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Jared Parkey, Flagler Firefighter Shot in Road Rage Incident, Sentenced to 2 Years’ Probation

| October 28, 2014

Jared Parkey, in the first row to the right, was at the sentencing of his assailant, Nathaniel Juartovac, last January. Days later, Parkey was charged with a felony. (© FlaglerLive)

Jared Parkey, in the first row to the right, was at the sentencing of his assailant, Nathaniel Juartovac, last January. Days later, Parkey was charged with a felony. (© FlaglerLive)

Jared Parkey, the 31-year-old Flagler County firefighter accused of throwing a deadly missile at a car in a road-rage incident–a felony–pleaded to two misdemeanor charges in a St. Augustine courtroom this morning, and was sentenced to two years’ probation.

The incident took place during a road confrontation with ex-Flagler Beach cop Nathaniel Juratovac, who in March 2013 twice shot and wounded Parkey, who was unarmed, after the two had pafrked their cars on the side of U.S. 1 in St. Johns County. Both men had their wives and a child in their respective cars. Juratovac, whose wife is a deputy with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, was charged with attempted murder. He was sentenced to four years in prison, an unusually light sentence for the crime. Days after that proceeding, in another odd wrinkle to the case, Parkey was charged with the felony.

He pleaded down to simple battery and criminal mischief. According to the News-Journal’s Tony Holt, who first reported the conviction this morning from St. Augustine, Parkey’s driver’s license is suspended for 30 days, but that won’t affect his right to drive to or for work. And he will have to deliver five talks to students about the dangers of road rage, and pay $8,000 in restitution for damages to both vehicles involved in the incident, including his own.

“I Just got off the phone with him,” Flagler County Fire Chief Don Petito said this morning. “He pled down to misdemeanor charges, he’s able to keep his license for work, so as far as the county is concerned he’s an employee in good standing and he will remain that way.” Parkey is a firefighter-paramedic. “He does a lot of our water rescue and technical rescues, drives a ladder truck, a tanker, and he’s very active in all the aspects of fire rescue.”

“He’s an excellent employee, comes to work every time, does his job, does extra, never had any incidents where he had to be written up,” Petito said. “He’s happy it’s over. Now he can get on with his life now that the court is over.”

The previous story is below.

Jared Parkey, Flagler Firefighter Involved in Road Rage Incident, Faces Felony Charge

February 15, 2014–Jared Parkey, the 31-year-old Flagler County firefighter twice shot in a road rage incident on U.S. 1 by an ex-Flagler Beach cop last year, was charged with a second-degree felony for throwing a water bottle at the ex-cop’s car during the incident.

The ex-cop, Nathaniel Juratovac, was sentenced to four years in prison last month as Parkey watched the proceedings with his wife, among a sparse audience.

Parkey, a resident of St. Augustine, turned himself in at the Putnam County jail on Thursday on a warrant issued by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, and was released on $5,000 bond. Parkey reported to work at Flagler County Fire Rescue the next day.

The Sheriff’s Office filed the charge against Parkey almost a year after the March 2012 incident on U.S. 1. The extent of the delay is unusual, though the case has been overlaid with with idiosyncrasies and surprises from its origins.

The charge, throwing a missile at a car, is punishable by up to 15 years in prison if it leads to a conviction, raising the extraordinary possibility that Parkey could face a harsher punishment than the man who shot him. Parkey was unarmed when he was shot on the side of the road after he and Juratovac had tangled with their cars on the highway. Both men had a wife and daughter in their vehicles at the time of the confrontation.

Juratovac’s wife is a St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputy in good standing. She was at her husband’s sentencing, where her husband showed no contrition for shooting Parkey, and said he was acting in defense of his family. Circuit Court Judge J. Michael Traynor pointedly laid the blame for the road rage incident and its outcome on both men. “We wouldn’t be in this situation today if two people hadn’t acted irresponsibly and recklessly on the highway,” Traynor said.

The March 29, 2013, incident unfolded just north of the Flagler-St. Johns County line. Both families were driving north. Parkey was returning from a vacation in South Florida. Juratrovac had been house-hunting. The two men began dueling on the highway, break-checking and playing chicken, according to witnesses, leading up to Parkey’s throwing of a water jug at Juratovac’s car. Juratovac’s and Parkey’s car then bumped each other. The men quickly swerved and parked on the shoulder, where Juratovac rapidly took his .45-caliber gun out of the glove box, walked out, and shot Parkey twice (Parkey had also gotten out of his car).

Juratovac was charged with attempted murder and initially pleaded not guilty, then agreed to plea to the 51-month prison term, with credit for time served at the St. Johns County jail.

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27 Responses for “Jared Parkey, Flagler Firefighter Shot in Road Rage Incident, Sentenced to 2 Years’ Probation”

  1. Nancy N. says:

    Knowing what I know about justice (or the lack of it) in St John’s County, this doesn’t surprise me at all. If you cross anyone even remotely associated with the justice system up there, they will get you.

  2. A.S.F. says:

    Although what he did was dangerous and incredibly stupid, if Mr. Parkey gets more time than Mr. Juratovac, there is no justice.

  3. Mary Cannady says:

    Two grown men acting like little kids in a playground. Could have been even more tragic.

  4. Bethechange says:

    I’d say getting shot was punishment enough.

    • Moe Syzlak says:

      So his law violation just gets overlooked? His stupid decision that helped escalate an incident into a shooting should just go away? I say lock both of them up. I can’t even call them men, So two boys want to prove who’s a bigger tough guy and in doing so put their families lives and the publics lives at risk. What if that bullet missed its target and killed some innocent passer by? Maybe one of your family members? I’m guessing by your comment your a friend or family member of his.

  5. FL Reader says:

    Following this case closely for nearly a year now and witnessing the corruption involved that has resulted in the victim being treated as a criminal, I am reminded of the numerous FDLE investigations into corruption and misconduct in St Johns County Sheriff’s dept during the 16 years I’ve been a resident of St Johns County. Do we now live in a Middle Eastern society where often the victim is made out to be the criminal? It scares me to live in this county now.
    How is it that Juratovac’s wife is still in good standing at the Sheriff’s dept? She was in the car with her crazed husband at the time of the incident and as an officer of the law could have and should have stopped her husband as her went for his gun. Obviously, another example of corruption and prefferential treatment in the Sheriff’s dept.

  6. Rick says:

    “….no justice.”? More like no dam sense by any means, no matter how one might observe it.
    How can a water jug thrown out of a vehicle possibly begin to be compared to a firearm….discharged no less?
    Really, think about it, a vehicle struck by a water jug vs. a human being intentionally shot, twice at that. Personally I’d rather a water jug be thrown at my car way before being shot.
    Looks like I should start carrying a firearm with me while walking around town, as oppose to a water jug. Less lethal?? Certainly less punishment by looks of the judicial system.

  7. confidential says:

    Just ridiculous to say the least…for a bottle of water 15 years? No justice!
    Reading Nancy’s words above makes me also recall that our State Attorney has also deep roots in St. John County.

  8. Shaquandaesha says:

    My recommendation is that neither of these fellas get jail time. I think that Juratovac should get an opportunity to throw a water bottle at Parkey. Then Parkey should be allowed to fire two rounds at Juratovac.

  9. Just an observation says:

    I think that he should be charged.No matter what, he was the first person to throw a jug of water out of his car. What if you were driving nearby? What if he missed his target and hit your car. Both of these men had children in the car, this mans actions, driven by road rage could have easily killed innocent victims. He should be punished.

    • Moe Syzlak says:

      Amen brother

    • truth monitor says:

      @”observation”. I have been reviewing my copies of comments that were posted of this very sad incident. I recently posted that this case was far from over and that proved accurate. FlaglerLive has a very liberal policy and have done an excellent job in their policies regarding comments. What bothers me are the comments that were made regarding Mr. Juratovac that were not substantiated with any proof. I fly off the handle at times but I would never verbally attack anyone just to make a comment.
      The internet is a very powerful tool that could be used to destroy the lives of anyone without having any fact’s. At times the comments made regarding Mr. Juratovac were baseless and ignorant. I suggest that people should read other sources to back up their comments. May I suggest the Daytona Beach Journal as an additional source of fact’s. It’s not that FlaglerLive is not an excellent paper. But there are other source’s that have the same credibility. From the start I knew that Mr. Parkey had more of a hand in this incident and was doing everything possible to not expose him nor his wife to be candid. A jug of water when used properly has the capability to kill. Mr.Parkey chased Mr. Juratovac down and escalated this incident. I don’t believe that Jared will get the same punishment but he has to be punished and not let him skipping freely down the sidewalk. Mr. Parkey you need to be punished because YOU instigated this entire tragic situation. I am truly sorry that you were shot. But what did YOU do to mitigated the circumstances.

      • FL Reader says:

        Truth monitor: there’s nothing “truthful” about your monitoring in the slightest. I assure you thaT several of the facts the News-Journal reported last week are inaccurate, including the sequence of events, the nature and location and severity of the injuries the victim sustained, and the duration of the victim’s physical recovery. You and the ignorant public have no idea of the true facts. Do your research before you speak and judge as well. Parkey is a fine person, an amazing father and great husband. We all get angry at some point. Give this guy a break! Put yourself in the same position and ask yourself how you would feel if it were you.

        Regarding Juratovac and his shady history, all you have to do is read the public record to confirm his long history of misconduct and tangling with legal issues. He has a history of misconduct, multiple charges that were mysteriously dismissed, and at least two instances of being forced out of a security or police officer job due to shady behavior. That is not speculation. That is fact as I’m sure you know. All you have to do is read his documented legal history, hear him speak, or look into his evil eyes to know he’s a hot head ready to to blow and harm others.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just an observation: please dont blindly follow the media. Statements in this article and in the Daytona newspaper are not stated in correct sequence. The jug was not thrown first. Read the details on record to learn the facts and then draw yur own conclusions.
      A half empty water jug is far different than a gun deliberately fired at an unarmed victim. And why wasn’t the shooter charged with two additional counts of attempted murder for firing one shot into the side of Parkey’s vehicle at head level with his baby’s car seat and his wife sitting beside the baby!?!?! This case is riddled with corruption and bias!!

  10. confidential says:

    It is becoming very scary, how they interpret justice in Florida!

    • just saying says:

      They were both in the wrong, they both will most likely get plead down. It works out and there were consequences for everyone involved invoked by the state and not in private (revenge).

  11. Reaganomicon says:

    I think the question that everyone is waiting to be answered is whether or not he’ll get fistbump and a pat on the back from the cops that send him off the jail like Juratovac did.

  12. says:

    bottom line , complete idiots, both of them, children are hurt, wives are hurt, extended families are hurt over what ? both of them ought to serve time

    • My hero says:

      NOBODY really knows what happened that evening. A man standing from a distance standing in a police stance pointing a gun at your loved one and your family is engraved in your memory forever. Would a water jug be? I don’t think so. While throwing anything out of a vehicle is dangerous, it caused no damage. Being run off the road on purpose is. The only reason Parkey is getting charged with anything is because of Mr. Juratovac’s wife. “I’m going to hold you to your promise Russ”. Those who were in that court room at the sentencing heard it loud and clear. St John’s is corrupt.

      • Anonymous says:

        My Hero – very well said! St Johns IS corrupt. Clearly a pact was made between the DA and Juratovac’s wife, a St Johns County Sheriff’s deputy. The statement Juratovac’s wife made in the court room during Juratovac’s sentencing is on court records and has many witnesses who were in the court room that day. Her statements have also been quoted in several newspapers throughout the state. How can the public allow this corruption to occur? Stand up people and defend this victim’s rights as well as your own!

  13. Anonymous says:

    The State of Florida is beginning to resemble the “Dukes of Hazzard” more and more everyday.

  14. Matt Miller says:

    These charges make me ashamed to be a resident of this state. So an ex-cop with a questionable background who attempted to murder an upstanding citizen- not to mention public servant- is sentenced to two years?? Now Parkey, a firefighter with a clean background is charged with a felony and possible 15-year sentence for throwing a water bottle??? This must be some kind of sick joke! Situations like this are why no one in this state has any respect for law enforcement. This incident just goes to show the complete disregard and lack of respect law enforcement has for the very people they are supposed to ‘protect and serve.’ This case should be thrown out at the least, and I think Mr. Parkey should get a public apology from the DA for even being brought in on charges. I guess I will be doing some research into this mickey-mouse sheriff, attorneys, and politicians surrounding this event so I can vote differently next election- hopefully we all can do the same. This type of corruption cannot be allowed to stand, and I’ll gladly volunteer or take part in whatever action anybody organizes to help get this overturned- whether it be writing letters to the Governor, Congressmen, or even protesting this corrupt police department. If anyone has any ideas, just let me know. This is a sad day for justice in Florida, and if you are wearing a badge right now, YOU should be ashamed of your so-called “brothers.”

  15. ryan says:

    This is what happens when asses play road games and can’t just get out of the way and let someone pass. It seems to be all about winning and people in this town act like it is an insult to be passed on the road or by passing someone on the road you might as well have cut in front of them in line at the grocery store.

  16. miller54z says:

    This action by the St. John’s County Sheriffs Office is appalling, and I am ashamed right now to even be a resident of Florida. So a former St. Johns Officer (with a well documented shady past and a reputation for being a hot head) shoots a guy down in cold blood and only receives 4 years for attempted murder?? And an upstanding Firefighter with a clean past and no record is facing a felony and twenty years for throwing a water bottle?!? What a joke!!! The corruption surrounding this department is incredible! Mr. Parkey should receive a public apology from the DA for even being brought in on this bogus charge. The injustice here is completely absurd. This guy was a ‘former’ Officer for a reason. It’s a sad day in this country when the police will bend the justice system to protect one of their own while trying to destroy the life of another citizen (and public servant) for something as small as tossing a water bottle, which caused no damage or harm to anyone involved. I think its time to make a stand as citizens. We at least need to vote out these corrupt county officials in the next election.

    • truth monitor says:

      The ex cop never worked for St. Johns County. I believe the water jug thrown could have caused serious consequences if it hit the driver. It is classified as a deadly missile. Could you clarify what is a shady past and reputation as a hot head means. Please state where you got the facts to past judgement on Mr. Juratovac. Your comment is baseless about his past. Please write where you got your reference on Mr. Juratovac. If you were there at the scene and were an eyewitness to this horrible situation I would credit your comment with dignity. Your words are so hateful and unsubstantiated I ponder your true motive!

  17. miller54z says:

    How’s this for “shady:” From the Orlando Sentinel-
    “Officer charged in Tanner case
    Authorities say Nathaniel Juratovac lied in reports about disputed arrests.
    December 19, 2006|By Kristen Reed, Sentinel Staff Writer
    Authorities arrested the police officer who twice jailed State Attorney John Tanner’s daughter, charging that the officer lied on official reports and during a court hearing concerning one of those arrests.
    Flagler Beach police Officer Nathaniel Juratovac arrested Lisa Tanner in March and November last year. In both cases, the misdemeanor charges against her eventually were dropped, but the courts are still sorting through the tangled web of accusations and investigations the cases spawned.
    After the March arrest, Lisa Tanner was placed in a restraint chair at the Flagler County Jail, and two jail deputies still face charges of abuse. Her father later led an investigation into other claims of mistreatment at the jail, but now is being investigated himself for possible prosecutorial misconduct after some claimed he was on a personal vendetta.
    Meanwhile, Juratovac’s actions have faced scrutiny after a grand jury said in May he was simply “not believable” and urged prosecutors to refuse to use his testimony and dismiss all cases based solely on his statements.
    He has been under investigation for several months, and a private investigator hired by the Flagler Beach Police Department found that Juratovac lied during his testimony in court and made false statements on two police reports regarding Lisa Tanner’s November arrest on charges of battery on a law-enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and obstruction of justice, court records show.
    Last week, a prosecutor assigned by the governor to investigate Lisa Tanner’s arrests formally charged Juratovac with felony perjury and falsifying an official record, a misdemeanor. Juratovac faces up to five years in prison if convicted on the felony charge.
    He was arrested Friday by deputy sheriffs in St. Johns County, where he lives, and booked into jail there Friday. He was released after posting $500 bail, jail officials said.”

    You are right about one thing, though- he used to work in Flagler County, where I live!

  18. confidential says:

    Hey monitor…do you forget the Jurotavac incident while serving as a police officer in Flagler Beach and the relentless harassment he inflicted to the former DA daughter Lisa Tanner based in personal interest,, that ended all in court and with very serious political implications for her father, that promoted the election of the current DA? What about if that bottle of water thrown to Jurotavac’s car, was in self defense of his family and himself by the firefighter? .A good lawyer with no ties to the current DA in defense for Mr. Parkey and “real justice” should prevail. Good old boy political pressure needs to end in Florida because promotes favoritism for dangerous criminals (Zimmerman, Dunn) and punishes the victims in monkey trials were fewer minority jurors are harassed and influenced against the victims.

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