybe can we start tackling the larger elephant in the room, the fact we don’t have INDUSTRY or large Employers offering a decent wage in the area. Why Palm Coast isn’t offering incentives to companies to bring jobs here just makes me cringe.

  37. Shark says:

    Did Stevie Wonder design this ???????????????

  38. scoff the cuff says:

    A hundred years of Florida boom and bust real estate continues in strip malls, yes, unshaded. With the ebb and flow Palm Harbor becomes Island Walk (what harbor, what island?). Soon, the ‘dollar store’, and food joint with the deep fryer stink they bring to your neighborhood.
    Will it be pedestrian freindly?
    And watch the bloody new road, yea!

  39. Joey says:

    So, why did “Bed, Bath & Beyond” back out?? That was the best thing they could have had in that shopping center, and a lot better than “Tuesday Mornings” store. Why not “Home Goods”, which has higher class of items. And, where is the “island”–what was wrong with the original name.

    Better yet, why can’t we get a COSTCO in Palm Coast?? Sam’s Club is way down in Daytona and is dark and unorganized and not a very pleasing place to shop in!!!

  40. Maria says:

    Can anyone tell me what happened to the Hospice Good Will shop that was in that shopping center??? Will they be one of the reopening shops? This site should give more information about where all the shops that are not coming back have relocated to!!!

  41. M OC says:

    Maria, the Hospice Resale shop is currently located in the Winn Dixie plaza on 100.

  42. Anonymous says:

    We need a Home Goods store and Long Horn

  43. Concerned says:

    When is Hobby Lobby opening, I’m tired of waiting.

  44. Heelda says:

    I can’t wait for Thai by Thai! That was the best restaurant in PC and best Thai food ever!

  45. Gizmo says:

    Why not a :
    Home Goods
    Bed Bath and Beyond
    Sweet Tomatoes
    Costco or SAMs
    Trader Joes

    And why another craft store?????? Is that the best Palm Coast can do???
    And so if there is a Publix, there is no reason why a specialty food store cannot go there, how many Publix do we need??? It’s like another McDonalds.
    And while we’re on the subject of shopping
    I’m tired of going out of the area.
    What happened to Walmart???? I go to Ormond. Much cleaner store and better parking.
    The town center is a disgrace to this ” city” it’s only use is a cut thru to get to one end of the ” city” to another.
    And as far as the Target Plaza—– poor confusing parking, no lighting at night. There are stores that do not have lit signs. You wouldn’t even know they are there.
    Too scary at night.
    Palm Coast has a lot to learn.

    Has anyone been to the Pavillion in Port Orange? I know the responses will be “go there”. I do…. It’s a much nicer shopping and eating experience and a lovely day…

  46. Cathy says:

    I really love the new Island Walk. Love my new Publix. Love the Metro Diner. I am new to Palm Coast. I would enjoy more shopping. I feel like that will come. The most attractive thing about the area is the parks and beaches. It really is beautiful here. I feel it is safe. Love laid back atmosphere of Flagler Beach. Love the little mom & pop restaurants on the beach. Nice movie theater. I believe that Town Center will develop nice shopping like people mention here. St Augustine is close by too. My sister loves to shop here from Orlando as it is too crowded there. Be careful what you wish for folks!

  47. Cathy says:

    If any of you like shopping at SAMs or Costco, you can order online and get delivery. Especially good if you use same items regularly.

  48. mirian says:

    What’s up with no Costco we need one or a dress barn for the ladies,or a Cato store, come on people make this work

  49. Christina says:

    They’really not going to put a Sam’s club in the same plaza as a Publix, although it would be nice to have one a little closer.

    I like to see growth, however I miss Palm Coast being the place that was too far for many to want to move to, but close enough that those of us that did live here, didn’t mind the short 20 minute drive North or South, so long as we had our quiet little hideaway in between St. Auggie and Daytona, to come home to, with minimal traffic and almost non-existent daily crime. Maybe the occasional, escaped monkey in the R section (true story around 2011), bear or FL. Panther sighting. Now, it takes like 20 minutes, just to get to I95 or US 1, with all the traffic! Kinda bums me out even more just writing this. :*(

  50. rick says:

    a longhorn resturant would be awesome here.

  51. rick says:

    and an indoor shooting range

  52. Steve says says:

    What happened to IHOP. Accorfing to the plan, it was in the Lease stage with a projected opening of May-June 2017. Was really looking forward to it.

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