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Elisa Marie Homen, 22-Year-Old Involved in Friday’s School Bus Crash, Has Died

| January 14, 2015

The Buffalo bus was involved in a collision at Ravenwood Drive. Click on the image for larger view.

The Buffalo bus was involved in a collision at Ravenwood Drive. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

Note: The case against Brian Szmitko was dismissed, as were all penalties, on Aug. 5, 2015. See the story here.

Note: A memorial service for Elisa Marie Homen is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 20, at 5 p.m., at the crash site (at Whiteview Parkway and Ravenwood Drive in Palm Coast). Details here.

Jan. 14 update: Elisa Marie Homen, the 22-year-old woman involved in the school bus wreck on Jan. 9, died of her injuries at Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach Tuesday (Jan. 13), according to FHP and family members. Homen had been in critical condition since the wreck, and had lost all brain functions. Note: most media are reporting Homen’s age as 23. She was in fact born on Nov. 5, 1992, according to FHP.

The family has set up a fund-raiser for Homen’s mother, Lisa Randolph, to help defray costs associated with her daughter’s loss. The fund-raiser is approved by Homen’s aunt, Alice Bartorelli. Other fundraisers on the web have not been approved by the family or verified by FlaglerLive.

The original story is below.

25 Children Hospitalized, 1 Adult Critical in School Bus Crash With 2 Vehicles on Whiteview

Jan. 9–Twenty-five middle school children were hospitalized with minor injuries or aches, and one adult, a woman of about 20, was taken to Halifax hospital in critical condition Friday morning after a school bus crash involving two cars on Whiteview Parkway and Ravenwood Drive in Palm Coast, according to school board and emergency response officials.
A replacement bus with three dozen children who’d been on the bus involved in the crash drove to Florida Hospital Flagler, where those students could also be checked out and released to their parents, Palm Coast Fire Chief Mike Beadle said. As of mid-morning, none of the students needed to be admitted.

Elisa Marie Homen in a portrait provided by the family. Click on the image for larger view.

Elisa Marie Homen in a portrait provided by the family. Click on the image for larger view.

By 11 a.m., 11 students had been released. By 3:30 p.m., all had been released. (The total number of children taken to Florida Hospital Flagler increased as the morning wore on and officials tabulated more accurate information, with the latest complete tally issued in mid-afternoon.) Many went back to school, some went home. School officials commended the reaction of several of the students, who put emergency drills into practice and took leadership roles in the immediate aftermath of the wreck, staying calm throughout.

The driver who was trauma-evacuated to Halifax is Elisa Marie Amber Homen, 22. She had just gotten off work at Dunkin Donuts.

The driver of a third vehicle, a 19-year-old Brian Szmitko of Palm Coast, was also hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and released by mid-afternoon. Charges are pending, according to FHP. He’d previously posted images of his 2007 Subaru Impreza–the vehicle involved in today’s crash–as part of his profile on a social media site.

The crash took place a little after 7 a.m. Whiteview from Belle Terre Parkway is shut down in both directions. Emergency crews were at the scene, assessing patients as school officials transfer other students who have escaped injuries to awaiting buses.

Brian Szmitko in a self-portrait posted on one of his social media sites.

Brian Szmitko in a self-portrait posted on one of his social media sites.

The bus involved in the crash is #20413, the Buffalo bus, which was on its way to Buddy Taylor Middle School. The bus driver, Maria Rosa Martinez, 65, is a veteran driver with more than 40 years’ experience (without incidents, according to a school official). She was also taken to Florida Hospital Flagler with minor injuries, according to Mike Beadle, Palm Coast’s fire chief, who was at the scene. The bus driver was released.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol investigator at the scene, the preliminary investigation indicates the following sequence of events: a Mazda sedan driven by Elisa Homen was heading west on Whiteview. Following it was a Subaru sedan driven by a 19-year-old man. The school bus was heading east on Whiteview. The Mazda slowed down or stopped to make a left turn onto Ravenwood.

Drills show their worth as students step up and take leadership in a remarkably calm response to an emergency.

For reasons unknown at this time, the FHP investigator said, the Subaru did not stop, rear-ending the Mazda, and catapulting the Mazda in the way of the school bus, which collided with it broadside. “We can be thankful there was no passenger in that vehicle,” the investigator said of the Mazda, whose passenger side was crumpled into the front of the school bus.

There were a total of 47 students on the Buffalo bus, the FHP investigator and the superintendent said. In all, five ambulances transported seven students.

“Then we found out that, to be safe, some of the other kids started to feel funny, I guess,” Beadle said, “so rather than just let them go home or go back to school, we transported the school bus with the kids to the emergency room, the emergency room knows they’re coming in, it’s typically what we do in a mass-casualty incident. Those that are walking, ambulatory, walking on their own, we take them to the hospital on the school bus, it’s the easiest way to transport them. Those that we thought were maybe of a serious nature we put them in back of an ambulance.”

Audio: Interview with School Board Chair Collen Conklin and Superintendent Jacob Oliva[media id=383 width=250 height=200]

Beadle said all parents were notified swiftly. “We get into a situation like this,” he said, “you’ve got to get mom and dad notified right away, social media, I’m sure some of the kids had cell phones and were texting.”

“I think we used all the medic units in the county, all but one,” Beadle said, “so it worked very well.”

School Superintendent Jacob Oliva was at the scene around 8 a.m. with some of his top staff, joining Transportation Director Winnie Oden, who’d been there earlier. “It’s too early to give a statement right now,” Oliva said, noting that information was still being gathered. “Right now we’re just trying to make sure all our students are taken care of.”

At 8:12, paramedics were readying to take the last middle school students they’d been working on to Florida Hospital Flagler while a replacement bus was preparing to take students from the Buffalo bus to Florida Hospital Flagler.

The scene throughout was calm as crews went about their work deliberately and steadily. The replacement bus left the scene at 8:16 a.m. Meanwhile at the hospital’s emergency department, the waiting room was teeming with activity into mid-morning, with parents and school officials conferring and some parents driving away with their children, after the children have been checked out.

Just after 11, Oliva and Colleen Conklin, the chairman of the Flagler County School Board, emerged from the hospital’s emergency department and spoke at length to FlaglerLive of the incident. “They were very grateful for how quickly we were able to make sure their children were safe and their needs were being met and to notify them to bring them here. They understand the circumstances and have been very supportive of us and appreciative of our efforts.”

We visited with every single student and parents to just check in with them, make sure that they were OK, and if there is anything that they needed,” Conklin said. “For the most part they’re all OK, and many of them like I said earlier being released now. However, they’re shook up. It was a scary situation for them.” Conklin stressed that emergency drills were put in practice and worked almost flawlessly.

Audio: Palm Coast Fire Chief Mike Beadle on the Crash[media id=384 width=250 height=200]

Oliva was especially and repeatedly complimentary of the middle school students, some of whom took lead roles in addressing the situation as soon as it developed.

“We know we had some of our student leaders step up and make sure the emergency doors were open and help get the students off the bus,” Oliva said, “because the driver had minor injuries, suffered minor injuries as well, so our students did an outstanding job, showing that the drills and precautions that we put into place work. And they stayed calm. We can’t express how proud we are of how they handled this situation.”

Oliva said the school administrators and guidance counselors at Buddy Taylor are on hand to address the situation from a psychological point of view. “The students that went back to the school were all brought together to talk about what’s going on,” Oliva said, “and they’ve done an outstanding job communicating with parents, making sure that everybody is on the same page and that our students understand it was an accident, or it’s a crash, and they’re taking appropriate steps to make sure that their safety and emotional needs are being met, and get them focused back on learning.”

The hospital, too–which just last month organized a mass-casualty drill with, ironically, a similar number of casualties–was able to handle the sudden load swiftly and efficiently. “Amazingly, with the numbers that we were dealing with, the hospital did an outstanding job getting students in, having them placed comfortably and having them be seen,” Conklin said.

“I keep going back to how well the students stayed calm and responded and they were the true leaders,” Oliva said.

Some of those students will be recognized at a Spotlight ceremony at a coming school board meeting, Conklin and Oliva said.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the wreck. Flagler County Sheriff’s units, the Palm Coast Fire Department and Flagler County Fire Rescue responded. The Palm Coast Fire Police is controlling traffic.

Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

The Mazda was catapulted in the way of the bus. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The Mazda was catapulted in the way of the bus. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Palm Coast's fire chief said eight children and two adults were treated for injuries. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

Palm Coast’s fire chief said eight children and two adults were treated for injuries. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

The Subaru that rear-ended the Mazda. (c FlaglerLive)

The Subaru that rear-ended the Mazda. (c FlaglerLive)

Superintendent Jacob Oliva was at the crash scene before heading to the hospital to confer with parents, students and health officials. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

Superintendent Jacob Oliva was at the crash scene before heading to the hospital to confer with parents, students and health officials. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)


The early-morning scene on Whiteview and Ravenwood. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The early-morning scene on Whiteview and Ravenwood. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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151 Responses for “Elisa Marie Homen, 22-Year-Old Involved in Friday’s School Bus Crash, Has Died”

  1. bobby says:

    That car……

  2. happening now says:

    Need to be aware folks!!!

  3. markingthedays says:

    Only a few hours after an article about how many accidents there are in Flagler County!

    Hope everyone is okay. This is a parents worst nightmare.

  4. Will #2 says:

    That is crazy!!!

  5. JimmyG says:

    Obviously inattentiveness on the 19 year olds part. So, was it sleepiness, playing with the radio, …..texting? Hoping there are no long term effects for the any of the victims.

    • Anon. says:

      Just saying it could’ve been not obviously the 19 year olds part for all we know they 22 year old lady could’ve possibly made a short or quicker stop there, thus his reaction time could’ve just not been fast enough. The article doesn’t really specify what happened; yeah he rear ended her but it said the reason was unknown.

    • Anonymous says:

      That 19 year old should get manslaughter he hurt a poor lady bc we wanted to be doing other things thsts y most if the states r cellphone free n they been making it even more strict

    • Anonymous says:

      A girl died

  6. Retiredandlovingit says:

    That is a bad intersection. High speeds on White View and drivers not paying attention are common. I had a car veer off the road and hit a palm tree across the ditch in my back yard. Traffic must have slowed on White View and they didn’t. Maybe a study of the intersection is warranted. More traffic using both roads. In my opinion to avoid the unsynchronized lights on Belle Terre. Hint, hint. Y’all please drive safe!

    • ajs says:

      maybe more police present on the roads especially in the morning while school is in session and the streets with no sidewalks that the kids have to walk to school on namely Parkview dr

    • a btms student says:

      Ok, this inccident was not AT that intersection it was down the road at the ravenwood drive/whiteview intersection, about a half mile from belle tere. This had nothing to do with traffic patterns just the person in the Subaru not paying attention.

  7. Thank God we have Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach. Florida Hospital Flagler in Palm Coast is the worst Hospital ever to take anyone.

    • Tom Jacks says:

      Halifax almost killed my son by releasing him home from intensive care because they didn’t know how to fight his infection. We his parents took him to shands where they said he would have been dead in 12 hours. I wouldn’t send my dog to Halifax for any reason.

      • EMT says:

        Tom, unfortunately in a trauma, you don’t have a choice as those who are meeting trauma alert criteria are required to be transported to the nearest trauma center. Since FHF is NOT a Trauma Center by Florida certification, and Halifax is a Level 2 trauma center, and the closest, you’d have to go there

  8. David B. says:

    I heard the sirens and had a feeling this was bad, real bad.

    • Austin Mercer says:

      Yea, i was in the accident, it was pretty bad

      • kailtin says:

        what happened?is every one ok

        • Austin Mercer says:

          kailtin we were driving to the school, and someone had rear ended (hit the back of) the car, and that car had so much impact added to it, that it had came in front of us, and the car actually looked worse from the other side, cause it was a huge pile…. mostly everyone is ok, but there is one child with a neck cast, and some other kids are only being checked on, no injuries on them, but the man in the last car pic, with the front barely smashed, is in critical condition, and the women is ok, she was litterally crying to us kids, worrying about us all, she isnt hurt, but she is really shocked, luckily there was no passenger, or else (they) would have been over with, but she is definitly ok!

          • keith says:

            The woman in the car is far from ok. I work with her father here in MA and he is flying down now. She has a broken neck and brain damage and will probably not make it.

          • Fran says:

            The young lady that was driving the car that was pushed into the bus is the one in critical condition…She’s my friends daughter who just drove all the way from Massachusetts to be with her…the other driver was released from the hospital already

          • Anonymous says:

            My sister died what u said was an absolute lie. She was the one in a neck cast probably. You know nothing and you seen it all

        • #Victim says:

          I am fine so are SOME of my friends that were on, but I haven’t heard from two

      • fuchsia says:

        i was in it to it was pretty scary inside of the bus i was just all chill i saw headlights then screams and all of a sudden BAM!

      • #Victim says:

        You were? What seat?

  9. Learn2Drive says:

    I hope everyone is OK, especially the Kids!

    This town has the worst driver’s, nobody yields or understands who has the right of way. People cruise through neighborhoods at 40 mph and my kids are not allowed to play outside in the front yard because of this. I have had more positive experiences driving in Mexico and the Caribbean which is saying a lot!

    A message to drivers, Put your cell phone down, check your mirrors “your rearview mirror is not for doing your makeup or checking yourself out,” Drive for other people by paying attention to your surroundings and learn the traffic laws before you end up killing someone!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget the biggest culprit among bad driving habits: tailgaiting. Almost certainly the main contributing factor in this case, as it is in most rear-end collisions. It seems as though literally a majority of drivers do not understand what a safe following distance relative to speed is. This is also why there are pile-ups on interstate highways like the 150 car pile-up that just happened in Michigan today. We do a good job educating people about the dangers of distracted or drunken driving which has significantly reduced the accident rate, but there is a problematic lack of awareness on the tailgaiting problem.

  10. Brian says:

    I know that kid, and I can say I’m not surprised. He has numerous run ins with the law in that car. I hope everyone is ok, and I pray this kid is out of the driver seat for a long time. Also to the parents that purchased there 19 year old ball of ego, a massively over powered (nearly 300hp) turbo charged vehicle that he can clearly not handle….. Shame one you.

    • anon says:

      i know him as well and this was definitely not to smart of him but at least know your facts mommy and daddy didnt buy or mod his car, he did so on his own

    • Monika says:

      You must not know a lot , because there is not one word of truth in your statement …. I pray that this never happens to your son because I’m sure you would have a very diff opinon …. It was an accident …. Hopefully everyone is ok ..

    • Anonymous says:

      Here here…I couldn’t have said that last part better….

  11. elizabeth wagner says:

    Why can’t everyone be thankful everyone for the most part is ok! Seems like the kids did a outstanding job and we should be grateful at how well they were prepared for such an incident. I am from there, lived in Flagler county for 25 years and was in an accident at that very intersection years ago. You all are too negative. Yes its sad, but its life and honestly I am very proud to read how the kids took leadership roles. Makes me proud of the school system I was raised in since 14 years old and now 38. Accidents are sad but they will happen always. I am thankful all kids are mostly ok and so far no tragedies have occurs. I am very proud of those kids personally -:)

    • elizabeth wagner says:

      You all are condemning our local hospital and saying thank god we have Halifax. Our hospital is actually excellent and very up to date. If you think its bad then that’s for personal reasons that probably aren’t validated and don’t support your saying the hospital is terrible. Sorry but this is true. OUR hospital was prepared for this mass incident. Be proud of our hospital for being prepared and doing a fantastic job! You all are terrible. You don’t even see how effective and efficient the hospital was with the care of this mass incident. Be proud of your city. You have no idea how lucky you are to have such a great hospital that is very equipped to handle anything. You have no idea. If you were seen there and nor happy with your care well you likely were like most emergency patients, not an emergency. Get a grip folks and be proud of how the event was handled, you should be very proud of those kids first and the hospital second!

      • sw says:

        I think it is a wonderful facility Bravo!

      • ember says:

        Ok first of all, let’s all focus on the fact that this hospital here clearly couldn’t handle the girl who was hit by a BUS and came in as a trauma. I know several people who work at OUR hospital and all of them say not to go there because it is horrible. The fact that the hospitals own employees despise it really says something.

      • EMT says:

        I’d rather go to Halifax…it’s a teaching hospital (has two ‘residency’ programs) and a TRAUMA CENTER.
        FHF is neither…

    • JACE4FLA says:

      Very well said!

    • LaVern hilla says:

      I agree with you 100%

    • April says:

      Amen Elizabeth

  12. PCer says:

    Adding a left hand turning lane would help to avoid future accidents of this nature (and keep traffic flowing on Whieview).

  13. sw says:

    I see it everyday in this town. In a big hurry to get nowhere. SLOW DOWN and drive according to the rules of the road. Not talking on the phone, texting etc…. Drive

  14. lola says:

    I agree with Elizabeth Wagner…Florida Hospital Flagler is a great hospital. I know of a lot of people that have complained, and she is right…they went to the ER for a NON-EMERGENCY!! Too many folks use the emergency as a regular clinic because they don’t want to pay! I don’t have health insurance and for non-emergencies, I go to a clinic in St. Aug that provides services on a sliding scale or I go to QuikCare at the Amaral Building for $45.

    When I have had an emergency, I always make arrangements to make payments on my medical bill. I don’t understand those that feel they are entitled to steal services from the hospital!

    • Anonymous says:

      I tired to find a dr to take my insurance and no one was accepting new patients. so I went to the cvs clinic bc they said on the website they take medicaid. I gave them my insurance and they said they couldnt see me because I have Stay Well. I told them okay well then dont use my insurance my mother will just pay for it. The lady told me that because she KNOWS I have stay well she can not see me because it would be insurance fraud and the only place that would see me on christmas eve was the hospital. SOOO Some people have to go to the hospital even if its not a complete emergency bc the health care system is screwed up. Would have been much cheaper for the insurance company if i could have gone to the dr…..

    • Jen says:

      I tired to find a dr to take my insurance and no one was accepting new patients. so I went to the cvs clinic bc they said on the website they take medicaid. I gave them my insurance and they said they couldnt see me because I have Stay Well. I told them okay well then dont use my insurance my mother will just pay for it. The lady told me that because she KNOWS I have stay well she can not see me because it would be insurance fraud and the only place that would see me on christmas eve was the hospital. SOOO Some people have to go to the hospital even if its not a complete emergency bc the health care system is screwed up. Would have been much cheaper for the insurance company if i could have gone to the dr…..

  15. psppopeye says:

    That is my daughter’s bus. Thank God and her mother that she wasn’t on the bus that day!

  16. Marilia says:

    Crazy Palm Coast drivers and people texting and talking on their phones all the time.

  17. Ken Dodge says:

    Kudos to Flagler Student Transportation for employing experienced bus drivers.

    Also, had the Mazda driver’s wheels been pointing straight ahead while waiting to turn left, her car would have been catapulted forward and not into the path of the oncoming bus; a defensive driving tip for the rest of us to consider.

  18. NortonSmitty says:

    My Dad taught me to always keep your wheels straight when waiting to turn left for just this reason. If you are rear-ended with your wheels already turned, you will be thrown into oncoming traffic like this.

  19. Maureen says:

    Thank God there were no causalities. According to the article that “1 Adult Critical,” I pray for a total recovery and for all those that may still be in the hospital. It’s amazing how these students stepped up and helped tremendously, they should be very pleased of themselves for their quick actions.

    • mellisa says:

      Thank you

    • Anonymous says:

      Maureen. That one adult is my best friends niece. She is the mother of a 3 year old. She has no brain activity and the drs say she will not make the night. Her mother, father, aunt and 16 year old sister are in the car driving from Massachusetts praying that they get to say goodbye to Elisa

  20. Deb McConnell says:

    I am best friends with Elisa Homan’s aunt and mother. All our children have been raised together. My daughter and Elisa are only 3 days apart. I see no mention of her in any posts. Can you please think of Elisa, her family and her 4 year old son as they all struggle to make some sense of this insanity? They have been told that Elisa has zero brain activity. We are all from Massachusetts and they are set to get in the car and drive down in a few minutes. Please please, lift them up in prayer; as they could possibly be coming to say goodbye to their little girl.

    • Anonymous says:

      I spoke with mother in law today. Elisa did not make it. I’m so hurt by this but more for all of the family members. This was a tragic accident and my prayers are with the entire family. Very, very sad and a lot of these posts should now be about the families loss of their beautiful Elisa…..

  21. HorseWithAname says:

    Norton Smitty yes indeed your dad was very correct, everytime i see someone I see someone at a turn lane with their wheels turned I shake my head. Does no one ever pay attention in drivers ed?

    That subaru was modded looks like he thought he was in fast and furious movie. These damn kids and their supped up imports. Careless drivers makes you want to yank them out their car. People need to slow down a bit and quit trying to be speedracer. Driving like that only saves a fractional amount of time. And if you cause a accident or get pulled over saves you no time. Hopefully get you some time behind bars for reckless driving.

  22. Will (#1) says:

    Do school buses have saftey belts required for students? And, if not, might they have saved some students from injury this morning?

    • BTMS student says:

      Will(#1) …..I go to Buddy taylor…The busses do have seatbelts but i actually think they would have caused more injury in a bus because they are just lap belts and they would put a lot of force on the stomach area. In a car definitely wear seat belts but in a bus, you have the seat in front of you to stop yourself against. That said, it is recommended that we wear them and a lot of bus drivers stress that although most don’t. To be completely honest…I dont personally know anyone who does wear seatbelts on the bus. Also, a few years ago, my bus was hit by a car going full speed after the car blew a stop sign. The car hit so hard directly under my seat that it buckled the floor up about 6 inches right where my feet were. Nobody was wearing seat belts and there were no injuries on the bus.

  23. Anonymous says:

    some of my friends were on that bus and to know that this happen to them… well i will never take them for granted any more. the 19 year old should have bin paying attencen but did not. some one could of last there live today. and many of us were late to school because of it like my bus the cow or the shrimp and the bore are just 3

  24. tulip says:

    Mundane question I know, but how come the male driver’s name hasn’t been released?

  25. buddy taylor student says:

    that had my friends on that bus, i would have die inside id they got killed thank god no one did. i saw it happen i was on the cow and i was on my laptop and herd the crash looked up and saw it. i was scared for everyone on that bus and i heard every thing on the radio. i am not religious but tonight if we new anyone on that but[ my friend Luis] we better thank god they are alive

  26. buddy taylor student says:

    some do some dont i dont know if they did i think so because they had a new bus

  27. #Victim says:

    I was in the crash today. I have a few cuts and bruises but I’m fine. Some of my friends need some prayers.
    Yes they do have seat belts. I was wearing one because I had that gut feeling parimetic told me if I wasn’t wearing it I would have a broken neck and possible fractured face.

    • Anonymous says:

      I go on that bus, and i sit in seat number 1 behind the bus driver with my friend and neither of wore seat-belts when it happened and we were perfectly fine besides the major shock.

    • A Mom says:

      #Victim (in the crash today), I work at Wadsworth and heard there was a crash involving a bus but had no other information. I just want to tell you that you and your friends are in my prayers and many other, for sure. I’m so extremely proud of the way you all handled yourselves. Truly amazing and remarkable. You all should get national recognition. I will continue to keep everyone involved in my prayers, especially the young mother who is fighting for her life. {{{HUGS}}}

  28. Resident says:

    I just hope it was not because she forgot to put on her blinker, it seems like a lot of people here forget what a blinker even is. I have almost had several incidences where I would have been in an accident because the person in front of me chose to forget their blinker. It is not fair to others driving on the road, so anyone reading this, PLEASE use it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if she did forget to use her blinker, it’s the responsibility of the person behind her to be paying attention to the vehicle he’s following. If he had been keeping a safe distance and paying attention, he would have had time to react if she did happen to stop short and/or fail to signal. This is why, legally, it’s always the person in the rear’s fault in rear-end collisions, with a tiny minority of exceptions.

  29. family says:

    The 22 yr old girl isnt okay! Snd the trama her family feels is far worse then u image! Shes a mother for god sakes pray for her and her son!

  30. Dawson Padgett says:

    I am a very close friends with Brian Szmitko driver of the Subaru and i know he would never do anything like this on purpose or do anything stupid to provoke this accident. I see where some of you guys say oh he was trying to be speed racer or that car is to fast for him to handle well no matter if he was driving a moped or a Lamborghini an accident is an accident it could have happened to anyone. I am very sorry for everyone who was involved and i know Brian is too hes a really good guy and is very sorry for what happened.

    • Learn2Drive says:

      I feel that your comment, ” this accident could have been caused by anyone,” is highly debatable! Furthermore this wasn’t an accident, this was a car crash due to negligence. Your appear to be much more concerned about your friend than you are of the 22 y/o in the hospital in critical condition which speaks volumes of your character! I see from your Facebook page that you are into performance vehicles as well so do everyone whom you share the road with a favor, Learn from his mistakes and don’t dismiss this as an accident!

      • Dawson says:

        Yes dont get me wrong i am very upset about what happened to the 22 year old! It hit me hard when i found out she has a son and of course a family! Its just that almost everyone on here seems to be making Brian out as a criminal and thats not who he is he would take his own life before he would take hers it is killing him! From his perspective who knows she may have not used a turn signal or the sun was preventing him from seeing it there is a lot of reasons that could have occurred rather than him driving recklessly or speeding people should hear both sides of the story instead of what they want to hear.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am Brian’s aunt and we are a family of professional drivers! Something else happened here and I know he is not stupid enough to cause this on purpose. Let’s just hope this does not happen to your family

  31. can'tkidme says:

    can’tkidme: at the time of Tulip’s comment, FHP had not released the names of the drivers. They were added later. ~FL

    @tulip – the name and photo of the driver was published in this article. Prayers for the young woman who is critically injured and, although it was not intentional, this young man definitely needs to be held responsible for his negligence. At the very least his insurance will be cancelled and he should lose his license.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anyone every think maybe it’s not the kids fault and that the lady’s brake lights were out

  33. chris says:

    this is a prayer for the young lady from yesterday critically injured. I know ur angels r around. Please dont take her yet she.hasnt even gotten a chance at life. I know many bad ppl to take her place. Amen

  34. confidential says:


  35. Ron says:

    I thought everyone sould now that’s my niece that was in the Mazda,and they have her on life support so her mom can say good by. She’s coming from Massachusetts,please say a payer her

  36. lini says:

    Guys, lets please don’t try to blame the Mazda driver who was obeying traffic laws and waiting for the bus to pass before turning. Wheels turned or straight, she was bashed in the rear by a young driver who was not paying attention and probably speeding. He could have killed a lot of people with his carelessness. I would be willing to bet he was distracted by his cell phone. I see it happening on the road every day. We REALLY need more posted traffic cops handing out citations to these dangerous drivers. I feel unsafe driving in Palm Coast and try to avoid going there if I can.

  37. ralph belcher says:

    We hear that modified car ripping up Whiteview quite often during the quieter moments of the evening or weekend. I’ve had to take evasive action behind the wheel on account of this.

    • just me says:

      That’s funny you would say “we hear this car ripping up white view all the time”, his car isn’t the only modded one in this town

  38. Just an observation says:

    I am so impressed with how the students behaved. Especially those that took leadership roles and helped their fellow students. They should be so proud of themselves as well as their parents. Adults can panic in similar situations.
    I pray for a speedy recovery for all involved.

  39. Destiny says:

    This is very scary because I rode that bus last year.

  40. Ron says:

    Just so you know my niece is going die From this and leave her 4 yr old and grow up without his mommy.
    She has no brain activity as of now and we just waiting for the end, pray for her and her child

    • debbie says:

      Hi Ron it’s debbie friend of lisa amber is my son girlfriend my heart goes out to the family

    • Bobbie says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that the injuries are so life threatening. I know your niece from Dunkin. She was a great girl and was so very proud of her baby. I hope and pray for a recovery for her and her child and your entire family. To the rest of you, Love the ones you hold dear, you never know when it might be the last time.

    • shawnae says:

      Elisa is my son aunt I’m devastated right now Andrew her brother needs a family member to talk to if you can see if someone can call him email me at

  41. Alice says:

    Shouldn’t school buses be made of sturdier stuff? This giant-size bus folded like a cheap ring in a cracker jack box on colliding with a tiny car that had stopped and slowed down to make a turn. Seems like the ‘ALL AMERICAN BLUE BIRD’ is manufactured from the same stuff as the Mazda foreign car that is also manufactured in America. Did the Subaru live up to its rugged outback reputation? Why is a sheriff officer behind Olivia posing and smirking for the photo op?

    Hope all goes well for everyone involved…

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Alice, this was not a photo-op, and neither the superintendent nor the deputy were posing for a picture. The image was chosen to reflect the superintendent’s obvious concern and focus that morning. The deputy is not “smirking,” but was likely caught in a brief moment of needed levity at a very tense scene. By then all students had been taken care of extremely well and the situation was under complete control. This deputy is often at some of the most wrenching scenes on Flagler’s roads, always conducting himself seriously and professionally. As with other responders at such scenes, occasional jokes are exchanged to break tension and deal with otherwise very difficult situations. It isn’t fair to judge, and in this case severely misjudge, a snap moment by so clearly misunderstanding the context.

  42. Just saying says:

    There is no need to be pointing fingers at either party, what’s done is done, all are equally devastated right now, this “texting” or she didn’t put on her blinker nonsense is frightening, what we should be doing is praying for all involved in this acciident. And to be quite blunt, it could have been either persons fault, but we know both will be losing much. I hope for a speedy recovery, and also wish Brian’s family and himself a piece of mind. And also that the children on that school bus are going to pull through the tragedy they witnessed. Accidents suck, we all need to make a conscious effort to prevent them from happening.

    • yoursonylmine says:

      whats done is done? it could of been either persons fault? in a accident if your hit from the rear your never at fault. do you see the damage of the back of the car? how fast do you have to be traveling to create that much damage? the mazda driver is passing a father lost a child a mother lost a child a husband lost a wife a son lost a mother. brian is alive he lost a car.

      • Don't be quick to judge says:

        So not true! Many people get rear ended for stupid mistakes! I’m sorry short stops , failure to put on blinkers, stupid moves like bouncing right before turning left as if they are driving a tractor trailer! I say this should be like Russia dash cams ! We would know how it happened really quick

  43. MHS Student says:

    The “little boy” that helped other students get off the bus and checked on everyone is a close friend of mine.

  44. Mckenzie says:

    As a personal friend of mine, I have to comment.
    None of you know the 19 year old driver.
    Everything that happened has been such a tradegy but this massacre that’s happening… He built that car, piece by piece on his own dime. He respected that car and all the horse power equipped with it. He is one of the safest and alert drivers that I know. Never has he EVER raced that car on any street, which if you are apart of the “Palm Coast Car Meets” you would understand how frustrating that fact is some other car lovers. Everyone needs to understand this was an accident, he would never text and drive, he would never initially hurt someone. And he would never do anything on purpose to destroy something he poured his heat and soul into.

    I think you all need some humanity.
    How about stop pointing fingers and making accusations that aren’t even close to true. Put your fingers down. And put your hands together in prayer. Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone suffers consequences. But a public stoning of his character (while roping him into stereotypes) is far from what needs to happen here.

    Everyone needs to pray.

    Shut up and pray.

    • Kimberly says:

      Is that why he has pictures on facebook of him taking pictures out the window with a gopro not paying attention what so ever? What a joke. I work with Elisa at Dunkin donuts and I saw her 15 minutes before this accident happened. She’s the sweetest girl in the world and she’s has entirely too much to live for to go this soon. I hope the driver that you’re defending loses sleep at night and gets what he deserves. Poor Elisa who doesn’t get to defend herself because of the condition she’s in because of that kid who wants to take pictures or drive like a fool. What a joke.

      • New to Palm Coas says:

        Omg you are right, I looked at his facebook page and he is taking selfies while driving. This is so terrible what has happened to this beautiful girl

  45. confidential says:

    Our deputies need to really patrol around here…as I already brought the subject of young drivers roaring their engines and speeding in Palm Coast Parkway too specially weekends starting on Friday about 6PM. So I figure they do the same all around Palm Coast! Total disregard for human life and or wildlife around them!

  46. New to Palm Coas says:

    I moved to Palm Coast over a year ago and in that short time, have been run off the road while walking with my baby in a stroller, was almost hit by a car with a woman driver who was texting, My husband, while going the speed limit on Whiteview towards Pine Grove, was passed by a speeding car after he came up on our bumper beeping at us like crazy, then cursed at us as he drove by. If I could get my hands on that scum I would have made him shit his pants. I constantly see people texting while driving. It is not safe to drive or walk in Palm Coast and I am already thinking of selling our house and moving.

  47. Derrik says:

    “Everyone needs to understand this was an accident”
    Definition of ACCIDENT
    : an unfortunate event resulting from carelessness, unawareness, ignorance, or a combination of causes
    : an unexpected bodily event of medical importance especially when injurious
    : an unexpected happening causing loss or injury which is not due to any fault or misconduct on the part of the person injured but for which legal relief may be soug

  48. Bobbie says:

    I know most of the Deputies shown in the photos and none of them find this the least bit funny, nor any other horrible situation they face every day. Most of them know the victim. You don’t know why the officers are smiling so do not judge!! It is certainly not because of the accident How do you know someone didn’t tell a joke, how do you know they are not happy that their own children were not involved, how do you know that is the way they deal with grief…. You don’t! Focus on the injured and at fault and not the officers who respond to these horrific accidents/situations every day. Palm Coast is not the sleepy little town everyone assumes it is and these guys see and deal with a lot!

  49. Tyrone Williams says:

    Best you be payin’ attennttion on the road becasue yall can get in a reck but quick .
    There be driver’s texting and reading the morning paper when driving they car .
    When is somebody gona do somrthing abourt these bad drivers ?

  50. Observer of facts says:

    Let’s begin, young waman driving just drove down from Massachusetts ? It’s 7 am driving all night , she would be awfully tired. I’ve done the drive from NYC to Palm coast it’s straight 13-14 hours… Driving all night she must of been very tired … Judging from the pictures it’s a driver side impact from Brian the 19 year old and judging from the tire marks on the road there was hesitation from the driver who was hit by the bus. There is a swerve right than a pulling impact by the bus left which caused her to suffer great trauma. This seems like the 19 year old was trying to go around the young Mazda driver and she must of made a rapid movement or stop . No matter how much distance the Subaru driver would of given the tired hesitant driver she still made poor judgment and turned her tires left , even if it was 2 inches the fast bust would of pounded into her. I am a very experienced driver over 200000k miles under my belt and I have to say the young lady made a lot of bad decisions and a young kid is being pinned for very obvious poor judgment on the Mazda driver. I wish she can recover and young drivers can understand they need to slow down. I have a rule as a driver watch what is ahead and behind me! I am reading so many awful comments on this poor kid and all I say people look at the evidence and how the Mazda is dameged. Let’s not forget to see her car is heavily butchered the tires /wheels are not the correct size for the car. The hood is replaced obviously from a previous accident. All I am saying is there is a lot of coincidences and bad timing involved in this awful accident.
    Brian I hope this does not discourage you as a driver. I see what happened here no matter what her family is posting all over the feed. Block your social media from unknown viewers and you know what happened! Let’s hear your side of the story

    • Rest Peacefully says:

      You’re obviously not that great of an observer. She was driving home from work at Dunkin Donuts. She lived around the corner from me. Sad for all parties involved.

    • Um. No. says:

      Reread the story and check your facts. She had just gotten out of work at Dunkin Donuts. Her FAMILY was driving down to say goodbye before she died. Brian is fine, and sure, it may have been an accident, but it is an accident that could have been avoided if he were paying better attention, and is an accident that he is liable for. Yeah, poor kid, he has to live with killing someone. But SHE is the one who died because HE plowed into her.

    • Lisa M says:

      Elisa was not driving down from Massachusetts before the accident happened. Can you read? Her family drove down after the accident from Massachusetts to be with her. Your claims to be the ‘observer of facts’ but seem to have disregarded all of the from the police report. Blaming the victim to cover for your buddy.

    • Ray Thorne says:

      You obviously are an “observer of” nothing. …read the article, she just got off work. Its her family driving down from Mass. From your first sentence your comment is ridiculous. Sad to hear she passed.

    • Ray Thorne says:

      Thank you for offering your crash reconstruction expertise and obvious extra sensory perception (ESP). Law Enforcement could surely use someone like you next time they want to get it all wrong.

    • Candice says:

      Let me stop you at your very first sentence.. she WAS NOT driving from Massachusetts. She was driving from Dunkin Donuts, 5 miles from where she lived in the R section. Your ENTIRE argument is so flawed. The 19 year didn’t hit her on the drivers side.. she wasn’t hit on the drivers side at all. She was REAR ENDED by the 19 year old, which caused the car to be pushed into oncoming traffic, and THEN was hit on the PASSENGER side by the bus. Before you make an argument based on being an “observer of facts”, please make sure you’re reading the facts correctly.

    • William says:

      She wasn’t coming from Massachusetts. She was coming home from work. She works overnight at Dunkin. She was turning on Ravenwood and she lives two streets away. She knows where she lives, she makes the same turn everyday after work. I highly doubt she’d make a quick stop like you’re claiming. Get your facts straight

    • No Way says:

      Where does it say she just drove in from Massachusetts? The article says she just got off work. You make quite a few assumptions based on incomplete photos. Seems to me you are looking to put blame on the young girl that was rear ended. Ladt time i chexked, that’s a 2-lane road and there would be no room for him to pass her. However, none of us know exactly what happened, and we don’t have the information to do accident reconstruction, nor the skills. Let’s see how this plays out with a proper investigation by the people with more skills and information than we have.

    • Anon says:

      Observer of facts did not observe as closely as he/she thought. The girl was not driving from Massachusetts, she lives local and was driving from work. Her parents were driving from Massachusetts to say good-bye to their daughter.

    • Outsider says:

      Geez, so much good information to ponder here; thank you for the enlightenment.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sir or madam are a dumb ass.

  51. Sierra says:

    Everyone needs to stop attacking the 19 year old kid, it was an accident and we’ve all been in them it just so happens that his is bigger than most and that’ he’ll have to live with what happened everyday. This whole situation is very sad but I’m proud as a former buddy taylor student tbat everyone came together like this

    • Cass says:

      I agree with you on this. Everyone is so quick to point fingers and judge even though they weren’t there when it happened. Everyone just needs to wait for official information on it. that is all.

  52. NubianQueen says:

    Unfortunately, my friend Elisa is no longer living. She had sustained brain damaged and has passed away. I hope this is a lesson for all drivers – young & old ; DO NOT distract yourself from driving. Now, her family has lost a loved one, many of her friends lost a GREAT friend & her fiancee and son now have to bury their soon to be wife/mother. Shame on it all. Rest In Peace Elisa! All the way from MASSACHUSETTS; WE LOVE YOU*

  53. Kimberly says:

    Rest in peace Elisa. Gone way too young. We will miss you forever in our hearts.

    You’ll always be one of our Dunkin sisters

  54. New to Palm Coast says:

    she passed away :'(

  55. Ms. Ty says:

    WoW lost for words R.I.P Elisamarie you will be missed…… please pray for strength and closure for the family. She was such an loving and caring young lady. I’m going to miss seeing her every morning!

  56. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to this beautiful young woman’s family. It’s a loss no one should have to endure.

  57. Nikia says:

    My God wrap his love around this family at keep an army of angels around her son. I pray for strength and healing for all involved including the 19 year old boy who will have this with him forever.

  58. A Mom says:

    So sad. Rest in peace, Elisa. Saying prayers for everyone.

  59. Kimberly says:

    What do you mean drove from Massachusetts? She just got off work. How could any of this be Elisa’s fault? It’s not and now she’s passed away and left a whole crowd of people behind that would defend her up and down. Step back and realize who the real victim was.

  60. Anon says:

    whether girl stopped fast or not he failed to stop…this happens with people who tailgait. You are not going to get anywhere any faster by riding someone’s butt except a hospital visit or a morgue. Slow it down people, parents teach your kids to stay a safe distance while driving and while stopped. There are people out there who travel with pool chemicals in their car (me being one of those people). There are people on oxygen that are in cars…what a mess that could be if hit by people who just love to ride your butt. Slow it down….stay back and be respectful of other people on the road. There is a law against tailgatiting….maybe our law enforcement officers need to start pulling people over for it. And parents, if you teach your kids to tailgait be prepared for double the damage if they get rear ended when they are sitting on other people’s butt…you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  61. Bethechange says:

    Prayers for peace to all who loved or knew Elisa :(. Sounds like she was a beautiful person. So sad for you all. Honor her memory by always speaking her name: Elisa

  62. Anonymous says:

    I hope Brian is okay even though he is the one who caused the wreck he was a good friend of mine

  63. Outsider says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this young woman’s family. She was obviously a responsible, hardworking young lady trying to support her son. I am so sorry for your loss.

  64. Michael says:

    @ Observer of facts, you sir are not an observer of facts, actually you are just trying to justify the 19 year old who caused the accident. There is no passing on the right, especially when there is no shoulder at all. You assume she was tired, even if she was that has zero bearing on this incident, she was in the correct position until she was rear ended. Yes her mistake was to ahve her wheels turned before actually turning. Your assumptions about the tires are taken from what? a picture from a distance? I have been investigating accidents for over thirty years, this is clearly the fault of the car that rear ended the Mazda period

    • Debra McConnell says:

      Thank you for this sir. I am very dear friends of Elisa’s mother and aunt. I am the person that has started the fundraiser. I can’t thank you enough for clearly seeing what needed to be said.

      Debra McConnell

  65. John says:

    I hope Flagler live will follow thru with this article and report what charges will be filed against the driver.

  66. Alyssa says:

    You all need to stop blaming her for the accident when it was the kid that caused it. Look at the damn evidence. She was trying to turn on Ravenswood when he rearended her and rearending her. It is his fault, not hers. Stop blaming her for the accident. You all are so quick to judge the one that was in critical condition when she was following traffic laws. What is wrong with you people? You all need to get your eyes checked and look at who is really to blame. Why would do something like that when she has a family to care for? You all are just sick to blame Elisa.

  67. confidential says:

    Stop victimizing the victim by assuming or accusing her of waiting to make a turn with her wheels turned or that she forgot to put her turning light or that she didn’t have break lights!! The only perpetrator here is the driver that hit Elise from behind and at a high rate of speed that would have even propel her car on any direction with the force of the impact with wheels turned or straight! Sorry but we can continuo let this young criminals at the steering wheel on the loose. I see too many of them roaring their engines at a high rate of speed calling attention and ignoring our city posted limits endangering every one’s lives around!

  68. bobby says:

    to brian: that car is well over 300 hp it comes with around 293hp stock and yes it is turbo charged but i imagine it had more then stock because i know he had upgrade

  69. Sceptic says:

    I don’t know either people and it’s sad that two young people’s lives are ruined. This is that example story our parents warn us about. Bottom line here is both kids lives ended on this day. One perished and one needs to live a life of sorrow with this awful memory. I understand people can be very upset at the death of the young lady but it’s an accident… What if the kid who rear ended her was a 91 year old woman? And the school bus was an inmate charter bus? That changes everything right? People are pathetic stalking the poor kids Facebook , this type of behavior is the exact behavior people fear. I don’t wish this on anybody . Let’s move forward

    • Anonymous says:

      That was my daughter she was stopped taking a left turn and the idiot didn’t even stop she had just got off of work in florida where she lived to go home to her family she was right around the corner from where she lived what is wrong with you people my baby girl is gone cause of this. your roads are so damn big how is there so many accidents there. I am not going to say god be with you cause I don’t believe in it my little girl is gone and a lot of you think you know what happened you were not there so stop trying to figure it out . I saw the pictures and clearly he was in the wrong let my baby rest in peace!!!!!!! I thank the ones who stuck of for my baby. a mothers rage in mass will never forgive this

  70. Jay says:

    Obviously that young man did not have his vehicle under control, for whatever reason. It is unfortunate because a young girl is dead because of it. When driving, you need to pay attention because an accident can happen in a split second. My condolences to the family.

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