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Upset That Trey Corbett Had Cut Him Off at the Gym, 65-Year-Old Defaces His Campaign Sign

| May 23, 2012

Trey Corbett's sign lies face down after it was defaced by a man who didn't like the way Corbett allegedly treated him at the gym. (© FlaglerLive)

Trey Corbett's sign lies face down at Belle Terre Parkway and State Road 100, one of the more popular spot for campaign sprouts, after it was defaced by a man who didn't like the way Corbett allegedly treated him at the gym. (© FlaglerLive)

Steven Paskewich is a 65-year-old resident of Rocking Lane in Palm Coast. He works out at Thriv, the fitness center  Fitness on Commerce Boulevard. That may be relevant, considering what a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy saw Paskewich doing Tuesday evening.

It was about 8:30 p.m. Paskewich was in shorts, shirtless, when, according to a police report, he took out a can of black spray paint and smeared the word “asshole” on a campaign sign in the small forest of signs at the intersection of State Road 100 and Belle Terre Parkway. Then he got in his car, drove down to SR100 and Seminole Woods Parkway, and did the same thing to a sign there.

Steven Paskewich.

Both signs belonged to Trey Corbett, one of four Republican candidates vying to challenge incumbent Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks.

Corbett doesn’t exactly know Paskewich. He recalls seeing him three times at Thriv, where Corbett works out. He has not had conversations with the man. He has no idea why the man did what he did. But Corbett relayed what a deputy told him after asking Paskewich about the spraying. “He said yeah, he works out at the same gym that you do and he said that you’re an ass because you cut him off a couple of times at the weight machine,” Corbett said, quoting the deputy.

“I never use the weight machine by the way because at home I use a $2,800 Bowflex,” said Corbett, who prides himself on being fit (“I’m a workout machine, I’m 45 years old, I guarantee I’m in the best shape of anybody running”).  He uses other fitness equipment at the gym that he doesn’t have at home. “So either this man is very unstable for some reason and is projecting a lot of anger at me,” Corbett said, “or he knows some other candidate” and he’s directing his anger at Corbett.

Paskewich did not return a call and a message left at his home. Weeks said she did not know Paskewich, and that he is not a registered voter in Flagler County.

One of the defaced signs. Click on the image for larger view. (Trey Corbett)

Corbett said a third sign was defaced similarly near Old Kings Elementary, and was immediately removed to prevent children from seeing it. The two other signs were felled in place face down until they were to be replaced. The signs are valued at about $60 each, though that includes the wooden frame, which was not damaged.

When Paskewich was pulled over by a deputy along SR100, he was arrested for criminal mischief. A Smith and Wesson firearm was found in his vehicle, along with 18 live .38-caliber rounds. Paskewich refused to provide a written statement on the incident, though he spoke to a deputy. His SUV was towed by Roger’s Towing.

Signs are frequently vandalized at election time. They’re usually torn down, stolen, or thrown in the bushes. While candidates and their supporters will make allegations about who’s messing with their signs, culprits are rarely fingered, because they have to be seen in the act. In this case, Sheriff’s detective Brian Finn saw Paskewich spray-painting the signs along SR100—one of the busiest locations in the city.

Last August, a similar-sized campaign sign for then-Palm Coast City Council member Holsey Moorman was defaced with a coat of brown paint applied to most of the sign’s surface. No culprit was found.

“Nearly every election, regardless of whether it’s state or local, we receive complaints of political signs being vandalized,” said Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming, whose own sign stood near Corbett’s, unmolested. “We will continue to be vigilant in protecting these signs.”

Beyond what Paskewich told deputies, Corbett was still curious why the man would go to such lengths to literally smear his face (though Corbett, who’d been contacted by numerous news organization, clearly was not unhappy about the publicity). “People should operate in the arena of ideas than vandalism,” he said.

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54 Responses for “Upset That Trey Corbett Had Cut Him Off at the Gym, 65-Year-Old Defaces His Campaign Sign”

  1. Donna De Poalo says:

    oh good grief

    • jenifer lopez says:

      Mr Corbett please what college did you graduate from please enlighten all of us. That has not been revealed in your campaign. I did the goggle thing for your profile, no college.

  2. Amy T. says:

    Why did Corbett find it necessary to announce the cost of his Bowflex? Then he goes on to brag about what great shape he is in? I’m not excusing the old guy but it sounds like his characterization of Corbett might not be far off…

  3. palmcoaster says:

    What goes around comes around…Extremist Conservative Tea Party Paul Ryan Congressman is also a Gym workaholic and a GOP as well…too bad that he uses his muscle mass, to attack the less fortunate and benefit the already wealthy

  4. Meh says:

    He looks pretty good for 65 years old…

    Oh and it’s good to see another tow company getting some action for a change. I guess because bunnell police dept wasn’t involved.

  5. Nero Fiddled..... says:

    I have to laugh…. “workout machine” I’ve seen this guy at the gym. He’s a pencil neck. Although the spray painter is a fool and was not justified in any way for doing what he did. Corbett is full of himself. I could see him doing what the painter says.

    • Trey Corbett says:

      Well, I don’t deny I said that I don’t use the weights at the gym because I have my own workout equipment. That was the evidence to rebut the statement that I got in front of this guy on a weight machine. I simply said I have my own and don’t lift at the gym. I may be a pencil neck. I enjoy staying in shape. I’m not rude. I don’t believe myself any more important than anyone else. I care about my community. I give time and effort to local charities for the sake of giving. I’m by no means perfect. I am an honorably discharged Army Airborne guy. That doesn’t make me an extremist. I have almost died three times in my life folks. You gain a perspective of mortality and understand your no more important than your next breath…and you smile when you can. I respect you all for voicing your opinions of me. Another reason I love this country: Freedom of speech. Think what you will of me. I am not hard to get along with and will give you polite answers for my views. Instead of raising my voice, I reenforce my arguments. If anyone has questions of the man life has made me, I am willing to answer. I laugh at myself. I love my mom. My family is important. I do go to church, though I am certainly not perfect or claim to know everything. I provide employment to folks who work hard and I care about them as well. I have mopped floors and flipped burgers in my day. I respect all who work hard and take pride in whatever that work may be. I busted my butt to pay for college. I have handled multi million dollar budgets in operations and then taken the trash out with those cleaning up at the end of the day. Every life is important and has value and should be given dignity. I may disagree with some, but I do so respectfully. Should anyone actually want to know the truth about an issue. Pierre knows how to get in touch with me. Otherwise, enjoy the rants…some are quite entertaining. But please, no violence or vandalism to anyone who runs. They put themselves out there for ridicule and vetting by people who have never met them or make snap judgements based on bits of information which hardly put the puzzle of a life into perspective. Enjoy this time of year gang. It’s beautiful where we live!!!–Trey :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Trey Corbett is a very nice man so before you all make snotty comments about him maybe you should meet him first so you can see for yourself!

  7. An ass in every crowd. You are the gentleman as always Trey.

  8. says:

    amy that is the first thing i thought of and it puzzles me why he said what he said

  9. pclocal says:

    First of all, you cant take everything that people write as gospel. Most interviews are taken out of context and edited in order to make them controversial or interesting. Especially in a small town like PC where just about nothing interesting happens.
    I personally know Trey and know that there is no way that he would “cut an older man off at a machine”. I personally know several people who Trey has encouraged and helped get in shape who many other people wouldnt take the time to do.. While doing it with no benefit to him at all.
    Although Trey is very confident, he is also a good guy and goes WAY out his way to help people. The entire reason that he is running for office is so that he can make changes that this county and country desperately need.

  10. Fisherman says:

    Man, politics seem to bring out the best and the worst in people! I will tell you that I know Trey and he is a good person. He is a very hard worker, very patriotic being a veteran himself, and a has kind heart. I have no doubt that the comments about the bow flex was just Trey making small talk and joking with the writer of this article, and it was intentionally quoted in such a way to make him look self centered, which he is not.
    And what is wrong with being in good shape? Some of these comments by the readers try to make it sound like a bad thing that the guy is in good shape. When I see a person that looks physically fit, I see a determined hard worker.
    And to the guy that called him a pencil neck, I’ll bet $100 he smokes you in a 3 mile run!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll take that $100 bet. I checked his 5K time from the October 2012 race in Plam Coast. 35:11. Maybe he was walking? I’m almost ten years older than him and about 10 minutes faster. Lets bet!

  11. Tim says:

    Corbett seems like a jerk! He must be a 1%-er. In fact he’s probably a .05%-er, who pays $2800 for an over price workout machine? ( my car didn’t cost $2800) Why not buy one off Craigslist for $400.

    I would take Weeks over him any day. HEY GUESS WHAT It is almost my favorite time of the year, Budget Season. Looking forward to see Weeks, coffey and the board of county commission spar .

    • Who Knows says:

      Will this be how Trey spends tax dollars if elected? Sounds like a big spender to me. I agree with you Tim.

  12. Ambroz says:

    I don’t like to get into online debates, but I feel compelled to say something. I’ve known Trey Corbett for several years and he is one of the kindest, most helpful and gentle people I’ve ever met. He is definitely not full of himself. He is educated, smart, yet humble. For those who have doubts about him, please get acquainted with his credentials. Trey is very accessible, so please meet him, and I’m confident you will agree he’s a great candidate and person.

  13. knowsalittle says:

    I’ve met Corbett a couple of times and all he talks about is himself and how great he thinks he is. Maybe this guy should have spray painted Narcissist on the signs because that’s what Corbett is. Just based on the couple of brief encounters I’ve had, he won’t be getting my vote.

  14. gatorfan1 says:

    things are obviously slow in mayberry.

  15. gatorfan1 says:

    good one amy t and nero……i wouldn’t vote for that guy now if he were runniny for dog catcher. a tad too narcissist for me.

  16. Ambroz says:

    As I said before, Trey is very accessible, so please meet him, speak with him, ask him questions and I am confident you will like him, at the very least, and most likely vote for him. Don’t let comments about gym equipment or someone’s workout routine cloud your judgement.

    • Trey Corbett says:

      Let’s put it to rest. Point one: I said I have no need to cut anyone off at the weight machine because I use my home boflex not the machine’s at gym. This goes to not working out in front of mirrors and other people. Point two. I said I am a workout machine because I have a stressful job and need to burn off the stress. This goes to staying in shape and having energy. Regardless of the motivation of the gentleman to deface my signs, what he did was illegal. The article makes him look like a victim while making me look deserving of his acrimony. When asked about all the press on the matter, I said I guess any publicity is good publicity in order to see the matter as the glass half full. So if anyone out there thinks that it’s ok to commit crimes with hate as a motivation and a man is arrested with a loaded weapon with plenty of rounds, it remains unsettling. Context folks…think about context when reading. Try a bit of empathy rather than deprication. Thank you to those who actually know me. Of course, those who don’t will think them all wrong. LOL

  17. Tara Iuteri says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I witness this in each election. Has everyone forgotten that once the primaries are over, we are united as 1 political party and to deface and deframe someone’s character that can easily be the forerunner for the parties nomination is a bad way to begin a campaign, regardelss of whose name gets put on the ballot against the incumbent!
    I have known Mr. Corbett for many years and have found him to be a pillar of the community and a man of honor and dignity whom pledged himself to our military to fight for our freedom! Among many others here in Palm Coast, I say with upmost confidence, Trey Corbett is an outstanding gentleman with genuine ethics and Christian values. It is a shame that anyone opposing his electorial campaign would behave in such a juvenille manor. Please keep this in mind when you cast your vote on election day….what are his competitors so afraid of that they feel the need to vandelize his campaign property? I will tell you….Trey poses a threat to their campaign as he is adored and respected all over the community

    • The Honest One Says says:

      Tara, why do you think it was one of Corbett’s competitors. Do not put the blame on others until you have the facts.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t want the votes from people who read that I say one thing an automatically assume I am a terrible person. I would never even want to represent those people for my community.

  19. NortonSmitty says:

    Mr. Corbett, would you also like to state here for the record sir your position on Puppies and Apple Pie?

    • Trey Corbett says:

      Thanks Norton. I love apple pie and ice cream. Vanilla. Animails are God’s gift to us all. I want to make pithy points, additionally. Point one: I said never cut this man off at a weight machine because I have a bowflex and prefer to workout at home without mirrors and other people watching. Point two: I said I am a workout machine because I have a high stress job in addition to running for office and the workouts counter the stress in a positive manner–though I know some would prefer drinking at happy hour. LOL…I was Airborne in the Army. That takes more discipline than most will know…so yes I feel that I am in better shape than others running in this race. I didn’t see any of them at the wounded warrior run last Saturday. I ran six miles and helped a worthy cause. Met some really nice people and a many fellow veterans. To them I say: Thank you for your service. I am Blessed because of you with Freedom. And thanks for supporting our current soldiers who are in need. My last point in the matter: The criminal here is not a victim; rather, he broke the law over a weak explanation. That’s way more hate than one should internalize and then project. He was arrested with a loaded weapon and many rounds. I turn to him the other cheek. I will not press any civil charges. I forgive him and ask the same from him if he feels I offended him, I appologize. I hope this ends the matter for us both. Happy memorial weekend. Please remember the veterans: All gave some;some gave all for your freedoms including that of speech without merit of contexts, facts or rationalisms. May God Bless you all :)

    • jespo says:

      Nice one Norton…well played. For the record, I too love apple pie, puppies, freedom, the flag, all soilders, America, the sun, and all things sugary sweet and popular.

  20. Flagler Citizen says:

    WOW, why are you people so harsh? So what.. the guy works out. So what…he bought himself a $2800 dollar bowflex. So what…he thinks highly of himself. You jump to conclusions and judge someone without evening knowing him. How can you even determine he’s a “Jerk” without speaking to him yourself. Bottom line, the older gentleman who decided to do what he did, is WRONG! And remember, if you have nothing nice to say about someone…keep your mouth shut! It’s a shame some of you didn’t ever learn that from your parents.

  21. letsgetreal says:

    Wow. I’m surprised the conspiracy nuts that frequent this site’s comments section haven’t picked up on the possibility that this incident was a carefully orchestrated ruse to garner publicity for Trey. You people are disappointing me!

  22. Maryjoe says:

    I wonder why the guy had a can of spray paint in his car? And he makes a point to go out of his way to another sign? Are we really thinking what he stated was his motivation is true? Come on kids, lol. Think about that… he lives in Lehigh Woods, just happens to have spray paint in his car and just happens to know where the signs are throughout town. Gimme a break.

  23. justme says:

    I think we should take a look at positive things that Trey Corbett has done for Flagler, whether you think he is a narcissist or not you’d take pride in electing someone that goes above and beyond for the community. Trey has for the past 7 or 8 years assist with the FCAR Poker Run to raise money for Flagler’s Habitat for Humanity here – he spends countless hours working on this project each year with the board and this all volunteer, he gains nothing from it. He hasn’t asked to be highlighted or spotlighted in the news for his work. He does it because he cares about the residents here. He has also donated time, money, energy and efforts to the Florida Hospital Pink Army to raise money for breast cancer foundation. Again these are things that are in the background, that many residents do not know about him because he does not “brag” about this. Take a minute to read about what he does in the community before judging his comments – to be honest, he was probably interviewed just after he realized all the hard work, time, and money spent on those signs were ruined – so I ask YOU all… what would you say to someone who broke into your home and vandalized it?!?!

  24. Don't forget says:

    I will be voting for Trey Corbett for many reasons….one being his rebuttals to all of you nay-sayers.

    Trey, keep up your awesomeness. We need more people like you in this world. You go man!!! I hope to one day meet you in person and personally thank you.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Corbett-cross your arms and pat yourself on the back. Looks like thatis the only way you’ll get the attention you’re seeking. How about telling us why we should vote for you, instead of trying to convince us how great you are. Sorry, you haven’t earned my vote.

  26. Robert Lewis says:

    Trey just a hypothetical situation for you.
    First off, I like how your response. You sound very intelligent and honorable human being. Seems you are caught up in the middle of a silly mole hill that’s becoming a mountain.

    You mentioned that you should not do things when hatred is the motivation. With the recent political fighting in other campaigns where hatred is the obvious motivating factor. How would you as the Supervisor of elections responded to the situation in the sheriffs race?

    Also, as a member of the Republican party, where do you stand with the recent law suit. As supervisor of elections you would of been a co-defendant. What is your opinion on the matter and how would you have responded?

    I think it is important that all the candidates answer this since this could have been one them.

    • kmedley says:

      Robert Lewis –

      First, let me say I called Trey when I read about this. I asked him if he was okay. The information about a loaded gun being found was quite disturbing. Signs can easily be washed and/or replaced; but, a man or woman who decides to take the political plunge does so with some risk. I would hope this is an isolated incident and it’s simply someone who exercised their freedom of speech in a less than flattering manner. If it is otherwise, perhaps orchestrated by another campaign, then I would hope the candidate would come forward and repudiate this act.

      The Division of Elections is quite clear with their advisory opinions. From what I have read with regards to the sheriff’s race, I think it’s safe to presume we don’t know all of the facts yet; however, it’s clear some part of the process was missed. Now, how that will be viewed by the courts is yet to be decided.

      Once the SOE was presented with the information about the 365 day rule, the Division is clear, in that, the SOE may advise the candidate of the information and that the candidate may quailfy as an NPA, a write-in, or wait until he or she may attest to the 365 day time frame. That being said, if a candidate insists on qualifying, in this case as a Republican, then,

      “The qualifying officer’s role is purely a ministerial one. The qualifying officer is not to look beyond the face of the qualifying papers to determine if the person is a qualified candidate. If the qualifying papers are complete on their face (including whether items that must be verified have been properly verified pursuant to section 92.525(1)(a), Florida Statutes (2011)), even when the qualifying officer is clearly aware that the candidate does not meet constitutional or statutory requirements for the office, the qualifying officer should qualify the candidate and place the candidate’s name on the ballot; thereafter, it is up to a court of competent jurisdiction in a lawsuit brought by a proper party to decide if the candidate is qualified.”

      I’ve provided a few links for your review:

      Division of Elections Advisory Opinions – Full Text:

      DE 11-05: Qualifying – Role of Qualifying Officer…011/de1105.pdf

      DE 12-01: Role of Qualifying or Filing Officer…012/de1201.pdf

      I met Trey Corbett this past January and I cannot imagine he would display the rudeness being reported in front of anyone. I wish him the best of luck and I would hope all candidates would look out for one another.

      I hope this answers your questions.

      Kimble Medley

      • Trey Corbett says:

        Dear Robert and Kimble,
        Thank you both. This will be my last posting on flaglerlive.

        FlaglerLive, I think you should let people know that you verify IP addresses and etc. to ensure people are not hiding behind a Jungian mask–I write as an aside. Funny, I write as myself and am accused of posing while people who have fictitious names make up fallacies. Love free speech. Again, almost none of you attended the memorial services this morning to pay respect to those who died giving you the freedoms you use so casually. Irony!

        Kimble, thank you for answering Roberts query. I think he was asking a bit more than statutes. For example: “With the recent political fighting in other campaigns where hatred is the obvious motivating factor. How would you as the Supervisor of elections responded to the situation in the sheriffs race?” As humans, our natural inclination is to respond quickly with emotionally based comment. I feel there is far too much of this coming from the SOE currently. The response should have been much as Kimble suggests. As SOE, your scope of duties, even if you possess a juris-doctorate degree, does not allow you to make qualifying decisions. Engaging in the unlicensed practice of law remains illegal in our state. LOL. Yet, we see it coming from this office. One of many reasons I am running. Once the candidate qualified, you must place them in the race if they insist on their candidacy. Now, if I were SOE, I would have tried to dissuade Pollinger from running on the Republican ticket because, clearly, the issue is NOT cut and dry and was sure to draw the fire it did. I would have placed him in qualifying status, spoken to him about the issue when it was brought to my attention–regardless of the motivation on how the information came. Once the genie is let out of the bottle, as SOE, I need not know if the hand was altruistic or diabolic when it opened the bottle freeing the genie. I would have gotten on the phone to the State Attorney in Tallahassee and explained that a shroud of doubt covered the issue for this reason: Although Pollinger did all the correct things with respect to Florida statutes by filing, getting qualified, and being a registered republican for more than 365 days; he none the less was also a registered democrat in another state. It is not relevant to me as SOE whether he knew or it was a mistake. I would report it and allow the judicial system play its role out. Also, I’d have given Pollinger a bit more respect by discussing with him how we would address the issue to the press as that does fall within the scope of the office. Many may now say: “eh-hah, he is a Pollinger supporter.” Actually, I will now take off the hat of SOE and dawn the sword of truth from a registered republican voter. I feel, as a voter, that we can look at the letter of the law or the law of the letter. Although we remain a nation of laws–not men, it seems clear the statutes exist in order to ensure that no one may disenfranchise the respective political parties. Small oversights I understand; however, if you know that you spent decades as a democrat and you voted in primaries as such, and you are still registered in another state to vote with another party, then recuse yourself and run as an independent so to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Then, come out honestly and sincerely and join the Republican party and become active locally. After all, not that Pollinger would, but he could vote absentee in his other state as a democrat and then vote and run here as a republican. Can anyone imagine the maliciousness that would draw from both left and right? Ok, SOE hat back on. I would present him with this argument and allow him the ability to gracefully make a decision which makes him look like an upstanding man. Then it becomes his political cross. As republicans, we remain skeptics because of all the voter fraud we continue to see all over the country. So, in summation, I would have qualified him, given it over to the state, but handled the public relation end with less acrimony and bad press.
        So, Sir, I give you a real answer knowing that I face repercussion for taking a real position. You will find politicians dancing around answers. I give you ratiocinations based on multi-faceted perspectives. Kimble, thank you for quoting the statutes for Mr. Roberts. Sir, thank you for asking a tough question requiring reasoning skills that some will tear me apart regarding. LOL. At least I gave you an answer and the reasoning behind it knowing full well it places me in the unenviable position of having taken a stand. Ben Franklin says it best when he recants that a man with no enemies takes no sides.

        As a Vet, I say thank you to all veterans and their families for giving the ultimate love of country. Folks, can we all at least find this day, this issue, to come together in agreement with each other?

        Thanks for reading my last flaglerlive posting. Trey Corbett (not anonymous or fictitious)LOL

        • FlaglerLive says:

          We do in fact do our best to ensure that commenters don’t use multiple sign-ons or post under assumed names when they are the subject of stories. There’s no reason to believe that Mr. Corbett did, or needed to do, any of that since he clearly had no problem signing his own name. The irony of critics who are writing under assumed names yet criticizing Corbett for inventing some for himself despite his transparency here is another installment in Flagler County’s contribution to the theater of the absurd.

        • kmedley says:

          Trey and Robert Lewis –

          I think much of the Pollinger situation could have been avoided had a proper level of education for new and returning candidates been provided by the current Supervisor of Elections. I’d like to see some type of candidate seminars or classes wherein each new candidate is handed a checklist which should include the 365 day rule. I believe the former SOE, Peggy Rae Border, provided such a service. Election laws change from year to year and candidates, new and returning, should be afforded some guidance and assistance from this office.

          As previously stated, we do not yet know all of the facts. I agree with you in that as SOE and once presented with the information of the previous state’s registration with another party, the SOE applies the law, qualifies the candidate and allows the court to sort through the facts and render a decision.

          According to the reports I’ve read, Mr. Pollinger moved to Florida and initially registered as an NPA or Independent. At some point, I believe in 2010, he registered as a Republican. Now, I’ve never experienced this as I am a native Floridian; however, if I were to move to another State and register to vote through either the DMV or the local elections office, I would presume one of those offices would have notified my prior state especially if I were surrendering my license. One of the items of information the voter registration application is designed to elicit is the name and address where a person was last registered [F.S. 97.052(2)(k)]. So first question. When Mr. Pollinger moved to Florida, how did he register to vote? Was it through the DMV or the elections office? Second question. Did the voter registration application list the prior state’s information? If not, was the applicant notified? [F.S. 97.052(6)]. If he was registered as an NPA, was he notified pursuant to F.S. 97.053(5)(b) that he could change his party affiliation?

          It appears from the reports that Mr. Pollinger was in fact mailed a voter information card which constitutes notice of approval [F.S. 97.073(1)(2)]. This same statute, and I realize I am quoting many statutes; provides that “within 2 weeks after approval of a voter registration application that indicates that the applicant was previously registered in another state, the department must notify the registration official in the prior state”. These laws are what guide the office and they set the parameters for not only the election process but for the voter registration and education side of the office, too, Next question. If the application indicated a prior state, did the department comply? The department is defined as the Department of State. When Mr. Pollinger changed his party affiliation in 2010, was a new voter information card issued?

          Think about this for a moment. If you or any other voter were to move to Florida and register to vote through the DMV, wouldn’t the DMV know of your prior state? The DMV uses that information to construct the voter registration application. Wouldn’t you think the DMV, the Department or the SOE would contact the prior state? But let’s say that doesn’t happen. In 2010, when you change your party affiliation, there wouldn’t be a need to list the previous state because you’ve already received a Florida voter information card. You would simply submit the party affiliation change on a new application and a new card would be issued. Once the new card is issued in 2010, when you as a candidate decide to run for a particular office under a specific party, and you have a voter information card in hand that lists Republican, wouldn’t you think you’ve met the 365 day rule? How was the information regarding the prior state’s party affiliation brought to Mr. Pollinger’s attention?

          This all comes down to education. Yes, the candidate for any office has an obligation to become familiar with chapters 97 -106 of the Florida Statutes. As a voter, I think we should expect the elected SOE to insure proper notifications are made to prior states. Something got missed with this process and until it goes through the court system, we won’t know all of the facts. I agree that as SOE I would make every effort to discuss this with the candidate in a face to face setting. As far as dealing with campaigns where “hatred is the obvious motivating factor”, I can’t be in a position of judgment as to what motivated a voter to come forward.

          That voter has every right to disclose information. I’m quite certain it was a difficult decision which has only been compounded by the current SOE’s addressing of the issue with the press. I think given proper information both campaigns and the voter would have been able to better formulate responses to the media.

          If nothing else, the result of the Pollinger story is the beginning of a conversation with voters. How many are questioning if they are still registered in another state? How many may have already contacted their prior state? It will be interesting to follow the current court case to see if this leads to any changes with regards to the implementation of safeguards so that candidates are not put in the position of potentially attesting to a fact known to be false.

          As Trey has indicated, many will read this and think I, too, am a Pollinger supporter. And like Trey, I voice my opinion in an open and honest manner knowing there will be many who question this.

  27. Ambroz says:

    Well said Trey. As usual, you are a gentleman. This article was about a man who vandalized Trey’s signs. Trey was the victim. I am surprised some have chosen to use this forum to criticize the victim. After you put in some time and do research, if you don’t like Trey’s credentials or what he stands for, go ahead voice your opinions. He has already invited you to do so, because he is a strong supporter of freedom of speech. However, to say he is an egotist or narcissist, without any research, based solely on his brief comments to answer the perpetrator’s false claim of being cut off at the gym, seems like politically motivated mudslinging. I have known Trey for many years, he is a polite and modest person, just the opposite of what some comments portray him to be. And there is no way he would cut ahead of an older person, or anyone for that matter.

  28. Ogreagain says:

    i love the net, who thinks Trey Corbett is posting under more then 1 name?

  29. Trey Corbett says:

    Mr. Lewis,
    Thank you for your questions. I conducted an interview with the obsever detailing those very issues which will be printed soon; however, I will also send them to Flagler Live over the weekend as I have a very busy day today. Thank you for your patience. I will responses soon.
    Trey :)

  30. Trey Corbett says:

    With respect to Anonymous. Sir or Madam, your mind set reveals itself. Many who know me responded as have I. No response to any query you make to me would be acceptable to you. A wall exists made up of your philosophies and an unchangeable opinion regarding me. I respect your right to dislike me. Understanding that won’t change is fine. Please cast your vote for someone whom you feel mirrors your belief system. Should I ever have an opportunity to help you in any way would be my pleasure. If I do get Elected, please call the SOE office and ask to speak with me as your opinions of that office remain as valid as any. Happy Memorial to you and your family.

  31. Geezer says:

    Much to do about nothing.

  32. fedup says:

    can SOMEONE please tell me where in the article it said the GUN WAS LOADED???

  33. gatorfan1 says:

    not only do i think corbett is posting under more than one name but this entire thing is a hoot….ah,mayberry…

  34. deana says:

    This is terrible! Why does an article about a crime become an opportunity to attack the victim? I wouldn’t know Trey Corbett if I fell over him, but I really feel sorry that he has to defend himself here. People, we’re better than that! I’ve always been glad to be a part of Flaglerlive and thought we stayed out of the mud dealing in “just the facts”…not so much today!

  35. Brad West says:

    I was bothered when Trey called me and told me about the incident with the signs. One of the reasons was because I was one of the volunteers out there actually putting them up. It’s a lot of work for all the volunteers who are out helping out local candidates as well. I was not aware how much time and effort went into local campaigns when I began helping, but I learned quickly that there is a lot of work put in. It’s very disrespectful not only to the candidate but to all of those who have contributed financially and those who volunteer their time to vandalize those signs. Every citizen has plenty of opportunity to voice their opinions of candidates and ask questions of them.

    I didn’t even have to think when Trey asked me for some help. I’ve come to know him professionally and personally over the last several years and couldn’t recommend a finer person for any public office. His passion for the community, charity, and service is always inspirational. His management style and business acumen is definitely noteworthy and easy to see why he is so valued in his company and the local business community. Our elections office is an important part of our local government with significant responsibility and budgets, and is often overlooked. Trey is a great candidate for the office and it’s a privileged to help him.

    I just hope the local elections remain respectful and the awareness grows to the importance of being educated about our local candidates and local government. We have a great community and I personally look forward to the coming months and hope this gentleman realizes his wrongs and does the right thing which is to apologize publicly to Trey and the community.

  36. Ashley says:

    I don’t know Trey personally, but I have met him once and he seemed genuinely friendly/nice. I’m a democrat/liberal and I found him to be very likable upon meeting and talking to him. I hate to see any candidates property being defaced, it is extremely rude and most importantly illegal.

  37. jplain says:

    I’ve seen Mr. Corbett in action, watched him from the sidelines. He seems very genuine, and quite sexy. But Trey do you think you could sell your bowflex and donate the money to me so my family won’t be homeless?

    • Trey Corbett says:

      Jplain, I just read your comment and was not going to post here anymore; however, I am moved by your need. If you are truly struggling, I can help…I donate to my church and we have a good network and do support stuggling familes. Simply get in touch with the editor here and he can provide you with my number. I would be happy to personally help and get some community help for you if your comment is not tongue and cheek regarding help. Have a great day!

  38. meh says:

    i will not be voting for trey corbett. to me, he comes across very arrogant in his replies. its almost too rehearsed. save those immaculate responses for people who don’t know any better. well, actually, there are a couple of them here, so keep it up.

  39. Safety guy says:

    In light of the current political season there seems to be “Normal” activity as there always is. I placed in quotes, “Normal” not meaning it is right but that it happens all the time. Working on a candidates campaign in 2008 we were always replacing stolen and destroyed signs. The candidate did not report it because he thought the FCSO had enough to do with out worrying about his signs. The signs are not cheap. Any one caught defacing them, destroying them, or stealing them need to be arrested and brought to justice. I would however be concerned were a campaign to make police reports if the reason is a free publicity tactic. I would not have much respect for any candidate that would try to sway the vote because of a sign. I certainly would hope the public is more intelligent and will vote on the candidate’s platform and qualifications for the official office the candidate is running for. I will not be voting for a sign. I will be voting for a qualified Candidate! Please do not be swayed to vote for anyone because they lost signs, please? Thank you, Safety Guy

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