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“We Are Trayvon Martin”: Two Moms Mobilize 125 Protesters in Spirited Palm Coast March

| March 31, 2012

Christopher Scott, 10, a 4th grader at Wadsworth Elementary. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Christopher Scott, 10, a 4th grader at Wadsworth Elementary, was part of the march. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: 10:48 p.m.

It was organized by two Palm Coast moms—Naquisha Nelson and Tracey Hodges. Word spread the way it usually does these days: Facebook, emails, tweets, old fashioned word of mouth. A little after 6 o’clock, well over 100 people had gathered in the parking lot at Kohl’s off Belle Terre Parkway, many of them in hoodies, many of them brandishing iced tea cans and Skittles, and all of them there to march in protest of the killing of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old boy shot by George Zimmerman in Sanford on Feb. 26 as Trayvon was returning from a store with Skittles and iced tea. He was unarmed.

“We have kids, and wrong is wrong,” Hodges said just before the march, “so we decided that we wanted to do something here in Palm Coast. There are a lot of young people that live here. We went to the one in Sanford as well, and we were moved by what they did there. We wanted to bring it here to Palm Coast.” Her son is 16. He’ll be 17 next month. “This could have been him,” Hodges continued. “He had a similar situation here in town with police. With him it was with police. But it could happen to any of our kids,, so that’s how we look at it. We want to make everyone aware that this isn’t just something that happened in Sanford. This happens all over the world. We don’t hear about it. So now that we’ve heard about it, you have to do something. You can’t just sit down and not say anything.”

“It’s an indescribable experience, the way everyone rallied there,” Nelson said of witnessing the Sanford march. “I got there two and a half hours early, and just to see the mass of people come together. It was just—I’m only in 30s, so it was something that we learned kind of like in history, like with the Martin Luther King marches. To actually see that take place is just, I don’t know. It kind of moved you to want to do more and see how we can be more active.”

The organizing moms: Naquisha Nelson, left, and Tracey Hodges. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

They said a prayer. Then they set off, swelling to about 125 as the marchers walked at a brisk clip and chanted down Belle Terre Parkway, all the way to Parkview. They chanted: “We are Treyvon Martin.” They chanted: “No justice, no peace.” They chanted: “We want an arrest.” They chanted: “Stand for justice, stand for peace.”  The marchers picked up energy and decibels as they walked back, chanting: “It’s not a white or black thing, it’s a right and wrong thing,” and chanting: “Two, four, six, eight, Zimmerman needs to pay.” They ended in the Kohl lot again almost as precisely as the sun was disappearing, to a final, plaintive hymn by the Palm Coast vocalist Kenya Johnson, and to hugs, pictures, and the promise, from Hodges, that “we want to let Palm Coast know we’re going to do this every week if we have to.”

The march had lasted 73 minutes. It was one of innumerable such marches across the state and the nation on the 32nd day of what has turned into the most pronounced instance of popular outrage over the handling of an incident muddied from most appearances by racism’s fingerprints. Muddied, too, by the seemingly arbitrary application of a Florida law—denounced by its own author for its deployment by the Sanford Police Department in this case—that allows an individual to “stand his ground” and shoot to kill if feeling threatened.

Zimmerman had not been assaulted at the beginning of the incident. He was in his own car, looking at Trayvon from a distance, as Trayvon appeared to be looking at him. After calling in a report of Trayvon as a suspicious person, after being told by the dispatcher to let police handle it, after referring to Trayvon, who is black, that “these assholes always get away” to the dispatcher, and after audibly calling Trayvon a “fucking coon” on the recording, Zimmerman chased after the boy, lost him, then claims he was set upon violently by Trayvon, who—Zimmerman says—beat his head against the pavement. Zimmerman says he shot the boy in self-defense.

Like Trayvon on his last day, a few dozen boys, girls, men and women, and very young children, wore hoodies in today’s march. Andre Henry Martinez and Devon martin, both 16 and students at Matanzas High School, wore hoodies. “I’m here because I’m a 16-year-old kid and that could have been me,” Andre said. “I just felt that I needed to be here in support of Trayvon, because it seems like the right thing to do, and he was done wrong.”

As he spoke, drivers frequently honked their horn in support, others looked at the marchers with an inquisitive look, as if to figure out what it was about, and some–whites, usually–looked on stone-faced at the sight of a mass of mostly black people marching.

Johnny Hamilton. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

“I have a 4-year-old son, I’ve dealt with some profiling in my life, my dad has, my grandfather grew up in Jim Crow times, so we’re just trying to finally put an end to things like this, you know?” says Johnny Hampton, a 35-year-old accountant, as he marched south on Belle Terre, toward the end of the marching line. “When is it going to end? You know, sometimes you need a seminal moment like Rosa Parks on the bus, like Medgar Evers getting shot. So maybe even though this is a tragedy, this could be one of those moments. That’s what we’re hoping. That’s why we’re here.” He speaks of his profiling experiences in Jamaica, a neighborhood of Queens, N.Y. “Regular cops. ‘You fit the description.’ That’s the key thing I always hear: you fit the description. Well, I don’t know what that means, because I always say to people when they say, ‘oh, well, you’re dressing like a thug.’ You are classified by your actions, not what you wear. Bernie Madoff dressed in a suit. Stole millions of dollars. Is he a thug? You never saw him coming because you had this predisposed notion of what you thought a criminal should look like. But he didn’t fit it. He took millions from people.”

Audio: Hampton on the Stand Your Ground Law
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Hampton talks about the way Trayvon is being stereotyped even now, after his death, on the strength of a few crumbs of miscreant behavior grubbed out of his school record in South Florida: the pot found in his bag, the suspension or two he served for misbehavior. “Listen, they do the same thing when a woman gets raped, right? Was she wearing a short skirt? How many boyfriends does she have. I don’t want to get too racial, but on another level I feel as if they’re trying to paint him a certain way to make Americans or everyone think, well, this kid’s life wasn’t worth anything because he was a bad kid. He’s just a teenager. I always say, we’re all judged by our worst decisions in our lives. How would it turn out for us? We’ve all done things we wish we could have done better, right? By doing that, they’re victimizing him again. It’s not relevant, because George Zimmerman doesn’t know he got suspended for marijuana when he chases him. He doesn’t know anything about him at all. All he knows is he sees the guy who looks like he’s out of place, and he’s going to follow him.”

Further up the line, there was Lawrence Smith, 67, and a grandchild. Smith, a retired detective, was marching at a brisk clip. And sweating. And smiling. “Today,” he says, “is my birthday, and I’m out walking so that other young men can live to have their birthdays. I was a youth officer specialist in New York City, and I ran the largest youth counsel in New York City, and I really worked hard to keep young people out of the system. I’ve got 50 or 60 of my young people in new York that went into law enforcement.” He spoke of the bias that undermined the Trayvon case, and the sense among people that something wasn’t quite right about its execution. “There’s very few people that say this case was handled correctly,” he says.

Christopher Scott, 10, On Trayvon’s Killing
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The marchers pick up steam, chant louder, following a cluster of half a dozen teen-agers leading the group lengthening along the east side of Belle Terre. At Parkview, the group turns around and begins marching north again. We catch up to 10-year-old Christopher Scott, the young boy featured in the picture at the top of the article, and the son of Palm Coast resident Shontay Jordan. “I’m here to represent Trayvon martin,” the Wadsworth Elementary 4th grader says, “because whatever his name was did, it was wrong, and he needs to go to jail. That’s just the main problem. Who in the world would think Skittles and Arizona Tea would think is a gun. That’s just stupid. That’s all I have to say.”

Chris Johnson, esq. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

As the sun wanes and the marchers approach Kohl’s parking lot again, a tall, lanky boy in a hoodie is heard making a reference to Malcolm X, followed by the Muslim greeting of peace that was also Malcolm’s signature: Salam alaikum (peace be with you). It’s Chris Johnson, a 17-year-old junior at Matanzas High School who wants to go into politics and law, and whose email handle is cjohnsonfuturelawyer. He’s asked about his attraction to Malcolm. “I liked his later teachings,” Johnson says. “Personally I didn’t agree with what he was saying at first about how he hated whites and things of that nature. But his intellect, and his background stories, I was very intrigued by. I felt like he was, although he was radical, he had different ideas from Martin Luther King and things like that. Which kind of relates to a situation like this that we have with Trayvon, because although–I’m not saying this as black people, but us as people in general, we want to retaliate, but we can’t, because we don’t want to cause anything else. We just want to show the world that you can’t take innocent lives and think you can get away with it. So by us doing marches, and having different leaders in the community come out, and speak about it, it helps us to our advantage. I would say, if Martin Luther King or my favorite Malcolm X was here today, they would probably say the same thing about what’s happening and what happened in Sanford with Trayvon Martin.”

As marchers put down their signs, huddled for pictures and high fives and embraces to finish the day, a faint voice began to rise above the dying commotion, silencing it as the voice got stronger and people gathered in a tight circle around its source: Kenya Johnson was singing the march’s coda.

Kenya Johnson: You Better Believe It
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Marchers gathering in Kohl's parking lot earlier today. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Getting ready: that's Rev. Ken Bauer II of Occupy Flagler to the left. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Brandishing Skittles and ice tea. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

All ages. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

It was not a small crowd. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Trayvon Martin weaponry. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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39 Responses for ““We Are Trayvon Martin”: Two Moms Mobilize 125 Protesters in Spirited Palm Coast March”

  1. King Diarmuid Con via Facebook says:

    I Honked in Support as i Drove by there Earlier, RIP Trayvon Martin.. :( :( :(

    • jane says:

      why would you honk in support? support of what? all the evidence hasn’t been presented, yet. just wait and see before you decide who to support.

  2. GoodFella says:

    I feel chunks in my throat. These people need to get a life and move on. Enough B.S. already, do these people really want Trayvon for a role model for their kids. A boy suspended from school for having stolen jewelry and weed in his backpack. A boy wanting to be a thug with a mouth full of gold teeth. They are never going to move ahead unless they change the culture! Lets start our own march with our style of “hoods” for all the innocent white people shot by young black thugs. Oh, that would be considered racist if we did it!

    • Shame on YOU says:

      That comment is exactly why this county was the last to INTEGRATE in the state of Florida and why this country’s racism will never die.

    • just me says:

      My son is a “thug” as you put it,he has been temporarily in jail for MAJOR things and NEVER had to suffer the consequence for his actions except the fact that now that he has stolen from our entire family and done drugs in all our homes including crack and pot and has physically assaulted most of us and when he was little I BEGGED the judge to put him in a in patient treatment center but all they did was KIDS COURT.GUESS WHAT!! guess my 24 year old skin color on the outside,WHITE!!!! he is white and he gets away with EVERYTHING,the court system down here in Florida SUCKS ASS and THAT is why George Zimmerman is still walking around a free man with out a scratch on him from his apparent beating from Treyvon .My son lives in the woods in a tent and has no job and lost his wife to another man and his kids (all four of them ) to DCF.That is the only consequence he is paying.KARMA’S A BITCH,TELL THAT TO ZIMMERMAN!!!!

    • Rocky Mac says:

      Goodfella: “These” people are not using Trayvon as a role model. They were marching for the injustice of this murder case. If you note this was a mixed crowd…..all racial backgrounds, all ages…..of course there were more of “these” people in number as “these” people were the first to organize this event and get the word out. Some participants parked their cars and spontaneously joined the march. And if I may, (IMO) it is “people” like you who stereotype and contribute to the racial problems in this country. P.S. I was one of “these” people in the march, and I am over 60, white and a grandmother.

  3. B. Claire says:

    Kudos: Organizing moms…Naquisha Nelson and Tracey Hodges.

    Wish I had known …would have been there.

  4. Devrie says:

    Trayvon was a normal teenager: an honor roll student bound for college who had done some stupid things to get himself suspended from school. Like many young boys, he acted all “cool” with his friends. Someone posted page of his Twitter postings, which were mostly retweets…and he would retweet stuff from other people, such as, “Your the kind of girl that things you’re cool ’cause you give your p.ssy away for free.” Kids are crazy nuts. They do and say things that we parents would be so embarrased about if we ever found out, especially teens.

    I did dumb stuff. I’m an imperfect human. I look back on those days thinking about how each year I’ve learned something new. That’s one of the benefits of not being shot because you acted like a teenager.

    Gold teeth, hoodie? I mean, when my mom was a kid, adults thought girls who wore straight skirts and red lipstick were asking for trouble. Goodness forbade the tight, button down sweaters they used to wear.

    The issue here isn’t that we want Trayvon to be a role model. Sure, the pictures of him are glowing: a cherubic young football player. He was that too, though.

    It appears that the Sanford Police department may have dropped the ball, because it seems enough information was not taken into consideration before not drug testing a shooter, but drug testing a dead young man…by having conflicting eyewitness testimony, but only accepting that of the one that agrees with what Zimmerman said, despite several other accounts that differ (and telling some that they were confused as to who was attacking whom, based on the first witness).

    I would imagine, given the history of the evolution of slavery, this incident is a sign that perhaps the people who should protect all citizens are biased enough to let someone die.

    AND, if we are to give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt on his judgement call (the fact that he may not have been racist, if only overzealous in approaching someone because they were “looking at the houses,”), then the police department did a disservice to Zimmerman too, because they saw a dead black kid in a hoodie with gold teeth and left it at that.

    For the record, I’m not well versed on all the “innocent white people shot by young black thugs.” I mean, it’s unfortunate, but it seems that “young black thugs” are generally involved with crime that involves other “young black thugs.”

    AND, gold teeth and a hoodie doesn’t make you a thug. I don’t think Trayvon was an angel, but I don’t think he really was a hardcore thug or anything. Kind of a normal teen.

  5. Ben Dover says:

    yeah its getting ridiculous , now they are starting nonsense in the schools as to why black kids get detention and suspended more then white kids , did you ever go to the Epic theaters and try and watch a movie with a bunch of them in the theater ……………….there`s your answer!

  6. KitwitmePalmCoast says:

    @Good fella…again you just wouldnt understand….yes people die everyday….yet something about TRAYVON MARTIN”S..”COVER UP” just should crawl under your skin…even if you try to take ‘color’ out of this….how can you say you were attacked…had head smashed in concrete…yet on this lovely thing we called TECHNOLOGY..aka….VIDEO at police dept….no signs of blood on shirt, swelling, cuts, bandages…watever…i work as a school nurse…so seeing a nosebleed…uhhh usually there is a few spots on clothing….Or how can you say someone attacked you…yet on AUDIO 911 call…you can be heard saying RACISTS COMMENTS…told you didnt need to pursue person…yet you did….but claim self-defense……HOW CAN the police DEPT…have a CELL phone of the victim…yet dont know how to contact family???? OR how can someone dispute who TRAYVON was on the phone with, when last call ended 7:12pm…and he was found dead on scene 7:17pm……PLEASE JUST TAKE A MOMENT…IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOUR CHILD…YOUR FAMILY MEMBER….YOU WOULD TAKE THE FALSE STORIES POLICE TOLD YOU???? Protest…or marching is what WE AMERICANS can do….cause if ZIMMERMAN can get away with this…well damnit whats to stop me from ‘defending myself’ like he did….but pretty sure my brown complexion…would bring a different outcome… may not want to say it out loud….but you know it…2012….shame its still here…oh btw…make sure Justin Beiber knows ‘hoodies’ are for thugs….and last thought…sooo because of TRAYVON”s school record and other crap u posted…he deserved to DIE???? MAN HOPE YOU HAVENT had ANY SINS>>>>>

  7. ol'sarge says:

    Good to see you’ve made progress…I’m sure everyone is ecstatic you are the voice of “your” people…I’m pretty sure nobody is asking their kids to idolize Martin, just to be able to trust in the justice system. There is no greater peace than knowing you can rest assured your local authorities and government will serve you well, no matter what color you are…

    last time I checked, freedom of assembly was a fundamental right…I would encourage any group not promoting violence to assemble publicly…it’s how this country was founded!

  8. Flagler Native says:

    Why doesn’t some Caucasian person organize a march against this so called “march”. I’d be first in line…..they could even go as far as wearing face paint to show the damage that Trayvon did to this man. Oh but that was ok, wasn’t it all you supporters?? It was ok to see a Latino beat down and then persecuted because he killed his ATTACKER. Trayvon was the aggressor..The only reason any of you care anyway is because he’s black, and so many of you have been brainwashed by the Africans to make you all feel guilty about what happened in the south in the 50’s. Since you all feel this regret about what your forefathers and mothers did you want to kinda “right” the “wrong” that was done to them..YOU CAN’T GO BACK though. They were owned because of the time period all of you whites need to stop feeling guilty and treat them equally..Because as I see it..IT’S THE WHITES who are putting them on pedestals DON’T YOU ALL SEE they are treating white people like (insert vulgarity here)! ….the moral of this story doesn’t matter to you..It’s a shame all you want to do is jump on the bandwagon.

    If that little thug didn’t get it now..he would’ve in the future anyway.

  9. KM says:

    I think what these ladies did was great and to make it loud in clear it was not a white or black thing it was a right or wrong thing. You go girls!!!!

  10. Suspect says:

    To the moms who organized the event, good job and thank you! You rule the school.


      If its not a “black and white” thing but a “right and wrong thing” then let the system work as it is supposed to. ie: Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson
      The system good, bad, indifferent, is our system and we MUST live by it.

  11. New Jersey says:

    The bigots come out of the woodwork and raise their ugly heads.

    I bet they will be the first ones to contribute to the Zimmerman defense fund.

    They would probably vote for David Duke for president.

  12. BW says:

    The bottom line to this whole situation is that a young man’s life was ended senselessly. Senseless violence and a decline in the respect for others and life itself is deteriorating everyday. I don’t think the whole truth is out and whether it will be is yet to be seen.

    I do think the real conversation that needs to be had is getting lost in all the “circus” that is developing around this. There is the conversation of safety and appropriate action on a “Neighborhood Watch”. Based upon the 911 calls, this gentlemen should not have been pursuing anyone. He was told not to but did so anyway and sounds like he put himself in harms way (if in fact he was attacked). That’s not ok. in my opinion. You alert the police and let them handle it.

    There is the conversation as well that judgement and stereotype attitudes do exist. This is something young people do need to understand. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could just see you for what’s on the inside, but the reality is that is not so. Does it give another the right to harm you? No, but the truth is that people may make certain predeterminations about you based upon appearance (i.e. dress, piercings, tattoos, etc.).

    This is a sad situation all around and seems to me that it was very avoidable and definitely a senseless loss of life. There definitely should be a thorough investigation which is what the family is asking for and justice should be applied as the law allows. To me it sounds like Zimmerman got anxious and reacted rashly which isn’t a justification to taking a life. If so, he needs to be punished.

  13. Naquisha Nelson says:

    And I think MANY are MISSING the whole problem…We know people are killed by ALL races EVERYDAY and especially children BUT when we KNOW who the shooters are they are ARRESTED! Had George Zimmerman been arrested and charged for his RECKLESS ACTS THAT CAUSED A CHILD THAT WAS DOING NOTHING TO BE KILLED THEN THIS WOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE! WE ARE ALL HUMAN and if that was your son you would want an ARREST as well NO MATTER WHAT COLOR/RACE YOU ARE! Zimmerman needs to be held accountable for his actions point blank period! I am sure we are ALL PARENTS AND IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD IN THIS CASE WHAT WOULD YOU WANT DONE….EXACTLY! We want a CHILD to be accountable BUT NOT AN ADULT….SAD so SAD!

    • CONCERNED says:

      As a Parent you have a right to know what happened to your child and that’s all the MARTIN FAMILY is asking to find the truth of the death of their son.. Are they wrong in doing so? Ask yourself if that was my son ,even if he was doing something wrong would you just want someone to kill him? A GROWN MAN PULLED A GUN OUT ON A CHILD AND SHOT HIM TO DEATH BECAUSE HE ZIMMERMAN SIAD HE BROKE HIS NOSE PUNCHED HIM A COUPLE OF TIMES AND FOR THAT HE HAD TO DIE? THIS GROWN MAN COULD NOT KEEP A YOUNG MAN FROM BEATING HIS BUTT (if that is the case) REALLY? RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG ! YOU CAN NOT BE THE VICTIM, JUDGE,AND JURY AND DECEIDE TO TAKE THE LAW IN YOUR OWN HANDS, WE HAVE LAWS AND IF THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO THEN EVERYBODY NEED TO BE WATCHING THEIR BACKS………

  14. comment says:

    I agree this is not a black or white thing, it is absolutely a right or wrong issue. I am really on the fence about which side to be on because I, nor the majority of us, actually have ALL the facts. The speculation is so out of control one is hard pressed to know what is real. What I do know is real is an unarmed 17 year old was shot by an armed adult (albeit the adult could not have known Trayvon’s age and thought him to be an adult). It seems that every investigative agency in this country is investigating and I would have to believe that there are investigators of many backgrounds working to find the truth. I will wait for an official announcement before I make a final judgement.

  15. ol'sarge says:

    Flagler Native-

    I am not sure who you are or what you do for a living, but I hope you have little to no contact with the general public. I read your posts pretty frequently, and, generally speaking, you tend to spread nothing but poison. Only an ignorant person would take this situation and make it about himself and what is not fair for whites…I could care less about the race in this case (Zimmerman made it about race when he called Martin a f***ing coon), but I do care about a zealot chasing someone through the neighborhood with a gun…which, by the way, makes him the aggressor! Of course he got hit, he followed someone after the POLICE TOLD HIM TO STOP and then pulled a gun! If someone was chasing you around the street, I am absolutely positive you would confront that person as well!!

    In the meantime, I would urge you to stop spreading your outdated and hateful venom…

  16. B. Claire says:

    Hi…these are not my comments….these are comments posted by other posters on this thread…which appear to me to be below contempt, and an embarrassment to be coming from our community.

    Mortified for Palm Coast:

    show the damage that Trayvon did to this man

    If that little thug didn’t get it now..he would’ve in the future anyway.

    Lets start our own march with our style of “hoods” for all the innocent white people shot by young black thugs.

  17. JIM.R says:

    I think the racial aspect is way out of line in this case. It should be about the stupid law that makes some people think they have a right to shoot someone because they are in an argument or fight.
    Zimmerman is obviously slightly demented, thinking he’s a civilian Dirty Harry,as portrayed by Clint Eastwood. Is he a racist? possibly, but the real reason for this tragedy is a loose cannon wannabe cop walking around with a gun. Did the home owners association know he was carrying a gun? If they did it seems that they are on dangerous ground as far as liability goes.

    If you want to see if racism is alive and well ,look at the number of likes for Good fellas stupid remarks.

  18. Kip Durocher says:

    just for giggles let’s add some science.
    there is no existing science that supports dividing up the inhabitants of the planet earth into races.
    dna shared by inhabitants of iceland, borneo or ireland, cuba, africa and guam (to include everyone now living in the USA) show no basis to differentiate between them, other than as inhabitants of earth.
    the whole thing was concocted by a bored rich german dude who admired the people of the caucus mountains for their hard work ethic.
    he coined the phrase “caucasians” ~ those who live in the caucus mountains. off it went from there.

    Reading these posts I guess Jimmy Carter was spot on!

  19. JL says:

    Flagler Native – Do you honestly believe the 140 lb kid was beating up the 240+ man? Really? Did you see the video of Zimmerman at the police station? Where is he bloodied? Where are his bandages? If he was injured, it is protocal to take him to the hospital first. That wasn’t done. Hm, why? Because maybe he wasn’t injured at all. It doesn’t matter what Trayvon did in his past. What mattered is, he wasn’t doing anything at the time, nothing but talking to his girlfriend, minding his own business, trying to get out of the rain. He didn’t deserve to be stalked, shot, killed. I don’t care what color you are, you should be outraged. And I have to admit, I now have more of an understanding of why people of color get so outraged. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be profiled because of my race. I can’t imagine what it’s to know your son was killed because he was a black teen in a hoodie and “looked” like he was up to no good. I have worked for attorneys my whole life. I do not believe it is in any statute that you can be convicted based on your appearance and clothes. This kid was doing nothing. And I will bet the truth will show that Zimmerman attacked Trayvon. What does appear to be the truth, 911 tapes show that Zimmerman was following Trayvon, stalking him. That is wrong. He should be arrested and let a court of law decide his guilt or innocence.

  20. I'm Not Saying...I'm Just Saying says:

    50 bucks says if Zimmerman had shot Chadwick Pennington III, the same people like GoodFella would be yelling about how the Hispanic community is a bunch of ‘thugs.’

    This case is proof positive as to why candidates feel like they must appeal to the craziest 1 percent on each side of the aisle.

  21. I CU NV Me says:

    Everyone on here are trying to make statements…but looks to me that 34+ are for Goodfella. Could it be that Flagler County is pro-white?..afterall Flagler County was the very last county to allow blacks into schools in the entire state, or to allow them anywhere else for that matter. This is a southern white loving county…. love it or leave it.

  22. George Bowman says:

    You Have Got To Be JOKING!! this BS needs to stop, the kid should never put his hands on the man and he would still be alive, did anyone see the thug photos of this kid? he tried to take the mans gun and got shot.. why are we still beating this story of POOR Treyvon Come on enough already !!!!!! oh and for anyone who does not know the rules for the stand your ground law maybe you should look them up..

  23. GOP says:

    I think Trayvon was another thug and looking for trouble.. This person who has been mortlized is no different the average mugger, home invader or person who figures we have to keep hands off because they’re intitled..

  24. Franklin says:


  25. person says:

    its not about race. everybody is just trying to make it a race thing just because the two people invovled were of diffrent color. he probably would have shot if he was white also people want it to be racist but it just isnt it was just an unfortunate event.

  26. Socialist Pig says:

    Does this mean they all carry drug paraphenalia, burglary tools and stolen jewelry in their backpacks and jump strangers?

  27. The Truth says:

    Our country is doomed. The responses in this discussion are pathetic. Why don’t we wait until all the facts are out there before we pass judgement, from both sides?

    I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the Martin’s demanding the truth about this. The fact of the matter is that Trayvon (from all the information that was out there) was unarmed and not looking for any trouble. Mr. Zimmerman should have simply called the police and went along his way (according to his brother, he was heading to Target). From this point on, the story gets a little sketchy. It’s tough to find out what really happened when the key witness is no longer with us.

  28. Rocky Mac says:

    For those who don’t believe we have a racial problem in this country. Check this out.

  29. Rocky Mac says:

    Pierre: Thank you for the wonderful coverage of this event. I should have introduced myself yesterday with my online name. Then you would have recognized me. :)

  30. that guy says:

    there are 32 states that have a stand your ground 25 say you can stand your ground eveywhere the other 7 are you can only stand your ground on or in personal property. besides putting a bounty on a guys life becvause of a bad decision what if zimmerman was killed by trayvon there wouldnt be marches to convict trayvon so stop being stupid and reliaze its just another kid shot dead about 30 kids have been murdered in 2012 alone but this is the only one getting attention beccause everyone WANTS IT TO BE A RACE THING. when in retrospect it really wasnt about race just an unfortunate event

  31. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could have been there. I was in Sanford with my family the day before and off-line till now. It’s very sad that we have instigators baiting us in this horrific case of injustice. The case has been stated numerous times already and we won’t stop until justice have been jump started to a legal resolution and a conviction of a murderer. As for the those representing the “White” race…we’re all one people. Both White and Black and Asian and Hispanic were out protesting since the Trayvon case came to light. So you baiters can keep baiting and wallowing in your hate. GOOD JOB PROTESTERS, Naquisha Nelson and Tracey Hodges. We want justice!!!

  32. Anon says:

    It shouldn’t even be a question of racism while it should be a question of what is right and wrong. A young boy is dead. So who cares if he was black or white or “thugish”? He was someone’s child and friend. THAT is what should matter and THAT is why Greg Zimmerman should be tried and punished because he killed an innocent human being. If you give justification for murder than what does that make you? I applaud these parents and people for showing that justice SHOULD be served.

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