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In an Explosive Meeting, Bunnell’s Martinez Survives, 3-2, a Rogers Motion to Fire Him

| April 22, 2013

It was a close call. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

It was a close call. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

In one of the ugliest local government meetings in recent memory, Bunnell City Manager Armando Martinez came close to getting fired Monday evening but survived on a 3-2 vote, with the unexpected support of one of his harshest former critics: Commissioner Bill Baxley, who was sworn-in earlier this month on a promise of change.

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The motion to fire Martinez was made just after 9 p.m. by Commissioner John Rogers, and seconded by Commissioner Elbert Tucker. The matter was not on the agenda. But it capped a meeting that had been building tension until then, as Baxley had previously raised a serious issue with the administration’s adherence to the city charter, Tucker had raised questions about the city’s finances and Martinez’s contract, and Rogers had called for a “vote of confidence” in the manager—a motion he withdrew to substitute his motion to fire Martinez.

The motion failed, with Rogers and Tucker in dissent, and Mayor Catherine Robinson and Commissioner Jenny Crain-Brady joining Baxley in support of Martinez.

“Now we have some fence-mending to do, because we have a diversified board, and I hope we can go forward and do the business of the city,” Robinson said around 9:30 p.m., “and do what’s right for the best interest of the city.”

But it wasn’t over. When Robinson broached the “reports” segment of the meeting, when the city clerk, the attorney and the manager present their reports, City Clerk Dan Davis stunned the audience.

Dan Davis had accepted a commendation from the mayor and the city earlier in the meeting. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Dan Davis had accepted a commendation from the mayor and the city earlier in the meeting. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

“My report is I’m giving my two weeks’ notice. I can’t work for this man. You guys can find somebody else to do this. Any city manager that’s going to ignore the code of conduct and allow his chief of police and his finance director to have a marital affair [sic.] and say he can’t do anything about it, and yet he calls himself a Christian.”

“Is this a part of your city clerk’s report?” Robinson interrupted.

“Yes this is part of my city clerk report. I’m reporting right now that I can’t work for this man, and I’m giving my two weeks’ notice.”

Robinson shuffled papers, called on the city manager and the attorney, asking them if they had any reports, but the chamber had been thrown into a scratchy silence, with murmurs here and there, and Police Chief Jeff Hoffman, who marks his first-year anniversary on the job Tuesday, in his seat in back of the room, a few feet away from Finance Director Cissy Bertha, both looking as non-plussed as many people in the room. Martinez had consulted two attorneys about the allegation, including City Attorney Sid Nowell, who advised him that the matter was private, and not an issue for the city. Commissioners had been appraised of it, too. Robinson said it was not an issue for the city as long as it did not affect city matters.

Martinez, beet-red, exchanged brief words with Davis as the meeting was breaking up. It wasn’t clear what was said. It did not appear to be kind parting words. Moments earlier, Martinez had said, just before the meeting ended: “I’d like to formally tell the clerk I accept his resignation.” The scene had taken place in front of Davis’s wife and mother, who were in the audience.

It was by then only the culmination of an hour and a half that had slouched progressively toward the inelegant and the personal as Baxley, Tucker and Rogers, each in turn, brought up their issues. Baxley’s hadn’t been personal but procedural, focusing on an interpretation of the charter and what it said about the order of succession when the manager was out of town. The commission had voted last year to formalize Martinez’s habit of appointing a department head of his choosing as acting city manager in his absence, a decision that didn’t sit well with Rogers and Tucker. With Baxter alongside them, they were able to reverse that vote and require that, as by the strict wording of the charter, the city clerk be appointed acting manager in Martinez’s absence. That vote carried unanimously, and through bitter sniping between Rogers and Robinson.

Commissioner Elbert Tu8cker had appeared uncharacteristically unprepared when he raised issues with the city manager's management. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Commissioner Elbert Tu8cker had appeared uncharacteristically unprepared when he raised issues with the city manager’s management. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

An unusually disorganized Tucker then made a motion to add a discussion of Martinez’s contract on the agenda, a motion Robinson and Crain-Brady tried unsuccessfully to fight. It was downhill from there, even after Tucker withdrew the motion when he declared that his discussion points were “getting nowhere.” Only then Rogers floated the idea of a vote of no confidence, and when that appeared ill-fated, the motion to outright fire Martinez. But unlike, say, Milissa Holland’s attempt in 2010 to fire County Manager Craig Coffey, which was preceded by a long, careful and point-by-point enumerations and documentations of issues Holland raised about Coffey’s tenure, Rogers had nothing against Martinez other than obliging the city manager in his desire to look for work closer to his family.

Along the way, Martinez mostly reclined in his seat on the dais, to the right of City Attorney Sid Nowell, intervening on several occasions in his defense, including a long defense of his administrative record and his staff’s achievements that drew on detailed accounts of grant dollars secured, departments revamped or created, and tax rates kept low.

Robinson and Crain-Brady, besides criticizing what Crain-Brady had called Rogers’s “hostility,” came to Martinez’s defense with impassioned words that—as Robinson described it—recalled managers who had moral issues, drinking issues, managerial issues, while Martinez had “none of those.” Robinson was especially forceful in rejecting the manner in which the matter was brought.

“That’s not how we do it in the city of Bunnell,” she said. “I’m embarrassed that I’m a part of that process.” She would repeat similar words after the meeting as she directly apologized to Martinez before he left.

“Every day that we have him is in our favor,” Crain-Brady said.

A stream of people eventually adding up to a dozen addressed the board as Langello did, all of them, including supporters of Rogers and Tucker, adamantly opposing the motion, and the way it arose. The speakers included former City Commissioner Daisy Henry.

“I’m losing respect, I’m losing respect, because you’re not truthful, because you’re saying one thing and doing another,” Henry said in the culmination of a lecturing declaration to the whole board, but one clearly aimed at Rogers, who had joined the rest of the board in endorsing the mayor’s glowing job performance review of the manager last year.

“I’m upset about your motion,” Mark Langello, the local developer, said, addressing Rogers directly. “We’ve had some bad city managers here. I’ve sat through five of them. We have a good one now.” Langello asked Rogers directly: what, precisely, was the problem, other than Martinez looking for work to be closer to his family? “This is ruining the harmony of the city,” Langello said. “You don’t have a good reason to do it,” he added. “This sounds like a personal thing, John.”

One voter told Rogers and Tucker that he’d voted for them, but that this motion was not in the city’s favor, and that the motion also sounded personal to him. “We are blessed to have him, and you need to keep that in mind. This can’t be personal, this can’t be special interest, it can’t be any of that,” he said. “It really stinks of that. I’m sorry. No offense, but I’m very upset about it.”

Even Jim Brown, a member of the city’s charter review commission who had spoken to the board earlier in support of Baxley’s successful motion to more strictly adhere to the charter’s wording, was critical of the Rogers motion, asking him to re-think it and concede that it had not been thought through.

John Rogers. (© FlaglerLive)

John Rogers. (© FlaglerLive)

As speaker after speaker addressed the board in defense of Martinez, the city manager’s chair straightened, as he did, his scowl was replaced with an occasional smile, a nod of the head, a discernible acknowledgement, while it was Rogers who sank further back.

Only one public speaker appeared more supportive of the Rogers-Tucker decision to bring up issues that hadn’t been placed on the agenda: Hutch King, the former Flagler County Commissioner, who was in the audience, he said, “to remember not to run again.” But it was King who had orchestrated the surprise firing of former County Administrator David Haas four days before Christmas in 2005. The matter, of course, had not been on the agenda, and carried in a 3-2 vote.

Whether to pick up pointers on what to do or what not to do, there was one Flagler County Commissioner in the audience at Monday’s meeting: Charlie Ericksen, though he’d left by the time the commission veered afoul of its agenda.

Toward the end of the public comment period Monday in Bunnell, William Patrick Rogers, who is blind, stood up, looking to speak. The microphone was brought to him–by John Rogers’s wife. William Patrick Rogers said: “I do not want Mr. Martinez to leave, I think he’s done a good job, and it hurts my feelings to know, it seems to me, I don’t know, he’s just a good man, and I do not want him to go. I’m just like that other man, I just can’t believe this board is throwing him under the bus.”

Martinez said: “Before the vote, regardless of what happens here, that’s the second time the citizens of Bunnell have come in my favor, once when I was the chief of police and now, so whatever happens, thank you and god bless you, and I love you all.”

Martinez survived the vote, and got a standing ovation from the three dozen or so people gathered in the chamber when the vote to fire him failed. It was then that Davis tendered his resignation. Earlier in the meeting, commissioners and public had applauded when Davis was awarded a certificate of appreciation.

The chamber quickly emptied as soon as the meeting was over.

Rogers, in the parking lot, would not address the way the evening had unfolded, saying he had to “process” it first. In a brief phone interview an hour later, he said: “Mr. Martinez is actively looking for a job. I think we should be proactive, and we should be looking for a new city manager to replace him.” Citizens are not totally happy or satisfied with the direction of the city, Rogers said, without specifying. “There’s concerns out there that are not being addressed. I’ve personally addressed Mr. Martinez with concerns that citizens have brought to me, and I feel as though they’re falling on deaf ears. I think I’ve taken the high road. There’s other issues going on. You heard the clerk resign tonight, and I believe his quote was I cannot work for this man.”

“I for one think that one of the department heads has too much responsibility, that he needs to lighten his load some, especially with the acquisition of Plantation Bay Utility. I brought it to Mr. Martinez’s attention several times, and he has to respond to it,” Rogers said, though that relates to managerial and administrative issues, in which commissioners are not supposed to get involved. “I just give him suggestions, he runs the day to day.”

Asked for an example of citizens’ concerns, Rogers said he would end his statement for now, describing his mind as “scrambled” after a difficult evening.

At 11:07 p.m., Davis, who is also Bunnell’s public information officer, disseminated the following statement to his media contacts, through his Bunnell city email: “I resigned as City Clerk of the City of Bunnell tonight, because I can no longer work for a man like our City Manager Armando Martinez. The citizens of Bunnell need to know that Armando was approached a couple weeks ago by our Police Chief Jeff Hoffman who admitted to having a marital affair with the Finance Director Cissy Bertha since last August. Hoffman stated they were leaving their families and were serious. Armando’s response is that it’s a personal private matter and theirs nothing he can do about it. Now think about this, your Chief of Police, who is responsible for [the] safety of our city and the Finance Director, who by the way, is in charge of millions of the cities dollars have lied to and cheated on their spouses for 8 months, yet the City Manager ‘trusts’ them in their jobs. No discipline, no demotion, no nothing. He also briefed the city commissioners on this saying he couldn’t do anything about it. Folks, the truth is, he chooses not to do anything about it.

“Make up your own minds. Do you think it’s okay for two people in leadership and decision making [positions] such as chief of police and finance director should be able to keep their jobs? Each employee is held to the employee code of conduct which states that any behavior, on or off duty that brings discredit or [embarrassment] to the City is in violation of the Code of Conduct. I ask you, if lying, cheating, and being dishonest isn’t a violation of the code, than what is? Integrity is required to handle the [city’s] finances and to lead police officers. You can’t have personal integrity and professional integrity. You either have integrity or you don’t. Yet, our city manager says “it’s a private matter.” Is that who you want as a city manager? Someone who doesn’t think their is anything wrong with two department heads having an affair. I would think the bunnell tax payers would expect better from their city manager, and from their city commission.”

It was signed Dan Davis, “Former City Clerk.”

At 6:33 the next morning, yet another email: “Davis, Dan would like to recall the message, ‘What the Citizen’s of Bunnell Need to Know’.” But it wasn’t clear if Davis himself had sent that recall, or if the Bunnell administration asked for it to be sent: the routing email was no longer the Bunnell administration’s, as it had been the previous evening, but the sheriff’s, where Bunnell has its server, and whose IT department networks its computer system.

City Manager Armando Martinez this evening, moments before a vote of confidence that placed his future in Bunnell on the line. (c FlaglerLive)

City Manager Armando Martinez this evening, moments before a vote of confidence that placed his future in Bunnell on the line. (c FlaglerLive)

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67 Responses for “In an Explosive Meeting, Bunnell’s Martinez Survives, 3-2, a Rogers Motion to Fire Him”

  1. Ralph Belcher says:

    This really speaks to the sort of guy Rogers is. Please back up what you’re saying instead of lobbing hand grenades with your eyes closed hoping the target is eliminated. You owe the city that much, Commissioner Rogers.

    • stoptheinsanity says:

      I have known Commissioner Rogers for several years and have worked with him in various capacities. He is a respectable man with integrity and he expects the same from ALL city employees. I support him in his decision along with Mr. Tucker and I am left wondering about Mr. Baxley’s intent.

      Furthermore, I have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and I am confused how a city manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice was awarded the position in the first place.

      Tell me Ralph and Mr. Baxley for that matter, if you needed heart surgery, would you hire an engineer or a heart surgeon? Do you follow the logic and reasoning here?

      As for John Rogers, he is on the mark and time will be the judge regarding who is left standing. The Police Chief, City Manager, and the Finance Director all need to “fall on their swords” and leave with the little dignity they have left.

    • James Wigington says:

      All I have to say is google Armando Martinez Miami Police. The man should have never been hired. He was never qualified to be city manager. Also tell me why the City of Bunnell rents a building for there city offices? And who is buddy buddy with the owner of that building….Armando. He isnt an Angel. Hes lucky I didn’t confront him physically when he made repeated sexual advances at my girlfriend years ago. I wish you luck. all the way out of city limits. I have a motto for hiring our next city manager “HOME GROWN”!

  2. Angie says:

    Well I can’t tell you how many times and many occasions citizens of Bunnell have complained and begged for something to be done with our City Manager and I applaud the ones on the Board who actually try to do right by the Citizens of Bunnell, not their own agendas! Mr. Baxley ran his campaign promising to do that very thing but I guess some people will say anything to get a vote! Sad! Now we lose a good City employee, that from what I’ve seen, upholds and keeps to the Codes & Conduct of the City. And when trying to hold our City Manager accountable to those, well he falls short. He stood his ground though for what is right, which I commend. We need some more people like the few we got that will stand their ground even in the midst of opposition. All we can do is pray that more men and/or women get in there that will do what is right!

  3. Angie says:

    I agree with Dan Davis as to the Integrity of City Employees! They are Leaders in this City, and as leaders you are to be above reproach! People look to you and look at you in a different light, and you MUST be a man or woman of Integrity, at all times! And as our City Manager (a leader) he should hold those who he is responsible for, accountable. What else is he “not doing anything about”.

  4. Charles Gardner says:

    I just couldn’t bring myself to click on the image for a larger view. I am pleased that the city manager was retained. I worked with Dan Davis while he was with the city of Palm Coast, Dan is a good man and I hate to see him leave his position of city clerk. Otherwise a lot of mis informed opinions expressed by the public on the homeless situation. See you in two weeks.

    • Rich says:

      Dan Davis did all of the tax payers of Bunnel a favor when he quit his job. It sounds to me that he had an axe to grind with the current city Manager, in his mind it sounds like he should have ran for Pope.

  5. Nancy N. says:

    The true embarrassment is that the city’s so-called public information officer doesn’t know the difference between “their” and “there”, among other numerous errors in his statement. Maybe they should give the next set of candidates a writing test.

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Nancy, Dan Davis’s writing skills are usually fine. This email was sent immediately after Monday’s meeting. We suspect it was written under the stress of the moment. We chose to run it almost as it was submitted, preserving the style of such emails, which is not usually intended to have the PR quality of news releases (not that news releases have anything to do with English to start with).

    • cutie says:

      I strongly agree!

    • cutie says:


  6. My two cents says:

    This is crazy. How can the Chief of Police effectively lead the police department. His credibility is shot. I’m sure Mr. Davis is correct when he says the code of conduct was violated. The Chief should resign while he has some dignity left and Martinez should follow. How can the Mayor say this doesn’t affect the City. Shame on all of you. Thank you Mr. Davis for having the courage to speak out

    • cutie says:


      • Not so cute says:

        It is against city guidelines. The city has a policy on ethics and ethical behavior. In the Chiefs case the FDLE also has guidelines on ethics. As and ex cop martinez knows this and isn’t doing anything about it so how can you say martinez is doing a good job. No one is being “accused” of anything the chief went to Martinez and told him about the affair.

  7. David R Campbell says:

    These Bunnell stories remind me of that old daytime soap…”As The Stomach Churns”.

  8. Ernie Haviland says:

    How does the agenda last night have an item on the secession of who is in charge should the city manager not be in charge E.G. Terminated?

    Here is why!

    The City Clerk had an agenda of his own.

    1) Get the line of secession in place.
    2) Take a walk on agenda it that was was poorly done (not the expected quality the Commissioners use)
    3) The matter took place on the night the City Clerk get an award. (self promoting greed)
    4) This City Clerk used the Commission, Martinez, the City employees, residents and others to try a failed coup for PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT.
    5) Where is the respect “Christian Man Clerk” to the Spouses and Children should what you say EVEN be true. What was so Christian about that???
    6)You are the SHAM……………

  9. wow says:

    We the citizens, become aware that two of our department heads are engaging in immoral conduct that reflects poorly on our city and we are questioning what kind of guy Rogers is for calling Martinez on the carpet for not properly protecting the City from such behavior?!…Wow, just wow!

  10. Edman says:

    If cheating on your spouses were cause for dismissal we would have a whole new Congress.

  11. Don says:

    Send in the Clowns…….There ought to be Clowns……Don’t bother there here !!!!!!!

  12. john says:

    Only in bunnell, we lose a great city clerk, the police chief is hunting and fishing without a license,and baxley is showing his true colors already. Thats okay that is what elections are good for.He must have forgot all his bs during his campaign. Hats off to john rodgers for standing up for what is right….

    • Tax Payer says:

      Good job Commissioner Tucker and Rogers for standing up for what is right. Martinez and his followers must have gotten to Baxley. I guess I waisted my vote on him.
      Have you forgotten that Martinez is the same person who had his police officers arrest ever one walking the street s of Bunnell during the day light hours. The city almost got sued over that one. Why do we as tax payers have to train this person to first be a Police Chief and now a City Manager and pay him over $100,000? I wonder if Martinez has any homeless people living around his house. I forgot, Martinez lives two hours away from the city of Bunnell and the homeless church. Have you forgotten the added $40 on your water bill and the water still undrinkable.

    • Tammy says:

      John couldn’t have said it any better. What’s that saying….’you’ve got to stand for somethin’ or you’ll fall for anything’. Props to Mr. Davis and Mr. Rodgers for standing up for what is RIGHT!!

  13. RIGHT WING says:

    Thank you John. At least we have one, two or three that will stand up for what’s right, and not be threatened by the BIG MAN, Martinez.
    Also, as far as the homeless, we spent all that money on cameras, maybe we need to move the cameras around, or add more to the town.

  14. Angie says:

    Above reproach! We are only human and yes man will fail but when you are a leader you are and should be held to a different /higher standard, period! Leaders are to lead by example! And their leader should hold them accountable. If these are our leaders then that’s sad. If we don’t hold our leaders accountable then who will. Thank you Rogers & Tucker for trying to hold them accountable, now when the rest of the Board starts looking at what’s right instead of their own benefits then we might start to get somewhere. When any of the Board has a concern I believe it should be heard and discussed to see what’s right for the City of Bunnell, not immediately come to the defense and show disunity. There might actually be validation in some of the things brought out, but when we have our own agendas we usually don’t like to hear those things. This Board may not always agree but they should value each ones thoughts, ideas, & concerns and listen! As far as Baxley, no backbone. When you base your campaign on one thing then do another, that’s not backbone!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The reputation of this city continuing to decline. Dan Davis has integrity, and I appreciate the fact that he stood up for the integrity of the city.

    • Realty Check says:

      No he stood up to try and get the City Managers job!!! this was scam and his emotional outcry was a pathetic attemp at advancement.

  16. Will says:

    When Davis said about Martinez that “he calls himself a Christian”, what in the world did that have to do with the situation in Bunnell? Religious beliefs shouldn’t be discussed in government venues, and, there are many varieties of Christians anyway – some of whom marry, divorce, and remarry – or even live without marriage as life goes on.

    Oh, I forgot – Bunnell is the city that endorses a day of prayer against some legal advice, and then balances who gets to pray, as long as it’s some variety of Christianity.

    Keep the good workers and administrators. Leave their religious beliefs and who they love out of the equation.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Do we not publish every comment?

  18. Art Vanderlay says:

    Ok…maybe I’m missing something here. The Chief of Police and another administrator have been having an extramarital affair for the past 8 months …and this is ok? This has nothing to do with religion it’s got to do with morals and ethics…this is our police chief….am I missing something? I am now supposed to go to this department when I’m being cheated, lied to a defrauded. That’s pretty funny.
    Another disgraceful chapter in the history of the Bunnell police department.

    • Tammy says:

      So sad that the City of Bunnell lost one of the few employees with any morals at all. Obviously the city can not be trusted with your money or safety, especially if the police chief and the finance director lie and cheat. If they will break their marital vows, whose to say they won’t break the oaths that they took for their positions, oh wait…they have!!

      • Red says:

        Morals? Ask Mr Davis who his current wife was still married to when he began his relationship with her?

        • Kathy Davis says:

          Red, no one has asked. Anyway, I believe this will burst your bubble: I had been divorced for several years before I met and married my ‘current’ husband in 2002. So now maybe you’ll stick to the issue and stop deflecting.

        • Barbie says:

          As a friend of Kathy Davis, I can assure you she was single for a few years before beginning her relationship with Dan Davis.

    • Realty Check says:

      Yes, because he had an affair he can no longer uphold the law, you people are so out of touch with reality it is not even funny.

      • Your own reality says:

        I don’t think anyone’s saying he can’t uphold the law i think people are saying he has lost his credibility so how can he swear or testify to something when he has proved he’s a liar. Not agreeing with either side, just trying to clarify.

  19. Ted says:



    “I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all; maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn, or ridicule; develop self‑restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life. I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty.”

    • Bunnell disgraced AGAIN says:

      Obviously the chief of police in Bunnell didn’t uphold this. He should be forced to resign, as should Sissy Bertha and Martinez! Dan Davis should then be reinstated. Davis is apparently a man of good moral standards. For the Commission to not see a problem with all of this reflects their moral character; yes, that includes you Mrs Robinson. For you to be the Mayor and Chair-you should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Deep South says:

    Obviously it’s all mud slinging now.. Every since Martinez lost out on the new city manager job in Brevard County, he has opened himself up to more criticism with his constituents. They all feel that Martinez heart is not into his job anymore, and he is placing little Bunnell on the back burner. This guy will jump ship as soon as he gets the chance.

    • Bunnell disgraced AGAIN says:

      Martinez obviously isn’t loyal to this city, and he knew of the commute before he applied for the gig. He screwed the tax payers using a city vehicle to commute back and fourth for quite some time before a change was made. He continues to screw the tax payers by not being on the job as he should and requiring a substitute to make decisions for him. We never know when he is going to jump ship-get rid of him now and get someone who is loyal and wants to be here. Martinez is over paid and apparently condones unethical behavior from his staff. Wake up Baxley, Robinson and Crain-Brady!

    • Rich says:

      I think driving 2 hours to work every day shows where his heart is, is there anything wrong with trying to find a job closer to ones home? is there anything wrong with ever trying to find a job to better ones life for the sake of their family?, themselves?

      • Ted says:

        Martinez knew the length of the drive when he applied for the job. Nothing has changed, other than him looking for someone else to milk. If he doesn’t want to be here, why do we want him here? If he isn’t loyal, and is looking for greenier pastures, find someone who really cares about this city and wants to be here.

        His character is proven when he condones inappropriate code of conduct…is this what the Commission accepts and what they condone too?

      • justaperson says:

        Martinez is gone more days than he’s there. He’s out almost every Friday and almost every Monday.

  21. Art Vanderlay says:

    Standing “O” for Ted. How ironic….. that is posted on the City website………what a joke

  22. confidential says:

    Good to read here about the fervor of the residents of Bunnell defending their city Manager as looks like he is doing a good job. We should not witch hunt for political or personal reasons in this county, our good administrative or constitutional officials when they are doing a very good job. That has taken place before at county level as well at least twice in 2004 and in 2008 and I sure remember it well. Lets give credit were credit is do as is not that easy as we all know, to find good public administrators. I can’t believe that a personal private affair (as so rightfully Attorney Nowell stated) that city officials can do little or nothing to prevent, was brought up on that city meeting, there are so many official issues that affect its residents to be addressed instead. The resigning Bunnell official may have open himself to a lawsuit over personal privacy publicly exposed/violated..?

  23. blindsided by baxley says:

    how do we expect the finance director to protect the cities cookie jar when she can’t even keep her own cookies in the proper, hmmm jar?! Perhaps Baxley being her next door neighbor felt the issue was too close to “home” to vote his real feelings due his neighbors”intricate involvementto in the’ situation. grow a backbone Baxley it’s only going to get hotter!

  24. A Friend says:


    What you did took a lot of courage especially under the Martinez regime. Don’t forget that he is not below retaliation and even though you are planning on leaving, you have a big target on you now. I only worked with you a short while but in that time it became clear to me that you were honest and always maintained high professional standards; qualities that are still painfully lacking in Bunnell. You are good guy and this was a true test of your character. You are in my prayers.

  25. Will says:

    Can’t stop thinking about Davis’ cavalier comments about the affair. Words are important – and his words might have hurt some other people in the circle of those involved, particularly if his words were the first others heard – whether true or not.

    That’s a pretty self righteous way to act for a so-called Christian. Isn’t there some caution somewhere about casting the first stone…?

    • Nancy says:

      Will, they had announced their relationship BEFORE Mr. Davis made his announcement. He wasn’t casting any stones.

      Red, she had been divorced for several years. Now you can stop deflecting.

      Ernie, It’s NOT about the City Clerk. In response to your comments:
      1. The order of succession is very important. It should not leave anyone guessing as to who is in charge in the temporary absence of the city’s manager. The interpretation formerly used by the city’s manager that was approved by the commission using a rotation method of directors to be acting as the city’s manager is a very poor decision. As it stands now, in the event the city’s manager is temporarily unavailable and the city’s clerk is not available, then the police chief becomes the acting manager of the city. As a Bunnell citizen, I find it to be unethical and unprofessional for directors to be intimately involved (married or not) when it is possible for one to be the boss of the other.
      2. The ‘walk-on’ for the agenda was made in the form of a motion by Commissioner Tucker, seconded by another commissioner and by majority vote, allowed.
      3. The item for the certificate to be presented to the city’s clerk was requested by the city’s manager because it happens to be ‘Municipal Clerk Week’.
      4. There is no personal advancement involved and the situation has to do with ethics and the best interest of the city. While he may not have handled the situation as others would, it was obvious that everyone else was skirting around the issue and afraid to say anything.
      5. The individuals involved in the inappropriate behavior must have thought long and hard when they announced their relationship and their intent to the city manager. Respect for themselves as well as their families apparently were part of their thought process in which they should be held accountable.While you and others may not care, not all Bunnell citizens agree with you and would like to know. Especially when it pertains to the safety and integrity of our police department.
      6. The shame or sham, not sure if you had a typo there, lies in the fact that Mr. Davis is being blasted for bringing the behind the scenes drama to the light so that the public is informed. For the city manager and city attorney to inform the commission that it is a personal and private matter and they can do nothing about it is not a true statement. In addition to the oath taken by the police chief, the city has adopted as part of their personnel policy a code of conduct in which it should be adhered to, otherwise, it is senseless to adopt such.
      Thank you, Mr. Davis, for bringing the dark to the light. Hopefully, the commission will take a stand on the morals and integrity on the operation of what they consider to be a ‘God city’.

  26. Tired says:

    So proud of you Dan Davis!!

  27. FL informed voter says:

    Personally, I fault the guy that aired personal family issues at a public forum. This incident has nothing to do with the performance of their jobs. No wrongdoing was alleged within the performance of their duties. You can talk all you want about the appearance of impropriety with their positions, but neither one of them sounds like they did anything wrong in theory work capacity. He was wrong for doing that.

    • Ted says:

      Informed voter – I don’t know of what all went on behind the scenes that led this person to air it at a public forum. On the surface, I would agree – probably not the best way to handle it.

      But on your point that no wrongdoing was done – the police chief made a public pledge to “keep personal life unsullied”. He made a pledge to the public that he did not keep, and in the process wrecked 2 marriages, not to mention the shame his children may have to face from their peers. And the affair wasn’t just with some other person – it was another city staff member. How do you have 2 married people at the same workplace involved in an affair and it doesn’t affect someone’s job performance? To say this it doesn’t affect job performance is I think naivety.

      He made a pledge that he didn’t keep. He should be a man and owe up to that.

      • FL informed voter says:

        I’ve actually know the Chief of Bunnell for many years also. He is a great cop and is doing a tremendous job in Bunnell. Ask around for yourself.

        As far as the personal life unsullied statement you’re referring to: How generic and archaic is that statement all at the same time? Unsullied personal life can be applied to whatever you want it to, if you so choose to. Whose life is perfect? Anyone of us can have problems in our own families. Clinging to that statement is also wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what is aired to show the character of Martinez and some City employees—what’s out there that we don’t know about???????

    • Moe Szyslak says:

      At least with the police officer this incident has everything to do with the “performance of his duties” as you put it. One of his duties and probably the most important is being honest and trustworthy. He has lied and been deceitful. He has proved that he is not honest which is a requirement for police officers. So how can he effectively lead the men and women of his department? How can anyone including the citizens, city workers, the state of FL or his Police officers believe a word that comes out of his mouth? So why your deflecting the blame onto the former city clerk? Did you see the code of ethics that another person posted directly from the police departments website? If this is just a personal issue and not a big deal then why has this story been printed by multiple media sources? Why did the city manager have to consult lawyers on the matter if it’s ok and just a personal issue?

  28. Greg says:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Nobody has been able to point to any certain thing that the Chief or the Finance Director has done wrong other than to fall in love with one another. I don’t know her but I know him and can tell you that he is the single most courageous man I have ever met. You have in your Chief of Police not a politician but a true leader of men who can inspire his officers to do great things for your city. You want to cast him aside for following his heart. The enemy is at the gate. Are you going to support the naked political ambition of the clerk or a decorated leader of men?

  29. john says:

    Well said Deep South. I do not think the commission has any worries about him getting a job any place else.The way i see it they are the only ones fool enough to give him a job. It is funny the last two places he applied he came up empty.I guess they have a smarter commission than we have. Also my earlier comment i forgot to include tuckers name for having balls like rodgers. I know one that does not have any, he does not ever have to worry about an injury down there…

  30. My two cents says:

    Greg…. A true leader of men leads by example, this is poor judgement on his part and poor a example. He is an extreme embarrassment. He couldn’t lead a horse to water right now. I’d be curious what his men really think. They probably don’t want to be seen in a Bunnell Police uniform. Whatever good he did was undone with one zip of the fly.

  31. BUNNELLIAN says:

    According to the facts of the meeting as reported, Commisioner Rogers request for a “No Confidence” should not have taken anyone by surprise. Rogers has been the most vocal and outspoken concerning Martinez’s job search starting with Melbourne Police chief a year and a half ago. He hasn’t flopped like Baxley did Monday night, He ran on promises to the people of Bunnell but delivered to Martinez in the form of a yes vote to stay until you find your job. You Mr. Baxley just committed political suicide because you now have NO CREDIBILITY. Rogers position on letting Martinez go makes sense to me, he is actively seeking out a position to be close to home, fine, go secure it. If it was that big of a deal why take the job to start with, YOU APPLIED for the job now you want a violin recital as if you a martyr for driving that far each day. Give me a break, people drive to Orlando and Jacksonville for work in these dark economic days and he wants us to feel sorry for him and his 100,000 grand salary. As far as the now most recent Bunnell Police Dept scandal Martinez is quoted as saying “it’s a personal matter” refering to the now infamous matter when Burke complaine to Martinez about Murray and Poole (flagler How did that work out for you Martinez. Better not try to sweep this one under the rug, it’s out there. Robinson, Brady and surprisingly Baxley are political pawns in Martinez’s hand.

  32. john says:

    Very well said Bunnellian. Baxley just put the rope around his own neck. The people that voted for him are going to remember this. I will vote for anyone that runs against him next time. Hopefully Daisy Henry will run again, at least she did not lie to your face to get elected.

  33. Tired says:

    I have worked in local government for the past 8 years in this area. I can tell you, that every single work affair that I have seen develop impacts their work performance. They spend half their day sneaking around or arranging to sneak around and covering their tracks. Workplace affairs develop on the clock. In this case, and the others that I am aware of locally, on the taxpayers dime!

    • Jennifer Lopez says:

      Yeah, I believe I heard the Mayor once refer to the the New Chief as such a family man ! and that is why she was excited to put him office,
      Yeah, not his family someone’s else ! Go City of Bunnell.

  34. haw creek girl says:

    A not for profit corporation CEO asks for a meeting to discuss one of Bunnell’s primary concerns…..homelessness and Martinez (at the Centennial Breakfast) says he can’t see her til May 7……smh, yep, the Citizens need to make a few more calls to Mr Baxley and get him on board. He ran on the agenda of chng and then, well, read the above article.

  35. i call bull says:

    Those of you standing up for Martinez have the wool pulled so far over your eyes it’s not even funny! “He drives over 2 hours to work everyday”…yea, in a city car. It doesn’t cost him anything!

    • Julito says:

      Martinez is a Super Fino and is doing a good job.

      • Mr concerned citizen says:

        Hummmmm!!! I just wonder who John and Angie are??? Hummmmmmm!!! They both really sound like they know each others thoughts? Hummmmmmm!!! There posts are amazingly similar Hummmmm!!!!!!,they seem to be speaking out on the same note? Hummmmmmm!!!!!!! I wonder if they might know each other or maybe even possibly be married to one another? Hummmmmmm!!!!!

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