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No Money for a Big Recreation Center, But Palm Coast Will Spend $100,000 Imagining One

| July 10, 2018

palm coast aquatic center

Palm Coast government for years has been dreaming of an ‘aquatic center,’ though money and demand have been lacking (Ping Timeout)

For as long as Palm Coast has existed, there’s been occasional discussions at the city council about building a big vast “multi-generational” recreation center that would include an “aquatic center”—a fancy way to refer to a big swimming pool.

But to pay for it, the city would have to generate a whole lot more revenue through its park impact fee—the one-time fee levied on new construction. The recreation impact fee on a single-family house is $1,264. The city would have to have a whole lot more development to afford such ambitions as a 100,000 square foot recreation center, the size usually bandied about, as it was again today during a council discussion on the same subject.

There is no money for a recreation center: renovations and rebuilding of Holland Park and the community center tapped that out.  Nor is there much revenue. Yet today, the council gave the administration its approval for a $100,000 design study of just such a recreation center.

The money will go to Georgia-based Lose Design (“Spaces for Life”) to gather ideas and develop a mock-up of what a recreation center might look like. “This will include many areas outside of sports, such as: health/wellness, education, arts, music, life skills, community events and more,” the company’s proposal states. “In order to forecast sports and non-sports programming, it will be helpful to have access to historical and current usage rates of other Community focused programs and a list of the desired activities for analysis.”

Along the way, the firm will host an open house, enabling residents to share their ideas and desires for a recreation center. The firm will also meet with private recreation providers, the hospital and “potential outside partner groups” to solicit their ideas. It will conduct an online survey, then hold another public meeting where residents may have a hand in providing designs of their own. Expect all this over the next few months. After a few more such exercises, the firm will submit its findings and conceptual plan to the council in December, including a three-dimensional rendering of what the recreation center might look like.

The city administration  presented the plan to the council during a workshop this morning after City Manager Jim Landon framed the proposal as resulting from the city council’s direction.  But Council members Bob Cuff and Heidi Shipley spoke as if they’d never heard of the plan before.

“Are we sure that we want to go as big as that,” Shipley said, referring to the potential 100,000 square feet. “It seemed like it was going to be too expensive to do it on that size.” Carl Cote, the city’s construction manager, said the design would include a financial feasibility analysis looking at the costs of both operations and programs: Any such facility would not just be costly to build, but would add substantial recurring, annual costs to the city’s payroll, since it would have to be staffed and maintained.

“We’re estimating in the tens of millions for this kind of facilities,” Landon said of the building cost.

The facility would be planned for the area of the tennis center off Belle Terre Parkway, behind Fire Station 25.

“We are focusing on the area there where we have the Lehigh trailhead, the tennis center, the fire station,” Landon said. “We have property there.” During the council’s goal-setting sessions, members had discussed combining amenities there so the trailhead parking lot would eventually be combined with the recreation center’s parking lot.

The city has property in Town Center, but that’s considered more “isolated” and less feasible, Landon said.

While building a big recreation center may be too ambitious, the design for it may be the city’s back-door way of facilitating smaller developments at the tennis center–a subsidized, members-only facility that serves an extremely limited group of residents–such as a clubhouse, which it would otherwise have difficulty justifying since the center itself isn’t generating the kind of revenue that would enable clubhouse expansion. The plan might also include a “satellite” community center.

Council member Nick Klufas said the approach should strive to be inclusive of the public. But there were no questions about long-term costs or the financial feasibility of such a plan.

Recreation impact fee fund had just under $1 million in 2017. That was expected to fall to $235,000 this year, covering costs associated with the new community center: recreation impact fee revenue is expected to be under $400,000 this year and the next, and just over $400,000 the following two years.

There are no big parks plans in the city’s latest capital improvement program except for planned spending of $3.4 million at Holland Park next year for what would be the next phased transformation of that facility. That phase would include a “splash park” within the park. In 2020, the city has slated a $3 million investment in the Long Creek Nature Preserve, which has yet to have its own welcome center. There are also smaller investments–$50,000 here, $200,000 to $300,000 there—in various park renovations.

The money for the $100,000 contract, expected to go before the council for approval next week, would be taken from what the administration is referring to as the “Recreation Center Master Fund” in the city’s documentation. Asked about the fund, city spokesperson Cindi Lane emailed: “There really isn’t a Recreation Center Master Fund – but we do have a Recreation Impact Fees Fund.” She added: “The City budgeted funds in the Recreation Impact Fee Fund for FY18 & FY19 for the Lehigh Trail Head Project. This project includes costs for design of the trailhead as well as a Master Plan of the entire city-owned property at this location so that the trailhead can be situated most effectively on the site to accommodate future expansion and development.”

Recreation Center Master Plan Contract

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60 Responses for “No Money for a Big Recreation Center, But Palm Coast Will Spend $100,000 Imagining One”

  1. Jan says:

    I love the concept. Hope it can become a reality. It’s the kind of thing people would want if they are moving to a new area.

  2. Really says:

    Big pool head due East cant miss it next…

  3. JustTheTruth says:

    100,000.00 spent to design study of what the new recreation center would look like, more wasted taxpayers money down the tubes. What are you counsel people thinking when once again the taxpayers have asked for side walks and more street lights, DON’T YOU HEAR US?????
    We want to start voting on these things because you folks are wasting our money and we don’t appreciate it.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is utter ridiculousness at it’s finest.

    You’re going to take 100,000 dollars and blow it on designing a facility you can’t even afford to build and staff. Way to go

    If you have 100,000 dollars surplus laying around how about giving long over due raises to your city employees? Oh wait that makes too much sense. It seems like this Council and Landon are like kids with allowance money. It’s there so I have to spend it.

    Yet another reason why Landon needs to go and now before he bankrupts us as a parting gift. And if the Council even remotely supports then we obviously need change there as well.

    We have an election coming up so it’s time to start remembering stupid stuff like this. WE are the ones that can institute change. And it starts at the polls.

  5. Conner former swimmer says:

    We have been needing an aquatics center for well over a decade. Freda and belle terre swim and raquette are not equipped with the naccessities for water sports, including a deep enough pool to train properly. An updated equations center will flourish, provide new recreation to the community, and give the high schoolers and club swimmers a proper place to train.

  6. Jon Hardison says:

    Good god this town has lost its rat stinking mind!
    Lose Design has an office in Atlanta but they’re not GA based. They’re actually based in Tennessee where they have two offices.

    So it would be helpful to gage interest ay? Perhaps the city and county should have a long conversation? We have a bunch of “big pools” that don’t seem to be doing very well. Add to those the various rotting golf courses and tennis centers and you’ve got a pretty abysmal outlook for projects like this moving forward.

    Parks have done really well around the city. Always have! But it’s really difficult to think of a single success story when it comes to Palm Coast’s similar efforts. Historically it ends up costing us all a b’zillion dollars to clean up a needless mess.

    Your article has it right. There’s no interest.
    Yeah, the same 30 people that wanted and ultimately benefitted from the tennis center may show up to support the idea but c’mon already!

    We’ve got kids getting hit by cars all over the city for lack of sidewalks but we wanna go nuts conceptualizing a big huge place for them to risk their lives trying to get to?

    I generally try not to be negative about such things but honestly…
    Our representative’s priorities and quite possibly their understanding of the value of money is irrevocably askew.

  7. oldtimer says:

    are you kidding? and we cant get street lights

  8. Born and Raised Here says:

    This is a good step in the right direction. I see no future in the golf course, nothing but eldely playing and they wont be around much longer. We need to attract a good young crowd, swimming and diving is huge in Flordia. Build it.

  9. Agkistrodon says:

    3 words: Sidewalks, Street Lights. Accomplish that, then get back to us.

  10. Randy Jones says:

    By the tennis center?? In SOUTH Palm Coast?? How ’bout let’s do it at the OLD (vacant) tennis center?? Pool, skate park, tennis, paint ball, miniature golf?? That location is beautifully treed and IMAGINE, if you will, the draw you could achieve from the timeshares and short-term vacation rentals from here northward to Crescent Beach and beyond. But NOOOOOOOO, lets put it down SOUTH close to the HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL tennis and town centers where the only unique commercial destination for many Palm Coasters “northerners” is Tractor Supply.

  11. John Brady says:

    Do I understand? We are going to spend 100K to design something we can not afford.

    We need to change direction. A new direction is electing cost conscious Democrats and throwing out these high spending Republicans.

    We need council members who how to direct staff. The City Manager needs to be reeled in and has needed to be reeled in for years. Note how the City Manager usually says that he has been directed to look into something by the Council and Council members do not remember directing him

    Any contracting out for ideas must stop and stop now. Any contracting out must state how and why existing city staff can not accomplish the task

  12. Stretchem says:

    There’s a gigantic “pool” 5 miles to our east. Free to use for everyone.

  13. Rob Jr says:

    These folks must have collectively fallen and collectively bumped their heads.
    Weren’t these the same ones talking about raising our taxes and fees.

    This proposal has the same ring as that bridge Mr Landon sold called a golf course and tennis center.
    Isn’t the golf course and tennis center fine examples of taxpayer money spent in losing efforts?

    When you vote don’t return anyone to this town council who is partially responsible for negligent spending.

    Mr Howell and Mr Tipton sound like they would be assets to the town council

    The next election is in 2020
    That will be the opportunity to show Cuff, Klufas and Holland the door.

  14. Bill says:

    I think the concept of such would be GREAT for our City/County. That is how it should be looked at NOT just a PC thing but a collaboration of local governments. We live in FLA and our schools dont have a place for swim teams big enough to hold a event. We have the home of multiple STATE champions in Synchronized swimming and again dont have a pool larg enough for them to hold events. this IF it was to happen should be a partnership with PC the County and the school system. Also we dont need to pay 100K to get a idea on what it should be just look at the WMCA in Ormond it is a great facility.

  15. omg says:

    John Brady, I think what you don’t realize is that these high spending Republicans were actually Democrats in the NE before they moved here and found they cannot get elected as Democrats…..

  16. Coyote says:

    “The city administration presented the plan to the council during a workshop this morning after City Manager Jim Landon framed the proposal as resulting from the city council’s direction. ”

    This one line explains it all.

  17. tulip says:

    This city council is totally nuts to spend money for nothing!!! And the city doesn’t even use local or in state people to draw the plans. So much for local loyalty. Even if the city could afford to build this mega project, the fees to use it would be so high only the wealthy could afford to use it. All of a sudden this subject is brought up and I never remember it ever being talked about. What is this, Landon’s last hurrah to leave Palm Coast in the poor house?

  18. Jack Howell says:

    Really! Me thinks the city council be smoking the blunts! It is absolutely beyond comprehension that the council is going to allocate $100,000 for nothing. I say that because by the time funding for a project of this magnitude will require time to obtain thus plans by Lose Design will most likely be outdated. Did I just say that? I should know better. The city council will just take out another loan on the water department. We will have the pool in 2 years at most. Why? Because it is a want and the council members want their names on another memorial.

    While I put a little humor in this response, the real issue is not funny. The City is up to their eyeballs in debt! Nobody has the guts or intestinal fortitude to stand up to Jim Landon and stop it now. This a prime reason why I am running for office. As God is my witness, I will not entertain such a stupid idea. I will stand up to Landon If anything, we need to focus our government on the cities REAL needs and close their copies of Fairy Tales and Fables. City council, get out of the dream world and start fixing the following NOW:
    Street Lights
    Cut wasteful spending
    Unscrew the Business/Home permit process….Palm Coast needs to be user friendly not hostile
    Pay our debts off

    The fact of the matter is that if elected, I will demand that the city under goes a forensic audit. The truth about how our tax payer monies have been spent needs to be shown to the tax payer. If fraud, waste and abuse is found so be it. If those in the city government charged with fiduciary responsibilities failed to act judiciously, then the chips fall as they may. Just remember that if elected I will hold people accountable and responsible for their misdeeds. That is not a promise as it is the way I live. I was trained as an officer of U.S. Marines to react and make real world, life and death decisions. Decisions that I would have never made was the Red Light Cameras, Higher taxes without justification and of course building a city hall when 80% of the citizens said not only no, but hell no!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Instead of a new facility, why not refurbish the old one? It definitely would be more cost effective that’s for sure. You counsel members are quick to spend our money. Give the people what they want. They want sidewalks, lights, and updated sealed. Enough already! You already have a new community centre for the other stuff. Use it! Don’t be surprised when you are voted out of office.

  20. resident says:

    Vote Them Out!

  21. Anonymous says:

    These people have lost there minds,let’s go a head and waste more money, 8 million on new community center.I went for the first time and noticed they isn’t even a fence around the pond at the end of basketball court:(

  22. Stretchem says:

    And weigh the daggum scoring system to give local companies preference. CPH Inc. more than qualifies, and at least the 100k stays in the community.

    If we’re gonna agree to wasteful spending, then keep it local at least!

  23. Faith says:

    It’s too bad that there isn’t a YMCA in Palm Coast.

  24. EJR says:

    I find it hilarious to all the people that complain about ideas that can make this city a better place to live. This is a great plan to build a recreation center with aquatic complex. And for ANYONE to say that this city didn’t need an actual city hall (NOT one anchoring a shopping center) is completely out of touch with reality. Lots of people always have something negative to say about things that’s should be considered positive. Bottom line is that most want something for nothing, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Government services such as recreation cost money people and if you don’t like it…..I-95 happens to conveniently go through the city.

  25. Wow says:

    How about renovate the Belle Terre Racquet Club before you build a brand new “recreation center'”. Seems like they can’t keep that place afloat but they can build a new one? With a pool? I mean with a second pool.

  26. Denise Calderwood says:

    Wednesday night at 5:30pm is the Palm Coast Leisure Services Board meeting at the new 8 million dollar barely used community center. This Council and the citizens on the board who provide input need to wake up and take action and say NO to another study. In 2000 the city paid for a study and architectural drawings for three new and distinct community centers to be built at the existing parks to be located in the neighborhoods. These have been shelved and yet we want to approve another study to be conducted. How much more wasteful can the leaders be..what we need instead is Leadership that cares about the citizens needs today!

  27. Percy's mother says:

    1. Anonymous . . . obviously you are not a swimmer, and by that I mean, “SWIMMER”. People here in Palm Coast think swimming means going to the pool and congregating in the lap lanes for hours with a group of other people talking about their many and varied illnesses. That shuts out people who want to TRAIN and swim LAPS in a 25 or 50 meter pool IN A LAP LANE. You can’t train and swim laps in the ocean.

    2. This “town” could have been so many things but there is, and never has been, any vision. We could have been a world class destination for swimming and training for the SPORT of swimming, and by that I mean, a 25 and 50 meter pool that would attract world-class athletes for training for, say, the OLYMPICS and for qualifying swim meets or even Olympic status synchronized swimming (and no, Belle Terre does not suffice).

    All we have is an aging and decrepit Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club and Freida Zamba, neither of which serve the purpose of those who actually SWIM (laps and training, which you people who talk about the ocean don’t have a clue about).

    If I want to SWIM LAPS and TRAIN as opposed to STANDING in the lap lanes talking about my illnesses, I have to drive down to the aquatic center at Daytona State (a facility which actually holds swim meets). Pretty bad when you live in Florida and have to drive 45 minutes each way to be able to SWIM LAPS or TRAIN. OR, the over-crowded YMCA in Ormond Beach.

    Maybe I should just resign myself to standing in the lap lanes talking about illnesses like everyone else in Palm Coast does. I’m thinking the people who go every day and stand in the lap lanes for hours at a time talking about their illnesses most likely go to their doctors and tell their doctors they “swim every day”. Pretty sad state of affairs in Palm Coast. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  28. Kendall says:

    This is definitely the most idiotic thing the city council has done in a couple of months. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  29. CostConscious says:

    Yes, vote “them” all out. note to John Brady: those are not republicans. for instance, the mayor was a lifelong democrat who changed to republican one year prior to running for mayor. others also are rinos, republican in name only. check out others running who are brand new republicans after having been lifelong democrats; why are they changing parties? we only want brains who understand budgeting. as for planning, who planned the sidewalks within town center because then “they” planted huge trees in the middle of the sidewalks so we must walk on the street or the grass. parking at the theatre is dangerous because no one uses the side parking lots since there is no sidewalk leading to the entrance of the theatre. there is no way to drop off anyone to the door of the theatre. children are running out on the street as parents park their cars since they park on the street instead of the theatre parking lots with no sidewalks to the entrance. accidents waiting to happen to both democrats and republicans. the handicapped parking is at the side parking lot and no way to walk to the entrance except thru the grass. who decided to plant hundreds of thousands of yellow flowers on belle terre which require 3 to 5 workers daily to prune the unhappy plants which don’t like hot weather nor too much rain. I could go on and on about “planning” which does not exist, maybe it is because the “leaders” are confused and can’t decide whether to be labeled republican or democrat, but all we see are brainless beings. then there is the sheriff’s sick building which finally had asbestos removed after the building was finally unoccupied. so now the bureaucrats will spend more money to hire more friends and family so they also can double dip for their retirements. taxpayers are not happy with the flagler brainless bureaucrats.

  30. PC Citizen says:

    Oh what the hell. Let’s spend 1 million tax dollars on designing a Ice Skating Ring .


  31. Edith Campins says:

    Let’s see if i undertand this correctly.

    1. Thecity is going to raise our taxes.
    2. The city is spending $100,000 for plans for a facility we don’t have the money to build.
    3. The city has selected an out of town firm to to do the plans.
    4. Landon says the council members requested this but at least two of them hadn’t heard of the plan.
    5. 440 Residents are losing their jobs with Sea Rays’s closing.
    Does this make any sense to anyone?

  32. Jim O says:

    I just do not get it….. Taxes are on the rise and yet the city want to blow money on a project they can not afford. It has got to stop. The leadership of the city and county seem to make one poor decision after another.

  33. Florida Voter says:

    As someone pointed out, this $100,000 is for nothing, since the design will need to be redone IF they ever get around to building something based on this project.

    How about maintaining some of the parks we already have? Parks have broken, moldy equipment that hasn’t seen any maintenance for several years. Pressure wash the playground equipment, clean the facilities, spend that $100,000 to improve/repair many more parks all across Palm Coast.

    MANY of the City’s actions make me wonder what kind of kickbacks the council / Landon are getting. Another “design” project for something that won’t happen is ridiculous.

  34. syd says:

    Seriously? How is this more important than sidewalks? It’s not. I have a brilliant idea, give me $100,000 and I’ll study the design for you, pocket the money, and tell you to build sidewalks in this town first so people can walk to your “proposed” aquatic center.

  35. capt says:

    The town and county are out of control. Spending and fruitless studies that go nowhere but line the pockets of the laughing companies that take our money from the city and county like it was a free gift. Will the madness ever end, ONLY if the VOTERS put a stop to it. IF not, keep on giving these mindless ego eccentric city and county representatives a free open check book. Its our money and our votes.

  36. thomas says:


    We cannot afford Mayor Holland, nor the City Council. They are totally out of control.

  37. Also a Florida Voter says:

    Don’t just write your thoughts here; send an email to the officials. That is how we stopped the stupid “Palm Coast” sign over the interstate.

    Tell them you will not vote for people who approve this. Be sure and remember this at election time – Netts loves Landon’s ideas.

  38. Michael Cocchiola says:

    Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, city council! You’ve given the BLUE WAVE a nice boost. Keep these gifts (or is it gaffes) coming.

  39. Stretchem says:

    @Percy’s mother

    Why should I or anyone else in Palm Coast pay so that you can “swim laps”? Before declaring the rest of the tax paying public [clueless], feel free to come out of your own damn pocket $100k and build your own lap pool in your own back yard!

  40. robert says:

    Nothing to see here..move along..

  41. blondee says:

    What’s next? A study for a new bobsled track… or maybe look into downhill skiing?

  42. JustTheTruth says:

    Who’s getting the kick backs?????? You once again are wasting taxpayers money when we don’t want you to, when are you going to wake up a smell the coffee on what is being asked of you?

  43. Percy's mother says:

    Stretchem . . .

    Port Orange has a 25 meter pool
    Daytona has a 25-50 meter pool.
    Ormond Beach has a 25-50 meter pool.
    St. Augustine – Ponte Vedra has a 25-50 meter pool.
    Palm Coast has . . .

    Well, Palm Coast has the crowded and decrepit geriatric facility called Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club. Perhaps you should put your swim trunks on and check it out some time, Stretchem . . . it’s good exercise.

    With a world class facility, Palm Coast could attract OLYMPIC training and qualifying events, thereby garnering worldwide attention. But, “Stretchem” doesn’t want to. I guess sitting in front of the TV for free is better.

  44. Concerned Citizen says:

    @ Percy’s Mother

    1.) We aren’t so much protesting an aquatic facility IF the City could afford it. The big rub here is the city just said we can’t afford to staff or maintain.

    2.) Everyone IS protesting the useless spending of 100K. Why spend the money if you can’t afford it? That money can be put to other projects that can be completed NOW.

    Priority Projects.

    1.) Sidewalks
    2.) Streetlights
    3.) Swale maintenance
    4.) Road Maintenance

    When these start getting completed then we can talk about spending money on designing an aquatic center that is affordable.

  45. jim says:

    PLEASE PEOPLE!!!!!…. see and read this and KNOW IT’S TIME FOR NEW BLOOD IN P.C. GOVT’…Please take a look at and listen to what Jack Howell says and has to offer I KNOW he is a man of respect, integrity, and is true to his word IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!….I SUPPORT JACK HOWELL and hope you will too!!!!

  46. Edith Campins says:

    @Percy’s mother, How many world class events have those other pools you mentioned attracted? Any Oympic events?

    What some of you don’t seem to get is that we don’t have the money to build the facility. Why pay for plans that would eventually have to be redone?

  47. Little bird says:

    Interesting how out of the donkey’s own mouth the Palm Coast Town “center” is “too isolated”… And whose FAULT is THAT?!?!? Vote these fools out who keep collecting taxpayer money and spending it on schemes and radio talk shows and hearty retirement packages rather than providing solutions for residents safety (street lights?) and quality of life.(completed splash pads, timely equipment repairs, etc).

  48. tulip says:

    Just in case the city council persons suddenly stop all conversation about this and “appear” to decide not to do it—don’t fall for it. It’s amazing how things come back up to the front AFTER the primary in August and now it’s too late.

  49. Randy Jones says:

    Colonel Howell, you raise a excellent point – forensic audit. Who’s benefiting from these $100,000 “design” contracts and why. If I was the “don” of Palm Coast right now I’d be doing my VERY best to avoid prosecution under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act.

  50. Conner says:

    @concerned citizen. There will ALWAYS need fixing around Palm Coast. But a community pool will actually be amazing for our community. As a former swimmer I know we did not have the proper space to train. But look at the revenue it would bring into the city to fix the city even more. From a former FPC swimmer believe me it’s needed!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Time for a forensic audit on this city!!!

  52. JM says:

    Can someone please tell me how much money we spend in total on the following:

    1. The desalination plant design and planning? (Thanks John Netts)
    2. The golf course? (Thanks John Netts)
    3. Replanting medians so that we can replant them again? (Thanks again)
    4. Big marble and stone signs? (and again)

  53. John Brady says:

    I guess we have all forgotten the 400k, we spent for sun shades at the playgrounds. The shades at Waterfront Park at best shade only 50% of the playground,

    We need some of you folks to show up at City Council meetings and/or contact your Council person. Stop the wasteful spending. Reel in the City Manager.

  54. Agkistrodon says:

    Hoooraayyyy, When we get world class events and Olympic stuff the regular traffic problems we have will be magnified. Never gonna happen, Palm Coast just isn’t that type of place. Consider Olympic training, I’m sure the training Olympians could eat at one of the many fast food joints, but soon there will be more as new ones are added. Meanwhile when it rains hard the storm systems flood as the are all backed up due to “wonderful” maintenance. The roads are cracked more daily in the residential areas, and pretty much all of Palm Coast Housing areas are ripe targets due to lack of street lighting, let alone heaven help you if you decide to walk at night, as you have to walk in the street and again, no street lights. And it seems the drivers cannot slow down for pedestrians, a common courtesy and the law, who they probably cannot see as, again, the street light thing. Meanwhile Lights burn bright nightly in Town center.

  55. Percy's mother says:

    Edith Campins :

    There haven’t been any world class events at the other 2 swimming facilities here in Palm Coast very simply because they are NOT world class venues.

    You can’t have a world class event held at a decrepit 25 meter geriatric facility.

  56. Bill says:

    @ CostConscious says:

    July 11, 2018 at 6:57 am

    Yes, vote “them” all out. note to John Brady: those are not republicans. for instance, the mayor was a lifelong democrat who changed to republican one year prior to running for mayor. others also are rinos, republican in name only. check out others running who are brand new republicans after having been lifelong democrats; why are they changing parties? we only want brains who understand budgeting. as for planning, who planned the sidewalks within town center because then “they” planted huge trees in the middle of the sidewalks so we must walk on the street or the grass. parking at the theatre is dangerous because no one uses the side parking lots since there is no sidewalk leading to the entrance of the theatre.
    A few things first the sidewalks with HUGE trees that you see as in the way are on places that do NOT yet have buildings yet. When a building is built they will add to the walkways at their expense. Next what is your problem with the walkways at the movie theater. I go there it DOES have walkways from the parking lots on the sides. YOU just choose to cut through the grass in front instead of taking a few more steps and USING the existing walkways.

  57. Also a Florida Voter says:


    It would be great if we were actually getting a pool, WE’RE NOT. We a get a study and design of a pool that we can not afford to build. This is a waste of time and a waste of $100,000.

  58. Edith Campins says:

    @Percy’s mother
    You deliberaly misunderstand my comment.

    How many Olymipic events have those OTHER big pools you mentioned attracted?

    Why would Olympic events come to Palm Coast, to eat at our fast food restaurants? Perhaps to fly in and out of our international airport?

    THe point that you have missed completely is that we don’t have the money to build it and it is unlikely that we will in many years to come. Why spend the money on plans that in all likelyhood would be obsolete by the time we have the money?

  59. Anonymous says:

    We have a lot more money now then when they put plants everywhere and trees to block our view on the road. The pool will create revenue and pay for itself fairly quickly. This is florida after all!

  60. Architect says:

    Do people not undertstand that this is a feasibility study and that cities allocate money to have architects and other designers draft these up? These things COST MONEY. The proposals don’t just appear out of thin air, yet the public will find anything to complain about. Feasibility studies happen, then it goes on the back burner, and then when the resources come up, you have a design that can be continued forward with the capital and funds.

    More street lighting and sidewalks? You have them where you need them, on main arterial roadways and heavy traffic areas. When is the last time you needed a sidewalk on some random street in the R section or the F section – or that’s right, you didn’t need one because there is little to no traffic on those streets.

    Palm Coast will never change. It’s a city of well over 75,000 people and yet there are no ample facilities for the PUBLIC to enjoy? Where else will you go when it’s well over 100 degrees out?

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