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Man Is Shot and Wounded Near MLK Blvd. And S. Cherry in Bunnell, Suspect Still at Large

| July 23, 2014

The area of South Cherry and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Bunnell where the shooting took place.

The area of South Cherry and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Bunnell where the shooting took place.

Last Updated: 9:50 p.m.

A man was shot just after 8 p.m. tonight (July 23) in the area of Martin Luther King Blvd. and South Cherry Street in South Bunnell, the city’s police chief, Tom Foster, said this evening. Authorities are investigating.

The shooting was not fatal: Flagler County Fire Rescue personnel transported the victim to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach. He was shot in the leg. The suspect is reportedly a 24-year-old resident of Seventh Street in Bunnell, who has been arrested several times on a variety of mostly minor charges, but Foster could not confirm the suspect’s identity.

The shooting took place in “a little area where individuals congregate,” Foster said. “A black male rode up on a bike, pulled out a gun, started firing shots. A black male bystander was shot in the leg, several vehicles were also shot. The subject was transported to Halifax hospital” with non-life-threatening injuries, the chief said.

The shooting was carried out “with a small-caliber weapon,” Foster said. “The suspect fled the scene.”

“We’re in the midst of the investigation,” Foster said, with officers “trying to get statements from people,” but cooperation was not immediate.

The victim’s first name is Maurice. His last name had not been confirmed by authorities, but is believed to be Smith.

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16 Responses for “Man Is Shot and Wounded Near MLK Blvd. And S. Cherry in Bunnell, Suspect Still at Large”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    When is this violence going to stop. If they woul turn their life over to God, then all of the unnecessary foolishness wouldn’t be happening…

    • d j says:

      @ concerned citizen you are correct..but truth be told all of the foolishness that’s happening its just a cycle that is being potrayed by their parents and sibiling I guess its gonna take the weed and seed program that Daytona p d used and was quite successful.but if the bunnell p d is going to ever get a handle on crime in south side bunnell the chief needs to show his officer some peoples skills.those officer will ride right by you and will not speak that right there is a problem as to why the thugs in bunnell does not respect those officer

      • Missty says:

        Dj I think you are correct, when I was young I looked up to a couple officers that were always around my neighborhood.. Bunnell isn’t that big, they should know alot of the residents and locals…it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      ,,,because that’s worked so well in the Middle East.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Open your eyes. Violence is in the DNA of humanity and will be with us till the end of our species. Violence is our birthright.

  3. Seminole Pride says:

    The Bunnell Housing Authority Projects was such a peaceful quite neighborhood. What happened ? Just like the “R” and “P” section of Palm Coast it’s becoming a violent. The Flagler County Sheriff Dept. Public Service Division needs to step up and introduce some crime safety programs to these troubled neighborhoods, especially during the Summer. I remember being a volunteer at Carver Gym and the City Hall, but nobody wants to get involved with our young people anymore. Very sad..

    • NortonSmitty says:

      It’s no big mystery, THERE ARE NO JOBS for these people! A friend of mine runs a valet parking service in Orlando. He has thousands of applications for every opening, almost half of them with College degrees! To park cars! So where are the Bunnell men going to go for a job? They are going to become Capitalists like all good Americans and buy something for $10 and sell it for $20 just like anybody else.
      Unfortunately, the only market the have access to is illegal. Add in a few beers and the underlying frustration and there is no cosmic question why there is Trouble in Bunnell City my friends.

      • Lt Dan says:

        You think its bad now. Just wait till the government reduces the amount of Welfare, Food stamps, Housing, cell phones, WIC, and all the other poor people entitlements next year

        Can you say RIOTS ? I know you can.

      • The Geode says:

        Bunnell, is the “trouble zone” of Flagler County? Come on, man. I know most associate “Bunnell” with “Black” even though Whites out number them – but, I digress…
        Palm Coast have had FAR more shootings, drug arrest and Flagler Beach have had more murders but people tend to link “Bunnell” with crime and degradation. If there is NO question for the trouble in Bunnell, please explain why the OTHER parts of Flagler County are worse. Heck. Even Mondex have had more crime than Bunnell and it is only 5 blocks big!

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Thank u The Geode… Everyone singles out “BUNNELL”.. Those other places have crime and u never hear about it too much.. There is crime everywhere u go….Bunnell is singled out because they are the “BLACK RACE”… It’s time for a change to come…there are a lot of good descent friendly people in Bunnell….people know who to hang out with and who not to hang out with…but that’s not just in the black community… It’s in all states, big or small. I think if there were jobs around it would stop a lot if violence, because they sould be too tired to hang out. If I had the money to start a business, I would and I would hire a lot if them and teach them how to do the type of work I do…so in the mean time I’ll just keep praying for our town and all the people…

  4. Howard Beale says:

    Maybe someone was just “standing their ground.”
    The Bunnellian Castle Doctrine.

    I like Bunnell.

  5. Joe Joe says:

    Some of you really need to get out more…

  6. Outsider says:

    I don’t know what the crime rate is in any of these areas, but there is definitely more violence, drugs, and shootings in Palm Coast, particularly in the P and R areas. The reason for all this is that Palm Coast was originally envisioned as a retirement community. Retired folks don’t need to worry about jobs and industry because they are, well, retired. They have their savings and all they need are restaurants and shopping. The place went downhill when they tried to make it a place to live for everyone. For a while, everyone flourished on the housing boom and things were good. When the crash occurred, all these families that moved here realized there was no industrial base, and therefore no jobs. So…..the good people were replaced with the dregs of society resulting in the crime wave, which is generally not an attraction for folks looking for a place to retire.


    This is simple… i am not only speaking of Bunnell, but also Palm Coast. Our Judicial System needs to come down with more of an “Iron Fist”… most of thses poeple committing crimes have been in and out of the system many times. They know that they can get arrested and be back out on the street in weeks if not days. If we start making examples and crack down. This would minimize alot of what is going on.

  8. leave PC alone says:

    This is a true incident thats being reported on..almost every comment on here is talking bout flagler and palm coast r and p section. What happened in this article, happened in BUNNELL.
    My personal opinion, probably bunch of people drinking, smoking herb on the streets and probably had to do with either drugs or a woman. The stereo typical stuff glamorized on tv by are youth today.

  9. The Geode says:

    Again. I will Defend “Bunnell”. I was born there . Grew up there. Probably die there. Most of the people there ARE good and decent people. There really isn’t much racism because we have known each other and our children have known each other their whole lives. Look at the park and see ALL race of kids and parents mingling, smiling and getting along. Palm Coast is becoming a mish-mosh of “dregs”, “poor foreigners” and anybody else who qualifies for section-8 or have $650.00 for a deposit on a duplex. In Bunnell, everybody seems to respect everybody. (until somebody gets shot in the ass with a .25)

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