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Flagler Sheriff’s Sgt. Roster, Accused By His Own Men, Is Demoted Over Falsifying Records

| June 18, 2012

Jamie Roster and K-9 Repo in a Flagler County Sheriff's Office image.

For at least three months or more dating back to last fall, word was going around the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office that Jamie Roster, at the time a supervisor with the K-9 unit and the Crime Suppression Team, was filling time sheets for work he was not, in fact, performing. Deputies under his supervision in both units were making allegations that he was working instead at his landscaping business. Roster started Flagler Beach-based Yard Escapes last July, and became a member of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce. Several deputies took detailed notes of his whereabouts week after week.

Cpl. Nathan Flach, the department’s liaison to the State Attorney’s office—he has little day to day interaction with deputies—was assigned the investigation by Sgt. Sepe, through Major John Plummer and Chief Deputy David O’Brien. By then, Sepe would later tell an investigator—when Sepe himself was investigated for his role in the Roster affair—“the allegations were known by almost everyone in the agency.”

On Jan. 10, an internal investigation of the allegations about Roster was launched. It concluded seven weeks later. After examining a series of records, the investigation found a deficit between Roster’s time sheets and hours actually worked of 177 hours in regular pay, 76 hours in overtime, and 12 hours in holiday pay, for a total of $8,406.26, for the six months between June 29, 2011 and Jan. 10, 2012.

“Sergent Roster’s time sheets were examined,” the investigation concluded, “and it appears impossible to prove how many hours Sergeant Roster worked on any given pay period as his time sheets do not match the ‘Unit Log Listing’ and are inaccurate as to documenting days and hours worked.”

On June 4, Roster, who never lost a day’s pay, was demoted from Sergeant to deputy, returning to road patrol. He’d been on Administrative leave with full pay since March 22. He’s appealing the decision.

Roster, an 11-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and a 2010 Officer of the Year, made $52,500 a year (before overtime) when he was a sergeant. His pay has not been cut as a deputy: he’s still making $52,500.

What gave weight to the allegations were the sources of the complaints against Roster: his own ranks, among whom morale was sinking. Before the investigation was opened, Sepe told an investigator, “people were openly talking about pictures of Sgt. Roster not being at work when his time sheet or the CAD screen showed him on duty.” CAD is computer-assisted dispatch. There was fear, too, that the allegations would be shoved under a carpet either to protect Roster, whose friendship with Maj. Steve Clair dates back many years –Clair was on Roster’s list of references when he was seeking the sheriff’s office job in 2001—or to protect Sheriff Don Fleming from another scandal. Fleming is in an election year and has already been under withering attacks by opponents and their supporters over his tenure and recent missteps.

Roster vehemently disputed the findings. He told Flach that he often worked off the clock, by simply not going through the regular procedures of recording his time on and off the clock, although that, too, is prohibited by sheriff’s office policy. Juggling his duties at both the K-9 school he supervised and Crime Suppression Units was difficult, he said: “It was very hard to track all my hours, it actually became humanly impossible.”

On Jan. 11, Flach had met Roster in the parking lot of SunTrust Bank at Flagler Plaza  and explained to him the charges being brought against him.

“This is all political because I pissed on major O’Brien’s cape,” Roster told Flasch, according to the investigation. Roster then went on to tell Flach that he’d told Fleming that if O’Brien was made chief deputy, Roster would not support the sheriff in the next election.

Flach’s investigation was concluded on Feb. 27. O’Brien was named under-sheriff two days later. But it wasn’t until March 22 that O’Brien sent a memo to Roster telling him that he’d been placed on administrative leave, with full pay.

“I feel like that if I’m guilty of anything,” Roster told the investigator, “I’m guilty of not properly tracking my time and not documenting every minute and just doing too much on my own.”

The 31-page internal affairs investigation outlines interviews with seven deputies—Fred Smith, Dominic Guida, Arthur Erlandson, Joseph Costello, Jonathan Welker, Carmine Celico, Jonathan Dopp, Joseph Dailey—plus Maj. Clair and Lt. Steve Birdsong. The deputies all worked under Roster’s supervision. Almost to a man, they related instance after instance where Roster would be on the clock, but nowhere to be found. Deputies in the K-9 unit would hear that he was working with the Crime Suppression Team. Deputies in the CST would hear that he was working with the K-9 unit. Several deputies kept detailed notes, which they turned over to investigators, of Roster’s specific work hours, dates and times.

Flach in turn—with some help from Sepe while tabulating the hours—went through pay period after pay period, uncovering wised discrepancies week after week of hours logged versus hours worked. Here’s one example: “For the pay period of June 29, 2011, through July 12, 2011, Sergent Roster listed on his time sheet 56 REG, 4 OT, 12 HW, 24 CU, 80 hours regular, 4 hours overtime and 12 hours present holiday. Sergent Roster’s hours on the “Unit Log Listing” were 34 hours and 2 minutes, a shortage of 22 hours, $520.08, 10 hours overtime, $354.60 and Present Holiday Other, 12 hours $709.20.”

Similar entries with varying shortages are listed for every pay period through Jan. 10, 2012. “During the six month period,” the investigation states, “none of Sergeant Roster’s time sheets matched the ‘Unit Log Listing.’”

Roster registered his lawn care company as an LLC on July 7, 2011, a time that coincides with the discrepancies examined, and the rumors going around the sheriff’s office about his time off site.

“Deputy Jonathan Dopp,” the investigation reveals, “stated during his sworn statement that he recalled a time when he picked up Sergeant Frank Celico and took him to fleet to pick up his vehicle. Deputy Dopp was in his work vehicle and had his computer on and observed Sergeant Roster was listed as available. Deputy Dopp observed Sergeant Roster mowing a lawn on Fern Lane while on duty.”

The investigation continued: “Numerous deputies stated Sergeant Roster would make them aware he would not be available to their respective unit due to an obligation to a different unit, SWAT, CST and or K-9. [When] deputies would attempt to confirm the respective obligation with the group in question it was learned the information was unfounded.”

Most deputies spoke of two incidents in particular. One involved a search warrant that Roster had told one unit he was involved in serving, along with the CST unit. But when the CST unit was queried about it, its deputies knew nothing of that search warrant. The other incident on most deputies’ lips was the one that got Carmine Celico some press in mid-December, as Celico turned a routine traffic stop into a major drug bust on I-95. Celico told Roster of the seizure. Roster told him he was on his way. Roster showed up in civilian clothes, in his personal vehicle, though time logs had shown Roster on duty.

On many occasions, deputies reported to the investigator, Roster would tell deputies under his supervision that they could go home early. They would usually refuse. “I’m not going to do something that I feel is wrong to justify maybe what you are going to do,” Costello told Roster on one occasion.

There were times, too, as when one deputy saw Roster at Target, in civilian clothes—and questioned him about it—when Roster was, in fact, off duty. But the prevalence of suspicion by his men about Roster’s use of his time is a striking theme throughout the investigation. Meanwhile, both Maj. Clair and Lt. Birdsong told the investigator that they signed Roster’s time sheets assuming that the times recorded were accurate.

Roster’s employee record, for its part, is rich in commendations and positive evaluations. “It has been brought to my attention you were recognized by a fellow member of this agency for your professionalism and dedication to duty,” Sheriff Fleming wrote him in April 2010. “Your outstanding job performance and dedication to the public we serve is very much appreciated.” The commendation was filed by Birdsong. Roster also appears on several group commendations, generated by appreciation from a citizen for a team effort, for example, or by the sheriff recognizing a large team’s response to a special event.

His most recently publicly available job performance review (for 2009) lists his job knowledge and work habits as outstanding , how work results, initiative and communications as commendable, but his interpersonal relations and his ability to maintain good relations with his co-workers as merely satisfactory. His overall rating was commendable.

The story doesn’t end here, but metastasizes into further allegations, revelations of disturbing internal strains in critical units of the sheriff’s office—critical to public trust and safety, above all—and odd consequences.

On April 24, Arielle Tyree, the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association attorney who represented Roster, faxed a complaint to Fleming alleging that Sepe, while supervising the internal affairs investigation, may have violated Roster’s rights by openly discussing the investigation with numerous Criminal Investigation Division (CID) detectives.

A month earlier, Cpl. Kimberly Davis had sent an email to Fleming that read: “I feel that there are things that have been going on in CID for some time that may need to be addressed. I told you some of them when I met with you on March 1st, 2012. The one thing I spoke about was an Internal Affairs investigation on Sgt. Roster. It is obvious that someone spoke to Sgt. Sepe about our conversation because the week of March 12th, 2012 he was once again talking about the IA in the bay area of CID in front of several detectives. He said he needed to watch what he said because there was a rat in the building. A rat is an interesting word coming from a supervisor. This sort of behavior as well as the undermining of supervisors has made this unit very unprofessional and a free for all for others to act unprofessional. I suppose the rat is me. I have done IA investigations and have had training in such. I believe it is very unprofessional and a violation of policy to be speaking about an open investigation. I’m sure that everyone would agree that if it were them they would not want it discussed by everyone in the agency.”

An internal affairs investigation was launched regarding Sepe, and Davis’s allegations. Davis told the investigator that Sepe was “consumed with wanting to be in charge of the Crime Suppression Team and that he was unhappy about not being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.”

But after the investigator interviewed numerous detectives, the most that they would say about hearing of Roster’s internal affairs investigation was that everyone else was chatting about it, but without knowing details. In one instance, Sepe and Flach were seen discussing the matter in an office, with time sheets spread before them, but the substance of what was discussed was not heard. “There is no evidence that would suggest or confirm that Sgt. Sepe released or talked about specific information or evidence about the Sgt. Roster IA investigation.”

About the time of Roster’s demotion, Sepe was promoted to Lieutenant. He is now supervisor of the Criminal Investigation Division.

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49 Responses for “Flagler Sheriff’s Sgt. Roster, Accused By His Own Men, Is Demoted Over Falsifying Records”

  1. Joe A. says:

    Are you KIDDING ME????

    My public tax dollars going to waste!!! Someone who falsified time cards has their job. Where is the Public Trust? Where is the public interest? Where is someone advocating for the public?

    This really pisses me off. This is just another example of the lack of leadership that the FCSO has. I blame Mr. Fleming! Had he been any kind of a leader, maybe his men would follow in line.

    How can this man honestly arrest anyone, when he himself has been stealing from the public? I am tired of this crap!

    • bill lutzenburger says:

      We don’t need to demote these corrupt policemen we need to fire them immediately! Whats with the corruption in palm coast? The good ol boy mentality of sheriff don fleming must not be ignored people. Vote in someone who will not tolerate the corrupt police dept. so they can fire this idiot.

  2. Justin says:

    This cop should be fired, wasting our tax money.

  3. Jana DiNatale says:

    Gee…Imagine that…corruption in the Sheriff’s Department with thing soo petty as timesheets. OH and I just love the “Ghostmobiles” left around town. GET RID OF FLEMING, NETTS, and the rest of the Yahoo’s. GAWD!

  4. Stop cooruption 2012 says:

    Fleming has continued with his usual methods of hiding scandals. ( defination hide 1.Put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others) He hid when he covered up a hit and run that resulted in….. He hid when he was accepting free gifts worth thousands of dollars…. He tried to hide this horrible by suddenly promoting the very internal investigation offciers responsible for upholding public trust. FYI….Cpl. Flach was just promoted to Sergeant. The governor needs to step in. Coruption runs deep in the FCSO but there are many officers that want to serve and protect. How can we as a people stand for this? Thank you for this article!

    • Think first, act second says:

      And he continued his hiding when he did not show up for the budget hearing on his new budget. He had the opportunity to pound his chest saying he cut $1 Million from his budget, but then he would have to hear, how can you do this for the coming year, but you couldn’t for the previous 3 years? If you have ever watched the budget hearing for the previous years you will see that any questions posed to him he deflected to Linder (N.E. accent) because he had no clue what it said, he may as well have been absent.

  5. Confused says:

    Shouldn’t Roster have been fired for stealing? The article says that he was demoted. Did he lose his pay also and go back to a Deputy salary?

    [He was demoted. His pay stayed the same, $52,500. The article was just edited to reflect that point. Thanks.–FL]

    • PCRESIDENT says:

      Seriously??? He was demoted and KEPT the same pay…(and he was on suspension with full pay)!!! Wow, this sounds like serious punishment for someone stealing tax payers money! He was concerned with his own business than those of the lives and peace his is suppose to be protecting Sounds like everyone’s dream. We should all apply for FSCO

  6. Ben Dover says:

    Sounds like there`s a lot of back biting going on , makes it hard to work as a team ,when everyone is at each others throats. Lots of house cleaning needs to be done.

  7. bill harvey says:

    trust any of these guys? no more

    • Ray Thorne says:


      Remember, it was “these guys” that also saw one of their own doing wrong and turned him in. That takes guts and shows that there is still plenty of integrity in our Sheriffs Office. My hat’s off to these deputies for doing what is right. I’m sure it is not easy either if they they have to work the same shift.

  8. Bridgetender179 says:

    Wow !!

  9. Mr. Smith says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t two other deputies within the last couple years get arrested and fired for stealing? How can some deputies get fired and some get paid leave (vacation) and a demotion? Weren’t those other deputies just regular deputies and Mr. Roster is a sergeant, shouldn’t he be held to a higher standard and set an example to his men? How can this man testify in court when his has been caught lying and lost all of his credibility? This sheriff has got to go and things need to change.

  10. elaygee says:

    Fire him now for fraud

  11. knowsalittle says:

    Why isn’t this deputy being arrested for the theft or being made to make restitution for the money he stole from the public. Then he is put on paid leave for over 2 months while the investigation is going on. Please Please Please let’s vote the inept so-called leader out of office this year. Too many good ol’ boys running things in this county.

  12. palmcoaster says:

    We need change in the FCSO. We have too many paid over 70,000, 85,000 plus, a year and their presence and work is not being complied with. “Too many empty cruisers parked in our main roads supposedly providing us with safety”. No longer a bicycle patrol, no longer our FCSO Boat Patrol, no more our horse mounted deputy patrolling, empty cruisers parked around town. The current FCSO over promotes and over paid strategic personnel to make sure he gets re-elected, not because of exceptional good service. Corruption is too expensive on us the taxpayers of this county. Like I said before we have too many chiefs walking around with their hands in their pockets being paid over 70 grand a year, plus all the benefits in the FCSO, county EMS, Finance, Fire Dept, Information Dept, etc etc. Alls this double and triple and high compensated invented positions, that gives us NO services. We need our deputies better paid and our public employees that are the only ones doing their work that we pay for and less non productive and unneeded elite. We need at least in the FCSO and proven honest man to serve us, our former Sheriff Jim Manfre back!. No more unknown please we can’t afford it again!
    No more cover ups. No more murder suicide cases in this county but the real investigations getting to the mafia criminals, otherwise is becoming scary residing here.

    • Palmcoastertoo says:

      Truth be told… Manfre wasn’t any better that what we currently have. How about we get someone completely new in the Sheriff’s Office and see what happens?

  13. bigmoney says:

    fire these men and dopp!!!!!!! i got pulled over once and they searched me made me take my underwear and he made me cover my private part right on the side of a main road palm harbor my family and i will be sueing flager county sheriffs for harrasement and my lawyer said they got it coming cuz that is so illegal they all will get it soon enough

    • raul troche says:

      I lived in a county full of bad cops. Now the crime rate there is extremely bad. I had one officer tell me he was the last honest cop they had. They harrassed him so much he finally quit. Now their crime rate is really bad. I don’t want to see that here. We still have some good ones here and I don’t want to see them quit or be fired. I am reminded of the joke where the son is talking to his dad. The son says, Dad I am thinking about getting into a life of crime. The dad replies, Government or private sector? I am amazed at the criminals who are in power positions in this county.
      Sin is a reproach to

  14. palmcoaster says:

    Now the county instead of showing the very important to all, budget work shop meeting taking place right now. They televise now Carl Laundrie, Milissa Holland and the Turner lady speaking about TDC work outs, etc? Isn’t the county budget work shop more important to us all, with so many millions short?

    • Think first, act second says:

      This is not the budget workshop, this is the semi-monthly BOCC meeting. Does that compound your disgust?

  15. Heybooboo says:

    Forgive me for asking, but how is “and became a member of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.” relevant to this article? I appreciate this news source that brings details to the public that no other publisher, i.e., News Journal/Tribune and PC Observer, comes close to bringing. But, please, enough bashing of the Chamber at every opportunity.

    [The detail is relevant because it illustrates how seriously Mr. Roster took his lawn care business. It has nothing to do with the chamber.–FL]

  16. palmcoaster says:

    FCCOC is a promoter of support for the current FCSO top hat, are you going to denied that?
    The entity has it’s very own collection of skeleton’s in the closet when it comes to election years, at least.

    • Think first, act second says:

      Palmcoaster, I attend the Cof C meetings and I have never heard one of the employees, including Baxter make any support statements for Fleming. Where do you get this info, is your imagination that broad?

  17. Meh says:

    A dishonest cop?! NO WAY! Get right outta town…

    We should fly the sheriffs helicopter to honor this guy….

  18. Nancy N. says:

    If this happened at any other business this guy would be fired and facing theft and fraud charges…so how come he’s still carrying handcuffs instead of wearing them?

  19. Robert Lewis says:

    This is a disappointment and a stain upon the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. This man took a solemn oath to protect and serve his community. He has violated his oath by not protecting the citizens from the very behavior in which he engaged in. To makes matters worse, he was given the opportunity to serve as a Supervisor.

    How in good conscious can this man put on the uniform everyday if he is guilty of dwindling money from the people. He has violated his oath and betrayed the confidence of his subordinates and the citizens of Flagler County.

    To the brave men and women of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office:
    I am sorry that this individual has misrepresented you, your agency and the proud service you provide. This is not a reflection upon you or your sacrifice. It is a result of poor leadership coming from the top.
    You all have my support and will do my best to get you a real leader this November. You all deserve better then this.

  20. Riley says:

    It seems as if not a week goes by that the FCSO is not in the news. Accidents, poor leadership, violations, bad behavior, falsification of records or time sheets. Many of the deputies lack the morality required to be a respected and trusted member of the FCSO. To bad, many others do have what it takes to earn the respect and trust of the citizens of Flagler county, they can wear the badge proudly.

  21. ScoobyDont says:

    Bigmoney-seems like Roster and his boys just wanted to get a little sneak peak (no pun intended). The humiliation you suffered is nothing compared to what’s going on with the FCSO. Payback’s a bitch.


      palmcoaster………..MANFRE HAD HIS SHOT. And as usual your wrong again.


  22. concerned says:

    this is why when you call 911 for an emergency and after waiting hours for someone to show up you call back and are told a deputy was at your house and it was unfounded (someone broke into my nieghbors house) then you try to explain that a deputy was never there they say your a liar . by the way my friend is stiill waiting 6 months later for the deputy that never showed to report what guns were stolen

    • Ray Thorne says:

      If that is the case (your complaint aside) I feel it to be very irresponsible if your neighbor to have not called back in the last six months while his/her guns are on the street.

      • concerned says:

        @ray thorne he reported his guns in a report to fhp after 4 hours of waiting for a deputy to show since i made the intial call i was interviewed by fhp who are the most pleasant people to talk to i gave them the plate # from the van and they were caught within the hour and if you do not believe meet with me and i will show the reports to you

  23. deana says:

    Why wasn’t this man arrested? Did he pay back the money he stole from tax payers? If we have someone assigned to the State Attorney’s Office, why wasn’t this case passed onto them for prosecution? And, why was he given a two month paid vacation? I can only blame Fleming, the man at the top, for this constant unprofessional behavior. If the man at the top is morally lax it gives those on the fence the opportunity to go to the dark side. Thank goodness there are still some standup people left at FCSO. This county needs a professional sheriff and for me, a long time Republican, I will be voting for Jim Manfre. The more I hear him speak the more I believe he is our only chance to rebuild the Sheriff’s Office Yes, he was the sheriff before. And that is why we need him, this place needs fixing fast. We need someone who has roots in this county, someone who knows the players in this county and within the Sheriff’s Office, someone who works well with everyone and who not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

  24. gatorfan1 says:

    so what else is new? most of flagler’s finest are either asleep behind the wheel in their squad cars on the clock in a certain parking garage,running up and down I-95 racing to wendy’s on old kings (staples parking lot is the real hang out) cruising south belle terre waiting on a shift change or harrassing high school kids from fpc at the target plaza….say good bye mr. fleming.

  25. FELMINGFRAUD says:

    Do you understand that the facts of the case are this….Roster took over $8000.00 from the tax payers that did not belong to him. That is a felony and grand theft under Florida Law. The very deputies under Roster’s command stood up and risked their careers by documenting the theft and then they reported it to Sheriff Fleming expecting justice…and


    He gave Roster a 3 month vacation with full pay. He did not make Roster pay the money back. He then effectively told Roster that he would continue to pay him $52,000.00 a year BUT he would take away all the responsiblity that he had as a SGT and really make him do less work for the same money. Now Roster returns to work and he is working as a deputy….but making roughly $14,000.00 more than all the other deputies he works with. This is a message to deputies. It is a message to the voters of Flagler County from Sheriff Fleming.

  26. Southern Belle says:

    So let me get this straight. This deputy was “outed” by the men under him. Hmmm .. .. Has any one investigated these men? Those in glass houses should not throw stones !! Why is it that Officer Roster was made to look like he was “stealing” from the agency. Has any one called in an outside auditor to go over the alleged time sheets in question? I can almost bet the farm that if any one of these men get a wild hair up *you know where* they would turn on any one else. Then & only then will they feel the wrath that Officer Roster has probably felt during this time. Why didn’t they go to Officer Roster to question him ? Why did Corporal Kim Davis’s email go un noticed ? The Under Sheriff O’Brien is just to blame for any injustice in this case also. He should have his ear to the ground & his eye on everything. Under his watch this was going on ??? How can he justify promoting Sepe to Lt. ???
    How is Officer Roster’s personal business dealing relevant to this case ? how is his friendship with Major Clair & Lt. Birdsong relevant ? There are to many un answered questions that I & I am sure many more would like to be answered.

    • deana says:

      Southern Belle…do you realize that Roster was their boss? You want the whistle blowers investigated? They should be rewarded! You have no idea what the atmosphere is at the Sheriff’s Office. Until recently no one dare speak out against one of Fleming’s buddies. The deputies on the inside have had it, they can’t take it anymore. They have had to watch years of Fleming’s unprofessional behavior, they have watched him promote not only his cronies but also witnessed as he “bought” those that could damage him by giving out promotions and plum positions. Now that they can see a light they are speaking out. Who knows what else will be revealed before this is over.

      I can’t believe Roster has not been prosecuted for Theft of Services…yes Belle there is a real name for this type of activity. And why is he allowed to keep his money? Could he have some secrets to tell and they are trying to keep him quiet?

  27. duncant says:

    Seriously….step back folks……if this deputy TRULY did steal time from the S.O and the citizens of Flagler County, he would have lost lost his job IMMEDIATELY, no questions asked and would have been taken away by his own handcuffs! Instead because there is so much corruption under Fleming’s leadership/management team along with him continously promoting those who will protect him (for the time being until the wind shifts directions), they must focus on one story or individual like this so that they can figure out how to keep all of the other disorderly conduct that is permeating in “our” sheriff’s department out of the paper! This is all smoke in mirrors, there will be more to come…..and the truth will always prevail in the end, it always does. Hmmmmm, let’s see, Fleming couldn’t remember a conversation he held with a good friend when the friend called him for advise, yup, thought I hit an animal……we can go on and on….and now this???? Really?? I am sure we all wish we had a boss like Fleming, so that when we “whined” enough, he would promote us!?!! Rick Scott, come on down and take care of this poorly managed department with no true leadership! We need a true shake up in the S.O. along with Fleming’s current management team. He hand picked them and they carry out his directives so they ALL must go! Flagler County deserves a new vision and it truly is NOT looking in the rear view mirror!!!!!!

    • Ray Thorne says:

      You assume those who turned him in support the current administration. The same administration that kept this mans job for him. I doubt very much these deputies are protecting Fleming. If they were they would have never brought it to light. My question now is who will protect these deputies who stood up and did the right thing?

  28. Biker says:

    Why are polygraphs or voice stress analizers not used in the hiring process in the Flagler county SO?
    Why do we not have cameras in the patrol cars?

  29. palmcoaster says:

    @Difiliberto…Can anyone tell us where is the bike patrol is seeing, the boat patrol and the horse back deputy…? Maybe the boat patrol showed up last weekend by your house…and after I been ranting about it!?
    Also maybe were reduced the cruisers seating empty around the city…as election time approaches.?
    Yes the volunteers is what is so far barely saving the FCSO…Give us a break deputies moving empty parked cruisers around …? that is not what we pay the FCSO over 19 million county and city 2 plus million a year, plus schools serviced hours and overtime for over 235,000 more. By the way your caps won’t discourage my post…just in case, wrong tactic!

  30. John Boy says:

    Was going to vote for Don but have changed my mind. I the last six months there have been enough details of the criminal activities and corruption. Every person employed by the Sheriff’s Office should be terminated. Get rid of them all and hire back only those who are willing to do the job. redefine the job, benefits, salary. I know this will never happen so I will vote for Mickey Mouse rather than any of the clowns running for the office.

  31. Geezer says:

    Don Fleming is thumbing his nose at all of us. He’s the new “Teflon Don.”
    Nothing sticks to him!
    Only a bag of hammers would vote him back for more.

    I won’t be surprised if he’s back for another term.

  32. jespo says:

    There’s no justification for stealing time…none, zip, end of story. There’s no way to wash away the stain of theft, no restitution possible that would matter where it counts. You may never steal again, but you’ll always be a thief because larceny starts in your heart first and that’s where he’ll always be a thief. Always. And if anyone doesn’t think he stole they need to pull their heads out of their holes.

    This moron sold his integrity, honor, and his badge for 8 thousand dollars.He’ll have his uniform, his dog, his truck, his rabbi at work, and a paycheck….but he’ll never actually be a cop again, not where it matters at least.. He’ll never be trusted again. He’ll never command respect from his men ever again. He’ll never lead from the front again. He’ll never be cared for, worried about, or considered one of the men ever again. He’ll just be that guy in that truck because he has that friend who still pays him that check. He’s no longer a cop…he’s just that guy….you know…the thief.

  33. Pillars of the community! says:

    Roster should not be demoted, he should be fired immediately. You stole at least $8,000 dollars from the county. How can you be trusted as a deputy ever again, anywhere? Your no different than a thief who stole from a department store, or a thief who stole a TV from their employer. You should be arrested on felony theft charges as well to ensure you will not work anywhere ever again as a law enforcement officer. Your a thief and a liar and I can’t believe your stealing more tax dollars. If Flemming does not fire this guy, I hope the new Sheriff who is elected makes this his first order of business, cleaning house on thieves. Hey Roster, why don’t you just go dip your hands into the evidence locker and get you some drugs you piece of waste you are!

  34. BE HONEST says:

    This is sad because it makes the FCSO look bad but remember that a few rotten apples can’t ruin the tree. There will always be officers with integrity and honor serving our community. Please lets not always make things political. I realize that not everyone will like our Sherrif because of the choices he makes and yes maybe it’s time for a new one but our officers work very hard and are underpaid let’s not go around saying that we should fire everyone in the Sherrifs department because thats just insane. I still believe that our Officers are here to protect and serve and they do it with honor.

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