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Black Community Will Protest Against Ceding Carver Gym Either to Bunnell or to Other Clubs

| July 19, 2010

Politicians versus community: Monday evening's community meeting on Carver Gym drew more people than Bunnell City Commissioner Jenny Crain-Brady's invitation-only meeting on the matter on July 8. (© FlaglerLive)

Expect protests. Expect signs. Expect numbers at the next meetings of the Flagler County School Board, the Bunnell City Commission and the County Commission. That’s the word following a community meeting Monday evening that gathered some 32 people at the Bunnell community center, a block away from Carver Gym, to devise a new strategy that would do more than merely keep the embattled gym open.

Those gathered there under the leadership of Rev. Frank Giddens, Bunnell City Commissioner Daisy Henry and Aaron McKinney were alternately frustrated, angry and outraged that the very cause they’d brought to the commission in June—keeping the gym open—had been wrested from them and redirected toward political ends the Carver Gym community had never intended.

Expect to hear this message: the community around South Bunnell’s Carver Gym—the real “stakeholder” in the equation, as community members see themselves—is not interested in letting Bunnell take over the gym from the county, as the Bunnell City Commission decided to do last week. Nor is the Carver Gym community interested in the Boys and Girls Club taking over all programming at the gym, as Bunnell is also pushing for.

Rev. Frank Giddens

Rev. Frank Giddens (© FlaglerLive)

“I am not against the Boys and Girls Club at all. Boys and Girls Club does a good job,” Giddens is no longer worried that Carver Gym will close, as the county commission intended following a meeting in June. “We need to go further than that,” Giddens said. “Carver Gym is being saved. We need the Carver Gym to remain on the Board of County Commission where it’s been for the last 35 years.”

The county commission has been underwriting Carver Gym since the commission acquired the property from the school board in the early 1980s. In June, four of the five commissioners agreed to close it pending any interest to pick up the costs from the school board or the Bunnell City Commission. County commissioners backtracked some after they faced the first outcry from community members.

But the discussion then shifted to matters of control. The school board and Bunnell clearly want the gym to stay open. But they want to give control of it to the Boys and Girls Club, essentially taking it away from the community around the gym, which sees the gym as a playground, a community center and more. Bunnell is also considering moving the Bunnell Police Department there, a move that, when mentioned Monday evening, got unanimously turned down.

The school board isn’t interested either in taking back the gym or contributing money to it. But on Tuesday, it will approve a plan to schedule adult education and GED classes at the gym as one way of contributing to its viability. That plan is formulated in a letter to County Commission Chairman George Hanns. The school board is set to approve the letter Tuesday.

The Carver Gym community can bank on two more feathers. Bob Abbott, the county commissioner who’s now become associated with his explicit declaration to close the gym at a county workshop in June (“get rid of it,” he said at the time), has made a 180. “I’ll tell you this. You can even print this,” Abbott said later Monday evening, after the community meeting, “I am going to vote for it just level funding, just like last year. We’ve done that for four years.” Abbot, who is running for reelection, made the same pledge to Giddens in a discussion last week. Abbot now says his “get rid of it” remark was about the Boys and Girls Club, which, he said, he’s “never liked.” He then specified his plans for Carver Gym: “I will make a motion that we fund it full.”

County Administrator Craig Coffey said that in his administrative budget for next year, which he submitted to the commission on July 15, he included a “placeholder” budget for Carver Gym of 75 percent funding from current year level. It’s now up to the commission either to approve that level of funding or increase or decrease it. The 75 percent wasn’t chosen at random: It’s part of Bunnell’s plan to take over ownership of the gym in 25 percent increments over the next four years.

On July 8, Bunnell City Commissioner Jenny Crain-Brady held a semi-secret meeting, by invitation only, with representatives from the school board, the county commission, the county housing authority and the Boys and Girls Club to devise the strategy she then brought back to her commission.

Sid Nowell, the Bunnell commission’s attorney and a candidate for circuit judge, was at Crain-Brady’s meeting and at the community meeting Monday evening. Later, he said that he’d been the first to speak at the Crain-Brady meeting. This is what he told the people assembled there: “I’m looking around the table and seeing a lot of people that aren’t here that are supposed to be at this table.” To which School Board Member Colleen Conklin, one of Crain-Brady’s invitees, said: “He’s right.”

Nowell aside, None of the people in the community center Monday evening were invited to the Crain-Brady meeting, which was seen not as a well-intentioned attempt to save the gym, but as the latest attempt to override the interests and desires of South Bunnell by way of the Boys and Girls Club.

“When you turn that over to the Boys and Girls Club, you’re going to see their true colors,” McKinney said. “They have a good program and everything, we’re not knocking that, but that gym must stay open for the public. That is a public gym, that is a community gym and we want it to stay open for the community use.”

Daisy Henry. Carver Gym is behind her. (© FlaglerLive)

Henry went further. She would not support the Boys and Girls Club there. And she related the story of meeting a black representative from the club earlier this week. The representative, Henry said, described herself as coming from DeLand. “I said you’re from Spring Hill,” Henry told her, referring to DeLand’s predominantly black neighborhood . “You ought to know what’s going on. Let me tell you all something. From day one, and we need to get real here. From day one, when any white man wanted another black man to come from the plantation, who did he send? A black man to recruit a black man to another plantation, OK? Understand? So he sent her to me, and I’m looking at her and say she can’t read between lines? They use us against one another, and we shake and bake it. It’s time we stand up as a people. That’s my only beef.”

That’s when the protest idea began to gel.

“I’m looking around the room, I’m seeing all these people in this room, right now,” said Sims Jones, a pastor and a member of the Flagler Area Ministerial Association. “Why don’t we form some kind of rally, going to their doorstep? People don’t like it when you come to their doorstep. There’s got to be somewhere we can go where we can hold up signs, we can have a rally about Carver Gym, where we can make it known even more to the public. We’re saying a few things, but where is the body that is opposed to this? We have to show them some action that we can stand on the corner or stand out somewhere and say something to these county commissioners, to these city commissioners, to these officials, that we care, we matter, and if we don’t stand up there, they will never take us seriously. That’s right: if you want my vote, then you’ve got to hear me. But you ain’t going to hear me if I don’t step out and say nothing. And there’s enough people in this room that we can make some noise. They’ll take us more seriously when they start seeing the numbers out there about a certain situation.”

The gathering decided to appoint Chris Borgmann its community organizer. Borgmann, whose wife volunteers at Carver Gym and whose children play there, was among the half dozen people who spoke to the county commission last month, redirecting the momentum against closing the gym.

“We made our first argument that night we stood before the county commission,” Borgmann said. “We said that we did not want the gym closed, and obviously they heard that because now it seems they don’t want to close it but they’re trying to find other ways of passing the buck, maybe pass it to the Boys and Girls Club. Our next step, our next position, ought to be to go before the city and the county and let them know that the Boys and Girls Club is not an option. Everyone is making decisions on this issue except the citizens. Politicians are trying to decide what the fate of the Carver Gym should be without listening to the citizens. It seems like politicians need to listen to the citizens that put them in office. Instead of meeting with each other, they need to hear what the people want to do with that gym.”

To which James Crockett of Espanola added:  “I’m all about protesting, I’m all about signs. But let’s not just talk the talk. Let’s walk the walk.”

A few of the community members who attended the Carver Gym meeting at the Bunnell Community Center Monday evening. The gym is the big structure beyond the field. The first man on the left is James Crockett, who warned the assembly to walk the walk.
(© FlaglerLive)

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27 Responses for “Black Community Will Protest Against Ceding Carver Gym Either to Bunnell or to Other Clubs”

  1. HOPE says:

    This is so sad! The misunderstandings and misplaced anger and frustration is overwhelmingly sad. We don’t have plantations anymore, when can we allow for forgiveness; hear those who are sorry about the history that occured (even if they weren’t born in that era or participated in those sentiments) and move on to make things better for all; when is it ok to forgive, learn from the pain and heartache and move on without so much suspicion and mistrust. Why push me away because I’m white? Why not believe that I truly want to see the healing that needs to so desperately happen in your community. The pain that you hold onto does no one any good. It doesn’t help the young people in the community. Why is it that Jenny is viewed with such distrust. I really believe she wants what she believes is the best for the community. Why attack her and others who truly want to help? I don’t believe there is anything evil in what she is trying to do. People need to put their ego in check and look out for what is best for kids. The Boys and Girls Club has tried so hard to do the right thing for kids, they have been kicked and disrespected in numerous ways. I’m certain now that they will leave and not return. After school programming is what they do, to just worry about protecting someones local job, accepting only an open basketball court for kids is just wrong. The kids around Carver deserve so much more than that. They are capable of so much more. The club offers them state and national opportunities and programming that no one else can. Shame on the community and those leaders who can’t see the forest for the trees. You all need to put the needs of kids first. They need structured, safe and secure programming that lifts them up, not keep them down. Can’t we all l just get along – seriously!

    Sad – just so sad!!

  2. So-Sad-Just so sad!! says:

    If the objective is about what happens to you, wouldn’t you want to be involved with the decision making? And why does structure mean take over by white appointed entities. Should the people for whom all of this is about have a say? Inclusion is what the is is about now. Not just saving the gym. Lack of understanding! That’s what is sad!

  3. Chris Borgmann says:

    The problem that exists now is that decisions are being made by politicians without any interest in what the citizens of that community want. To say that “to just worry about protecting someones local job, accepting only an open basketball court for kids is just wrong” alludes to a lack of knowledge of what exists at the Carver Gym. While the Boys & Girls Club might do great things nationally, the management and employees of the Boys & Girls Club at the Carver Gym (both past & present) are responsible for the negative feelings that exist between the community and their organization. How do you expect parents to entrust an organization with mentoring their children when that organization employs people with criminal backgrounds (present and past) to deal with the children? And then there is the issue with donations from outside corporations being given to the Boys & Girls Club to distribute to needy families in the Bunnell area. Before these families recieve the donations, the supervisors of the Boys & Girls Club take the best of what is donated for their own children and give what is left over to those needy families. And this information is first hand from a supervisor who used to work at the Boys & Girls Club at the Carver Gym. Finally, the issue that you spoke of regarding protecting someone’s local job and accepting only an open basketball court for kids? This is too funny. The two employees that currently work at the Carver Gym do more for the children of that community than what the entire Boys & Girls Club has ever done. And to make their accomplishments even more remarkable, they do it with basically no funding or support from the county or city. They provide numerous organized athletic activities on a daily and seasonal basis. They are products of the community and are well respected by the citizens. They personally mentor the children in all walks of life. They take children on field trips such as water parks, roller skating, movies, and dances. The bottom line is that these employees of the Carver Gym are respected by their community for their works at the Gym. The only thing the Boys & Girls Club do for those kids is open their doors and turn on their computers for kids to use on their own if they so choose. When the Club needs to pad their numbers they offer the kids ice cream and popcorn but make them sign in so that they can use this sign in roster as an allusion that they are serving more kids than they actually are. I volunteer at the gym many times a week and I can personally tell you that there is never more kids at the Boys & Girls Club than downstairs at the Gym. Not even close!!! And if the Boys & Girls Club chooses to leave because they are not allowed to take over the Gym as they have tried so many times in the past, then so be it. The Carver Gym was providing recreational and educational activities to the kids of the Bunnell community long before the Boys & Girls Club ever moved into the Gym and they will continue to do so long after the Boys & Girls Club is gone.

  4. elaygee says:

    If they can’t come up with a way to amintain it and pay for it, they should sell it to someone who can.

  5. kmedley says:

    My question is why do the community members want the Carver Gym to remain with the Board of County Commissioners? Something doesn’t add up. If the goal is to make sure the gym remains open, and from what is outlined in the article, if the Board feels continued funding is a losing proposition for the county, then why does it matter if the funding to keep the gym open comes from the City of Bunnell, the Boys and Girls Club or a combination thereof?

    Was the gym receiving special compensation from the county?

    I do not believe it serves to further any argument to throw out the race card; although this tactic probably caused pressure to be brought upon Abbott and others. I do not know the history of the Carver Gym; but I gather it’s an important part of the African American community. That being said, if this were a failing gym in the middle of Palm Coast and if the city and/or the Boys and Girls Club offered to take over the administration, would there be a peep in the paper? Would we read about a Palm Coast City Commissioner telling the story of plantation procedures?

    If the Carver Gym Community is absolute that they neither want the gym to close and they don’t want willing participants, the City of Bunnell and the Boys and Gilrs Club, to assist with that goal, then perhaps instead of protesting, they should form there own management team and take the steps to secure funding and take the lead in the adminstrative duties for the gym. The County wnated a 75/25 split with Bunnell. Form your own group and see if the county will offer the same option.

  6. Average Joe says:

    In regards to:

    ”My question is why do the community members want the Carver Gym to remain with the Board of County Commissioners? Something doesn’t add up. If the goal is to make sure the gym remains open, and from what is outlined in the article, if the Board feels continued funding is a losing proposition for the county, then why does it matter if the funding to keep the gym open comes from the City of Bunnell, the Boys and Girls Club or a combination thereof?’

    There is a past history of bad blood between the Boys & Girls Club as a result of mismanagement of donations and poor employee relationships with the children they “claim” to mentor (Probably due to the criminal backgrounds of the employees hired by the Boys & Girls Club). Maybe studying the history on the issues that we choose to provide feedback on might enhance the quality of our opinions.

    In regards to:

    ” Would we read about a Palm Coast City Commissioner telling the story of plantation procedures?”

    Are we really that shallow to think that racism doesn’t exist in Flagler County? Is it really that far fetched to think that the Flagler County Commissioners aren’t concerned with the Carver Gym community? Well then how can you explain the claim that the County Commissioners can’t fund the inflated $110,000 annual cost that they claim it costs to keep the Carver Gym open, but then a week later they approve to give Marineland $150,000 to build a marina? Yeah, a marina in Flagler County is much more important than providing a recreational center for inner city youths to help keep them off the streets. Let’s get serious.Not only should the County Commission continue to fund the Carver Gym as they have in years past, they should be scrambling to find ways to make rennovations to the badly neglected conditions that exist at the Carver Gym.

  7. kmedley says:

    With regards to the past history of the Boys Gilrs Club, the same poor hiring practices and lack of background check occurs on a regular basis in the public school system and daycare centers throughout this country. Their organization has been around for years and the incidents you speak of are few and far between.

    With regards to racism in Flagler County, yes it exists, but that’s not a good enough reason to throw out the race card everytime a decision doesn’t favor a particular view point. You are probably correct with your assertion the Board of County Commissioners are not concerned with the gym. But it’s not because the gym offers support for inner city kids. It’s because it’s a money pit. I also suspect this is a part of the objection to the Boys & Girls Club. If taken over by this group, membership dues would be collected. They would run it like a business. It’s not about keeping it a public gym. It’s about the inner city kids and parents not having to pay for a place to keep the kids off of the street.

    The money for the marina came from the tourism fund and a marina makes money. If the gym is in need of repairs, organize a community version of Extreme Makeover and have those inner city kids break a sweat by helping to fix their gym.

  8. Average Joe says:

    Like i said, what is more important to Flagler County? A boat marina or a Gym that is going to provide poverty stricken kids another option instead of getting caught up in the streets? Let’s get serious. I guess the Flagler Counyt Youth Center (that the county donates $110,000 a year towards) generates a profit? Or the soccer league at Wadsworth Park (that the county funds)? Or the little league baseball teams at the recreation complex? I guess all of these groups generate income? NOT!!! Look at the gender of the majority of the children that participate in the activities that the Flagler County Commission funds and maybe it will be more clearer to you why some people feel that there are racial motives behind their decisions. And to be honest with you, who gives a damn about a boat marina. Most Americans would be more concerned with helping kids in the inner city turn their lives around than funding a damn boat marina. And the fact that the incidents regarding criminal backgrounds are few and far between according to your claim does not excuse the fact that it is currently going on in Bunnell. There is an employee interacting with children who has a criminal background and the Boys & Girls Club doesn’t have a problem with that. Who cares what occurs everywhere else, we care about our kids here.

  9. ??? says:

    Since when has the southern end of Bunnell become “South Bunnell.” Is it a separate entity, such as South Daytona?

  10. Wayne Williams says:

    Shame on the community for bashing a Boys and Girls Club. One of the few entities thats main purpose is to give our youth a safe place to go. As a person that has in the past dedicated over 10 years to the BGCA, I can recognize just by reading this article a community that isn’t engaged in depth and wealth of programs that the club offers kids, because the focus of the article is about the building, and not a proven life changing program.

    I know, if you really were engaged in what a developed club could offer your community, you would be more worried about how the club was going to function, not wanting to lose it as well as a suitable location.
    It is amazing that Boys and Girls Clubs have and will continue to serve the youth just like yours in communities all over the United States at a low cost. This is done in tandem with community and local government support; as well as the youth directors and professionals that work hard to provide a service to not just your community but to your future community. After-school programs and low cost summer programs, are a service that we all need. And this author, who is unknown, focuses on the fringe of this matter. But the focus of this article is lost and at best clouded by anger, it does not talk about any solutions for where is the money going to come from to operate the center. (the true issue at hand)

    But as for the my experience, our kids need more than a hang out, they need a proven program that will guide them to college or the career of there choice. They need a program that tries to teach, respect and responsibility. And the hardest lesson of all, that to get there (college or career) takes planning and hard work.

    And most of all, the community needs to understand that the club directors give so much of themselves, in time and personal money. If you don’t know that, then you haven’t visited a club and see that budgets are tight, and you have to be creative and do lots with little or nothing. Its human nature to also give, when seeing a kid in need, you just respond-as a past director i have done it, and you would too. I have been in their shoes, and respect their efforts. By the way did, the author mention that the focus of the Boys and Girls Club is education, and character education. No… they didn’t, which is important.

    Also I know for a fact that before you can work at a Boys and Girls Club, you have to pass a background screening, and it has to be on file, so lets put the criminal thing to rest. Preparing our youth, educationally and socially, to face what’s out there in society, is one hell of a hard task. Its a task, that requires, parents, youth, school, church and a whole community to work together. So be careful of articles that move the focus away from the main issue. You must rethink as a community on what needs to be your singular focus- fostering the growth of productive and positive youth in your community.

  11. frank says:

    if this is the way they want to act about it…….bulldoze that gym and build a Popeyes chiken

  12. Average Joe says:

    “Also I know for a fact that before you can work at a Boys and Girls Club, you have to pass a background screening, and it has to be on file, so lets put the criminal thing to rest.”

    The current employee at the Boys & Girls Club does have a criminal background!!! So much for your credibility on that issue.

    “And most of all, the community needs to understand that the club directors give so much of themselves, in time and personal money.”

    Does that account for their taking of donations intended for underpriveleged families for their own kids? I’m just wondering because I have visited the past director’s home of the Bunell Boys & Girls Club and I have personally witnessed the property that she took for her son that was intended for other less fortunate children (i.e.: X-Box 360, Playstation 3, two Nintendo WII’s, multiple athletic jerseys, and other valubale material properties).

    Once again, the two county employees who work at the Carver Gym do more for the children of Bunnell than any Boys & Girls Club have ever done. They provide more educational and athletic programs than the Boys & Girls Club have ever done. The mission statement of the Boys & Girls Club looks good on paper but its practice, in reality, is a joke as seen by the works of past and current employees and directors of the Boys & Girls Club in Bunnell. The citizens don’t want them!!! Is it not obvious that the citizens are supportive of the two county employees that are currently employed at the Carver Gym. Who has the right to tell parents who they should allow to mentor their children? In any case the citizens in Bunnell have made their choice and it is the two current employees of the county that are employed at the Carver Gym.

  13. Wayne Williams says:

    Average Joe

    I am a man of honor, and iI believe that if you have witnessed this, then do the right thing and call their main office and say what your saying here in this fourm.
    And I stand with the proven results of the Boys and Girls Club, i just know from my time with the club. It works…

  14. Average Joe says:

    I believe that it probably does work in many other communities but the problems that have occurred in Bunnell have created a negative relationship between the citizens and the Boys & Girls Club. The citizens are pleased with the work of the county employess that currently work at the Gym and they just don’t want any part of the Boys & Girls Club. I am sure that in other communities, especially where the Boys & Girls Club are managed accordingly the relationship between the citizens and the Club are great, but that has not been the case in Bunnell and the relationship is broken. The citizens just want the current system at the Gym to continue. Like the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  15. Lisa Britt says:

    Wow! My sister who heads the Boys and Girls Club in Bunnell has busted her ass to help the kids down there in Florida. All she does is throw herself into her job and care for those kids. She will do this anywere she goes and for any kid that is wanting help. She doesn’t care the race, poverty level of the kid. She sees the kid and their need for positive and enriching activities to give them a chance. No, she won’t let them sit there and play this video game or that video game. They are going to do their homework, have educational components and have fun too. She is for all kids and wants nothing but for all of them to succeed.
    Keeping the Boys and Girls Club out while Shantelleis in charge is the stupidest thing ever. She’s not going to take that gym from the Black or the poor. She is Black and she is poor. She knows what it’s like and she wants to help. Why are you keeping someone amazing from helping your community?
    I would rather my kids do educational activities as well as have fun rather than play basketball all day.

  16. kmedley says:

    frank says:
    July 22, 2010 at 9:53 am
    if this is the way they want to act about it…….bulldoze that gym and build a Popeyes chiken

    I applaud this suggestion. It accomplishes many goals, a new building, a gathering place for the inner city kids, it provides food (for a price) and a J O B which wil further the advancement opportunities and the give back to the community perspective for many of the kids that would be employed by Popeyes.

  17. Pierre Tristam says:

    Odd how kmedley’s reasoning sounds identical to the reasoning behind building jails. The jobs angle and giving inner city kids a place to gather, under armed supervision, especially (though the proposal to put the Bunnell Police Department at Carver Gym comes close to that, too). Somehow I don’t think the end result is either desirable or morally defensible, given what’s being plowed under.

  18. Eric says:

    I have visited the Carver Center and the Boys and Girls Club numerous times and I have seen the Carver workers eating ice cream and drinking drinks that came from the Boys and Girls Club. I have witnessed only one Carver worker taking kids on field trips and interacting with the kids doing different activities while the another worker is either sitting in the office with his door closed or sitting outside talking. Never have I witnessed him inter acting with the children in the gym. Since everyone is on the subject of criminal history’s, Its from my understanding that one of the complainers wife applied for a position with the Boys and Girls Club and she also has a criminal background. So what point is everyone making? No one is perfect. As long as you’re not a murder, child molester, or did a serious crime and is not a danger to the children and are doing their job then so be it. I have witnessed kids are the Carver Center hugging and interacting with employees of the Boys and Girls Club more than I have with the employees of the Carver Center. Word from the wise, before you start airing other people dirty laundry, check your own.

  19. teto says:

    you wont bet nothing goooooooooooooooooo boys and girls club screw carver

  20. Chris Borgmann says:

    This is hilarious. It’s been over 3 days since I’ve even visited this website and I am receiving texts on my phone about this issue at 9:30 PM. After reading all of these posts, I can see why. This is a shame how all of these “so called adults” are attacking each other’s character. The point in this whole issue is that the people in Bunnell “want the Carver Gym to remain as is” and do not want the Boys & Girls Club to take over. It’s that simple. I personally refuse to engage in these immature tactics and wish all of you children the very best!!!

  21. Facts are Facts says:

    Chris, your response to all of this is what is actually hilarious. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones. In your case be carerful of even the dust pebble you kick up walking around. While your intentions may be honorable your words that come out of the side of your neck are visable and we can hear them too..

    “Before these families recieve the donations, the supervisors of the Boys & Girls Club take the best of what is donated for their own children and give what is left over to those needy families. And this information is first hand from a supervisor who used to work at the Boys & Girls Club at the Carver Gym.”

    The information that you received first hand seems a little fishy. How do you know so much negative stuff about these former and current employees of the Boys and Girls Club? It seems that you and average joe were very near and dear to them. You, the fine and correct upstanding citizen that lives in a very large house with a pool. Who’s wife is the one with the record and can’t work there. Who donates all their free time and music to the community, never ever benefitted from the ‘free and generous’ programs sponsored by little old Boys and Girls Club of America that is suppose to only cater to the poor community of Bunell? My, My, My this is very interesting indeed. Since I have this “first hand information” Oh I mean, seen you and your family there and having a wonderful time with these horrible, terrible, sinister former and current supervisors. I say this because the people who currently run the community center are so wonderful and keep all the community children engaged in numerous activities and educational programs.

    I hope that the current employees that work there watch their back or they may feel a little ‘stab’ of envy working with you and your fine upstanding citizen wife!.

    Everyone who knows Chris please text him and let him know the FACTS have spoken!

  22. Chris Borgmann says:

    LOL, Should I be offended now or later. Grow up. LOL

  23. Facts are Facts says:

    LOL, if it pleases you.
    Facts will be watching you at every turn.

  24. Scholar Me Bad says:

    What saddens me more than anything is that the blacks are fighting against each other.
    I for one can totatally understand why other ethnics don’t take you all serious when you all step front the comissioners.
    If you all are turning on each other like this, then who in hell can trust you all with $110,000 budget
    We use to have saying in the black community togather we stand and devided we fall, and as of right now all of you idiots are rolling down the side the hill like bowling pens.

    Also putting all your dirty laundry in street the way you all have done on this blog will only show the rest of Flagler county and perhaps the world that not one of you people are fit to run this building, and What I find to more humorious is that you all played race card( something we as black citizens need to stop using everytime something don’t go our way) and yet you have white man and his black wife leading you all to the promise land. “ARE YOU SERIOUS”
    Now that is something to laugh out loud about as he keeps blogging.
    I may not be a Scholar like some you, but my common sense tells me most of you are even more small minded than the world has preceived you all as being.
    Clean out your house before you try clean someone elses, and the black lady in the picture with white man arm around her just has to be Chris the great white leader and wife.
    I see she got smart and found her someone outside of you geniuses, and I can bet she don’t live in Bunnell either.
    Do you all not have any so called educated Black Leaders in Bunnell that can lead you all into something other than a racial war.
    I think you all should put up a help wanted sign and it should read.
    Wanted good BLACK HOUSEKEEPER to clean up the pile crap that is sitting in the center of Bunnell.

    People this is called Dollars and Sense, and as the old saying goes if don’t have DOLLARS in your Pockets,
    You can’t make MUCH SENSE.
    in this case I find this to be a true statement. not one of yo have pulled a dollar out of you own pocket to help this cause, yet raise voices in anger to white people fix your problem community.
    not one of you have come up with an alternative other than let rally.
    smart folks put their money where their mouth are and become contributor to the cause, so I ask each of you who has blogged about this how much money do you have to contribute to your beloved childrens future.
    you see money talk and bUll$h!T runs marathons.
    Get your dollars up so you all can make a whole lot of sense when you step in front the your city leaders.
    bring something to the table that can and will gain respect in the community.
    stop looking for hand out and crying poor all the time.
    if you are a home in this city you have clout.
    Renter pay no taxes so their words are just that words.
    This has been fun I hope we can all learn something from this most entertaining Blog. LOL

  25. peace says:

    The hole bunch of ya should be ashamed of your selves !!!! There is too much hate in this world and it is because of you hatefull humans and i do not think you should be classified as humans. pigs get alone together and the do not care if they are pink–brown–white–black– you can put them together and they all get along!!!!! so that is sad pigs are smarter that you sorry humans .

  26. Anonymous says:

    we are the peoples of Bunnell and not south bunnell can we all just get along stop fighting and somethings to help boys and girls we need both the worker to the gym,and boys and girls club the more help that we can give our children is better for them i know about the boys and girls club the basketball players back them they do a good job with the kids the worker do to so let the county be the overseer let the peoples keep doing what they do best baby set our kids can,t we get along please keep the gym open you,ll close carver high school with a smile. snc

  27. Justin Birchman says:

    They need to bulldoze the Carver Gym to the ground…

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