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“I’m So F— Sorry”: In 911 Call of AK-47 Shooting, Regret and Worries of Going to Jail

| February 4, 2015

The AK-47 in the Parkview Drive shooting. (FCSO)

The AK-47 in the Parkview Drive shooting. (FCSO)

Brandon Williamson, the 18-year-old who told police he shot his friend, Shane Huber, accidentally Tuesday afternoon, is heard repeatedly telling the 911 dispatcher “I’m sorry” as Huber sat, sometimes stood, or laid near him during an 8-minute connection with the dispatcher, before deputies and paramedics arrived at the Parkview Drive address in Palm Coast.

Williamson shot his 18-year-old friend with an AK-47, the world’s most ubiquitous assault rifle, as the two were examining the rifle around 4 p.m. inside the house at 364 Parkview, immediately across from Wadsworth Elementary school, where classes had dismissed but the school was still busy with afterschool programs. Huber was flown to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach, conscious and alert, according to Flagler County’s fire chief.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s office is investigating. It released the 911 call, with some redactions, on Wednesday.

“Oh my God, Oh my God,” Williamson, a student at Flagler Palm Coast High School, is heard saying at the beginning of the call, apparently placed within instants of the shooting.

We were holding the gun [unintelligible] and it fucking went off,” Williamson says.

The two 18 year olds were alone in the house. Prompted by the dispatcher, Williamson asks Huber for the address, which Huber provides, though the address turned out to have caused brief confusion for authorities, as two slightly different house numbers were provided.

For eight minutes, the dispatcher calmly and patiently talks to Williamson, who is shaken and repeatedly tells the dispatcher and Huber how sorry he is, lacing his language with the sort of routine expletives younger people tend to use. Periodically, Huber is heard speaking, answering Williamson’s questions, but also becoming slurred and, at one point according to Williamson, going pale.

The bullet went “through and through,” Williamson told the dispatcher, in the area of the collarbone. As he spoke with the dispatcher, Williamson unloaded the gun immediately after the dispatcher advised him to leave the gun alone.

“Stay with me Shane. Fucking keep your eyes open,” Williamson tells his friend. “I’m fucking sorry man. I’m not. I wasn’t trying to do that. It was a fucking accident.”

Three times during the call Williamson asks the dispatcher if he’s in trouble or if he’s going to jail. “Can I ask you something?,” Williamson asks the dispatcher toward the end of the call, returning to the subject for the third time. “Am I going to jail?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” the dispatcher tells him. “I can’t answer that. I’m the police dispatcher, I’m not a police officer, OK?” She advises him to tell the police everything eh had told her. Soon afterward, deputies arrived, followed by paramedics.

In February 2012, Palm Coast resident William Merrill–a convicted felon who owned guns illegally–accidentally shot his wife, Stefanie Merrill, with an AK-47 in the couple’s Covington Lane home. Stefanie died, leaving behind two young children. Merrill is serving a 25-year sentence for manslaughter.

The audio of Williamson’s call to 911 Tuesday is below, the transcript of the call is below the audio.

Audio: Brandon Williamson’s 911 Call from Parkview Drive[media id=388 width=500 height=400]

Dispatcher: Is he breathing?

Williamson: Yeah. He’s breathing.

Dispatcher: OK, tell me what happened.

Williamson: A fucking gun went off.

Dispatcher: OK, and where is he shot at?

Williamson: Upper abdomen. It’s—move your hand, let me see where it is. It’s—collarbone, collarbone.

Dispatcher: It’s his collarbone?

Williamson: Yes, fucking through and through.

Dispatcher: OK, the bullet came out?

Williamson: Yeah. [Unintelligible.]

Dispatcher: Yes, yes, listen, while I’m getting the information somebody else is dispatching it, OK?

Williamson: I’m so sorry, this was an accident, I didn’t mean to do that.

Dispatcher: I know, I know. Accidents happen. But listen to me.

Williamson: Am I in trouble?

Dispatcher: Just listen to me. How old is he?

Williamson: He’s ambulable, he’s fucking walking and shit, he’s walking around.

Dispatcher: He’s walking?

Williamson: Yeah, I’m so sorry.

Dispatcher: It’s OK, don’t be sorry.. Listen to me. How old is he?

Williamson: Am I going to jail or something?

Dispatcher: Sir, I don’t know, just tell me how old he is, OK?

Williamson: He’s fucking walking, he’s—

Dispatcher: How old is he, what’s his age?

Williamson: Oh, he’s 18.

Dispatcher: 18, OK. Now tell me what happened, OK?

Williamson: We were holding the gun[unintelligible] and it fucking went off.

Dispatcher: OK.You were holding the gun?

Williamson: [Redacted], please.

Dispatcher: Listen, while I’m getting the information they are already on their way to you. They’re coming to you as fast as they can. OK?

Williamson: All right.

Dispatcher: What is your name?

Williamson: [Redacted]

Dispatcher: OK, they’re coming as fast as they can. I want to stay on the phone with you until they get there, OK?

Williamson: This was an accident.

Dispatcher: I understand.

Williamson: I’m so sorry.

Dispatcher: I know, I know. How’s he doing?

Williamson: He’s walking around. He’s fucking hurt though. I’m totally sorry.

Dispatcher: It’s OK, [these things] happen, OK?

Williamson: Lay down, Shane. Can he sit down?

Dispatcher: Yes, he can sit down, I want him to sit down, I don’t want him up and walking around, OK?

Williamson: I’m so fucking sorry.

Dispatcher: I want you to stay there with him, OK?

Williamson: I will.

Dispatcher: And I’m going to stay on the phone with you until they get there.

Williamson: I’m so sorry.

Dispatcher: How’s his breathing?

Huber, in the background: My God.

Williamson: He’s fucking breathing, he’s good.

Dispatcher: OK, is his breathing normal though, I mean does it sound different to you, is he having difficulty?

Williamson: It’s a little fucking elevated, but he just [unintelligible].

Dispatcher: OK, I understand.

Williamson: I’m fucking so sorry.

Dispatcher: [Unintelligible] It’s OK. What is his name?

Williamson: Shane.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: I’m fucking sorry ma’am. I’m [unintelligible] ma’am.

Dispatcher: What was going on, what were you doing with the gun?

Williamson: We were just looking at it and [redacted or unintelligible] brushed the trigger and it went boom.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: I’m fucking sorry.

Dispatcher: Listen to me, they’re coming to you as fast as they can.

Williamson: Yeah, I’m going to unload the gun.

Dispatcher: OK, where is the gun now?

Williamson: It’s laying on the fucking floor.

Dispatcher: OK, I don’t want you to touch it, OK?

Williamson: Yeah, I just unloaded it.

Dispatcher: It is unloaded? OK.

Williamson: Please hurry up.

Huber in the background: I got fucked up.

Williamson: He says he’s been fucked up.

Dispatcher: He’s what?

Williamson: [Unintelligible as Huber speaks.] OK, you’re going into shock, just calm yourself down buddy.

Dispatcher: Yes, he needs to—listen to me, just talk to him gently, [do you want me] to try to talk to him?

Williamson: Do you want to talk to her?

Huber: Um, no, I can’t, I’m not in the mood.

Dispatcher: I completely understand, listen to me, you need to stay calm. If he sees that you’re calm he might calm down a little bit, OK? I know he’s in a lot of pain, I understand, OK?

Williamson: Yeah.

Dispatcher: They are coming to you as fast as they can.

Williamson: OK.

Dispatcher: What’s his condition right now, does he seem to be getting worse?

Williamson: Shane, stay with me., He says he’s blacking out.

Dispatcher: He’s blacking out?

Williamson: Yeah. Are they on their way?

Dispatcher: They’re on the way, they’re on their way, they are coming to you as fast as they can, OK?

Williamson: All right.

Dispatcher: OK, just stay on the phone with me and stay with your friend.

Williamson: All right.

Dispatcher: OK?

Williamson: I’m sorry.

Dispatcher: Don’t be sorry.

Williamson: I’m so fucking sorry, Shane.

Dispatcher: They’re coming. Is it just the two of you there?

Williamson: Yeah.

Dispatcher: OK, do you have clean towels on the wound?

Williamson: Um, I’ve got a fucking [unintelligible] paper bag on the front one and a shirt on the back.

Dispatcher: OK, are you able to get some clean towels?

Williamson: I don’t think he has any clean ones.

Dispatcher: OK, any t-shirts or any other things laying around, a blanket or something that you can put on the wound to try to stop the bleeding?

Williamson: I’ve got a t-shirt on the back wound. Shane, put the fucking [unintelligible] on the front. [unintelligible or redacted] I need to put good fucking pressure on this.

Dispatcher: And do not remove it, just hold it on there, OK?

Williamson: Yup, I got it. I’m putting good fucking pressure on it.

Dispatcher: You are. You’re doing fine.

Williamson: I’m so sorry. This was an accident.

Dispatcher: I believe that. It’s OK. They’re coming to you, OK?

Williamson: I’m so fucking sorry.

Huber: I know.

Williamson: He’s going pale.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: I hear them.

Dispatcher: They’re coming, they’re coming.

Williamson: The door is locked, I’m opening it.

Dispatcher: You said it was 354 Parkview Drive, that’s correct?

Williamson: Yeah, I’m [unintelligible] where they are.

Dispatcher: Keep talking to him, make sure he stays alert, OK?

Williamson: All right.

Dispatcher: Just keep talking to him

Williamson: OK.

Dispatcher: And make sure he’s answering you and he doesn’t seem confused or anything like that otr if he stops responding you’ve got to let me know, OK?

Williamson: All right. He’s getting up, I think he’s going to live, but—

Dispatcher: OK, OK.

Williamson: I’m fucking sorry. [Pause.] I’m so sorry. [Pause.] You there?

Dispatcher: Yes, I’m here.

Williamson: I’m so sorry.

Dispatcher: It’s OK. Don’t apologize to me. It’s [unintelligible] tough but it’s OK. I understand OK?

Williamson: [Williamson is talking to Shane unintelligibly.] He says he’s having difficulty breathing.

Dispatcher: OK

Williamson: Stay with me Shane. Fucking keep your eyes open. [Huber is heard in the background, but it’s unintelligible.]

Dispatcher: Is his speech slurred?

Williamson: Shane, say something to me.

[Huber says something unintelligible.]

Williamson: A little bit.

Dispatcher: OK, OK. OK.

Williamson: Yeah, his speech is slurred.

Dispatcher: They’re saying they’re coming to you as fast as they can. They’re going to be there soon, OK? 10-4. How is he doing? Just keep talking to him, OK?

Williamson: I will.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: I’m fucking sorry man. I’m not. I wasn’t trying to do that. It was a fucking accident.

Dispatcher: I know. I know. And you said 354 Parkview Drive, correct?

Williamson: Shane, 354? 364. 364.

Dispatcher: 364.

Williamson: It’s the first house next to the elementary school.

Dispatcher: And it’s 364 Parkview Drive?

Williamson: Yes, ma’am.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: I’m sorry.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: Shane, I’m so fucking sorry bud. [Unintelligible.]

Huber: I think I might make it.

Williamson: You will, you’re going to make it, bud.

Dispatcher: Tell him he’s going to be OK.

Williamson: He is. You’re going to be all right. You’re fucking strong, man. I’m fucking so sorry.


Dispatcher: They’re right there, they’ll probably be coming in, OK?

Williamson: All right.

Dispatcher: Just make sure the gun is safe on the floor.

Williamson: It is.

Dispatcher: OK.

Williamson: Can I ask you something?

Dispatcher: You can.

Williamson: Am I going to jail?

Dispatcher: I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t answer that. I’m the police dispatcher, I’m not a police officer, OK?

Williamson: OK ma’am.

Dispatcher: OK?

Williamson: Shit.

Dispatcher: But tell them everything that you’re telling me, OK?

Williamson: I will. Shane, you’re going to be OK, buddy.

Huber, slurred: I, I know.

Williamson: Keep your eyes open.

Huber: They’re open, they’re open.

Dispatcher: Keep talking to him. Does he look like he’s going to sleep?

Williamson: Does he what?

Dispatcher: Does he look like he’s trying to go to sleep?

Williamson: No, no. His eyes are awake. Is it OK to drink something? He says he’s thirsty.

Dispatcher: No, No, No.

Brief screaming or loud but unintelligible noises are heard, signaling the arrival of deputies. The communication ends soon after.

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13 Responses for ““I’m So F— Sorry”: In 911 Call of AK-47 Shooting, Regret and Worries of Going to Jail”

  1. Sherry Epley says:

    She said sarcastically . . . NO . . . Hell NO. . . we don’t need gun safety regulations! We can rely on all gun owners to act responsibly and keep such weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of those who are apparently irresponsible. We need AK47s for deer hunting. We need guns to protect us from the government and from our neighbors and of course aliens.

    What in the world is our state and country coming to?

  2. Although they should have not been handling a gun, and to my understanding they we’re both over the age of 18. This was unintentional, and I hope with all of my being neither young adult is charged with anything. This was a terrible accident! I hope they are both ok, especially the individual whom was shot.

    • Livesinpalmcoast says:

      I agree with you! I hope he doesn’t get charged, I really believe he learned his lesson.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thnk its crazy it should have never happened in the first place where did the get it from.Also now days kids get this stuff from video Games its crazy and ur should have checked the gun to make sure it wasnt loaded !!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Kids dont get learn anything from video games. Typical assumption from a person. It was an accident there 18. There not kids. They know whats guns do and how they should act with them. I do however hope they dont get charged because mistakes do happen, although a life could of been lost. accidents do happen.

  3. Adrienne Toles says:

    I know Shane very well and my brother is also close with his friend that was handling the gun. They are both very kind responsible people. It was an accident, and those things happen. Rather than shunning/chastising a boy that is obviously distraught over accidentally shooting his best friend…it should be focused on that Shane is getting better and hopefully will have a quick recovery.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its irresponsible gun ownership , two weeks ago two morons had their 9mm stolen out of their vehicles , everyone in town knows car break ins are our biggest crime , soon after the Publix in Town Center was robbed , then the 7-11 on Palm Coast Parkway , now this , these people need their permits taken away , their weapons taken away , and a heavy fine ,….. all these people scream and cry about being responsible gun owners but they are not , they are IGNORANT and don`t have the IQ to own a weapon.

  5. confidential says:

    This was no accident while handling a gun improperly and so close to innocent children lives in school!! This AK47 do not belong in our residential areas manipulated by ignorant irresponsible owners that only own them to show bully violent superiority over their peers, neighbors and even government that we vote for in democratic elections!! Stop this nonsense abuse and distortion of our second amendment and the massacres taking place allover our country! Now lets see those AK47 fanatics aiming at me for my post here!

  6. anon says:

    if he would’ve shot 3″ down or up and to the left this could’ve been a lot worse out come! hope he’s ok!

  7. nancy says:

    I truly belive it was an accident. any updates on how he is doing?

    • FlaglerLive says:

      The Sheriff’s Office informed us Wednesday he was still hospitalized, but no additional specifics on his condition.

  8. godscountry says:

    All guns are loaded at all times,when people start following that rule we won’t have all these accidental ?shooting’s.Hundreds of people are shot and killed,every year in American by unloaded guns .Never point a gun at anyone and never pull the trigger.Period.He almost destroyed two lives.

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